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ARHI FF- Judayaian updated pg 18! (Page 2)

Jiwan08 Groupbie

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by NaDzGirl

tnx for da added part jiwan and i LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!
i love da way u'v described the movements of da characters and i think im fallin for ur ff...

pls pm me whenever u update it...

btw have u thought of a name for dis?!?!? 
Aww im glad you enjoyed it! Have just thought of a name.. Judayaian, dont know if you or others will like it, sounds pretty ominous lol
But it doesn't necessarily mean dooriyan only between Khushi and Arnav. Smile
Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Jiwan08 Groupbie

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aahana1

Hey ! that was really Nice...I loved the way u wrote it. Just Awesome, PM me when u update ur next Chapter. Smile
Thanks for liking and commenting, hope you enjoy the following parts too and will continue commenting! And will definately PM you when i update.

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FebruaryFlower IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 3:34pm | IP Logged
Hey Jiwan.
I've just read all the parts, and they're really great.
I'm looking forward to the update...Smile

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Aahana- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 3:43pm | IP Logged
Awesome Jiwan, I really liked that chapter ! And i cant wait to read ur next Chapters, C'mon update them fast Smile

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Leve IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 3:52pm | IP Logged
heyy Jiwan SmileSmile
i absolutely loveddd the first chapter!! EmbarrassedLOL
&& i liked the concept too Tongue 
plz continue soon! <3

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Jiwan08 Groupbie

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 7:58pm | IP Logged
Chapter 4
08:00- ASR Establishment

"Rahul, Lavanya! In my office. NOW!" Arnav barked into the intercom. Nani has already wasted enough of my time this morning, he thought pacing his cabin with a blue file in hand, and now those two are taking their sweet ass time to get here.


A chill ran down every spine in the office. The employees turned to stare at Rahul and Lavanya as they navigated their way through the desks to Arnav's cabin. Without meeting each other's eyes Rahul and Lavanya stepped through the door, closing it behind them.


"What is this Lavanya?" Arnav questioned with a snarl.


Lavanya looked up at the file he was holding. Oh no, she thought, that's the Sangria file! The colour drained from Lavanya's face as Arnav glared at her.


"LAVANYA!" screamed Arnav, shaking Lavanya out of her reverie and making Rahul jump. "I asked you a question!"


"Umm ASR," stammered Lavanya, her face turning a deep shade of magenta, "'s the Sangria file."


"Exactly!" exclaimed Arnav, as he threw the file onto the desk. "Would you like to remind me when our next meeting with Mr Sangria and his associates is?"


Lavanya looked down at her hands not knowing whether this was a rhetorical question, but decided to take her chances.


"It's tomorrow morning, sir." Lavanya replied quietly.


"Then WHY are the new designs not ready yet?" Arnav fumed.


"Sorry sir, I was just getting the file ready..." Lavanya started but Arnav cut her off before she could finish.


"REALLY! You were working on the file...while it's lying here in my cabin?"


Realising she had been caught out, she looked straight into Arnav's eyes and inhaled deeply. This is it, she thought, this is the end of my time here at ASR designs and ASR's life. Even though her family's acquaintance with the Raizada's went way back, she knew there was a limit to everything and Arnav wouldn't think twice before firing her.


"Now stop standing there staring at me, take the file and get to work. I want the finished product on my desk by four o'clock. Understood?!"


"Ye..yess ASR," stumbled Lavanya. Picking up the file she darted out the room. Once outside, she leaned against the wall and tried to calm herself down.


"Laa ma'am?" enquired Sim, walking up towards Lavanya, "You look like you've seen a ghost."


Hearing Sim's voice, Lavanya straightened up gave her threatening look and walked away with the file. Sim smirked as she watched Lavanya scurry towards her cabin.


Back in Arnav's Cabin


Rahul tentatively look up at Arnav waiting for his round of shrapnel, whilst Arnav paced the room behind his desk flipping through the second blue file. Rahul saw it was the accounts file for the Chopra project.


"Take a seat Rahul," Arnav said, seating himself behind his desk. Uncertainly Rahul sat down at the edge of one of the chairs. "The accounts file seems to be fine but I want you to look through the calculations once more, just to be on the safe side."


"Yes sir," replied Rahul, taking the file from Arnav's stretched out hand and stood up to leave.


"Have I asked you to leave yet?" questioned Arnav with annoyance.


" sir."


"So sit back down and let me finish." Rahul walked back to the office chair and perched himself upon it, waiting for Arnav to continue. "I need you to look after the office today and make sure Lavanya finishes the blue prints by four o'clock. I have a few meetings to attend to throughout the day and the Singhania one is at their office, so I won't be in the office from three to five. If anything comes up call me and let me know."


"Yes, sir."


"You may leave now, and remember keep them all working I hate slackers!"


"Yes, sir," said Rahul heading towards the door.

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Jiwan08 Groupbie

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Chapter 5
6 Months Later- Gupta Residence

"I can't believe this is actually happening!" squealed Khushi whilst emptying her wardrobe.


"I know right, it still feels kinda surreal." Payal replied, discretely removing a jacket from the open suitcase.


"Yeah... well it's better for you, at least your parents didn't bind you with a condition on marriage."


"Not marriage Khushi, engagement."


"Same thing, marriage won't be far down the road after the engagement takes place."


"Well think of it this way, you're going to meet your prince charming soon." Payal said, smiling ear to ear.


"Marriage is scary, woman! What if he's not how he appears, then what? What if he's family isn't nice, what if I can't stand him after marriage, what if he's a druggie on the side and I find out when it's too late? Also what if he doesn't want to move to Sydney with me?! I am not permanently moving to India for a random guy! Khushi exclaimed, now fidgeting with her dupatta.


