Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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I'm back! Missed me? LOL

It is a bit of a long read but I hope it makes up for making you guys wait Wink

Mission 45: The Little One


Prem scurried to the main hallway of the house and beamed a bright smile when he saw his wife sitting on the bench taking off her shoes.  "So how was that meeting?  You're all done right?  You turned in your report?"


"No," Heer sulked.


"What?  But I thought you guys were having that meeting so you could turn in those reports," Prem inquired.


Heer groaned, "Bill wanted to add something else that he thought we should look into...and of course it affected my report.  Only mine and nobody else's.  So they get a week off while I have do more research and spend my weekend adding that part into the report.  This is so unfair...ughhh!"


"I'm really sorry Pumpkin," Prem sympathized as he sat down and rubbed her shoulders.


"Can I go back into the field?" Heer mumbled as she leaned against him.  "No more reports...just going to far off exotic strict time tables."


"You really want to do that?" Prem asked with concern in his voice.


"No," she pouted.  "I just don't want to write another report for Bill.  Every since he became the lead in the department we've been writing all these reports.  I'm going crazy."


"You know his Boss is your Father...just make a call and have him transferred," Prem suggested.


"Oh how I wish I could do that," Heer replied and turned to her side so she could curl up into her husband's arms.  Prem was relieved that she was in a relatively calm state despite what had happened at work.  He gave her an affectionate squeeze making her purr into his chest.  "I'm tired.  I'm going to go take a nap and then I'll work on that report."


"Good idea.  You rest and relax for a bit.  I'll make dinner tonight," Prem said.


"What are you making?" Heer asked.


"Whatever you want for dinner," Prem smiled.


"Pumpkin pancakes?" Heer innocently inquired making him chuckle.


"I have no problems with that though Dad will probably want daal and rice," Prem replied.


"You're right," Heer sighed.


"I'll make the pumpkin pancakes and daal and rice for Dad...don't worry," Prem said.


"You're the best!" Heer grinned and gave him a peck on the lips.  Prem held her and beamed a goofy grin and rested his forehead against hers.  "Soon enough we'll have our own," she said caressing his jawline.


"And we'll teach them how to make pumpkin pancakes," Prem replied.  Heer nodded and then got up from her comfortable position and went up the stairs to the master bedroom.  Prem watched with careful eyes making sure she had entered their room and wasn't going to come back out before he made his way to his father's bedroom.


"She's in a pretty decent mood," Prem announced as he walked into the bedroom.  "She's upstairs now taking a nap.  But that report she was suppose to turn in today...the deadline got extended because her supervisor wanted to add something extra.  So she's got to work on her report this whole week.  I'm not sure how she's going to be this evening."


"Poor girl," Kiran sighed shaking his head.  "She's been working on that report for a very long time.  Well, we'll just have to keep her happy."


"Yes, so we're having breakfast for dinner," Prem replied.  "I know you don't really like doing that so I'll make you some daal and rice."


"It's okay.  I've actually gotten use to it.  I'll help make the pancakes," Kiran offered.


"Um, it's okay Dad.  I'll do that.  Why don't you make the eggs instead?"


"Afraid I'm going to burn the pancakes?" Kiran asked eyeing his son.


"Heer wants pumpkin pancakes," Prem explained.


"Oh," Kiran replied.  "I've noticed that you two are very fond of them.  How did you guys ever think about making them?"


Prem suppressed his smile and shrugged his shoulders, "I think we had it one time at a restaurant."  He looked at the puppy who was sitting obediently on the bed starring up at him and his father wondering what was going on.  "What are we going to do with you, little fella," Prem sighed as he patted his head.  The puppy immediately wagged his tail and gave a nod of appreciation at the affection he was receiving.  "We're going to have to keep him occupied and make sure he doesn't cause any trouble before we tell Heer otherwise we're going to be in big trouble.  Well, I'll be in big trouble.  She'll probably kick me to the sofa."  He arched his eyebrows and turned towards his father wondering what he was laughing at.


"Ah, it's good to know who has the upper hand," Kiran snickered.


