Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Chai'sTeahouse2: 22/4 New Chpt p116 (Page 106)

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I'm updating soon sorry for the long wait Embarrassed
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Many, many apologizes for being away for such a long time.  I've been so busy lately.

But I'm back and here with another update Big smile  Please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors Embarrassed

Mission 47: From Dusk to Dawn


Anxious eyes stared at the doorway that led to the main hallway of the maternity ward.  The minutes seemed to slowly tick by as they waited wondering what was happening in the delivery room.  Balraaj held his wife's hand in his in a gentle but firm support as they sat there in the waiting room.  They were excited at being able to finally meet their grandchild.  Their daughter and son-in-law had decided to keep the gender of the baby a secret from everyone in the family.  They wanted it to be surprise.  This made shopping for gifts a little harder.


Preet came walking into the room with a tray of coffees for everyone there.  Kiran gladly accepted a cup.  "Thank you."


"I'd thought everyone could use a cup.  Who knew having a baby could take so long," he mused.


"It's not what they make it out to be in movies unfortunately.  There is a lot of waiting involved," Kiran replied.  "Especially when it's the first child...or so I heard from my sister."


Preet nodded and offered the coffee to the Maans, "Coffee...Uncle...Aunty?"


Balraaj nodded and took a cup.  "Why don't you and Meher go home.  It's probably going to be a while."


"It's all right.  We want to be here," Preet replied trying to suppress his yawn.


"Where is your mother-in-law?  Is she home alone?" Teji inquired.


"No, she went to her brother's in Virginia this week to visit," Preet answered.


"Aunty you think it will be a boy or a girl?" Meher asked with bright eyes.


Teji laughed shaking her head, "Unfortunately, I am just as clueless as you about the gender of the baby.  The only thing I think we all know is that there is only going to be twins or triplets or anything of that sort."


Meher crossed her arms and pouted, "You'd think they would at least give some hint.  And Preet and I are this child's god parents...they should at least inform us, right?"


"They didn't even tell the grandparents you think they were going to tell us?" Preet chuckled.  "Prem got really good at avoiding the topic."


"Well, we should know very soon," Teji smiled.    


Doctor Carter stood in front of the delivery table and nodded his head in encouragement.  "You're doing great Heer.  Just a few more pushes and we're done.  On the count of three, okay?  Give me a big push..."

Heer was sweaty and out of breath as she laid there on the delivery bed.  She had tried to mentally prepare herself for the labor and how painful and tiring it was going to be but there really wasn't a way to prepare oneself for something like this especially when she was doing it for the first time. The epidural injection they had given her for the pain had made her lower body feel numb.  She couldn't tell if she was pushing hard enough.  She just wanted to stop even though she couldn't.  Her body was naturally making her finish the labor that had started.




Her husband was standing right by her side holding her hand through everything.  She thought she would be screaming at him like the way they depict such scenes in movies but she didn't have the strength to utter those words.  Instead she focused all her energy and attention to giving birth to her child.  Her grip tightened on his hand as she prepared herself for another strong push.




Prem steadied himself for what was to come.  His palm was sweaty and his hand was in great pain from the way his wife was clutching to it for dear life.  He glanced about him in the delivery room amazed at what was happening.  In the beginning of all of this he thought he knew what to expect but it was far from his own imagination.  This feeling he was having was beyond anything he could describe.  He was nervous but excited; worried yet happy and proud.




Heer closed her eyes shut as she mentally told herself to just push.  A long dramatic groan escaped her lips as she poured every ounce of energy she had to give birth to her baby.  The knuckles on her hand were turning white at the pressure she was placing on them.  Prem couldn't help but yelp along with his wife as his hand was being brutally smushed.  He couldn't believe how strong she was and wondered if it was possible that she had broken some of his bones in his hand.


"You're doing great!  Keep going!" Doctor Carter cheered.


"Good job!" Prem encouraged.  "You're doing awesome!"


