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FF-Tum Kaun Ho (Epilogue)

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Tum Kaun Ho?

A Maaneet Fan Fic

Chapter 71
June 10, 2011 12:40 pm

When Dev and Harsh Khurana finally got through security at O'Hare Airport and met up with the rest of the family, there was excitement and happiness all around. Plenty of hugs were exchanged between the family members that hadn't been together in years. JD had made sure to bring one of his stuffed lions to show Harsh, making sure to mention the coming trip to the zoo.

"How is my little princess?" asked Dev as he picked his daughter up out of her stroller.


"Well, at least she knows her Daddy," laughed Dev as he kissed her cheek and cuddled her close.

"Are you sure that's not just more of Meenal's baby babble?" asked Maan.

"Hey, Bro, don't kill my illusions. Just wait until you have kids, then you'll understand what it feels like when your child calls you Dad. Bhabhi, don't make this idiot brother of mine wait too long before becoming a father."

"W...We...We haven't discussed children yet," sputtered Geet, blushing furiously at the way Dev was teasing her and Maan.

"GT, I want a little brother. You and Uncle need to get me one soon please." JD couldn't understand why all the adults were laughing. He thought his request was reasonable.

"Dev, don't call me Bhabhi, it sounds weird," she continued, trying to divert the subject before anyone else said anything.

"But I like Dev calling you Bhabhi," said Maan, wrapping his arm around Geet's waist and pulling her close. "It's what he should call my wife."

"Look's like you'll have to get used to it, Bhabhi. Bro has spoken. What are we all standing around for? Let's get the show on the road."

Making sure that they had all the luggage and no missing children, the Khurana family made their way towards the exit. While they were walking through the parking lot, Maan pulled Geet close to him and began whispering in her ear. Dadi noticed this exchange and became suspicious.

"What are you two whispering about?" she questioned sternly.

"Oh, Dadi, Geet and I were just thinking that the boys could ride with us, and you could go with Dev, Naintara and the baby. That way none of the cars will be too crowded and the boys will have a chance to talk. That is, if Naintara agrees."

She did agree, while Dev asked in affront, "Why didn't you ask if I agree?"

"Because Maan veerji knows whose opinion matters when it comes to our children," answered Naintara with authority, causing Dev to roll his eyes before nodding and pulling her in for a quick hug.

Finally they arrived at the vehicles. Maan and Geet got Harsh and JD settled in the back of the Lexus, while the others piled into the minivan. Then it was finally time to go home.

June 10, 2011 1:08 pm

"What are you grinning at?" questioned Geet as they sat in the heavy Chicago mid-day traffic.

"I'm grinning because your Maan is very smart and figured out a way to avoid our chaperones."

"Maan, how could you use your nephews for your own selfish purpose. I'm shocked!" Geet gave the perfect imitation of a shocked person, complete with wide eyes and her hand over her heart.

Maan smiled at her play acting, reaching over to grab her hand in his. "I'll always be selfish when it comes to you Geet. I'm your dusht danaav, remember? Now, won't you admit that you're glad to be out from under Dadi's watchful gaze?"

"Hmmm. How do I respond? If I answer yes, then you will try to do all sorts of naughty things. If I say no, then you will complain that I don't give you priority. A no win situation. I think I better plead the fifth."

Maan and Geet were so lost in each other, that they had forgotten they weren't alone. The two boys were observing their actions with keen interest. At one point, JD leaned over to whisper in Harsh's ear, and then the two of them laughed.

"What are you two giggling about back there?" questioned Geet, looking over her shoulder at the cousins.

"Tayi, you and Taya are just like Mom and Dad. They always hold hands in the car too. But, I want to know something Tayi. Did you really kiss Taya at the airport, in front of everybody? JD says you did. Even Mom and Dad don't do that. They only kiss at home, when they think I'm not looking."

