Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Chai'sTeahouse2: 22/4 New Chpt p116 (Page 112)

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thanks for the awesome update ...Clap
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I'm back with another update Big smile

Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.

Mission 49: Mischief


The school bell rang loudly announcing the end of the day.  A swarm of children exited the classrooms with their book bags and made their way to the covered walk-way in front of the school to wait for their rides to come pick them up.  There were some who walked towards the gym to be checked into the after school program.  Arun, Ryan, and Jimmy ran towards the blacktop and started to play a game of Horse.  They had gotten a hold of a basketball from one of the older students a few grades above them.  He agreed to lend it to them for a few days.  As the boys played their game they would periodically glance over to one of the main sidewalks that ran between the elementary school building and the gym to see if Brian would appear.  They knew he stayed a few minutes behind in the classroom to help the teacher clean the dry eraser board before he would go to the after school program.  Brian would have to walk past the blacktop on his way to the gym.


"Arun," Ryan whispered.  "He's over there," motioning with his eyes. 


"He saw us," Arun replied back.


"Let's great ready," Jimmy said. 


The three boys secretly smirked when they saw Brian walking towards them.  They knew in order for their plan to work they couldn't let him know that they were trying to set him up.  They continued playing their game of Horse and pretended that they had not see Brian walking towards the blacktop.  "What are you guys doing?" Brian inquired when he was close enough to be heard.


"Playing Horse," Arun simply replied.


"Did you guys sign in at the gym?  How did you get the ball?"


"Why do you ask so many questions?" Arun asked as he held the ball in his hands.  "Why does it matter?"


"Because no one is suppose to be playing here without a teacher or counselor watching.  And I know you don't own a basketball.  So where did you get it?  The only balls are in the gym and you have to sign into the after school program to get one."


"Well, maybe I have a basketball and you never knew about it," Arun answered.


"I know you don't," Brian stated firmly.


"You don't know everything."


"Hey, where do you think you are going?" Jimmy asked as he saw Brian turn away.


"You're going to go find a teacher, aren't you?" Ryan guessed.  "Why do you always have to do that?"


"Because it is the right thing to do," Brian replied.  "You shouldn't be out here by yourself."


"We're not by ourselves.  I'm here with Jimmy and Ryan," Arun smartly stated.


"Don't you ever get tired of telling on people?  All you do is tell on people.  No wonder you don't have any friends," Jimmy laughed.


"Teacher's Pet.  That is what he is," Ryan joked.


"Teacher's Pet!  Teacher's Pet!  Teacher's Pet!" the boys mocked.


Brian narrowed his eyes and gave a firm frown.  "I am not!  You take that back!"


"No," Arun answered.  "You don't have any friends because you don't know how to be one.  You are always telling on people and doing things to make the rest of us in class look bad."


"That's right," Ryan agreed nodding his head.


"And when you do something bad you blame it on one of us," Jimmy accused.  "And the teachers believe you because you just follow them around doing things for them.  Yes, Mrs. Brown I put all the toys away.  Yes, Mrs. Brown I cleaned my desk.  Yes, Mrs. Brown I'll help you clean the dry eraser board."


"Shut up," Brian pouted.


"We are going to play on this blacktop with this ball that someone let me borrow and you can just go away," Arun said.


"Nobody let you borrow that ball.  You guys obviously stole it from someone," Brian replied.


"We don't steal," Ryan angrily stated.


"Yes, you do.  I bet your father steal things too," Brian taunted.


"You take that back!"


"No," Brian curtly replied.


"Take it back right now," Jimmy warned.  "We don't steal things and our Dad's don't either."  The three boys started to march steadily towards Brian making him move uneasily backwards in regret for saying what he said.  "Take it back!"


"Oh My God Arun!"  The boys briefly paused and looked towards their left to see two girls standing on the blacktop with them.  "What do you think you are doing?  You know how much trouble you're going to be in if you get into a fight?"


Arun rolled his eyes and sighed at the intrusion.  "Go away Runjhun this is none of your business."


"You were about to beat Brian up.  You can't do that," Runjhun said with a disapproving tone.