Heer exhaled tiredly feeling a sense of sudden relief.  Prem's ears perked to the commotion occurring at the end of the delivery table.  His eyes immediately darted to the front where the baby was being held by the doctor.  He couldn't see much as a thong of nurses descended upon the child.  They cut the umbilical cord and were cleaning the baby.  A few seconds later he heard the cries of his new born child.  Prem thought everything was over until the Dr. Carter started talking about the placenta.  It had to be delivered and expelled out.  He had forgotten that fact even when the doctor had explained to them the steps of child birth.  Ten minutes later it was taken care of and Dr. Carter brought their child swaddled in a soft cloth towards them.  Heer looked up with anxious eyes while Prem felt his eyes begin to water.


"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Juneja you're the proud parents of a baby boy," Dr. Carter announced with a smile.


Heer delicately held her son in her arms and started to gently tear.  Prem smiled brightly and sniffled back his own tears.  "That's our boy," he said and placed a loving kiss on her the side of her head.  Heer looked up at him and beamed nodding her head.  "You did wonderfully, Pumpkin."


The baby gurgled and moved his arms about as he was getting himself accustom to being out of the womb.  "We have a pancake," Heer joked making Prem grin.


"I'm so proud of you..." kissing her forehead, "I love you."


"I love you too," Heer replied giving him a kiss.  They then mirthfully grinned at each other as they touched foreheads.


Their celebration was politely interrupted by the doctor as he cleared his throat.  "Sorry, but we have to finish with the usual hospital routine and checkup...blood tests and all...and a little bath for him as well.  Don't worry Prem Jr. will be back in your arms really soon."


Heer was rather reluctant to hand over her son even though she knew the nurse was following hospital procedures and it was imperative that they make sure her child was healthy.  The maternal bond that had developed during the nine months of her pregnancy was indescribable.  She was feeling a strong sense of protectiveness and didn't like that a stranger was going to be touching her child.  She shifted her eyes upward when she felt a firm hand clasping her shoulder.  It was Prem.  She could see from his eyes that he was feeling the same way but his gesture was an attempt to calm both of them down.  There was plenty of time for family bonding.   


Kiran grinned at his son who was standing behind his in-laws as they greeted the newest member of the family.  Sensing that someone was watching him Prem turned and gave a grin in return before walking over to his father.  Kiran patted his son's cheek causing the smile on his face to increase in size, "I'm so happy.   You must be feeling extremely proud."


"Haan Dad," Prem nodded.  "It's amazing.  I'm so thankful.  It's one of the best feelings in the world.  I mean I felt it when Heer told me she was pregnant but now that the baby is actually's mind blowing.  I'm a father, Dad."


"Yes you are," Kiran replied warmly.  "Your mother and I were never blessed with children but on the day we adopted you...we felt the same way...we were so thankful that we were becoming parents."


"Thank you for making me your son," Prem replied with a heartfelt expression on his face.  Kiran just patted his shoulder in reply.  "Dad, Heer and I have been talking and we would like you to name our first born."


"I'd be honored to do that," Kiran said with great emotion in his voice.  "Thank you."


"Love you Dad," Prem said and gave him a hug.


Heer let out a gentle groan when her sleep was suddenly interrupted by a loud cry.  The baby was hungry.  She flipped the covers over and slipped out of the bed feeling extremely groggy.  But she somehow made it to the crib without tripping and falling over herself.  She and Prem had decided to keep the baby crib in the master bedroom until the rice feeding ceremony.   


Heer picked her son up in her arms and patted his back, "I're hungry again.  Just a few minutes beta."  She then heard Prem's tired voice ask, "Do you want some water?"


"That would be nice.  Thank you."  She sat down in a rocking chair that had been placed by the window and started to feed her son.  Her lips curled upward into a small grin seeing her child cuddle closely to her as he drank.  She turned her head when she felt the presence of her husband by her side.


"He's really hungry tonight?" Prem inquired as he sat on the floor with his legs crossed.  He took a sip of water from the cup making Heer give a slight frown.


"Is that my water?"


Prem gave an apologetic grin, "Sorry.  I got a bit thristy too."


"It's all right.  If you finished that you'll go back downstairs and get me another right?" Heer replied.


Prem nodded, "Haan Pumpkin."