Geet was embarrassed and glared at Maan angrily, holding him responsible for the awkward situation. Maan just gave her a melting look as he responded to Harsh. "India is a different place than America, Harsh. Here I can kiss your Tayi any where I want, and she can do the same with me. Isn't that right, Geet?"

Geet wouldn't respond, instead blushing furiously and looking away from him. Maan continued to try and get a reaction out of her, until the driver behind them blew the horn. Maan snapped out of his preoccupation with Geet and started driving again, while the boys laughed at the grownups' antics.

June 10, 2011 8:47 pm

"Dev, I really don't think it's fair of you to laugh at my plight. You eloped, so you never had to put up with this separation nonsense."

Dev couldn't contain his chuckles at his brother's expense. "Bro, you really are desperate aren't you? You have to hand it to Dadi, she certainly knows how to keep things interesting. Anyway, I don't know what you think you've got to complain about. You're getting married to Bhabhi in less than a month, and you seem to have figured out a few ways to get around Dadi's restriction. How was the dance session, by the way?"

"It was fine. I made sure to tell the choreographer that I won't do any of that silly stuff they do in Bollywood movies. It's all under control. Except for one thing. When we were finished, Geet wanted to talk to the choreographer alone for a few minutes. She wouldn't tell me why, only that it was a surprise."

June 10, 2011 8:50 pm

Like she had many times in the past few days, Geet felt her mind wander back to her moments with Maan in the garage. The truth was, that she was just as desperate to be with him, as he was to be with her. She tried not to show it, because she knew if she didn't stay strong, nothing would be able to keep them from fully expression their love in the ultimate physical way. As much as Geet loved Maan, and wanted to be with him, she felt very strongly that it was important not to be fully intimate until after marriage.

It was a conviction that had begun forming when she saw the outrageous behavior of her brother throughout high school. It had only gotten stronger after the incident that separated her from the Talwari family forever. She felt that physical love really began to have meaning only after one was fully committed to their partner. Geet was eager to make that commitment with Maan, and looked ahead with great anticipation to their wedding day.

So, it was that if Geet had any time to let her mind wander, it wander to her Maan. She thought about where he was, and what he must be doing, wondering if he was planning anything naughty, which she was always sure he was. These thoughts would bring a gentle blush to her face as she would stare dreamily into space.

Naintara noticed her preoccupation, and alerting Dadi, decided to give Geet some good teasing. "Geet, where is your mind wandering? You wouldn't be thinking about JD's demand he made this afternoon, would you?" At her friend's blank look, Naintara clarified. "You know, when he said he wanted a baby brother. It seems to me like you're thinking about how soon you'll be able to grant his request, and how much fun it will be."

If Geet had been blushing before, she was positively beet red after those comments. "Di, how can you say such things? In front of Dadi, too."

"Geet, what do you think, that I don't know what goes on between a young couple in love?" asked Dadi, thoroughly amused by Geet's reaction. "If that were the case, Maan's father would never have been born, and you wouldn't now be engaged, with a wedding to plan."

"Alright, Geet," said Naintara sternly, as Geet lowered her head in embarrassment. "If you don't want to keep getting teased, then you need to get serious about choosing your hairstyles for the sangeet and the wedding."

"Naintara's right, Geet. Now come over here and look at these photographs." Geet had no choice but to do as Dadi and Naintara wanted, not if she wanted any peace from their merciless fun making at her expense.

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Dancingme first Smile
Congrats on the new thread Smile

loved the interaction btwn Maan and Geet in front of the kids...Smile
hope the wedding goes smoothly

Somehow error is coming when i click like, pls count me in

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Congratulations for the new thread Laxmi!

you are a prolific writer and I would like to thank you from the botton of my heart for sparing time to entertain us with your brilliant stories!
wilsh you all the luck!

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Congrats on new thread. Loved the update.

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congrats on ur new thread...a great update...
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Hey very cute part... Loved d talks of maan geet infront of the kids
-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved the update
Maan n Geet are awesum
Harsh n JD share each n evthg with each other hehehehe
It was fab
No one leaves a chance to tease Geet

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