"Dad!" Prem protested.


"Son," he replied putting his hand firmly on his shoulder, "She rules over the relationship.  No matter what people tell you.  No matter what you think.  No matter what she leads you to believe.  She is in control.  You don't go out with the guys before asking her..."  Prem shook his head.  "You ask her if it's okay to purchase something for the house even though you know we need it..."  Prem nodded his head.  "You call her before you purchase a big ticket item."


"Well, even Heer calls me for that," Prem explained.


"More often than not you agree don't you?" Kiran inquired.


"Well, yeah.  She doesn't call me for frivolous stuff," Prem replied.


"And has she ever said no to you?"


Prem furrowed his eyebrows for a few minutes pondering before he answered, "Sometimes."


"There you go," Kiran pointed out.  "Don't worry too much.  Your Mom was the same way.  I've learned the sooner you understand this and accept the reality of the situation the better your married life will be."


"So Dad...this puppy here," Prem said shifting his eyes toward the dog, "you're basically getting your own son in trouble for something you did.  I'm going to receive the punishment if this doesn't turn out all right.  Is that what you're telling me?"   


Kiran grinned, "You catch on quick."


"Daaad!" Prem whined.  "Why did you have to buy him now?  Why couldn't you have waited?  Would it have been that hard?"


"I got him through a co-worker.  Their Labrador Retrievers just had a litter.  They were giving them away.  He didn't cost a thing."


"He didn't cost a thing?" Prem asked in cynicism.


"Okay, I paid about $50 to cover the cost of his first set of vaccinations.  Then about $75 for his puppy food, $15 for his treats, and $10 for his two chew toys.  The owners only request I pay them the cost of the shots and that was $50."


Prem rubbed his forehead and sighed.  "Okay, we just need to keep Heer happy," looking down at the puppy, "You better behavior and not get into any trouble."


Heer yawned as she made her way down the stairs.  Even though she had taken a nap she was still feeling a bit groggy.  She walked to the foyer and picked up her laptop bag and headed to the office.  A few seconds later Prem came tip toeing out of his father's room heading towards the kitchen.  He was going to start preparing for dinner so when Heer was hungry they could start making pancakes right away.  Kiran soon joined him in the kitchen to help with his prep work.  The father and son duo worked diligently at making the best breakfast they could.


A couple of hours later Heer emerged from the office with an exhausted look on her face.  She trudged her way to the living room where her husband was sitting watching some television.  "Hey," he greeted and lifted his arm up so she could curl up next to him on the couch.  Heer mumbled something in audible as she buried her head into his shirt.  "That bad?"


"Can we go rig an accident?  Something small nothing huge or over the top...just something enough to put him in the hospital for a few weeks.  No, maybe a month," Heer softly requested.


Prem grinned, "It'll be all over by next week."


"And then he'll probably assign another report for us to write," Heer groaned.


"He still has to read these reports you guys are handing in.  You'll get a breather for a bit," Prem replied trying to sound optimistic.


"Yeah, maybe," Heer sighed.


"So, are you hungry?" Prem inquired.  Heer just nodded her head not saying anything making him chuckle warmly.  "Okay, I'll go and start making the pancakes.  It shouldn't take too long.  Dad and I prepped dinner.  Everything is in the fridge.  You sit here watch some TV.  I'll call you when it's all done."


Heer looked at him and gave him a thankful smile.  "I knew there was a reason why I married you."


"That I can order take out?"  Heer laughed at his remark bringing a smile to Prem's face.  He gave her a sweet kiss on the forehead and said, "I'll be back."


"Oh, where's Dad?" Heer asked as she started changing channels.


"Um, he's out buying some things," Prem replied trying not to sound nervous.  His father had slipped out to get a dog bed, dog bowls, and some puppy training pads."


"He'll be back for dinner right?  I don't want to start eating without him," Heer said.


"He should be back soon," Prem answered.  "I'll give him a call and let him know."  He gave a half grin and then walked to the kitchen to start dinner.


