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Pt 21: PG 01
Khurana Family album: PG 10
Pt 22: PG 11
Pt 23: PG 21
Pt 24: PG 32
Pt 25: PG 49
Pt 26: PG 60
Pt 27: PG 67
Pt 28: PG 72
Pt 29: PG 77
Pt 30: PG 85
Epilogue PG 85

EGO...responsible for all the missunderstandings between Mr. and Mrs. Khuranaa...they didn't have a love marriage but they are destied to be together...but they are Maan and Geet...they will try to challenge the watch is their love or ego stronger...

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sonali_22 Goldie

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 5:20am | IP Logged

Part 21

The first sunray was falling on her face and there was this irrestitable smile on her face'she was cuddled up to him'hugging him tightly...with the feel never let him go'

Whaaat? OMG Geet  what have you done'she opened her eyes and looked at Maan'who was sleepin peacefully'

S**t'we have signed our divorce papers'he will think that it was a mistake'he doesn't love me'no Geet he musn't know that you feel more'you should tell him first that it was a mistake'she rushed to the washroom'and splashed cold water on her face'

Meanwhile Maan was also awake'he remembered last night and felt a hapiness inside him'

Last night?what has he done'MSK has lost his contorl'and that to with Geet'what would she think about him now'? it was a mistake'she'll defnitly think that'so he should also pretend that it was a mistake...showing her his real feelings'that's impossible'

Geet was coming out looking at Maan'she smiled nervously'

Geet (st): ok now

Maan (st): ok now

Geet&Maan: sorry it was a mistake'

Both felt the pain in their hearts as they hears the other say the same'why were they feeling so bad?

Maan: hm. it was just s**'nothing more'I mean we are both matured and we don't have justify anything'

Geet trys to hid her tears'her heart was ripping apart'but admitting her true feelings'never

Geet: you are absolutly right'I mean it was just a mere attraction'how you said just a big mistake'we should just forget that this happened'

Maan was shattered'forget what happened'how could he forget the most beautiful night in his life'but it was for their best'

Maan: ok we should leave now'we are getting late'

Geet: hm'

Maan and Geet thanked the man for his help'as they were ready to leave Geets mom called them and told her that the pandit has arrived'that they could come back'so they drove back'

The wedding arrangements were going on'The rest of the Khuranaas also arrived there'They were having a great time'Geets family was happy to see that Geet was married in such sweet family'none of them were aware of the storm that was to come'only Maan and Geet were always lost in their thoughts'they put on their fake smiles and pretended to enjoy' Maan was passing by a room when he heard darji say: I am trying to buy it Raichandji'but the owner doesn't agree to sell his land'pls you can't stopi the wedding'our daughters life will be ruined and our reputation will be ruined...Maan didn't want to interfear but he couldn't see darji begging in front of anyone'

Mr Raichand: oyu have time till to the wedding or else we will stop the wedding'if you aren't able to do it'ask the great MSK'the only good thing that happened to your disobedient daughter'I am still wondering how a man llike Mr. Khuranaa fall in her trap'

Mohinder yelled: Mr. Raichand'

But Darji stopped him: chpkar'

Mohindar: but Geet'

Darji: its about Pinkys life'

Maan blood was boiling'he called his P.A and it tool him just a phone call and the lands belonged to him now'his P.A mailed him the papers'Maan went to Geet and dragged her with him'Geet looked at him shocked'but she didn't ask him anything'

Maan entered the room'Darji and Mohinder were shocked'

Darji: kya hua beta'is there any problem'

Maan calmly: Geet give these papers to Mr. Raichand'
Geet took it and gave it to him'

Not even once Geet asked him what was going on that was really unsusal for our Geet'but she knows whatever he did it will be right'

Maan: Mr. Raichand my wife gave you the papers of the land you wanted'she's the owner of those lands and its her wedding gift for her sister'and one more thing Mr. Raichand don't you dare to speak like that about her'don't forget she's Maan Singh Khuranaa'I didn't gave you those lands because we are scared that you will stop this marriage'you know that this marriage will take place with or without you'but I can't see my wife sad'and she will be sad if her family suffers'and this is about my salis life'

And next you talk to an elder person than I expect more respect'I hope you understand'

Everyone was dumbfounded'and Geet was more than shocked'but tears of hapiness were flowing down'she always fought for her selfrespect on her own'but for the first here he was her husband'defending her honor'

Maan just left the place taking Geet with him'He was still furious'he can't bear it if anyone talk about her ill'

Geet stopped Maan: Maan please chant hojaye'Raichand was always like that'he isn't a bad person'he just doesn't like me'and whatever he said about me Maan maybe its true Maan'

Maan cupped her face: no whatever he said was not right Geet'look you are a selfless person with a kind heart'the others should be glad that they can be with you'so don't belive all the nonsense'

He wiped her tears'

Geet: thanks'thanks for everything'you saved Pinky wedding'I don't how I am going to repay you ever'

Maan: it was my duty Geet'after all its my salis wedding'now go and enjoy you sisters wedding'challo'

Geet nodded her head'.and left but never giving him a sweet smile'

The wedding took place'everyone was happy'just Maaneet had strange feelings'The Handas thanked Maan for his help'but he told him that if they thought him as a part of the family they won't thank him'

Rano came to Geet: I was always worried about you'but now I know he wil take care of you'you are so lucky Geet'

Geet (st) nahi I am unlucky ma'I don't have luck to live my life with this wonderful man'

Pinky left to her sasural and the Khuranaas left to Delhi'


The day for the their separation was coming nearer' Geet saw the diaries again and she remembered that she has to clarify something'

She went to Arjun uncles room'he was Muskaan ma's best friend'he would tell her more'

Geet: uncle main apse kuch bath karni hai'

Uncle: tell me beta'

Geet: uncle I found Muskaan ma's diaries'

Uncle was silent':

Geet: I know everything uncle'but only one thing I can't understand where is Maans father? I mean I know ma has forgiven him'but why did he leave then'

Mentioning Rahul made him angry': he was the reason for her death'he was for all her sufferings who cares where he is'its good for him to stay away from our family'befor he destroys the life of the children too'

Geet was shocked'she has never seen him so angry'

Geet: uncle ji'what happened?

Uncle: Rahul was the luckiest person on earth'because Muskaan loved him and only him'she was the sunshine of our family'but Rahul destroyed everything'he was the reason for tears'she has heart of gold that's why she forgave him'

Geet noticed the glow in his eyes when he was talking about her: loved her'didn't you'?

Arjun was speachless':how'I mean what nonsense'

Geet: no'I am sure you loved her'and she's the reason that you never married anyone right?

Arjun: Geet don't imagine things'she was my best friend'

Geet: uncle look in to my eyes and meri kasam did you love her or not'

Arjun cried: han I loved her'she was my life...

Geet: but why didn't you tell anyone'

Arjuny lauhed sadly: Geet we were friends since our childhood'best friends'she was my hapiness'she shared everything with me'and I missunderstood her friendship as love'after Rahul came back they fixed their wedding'I thought that they forced her but the truth was that she loved him'I acceptet because I know she will be happy'but he destroyed her life'he betrayed her and as a symobil of his betrayel he brought Vicky to his house'She was shattered'her smiling face was only crying'I couldn't bear to see her like that'I wanted to kill him but that wouldn't make her happy'she accepted Vicky'that was Muskaan...i wanted to be there for her'that was the only thing I could do'she was never happy again'and then her tumour'I didn't know why god punished her'what has she done to deserve all this'but I couldn't forgive him and Maan didn't either'we throw him out of the house

Geet: what..wait Maan knew it'

Uncle: of course..he read her diaries too'he was always shared a stronger bonding with his mother'and the fact that he was the reason for his mothers sorrows made him angry'that's why he throw him our of the house'our mother didn't interfear because he was also the reason for the death of our father'he was the reason that the hapiness left our home'Maan took care of everything after his father left'I couldn't'I miss her so much'

Geet: uncle but he's their father your brother and the son of this house'and Ma has forgiven him'

She has loved him uncleji'he regretted what he has done'don't you think he deserves a chance'

Uncle ji shouted: no Geet' he doesn't'he destroyed her life'I can't be forgiven...he started coughing'Geet panicked'she gave water to him'

Geet: sorry uncle'I didn't mean to upset you'

Uncle smiled sadly: Geet you are exactly like her'forgiving and forgetting'the fisrt time I saw you I thought I was seeing her'the way you take care of everything and loving the family I know why my mother chose you for her'Geet but its not easy to forgive someone who hurts your loved ones'I never felt guitly for loving her'but I feel guilty for letting her suffer'that I couldn't do anything'

Then she heard something fall over'

Geet went out and saw Vicky'she was shocked'oh god di he hear anything'Geet ran behind him'but he left'oh god what is he going to do?



Maaneet fight'



Geet leaving


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Congratz on the new thread
Lovely update::
Poor maaneet called it a mistake and broke each others heart
Grrr hate that rahul don't want him bak even though he is maans dad
Oh no how is vicky gunna react to this
Promo's sound scary,,,maaneet fight Oooh don't want geet to leave
Cont soon Xx...

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nice continue soon
abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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hey would u update daily or not plz reply to this post
Downhill IF-Addictz

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congrats on new thread...and super duper update
sonali_22 Goldie

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sorry i am really busy and i find hardly time to update...but will try to update more often but can't promise anything...really sorry

Originally posted by abinash079

hey would u update daily or not plz reply to this post
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awesome update
n congrats 4 new thread

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