"And why does that matter to you?  You're in first grade this is second grade business," Jimmy stated.  He then started to smirk and added, "Do you like Brian or something?"




"Oh hey Brian has a girlfriend," Ryan exclaimed.


"No-that's not..."


"Well, you seem pretty upset," Jimmy replied cutting Runjhun off.


"I'm not."


"Are too."


"I'm not!"


"Are too!"


"Why did you have to butt in?" Brian asked looking at Runjhun.  He was irritated that she had made matters worse for him.


"I was only trying to help you.  They were about to beat you," she replied.


"I don't need your help okay?  Mind your own business."


"Oh look at that, they are fighting...boyfriend and girlfriend are fighting," Jimmy laughed.


"Shut up!" Runjhun yelled.


"Wow, you and Brian?" Arun said with a pondering face.


"Shut up Arun!"


"What did I do?" he replied with annoyance.  "You're the one who came here.  I didn't do anything."


"You were going to fight Brian."


"No I wasn't.  And if I was what did you think you could do?  You're a girl and so a peanut..." Arun said.  He then started to giggle at his own joke proud at what he came up with.  "Peanut...hehe...Runjhun is a peanut."


"No I am not!  Mama says I'll grow tall soon...I drink my milk," Runjhun defended.


"I drink milk too and I'm tall," Arun replied.  "Why are you still so short?"


Runjhun was about to reply back when she suddenly fell onto the ground.  Brian had gotten rather worked up at Jimmy and Ryan who were teasing him mercilessly about being a teacher's pet and having Runjhun being his girlfriend that he attempted to charge after them to make them stop.  Unfortunately, Brian tripped over his own feet and landed right on top of Runjhun.


Arun couldn't help but start laughing at what had happened to them.  Jimmy and Ryan were in tears as they continued to make fun of the situation.  "Did you see his face?" Ryan inquired as he mimicked the look that Brian gave when he came tumbling down onto of Runjhun.  "Hahahaha..."


"He really likes you Runjhun," Jimmy laughed holding his stomach.  "He fell for you!"


"I'm going to tell the teacher!" Runjhun shouted as she got up from the blacktop.  She was seething with anger.  "I hate you Arun Juneja!"


Arun furrowed his eyebrows in disbelief.  He didn't make Brian fall on top of her so why was she so angry at him?  "I hate you too Runjhun Peanut Rajput!"


"Stop calling me Peanut!"


"Peanut!  Peanut!  Peanut!" Arun shouted with glee.


In search for his older brother, Arhan exited from the back of the elementary building onto the walkway that lead to the playground.  He saw one of his classmates run right past him in a hurry to go somewhere.  "Hey Sharon where are you going?  Have you seen Runjhun?"  She ignored his words and kept running making him frown.  His eyes widen when he looked up over towards the blacktop and saw the commotion that was going on.  His brother was there along with his friends and a kid from his class and Runjhun.  He could tell that something bad must have happened.  That was why Sharon one of Runjhun's friends was running back into the building.  She was most likely going to get a teacher.  Arhan had been looking for his brother to tell him that Runjhun would be riding home with them today.   Runjhun had informed him in the morning and he was suppose to tell his brother at lunch but he had forgotten.  When the last bell had rang he went to his brother's classroom to tell him the news however, his brother was nowhere to be seen.  He and Runjhun decided to split up and go find him and tell him of the arrangement.

Arhan sighed inwardly and muttered, "Oh boy.  Mama and Papa are going to be upset."


Anxious and alarmed, Meher quickly walked down the hallway towards the main office of the school.  The principal had called her requesting an urgent meeting.  She didn't know what it was about.  She had to excuse herself from a late afternoon conference call to drive down to the school.  It was this conference call that had caused her to ask Heer if she could pick up Runjhun from school as well.  Heer agreed without any hesitation but informed her that today her father-in-law would be picking the kids up from school.  Meher had no issues with that. 


As she opened the front door of the office, she wondered if some mishap had happened because of her request to her friend.  Did Runjhun forget to go with Arun and Arhan?   Meher's eyes immediately fall upon Arhan sitting in one of the lobby chairs reading a story book.  "Arhan?" she gently called.


