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Jungli Billi IF-Sizzlerz
Jungli Billi
Jungli Billi

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
@Sano: this CC isn't the same as the hangout one. It's a completely different one... personal one with invites only. Please respect the CC rules.

@Adi, Amrit... how are you guys? coming back in a while then will tell u about my day.. *phew*
amail1601 IF-Sizzlerz

Short Story contest runner up
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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 1:37pm | IP Logged running off...migraine hasn't gone yet, so mum made me 'sleep' early. I sneaked on to i-f after she slept to vote in the summer solstice writing comp - got a really nice review from someone there. :D
btw, are you really starting that ff here? I love teasing donny with that 'a blushing redness overcame his pale cheeks'. ROFL it'll be so cool!
:O mum's up! byeee!

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Jungli Billi IF-Sizzlerz
Jungli Billi
Jungli Billi

Joined: 03 September 2006
Posts: 10791

Posted: 02 July 2011 at 1:39pm | IP Logged
@Adi: good uska bakwas sunna bhi nahi chahiye... the guy is sucha sleezebag... n panchi's dad is there with his dumb dialogues and reactions after sau saal ki... panchi ke saath phir se dhoka na ho... her dad is another useless!!!

hmmm toh yeh baat hai... ladki in just for the din... LOL all a show only... the Qs don't ask... so sick off them kabhi toh koi new Qs bhi pooch liya kare... wahin tape atak gayi hai uski...

same to same yehi i thut ki he was just as before LOL

ohhoo migraine?... take some rest yaar.. n don't take too much stress...Hug

@Amrit: khushi ke aansoo blinded u na LOL yaar ab maa ne bol hi diya hai toh hukum ka paalan karne padega na...LOL bas ek baat doesn't expect fata fut updates Embarrassed... will take my good time... brain mein kuch new ideas aate hi nahi..OuchLOL
amail1601 IF-Sizzlerz

Short Story contest runner up
Joined: 08 March 2007
Posts: 14030

Posted: 02 July 2011 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
false alarm!
kuch naya kar liya toh show 150000 years tak kaise chalega? they'll keep recycling the tracks n dialogues n clothes - eg. maithili ki indestructible, un-dirty-able wicked witch of the west dress. saw a really old movie koi recently - same dress pehni thi vamp/bar type dancer ne.
anyway, how was your day? I might go gaayab suddenly...nothing personal. :P
@updates...mere readers bhi thak gaye update ki wait kar ke. they know kabhi nahin hona...I toh can never demand updates. ROFL

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Jungli Billi

Jungli Billi IF-Sizzlerz
Jungli Billi
Jungli Billi

Joined: 03 September 2006
Posts: 10791

Posted: 02 July 2011 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Adi, wish u get better soon... and sachi mein sleep yaar... otherwise head will throb only.

yehi was asking u guys ki shuru karun ke nahi?... .so far i think the answer is a YES... toh kuch na kuch toh karna hi padega iske baare mein...LOL

I'm quite tired too went to an amusement park today... total full on adrenaline rushes got. LOL Heels hurt from standing in long queues in the heat... told my siblings ki sat is not a good day to go it'll be too rushed but no one listened...OuchLOL phir bhi managed to make something out off it...

you guys like fast rides?... lemme post some pics off the rides i went on... google chacha must have them...

forget pics found vids...

Stealth... 0 to 80 mph in 2 sec... 205ft tall... by the time u blink u're already at the top off it...


Colossus - ten loop rollarcoaster... a must ride with arms and legs in the air (do not hold on tight, it's not fun)


Saw...based on the movie... one of my favs... love the 90 degrees drop thrilling beyond belief... trust me its not scary... then again i'm an adrenaline junkie... when it first opened up in 2009 i remember waiting 90mins to ride it LOLLOL wasn't gonna go home with sitting on it... worth every second on the wait.


there were loads more i went on but these by far were the most thrilling...LOL

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Jungli Billi IF-Sizzlerz
Jungli Billi
Jungli Billi

Joined: 03 September 2006
Posts: 10791

Posted: 02 July 2011 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
yaar nothing is ever personal between us anyway LOL don't worry i'd understand if u ran off... n wudn't think off negative reasons y u went LOL

lol... it's easy to start the FF na... readers kuch zyada hi hyped ho jaate hain... i've started and left a few with only a couple off updates...uff can't be bothered to update after a while... but readers are still persistant... LOL

*forgive the typos tired but high

Edited by Jungli Billi - 02 July 2011 at 2:06pm
Jungli Billi IF-Sizzlerz
Jungli Billi
Jungli Billi

Joined: 03 September 2006
Posts: 10791

Posted: 02 July 2011 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
Alright here's the FF thus far... just copy pasting it over here too so that we'll have it all together in one thread. Do read and refresh ur memories even I need to... can't remember it all correctly... LOL

Donny Ke Karnamey

This fanfic is based on a cartoon named Donny.
Check out the tiny promo!

