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Harshad Chopda's FC *And The Hunt Goes On...*

-Alina- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 9:30pm | IP Logged

1st April 2011- Is the Day when time stood still. why? because it  was the Last time we saw Harshad Chopda on our small screens. Yes, he is been missing since then and It has been 3 long months. No one knows where to find him. Although we did catch a small 5 mins glimpse on his birthday, but still after that no one knows where he is or what he is up to. recently there were few articles telling us about a whole new side of his life as in his interest in extreme sports, like Masters in swimming and learning how to dance. Apart from it I dont think we have any other proof or evidence of his existence.
So in this FC I would like to take you guys on a small stroll about this small town, chocolate boy, who has some amazing,alien features (as in ideal features) such as expressive eyes, killer smile,hands to die for and etc etc etc. And I hope this will help us to trace him down. 

Born in Gondia, a town near Nagpur India, on May 17th 1983, Harshad Parkash Chopda's family decided to move to Pune, following his graduation Harshad excelled in the later years of schooling and went on to join an engineering college.  His parents never approved of his celluloid dreams and thus they enrolled him into an engineering college. Harshad audaciously states, "I only did engineering because my parents asked me to do so. However, I was clear in my mind as to what I wanted."

Later after completing his studies he headed straight to Bombay to pursue his acting career hoping to make it big one day just like Salman Khan, his favorite bollywood actor. He struggled hard during the first few years waiting for his big break but before that break swung by, he found himself successfully auditioning for Zee's Mamta and from then on-wards began the journey of the actor Harshad Chopda!

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-Alina- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 9:31pm | IP Logged

Harshad As Karan
In Harshad's own words, he was lucky to get his first show, Mamta, really soon. he didn't had to struggle more.Though there was a news that Harshad was chosen to play this role because of his resemblance with Character's dad/brother (sorry don't remember correctly), but still Harshad tried to match up with everything and see today where he stands.

Role of Karan was a school of acting for Harshad. On the sets of Mamta, Harshad got to learn everything about his profession. In his very first scene, there were few flaws, obviously it was his first scene. And as days passed, we get to see a whole improved Harshad Chopda. And this shows us his caliber and what a quick learner he is. And with his uncanny ease and perfection, he made his place in viewers heart. Though, Karan had a gray shade and like every negative character, people started to hate him in a good way, in other words people loved to hate Karan. But at the same time viewers were going gaga over his born-star-boy-next-door looks. 

Yes, Karan was a negative character. And the role demanded Harshad to portray anger, frustrated, irritated, annoyed, and one who can easily be hated but on the other hand people can easily relate to him. Harshad not only portrayed outrageous anger and convinced us brilliantly, he shifts from anger and frustration to an outward facade of sweetness within matter of seconds, leaving viewers baffled.   

As Karan in Mamta, Harshad was able to prove his natural talent and he didn't gave a chance to anyone to say he is a newbie. He was Rocking in his own way. here is harshad's first shot as Karan:

If  Karan was Acting School for Harshad, so here you can see new well polished, shinning Harshad as Ali Baig in Left Right Left.

Harshad as Cadet Ali Baig In Left Right Left 
After Karan, Harshad got his first big break with Ali on Left Right Left.There were other new talented actors as cadets, but Harshad stood out from all of them. With the first look of Ali, viewers were left thinking that Is he the same Harshad Chopda who played Karan in Mamta?? Obviously with his very first line, "hum Ali hain, Kanpur say..." Harshad created new history with this role. Harshad could relate to Ali in many ways, like Harshad, he too is a small town boy, who have dreams in his eyes, a dedication to change the world, one who is all set to open his wings and fly in this wide blue sky but still he knows that his roots are attached to the ground.