"Meher Aunty," he greeted warmly.


"What are you doing here?" she inquired as she knelt down.  "Why are you here all alone?"  Her heart was beating out of control as a wave of worry washed over her.  What was going on?  Where was Arun?  Where was Runjhun?  Where was Kiran Uncle?


"I'm not alone," Arhan replied.


Meher lifted her head when she heard footsteps nearing them.  It was the secretary.  "Here you go juice."


"Thank you Mrs. Harris," Arhan replied as he thankfully took the box of apple juice from her hand.  He happily started to sip on the straw drinking his cold beverage.


Meher politely smiled and then spoke, "I'm Mrs. Rajput.  Mr. Grant had called me for a meeting."


"Oh yes Mrs. Rajput.  Don't worry Runjhun is in the Vice Principal's office...Mrs. Perez...with the rest of the children," Mrs. Harris replied.  "You may go---," stopping in mid sentence as she watched the front door open, "Mr. and Mrs. Juneja."


Meher turned around and saw the shock faces of her friends staring back at her.  She knew how worried they must be feeling.  "Meher?" Prem softly uttered.  She simply shrugged her shoulders telling him she was just as confused about what was going on as they were. 


Heer quickly spotted Arhan sitting in the chair drinking his juice box and walked towards him, "Arhan?"


"Hi Mama," he smiled brightly.


Heer knelt down and took a little Ziploc bag filled with goldfish cheese crackers and handed them to her son.  "Here you go beta.  You be good and sit here while Mama and Papa go talk to the Principal."


"Okay," he replied in a happy tone and began opening the bag.


"Where did you get the juice box from?"


"From Mrs. Harris," Arhan replied and then shoved a cheese cracker into his mouth.


Heer looked up to meet Mrs. Harris's warm gaze.  "We keep a few in the back break room for the kids when they have to wait.  Well, I think we almost have everyone.  The Jeffersons are the only ones not here yet.  The other two families just arrived a few minutes ago.  They are with Mr. Grant."


"The other two families?" Heer repeated.


"Oh, looks like the Jeffersons are here now," Mrs. Harris announced as the front door of the office opened once more.  Prem, Heer, and Meher just stared at each other wondering what exactly was going on and why there were so many people involved.  "You may all go into Mr.Grant's office.  He's expecting you all," Mrs. Harris stated.  The parents nodded their heads and began walking towards the office.  


Prem sighed as he slid underneath the covers.  His eyes blinked sleepily and he yawned loudly ready for a good night's rest.  He stretched his arms above his head and let his body loosen.  He closed his eyes but he could hear his wife walking about the room putting things away as she got ready for bed.  Just as he was about to doze off he heard his wife whisper, "Prem are you sleeping?"


"Yes," he mumbled and turned to his side facing away from her.


"How can you be sleeping?"


"It's night time...that's when people normally sleep," he replied.


"Prem," Heer said placing her hand on his shoulder.  "Don't you want to talk about what happened today?  About Arun?"


He crackled one eye open and sighed to himself.  He knew his wife would be worried and would want to talk but he fooled himself into thinking if he went to bed first she wouldn't want to stir him from his sleep to discuss things.  After all these years of marriage he knew better and so he berated himself for having such wishful thoughts.  Prem turned over and looked at his wife who was sitting with her back against the headboard, "Yes Pumpkin?" he greeted.


"Well, aren't you worried about Arun?"


"He's an eight year old boy.  He's going to get into mischief."


"The principal called him into the office.  We had to go to the office," Heer replied stressing the seriousness in the matter.


Prem propped himself up and took her hand into his.  "What did I do when I was seven?  What did I do to Mrs. Henderson's pots?"


"You broke them with your sling shot," Heer answered.


"And what did I call you on your first day of school?  What did I taunt you with?"


"You told me that I was a big fat pumpkin," Heer replied.


"And I turned out fine and so will Arun.  If anything we now know who our future daughter-in-law will be.  Preet and Meher will be our in-laws.  So, I don't want you to worry."




