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Jenny's Gallery#15(C): Barun/Sanaya: pg146

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90812

Posted: 01 July 2011 at 12:56am | IP Logged

Banner: Aish ( Aish129) - Thank you so much. I LOVE LOVE YOU!

Hey everyone. My name is Jenny and I been making sigs for a quite long time, I lost count, but mostly , I stick to the same style as you can see my sigs. I don't really experiment much as all experiments turn out like duds. I am inspired by everyone at Avi and Sig as everyone has a little something that I take inspiration from. It would be unjustice to name the insipirational people, as I don't want to leave out anyone.
My favorites are 
  • Shilpa Anand, Mayank Anand, Gurmeet Chaudhary, Drashti Dhami, Karan Wahi, Vivian Dsena, Barun Sobti, Sanaya Irani, Arjun Bijlani, Mohit Sehgal, Ian , Nina, KaSh, ShiRan, MoNayaJun, MoNaya, ArNaya, GurTi,ArHi, SaRun,  Jiya, Maaneet [ I have other people too, but these are like my top favorites as seen in my amazing banner)

Few things about requesting/etc - I BEST work with CAPS, so if you give me Telly Caps or Bolly caps, The sig will turn out great, otherwise, It will turn out crappy..

If you are gonna request, do use it. I spend at least an hour on each my sigs. The ones that are done in 10 mins, well they are never posted here, so If you request something, do use it.

A BIG shoutout to all those people that comment in my gallery [ not gonna take names] and to those who use it.. You guys are just amazinggg!!! My gallery would be nothing without you guys !!! Hug

If you have NEVER visted my gallery and don't post here, don't request.

Few people not allowed here, because I can't work with them and I don't like them,

Mytho stuff

That's about.

Previous Galleries:
Jenny'sGallery #1
Jenny's Gallery # 2
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Jenny's Gallery#14:
Jenny's Gallery#15:

MY (C) sign is unique.designz/india-forums

ONLY request when I am open - will mostly be open for my regulars only!! NOT OPEN CURRENTLY. Don't take PM requests either.Smile

Index for this gallery:

Page 1: Surprise POST!LOL - ShiRan/KaSh/KSG-Shweta
Page 13: KaSh/ShiRan/Anushka Sharma/Anu-Ranveer/KT-Jen/ArHi
Page 20: Dia/Sonakshi/Ian/Nina/Sanaya/MoNayaJun/KaSh/Shilpa Anand/ShiRan/Maaneet/KSG-Shweta
Page 25: First Batch of Requests.
Page 34: Requests Part 2.
Page 40: Hussian-Juhi/Arnav-Khushi/Sanaya/Mohit-Ankita/Ankita/Maan-Geet/Ram-Priya/Sujal-Kashish/Jay-Bani/Jiya
Page 43: Arnav/Arnav-Khushi Rain+ Saree
Page 49: Arnav-Khushi/Maan-Geet/ MSK/Gurmeet/Drashti Dhami/ASR/SaRun
Page 52: Arnav-Khushi/Gurmeet-Drashti/Maan-Geet/Arjun-Arohi/ASR/ShiRan/KaSh
Page 54: ArHi - 7/12/2011 episode update
Page 57: ArHi
Page 60: HP/KaSh/ShiRan/JW/KSG-KW/SA/Mohit Sehgal/Arjun Bijlani/ArNaya/SaJan/Mohit-Ankita-Drashti-Shilpa etc
Page 63: Mohit Sehgal/Arhi/KaSh/KSG/SA/JW/JeRan/GurTi/Maaneet/GC, others
Page 67: Mohit Sehgal/Sanaya Irani/SaJan/Perneet-Mohit/ ShiRan/GurTi/Maaneet/Drashti/Gurmeet/Arnav-Khushi
Page 73:  SA/JW/KaSh/ShiRan/ArHi/Maaneet/GurTi/DD/Sanaya/MJHT+DMG
Page 77: MohitSanaya/Arnav-Khushi/Sanaya-Barun/Aditi-Harshad/Aditi-Amit
Page 80: ArHi/Anushka/Sonam/Shahid-Kareena/Payal-Akash/SaJan/SA/Abhiya/Jiya/Maaneet/GurTi
Page 85: Anurpriya/Rati/Samrat-Sanchi/Shravan-Gunjan/ArHi/Shaym-Anjali/ShiRan/Siddhima/Karan Wahi
Page 91: ASR/ArHi/Mohit-Ankita/Shravan-Gunjan-Khushi/Ratz/KW/Anupriya/Maaneet/Jiya/ShiRan
Page 96: Anushka Sharma/Ranveer Singh/ArHi/Abhiya/Jiya/SaRun/Sanaya/VD/Ian-Nina/Paul-Nina
Page 100: Friendship's day Special
Page 105: DMG SPECIAL: Abhi-Nikki/KaSh/ShiRan/JW/JeRan/Siddhima/Sukirti Kandpal
Page 109; DMG SPECIAL PART 2: Amit-Jen/Siddhima/ShiRan/KaSh/SA/Rahul-Muskaan
Page 113: MJHT Part 1 - ArjunRati/MoNaya/Gunjan/Mohit/Benia/MJHT gang/MN/etc
Page 119: ArHi/Abhiya/Jiya/Jeh/Khushi/Sanaya/Rajbeer-Preeto/SaRun/BarunSobti
Page 123: Independence Day Signatures (3)
Page 126: MJHT SPECIAL Part 2 - Arjun/Neha/MoNayaJun/MoNaya/SaJan/Sanaya/Mohit/MJHT gang.
Page 128: Independence Day (2)
Page 129: GC/AB/Amna Shariff/Anupriya Kapoor/ArHi/Gauri Tejwani/Gaurav Khanna/KaSh/JW/KW-GK/Siddhima/Panchi Bora/Kritika/Arnav-Anjali/etc
Page 134: AngadKripa/GauriHiten/Shashank-Prateeksha/Arjun-Arohi/Anurag-Prerna/Neechi
Page 138: Arnav-Khushi/ASR/Panchi Bora/Shilpa Anand/Anjali-Shaym/Barun Sobti/Sanaya Irani
Page 141: ArHi/Ankita Sharma/Rajbeer-Preeto/Sukirti Kandpal/Jennifer Winget/Shilpa Anand
Page 146: Barun Sobti & Sanaya Irani Birthday 