They then sat in silence while their son got his fill of milk.  This had become a nightly routine for them.  Heer had been surprised the first night she awoke to feed their son.  Prem had gotten up as well even though there wasn't anything for him to do.  He just sat down next to the rocking chair and silently watched.  On the third night Heer tried to push him to bed but he refused.   He stated if she had to be awake for their son then he would be awake too.  It wouldn't be fair for him to sleep while she had to be up.  Heer's heart melted at his explanation and she felt so utteredly blessed to have such a loving and understanding husband.


Heer grinned at her son as he let go of bosom.  She adjusted her shirt and then propped him up to pat his back and make him burp.  Eventually she handed Prem their son and he took over the duties of making him burp.  Heer took a long drink of water and watched as Prem gently spoke to the baby.


"Happy now?  Drank your milk?  Now it's time for bed again.  You always have to wake Mama up in the middle of the night for're still young so it's okay but when you get older you have to sleep through the whole night.  Sleep is very important.  Mama misses her sleep and so does Papa.  But it's okay now.  You're still young Mr. Arun Juneja."


"Dad picked a good name.  I really like the name really fits him, don't you think?" Heer said. 


"Yeah, he likes waking us up at dawn," Prem grinned.  His eyes flexed as he heard a tiny burp escape.  He looked at his son with pride.  "That's my boy."  Heer shook her head at his silliness.  "So, what do you think?  Who does he look like?"    


"He looks really sleepy right now," Heer replied as she tenderly ran her hand over his head.  "Aren't you? 


"I asked who does he look like," Prem repeated.  "You think he looks like me?"


"Yes, Prem he looks like you.  Everyone says that and you know it," Heer pouted.  "You're trying to rub that fact in."


"I am not.  Mama says it's still too early to tell.  He'll look like me for a few months and then look like you.  Don't worry your time will come," Prem teased.


Heer scrunched up her nose and gave him a look.  "You're just saying that."


Prem chuckled at the way she was acting, "That jealous?  I thought you said I was handsome."


"Yes you are but what does that have to do with anything?"


"If you say I'm handsome and everyone says Arun looks like me then naturally he's handsome like his father," Prem replied moving his eyebrows up and down making Heer chortle.  She gave him an affectionate kiss on his cheek.  Arun then gurgled loudly as if he was disappointed at not receiving a kiss of his own.


"I didn't forget you," Heer said and gave a motherly kiss on her child's cheek.  "Mama loves you so much."


"Papa loves you too," Prem said kissing his son's other cheek.  He then held him up and grinned, "And we both love your Mama very much, right?" playfully twisting him from side to side.  Arun let out a strong grunt in agreement making Prem widen his grin.  "Even though you don't look like her you'll always know your Mama, right?"


"Prem!"  He just smirked in response.  She just sighed and then said, "About another 10 minutes?  He should be going soon."


"Diappy changing time... " Prem said shaking his head, "make a huge mess after you eat.  Naughty boy."


"You're his father," Heer quipped back with a laugh.  Prem frowned a little at her joke.


A few minutes later Arun had a fresh diaper on and was back in his crib softly sleeping.  Heer leaned into Prem's chest as he draped his arm around her shoulder and smiled.  "It's amazing isn't it?"  Heer looked up at her husband with wondering eyes.  "To think he use to be inside of your stomach...he's gotten so big now.  Soon, he'll be crawling around and trying to talk."


"It is amazing," she replied as her attention returned to Arun.  He was flexing his fingers a bit before settling down into a deep slumber.  "He's part you and part me."


"That he is," Prem agreed and then yawned tiredly, "All right it's time for sleep," placing his hands on her shoulders and forcing her to turn around towards the bed, "you need your sleep...I know you have been extremely exhausted."


Heer didn't protest and walked back to the bed with Prem following closely behind.  They both curled up underneath the covers and snuggled themselves in their pillows.  Just as Prem was about to drift off he felt the covers bunch and the bed gently bend.  His eyes sleepily opened to see Heer moving towards him she wanted to rest her head in the small nook of his pillow and shoulder.  He smirked realizing it had been a long time since they had cuddled in bed together.  During the later stages of Heer's pregnancy her stomach had become a hindrance to that display of affection.  Her sleep had also been affected because of the limited positions she could sleep in.


Prem placed a loving kiss on her forehead and let himself enjoy the feeling of his wife nestled against him.  He sleepily smiled when he felt her hand rubbing his chest.  "Goodnight Prem."


