Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Chai'sTeahouse2: 22/4 New Chpt p116 (Page 91)

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waitingg for next

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Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Mission 43: Pumpkin and Pancake


Prem and Heer rushed out of their room in a frantic pace hoping to get to the house on time.  It had taken longer than normal to get ready, partially due to the fact that they hadn't received a proper night's rest.  Prem held his wife's hand securely unwilling to let go unless he absolutely had to as they rode the elevator down.  There was a strange sense of pride and ownership that befell him after the wedding.  She was his.  She belonged to him as he belonged to her.  "I have bags under my eyes?" his wife inquired.

"You look fine, Pumpkin," Prem assured.

Yawning, "If I don't get a good night's sleep soon I'll have raccoon eyes," Heer pouted.

"It's almost over.  The wedding's finished and we just have a few family get togethers before we are off to our Honeymoon.  You can sleep the whole day if you want then," Prem said.  He then caressed her cheek and grinned seeing the mark of sindoor on her head.

Heer smirked at the way he was staring at her.  "You are so..." shaking her head unable to complete her sentence.

"I'm what? " Prem asked as his eyes twinkled at her.  "I'm just hoping this isn't a dream.  I really can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.  I'm just really happy."

"Don't worry this isn't a dream.  Even I don't want it to be that way.  I'm really happy too."

"You and me forever," Prem replied.

"I'll be your Pumpkin forever," Heer smiled making him grin in return.

They turned their attention to the elevator doors as it opened allowing them to disembark and walk through the lobby.  They were about to reach the front doors when they spotted a familiar face on their way to check out of the hotel.  "Vinod Uncle!" they both cheerily greeted.

"Mr. and Mrs. Juneja," he warmly replied.  "How does it feel to be married?"

"Fantastic," Prem answered with a big grin.

"That tune will change's still too early," Vinod teased.

"What was that?" Mrs. Kumar snapped looking at her husband.  "Don't pay any attention to him Prem.  It's not as bad as some people make it out to be.  So you are going to the in-laws house to have lunch?"

"Ji Aunty."


"You two must be in a hurry it's almost noon.  We'll let you be on your way.  If you are every in town do come and visit.  Our house is always opened to you," Mrs. Kumar replied.

"We will Aunty.  Thank you so much for coming," Heer said.  "Have a safe trip back."  She and Prem then bid them farewell and went on their way.


Teji walked down the hallway carrying a set of clean towels that she needed to place back into the bathroom.  Her eyes twinkled in mirth as she heard the playful giggling noises coming from one of the children's rooms.  She made a detour and walked into the bright pink room. 

"Hi Aunty!" two little girls greeted.

"Oh wait, shhh...Prachi," a little girl wearing a yellow dress warned putting her finger up to her mouth.

"Oh yeah...I forgot," hitting her forehead in a dramatic way that had Teji grinning.

"We have to be quiet Teji Aunty," the girl in the yellow dress explained.

"And why is that Khushi?" Teji asked.

"Because they are sleeping," she replied.

"Sleeping?  Mama and Papa?"

"No, not them," Prachi said shaking her head.  "Prem Uncle and Heer Aunty."

"See," pointing her finger towards the bed, "They were playing with us and then Heer Aunty said she needed to lay down and rest for a few minutes.  She asked if she could sleep on my bed."

"And then Prem Uncle started yawning really loudly and told us to continue drawing while he checked on Heer Aunty," Prachi added. 

"But then they never returned," