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Meli: *clutches her teddy bear and smiles up at the camera cutely*
Why are you doing that? You're not cute. Seriously. Stop trying. And is that Ravjot's teddy bear?
Meli: It's mine. Stern Smile And i'm so cute! I'm sorry if you're just a grumpy old mean person. Stern Smile No wonder ZunZun left you. hmph. She was smart to leave you.
Jot: SHUT.UP. I know a member that's actually cute you know. Approve She's a sweetheart of this forum and she loves Edward. And i used to talk to her loads when the R-patz thread was crazy active. LOL
Meli: Cut the crap and get to the point AJ. No one wants to hear you talk. Stern Smile

*Appu comes on stage grinning*

No way. I won. *wipes her tears clutching her award* OMG. I can't believe this. Really? I didn't know i was well, *whispers* cute! Shocked I thought i was annoying *glares at Jot*.
You still are. Bye bye! *pushes Appu off the stage*
Alright moving on!

*Meli starts writing in a calendar*

What the heck are you doing? Woman, we're hosting an awards show here. You can organize your day planner later!
Meli: Woman, it's a calendar. Not a day planner! And i'm keeping myself up-to-date!
Jot: You need a calendar for that? Stern Smile I need sticky notes, an agenda, and lots of reminders. I can't stay up to date with anything!
Meli:Guess what? There's a member that doesn't need any of that! And i heard from the members of this forum that she's the most up-to-date member they know! Shocked
Jot: Ok. Who is it?
Meli: That's your line. Stern Smile
Jot:I lost my script. Embarrassed
Meli: You had it a minute ago. Stern Smile
Jot: The dog ate it?
Meli: What dog? And you're dead scared of dogs. If there was a dog nearby, you would've been screaming your head off. Stern Smile
Jot:I overcame my fear? 
Meli: AJ! Stern Smile
Jot:Finnee! It's someone who's a serious Robert fan. I swear, she needs Robert more than the air she breathes. I'm not even joking. Oh and she's from a city that just had this massive riot over a hockey game and also tarnished the image of Canada. hmph. Stupid Vancouver. But i'm still with ya Canucks. Approve
Meli: OYE! Winner!
Jot:Oh ya. *ahem* It is my [not-so] lovely buddy...

*Ayysha walks up with a picture of Robert in her hand*

Just for the uninformed, i'm totally lovely.
Jot: No.
Ayysha: My award. My speech. GTFO. Stern Smile
Jot: Bad words and that's just mean. Unhappy
Ayysha: I didn't say the word so it doesn't count. Stern Smile Now. My award. Thank you guys. It means sooo much to me. Oh and as for Vancouver, it was just a bunch of trouble makers. It wasn't over a hockey game. Wacko Anyways. I am completely up-to-date, yes. I search up anything and everything related to Robert. Silly And i do it everyday by the way.
Jot: "Do it everyday". That's what she said. ROFL
Ayysha: Oh yeah. We totally do. Everyday and everywhere. Approve Kay. Bye people. I got stuff to do, places to be.

*Walks off stage*

Jot: *throws a piece of garbage at Hershi*
Oldiieee. ROFL
Meli: What happened to your manners? Isn't she your mom? Stern Smile
Jot: *snorts* Only at every other forum except here. Big smile
Hershi: Why is that? Who gave you that right? Stern Smile
Jot:Well, technically Ananya did. Only difference is that, she didn't set my rights. It was one of the admins. Shruti probably. Big smile
Hershi:ugh. DT of IF. *shakes head* disappointing.
Meli: Hey! The DT is amazing. Big smileOh and that reminds me. We have an award for that too! And the winner is me! ShockedAww thank you guys. Embarrassed
Hershi: Oh. It is? On the script thing it says-
Meli: SHHH!!!!!!!!Shocked
Jot: Stern SmileWhat?
Meli & Hershi: Nothing.
Jot: Lemme see! *grabs script*
You liars! The winner is...

Jot: Awww. At times like this, i miss my old username. Ayysha made me change it. Unhappy Anyways. Thanks for the award guys. If i knew that by trashing the birthday thread and making Melissa look for it in the trash would win me this award, i would've done it everyday. ROFL And well, being a viewbie for the first time [although i think everyone becomes a viewbie for the first time. Confused] this forum has been so amazing to me and the people have also. Big smile Thanks guys.
Meli: Phew! That was so long and boring. Stern Smile
Hershi: Right? Shocked
Jot: Shut up. Both of you. Hersheybar, what are you doing here? *pushes Hershi off the stage* There. That's better.
Meli: Boorrring.
Jot: Who you? I know. Big smile
Meli: AJ. Shut the eff up. Angry You're starting to piss me off. hmph.
Jot: You? Don't you always piss everyone off though. Ermm
Meli: *steams starts coming out of her ears and she runs off* I NEED A BREAK!
Jot: ROFLFinally. I feel like doing my smiley story. Stern Smile Ayysha and Hershi know what i'm talking about.  Big smile *wiggles finger* Yo! Cool Wanna smoke some mari j wana?
Meli: Smoke what? Stern Smile
Jot: I thought you needed a break. =/
Meli: And now i'm back. Answer my question! Smoke what?
Jot: Mair juuwana?
Meli: What the hell is Mair juuwana? Confused
Jot: ShockedOhmygod. Meli. Mair juuwana. The drug.
Meli: Hun. There's no drug called mair juuwana. Trust me. Stern Smile
Jot: Ohmygod! THERE IS! Stern Smile
Meli: Stern SmileSpell it out.
Jot: M a r i j u a n a
Meli: Stupid. That's marijuana. Not mair juuwana. What are you, trying to be Stewy?
Jot: How is that trying to be Stewey?
Meli: Remember? Cool cwhip. ROFL I love the way he says it.
Jot:  OMG! Me too! Anyways. Did you know marijuana makes you bubbly?
like, you talk a lot. And you seem all happy and you know, bubbly?
Meli: That's called being high sweety. And isn't it The Most Bubbly Member an award?

Jot: Yup! And the winner of this award is also an Edward fan. Stern Smile Gosh. Where did the Jacob fans go? Anyway. This winner, kinda disappeared from the face of the Earth all of a sudden. Actually, the face of IF but it's the same thing. And well, she used to be my wife/hubby until i ditched her for Ayysha. Stern Smile
The winner is...

*Anjz appears in a bubble, Jot pops it with her pencil*

Anjz: Big smile
Hi Jot. Hi Meli. Hi Ayyshss! Hi Sonu. Hi Appu. And hello to everybody else. Big smile I'm back. [not really. LOL] But whatever. I can't believe you guys voted for me! Is that how much you guys love me? I love you guys too. Except, i love my Robert a little more. Big smile He's so hot. Big smile Kay. I gotta go now. Byee!

*creates another bubble around her and floats away*

That was, um..interesting.
Jot: I know eh? Ermm MELI! LOOK! Over there! Near the window! Out in the sun! Diamonds! They're so sparklyy!!!!
Meli: Honey, that's Edward Cullen standing outside the window.
Jot: Um, he has a sign in his hand. I can't read it. I lost 1% of my eye sight a while ago. Now i wear glasses. Unhappy
Meli: Chup! It says...Best Edward Fan. And there's a name underneath it.
Jot: Oh! I can read the name! It is...


Parm: Shocked
I'm the best Edward fan! OMG. Did you know i voted for myself in this category as well? LOLBut i'd like to dedicate this award to myself, and my sautan Ayysha. Thanks guys.

*walks off*

*Meli walks on stage wearing red pumps and a black tube dress*

Meli: Got my hair done, nails done, everything done. Oh I'm fancy huh, oh i'm fancy huhCool
Jot: I love Drake. Silly And you don't look that fancy.
Meli: Yeah, cause i look stylish not fancy. hmph.
Jot: Dude. I know a member who's dabba is the most stylish. And it's just, amazing. Oh and she makes those sigs herself!
Meli: Who's more stylish than me? Shocked
Jot: Uh duh. This forum's ex-Channel Mod. Ananya.

Ananya: ShockedYou guys don't know how happy i am to receive this award. Seriously. It's just amazing. Being awarded this same award twice. Big smile I'm proud of my stylish-ness too. Trust me. Anyhow. Thanks. Bye!

*walks down the stairs*
Meli: *sighs covering her ears*
...and then, i left the store but i forgot my chocolate bar there! I couldn't leave without my chocolate so i went back for it! And you won't believe what i saw there. Ice-cream! I couldn't believe i had missed it the first time so i decided to buy some ice-cream. Except, you know when theres a lot of options, you can't really choose? Yeah, that happened to me. So i had sooo much trouble trying to choose one flavour to buy but it was so difficult and then i had stand there thinking for like 2 minutes and then-
Meli:SHUT UP! Why do you talk so much?
Jot: I'm just telling you what happened to me. Gosh!
Meli: Why couldn't you just say that you went to the store and had trouble choosing a flavour of ice-cream?
Jot: That's boring.
Meli: I like boring!
Jot: Ok! God!
Meli: You're just horrible. I can't believe theres another person like you that talks non-stop!
Jot: There is? Who? I bet we'd hit off right away! We're gonna be best friends. Big smile
Meli: *sighs ignoring Jot* the winners for the Most Talkative Member are...

ROBlicious & Angel-Jot.
Ayysha: Another one? Really? Big smile Wow. I'm talkative? Wow. Thanks guys. I'm so honoured to receive this award.
Jot: Me too! But i value it more than this one. *pokes Ayysha* I should start calling her Oldie as well...*grins at Hershi*
Shut up! Honestly. You're so annoying. Stern Smile And screw off! I'm not old. Oh and i'm not sharing the award with you. It's mine.
Jot: ShockedThat's not nice. At all. Why would you do that? I want it too!

*Ayysha walks away grinning*

Jot: Why on Earth are you yelling? Stern Smile You have a mic in your hand. Everyone can you hear you. Clearly.
Meli: Oops. Embarrassed

*Ayysha comes back*

That means, i get another award? Big smile Which one is it?
Meli:It's the Best Robert Fan Award!
Jot: Umm, actually Meli. The award goes to Sonu not Ayysha.
Ayysha: Shocked
What the heck? No way! This one is mine! Sorry Sonu. But i want it. hmph.
Meli: Ayysha, it's OK. Jot is just being stupid like usual. It's your award. Sorry Sonu.
I'm not stupid! hmph. Ayysha doesn't deserve these many awards! She's mean. And i don't get why people love her so much.
Ayysha: Jealous. Big smile So jealous.
Jot: *snorts* you wish.

Meli: *sighs* The Best Robert fan award goes to...


She doesn't get a speech for this one. *kicks Ayysha off the stage*
Um, Ayysha come back. We have one last award for you. Big smile
Jot: What the heck? What award?
Meli: The Pic-Spammer Award! I mean, c'mon! She spammed up the whole forum with BD pictures, give her some credit AJ!
*Ayysha grabs her award and runs off*

Jot: Well, that was rude!
Meli: eh. like you're not?
Jot: Shut up.
Meli: The next award is for someone who doesn't love just Jacob but loves *RAWR!* the wolf pack! As in..Sam, Jared, Paul, Seth, Quinn, etc. You get where i'm going.
Jot: And that goes to me? Big smile
Meli: No. This one actually goes to your rival. Shocked
Jot:Esha! Shocked
Meli: Yes! But along with the Wolf Pack fan award, we're gonna give away the Cullens Fan award as well.
Jot: The Cullens are amazing. And this member is just as amazing! Actually, members. There are 2 winners for this one. Big smile And both are my friends and both have won awards already. Any guesses?
Meli: Um, no. But the winner for the Wolf-Pack Fan award is...

*who couldn't come to the awards since she just disappeared like Anjz*

And the winners for the Cullens fan award are...

ItalianPrincess & M-Patz
*they're busy drooling over their awards*

And the last award of the night is the Most Inactive Award!
These people are boring and hardly ever active. They don't post much on the forum but everybody knows they there...somehow. Confused I don't get it but i guess it's how it is.

Jot: WAIT! Before you announce the winners. Say I.
Meli: Spank.
Jot: Mice.
Meli: Mice.
Jot: Elf.
Meli: Elf.
Jot: Now say it together.
Meli: I spank mice elf.
Jot: ROFLGet it? I spank myself? ROFL OH! Here's a joke. Are you Chinese, cause i'm-
Meli: Stern SmileThis one has three winners who are...

-Esha_423-, Angel-Jot.& M-Patz
*busy doing...stuff*

I don't get why i got the Inactive award because i'm pretty active. LOL But i guess if you guys think i'm not active enough, then i'll try to be more active. Big smile
Meli: And if you guys have any problems with anything we're doing, please let us know.
Jot: This was our Twilight Forum's 3 year Anniversary Celebration! *fireworks in the background*
Oh! And before everyone leaves. There is one last thing remaining.
Meli, here is your official welcome to this forum! Welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Jot:Alright goodnight people! Bye!

[Meli and Jot walk off the stage singing the barney song.]
PS. This took me a long time so you guys better have enjoyed it. Stern Smile


For the sigs...thanks to my JASTR buddies.. Ami, Shikhu, Tanu and Ravjot. XD I love you guys! and my other buddy, Zunni as well. =]

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What You Think...

1. If you could rank the current DT from 1-10, what would it be?

Have all your issues been addressed by the DT?

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

4. If you were part of the forum's DT for a day, what would you do different?

5. Of what more would you like to see at the forum?
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OMG ! LOLOLOL. really ? awww ! thank you guys , but :O im back noww ! ill try to become active around here, missed you guys ! <333

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^Shocked look who's here! Shocked

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If you hadnt given my the PM, i prob wudnt come here ! LOLLOL
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^i know. Stern Smile you seem to have forgotten about this forum. hmph. we're even on your 3rd Taylor Lautner thread btw. without you. Approve

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nopee, ive just lost my twilight interest :O lol, but ill stick around here, at the taylor lautner AT thread for noww, lol :D

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^rofl. don't blame ya. XD i'm kinda losing interest too. maybe once BD comes out, i might be interested again. eh...

uh-huh. Stern Smile i wanna be on the 4th AT now. Stern Smile but it's taking forever.

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