If you want to know Harshad, my advice is to watch his work in Left Right Left as Ali. Trust me this will actually help you to find him. Ali's simplicity and innocence is the reflection of Harshad's personality. In his own words Harshad says that he did not have to do much ground work on Ali as he was playing himself...See now you get my point?? Harshad is simple living, decent guy... so what are you waiting for? Go find Harshad in Ali !!! lolxxx

Anyway, Ali is a full entertainment package. He is emotional, gets angry when he sees something wrong or you can say when someone goes against this Usool Bhai, they better be aware of his anger lolxx, he was romantic,though he was so much shy but still a cute lover and yes there was a shade of comic too in him. And whenever I used to watch him on my screen, it's an overwhelming feeling which couldn't be described in words...only can be felt..lolxx. I miss Harshad!!!

Coming Back to Ali, Harshad as Shy Ali and with his flawless acting skills conquered many hearts around the globe and did set a new record for him.

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 9:33pm | IP Logged

If Ali's simplicity is not enough you can check a different, Romantic side of Lover boy Akshat AKA Akki.

Harshad As Akshat in Amber-Dhara
On asking Harshad, how did Akshat Happen?
Harshad's reply was somewhat like this 
"Actually, a few months ago, I read on India-forums that a few people wrote that I should play a character that is very romantic, and I was on the look out for a such a role, and then Akshat came along, and I too found the character interesting, so I took it up. So it's all thanks to my fans, who actually thought that I had a romantic side in me that would look good on screen."
This shows that see Harshad do listens to his fans and he does peek here. So Harshad if you are reading this post so please come back and let us finish our hunt !! lolxxx

Now coming Back to Akshat, Well Akshat is totally different from the previous roles of Harshad. And Harshad did work hard on himself to be Akshat. As Akshat being so romantic and all, it needed some homework prior to the shoot. And seriously when Hasrhad as Akshat touched the screen, he certainly did wonders.

Akshat was a short lived role for Harshad. Due to some circumstance he was not able to continue it. But whatever he did in that short span, is really mesmerizing. No one can forget that lover boy image which Akshat created. Akshat is not only a intense lover but a true friend too.  His bonding with his friends; Amber-Dhara is beyond any explanation. he has always supported them in their bad times. Akshat was also another character which one can easily get related too.

If Akshat's lover boy image and happy-go-lucky nature is not enough you can check idolize nature of Mr.Prem Juneja. I hope Prem works !!!!
Harshad As Prem Juneja in Kis desh Mein Hai Mera dil
Prem-One name which connected borders together, one name which made so many hearts skip a beat, one name which broke all the previous records, one name which can never be forgotten in the history of Television-Harshad as Prem Juneja.

Prem is totally a different character and Harshad was indeed lucky to give life to Prem on small screen. And i'm really glad that he was the one who did it as he is the only one who is capable of doing it.Prem is that string which is connected to billions and billions of heart beats and when it is played,it plays music of love, which stops things in motion and for half a second this world seems to be in an isolated place.

Prem is a normal, simple living guy. Who is passionate about everything which is around him. Whether it is; his family, his love or his work, he knows their value and respects them. There is this unique quality in Prem which makes him one-of-a-kind; he is exclusively, extraordinary creature which doesn't exists in real world but he does live in every girls dream as their Mr.right. In other words Prem was larger than life.

Prem proved a lucky mascot for Harshad as he grabbed two awards at Star Parivaar Awards(08) and that on too on his birthday. With so much appreciation and applause from the audience, it didn't change the Harshad we knew. The fame and appreciation grounded him more and he was still the same small town guy we knew. That's the best quality about Harshad, which is very hard to find in a celebrity.

Like every other thing, this role too came to an end. Fans were badly shattered but they didn't loose their faith in Harshad and they knew that he would be making his comeback soon. And after a long wait he hits screen again as Anurag Ganguly in Tere Liye.

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-Alina- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 9:35pm | IP Logged

Like every other thing, this role too came to en end. Fans were badly shattered but they didn't loose their faith in Harshad and they knew it that he would be making his comeback soon. And after a long wait he hits screen again as Anurag Ganguly in Tere Liye.