"Goodnight Pumpkin," he replied.


"Goodnight Arun," they both said.  They gently giggled in the dim room amused that they had thought of the same thing to say at the same time.


"Love you," Prem whispered.


"Go to sleep," Heer answered mumbling into his shoulder.


"Not until you tell me..." Prem murmured back.


"I love you too," Heer said giving him a soft kiss on his neck.  Prem just grinned in response and then closed his eyes to let sleep over take him.


Loud cooing noises and silly laughs could be heard from the bathroom as Heer moved from dresser to dresser collecting clothing.  A grin was sealed firmly on her lips as she made her way towards the open bathroom door.  The sight before her melted her heart.  In fact it would melt anyone's heart if they could see what she was seeing right now.  Prem was giving Arun his bath and the baby was enjoying his bath time immensely.  Little hands and feet paddled and kicked in the baby tub splashing water here and there.  Prem was sitting in his swim trunks in the Jacuzzi letting his young son have his fun with the water.  The parents had learned a long time ago that Arun loved his bath time and would always manage to soak whomever was giving him the bath.  As much as he loved playing in the water he also loved getting cleaned.  It put him in a good mood.


"Say Papa...say pa-pa..." Prem requested as his son slapped his hand up and down on his hands as if he was giving a high-five.  "Come on"


"aaa...bbbaa," Arun replied.




"amm...wa... zzz!" Arun shouted.


"How about just pa?" Prem pleaded.


Heer laughed shaking her head at her dear husband, "You won't get him to say it."


"And why not?" Prem asked glancing towards his wife.  She beamed a confident smile and replied.  "Because he's going to say Mama first."


"Ah!  Heehehehe..." Arun voiced loudly.


"See, he agrees."


Prem furrowed his eyebrows as Heer walked over with a towel, "That's not in agreement.  He hasn't said Mama at all."


"" Arun cooed as he saw his mother so close.  He raised his hands towards her and started to fuss that he wanted to be picked up by her.


"So you say," Heer replied.  She motioned to Prem to hand Arun over to her so she could dry him.  Prem obliged and carefully placed his son into the arms of his mother.  He then got out of the tub and drained the baby bath.  When he turned around he grinned at the way Heer was talking to their son.  He found it to be adorable.  The way the tone in her voice went a few octaves higher and how she spoke so gently while she taught their son things.  "All dry now...Arun is all dry.  Now we put on clothes...yes...pajamas because it's almost bed time.  We will put Winnie the Pooh on.  You like Winnie the Pooh don't you Arun?"  Heer smiled as her son's fingers tapped her mouth.  She gave sweet kisses to his hands.  "Kissy...kissy...Arun loves kissies...Mmmaw," Heer said as she gave a big kiss to his cheek making him squeal with delight.  She carried him into the bedroom and placed him on the bed.  "First we must put a dippy on.  Stay still so Mama can put one on you."  Prem handed Heer a stuffed miniature Winnie the Pooh so Arun could play with it while the diaper was put on.  He wiggled around a bit twisting his torso here and there while he played with the toy but Heer still managed to put the diaper on.  "Now Winnie the Pooh," Heer stated.  She pointed to the picture of the cuddly yellow bear with the red shirt and explained, "Pooh is a bear and he loooves honey.  And loves you too.  You love Pooh don't you?"  Arun glanced up at his mother acknowledging her briefly before returning his gaze at his stuffed toy.   Within a few minutes Arun was dressed and rolling around on the bed while Heer put the baby powder and lotion away.  Prem sat on the bed keeping an eye on his son.  He sneezed loudly making Arun stop playing.  His son stared wide-eyed at him in wonder pondering why such a noise had come from his direction.


"Prem, go put some clothes on," Heer stated.  "You're still wet from his bath.  You're going to catch a cold."


"I'm not going to catch a cold," he replied shifting the towel from around his waist and placing it over his shoulder so he could cover his torso.  He crinkled his nose suddenly and let out another loud sneeze almost scaring Arun.