Ek ladka tha deewana sa,
Chappal le kar phirta tha
Nazarein jhuka ke
'Blush' karke!!!

Chappal mein jaane kya kya dekha karta tha
Kuch karna tha shayad usko
Par jaane kis se darta tha
batting eyelashesbatting eyelashesbatting eyelashes

Jab bhi milta tha mujhse
Yehi poochha karta tha
Yeh taste kaise karta hai?
Yeh taste kaise karta hai?
love strucklove strucklove struck

aur main... sirf yehi keh pati thi
Marrda vi nahi gurr khaake...
*smacks with chappal*

Part 1: Never Argue with a Woman!

It's a bright sunny day! As the college bus travels down the busy, noisy road its passengers create mayhem. Amongst all the enthusiastic chatter and shuffling there's just one student sat quietly, glued to the window seat.

Manically he chants to himself 'agla stop uska stop hai!' He turns to look at the seat beside him. It's empty with the exception of his bag laying carelessly on it. He dreamily looks back out of the window, when his dreamland is interrupted with a light slap to the back of his head.

Annoyed he turns and looks at the devils sitting behind. The girls laugh at his simpleness. 'Kya hai Saara?' he asks the girl that just slapped him angrily. She answers back with an innocent tone, 'kuch nahi Donny!' She batters her eyelashes purposefully acknowledging her success at irritating her twin brother. 'phir maara kyun?' retorts Donny.

Both soon get into a huge argument. Mean whilst the bus stops and some more students get on. Amongst them is the special person that Donny had been waiting for ever since he'd left his house hurriedly earlier that morning. Unfortunately, college students being the janwars they are, rush past the girl to find seats for themselves.

A motti ladki waddles her way down the aisle and sees that the seat next to Donny is empty. She straightens her heavy black framed glasses and blushes softly. 'lagta hai aaj mera lucky day hai, Donny COMB ke paas baitne ka moka… haye!' Trying her best not to faint she moves towards Donny and plonks herself onto Donny's bag. She stares endlessly at him. He stops arguing. 'Henna aagayi hai tumhe baad mein will see Saara ki bachii!!' He turns back and looks over at the person sitting besides him. Shocked he stares back at her.

Blushing the girl looks away. 'I hope you don't mind na, mere ko aur koi jugah nahi dikhi, toh idhar ich aake bait gayi!' she giggles nervously, trying her best to mimic the tapori style that Donny sometimes speaks in.

Utterly shocked Donny replies, 'KYA? Kitni saari seats kaali thi!' Saara can't help but add her two cents. 'Donny ab bait hi gayi hai toh kya hua? uski company enjoy karo, aur erm… apne bag ko find karo…' Just at that moment Donny realizes his bag was on that seat.

'eh, mere saare phoolon ko kharab kar diya! Uttho' frustrated he pulls his squashed bag out from under her. Holding his head he looks out of the window for a change of 'scenery'. 'Sorry haan!' the girl worriedly whispers. She tries to converse with Donny, 'waise yeh phool mere liye teh na?'

Donny looks at her coldly, he takes the mashed up roses out from his bag and hands them over. 'Rakh loh, lunch mein khaa lehna!' he sighs and looks away. 'wow! Thank you Donnyyy' she exclaims ecstatically. Amazed at her luck she holds the rose's tight n smells them.

Forgetting how awful the morning ride to college has become Donny remembers he was waiting for Henna. Eagerly he looks around – but doesn't see her. His heart sinks, 'aaj nahi aayi ho kya?' he says to himself quietly.

He glimpses around once more, still no luck. Henna on the other hand is sat right at the front on the bus, sharing a seat with two other students, squashed tightly into a corner. 'Yeh bus mein itni kam jugah kyun hoti hai?' she groans as the bus takes another sharp turn and the students sitting besides her come charging into her ribs.

Donny is also feeling uncomfortable, saving his izzat he decides to stand in the aisle instead. 'Excuse me behen ji' he mutters as he holds his breath and moves out from where he was once comfortably sat. He swings his bag over his shoulder and holds onto the rail nearby tightly. 'Allah kare ab college jaldi aa jaye.' He prays. Saara laughs devilishly at Donny and continues talking to the girls around her.


Part 2: Is it fate?

Soon the bus screeches to a sharp halt. The students start to pour out of the bus slowly, groaning at the hard day's work that lies ahead of them. Donny starts making his way off the bus too. 'Apun bhi aa rahi-le' the motti girl calls out. Donny doesn't bother looking back. He straightens out his bag and steps off the bus, taking a deep breath of fresh air.

'eh side pe…' Saara moves all in her path out of the way, including the motti ladki. She walks out of the bus untouched by the surrounding students, her friends follow. Quickly she paces up to Donny before he disappears beyond the college gates. 'Donny sunno,' she stops short in front of donny; 'bhai, aaj toh bus ka mazza leh liya… kal se hum car mein ya bike pe aayenge acha?'

'kyun? Bus mein kya kharabi hai?' questions Donny. Loosing patience she answers back! 'Tumhari bike mein kya kharabi hai????' Donny moving Saara out of his way quietly mutters, 'Uski pichli seat pe tum jo baiti ho… woh nahi.' He walks off leaving Saara shocked and angry. 'Samajhta kya hai apne aap ko!'

Meanwhilst the bell rings and the clusters of students swarming the corridors begin to fade into classrooms leaving the corridors empty once again. Rushed and totally exhausted Henna lets herself fall into the comfort of her chair. The girl sitting besides watches, 'phir se late?' she giggles. 'Nahi, aaj toh on time Amrit' Henna points out on her watch. 'Improving yaar ahista ahista!' Amrit notes. The class begins and all listen attentively.

Until another girl taps Henna from behind. 'Hey Nits' Henna answers without looking back. 'Hi Henna, report likhli hai na?' she enquires. Before Henna can answer she continues. 'Maine nahi likhi, woh kya hai na kal shaam kidnap dekhte dekhte Imran ne mujhe kidnap kar liya!'

Henna looks over at Amrit, 'Iska matlab hai movie dekhte dekhte so gayi' sighing gently Henna turns and faces Nits. 'Oye tujhe kitni baar kaha hai apne jeej ke baare mein aise na socha kar…' Amrit giggles to herself, watching the usual argument between Henna and Nits over Imran Khan.

'Jaane jaan dhoondta phir raha... hoon tumhe raat din...main yahan se wahan' :'>love struck: Donny sings softly as he strolls down the empty corridors. 'Mujhko awaaz doh chup gaye ho sanam… tum kahan?' he sighs as he drags himself to a nearby bench. 'Itni mushkil se toh naam pata chala tha, ladki hai ya bhootni. Ek baar dikhne ke baad gayab!' he mutters displeased.

First year of college had just started a week ago, all had been going smoothly for Donny until he had noticed her two days ago. Unable to resist, he had attempted to follow her home but, lost her midway in the crowed streets soon after she had gotten of the college bus. He'd laid awake the whole night that day, thinking when he'd see her again, if he'd ever see her again! Tossing and turning he had eagerly waited for the next day to come so that he could seek her out. Unfruitfully he had only managed to find out her name. He wasn't even sure if that was her name. Only what he had been able to describe to others led him to believe she was Henna.

Lost in his own world Donny sat on the bench for quite some time thinking. He thought and thought and thought. 'Kahan ho tum Henna!' he said with a slight annoyance in his voice. 'Henna' he repeated. A blushing redness overcame his soft pale cheeks as he repeated her name, his voice softening without him realizing.

Overwhelmed by the feeling he didn't perceive the buzzer sounding to indicate the next period was about to start. Students once again cluttered the hallway.

'Amrit I'll see you wahin lockers ke paas iss class ke baad acha' Henna informed as she left to attend her next class. Amrit nodded in agreement as she too started to walk in the opposite direction towards her next class. Confused by the loud racket and overcrowding in the corridors Amrit trips over n her books fly everywhere.

'Oops, I'm so sorry' Donny bends down to help Amrit. 'Woh have habit of stretching na, meri mommy bhi tells me off… long legs jo… have na…' donny stammers trying to apologise and explain at the same time. He helps Amrit up. 'Lagi toh nahi na?' he asks worriedly. 'I'm fine' Amrit assures him.

Without noticing he starts walking Amrit to her class holding her books. He introduces himself and Amrit acknowledges she's heard of him. Donny tugs his collars feeling proud of his fame. 'Meri class aagayi' she puts her hands out to take her books. Donny moves them away. He reads her name from it and looks at her. 'Nice to meet you, Amrit!' He hands back her books. Amrit smiles and enters her class.

Donny walks back down the corridor and spots a paper on the floor where Amrit had fell. 'Yeh toh ussi ka hoga' he walks over n picks it up. 'mujhe yeh usse waapis dehna chahiye.'

Little does Donny know the paper in his hand actually belongs to Henna. She had lent her notes to Amrit. Holding the paper that's been carefully folded in half Donny walks back towards Amrit's class to return it.

Will he give away the clue that could lead him to Henna unsuspectingly?


Part 3: Hum Saat Aat Hain?

'Donnyyy!!!!' yells a voice far down the corridor. Donny stops in his tracks and turns to see where the voice came from. A tall, fair, neatly dressed guy is stood poking his head out of a classroom. 'chal jaldi aa na,
class shuru hone wali hai!' he exclaims. ' Aa raha hoon yaar!' Donny says, retreating back towards the classroom. He puts the paper in his bag for safe keeping.

Donny walks into the classroom unrushed and sits besides the guy that had
called him. 'Woh nahi mil rahi mujhe Eijoo.' Donny sighs helplessly. Eijaz nicknamed Eijoo was a close friend whom Donny shared many secrets with. He was a thoughtful guy with a great amount of wisdom. Although, his dashing looks and 'fan-following' i.e. the girls in college, lead him to be slightly arrogant. Eijaz soothingly rests his hand on Donny's shoulder and tells him to be patient. 'Mil jayegi, don't worry.' He nods encouragingly.

Slowly Donny takes out his books and pens one by one. He doesn't notice the
teacher staring. 'Aap ready hogaye hain tum hum shuru karein?' the teacher remarks sarcastically. Donny looks up – snapping out of his slow, dreamy mood. He hears everyone laughing. A redness overcomes his pale cheeks. 'Ji nahi sir, abhi toh aapki motti textbook nahi mil rahi mujhe. Lagta hai ghar pe bhool aaya hoon… agar aap wait karne ko tayyar hain toh main lehke aaon?' Donny questions mockingly.

'Khud ko leh aaye ho yehi bohat badi baat hai!' The teacher shakes his head and mutters to himself, 'aaj kal ki generation… yeh banenge humara future?' He starts his lesson after advising Donny to share a textbook with someone.

Soon class is dismissed for lunch. Everyone rushes hurriedly towards the college
canteen whilst others that are hungrier litter the corridors with their lunch boxes. Henna is stood by the lockers waiting for Amrit. Donny and Eijaz walk past, busy in their own conversation as they walk towards the canteen. Donny stops suddenly. 'Henna!!' he says with his eyes wide open and looks back towards the lockers as quickly as he can manage. Eijaz laughs at him, 'din mein bhi sapne? Koi ladki nahi hai wahan!' Donny scans the area near the lockers again – he blushes as he messes his hair up slightly. 'Silly me…' Both walk off to the canteen laughing. Meanwhilst, the crowd of boys that had gathered in front of the lockers disperses. Henna is still stood there waiting.

The canteen as usual is overcrowded and noisy. This isn't a problem for Eijaz and Donny as they have a permanent booking for the tables near the huge glass window overlooking the college playing fields. In short the best spot is theirs. They walk towards the table to find Saara and a few friends sitting there. Saara stops and stares at Eijaz who in return winks at her. Donny lightly punches Eijaz on his stomach seeing this. 'Kya kar raha hai?' he asks Eijaz shaking his head. They pull a few more chairs up to the table and join the girls.

Saara starts talking non-stop. Alongside Saara are sat the other two college Diva's – Ankita and Ekta. They're known to the whole college by the names Anku and Eks. They treat Donny as their brother as Donny treats all Saara's friends as his sisters. He refers to them quite cutely as being his 'didi's'. The story is quite the opposite for Eijaz who absolutely hates the thought of being anyone's brother. 'Pata nahi doosre doh kahan reh gaye' Eks wonders too herself. She searches for Gaurav (Khanna) and Arjun (Bijlani).