Heer sat on the couch trying to relax and enjoy some TV.  She was so engrossed at relaxing herself that she didn't noticed a small four legged creature had wandered into the living room.  The little puppy had somehow managed to escape from Kiran's bedroom and was now wandering freely around the house.  He walked underneath the side table and sniffed the left side of the couch.  He then back tracked and walked through the side table to sniff the loveseat.  Eventually he walked around the back of the couch to the recliner and inspected that area.  He then found a nice spot on the rug and relieved himself.  Heer was too absorbed in her show laughing at a joke that had just been said that she didn't hear the sound of liquid hitting the edge of the rug and splashing against the wooden floor.  The puppy then trotted over to the right of the couch and made himself comfortable underneath the side table.


Heer was feeling a bit cold so she got up from the couch and walked towards the recliner to take a blanket that had been carefully folded and placed in the seat.  She yelped at feeling something wet and cold on her right foot.  She looked down and saw a dark spoiled spot on the edge of the rug and yellowish liquid on the wooden floor.  Her eyes widen when she heard a whimperish noise and when she turned her head she caught sight of a little tail wagging away as it disappeared behind the couch.  She hobbled over to the back of the couch and saw to her amazement a little yellow Labrador puppy.  "What in the world?" she mumbled to herself.


Meanwhile, Prem was busy in the kitchen checking the potatoes in the oven.  He was just about to flip his pancake when he heard his wife come into the kitchen.  "Still be a few more minutes.  The potatoes are browning nicely.  I've made about three pancakes so far.  Dad said he'll be home soon.  As soon as he's home we can cook the eggs."   He turned around and felt a cold sweat form over his body.  Heer had a displeased expression on her face while she was holding the puppy in the middle with her hands.  The puppy had a sad and helpless look on his face.  He was staring at Prem as if asking for help.


"Can you explain this?" Heer inquired.


Prem remained silent not knowing what to say.  He glanced down at the way she was standing and asked, "What's wrong with your foot?"


"He peeped on the rug and I stepped on it," Heer replied.  Prem tried not to laugh and clasped his mouth shut and nodded his head in understanding.  "Well?"




Heer just gave her husband a hard stare.  "How did he come here?  He didn't just magically appear out of thin air."


"About" Prem fumbled.  His head turned when he heard the sound of the garage door opening and he looked on in relief to see his father entering the kitchen.  "It's his fault.  Ask him," he childishly replied pointing at his father.  Kiran looked on in surprise confusion at being pulled into some conversation he had no clue about.  He saw the puppy in his daughter-in-law's hands and swallowed hard.  "Ask him about the puppy," Prem stated.


"I don't know anything," Kiran lied.


Prem looked at his father in shock.  "No, I'm not going to get blamed for this.  I'm not going to be sleeping on the sofa tonight because you brought the dog home and you won't admit it."

"Prem," Heer sighed shaking her head.


"I'm not at fault for this," Prem defended.  "Dad, please!"


Kiran sighed guiltily.  "I'm the one who brought the puppy home.  One of my co-worker's dogs had a litter.  They couldn't handle taking care of the entire litter.  So I took one off their hands for them.  I only paid $50 the cost of the vaccination shots the puppy has received.  I thought it would be a nice gift for both of you.  Dogs are wonderful companions and there are studies out there that state that they can help reduce stress.  I know you two are trying to start a family soon and I thought the kids would enjoy growing up with a dog."


Heer looked at her husband and shook her head, "Why couldn't you just say that?"


Prem opened his mouth and mumbled, "Well,"


Kiran took the puppy from Heer and asked in wonder, "I closed the door to my room.  How did he get out?"


"I'm not sure but he got out and he peeped on the living room rug," Heer replied.  "I stepped in it."


"I just went to the store and bought puppy supplies...a bed, food and water bowls, and some puppy training pads," Kiran said.


"We'll need those puppy training pads," Heer said.


"Let me go back to the car and get them and then I'll help you clean up the mess in the living room," Kiran replied and walked bacj out the garage door.