Harshad As Anurag Ganguly In Tere Liye

Anuarg Ganguly, is someone who is purely a human being. He has flaws like every human. He is not perfect but still leaves an impact easily and one whom you can easily belonged with !!

Anurag by nature is very simple and a decent guy. He knows and value the meaning of friendship and love in his life. his journey comprises of knowing and understanding love. And to get a smile on his beloved, he will fight the whole world and sacrifice every single thing which he owns, even his life.  Anurag is an extremist. What he does, he does it with full enthusiasm and dignity, whether it's love or hatred, there is a hidden craziness in him which makes him stand out from others.
So this was the last role,we saw Harshad playing. Couldn't believe April 1st came that soon. Fans were not ready to bid bye to Anurag but they had too. Anurag Ganguly along with some golden memories left viewers with few questions...which they dont know if someone will answer it or not...Fans wanted to see Harshad as Pagal Onu...And they knew it that like other roles Harshad would be doing full justice to this one too. Though they were lucky to get few glimpse of their Pagal Onu in initial days of Tere Liye, but after that it turned out to be that Anurag was pretending to be mad as he thought his Tani is married to someone else and if he makes his comeback that will only create problems in Tani's married life. But again, like Kis desh mein hain mera dil, tere liye ended on a good note...like Anurag gets to know that tani never married again and she is still Anurag's Misty...

These were the roles played by Harshad so far. If these roles were the way to fans heart then shows like SBS, SBB, and some special appearances in shows such as Nach Baliye and few performances at Award functions shows us the inner world of Harshad. But like I said this is the first time we are not aware of Harshad's next move as he is playing hide and seek with us so we don't know what he is upto. So with this FC, we are just trying a little effort to find him. If Anyone have seen such a person with these(above explained) qualities, do contact us on this FC. Until then, enjoy this VM:

P.S. If we are not able to find harshad by the end of this Fc, then...well for that you have to check our next FC

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-Alina- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
For The week:
Current celebrity Ranking:- 5
Last week ranking:- 6

Articles:- 6

Harshad Chopda to shed Good Boy Image  with Dharampatni

Harshad Chopda Speaks for telly buzz

Harhsad Chopda Says No to Survivor India

Mahatma Gandhi And Kasturba on Small Screen

Harshad Chopda to play Mohan Gala in Dharampatni

Harshad Chopda In entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega
"I dont think Anyone Should be there on the list"-Harshad Chopda
| Credit: Tellychakkar
| Credit:Star Plus

Harshad wins naya sadasya award at SPA 2008http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bbyHXGzycAHarshad wins yoga jodi award along with Additi Gupta at SPA 2008http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwqCWQRuSO0&feature=relatedHarshad wins best new on screen couple award with Additi at New Talent Awards 2008http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh3A_nc9zE8Harshad wins best jodi award with Additi Gupta at SPA 2009http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=259r1_qfbm0&feature=relatedHarshad wins Gr8 face of the year award at ITA 2010http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFi5-sBob8IHarshad wins best actor award at Telly Awards 2010http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg1L2Ebi9qg
Harshad Performing in Femina Miss India
Harshad Introducing Femina Miss India Contestants
Harshad's performance in SPA 2011(The Venetian Macao)

SBB/SBS Videos Till April 2010

Videos of Ali and Akshat Along with VMs on Harshad

Prem and Heer Scenes from March 2008 till May 2009

Prem and Heer Scenes from June 2009 till February 2010

Prem and Chahat Scenes

Eternal Classics of Harshad as Prem Juneja

Harshad Chopda Performance Links Till March 2010

Plzz Check The Link Below For All Videos On Harshad
(The Page is still in the process of being updated...few more days...and u'll get all the links hereSmile)

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
This autograph was signed by Harshad for all his fans when a fan (who does not wish her name to be divulged for personal reasons) visited him

The Message Dated: 27th September 2008

This message goes out to all the FC members who are disheartened with the news of their Prem going away