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shamagoyalhullabYTheMiaw000_NehaLvsK.Wahi_nm21cutelove1111-scarlett-WooHooHaha21Ragz2009ramsha_002chahaat.U_R_BeautifulxTimax* ~ Roshni ~ *Mysterygirl_me.StarryPhoenixFarzu-cant.be.assed.aishhh.jesss.madhoshiyaan.rainydays.Raee_SalvatoreSweetAddiction.spamalotMeehak..Kiran.whispaJayeeta_06neha-rockssXiahtic-5AS..-Fatima-Sunshine Girl-SilentLove-safeplacetolandQueSeraSera-Harshu-indian_beautyrelentless.MehRya..-Swetha-notfadedawayminuuserendipity.HeavenlyBliss.soundsofcedar

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90812

Posted: 01 July 2011 at 12:57am | IP Logged
reserve for sample artworkSmile

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90812

Posted: 01 July 2011 at 12:58am | IP Logged
HugWOAH. Where do I begin? 15 galleries and I am still learning my way. I am nowhere in the league of some of the amazing creative sig and avi makers we have here, I mean seriously, hats off to them. Won't take names because skipping out on one can make them feel bad and I don't want to do that.. There are so many people to think so this is gonna be LONG!

Aish: WHO knew that Cricket can form such a great friendship? WC got us rocking and reeling adn we formed such an amazing bond. Always here to comment and always encourage me through our Pm's and I can clearly tell you anything and you help me out so much. means so much.. I think we have grown closer after WC and I am thankful for that. Aish, thank you for being you.. and that's what important to me. Thank you for those stack of textures you sent me and for teaching me how to do the blurred effect. That;s why I credit you in every update because truly I am grateful for you to teach me stuff. It makes me so happy and your surprises are just something else together.. Love your surprises and most of all you. Thank you for making my gallery so beautiful with that banner of yoursEmbarrassedHug

Ashu: my GurTi partner in crime! You have been with this gallery since I think may day 1.. Tere mere rishta purana man! Thank you for always commenting. More comments for the GurTi stuff for sure , but always being so kind and sweet and encouraging me through. U are a rockstar Ashu.. Thanks for always being there and I am glad i have a friend that I can ask anything and will give me proper adviceEmbarrassed