"You stress to much yaar, it'll all work out. I will open a detective agency whilst we're there. We'll make sure we know everything about him, okay? Payal replied, trying to calm Khushi down and surreptitiously removing a pjami suit from the luggage. "By the way, why are you wearing a suit?"


"We're going to the Temple tonight, mum said we have to before we leave."


"HEY!" Khushi shouted, staring at Payal.


"What?" Payal questioned, staring at Khushi whilst holding another suit.


"What are you doing?" Khushi questioned with her hand on her hips.


"What do you mean?" Payal asked innocently.


"Oh don't do the innocent act with me. You're taking clothes out of the suitcase aren't you?"


"That's preposterous, why ever would I do such a thing?"


"You do realise you only speak in that tone when you're lying or hiding something."


"Fine...I was just taking out a couple of things that I know you're not going to need."


"How do you know I'm not going to need that suit you're holding? What if we go to the temple or a party whilst we're there?"


"First of all, you are not going to a uni party wearing a salwar suit. Secondly..."


"But..." Khushi blurted out.


"No, listen to me first," Payal cut her off, "secondly, you have already packed three other suits, not counting the two of taken out, and you're going to buy new one's when we get there. What's the point in carrying so much useless weight to India. You can just get new one's there. Seriously, take out two more and just take one."


"What?! Just one?"


"Yes, pack more tops and jeans. You're not wearing suits around campus."


"And why not?"

"Because as far as I know, you're not an aunty ji," Payal replied laughing.


"Khushi turned around, grabbed a pillow and threw it directly at Payal's laughing face. Looking up surprised, Payal started laughing hysterically after recovering from the initial shock. Grabbing the pillow, now lying on the floor, she threw it back at the now chuckling Khushi.


After a couple of minutes down the childish lane and a classic pillow fight, the two plonked down on the carpet.


"I'm exhausted," Khushi sighed, "all this packing is wearing me out."


"Well duh! It's bound to take its toll if you're emptying and packing your entire closet."


"Fine, I'll only take one suit, but you definitely have to go suit shopping with me when we get there."


"Of course, I want to buy some new trendy stuff too."


"Let's finish this off when we get back from the Temple tonight. I'm hungry, want a mango milkshake?"


"Yeah, I'm famished."




2 days later at Sydney International Airport


"Hurry up!" Payal shouted. "You literally take forever in the restroom, we're going to miss our flight!"


"No, we're not." Khushi replied looking down at her watch. "OH CRAP ON TOAST!! Haye Devi Maiya! We are going to miss it!" Khushi exclaimed running behind Payal, out the restrooms and towards the luggage check-in desk.


Their parents, Ansh and Payal's brother were waiting for them with her luggage.


"You should have checked in the luggage before running off to the restroom," Payal's mum said as Khushi and Payal approached them.


"Sorry aunty, really couldn't hold it any longer," Khushi replied.


"Well then hurry up and check in your luggage now," said Sashi.





"Make sure you keep your belongings with you, don't let anyone look after them for you and don't go to the bathroom at the airport in India. Payal's uncle will be waiting for you, keep his photo with you, don't talk to are going to girl' yourself...," Garima said as she feverishly waved at the leaving Khushi and Payal.


"As a girl? Sorry mum, really don't know how to change into a guy." Khushi laughed.


"Very smart. Hai Devi Mata [oh God], my mother and father never let me out of the house by myself," Garima continue muttering under her breath.


"Relax Garima," Shashi said waving at the disappearing forms of the two girls, "they'll be fine... they will be fine," he continued, trying to convince himself too.


"I'm so glad they're letting us go! This is going to be soo much fun!" exclaimed Khushi, buckling her seatbelt.


"I know!" squealed Payal, "shopping, shopping and more shopping! But to tell you the truth, I'm a little afraid right now."


"There's nothing to be scared of as long as I'm with you," Khushi said, winking at Payal.


"Yeah, right! More like the opposite. As long as you're with me, we have to watch out for twice the trouble," Payal replied, snickering.


"Hey! What am I a trouble magnet!" Khushi exclaimed, feigning anger. "Funny thing is," she continued now smiling, "The more precautious I am the more trouble I gets into."


"Bahhahahaha, that is so true," Jen replied, laughing.


"Hahaha, sooo funnay," said Khushi, rolling her eyes.


"I know right? I'm hilarious," replied Payal, without wasting a breath.


"Says no one other than yourself," Khushi muttered.




The plane trip really gave Khushi a chance to think about her situation, whilst Payal dozed off.

I don't know if I made the right decision or not. I know I'm going to get married at some stage but didn't I always hope it'd be love before marriage. Doesn't every girl want to fall in love with the perfect guy, have a couple of dates and just enjoy each other's company before finally taking the plunge. I know I can still have adventures with the guy after marriage but won't it be a little awkward, with our marriage hanging in the balance. What if I get sick of him after a while, what if I never truly love him, what if I meet the real love of my life after getting engaged to someone or worse after marrying him?


Such thoughts continued to plague Khushi's mind during the entire journey.

Ok, i think that's going to have to do for today, unless I get another chance to update. Tell me how it was!Embarrassed

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 10:17pm | IP Logged
woww!! this part is just greatt!!
i just love the relationship between payal and khushi Day Dreaming sisterly love is great Thumbs Up
and its gud to know khushi's thoughts at the end of the chapter EmbarrassedBig smile
great job ji! <3 and plz continue ji! <3Big smile

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