"I need to wash my foot," Heer sighed, "Here," handing the puppy over to Prem, "Watch him."


Prem stretched his back out and yawned sleepily as he sat on the couch.  Dinner had been successful even with his father helping.  Nothing got burnt; a strange rarity.  He looked over and saw the puppy curled up on Heer's lap sleeping peacefully.


"I'm heading to bed," Kiran announced as he got up from the recliner.  "Goodnight."


"Night Dad," Prem and Heer both said.  They sat there for a few more minutes before Prem glanced over at his wife and suggested, "Bed time?"


"Yes," Heer replied and got up carrying the puppy in her arms.


"Wait, where are you going?" Prem inquired as he followed behind her to the stairs.


"I guess I should be asking you that same thing," Heer replied turning around.

"The puppy bed is downstairs," Prem explained.  "Why are you bringing him upstairs?"


"Well, you're sleeping downstairs tonight.  He can keep me company," Heer smiled.  Prem chuckled nervously and then looked at his wife.  "Why didn't you tell me about the puppy?"


"I tried..."


"No.  You blamed it on your father.  When I asked you all you did was move your mouth up and down but nothing came out," Heer argued.




"Like right now," Heer replied cutting him off.


"Look, he shouldn't be sleeping on the bed.  He'll get use to it and he'll want to sleep there all the time," Prem reasoned trying to divert the topic.


"Fine, I'll take the dog bed upstairs then."


"You're serious about having him sleep in our room?" Prem questioned in disbelief.


"Where else would he sleep?"


"It's going to be strange.  I mean...sure he's just a dog but what know..." Prem said trying to explain his concerns.


"Know what?"


"You know what I mean," Prem earnestly said.  Heer continued to look at him blankly making him worry.  "Are we going to send him out of the room?"


Heer burst into a fit of laughter making him frown.  "Okay, I agree with you on that point but the way you said it...seriously," chuckling softly.  Prem looked on in relief that she was agreeing with him on something.  Heer then composed herself  and said, "But I'm still a bit upset over the other matter.  We can discuss that later.  Where should we put him?"


Prem scanned around the room and suggested, "How about over there in that corner.  We've been trying to figure out what we should place over there.  Let's just make it his area.  He's right by the patio door and nearby Dad's room so he won't feel totally alone.  And it will be a good place if he hears anything he can alert us."


"Okay," Heer nodded in agreement.


They spent the next fifteen minutes setting the place up for the puppy.  They placed the puppy training pad in the corner, the dog bed a few feet away, and the water bowl near the dog bed.  When they went to place the puppy down on the dog bed he woke up and looked at them with sleepy eyes.  "Sorry pal," your sleeping here tonight," Prem said.  The puppy yawned and then made his way over to the training pad.  He sniffed around and then did his business.


"He catches on quick," Heer replied.  "We did this with him two times and he seems to remember.  Hurry we need to feed him a treat so he remembers he's suppose to go on the pad."  Prem hurried to the kitchen and picked up a couple of puppy treats.  When he came back he handed one of the treats over to Heer to feed the puppy.  "Good boy.  You're such a smart boy," Heer smiled as she patted his head.


Prem them placed him into the dog bed and made him sit down.  "You sleep here tonight okay?"  He gave the puppy a treat hoping he would understand he needed to stay on the bed.


"You think we need to buy a cage tomorrow?" Heer asked.  "We can place the bed in there and he can get use to sleeping on the bed.  And also he won't wonder around at night or try to leave the bed if we leave him."


"I don't know.  We can think about it.  Let's see how it goes for a few days.  I'm more concern about him peeing where he should be peeing.  I don't want him to get confused.  If he's in the cage he can't come out," Prem replied.


"I guess we'll see."


They sat down on the floor and waited for the puppy to fall asleep.  They were lucky that the puppy was really tired and soon fell back into a deep sleep.  They quietly turned off the lights and cautiously made their way upstairs to their bedroom.