He nodded his head in understanding, "I'll talk to him tomorrow morning.  The boy's sleeping right now.  If I wake him up now he's not going to understand anything I say.  He's already had his share of talks today."  Heer gave a gentle nod in acceptance.  Prem pulled her closer to him and kissed her forehead.  "This is what you get when you have boys and we have three of them.  This is just the beginning.  Remember you wanted this."  Heer arched her eyebrows at him giving him a firm look.  "Don't remember?  You said you wanted to have boys."


"I said I wanted to have children with you," Heer replied.


"You said you wanted to have boys and well, this is what happens when you have boys.  Remember what I was like?  You didn't think they would have some of my personality?"  He smirked when he saw her cast her eyes downward.  "Pumpkin?"


"Shut up," she snipped back making him chuckle.


"Don't get so worked up about it.  They're smart and have a good sense of what is morally right and wrong just like their mother.  But they are still kids and they are going to make mistakes.  But you and I...we'll make sure to set them on the right path," caressing her cheek, "So, no more worrying okay?"


"Okay," Heer sighed.


"Good," Prem said and gently coaxed her to lay her head down on his chest.  He wrapped his arms around her and let out a soothing sigh.  Heer closed her eyes and let herself fall into a peaceful rest in the warm embrace of her husband.


Preet dribbled the ball down the court at break neck speed trying to get to the basket before the other team could cut him off.  He jumped but immediately sensed that someone was in front of him ready to block his shot.  He quickly pushed the ball back at an angled right as he had seen from the corner of his eye his teammate waiting.  He landed softly on his feet and smiled in triumphant.  He watched as the black striped orange ball sailed effortless through the air landing perfectly into the hoop making a clean swoosh sound.  It was a beautiful three point shot.  They had won the game.  Preet extended his hand forward and gave a friendly shakes to his opponents for a well played game.  "Good game."  He then turned and gave a high five to his partner.  "Nice shot Prem."


"Thanks.  That was a great pass," he replied with a grin.  He stretched his arms and exhaled, "Nice to know I can still pull it together.  Those guys were good but we capitalized on some of their mistakes and closed them out."


"So, you're feeling it huh, old man?" Preet teased.


"What are you talking about?  You're only a month younger than me," Prem replied with a frown.  "And I'm still in very good shape.  I train all the new cadets."


"Just joking with you...didn't know you were so sensitive," Preet said as he gave him a friendly slap on the back.


Prem nodded and walked back towards the set of benches on the right side of the court.  He pulled out a towel from his bag and began wiping the back of his neck.  "So, how's Runjhun doing?"


"She's good.  She's playing at a friend's house today," Preet replied after he had swallowed his drink of water.


"I'm really sorry about what happened," Prem simply stated.


"Meher told about what happened when I came back from the tech conference," Preet said giving an understanding look.  "Arun's already apologized.  Runjhun will live.  Things like this happen.  I've called girls names before when I was his age.  Usually the ones I liked," chuckling fondly, "And didn't you use to call a certain someone a name too?  Now she's your wife."


Prem smirked.  "Yes, she is."


"No doubt, who Arun takes after.  I guess we will have to see 10 years from now if things change between them."


"That's true," Prem replied.  "Well, I'd be honor to have Runjhun be my daughter-in-law."


Preet grinned, "I'd be honor to have Arun as my son-in-law as well.  But don't let the girls hear us.  They'll complain about how traditional we are being."


"No one is promising that it will happen.  If it does it does, if it doesn't it doesn't," Prem defended.


"Right," Preet replied.  "But you know the girls may say they would disapprove if we did an arrangement but deep down inside they would love to be in laws."


Prem chuckled lightly.  "I bet they would.  But we'll let the kids decide themselves."


Preet nodded his head and placed his duffle bag on his shoulder, "Ready to go?" 


Prem grabbed his bag and followed his friend to the gym exit.  "Hey, you want to grab a quick bite to eat at Taco Bell?"


Preet patted his stomach and smiled brightly, "I was just about to suggest that."  The two friends laughed and headed towards the parking lot.


Prem sighed as read the text message from his wife telling him she was at the store picking up a few things for the household.  Prem texted back a reply to his wife and then placed his cell phone down on the dresser.  He walked into the master bath and proceeded to strip out of his workout clothes so he could take a nice soothing shower. 


Fifteen minutes later Prem was drying himself with a large soft cotton towel.  He wrapped the towel around his waist and opened the bathroom door.  His eyes widen in surprise at the sight before him.  His wife was sitting on the edge of the bed with a tray of items at her side.  She looked as if she had been waiting for him for awhile.  "Hi, that was a quick run to the store," Prem greeted.  His eyebrows puckered in continued confusion as he noticed she was wearing her bathrobe. 


"Have a nice game?" Heer asked ignoring her husband's initial comment.


"Um, yea," Prem replied standing still.  "Well, I'm finish.  The bathroom is all yours." 


Heer picked up a nice ripe strawberry from a small steel bowl and walked steadily towards her husband.  She held the fruit up to his mouth and Prem obediently took a bite.  "It's really sweet," he mumbled.  Heer gave a tiny seductive smile making him swallowed hard.  His eyes then followed the half eaten fruit enter her mouth.  Prem's lips slowly parted as he became awestruck at the way she was acting. 


"Pancake, you seem a little tense," Heer said with concern.  She gingerly placed her right hand on his left shoulder and walked around towards his back.  She grinned as she felt his shoulders suddenly tighten.  She kneed his shoulders with her fingers enjoying the way his flesh felt underneath her fingertips.  When she heard him let out a relaxed sigh she got up on her tiptoes and whispered in his ear, "Let me massage you on the bed."


Prem's eyes awakened at his wife's words and he watched as she appeared in front of him to take his hand and lead him towards their bed.  "Lie down.  Towel on," she ordered.  Prem obediently did as instructed and laid on his stomach.  As he laid comfortably on the comforter he realized the tray that had been on the bed was carrying massage items.  The corner of his mouth tugged upward into a pleasing smile.  His wife had been planning to massage him.  "You're the best Pumpkin," Prem purred as he felt her delicate hands began to work on his shoulders.


Heer simply smiled and silently continued her work.  She rubbed a little massage oil between her palms and then placed them down at the base of his spine.  She layered one thumb on top of the other and slide them upwards to his shoulder blades.  Heer then repeated the move with increasing pressure a few times before lightly tapping the small of his back with the edges of her hands to lessen the intensity of what she had previously done.  She grinned as she heard Prem sigh comfortably into his pillow.  Heer's next target was his neck.  She ran her fingertips up his back towards his neck.  Once at his nape she cupped her hand into a C and squeezed the back of his neck.  Her fingers gently touched under his ears.  Heer leaned down and parted her lips letting her warm breath touch the tips of his ears.  She then took a deep breath and ran her lips from the nape of his neck down to the base of his spine.  She exhaled slowly as she moved back up his back. 


Prem's eyes opened at feeling this sensuous move by his wife.  His body was now alert to the things she was doing.  He felt her straddle his back and began working on his legs.  She was at his ankles using her thumb and forefinger applying pressure on either side of his tendon.  Prem allowed her to make one pass before he began to fidget.  "Prem, stay put," Heer ordered.  He didn't listen and turned around nearly knocking her off the bed.  "Prem," she sighed looking at her husband's eager face.  He crawled towards her with a smirk and attempted to plant a kiss on her lips.  He was prevented from doing so by her hand on his chest.  "Let's not rush this."


"What about the kids?" Prem inquired as his hand went straight to the belt of her robe.  "We only have maybe 20 minutes before they start looking for one of us." 


"They are at my parent's house," Heer explained.  "They are spending the night there."  She softly chortled when she saw his eyes grow wide at her announcement.  "Haan, Papa and Mama decided to take them for the night.  They wanted to give us more time together besides last night's dinner date.  When I texted you that I went to the store.  I had already dropped them off and was on my way back home.  Oh, and Dad has gone fishing with one of his friends.  He will most likely spend the night at his friend's house.  So..." running her finger delicately along his jawline, "that means we have the whole house to ourselves for the night."


"Just you and me?" Prem inquired.  Heer noted the mirthfulness in his eyes and smiled with a nod.  "Well then," cupping her cheek and hovering his mouth over hers, "I think it's time for Mr. Juneja to give Mrs. Juneja a massage."  Heer smiled as they playfully adjusted their mouths fanning their warm breaths over each other lips tempting one another to close the distance between them.  Heer pulled away before Prem had a chance to capture her lips and disrobed.  She was wearing a tasteful cherry blossom print bra and panty set.  Heer felt Prem's eager hands slither their way around her body in a grabby motion.  "Pumpkin..." Prem whined as she pushed them away with slight giggle.


"You're suppose to massage me not grope me."  Even though Heer was complaining, inwardly she was smiling that despite being married for seven years her husband was just as attracted to her when they were dating.  It boosted her confidence that he still wanted and needed her.  She worked hard to keep herself fit.  Her figure was well maintained even after having four children.    


Prem tenderly hugged her back and murmured into her ear, "I can't help myself from loving you."  He kissed the side of her ear and then gently nipped her earlobe making her squeal.  Prem smirked at her reaction and then pulled away to put some massage oil on his hands.


Heer moaned into the comforter as Prem began rubbing her shoulders trying to loosen her muscles.  He then moved to her lower back and in a circular motion rotating counterclockwise slowly made his way up her back towards her shoulder blades.  He paused briefly to unhook his wife's bra so he could have better access.  He continued his circular massage moving up and down her back several times before he moved to her legs.  He worked her heels and the bottoms of her feet with great care.  Prem became concern when he heard her let out a tiny yelp of pain.  "Pumpkin?  You okay?  I'm sorry," he quickly apologized.  "I'm pressing too hard?"


"No, my feet have been bit sore and you just happen to hit the sore spot," Heer explained. 


"So sorry Pumpkin," Prem apologized again as he warmly rubbed her back.  He placed a sweet kiss on the side of her forehead.  "I'll be more gentle."


"It's okay.  Feed me a strawberry?" Heer asked with a small smile letting him know she was all right.


"Sure thing," Prem nodded and grabbed the bowl of strawberries from the tray and placed it next to her.  He lovingly fed her one before he took a bite.  "Where did you get these from?  They're really sweet."


"The farmer's market," Heer answered as she rested herself on her elbows.  Prem wiggled his eyebrows making her giggle.  He grinned and gave her a peck on the lips.  Heer leaned towards him and placed her hand on his cheek in an affectionate manner as she gave him a return kiss.  Prem's lips curled upward in satisfaction at the gesture.  He playfully brushed the tip of his nose against hers as his hand softly rubbed her lower back.  His eyelids automatically closed as he felt her warm breath fan over his mouth.  Heer kissed him tenderly and turned herself around so she was laying on her back.  Her arms wrapped around Prem's shoulders as they adjusted themselves into a more comfortable position.  Prem hovered over her and let his eyes take in the beauty before him.  Heer giggled knowing what he was thinking.  His eyes told her all she needed to know.  


Prem gently tuck a few strands of hair behind her left ear.  He then lazily caressed her cheek and traced her jawline.  His eyes continued to follow his index finger as it sloped down her neck and curved towards her shoulder.  Just as he was about to remove the already loose bra strap from her shoulder he felt Heer's hand clasp his hand.  His sultry brown eyes lifted upwards to meet her heated gaze.  "Tell me..."

Prem simply smiled and answered, "Mei tumse pyar karta hu."  He watched as her face lit up in happiness and continued, "I love you so much much."


She cupped his face and led him down towards her lips, "I love you too Prem," she whispered before she passionately kissed him taking them both into their world of love.


Several sweet hours later Heer had on a comfy pair of gray sweats and a white t-shirt.  She was standing in front of the open refrigerator trying to decide what to cook for dinner.  She took an elastic cloth band from around her left wrist and brought it up to her hair that she had gathered into her hand and put her hair up into a loose ponytail.  Her ears perked to the warm footsteps of her husband entering the kitchen.  The corner of her lips curled upward into a pleasing smile as she felt him wrap his arms around her waist and give her a back hug.  "Whatcha doing?" he inquired before he nuzzled her neck.


