Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

OS : hum jab gaye the unke ghar-(vid & notes pg3)

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Before I start writing, I would like to say this is a  song  that I have translated into a story for arjuhi.  The  Song is very old and  very very popular poem/song.  the basic concept is from the song so credit completely goes to the poet, I have used blue font wherever I translated the line from the song.  rest in black font is my imagination/extention which I used around the song. 



  hum jab gaye the unke ghar


Arjun  was driving his car to his inlaws place.  He was going there to pick up his wife, his dearest Arohi.  It had been 2 months since he saw her.   He was desperate to hold her in his hands,   he glanced at the time  it was almost 6 pm .  one more hour and he will meet his sweetheart.  And if he can put up with  approximately 2hrs with the family then he will be all alone with the apple of his eye and then time will stop.   As that thought came he pressed the accelerator ,  whistling a tune.  



They had been married for 5 months now,  3 mths after the wedding his company sent him abroad for a project and since his parents lived with his elder brother mikhael  arohi  stayed with her parents  till he came back.  He was back and now came to get her.  today night he will have to spend at her place and tomorrow they will leave to their paradise.  He was dreaming already.   Would arohi have changed,  may be a she put on a little weight.  he would like her chubby he thot.  What would she be doing now.  Waiting for him ofcourse.  He smiled.  Should he show the gifts first or tease her a little before giving them.  He can wait till they reach their own home, but this way he can get some bribe for each gift.  He felt proud of himself at this thought .  yeah he should tease her a bit.  He likes when she goes all red,  that way he gets to manofy her and in the process, ahem, he gets what he wants.   What will she be wearing today , may be the blue suit that he likes most, the one with the dori and a low neck , he smiled as he pictured her in it,  let her wear it for now, he has a gift for her that he will make her change into, she will freak out first ,  he thought.   His inlaws were very traditional people they were not letting her wear such suits also,  he had managed to bring them in her closet, slowly he will make her wear all that  he wants.  Smiling he sped the car again.



Finally he entered the city where she lived ,   10 more minutes he thought .  All the romantic ideas in his mind had made him warm and only thing he could see everywhere was his wife.  . 



(the part from the classic  song starts now )


He reached the gate of his in-laws house. It was dusk , the moon had already come out and it was full moon, the soft white light filled their garden which was filled by the scent of jasmine flowers.  By the sound of the gate opening the main door opened and out came his in-laws one by one.  But his eyes wanted to see only one person.  First it was father in law, a fine gentleman,  he  came  and  tried to take the suitcase from arjun's hand,  but arjun refused, he is elder to him how can he let him take it.   FIL asked how the trip was and said arjun had lost weight. Still no sign of arohi.  then came his MIL,  with  folded hands , a traditional woman she was and was attired accordingly.  She was a composed woman , not much of a talker,  she invited him in ,  gave him a  mug filled with water to wash his feet before entering.  He was supposed to wash his feet now?,  come on he thot,  but he cant say anything right!,  just couple of hours he consoled himself. Still no sign of arohi nor the jingle of her bangles.   Then came his  sweet sister in law shefu , galloping from inside,   "jiju jiju jiju " ,  her mother sushed her made signals with eyes and hands , but nothing affected the teenager.  "what did you bring for me  jiju",   he quickly gave her the pack he had kept on top of the suitcase, candies and  perfume. and some more stuff for the family.  Still no sign of aro nor the jingle of her bangles.   He was now beyond desperate he could give all that his to anybody who will ask aro to come out or to anyone who will bring her out.  



Suddenly he heard the clanking of bangles,   along with it the thud of a stick , rhythmically,  someone along with arohi maybe ?  aro please come out ,  you know how I have missed you , his heart called out.    One more form entered the living room.  It was an old lady.   "Arjun beta you remember  arohi's  great grand mother no ?"  his FIL asked.  How could he forget her ?  she was etched in his memory.  She was the one who had made their suhagraat postponed.   Calculating something with fingers and drawing couple of lines on paper and  putting her two fingers on her forehead thinking, she  had said  the  muhurat for suhagraat was not good and they should wait for a week.  Only he knows how he had waited and only he knows how much he had hated this great grand mother.    Why is she here now?  His heart beat fast , please god don't let her do anything now.   But what can he do other than touching the elder lady's feet and folding hands.   She  put her hand on his head , blessing him ,  looking sharply at him.  Then she sat in the corner chair, counting beads of the chain in her hands.  He glanced towards the room inside,  alas,  still no sign of aro nor the jingle of her bangles. 



By now MIL was out with a steaming cup of coffee.   She cld have sent it with aro,  he cld have had  a touch of her hand atleast ,  but no 'madam' is busy maybe he thot.  He was getting restless.  He was too shy to ask his inlaws . so looked around for shefu,  she was long gone.    After some chit chat abt his project , journey ,  office etc etc.   her MIL  announced dinner was served. they had made a feast , kheer was served in a silver cup, but still no sign of arohi. She was supposed to be sitting with him, now a doubt slowly started to creep up, but he snubbed it.  He waited patiently till everyone finished and then went to wash his hand

The great grand mother was sitting  there reciting some bhajan.   His FIL thot he was sleepy and   asked him to  take rest leading him to the room.   There was a soft bed with a pillow that had a design made by aro .   His sister in law came with the plate of  tender green beetle leaves and his FIL followed with a glass of warm milk, MIL accompanying him.