Prem grinned as he laid on his side with his left hand propping up his head.  He had received a long lecture about his behavior before bed.  He found it strange how the dynamic of their relationship had changed from when they were dating to their present phase; their marriage.  Things they spoke about and issues they had while dating were important but they seemed to have garner even more importance now that they were married.  He knew he was in the wrong for not telling Heer about the puppy and she admitted she had been less then cordial the last couple of weeks. 


Eventually their talk turned into hugs and kisses.  And the hugs and kisses led way to some passionate love making.  He sighed and reached over with his hand to lazily stroke his wife's cheek.  He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and smiled.  It amazed him how something so simple like laying next to her could make him so happy.  He watched as she stirred and then slowly opened her eyes.  Seeing her giving him a tiny grin made his lips curled upward into an automatic smile.


"Hey," she whispered.  "Couldn't sleep?"


"Something like that," Prem replied as he continued to caress her cheek.


Heer inched closer and softly gave him a few short kisses.  Prem's smile only widen at her affectionate gesture.  He could feel her hand cradling his neck and the gently pressure of her body pressing against his as he fell onto his back.  His eyelids lifted to see her face hovering over his and her hair surrounding them.  He tucked her hair to the side while she adjusted herself on his chest.  "So Mr. Juneja..." she started as she rested her chin on her hands, "is there anything I can do to help you?"


Prem chuckled and ran his fingers through her silky black hair.  Eventually he began rubbing her lower back relishing how smooth and soft her skin felt against his fingertips.  "Not at the moment but I'll let you know when it comes to mind."  Heer grinned and gave him a quick peck on his nose.  They laid there for a while simply enjoying each other's company.  "So, what should we name the puppy?"


"Has Dad suggested a name?"


"He wanted to name the dog Samson again," Prem replied.


Heer chortled at his comment.  "Yea, he would say something like that.  You know," sighing a bit, "Now, I have three children to look after." Prem furrowed his eyebrows at her words.  "You and this little puppy..."


"Hey!" Prem protested making her giggle even more.  "I resent that."


"You can resent that all you want.  It's the truth."


"Well, I can't believe you're including Dad into this."


"Correction...two children and a grandchild."




"Grand children get spoiled," Heer said with a mischievous smile.


"So Dad gets away with everything?" Prem pouted.


"Exactly," Heer replied.


"Well, I'm not going to agree to naming the dog Samson again," Prem said.


" about...hmmm...Pancake?"


"That's my name," Prem huffed.


"Oh sorrie..." Heer said in an apologetic voice that one would give to a little baby.  She patted his cheek trying to suppress her smirk.  " about Waffles?"


"We're going to name him after a breakfast item?" Prem chuckled.


"He's a golden yellow lab," Heer reasoned.


"Pancake, Pumpkin, and Waffles?" Prem mused with laughter.


"The prefect family," Heer added with a smile.


"Almost," Prem replied.  He caressed her cheek and looked at her with adoring love, "Our pumpkin pancakes."


Heer nodded her head, "Yes, our pumpkin pancakes," she raised herself up and planted a few sweet kisses on his lips.  "Round two?"


Prem grinned at her suggestion.  "I love you so much," he hummed as he rolled them over so they could enter another escapade of love.


Heer strolled around the store rolling her shopping cart with one hand while her other was holding her phone.  "Where are you?" the deep voice of her husband asked over the phone.  "I'm in Target picking up a few things," she replied.


"So you enjoying your day off?"


"Yes, very much.  I needed this break to re-charge my batteries," Heer smiled.  "You like Dove's line of products for men or the Nivea ones?"


"Either is fine with me," Prem replied.


"Okay, because I have coupons for the Dove line," Heer explained.


"Fine with me.  I need deodorant too."


"Lucky you, I have two coupons one for deodorant and the other for the bodywash," Heer said.  "Oh, your lunch time is almost up.  I'll see you later at home."


"See you then.  Love you Pumpkin," Prem replied back.