The ShiRan Crew[ Harshu, Monty, Nikki, Vidz, Indian Beauty, Kirti,] - YOU GUYS are amazing.. You inspire me to make mixed updates. I mean ShiRan receives such amazing comments and whenever i update on mixed updates and it's not ShiRan, you guys are always here, rain or shine. My gallery is always flooded with your comments.. LOVE you guys.. U guys are truly my rock stars. Thank you for being here always! Regardless of how bakwaas the update is, sometimes it is, you guys always posts encouraging comments and always make me smileHug

Shikha: Thank you so much for always commenting and encouraging! Your words are the sweetest to me and they are always so encouraging.!Hug

The KaJen Crew [ Sahar, Farzana, JetRose, Jessy and others] I am sorry If I forgot someone but I remember these people on top of my head. Thank you thank you so much for your encouraging comments. Whether it's KaSh or JW and KSG, you guys always comment and brighten up my day even if it's a simple comment as beautiful update.. makes my day..Thank you so much and special shoutout to Sahar,.She always takes my requests and makes something smashing and I just love her for that reason.. Thank you so muchHug

Sidra: I LOVE YOUHug Even though you are busy, you have been such an awesome friend, from ShiRan to Dutta to KaSh to JW, to KW to SA, and to many others you have always been here, esp thanks to your amazing VM's, you got me addicted to ShiRan and sent me these truckloads of pics.. Thank you so much SidraHug

MA's angel Shilpa: thank you so much Shilpa! I know you are in India and enjoying your time with MA and give me the details missy, but thank you for always being here and encouraging me.. The WC was such time where I saw you always and it was a treat to read all your comments.. truly means a lot to meHug

Dangelz: Where do I start woman? You are truly an amazing person. I think from the time you have entered my gallery, you always comment, even if it's a week late, you are always there, and you always leave me such amazing long comments that it makes my day.. LOVE you for each word you write to me, because they truly mean a lot to me and of course for using them.. Dangelz, you are truly a gift to my gallery. Thank you for your kind words, for using my stuff and for being such a darling friendHug
Twinies: Rags & YamsHug From KaSu bashing to loving Sukirti to being amazing friends, the journey has been amazing. For Yams: even though you are MN fan, you were always encouraging to my SG stuff and Arnaya stuff and never put them down or did not indulge in the bash PM's, you are a sweetheart and my fb friend as well. U are simply a great person Yams. Never change seriouslyHug and Rags, being an SG fan, you never put down my work on ArNaya or anyone , infact you were also so encouraging, supporting and amazing.. U guys are truly amazing for me.. Thank you so so much. Words are not enough.

Rachu, & Shona: My two regular who have become irregular for a while now, but thank you thank you for your comments always. It's you two that have inspired me to try new things, whether it's merging Arjun with Shweta or Ragini with Mohit, or making lots of WC stuff. I cannot forget the WC time. Golden moments in my gallery because it was just amazing to have so many people use my stuff. Means a lot to me. THANK YOUHugHug

The KaSh Crew [ Swancy, Zahra, Anku, Amna, Fary and others] - The reason why it's others is because I am def trying to think of who and these people's name come into my head, btu I know that the KaSh Crew is HUGELOL Thank you thank you so much for always encouraging me and always accepting other people in my gallery and never judging me.. that truly means a lot to me u guysHug and a special shoutout to ANKU; I LOVE LOVE YOU. never forget that. I am def lacking in some SA stuff, but shall def make it.. because I miss her too.. and I miss you in my gallery. Be more active hereEmbarrassed

Senortia: Another one who is always active here and always here. A special post because thank you thank you so much for always being in my gallery, commenting always and just raising my spirits. words are not enough to thank you!Hug

, Reeno, Aishpunk: Thank you so much for your comments always.. Means a lot to meEmbarrassed

SaJan Crew [ Pari & Aani] : Thank you you two.. I love you more than I can say. Thanks for your comments always. The MoNaya ones recieve more but you are always here to say something and always make my day esp with the mohit ones.. thank you so much Hug

IPKKND crew [ Sabz, Ishu, Fary, ] Thank you thank you so much you guys. I guess newbies since this show just started, but you are always here to shower love, comments and that truly means a lot to me.. Thank you so much and i seriously hope you guys are more active in my gallery nowLOLHug

Maaneet Crew: [Rosh, Shilpa, Hina, Chavi,  and many others] So I can think of Shilpa and Rosh on top of my head with Maaneet, but I know there are more.. Thank you thank you so much for your comments always.. U guys are the best and Rosh I know you asked me on some pic.. Can you PM me that pic, I don't have that waist wala pic?EmbarrassedHug

Thank you Fatima for always commenting and using, even though I need to make more PH stuff. Remind meEmbarrassedHug

Hina,[ Sunshine girl] thank you for always commenting in my gallery regardless of who it is.. Aisho, I love you for always commenting and showering me with such praises! Durgavani, thank you for always commentingHugThank you Sam for always commenting reagrdless of who it is.. Means so much to meHug

Thanks Jhanvi, Javeria for your commentsHug Thank you Sneha for commentingHug

Cess: Darling where the hell are you? I miss you and your comments, esp the long ones that I always got.. Thank you for always encouraging me through those long comments. Seriously makes my day!Hug

Gagan, Preeti: No longer active, but cannot forget the inital days man.. I love you both and miss you so much..Thank you for your encouragement always!Hug

Jasangel, Sidra [ sidsk], Zeenie, kasukashkajen: Thank you so much for commenting and always encouraging me throughoutHug

Sofia; Thank you so much Sofia for always being there in so many galleries, for commenting on so many updates and for using my stuff. Seriously words fail me right on how I should put my words. Thank you for EVERYTHINGHug

Mandy: Another one not in action, but thank you for always being encouraging and always commenting and for using them.. I think all sig makers will agree that when your work is used, it makes you feel AMAZING! thank you so so much!!Hug

Ravs: Always editing and reserving a spot, but the WC was something else. It made me make new friends and thats more immeasurable for me! Thank you so much even if it was a little commentEmbarrassed

Janu: Thank you so much for commenting, even if't not Gurmina stuff, and for always suggesting and using stuff. Means a lot to me.. I know you wanna know about the blurred thing. PM me and I'll explain it to you right away!EmbarrassedHug

Raee: Thank you so much for your comments.. They seriously brighten up my day since you are much better than I am and coming from you is amazing! Thank you so muchhh!!Hug

Alisha: Thank you thank you so much for your commentsHug You are much better than me, but such comments truly mean a lot to meEmbarrassed

& THANK YOU to each and everyone that comments in my galleries, that uses my stuff, that comments in other galleries and is just amazing! I would have not reached 15 galleries without your unconditional support and that truly truly means a lot to me..Embarrassed Words are not enough to thank you so just a big hug to each and everyone of youHug and I am sorry if I forgot to anyone, that was not my intention at allEmbarrassed

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hullabYFari.Kashianblissfullramsha_002chahaat.* ~ Roshni ~ *Mysterygirl_me.StarryPhoenixjesss.nyctophiliasabihaa.Farzu-cant.be.assed.aishhh..Kiran.whispaDangelzdesigrl05Raee_Salvatorerainydays.sofiaaax.Aabha.MspamalotXiahtic-5Sunshine GirlAS..-Fatima--SilentLove--Gaganjot-QueSeraSeraneha-rockssindian_beauty-Harshu-relentless.MehRya..serendipity.notfadedawayminuusoundsofcedarHeavenlyBliss.

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 12:59am | IP Logged

I been receiving numerous and let me count them, like ALOT of PM's for requests and I am really tired of telling everyone that I don't take requests at all. SO just for my regulars, I am keeping this baby open. I'll take as many as I can have them.For my regulars, I can do this MUCH! and I know, since I have a cross breed as well as mix breed of KaJen and KaSh fans, I will make KaJen requests ONLY because your support means much more to me that a jodi fan! and my KaSh fans who have been this supportive will not judge me for this! I really hope I don't receive anti KaJen or KaSh PM's after this.. So even though it says, no KaSu/KaJen, for my regulars, they are ALLOWED.

1 req per person. cause you don't want to kill me now do you?LOL

No avi's please guys. I suck at them, and they would take too much time.. U can request whatever u want, telly/bolly/ holly, whatever you want, and I'll try to make it as best as I can possibly make them for you!

Tell me the text or leave it to my brain for the textLOL

Normally,I can work with LOW HQ pics, but tagless. cutting off the tag in PSP makes the sig look HORRIBLE. so low hq is fine, but make sure it's taglessLOL

REGULARS only! No random people, no PM people here. I am making it bolded. REGULARS ONLY

THEY will be late. I mean the requests cause, I am watching transformers tomm, zoo on sat and something is also up on Sunday, but mostly I'll start working on them on sundayLOL

If you want a mixed couple request, provide me the pics. Don't do Ragini and Mohit and leave me to hunt the large galleriesLOL

I think that's about it:)

Again, regulars only please!

Request list: Oh i forgot to mention, no cricket requests please.. sorry guys, but no cricket stuff. that's just a messLOL

  1. Aish
  2. Ragz
  3. Harshu-pg3
  4. Indian Beauty-pg4
  5. SwAacny-pg4
  6. Senorita-pg5
  7. Jessy-pg5
  8. Fatima-pg6
  9. Rachu-pg7
  10. Sahar-pg7
  11. Farzana-pg8
  12. Shona-pg8
  13. Reeno-pg4
  14. idreamaboutyou-pg9
  15. Hina-pg10

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kashkasukajennFari.KashianblissfullU_R_Beautifulchahaat.ramsha_002xTimax.StarryPhoenixAabha.MSobtiObsessionFarzu-cant.be.assed.aishhh.jesss.noseasyncMeehak.sabihaa.spamalot-Harshu-indian_beautyrelentless.-SilentLove-Xiahtic-5AS..ragzz.-Fatima-Sunshine GirlHeavenlyBliss.notfadedawayminuuserendipity.soundsofcedarMehRya..

notfadedaway IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 1:00am | IP Logged
Congrats for #15 :D soo happy for youuu!
honestly, I think you should be on like #20 or something! :P haha!
I love your work THAT MUCH!

ok so let me get started:

first your gall bannner. EEKK! its super gorgeous :D I la la la la love it! soo so pretty!
I love the pics you chose. DUDE! all my favs! its crazy how we always end up like the SAME freaking ppl! its soo crazy! I love the coloring did. and how she blended soo much many pics! haha! its crazy! I thought she will die after finishing up ur banner..in a good way ofcourse! haha. love the whole
black and white feeel to it :) very pretty!

you work BEST with telly caps! I must say that. I m not saying you are not at bolly but telly is ur style. like in siggs. I like to be honest with everyone! I like ur bolly stuff but not as much when it comes to telly stuff. I drool! especially GurTi and Guru/Maan stuff :P haah!

dude. I was thinking to post Guru-Debi in my non allowed list! honestly, I love Guru! and I simplyy adore how much he loves Debi but I don't know why, I cannot see them toegther! likee ever! :( I don't know why..I think Guru is too good for Debi! :( I should be saying that becus Guru loves Debiii! but I don't know why! :( GurTi just click..if it be offscreen or onscreen..

did you see last week's fri scene I think..the scene whr geet wrote maan's kurta and then they had some hot moments..dude! I do not how Guru does not fall for DD! they were like super close. Guru was literally touching DD and their expressions were like..they were so into the scene..they seem soo real..I don't know Guru does it..how he handles his professional and his personal life :P haha! I wish Guru was not married! did you heard the recent rumor about Guru has a tattoo of Debi on her wrist! In one of the scenes betweem MaaNeet..you cud see the tattoo clearly..Geet fans were so upset..it was distracting during the scene..when I was watching it.. I do not really care if has Debi name tatooed on his wrist but he seriously should have like hidden it while shooting for that scene! :( I was kinda disappointed! and also there were like Arguments in Geet forum about..how Guru has to prove his love for Debi..and he is going the saif way..and GurTi fans were like..if you truly love each other..you do need to like show it or prove it..I totally agree! they ruined that maaneet moment :( but watever. and then someone posted an article in Geet forum saying that..the tattoo was fake and Guru was just expeimenting it :S I dunno!

omg! when it comes to GurTi..I have to say so much..

coming back to ur special comments!


omgg! thankyouuu jen! you made me soo soo special. omg! I feel like crying! sorry dude. I super emotional when it comes to friendships and especially those who have lasted soo soo long. dude. We became friends..when you opened ur first gall? ;s I dunno! or maybe 2nd or 3rd? I remeber we used to spam in momo's gall..and the cici and kiki also!

you rememeber Nats? and Afee? also Muqu? omg! old times yaar! I miss them!
we used to go crazyyy on couples back then

Prem&Muktii!..Monaya/SaJan/Arnaya/Arjun(MJHT)..SaVni came..MaaNeet/GurTi..JeRan(Sid-Ridz), ShiRan..
and now ArHi..Jay/Piya :P ahh!

I remeber you even made us a SRK sigg..like he belongs to us three(me, you, meera and kiki?) and kiki also made a gorgeous srk sigg for us!
if you have that sigg..do post it here :D

OLD TIMES! :( I misssed them!

now coming back to ur siggs! DUDE! YOU HAVE IMPROVEED SOO SOO MUCHHH! haha! I still remeber the first time..I showed you the first sigg I made! haah! crazy!

I have no words! honestly, since you started making siggs and now!
DANGG GIRLL! its aMAZING! I think your coloring has got better! your blending is my most fav part...and UR TEXT/CAPTIONS! EEK! I dieee when I read them!

and ur GurTi siggs + our hubby Maan/Guru siggs are like the best part! :P
well..not only GurTi siggs. ALL UR SIGGS. I LOVE your work. period.

your blending! you are an inspiration to me when it comes to blending! becus
you know I suck at that :( ahah!

I have no words now. I do want to keep repeating the same thing over and over aagain.

the only song tht is playing in my head is..

yeh dost hum nahin chorenge... <33 and also our rishta is VERY purana! and it will always bee!

I still rememebr our crazy pms on GurTi new pics..we still go crazy! haha!
and my dabba is always full! :( sorry! I m too lazy to clean it!

your comments in my gall make my day! Hug thanks for commenting! means alot to me!

I cannot find enough colors now! haha! sorry! its very colorful. I love colorful stuff! :P ahah!

congrats once again! :)
WOHOHOOO! lets finish this fast and go to #16 :P
we could do it. your gall is fast like aish and dangelz ;p haha.

if you need anything pm me!

& thanks for pming me regarding my style! I love you for that!
I really really appreciate becus like I said..no one does that before they post it in their gall :( but you did. so I LOVE YOUU!


dang! thats long! halff of its about GurTi! :P

yay! I beat Aish anddd Sabs :P haha!

-LAZY ASHU! :P haha.

p.s - I m done! that took forever :P

another comment later for ur tiny update. I like chota updates :P

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 1:00am | IP Logged
Well, I am still editing my long comment but just to keep you guys in checkLOL Here is a mini dmg one.. Not the full update yet.. I still need to make more sigs to make it mega massive, but hope you guys like this updateHug

Feel free to use:




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*Shruti*hullabYFari.Kashianblissfullcutelove1111xTimax* ~ Roshni ~ *Mysterygirl_mechahaat.U_R_Beautiful.StarryPhoenixspiritcrimsonAabha.Msofiaaax.SobtiObsessionjesss.sabihaa.Farzu-cant.be.assed.aishhh.Jasmine...Raee_SalvatorenoseasyncMeehak..Kiran.whispaspamalot-Harshu-indian_beauty-SilentLove-AS..-Fatima-relentless.Sunshine GirlXiahtic-5soundsofcedarMehRya..notfadedawayHeavenlyBliss.

aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 1:04am | IP Logged
ok WHERE in the world do i start & where do I go with this anyway but let me start with OHH MYYY GODDD THIS IS YOUR 15th GALL! i dunno if you believe it or not but i know i doEmbarrassedbecause your work is SIMPLY AMAZING and definitely you're not only one of my most favourite sig makers here but just one of my favourite people on the EARTH ok lmfao that sounds WEIRD but i mean it and i am totally khushi se paagal to see your gall making OUR banner look 100000xs as much better than it would on its own. i am sounding insanerrr & insaner by the SECOND and it's kind of funny i REALISE it even but hahaa WHO CARES (shout out if you do cause i don't care what anyone else thinks atm) but ok I AM SO HAPPYYY! #15 here we come B-)

dude ok another thing i get a mention of MY OWNNN ahahaa ok now this my khushi again (partly probably because i don't fall into any of the other "groups"ROFL) but againnn