"You're scaring your son," Heer said and picked him up.  Arun leaned his head inward seeking the comfort of his mother's warmth.  He clung to her and snuggled into her neck.  "It's okay.  It's just your Papa...he's sneezing because he's cold.  He won't listen to your Mama because he's trying to be macho.  He's going to have a cold tomorrow if he doesn't go and change."


Prem got up from the bed and frowned, "Your Mama is overly dramatic.  Don't listen to everything she says."


Heer quickly covered Arun's right ear as she clutched his head into her chest, "Don't listen to your Papa.  He's just jealous that you love me more than him."


"He still looks more like me," Prem taunted before he entered into the bathroom to take a hot shower and change into some dry clothes.


After a nice relaxing stroll through the park Prem opened the front door of the house to let his wife and son inside.  He was surprised to see his mother-in-law and father-in-law there at the entry way.  "Mama...Papa?" he greeted with a confused expression on his face.


"Where is my precious grandson?" Teji inquired as she bent down into the stroller and took Arun out.


"He's gotten so big hasn't he?" Balraaj asked as he and his wife walked to the living room.  Prem and Heer exchanged quizzical expressions with each other before they followed them into the room.


"He's already trying to crawl," Kiran said as he entered with a tray of tea.  "Hot chai, Balraaj."


"Thank you Kiran," he answered as he took a cup.


"So, you had a nice time at the park?" Teji asked and then turned towards Arun cooing at him making him giggle with delight.


"Haan, Mama.  We had a good time.  The weather has been really nice today...prefect for a stroll," Heer replied.


"That's good to hear.  It feels nice to get out once and awhile."


"I agree.  Who knows if we will get another day like this again," Balraaj added.


"It's not too hot or cold right now...probably be like this for the rest of the night," Kiran said.


Prem furrowed his eyebrows at the parents knowing they were up to something.  "We should get Arun some milk."


"Let me go do that," Heer said.  "I think there is still a bottle of milk in the fridge."


"Don't worry about it beta.  I'll go do that," Teji replied as she got up from the couch.


"Here let me take Arun," Kiran said offering his arms out to her.


"Mama, I can go do it," Heer said.


"Let a grandmother take care of her grandson.  Don't worry...I am a mother too...I know how to take care of babies."


"I didn't mean it like that Mama," Heer sighed.


"I know you didn't.  You know I think you and Prem should just go out tonight.  Take some time for yourselves.  It's been awhile since only you two went out.  Go watch a movie and eat dinner," Teji advised.


"That's a great idea.  We can take care of Arun for you," Balraaj agreed heartily.


"You kids go," Kiran said tilting his head towards the front door.  "Just go.  We'll take care of everything.  And today's Saturday...don't worry about the time...tomorrow is Sunday."


"Really, it's okay," Prem replied.  "We want to spend some time with you all."


"Prem," Balraaj commanded in an authoritative tone.


"Yes sir," he replied with his back straight and his hands to the side.


"Did I not give my daughter's hand to cherish, love, and take care of?"  Prem nodded his head at his questions.  "Then you take her out so she can relax a little, understood?"


"Yes sir."


Heer looked at her husband surprised he was just going to leave the house while their child was at home.  Prem took her hand and lead her out to the driveway.  "Prem, we are going to leave Arun?"


"I don't like it either but they want us to go out," he sulked.  "Let's just do what they say.  We'll come back in an hour or two...then they can't say we didn't go out because we did."


"I guess you're right.  Okay," Heer said and walked to the passenger side of the car.


A few minutes later, husband and wife found themselves sitting at a small eatery.  Prem took a sip of his cappuccino and them offered it to Heer to taste.  She shook her head, "I can't...I'm still breastfeeding.  I'm fine with my lemonade. "


"Oh, I keep forgetting you're doing that now that you're pumping it out.  By the way it looks painful," Prem replied.


"It is," Heer answered.  "I'll stop when he turns one.  I'm just glad he took to the bottle all right."


"He loves his milk.  He follows his bottle now.  I've seen him watch me heat up the milk.  He always gets upset when it moves out of his view.  It's kind of funny," Prem laughed. 


"Don't taunt him like that," Heer replied.


"I don't taunt him.  He sits in his high chair and he just watches me while I'm heating up his milk.  We should video record him next time."


"Oh, that reminds me did you transfer those pictures from the camera to the computer?  We need to make a CD of those pictures," Heer said.


