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FF-The Beautiful Stranger BOOK 1 (complete) (Page 5)

Deepi20 Goldie

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
Nice update! Awww...Abhay likes Piya already! Looking forward to the next update when they meet again! Continue soon Smile

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Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 12:50am | IP Logged
Woww yaar Awesome update.. So Piya's living a life of curse for helping a vampire..sounds intresting.. Eagerly waiting for Abhiya to meet.. Continue soon..thanx for d

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.SmokeySilence. Coolbie

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 4:24pm | IP Logged

Sorry for being late guyz... so many things to do and thanx for reading... Btw, I would like to mentions I'm taking it slower because I love to unfold the mystery slowly but don't worry there would be plenty of ABHIYA encounter please hit the like button if you like it...thanx Embarrassed Smile

Chapter 3 (Piya's Savior)

It's a beautiful morning in Dehradun. Abhay was once again in his 'mission find the magical well'. The density of the jungle doesn't really allow the shallow sunrays to enter their territory that much but it was enough for Abhay to find his way. This time he has to sneak from his own house to avoid Madhu. After hearing last night's jungle incident Madhu has forbidden him to go there. This time he was more curious about the place where he found Piya last night and he doesn't even know why!!

Deep inside the jungle, Piya was back but this time with a compass and map to find Haseena's cave. Last night her display of witchy power cost her two bags of human blood to stay healthy and alive hence next morning is no good to use her powers again so she was acting very human and using the map and compass to find Guruma's cave.

After 55 minutes of walking, crossing a creek she finally found the cave. She took a deep breath and entered it. Any normal human being would be shocked after entering the cave because it's huge and completely civilized for living and the best part is no ordinary human can enter this cave. The 300 years old and the most powerful witch of present time Haseena was sitting at her couch with a huge book and without looking from that she addressed, "Gayetri Piyali Pandher, finally you are here."

Piya with full respect and poise sat down on her knees in front of Haseena and took her hand and gently pressed it on both her eyelids and said, "Guruma."

Haseena stroked her head with kindness, "my child, I have missed you. How are you?"

Piya: "I have survived guruma, what else I can ask for?" suddenly she became numb with emotions.

Haseena: "Gayetri don't forget if you can pass another 3 months you will be the only witch in our history for being a successful survivor of such devillious punishment. You were very young at that time and after all you were trying to save your sister and I know how much you loved Maithli."

Piya: "Guruma, I am grateful to you for the courage and support you gave me. Last 75 years was like a never ending nightmare. For helping vampires I had to live with vampires for 75 years and abandon my people was bearable but I am stuck' I am stuck between the vampires and witches for ages. Even if I successfully pass another 3 months whom should I be with? The vampires have given me support and shelter. How would I leave them? And my own tribe will never accept me for drinking human blood, it's a shame for witches." Her eyes became moist.

Haseena: "All the non human clans have their own regulations and to stay in peace we have decided to stay away from each others way centuries ago. However we must cross paths time to time and our animosity arises. You are a unique witch and you are playing a pivotal role in peace making. You have shown great control of power my dear and if you can survive more three months, you will be the one of most powerful witch of all time, like myself and everyone will accept you."

Piya: (with utter disbelief), "what? Me? Like you? Powerful? I don't want any power Guruma, I want to live a normal life like a human. I loathe myself for being a half blood. "

Haseena: In a soothing voice said, "Gayetri' you are not half blood, this is just a curse. Vampires are immortals and we are very much mortal. Though we live longer enough compare to humans but still we can't live forever. They don't have a heart, you do. But being a human is impossible dear, until you lose your humanity you will always feel human."

Haseena gave a pause and looked at her face. She understood none of this assurance actually touched Piya. She sighed and thought, "What else I can say to console this poor child. No consolation would be enough for losing her family, identity and also 75 years of her life."

Piya understood Haseena's sympathy though she didn't utter a word. She looked at her graceful face and said, "I need your help about the stones'"

Haseena: "I know and I have got something for you." She handed an ancient book with brown leather cover to Piya. "It will help you but don't try to use all the spells in one day."

Piya: Once again totally surprised, "You know I was here last night, isn't it?"

Haseena: "Off course I do, I felt your power in the wind and I know you will be able to open the well. I can feel that. The book will help you. Three stones you already got and I'm certain that the last stone is in Dehradun."

Piya smiled for the first time said, "I don't know how to thank you. You always give me strength."

Haseena smiled back and said, "Now listen to me very carefully. Try to use your powers as less as possible within next three months. Don't let the stones out of your sight even for a moment and DON'T trust anyone. Another thing, you must not tell Chand about this book."

A confused and worried Piya looked at Haseena's face for a moment but didn't question her back and nodded silently.

Haseena: "It going to rain, you should leave now and don't worry. Remember my words."

"How long are you staying here?" Piya asked before leaving the place.

"For a while. I want some peace of mind. I will let you know when I leave and remember I am always here to help you", haseena replied.