This is too much now he thot, where are they hiding her.    As they entered the room, he asked shefu in a low voice , 'can you call your sister'  , shefu replied 'didi is not at home' , and  giggled  giving a naughty look,  but he couldnot laugh, instead  volcanoes exploded in his head and heart.   His  FIL and  MIL looked uncomfortable,  they knew he had been waiting to see arohi.   he looked at them with questioning eyes.   His FIL informed,  "she was very excited that you were coming and  then  my daadi",  arjun's heart beat faster at the mention of the old woman's name,  "my daadi" continued his fil,  "said that if was not a good  time for husband and wife to meet , that too after you have come from a foreign land,  and  she sent arohi to my brother's house , she will arrive in the morning, that is when the time is fine"  he finished as fast as he could.  Ofcourse,  thot arjun ,  pardaadi is present and how can he expect his longwaited wishes to come true.  They had to send her away huh, she cld have stayed in the house  he could have atleast  taken the sight of her   'it is not auspicious to see each other either' ** completed his MIL sensing his thoughts.   Oh there is the catch , he thot bitterly.  All he could do was,  hiding his anger and disappointment ,  give  them a weak smile.  "Goodnight beta, take good rest" and they left.  



He was left all alone.  He kicked the bag aside. he had come all the way taking so much pain driving so long He wanted to go and pickup pardaadi and take her to haridwar and leave her there.  He slowly started to fume.  Arohi knew how much he is waiting to meet her , why should she go ,  she could have opposed, she could have called him , told him not to come,   how much he wanted to hold her,  kiss her ,  all the romantic ideas he had gotten  through out the journey were washed off just like that.  First thing in the morning he is just going to leave.   No more waiting here,  they are just too much. They don't care of his feelings.  Arohi's punishment is to wait for him now,  let her come with her parents when  her pardaadi allows her to.  What should he do now, just dream like he has been doing for past 2 months?.  This was supposed to be their night an endless one,  one that felt so right with the moonlight and the jasmine scent  clubbed with their passionate romance.  But what is left now .  now it is just him and his lonliness.   Cursing every passing  minute he finally slept ,  hugging the pillow ,  after kissing the flower that arohi had stiched. He couldnot sleep, his eyes cldnot rest, aro wasnt here nor was the jingle of her bangles.  All sorts of arohi dreams tickled him throughout the night.


He woke up to the chirping of the birds outside and the chanting of the prayers inside. Pardaadi is already up, maybe she is calculating how many more days we should be apart , his anger was not even a dime less than the prev night. He went to the attached bath, took a shower. Dressed up in his jeans and tee, and put his stuff back and zipped up the suitcase. He stayed in the room for somemore time, it was 9 am. He was ready to leave. There seems to be no noise in the house. He will ask for arohi, if she is here he will ask if she is ready to come, and if she come he will take her or else he will just leave he thought frowning. He was angry ready to leave,just then , he could hear shefu's giggle and voice 'jiju didi aagayi' 'bye didi ' and the door opened. And in came arohi and the jingle of her bangles, with a strand of jasmine in her hair. She stood there, at the entrance looking at him with dreamy eyes , or may be wet eyes, he cldnt tell since his eyes went wet too on seeing her finally after 2 mths. Closing the door she walked to him but tripped over the suitcase and was about to fall, when he quickly caught her. All the anger and disappointment had been wiped off like a drop of water. He tightned his grip and gave her a smile , outlining her face. She closed her eyes slowly letting him take over. He pulled her up against him and said , 'hi meri shona, I missed u so much, where did u go leaving me?', a tear slid from her closed eyes, that said she missed him too, he hugged her tight lifting her slightly off the ground. He could feel her heartbeat against him. He put her down again and lifted her chin, she opened her eyes and then closed again when she saw his face had come closer to hers, she felt his lips touch hers, she smiled against his. After a round of kisses, he finally looked at her , then noticed that she was wearing the blue suit. 'they let you wear it' 'I din care' she said , 'your pardadi wont object if u are with me like this, how come the house is so silent?' he teased her, she pouted a little 'why would she? Right now she is not even home, she and mom went out , and dad went to his office, shefu went to college' she finished. 'are you saying there is no one else in the house except us' he said with all the excitement from last evening returning to his face, she bit her tongue 'no I mean they will come soon...'' before she cld complete, she was lifted off the ground, 'so what if we cldnt have an endless night, we will have an endless day' he said carrying her to bed. Both their faces reflected the same happiness. He forgot all his plans, the gifts, the bribes, the spl night gift, all that mattered now was just this moment.


** in the song the reason for arohi's absence is different, but I had to change it here so pardadi is completely my imagination. also in the song there is no mention of mother in law, it is just FIL and SIL.

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Yayy.Me first Big smile
Wow. Such A Wonderful OS Smile
And thanx so much For The PM Big smile

I so loved it .The Pardaddi Angry
Hahaha. Date For Suhag Raat. LoL
Poor Arjun TongueLOL

It Was A Cute One.
Wonderfully Written Embarrassed


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for some reason am not able to adjust the font for last para. sorry will do it tomorrow.  :) .
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Its awsome. I luv arjun's desperate mood a lot. The feelng of meetng aftr so lng tym is really touch my hert. Bt dis pardadi v na,kyo bhej diya use. M feelng so sad 4 arjun. I luvd it so much. Its so cute n luvly.
Wants more os lyk dis:-)
waise di ye sng kaunsa hai?

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it was awesome
loved it

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wah !! kavya di...
osamn,excellent ,superb..
u r just BEYOND WRDS..
am just proud of u ... u have potrayed arjuhi's emotions well !!
i cd clearly pisture it in ma mind.. as if its happening just before ma eyes..
d story had a calm n peaceful flow..
wahh once agin absolutely fantastic !! *hugs*

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