"Yeah, I got to do that," Prem replied.  He then glanced at his watch and murmured, "Maybe we should call and see what they are doing.."


"We should Face Time with them," Heer suggested.  "That way we can see Arun."


"You think he misses us?" Prem inquired.


"How can he not miss us?  We are his parents," Heer answered.


Prem quickly scrolled through his contacts and located his father's number so he could place a Face Time call.  He waited patiently as the phone started to ring.  It wasn't long before his father answered the call.  "Yes?" he greeted with a curious expression on his face.


"Hi Dad.  So where's Arun?"


"You called me to ask me where your son is?" Kiran replied.  Both Prem and Heer could hear their son giggling and playing with his grandparents in the background.




"Where else would he be?  Of course he's here with us.  He doesn't know how to drive yet so he hasn't left the house.  There are plently of people here to watch over supervision," Kiran sarcastically replied.




"He's having fun.  And don't you realize if he saw you he would see that you aren't here at the house and start crying?  You don't do that son.  He is enjoying his time with his Nani, Nana, and Dada," Kiran explained.  "I'll talk to you two later."


"But Dad, wait..." Prem called out trying to stop him from hanging up.  "Daaad..."  He looked up and exchanged looks with his wife.  "He hung up on us."


Heer sighed, "I can't believe Dad just did that.  We're Arun's parents."


"I know.  This is totally unfair.  We need to go home right now.  We've been out...had our cup of coffee," Prem reasoned.


"That's right.  Let's go back home," Heer agreed.


Prem and Heer both got up and marched their way out of the eatery rushing back to their car.  It was a quick twenty minute drive as Prem sped home.  They had spent the entire car ride ranting about their parent's attitude and the injustice that was being inflicted upon them.  They were Arun's parents and had every right to see him.  They decided that they were going to be firm and not allow their parents to talk them out of spending time with their son.  When Prem turned onto their street he saw to his surprise that his in-law's car was no longer there.  "Did they leave?"


"Mama and Papa left?" Heer repeated.


Prem parked the car in the driveway and then quickly followed his wife into their house through the garage entrance.  "Dad?" he called out in wonder.  "Dad?  You home?"


"Mama?  Papa?  Arun?" Heer shouted as she walked around kitchen.


As they entered the living room Prem grabbed his wife's arm preventing her from continuing her search for the rest of the family.  She gave him a questioning look causing him to point towards the dining room table.  It was set for two.  "That wasn't there when we left."


"Did they do that?" Heer asked.


Prem pulled his cell phone back out and dialed his father's mobile number.  "Dad, where are you guys?  Did you leave the house?"


"What is with all these questions?  Obviously I'm not there otherwise why would you be calling me on the cell phone?" Kiran replied.


"Where did you go?  Where is Arun?" Prem wanted to say more but his wife grabbed the phone from his hands and started speaking into the phone.


"Dad, tell me where Arun is," Heer firmly commanded.


"Beta, I know you are confused..."


"I am not confused.  I know what is going and my mother and father have taken my baby hostage," Heer accused.


"Our baby," Prem pipped in from the side.


"Don't worry about a thing---"


"I want to know where Arun is right now," Heer cut in.  "He is my son.  I think as his mother I should know where he is."


"Our son," Prem corrected in the background.  Heer put her hand up trying to hush him so she could hear what her father-in-law had to say in his defense.  She was not in a mood to be messed with.


"He is safe and sound with us."


"Good we will go and pick him up and bring him home.  Just tell us where you are.  Are you at my parent's house?" Heer inquired.  She heard some rustling noise and the next voice that came over the phone was her mother's.


"Heer you need to calm down.  Nothing is going to happen," Teji said.


"That's right...nothing is going to happen because Arun is coming back home."  


"He's not coming home with you," Teji calmly replied.


"We are driving over there right now," Heer heatedly said.


"Chup!  Let me speak to Prem," Teji ordered.




"Then at least put me on speaker phone," Teji requested.


"I'm not going to do that," Heer snapped back.


"We'll then have fun trying to find us because we aren't home," Teji replied.


Heer grunted in disbelief but put the phone on speaker.  "Okay, you're on speaker phone."