After walking almost 15 minutes, it started raining. Piya ran fast for saving the book though main road is still far ahead. The rain became heavy and the jungle paths became muddy and slippery so Piya opened her leather jacket and wrapped the book carefully in it. She strongly clasped the book and ran even faster. She carefully crossed the creek as the road has become extremely slippery with heavy rainfall. But in spite of the cautiousness she slipped and the book fell down beside a ditch. She screamed at the top of her voice but saw fortunately the book is still wrapped in the leather jacket and it looks like a bundle now lying on the dirt. Piya carefully started to step down, it was only 5-6 feet below. As she was slipping once again, she threw her hand to catch something and suddenly a strong hand came to her aid.

With the heavy rainfall her hands were slipping away so the pair of strong hands pulled her strongly and she landed directly on a masculine body. For the first time she looked at her savior. His forehead is covered with wet hair and water falling on his beautiful fair skin but what never could be missed was the pair of piercing blue eyes. Although rain was pouring all over their faces but she realized she never saw such beautiful pair of eyes in her entire life. His one hand still was clutching hers' and another holding her waist firmly to prevent her from falling. She suddenly felt tiny but safe withing his arms.

And the owner of the blue eyes spoke, "are you ok?"

Piya who was mesmerized in his eyes came to her senses and quickly freed herself from him. "yea.. yes'" Her attention was back on her jacket. The sound of rain was so loud that they literally have to shout at each other. Abhay was looking at the sleeping beauty this time completely awake and her face saying she is extremely worried about something. Her long hair brushing up her face, bare arms and sleeveless tshirt and she was constantly looking for something. Abhay wondered what the hell she is doing here AGAIN!!!

"Is anything lost? Are you alright?"

"My jacket is down there, I need to get down there."

"Take it later; it's not safe to be here right now."

"NO. I have to take it right now. It's very important." Piya replied sternly.

"Listen you can't get down there right now. Let me help you get out of this jungle. You can take the jacket later."

These words made Piya furious. A stranger is trying to help her find way in the jungle.. HERE?? She knows this jungle for thrice of his age probably.


Abhay was shocked to see the beautiful eyes turning ice cold all of a sudden. And before he could speak any further she started to get down near the ditch and within moment she slipped, rolled down and fell down beside the ditch.

"SHIT" Abhay went down there very carefully where Piya has landed. She managed to stand up somehow but the pain was evident on her face and when Abhay bent down to take her jacket she yelled, " DON'T TOUCH IT'. DON'T."

Abhay thought she must be crazy!! It's just a jacket for crying out loud!! But piya slowly walked and took the book still wrapped under the jacket very carefully clutch it her chest as Abhay is gonna snatch it from her.

With extream disbelief, Abhay looked at her for a moment and asked, "I know this jungle has a hell lot of secrets but never heard of hidden treasure!!"

"What are you taking about?"

"You seem to find some treasure isn't it? Otherwise only a fool will come down here to get a jacket. Just look at the place. Thanks god the rain slowed down."

"That's none of your business. I can take care of myself"

"Exactly and it I guess misbehaving with someone who actually tried to help you is also your business."

Piya glared at him as Abhay started to walk up the sloppy road. Piya half covered in mud, completely drenched and clutching her precious book tried to go up and failed and then Abhay offered her his hand. She silently refused it by trying a few more times but failed and suddenly Abhay took her hand and pulled her over and then without saying a word he walked away.

Dobriyal House:

Abhay just got out of shower and was still angry at himself. "God, beautiful things can be so decisive!! She was sooo rude and her eyes were like an angry cats'... she's crazy.. what the hell she was hiding inside that jacket!!! And WHY THE HELL I'm thinking about her!!"

Raichand Mansion:

A surprised Chand saw Piya entering the house, covering with mud and dirt and completely soaked, "What happened Piya?"

"Rain caught me Dad; I was stuck in the jungle. Talk to you later' I need a shower and I am already late for going to college. I have to meet the professor today who's gonna supervise my research on Dehradun" and Piya ran to her room.

Within 1 hour Piya reached Mount College and looked at the watch, "Next I have to go to Dobriyal House and she tried to throw out the pair of eyes which are bothering her from last 1 hour!! And WHY THE HELL I'm thinking about him!!"

Precap: Encounter number 3- Piya is shocked to see her project supervisor and agreed to go for a coffee with Abhay... 

In next chapter Piya will came to know that Abhay can play an important role in her mission and Abhay will be assured Piya isn't normal at all !!!

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Deepi20 Goldie

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 9:40pm | IP Logged
Awesome update! Loved the Abhay-Piya scene! So let me guess, is the Project Supervisor Abhay by chance? Precap sounds interesting! Looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile

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shakthi04 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 10:59pm | IP Logged
Wonderful! Role reversal? super cool thanks for the PM 

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Selinapiya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
Wow...and thanks for the PM...
Abhiya's first meeting was amazing...
Great...update soon..ClapClapClap
SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2011 at 7:13am | IP Logged
Hey beautiful update.I loved it.So frinally Pia met Abhay whn she was concious not bad.Thnx 4 PMSmile

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Pari-Gupta IF-Dazzler

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Nice update
Continue soon
Please add me to ur PM list

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