"Love you too," Heer grinned and then hung the phone up.  She dropped it back into her purse and returned her concentration on the shopping list.  She browsed the aisles looking at the various products taking note of any that were on sale and if she had a coupon for them.  She was about done with the hygiene aisle and turned her cart heading towards the kitchen section of the store.  She needed to pick up trash bags.  As she rolled passed the pharmacy she suddenly stopped realizing she needed to pick up some pads.  She turned her cart around and entered the aisle.  She grabbed a box and then paused pondering something before she walked a few feet to her right and picked up a small item and placed it into her shopping cart.


Prem opened the front door and was greeted by a four legged furry creature.  He grinned and bent down patting the puppy's head.  "Hi Waffles, missed me?"  The puppy waggled his tail furiously and propped himself up on his back legs resting his front paws on Prem's leg.  "I'll take that as a yes.  You're such a good boy," roughing the top of his head a bit.  The puppy barked happily in response.  When Prem rose to his feet the dog circled around him in glee and trotted after him following him towards the kitchen.  Prem entered the room and saw his wife busily chopping potatoes on the cutting board.  "Whatcha making?"


"Oh hey..." Heer greeted with a smile as she turned around.  "Cutting potatoes to make chips."


"Chips?" Prem inquired as he walked towards her.  He noticed how the potatoes were being cut lengthwise and furrowed his eyebrows.  He wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head against her head.  "You mean French fries?"


"No," Heer replied shaking her head.  "Chips."


Prem glanced towards the stove and saw a large saute pan filled with oil.  "Fish and chips?"


"Correct," Heer answered.


"We haven't had that in a long time," Prem said.


"I know.  I was thinking about it when I was out shopping.  I went to the grocery store after Target," Heer replied.  "Thought we could have it for dinner tonight."


Prem gave her a happy kiss on the cheek.  "Thanks.  I've actually been craving it for the past week now."


"Well, I guess everything worked out," Heer said.  "Okay, you go upstairs and freshen up.  By the time you finish and come down I'll have some chips for you to munch on."


"Okay," Prem smiled and rushed away.  Heer giggled at his behavior and turned back towards the cutting board.  She was caught off guard when he came back and hugged her.  He nuzzled her ear making her giggle even more.  "Thank you," he huskily said.


"Go freshen up Prem," Heer ordered.


"Yes Pumpkin," Prem replied giving her another kiss on the cheek before he ran out the kitchen.


Prem hurriedly opened the door to the master bedroom.  He pulled out a white undershirt, a pair of black sweat pants, and clean boxers from the dresser.  He stripped down to his boxers and grabbed the clean clothes in one hand and his dirty work clothes in another and entered the bathroom.  He tossed his dirty clothes into the laundry hamper and placed his clean clothes on the counter.  He went to close the bathroom door when his eyes spotted something sitting on Heer's vanity area.  He looked at the white stick sitting on a small box labeled ClearBlue Easy.  The name said it all but he walked closer to inspect the device further.  He picked it up and his eyes widen when he saw the symbol in the viewing window.  Without thinking twice about his attire he ran out of the bedroom.  He rushed down the stairs and nearly tripped over, Waffles who had heard the frantic commotion and was waiting at the foot of the stairs wondering what was going on.  "Heer!" Prem yelled as he entered the kitchen again.  His wife turned around and was surprise that he was only in his boxers.  "Heer!" holding up the white stick in his hands, "Heer?" he repeated with questioning eyes.  He watched as his wife's lips curled upward into a shy grin. Prem's face lit up at her response. 


"It's a plus sign," she confirmed.


Prem hugged his wife and twirled her around in his arms.  "We're becoming parents!"


"I'm still going to the doctor's to confirm it but the test is positive and I my period hasn't come," Heer answered.


"I love you," Prem said squeezing her in affectionate manner.  "I'm so happy.  This is fantastic news!  We gotta call people!"


"Prem, slow down," Heer replied cupping his face with her hands.  "Let's wait until the doctor confirms it.  We should only tell immediate know just in case it's a false alarm."


She watched as his brown eyes darkened and flexed in understand.  "Oh...yeah," Prem uttered sounding suddenly somber.  "I've heard the first months are very unstable.  We need to make sure."


