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MG SS:Blind Date Or is It Destiny|Pt6-Pg56-16/7|

craziekudi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 June 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged

Hello friends...

Another SS from me:

Maan was in a video conference with his US counter parts and suddenly sees the phone rings
He looked at the phone ringing continously... he ignored it twice...checks the time it shows 6 pm...
the phone is still its ringing.. he looks and sees name Sujal...ignores and not pic up the phone...
Maan finishes the video conference and opens his laptop and

suddenly his office phone starts ringing... and after some time goes to voice mail... and suddenly guy speaks up.. oye kamine... i know u are there...

but u wont pick up my phone rt..see maan u have to come... the girl will be witing for u at cafe italia at 7.30 pm... u said u will come rt...

Suddenly, a female voice says... Maan please she is my friend... dont make her wait... she is a nice girl..

Maan picks up the phone and says... kashish didnt i tell u not to experiment ur match making techniques on me.. and tell that stupid hubby of urs too

the first time was more than enough...

Kashish.. oye maan please woh meri mistake thi... isbaar sach main achi ladki hai.. please meet her.. she is new to Delhi too...

Maan: tum dono ki shaadi karvana hi nahi chahiye tha... ab mere peeche pade ho.. i am happy for u both..please dont interefere in my love life!!!

Kashish:  love life and u phew!!! dekho maan... sujal and I were u friends from college.. we know u better than anyone... u just have us as ur friends... and we were in a very

bad state and ur interference made us forego our ego and get back together... we owe our life to you.

Maa: chup... tum dono ...aur no thanks... u are not not just my friends.. u are my only family... remember that...

Sujal: acha family hoon na.. tho ek kaam kar mil le.. usse...

Maan: blackmail mat kar Sujal... tu mujhese pitega...acha mill loonga.. bol uska naam kya hai...

kashish interferes... Geet...

Maan: Geet... k... how do she look?

Kashish: sundar hai.. itna hi bolungi.. reception pe poochna... humne tum dono keliye table book ki hai..
aur agar yeh chal gaya i will be so happy for you...and Maan please nikalo office se.. ghar jaake kapde badlo...ok.. and we luv you..

Sujal... yaar raat ko phone karunga...


Flash back story


Maan and Sujal doesnt have anyone other than those two.. they are the best buddies since college...

Maan and Sujal has started this company 5 years back after they completed their MBA.. Kashish was also with them as a scholar ship student who studies HR and is working in a different company. Sujal was in love with kashish when they graduated but kashish's parents tried to marry her off and sujal had called her to come with him and she has neglected and thus all the ego clash which resulted in so much unhappiness and Kashish left the house wa staying with some of her frinds ..

Maan seeing sujal's condition brought them back together after 4 them amrried and even did the kanyadaan as Kashsih;s brother... Now they are very much annoying happiuly married and is expecting a baby in 6 months...

Maan and Sujal wanted kashsih to work with them but she declined saying that if she comes there she wil not eb able to work...or sujal will always be flirting with her...

They stay in neaby houses so three of them are together ine either houses... the main reason being Kashish considers Maan as her brother and loves him and doesnt want him to lead a lonely life... and she always tries to match some girl of her aquaintance with Maan which is irritating..

Maan knows girls love his status but cant bear his behavoiur...He wants some one who can stand upto him.. like kashish does to sujal...

Sujal who was a workalohic once now leaves th office before the employees leaves and Maan has to do extra work...He is just tensed abut the pregnancy and aother stuff...


Maan smiles thinking how his friends are..Maan closes his laptop.. and comes out of his office seeing raining..runs to his car and since his shirt is drenched, he thinks of going home and changing before the Blind date..


Geet is trying to call Kashish and her fone is ringing but she isnt picking up... Geet gets tensed about this blind date and alll.. coz its first time she is

Geet and Kashish works in the same company and are good friends... kashsih is just a chatterbox like geet and they hit off suddenly. geet is alone in delhi and staying in a church's women's hostel.
Geet is from hoshiapur and is a full on punjabi...

 Geet is good friends with kashish and also has met her hubby too. When kashish came with this blind date she had said no then and there and so many appeals , she said yes... milne me ky jaatha hai also..since Kashish has told her that Maan ( the guy she was gonna meet) was hers and her hubby's best friend...she was not tensed...

But she is tensed...gonna meet a guy she hasnt even seen.

Geet keeps looking at the phone and calls.. her again... suddelny kashish takes the call... Geet soory sorry.. main phone pe thi.. sujal ke and she giggles..

Geet: tu bol na.. kahan jaana tha.. main bhool gayi...

Kashsih: tesnion mat le... cafe me if there is any issue..

Geet dresses up in a sleeveless white kuti and long skirt (which is her fav dress) and put on mild lipstick... and goes out and suddenly it starts

raining...babaji aap bhi na.. ab main kya karungi... mere paas chatra bhi nahi hai... she runs to the bus stand and waist for an auto...

She sees a auto coming and she comes out to wave and suddenly a car overtakes athe auto and ...splashhh

all the water on to her face and dress...she is drenched completely...

she screams... oye gaadi stop kar.. stop kar... and he stops... and gets out..

geet in so much anger... yeh aapne kya kar diya... mere upar saara paani gira diya.. how dare u.. u hypocrite.. dekhe gaadi nahi chal sakthe... u stupid

man.. mera kya hoga ab..

Man: hello... see lady u shouldnt have come in front of my car...

Geet: oye akadu... zyaada attitude mat dikha mujhe... main appke gaadi ke saamne nahi aayi thi... aapne yeh sab kiya...

Man: excuse me... do u know whom u are talking to...

Geet: nahi aur jannna bhi nahi hai...

Man ( controlling his anger) :ok.. shall i drop u some where...

Geet: why??? mujhe nahi dekhna aapka akadapan... hey babaji kaise kaise aadmi banathe ho aap..

Man: ok then i am leaving

Geet: ok i will come with you can u drop me near St jains church...

Man: sure.. please madam get in...

Man drives the car in pin drop silence... and geet will be bored so she tries to open the car windows .. and suddenly he says.. No.. i dont like my car

getting wet...

Geet: imitates maan in a low voice

Maan looks at her in awe...

Geet says.. oye ruk.. mera ghar aa gaya...

Maan looks outside and says... leking yeh to koi road hai.. aapka ghar kahan hai..

Geet: kyun??? main chali jaaungi..

Maan: chale jaate mere gaadi main kyun aayi...

Geet: kyunki aapne mera din kharab kiya
meri dress kharab ki.. aapko nahi pata yeh mera sabse fav dress thi.. stupid..
aur aapne lift offer ki thi..
aur main aise waise ladki nahi hoon jo kisi ke bhi gaadi main bait jaathi hoon ok..

She gets out of the car and runs to the opposite side of the road..

Maan drives off to his home and changes his dress and looks at the time .. its 7.15 pm.. oh God ab main time pe nahi pahunchega...

meanwhile Geet gets inside her her room.. and looks at her dress.. goes off to wash it first not bothering about the time and gets ready in a kurti and jeans with a stoll and changes her earings and checks the time and it is 7.45 pm...


Maan is still in a traffic cursing geet and sujal and kashish.. and every other car.. and his fone rings...

Kashish I didnt reach...

kashish: what? maan u are already 15 min late...

Maan:i m stuck in traffic.. i will call u later...

Kashish calls Geet and geet doesnt pic up the phone.. after some rings... she picks up the phone and says.. yar sorry main late ho gayi.. raste main ek chotio si accident ho gayi.. i had to go home and change..

kashish: are u ok?

Geet : yes i am..ok i have reached.. i will call u later...

Geet goes inside the restaurent and says.. table booked by Mr and Mrs Garewal...

the butler shows the table and she sits there...

Maan is still in traffic.. coz some tree fell due to rain and he is stuck...

the time goes off and its 8.30 pm.. Geet gets up to leave sees her fone is dead.. and leves the place and she has to get into her hoster before 9 pm...


Geet leaves the restaurent and goes to the butler and asks to tell Maan that she has left...

Maan just comes in to know to she has left.. feels bad that she was kept waiting and suddenly thought what excuse to tell kashish...

he gets a call and comes out talking on phone and bumps with someone...

she slips and Maan catches her... looks at her all shining in her new get up and keeps looking at her... geet looks at the same man whom she fought with and keeps looking at his casual look.. mesmerised...

suddenly both come out of their senses...

Maan: u? are u always accident prone...

Geet: pouts: yes just in front of you!


Will they meet?
are they destined to meet each other.?

and please please please.. comment  if u like it!!

and dont forget to like my post!!

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res ... deepu will read later yaar ...

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Anita1118 IF-Dazzler

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very nice post!!!!! loved it!

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amreenshameem Goldie

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AwoSome one
Do update soon

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interesting .can u plz pm me the next part .love to read .

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euphoric IF-Rockerz

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Deepu... u r getting me confused... ok i love Sujal more... but right now my choices r hazy and i don't know whom to pickConfusedLOL

Babaji... aapke paas bhi choice hai... mujhe dono main se koi bhi chalegaTongueLOLLOLLOL
Maan and Blind DateShocked... bechari ladki... but wait the girl is Geet so bechara MaanLOL
really a nice concept...
Geet's last line of being accident prone only in front of him was hilariousLOLLOLLOL sure y not?WinkLOLLOL 
And Sujal Kashish setting Maan for a date... great! wht r best friends for after allEmbarrassed 
Loved it DeepuClapClapClap 
thanks for the lovely pieceEmbarrassed

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Posted: 18 June 2011 at 12:44pm | IP Logged it..cont soon..plz pm me..

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...Mallu... IF-Rockerz

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niceTonguew8ng 4 next...Embarrassed

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