 ''Please give my message to all my fans

 Say them that everything happens for a reason

 There might be something nice hidden in this to, you never know

 And you guys are my strength and support

 I can't see u guys crying like this and I can't see you shattered

 This is a phase and it will go away

 I can't thank you guys enough for all the love and support that you guys

have showered

 on me since the past few days

 Its' overwhelming

Had it not been for you guys I would not have been here

 You are the ones who help me to carry on, and please do not be disheartened as you are

 the ones who have to stand by me

 And together we will come out of it"

The Message Dated: 18th August 2008

I am what I am but the person you guys like is not who

 I actually am

 I am a simple guy like any other guy walking down the

road or like any one you see around

There is nothing special, different or extraordinary

about me

What makes me special, what makes me different, what

 makes me what I am, is your thinking

 You think I am cute I become cute, you think I am hot I

become hot, irrespective of whether I am or not

So its not what I actually am which makes me, its what

you guys think I am which makes me

 If today I am somebody that is because I have people

like you behind me, who think the way you think, who

believe in me the way you guys believe

Thank you for the belief

Thank you for making me what I am

 I know I can't thank enough but still trying

All of you have always been very kind and sweet to me

hope I am always this lucky.

Thanking all of you for giving me reasons to smile

Take good care 

God bless


The Message Dated:-1st June 2008

"I still remember the days I used to feel I have no fans and now the 17th FC has started

 I went through ups and downs and was off air also

 They say out of sight is out of mind

 But u guys kept me alive and didn't let me die

 I don't know what exactly to say or what the connection is but u guys have always

been kind to me

 Just want to say, thank you very much"





















 Lrl fan

 Delhi_ princes








 Sweety rajveer























































 Raksha- -athena-


























 Sara - S_sara












 Noor Abdullah







 Pari _Rinki




















 Nandini- - nansy-






 curled up











 Kanak - tere_bin


















           iheartchai          Sweta2005     Amira10 
     Silky_harshad       .AngadKripa. x-Sundus-x 

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-Alina- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 9:40pm | IP Logged

"I dont think Anyone Should be there on the list"-Harshad Chopda

10 Best Indian Television Actors

I love to shop with plastic money : Harshad Chopda
Prediction For Harshad
I like someone and want to end up with her: Harshad Chopda
I live to eat : Harshad Chopda
What is Harshad Chopda watching on the small screen?
Harshad Chopra loves STAR World shows
Harshad's interview in Gr8 Magazine
Television biggies to perform Femina Miss India 2011

Prem and Heer chemistry to haunt one and all on Star One..
Love in the air for our TV stars
Come fall in love...
journey Of Harshad
Getting personal with Harshad Chopra

Come Fall In Love
Gold for Dussehra

Jodis who are made for each other

STAR PLUS sets the mood for Diwali with Diwali Dilon Ki

Tere Liye unit unaffected by new CINTAA rule?

Diwali family time for TV actors

Star Plus Actors Wishes You a Happy Diwali

 Harshad Chopra tipped to play lead in Ekta's next on Star Plus
Harshad Chopra snubs Balaji show?
Harshad excited about his first trip abroad!
Devarsh to play young Harshad in Tere Liye
Love-letters to Moms! 
Harshad Chopra and Sonam Mann, a couple?
Mann gaye Harshad ko
Best on-screen brothers Jodi on TV
Harshad Chopra is back with Tere Liye
There's a piece of Ekta in Tere Liye!
'I'm too small to define love' - Harshad Chopra
Ekta Kapoor's New Promise!
Harshad Chopra's First Love!
 "Aditi and I are not that attached to be together always"-Harshad Chopra

"Where Are My Female Fans?" Asks Harshad Chopda!
Harshad Chopda's True Confession
I am very much committed and engaged' but only to my work
Tere Liye inspired from Tere Naam
On the right side!
Meet the new jodi - Anuraag and Taani
STAR Plus presents 'Azaadi Live'
Tere Liye's Accommodative stars!!!
Tere Liye's Anuraag & Taani visit Delhi
My parents never wanted me to be an actor: Harshad Chopra

Stars on their favourite on-screen couple


Harshad Chopda To Return In 'Tere Liye' Soon


Harshad Chopra gets emotional..
Love in the city


One Thing that I want To change - Harshad Chopda (Anurag)

 Anurag's Answers
My Worst Trait
Harshad Chopra gets emotional..
Being Anurag Basu
Fans Demand Harshad-Additi Reunion
Tere Liye gets a grand opening
Hate love stories? Not really!!!