Their conversation was interrupted when they heard footsteps entering the kitchen.  "Oh, am I interrupting something?" Kiran inquired in alarm as he turned his head to the side.  He was trying not to look but he was also curious as to why his son was running around the house in only his boxer shorts.  "Are you doing laundry?"


Heer's face flushed red as she realized what this must have looked like.  "Prem, put me down," she whispered.


Prem lowered her to the floor and then sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.  "Um, hi Dad."


"Doing laundry?" Kiran asked again.


"Um, no..."


"Romancing your wife then?" Kiran replied trying to suppress his smirk.  As much as he was slightly embarrassed to have walked in on such a situation he could only image what his son and daughter-in-law were feeling and couldn't help himself from teasing them.  "I'll go to my room.  Um, carry on...but I think the bedroom would be more suitable...less chance of injuring oneself...too many sharp objects in this room."


Heer bit her lower lips and lowered her head unable to look at anything but the ground.  Prem's face turned beet red.  "Dad, that's not what going on here," Prem protested loudly.


"Excuse me for jumping to conclusions but you're in your boxer shorts," Kiran replied.


Prem looked down at himself and felt even more embarrassed.  "Um...well, see I was getting ready to take a shower and then I saw the pregnancy test---"


"Pregnancy test?" Kiran interrupted.  He looked at his daughter-in-law and questioned, "Heer?"


"Haa, Dad," Heer answered with a smile.


Kiran's face beamed at her reply.  "Well, I'll be..." slapping his son's back, "My Little Monkey is going to have his own Little Monkeys," chuckling happily, "Congratulations son!"


"Thanks Dad," Prem grinned brightly.


"Congratulations Heer," Kiran said looking at her with great thankfulness and love.


Heer took her father-in-law's hand into hers and gave an understanding nod.  "We'll visit Mom's grave and tell her the good news once the doctor confirms the tests."


"Yes, we should wait for that confirmation," Kiran said.  He warmly placed his hand on her head, "Bless you and may no evil eye fall upon you."  Heer gave a watery smile in return.  Kiran then glanced over at his son and sighed, "You're going to just hang around in boxers all day?  Go and take a shower and when you come back down wear some clothes."


"Dad," Prem grumbled.


"You'll going to be a father soon is this what you're going to be teaching my grandchild?  Wandering around the house half naked?  Have you no shame?"


"He's shameless," Heer simply replied making Prem scowl while she giggled.


"Go," Kiran ordered pointing his hand upwards.


Prem made a face and started muttering as he left the kitchen, "They always gang up on me.  This isn't fair.  My own own wife...what kind of family is this?  My own children will probably join them and I'll have to defend myself by myself..."  Kiran and Heer just shook their heads and laughed at his childish behavior.


So pumpkin pancakes are finally here!  Well, at least one of them is.  Will it be a boy or a girl?  What will be the name?

Until next time Big smile  Thank you so much for reading.

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Fantastic updateeeClapClap!!!

loved each bit ofBig smile

premeer are darlinggg...feel like giving them a kissBlushing!!!!

kiran n the puppy is soo cute...

loved the way prem was mumbling while telling heer abt puppy n heer gettin upsetLOL

and atlast heer is pregnant...yaaayyyParty

waiting for the pumpkin or pancake or bothWink

do show the way prem takes care of heer during pregnancy, want to see tht phase tooo

thanks for the pm n update sooonnn!!!!!

Edited by repunzell - 29 February 2012 at 6:51am

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flowers4u IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2012 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
absolutly amazing update cant wait for the pumpkin pancakes

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iheartChai IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 February 2012 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by flowers4u

absolutly amazing update cant wait for the pumpkin pancakes

Thanks for taking the time to comment.  It really means a lot.  I'm so glad you liked the update Big smile
MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 February 2012 at 9:24pm | IP Logged

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-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 February 2012 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
The part was awesome... enjoyed reading it...

glad that heer welcomed the puppy in the family... and now the pumkin pancakes are coming really wonderful...

looking forward to the next part...continue super soon...

thanks for the pm..

take care

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