'Amrit, ab aa rahi hai?' Henna asks pulling a long sad face. 'Yaar woh Nits aur Verni ko bhi toh pick up karna tha na.' she points behind her towards them. Henna leans to the side to take a look. 'Hey guys!' henna smiles. Verni comes and gives Henna a hug, being her sentimental self. 'Verni tu toh aise mil rahi hai jaise ki kal nahi pichle saal mile teh last.' Henna jokes. Moving away Verni explain, 'kal mile ho ya pichle saal, ache se hamesha milna chahiye.'

Nits adds her take to the conversation. 'Lunch time mein toh food se milna
chahiye na' All look at Nits and laugh. 'Chalo chalein, Nits kahin hume na khaa jaye!' Amrit giggles. They make their move towards the canteen. 'Aaj ka special dish kya hoga?' Nits wonders.

After a whole load of pushing and pulling the girls manage to get their lunch
only to find that there are no tables vacant. 'Ab kya karein hum?' Amrit asks disappointedly. 'Neeche baitke kha lehte hain na, main toh bohat hi hungry hoon' Nits explains. All look at Nits weirdly. Verni sighs 'neeche baitne ke liye bhi koi jugah hai kya jo neeche baitke khaa lein? It's just jam packed.'

Henna is stood holding her tray of food quietly, staring into the distance. Amrit nudges her, 'Henna, batao na kya karein?' 'Follow me girls!' Henna says leading the way. 'par jaa kahan rahe hai?' Verni asks worriedly. 'hamesha iss ladki ko koi ajeeb hi idea aata hai.' Unwillingly Verni follows the others.

'Andar jugah nahi hai lehkin bahar bohat jugah hai' Henna explains as they
walk onto the playing fields. 'baito sab na, itna acha din hai toh bahar baitke khaane mein aur mazza aayega na?' Amrit smiles a huge warm smile seeing the sun shining brightly. She sits on the grass alongside Henna. 'Haan sach mein Henna yahan toh baat hi kuch aur hai!' Verni adds as all tuck into their lunch dumping their bags carelessly besides them.

Gazing out of the canteen window Anku starts laughing. All seated at the table look at her. 'Tujhe kya hua?' Eijaz enquires. 'Unn namunon ko dekho! Bahar lunch kar rahe hain!' Anku points at Henna and the others sitting outside,
enjoying their lunch. Eijaz looks out and bursts into laughter too. Donny looks at them both. 'Kyun doosron ka mazzak udhate ho? Canteen mein jugah nahi mili hogi.' Saara slaps Donny on his arm. 'Kitna unhappening bhai I have!' she mutters trying to see out the window. Donny doesn't care to look instead he finishes off Saara's slice of chocolate cake whilst she is busy prying into others business.

'Yahan ek aur ke liye jugah hai henna?' asks a deep gorgeous voice. Henna
looks up half blinded by the sun shining brightly in her eyes. She uses her hand to shade them. 'Hussainnn' she gasps, totally surprised. 'sure, aao baito.' She moves over and makes space for him. 'Guys inse milo…' Henna introduces Hussain to the rest of the group.

Back inside the canteen the jasoos are busy watching. 'Arre yeh chikna kyun
inke saath bait raha hai?' Anku says frustrated by the fact. 'Kyun baita hai hume kya, kaun hai yeh… isse hume matlab hona chahiye!' Eks exclaims completely bowled over by the stranger.

Finally giving in Donny gives in to the temptation to look out of the window.
'Tum log bhi na bas don't stop. Unn becharon ke peeche haath dhoke padh gayi ho' Donny glances out of the window. His jaw drops wide open. 'Hennaaa' he screams. The whole canteen stops for a moment to see what happened. Saara gives all in the canteen an angry look and all turn away and pretend to mind their own business.

Donny notices the guy sitting besides her, talking and laughing. He lowers
his eye brows in temper. 'yeh kyun uske paas baita hua hai????'

'Kaunsi Henna hai yaar?' Eijaz enquires. He looks over at Donny for a response but it's too late. Donny's already gone.

Where's Donny gone? And who is this Hussain?


reminiscence these parts for now LOL... will post more soon... then start writing new scenes.. even i have to read it...:P

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Sano88 IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 1:16am | IP Logged
Okay henna, I'm sorry.. but that was rude.. :)
bye :)

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