Delayed but not denied - Harshad and Anupriya

Harshad Chopra moved to tears after his act on Azaadi Live



STAR Plus presents 'Azaadi Live'

Tellybuzz Wish list for Nach Baliye 5

What TV actors do with the first pay cheque

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 9:41pm | IP Logged


 Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC


 Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC


Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC


 Akki-We Miss You


 The News Letter


Caption Contest Result


 A New Beginning


 Harsh is back


 Jab We Met


Rock On


Journey Continues


Iss Pal Ko Jee Le


The Only Prem In Our Life


 Come Join d B'day Caravan


 Proud Of U-Cheers To Harsh


 Rise To Stardom


 Master of our Hearts


 Summer Treat-White


 Monsoon Hungama


 A Walk Down Memory Lane


 Rains &Awards Season


 Live It Up




 In Appreciation


 Silver Jubilee Bash


 Smiles Galore- 1


Smiles Galore -2


 Simplicity And Humility


Hands To Die For


Its In Ur Eyes


 Cuteness Personified


You Are A Winner


Journey Of Prem -1 


 Prem's Love Journey

  # 35

Prem:The Journey Continues

 # 36

Thanking You


 Prem:The Journey Continue


 Tara Zameen Pe

  # 39

Telly Screen's Badshah


 Curtain Raiser


 Fan Interactive special


 True Colours


 Prem's New Avtar:Papa-1


 Prem's New Avtar:Papa-2


Winter Wonderland




 A New Beginning


 Sweet Memories


 Rock On


 Celebrations Galore


Missed You Harshad


  Welcome Back Harshad


 Tere Liye


 Monsoon Magic


 The name says it


 Jeet liya Dil

  # 57

An Ode to Anurag Ganguly


*Anuraaging Is Still On*


*you're mine* 


*King Of Angels* 


Eyes That Speaks






* This FC is like a second home for the fans and is dedicated to Harshad, so please treat it with love and care. 

 * Do not make requests for personal info of the star like email id's and contact numbers. Also his personal life is none of our concern and it shouldn't matter to us what  he do or who is with off screen. 

 Please don't spam the FC I hope we dont get to see posts which are frivolous and contribute to spam. No One Liners and Hi Byes' are allowed!  
* No abusive language
* Respect other members Point of View. If you don't agree with someone then agree to disagree, it's better than fighting . Still if you want to fight use PM service for that. 
* Sarcasm and hypocrisy will not be tolerated  
* We encourage open dialogue here. So, more the thoughts flowing, more the ideas evolving and more we learn from each other.  
*New Members are requested to introduce themselves, giving their names and telling existing members that what is it about Harshad that makes them a fan and how did they learn about the FC? 
* Members are requested to please check 5-6 previous pages of the FC before posting any new info or pictures so that the same info or pictures are not posted again and again, it will make the FC look messy.
*  Members are requested not to forgot that this fc belongs to harshad chopda anddiscussions are limited to his onscreen chemistry...
and by onscreen we mean watever he does on his shows...not wat he does on stage or while rehersing...or in sbs...
if any personal discussions are made...those are limited to him ONLY...not how he interacts with his co stars...
* This is Harshad's FC so if you are not a fan then don't bother joining just to make fun or bash. As a true Harshadian you must be aware that past is past and it will never come back but nonetheless the future will be better and more promising, so look forward to it with open minds and arms! 

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