"Trying to decide what to make for dinner," she replied with a giggle.  She placed her hand on his arms and chided, "Prem, I can't see what's in the fridge if you keep pulling me back."


"No cooking," he firmly stated.


"Oh?  And just how do you expect to eat?" she inquired as she turned her head giving her husband a look.


"No cooking for you is what I mean.  I'll make dinner tonight," Prem replied flashing a bright smile.


"So we are having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or macaroni and cheese?" Heer teased.


"I can make more than that and you know it," Prem pouted.


"I know," Heer said cupping his face, "I was just teasing you."  She gave him a quick peck on his lips trying to erase the sour look on his face.


Prem loosened his embrace pushed her towards the living room. "Now, just sit here and relax and watch some TV.  I'll let you know when dinner is down.  Okay?"


"Okay," Heer smiled and made herself comfortable on their leather couch.


Fifteen minutes later Heer heard a loud clanking noise from the kitchen alarming her immediately.  She rushed to the kitchen to see Prem jumping around a steel bowl that had fallen onto the ground.  There was flour everywhere.  "Prem!" Heer shouted in concern.  Her eyes went even wider when he turned around to see his apron a complete mess.  It had smears and splotches of red and yellow from whatever it was he was making.  "Are you okay?  Do you need my help?" Heer asked.  Her eyes darted to the cutting board to see a heap of chopped vegetables and a pile of potato skins.  The counter tops had various shaped bowls and plates scattered about with trash and vegetable matter making her uneasily curious as to what her husband was attempting to make for dinner.  Suddenly there was gushing sound coming from the stove.  A boiling pot of water had spilled over and was now hissing hot liquid all over the burner.  Heer started to walk towards the stove but was stopped by Prem's voice.  "Heer!  Just go back to the living room.  I have everything under control."


"Under control?" Heer exclaimed, "Prem, what is all of this?  You have flour on the floor.  The pot is boiling over...what is all this trash...these shavings," picking up a plate of orange shavings "What is this?"


"Those are carrots shavings.  I peeled some carrots," Prem explained.  He quickly took the plate from her hands in a possessive manner and then walked to the stove to turn down the heat.  "Go back Heer.  Please."


"But Prem..."  Heer was cut off from saying anything more when the cooking timer went off in the room.  Prem simply placed his hands on his wife's shoulders and turned her around shooing her from the kitchen.   Heer nervously sat back down on the couch.  There was a short moment of silence before she heard the sound of steel bowls falling to the floor again.  Heer sighed worriedly into her hand, "Oh Prem..." 

I forgot to include this in the last chapter but just a thing I found on what Prem and Heer's children's names mean...this sort of explains why I choose these names for them to have.





So the next chapter may be the last one. 

I want to say thank you to those of you who always take the time to comment.  It really means a lot to me especially since I don't update as often and come and hang out on the forums as much as I use to.  This forum has also slowed down a bit as I don't see people commenting as much as they use to...people move on or get busy with other things Ermm...anyways enough of my moping and self pity talk.

Thank you all for supporting me and my work Big smile Hug

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hahaha when i read about runjhun and arun fighting i also had the same feeling as prem and preet... loved the update .. and prem heer romance...

thanks for te pm.. eagerly waiting fot the next part.. continue soon..

take care

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luvharshiti IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 March 2009
Posts: 3072

Posted: 21 August 2012 at 1:11am | IP Logged
amazing update ...premeer scenes were awesome ...
thanks for the pm ...
please update soon ...

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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 July 2009
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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 3:41am | IP Logged
LOved it.
Arun is the exrox copy of Prem. Embarrassed 
Arun and RunjhunEmbarrassed Love is bloomin. LOL
Prem and Heer still are madly in LoveEmbarrassed wow. loved it.
thnx a ton for the pm di Big smile

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sowmya18 Goldie

Joined: 04 June 2010
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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 6:00am | IP Logged
loved the update!
thanks for the pm!!!

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kiran_28 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 July 2011
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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 7:32am | IP Logged

Edited by kiran_28 - 21 August 2012 at 7:37am

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midnight_blue Senior Member

Joined: 07 March 2010
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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 10:36am | IP Logged
very nice updateSmile
loved it

update soon

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