"Prem, tell your wife to calm down.  We are taking Arun for the night.  You two stay home and enjoy a nice dinner for two.  We've even set the table for you," Teji said.


"Um, thanks Mama," Prem replied.  He then saw the look in his wife's eyes and swallowed hard.  "It's really not necessary.  We want to spend some time with Arun."


"I understand but trust me both of you need this time each other's company..."


"We talk all the time Mama," Heer fumed.


"Not just about Arun but other things...topics besides babies," Teji advised.  "At least eat dinner together."


"Okay, fine," Heer sighed with a frown.  "Where's the food?  In the fridge?"


"What food?" Teji replied.


"You didn't make us food?  I thought you wanted us to have a romantic dinner...we have to cook now?"


"Aye...What has happened to her?  Prem, do something won't you?" Teji replied with disappointment in her voice.  Prem glanced nervously up at his wife and gave an uneasy half grin.   "Spend time with your husband."  Heer just simply stared back at her husband.  "Have both of you forgotten how to romance?"  They could hear some rustling and her muttering off to the side, "They say they want more children and here they are...I don't know how they expect to do that if they forgotten how to be romantic with each other."


"I think that's enough," Balraaj replied.  They soon heard his deep voice over the phone.  "You two enjoy tonight.  We won't be picking up the phone.  And don't bother trying to find us.  We aren't were you think we are.  Okay?  Prem?"


"Ji Papa," he answered.


"You take care of my daughter.  Understand?"


"Yes sir," Prem replied with great fear in his voice.  He glanced over at his wife when he saw the end call flash across the screen and gave an uneasy smile.  "So?"


"What do you want for dinner?" Heer sighed.


"Pumpkin," Prem said trying to smooth her temper.  "I know."  He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her into a back hug.  "It's just one night."


"I miss him, Prem," Heer said with a gentle sniffle.


"I do too," he said softly and wiped away her tear.  "Let's go make dinner and before you know it the night will be over."  Heer nodded and let herself be shuffled towards the kitchen.


Prem grinned as he felt Heer snuggle into his chest as they sat on the couch watching a movie that was playing on TV.  Their parents had been right.  This was what they needed.  In the beginning it was a little hard as they worried about Arun and wondered if he was missing them.  While they made dinner together they talked about all the cute little things they had noticed about their son.  It wasn't until Prem nearly burnt the garlic bread did the topic change.  They started reminiscing about all their other date nights and the comical times and mishaps that had occurred in the kitchen.  They laughed over Kiran and his innate ability to burn every pot he ever touched.  Eventually they mellowed onto other topics like work gossip, friends, and movies.


Prem gently tucked a few strands of his wife's hair to the side causing her to raise her head towards him with a warm smile.  He leaned inwards and captured her lips for a sweet kiss.  Heer felt her heart pitter-patter in giddiness when the kiss ended.  They tenderly stared at each other with looks of happiness on their faces.  Prem touched his forehead against hers and took a deep soothing breath.  He felt a warmth spread through his chest making him feel at ease.  "I love you, Pumpkin."


"I love you too," Heer replied with a shy smile as their lips met again.  They exchanged a few more tender kisses before they returned their attention back towards the TV.  Prem felt Heer trying to stretch along the couch and sat up.  He motioned for her to get up and then laid down on the couch.  He smirked at her and directed her to lay down on top of him.  Heer smiled and laid herself down cherishing the way Prem's arms were enveloping her as she rested her head on his chest.


At that moment both of them realized that there was no other place on Earth they rather be but in each other arms.  Prem leaned forward and placed a loving kiss on Heer's head making her grin widely.  It didn't take long before the young parents fell into a peaceful and restful slumber.    


Hope you all enjoyed that. 

Until next time!

---Grace Big smile

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-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 May 2012 at 10:21pm | IP Logged

So little pancake has come and taking up the time of prem and heer.. hi little act are so cute.. and the name is beautiful...

looking forward to the next part.. do continue super soon thi time plz...

thanks for the pm..

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luvharshiti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2012 at 1:07am | IP Logged
thanks for the update...
amazing upgate ...loved it ...
premeer and arun scenes were awesome ...
thanks 4 d pm ...
and please update soon ...

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