@at what you wrote..this is what i call mad and modest haha because if you think you're not in the best then you are totally wrong because YOU are an inspiration to every single sig maker on IF, trust me..whether they say it or not, i know just cause i am the all knowledgeable i jokeee LOL ok point is you are WRONGGG! i am proud to say:)
im just..awww jennnyyy since i promised i won't cry i won't. but stop making it hard for me not to, this is SO insanely sweeettt :| i am losing it but thankyou thankyou thank YOU for everything and actually it's my right to do everything i do for you, i look at it as my honour rather than workEmbarrassed i am always here no matter who comes & goes and i can promise you that foreverrr! i know that crediting ki aadat is not gonna go so i won't sayLOL but i dunno anymore see i am ranting :) so I LOVE YOU TOO! more than everrr! and as i said it's totally MY honour to make you stuff. i say it's the other way around. that banner looks good cause it's your gall ;) 

alrightt i get back to normal world (wait not just yet :|) that Shiran sig, SO AMAZINGGG! i just love love LOVE the bluish kind of colouring, and the text obviously just stands out on each and EVERY sig of yours..totally gorgeous:$ karan-shweta..the way you used colour, it's freaking AMAZING i can't even begin to explain i bet if i tried something like that it would be looking heck LOUD & that but ohhh i have stuff to learn from you, LOTS ;) buttt the last Kash one has to be my fav for it's simplicity, blending & text style < that is out of this world :| JUST SO BEAUTIFULLL!

and OMFGGG you're open too. today is my day or whatLOL ummm. i honestly haven't got the slightest idea. and i already have a reserveee in jhanvi's gall as well. DOUBLE game :O
ok now what, ummm you know what? you make me stuff so often that i don't even feel like i need to req! so im gonna say..that once you've finished ALL the other reqs..then you can make me something from the heart like you always do! i just need an excuse to surgeryofy my dabba with your gorgeous stuffDay Dreaming


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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 January 2010
Posts: 10625

Posted: 01 July 2011 at 1:05am | IP Logged

OMFG. First and foremost, CONGRATS on your 15th gall!
Only the most awesome creators make it to 15.. and I'm surprised it took this long tbh. :P
I've stalked your gall for over a yr now - and yes, you move way too fast for me, hence my sporadic comments on each gall (if I make it).

I am so looking forward to stealing as many sigs as I can off you. A lot of people know how picky I am when it comes to sigs.. but yours is generally there. I love your style, your colouring. & no matter how I try, I can't make mine look as amazing as yours. I can hope for it to be half as good, but there's no beating original talent. ;)

IPKKND crew [ Sabz, Ishu, Fary, ] Thank you thank you so much you guys. I guess newbies since this show just started, but you are always here to shower love, comments and that truly means a lot to me.. Thank you so much and i seriously hope you guys are more active in my gallery now.

^^OMG. That is so sweet!! I know we're definitely newbie friends, but we're definitely close as well. *giggles* And how can we not be? You're my Arnav. Hehehehehehe. (You know that nickname isn't going
anywhere anytime soon. Muhahahaha.)
I am definitely going to be active in your gall - however, if you keep updating at the speed you do, my head is going to spin. And then I'll have to do what Mano does, and stack all the sigs together. Because you drive me crazy with your insane passion for making sigs, and it just means more for me. LMAO.
^Yes, I'm jealous of your passion.. if only my muse was as great as yours.

Okay, now to the mini update. ShockedShockedShockedShocked

KARAN&SHWETA. All over again. OMG. OMG. When I saw this, my dil immediately started beating faster. I WANT THEM BACK now!! I have watched that dance so many times. It's crazy I know. Hehehehe. & it's complete nostalgia because the first sig I used that wasn't mine was your original Karan&Shweta one. Two yrs on, and I'm still in love. So thank you for making a new one. You know that ain't leaving my dabba for awhile. ;)

The other two are just as brilliant.. I'm in love with the blending, and the colouring. But that goes without saying. I'm not a ShiRan or a KaSh fan, but I find myself in love with them when I look at your sigs. & that's why I like them.. because of your ability to make them look so beautiful. Your talent in making sigs is why I end up liking couples.. GurTi for one. (That's yours and Ashu's fault. ROFL.)

As for the special surprise.. OMG. Beautiful. & I think I'm a regular. :P Hehehehe.
But as for requesting.. look, whatever you end up making is awesome anyway. & you're making some Bolly stuff, so I'll be chorifying those sigs anyway.

I love you. & I'm glad I'm getting to know you. Hug
& we'll always be close.. I'm the Khushi to your Arnav. ;) *giggles*


PS. Enjoy the essay. LOLL. I wonder if it's longer than Aish's? :P Ashu, you have a record to beat now. ROFL.


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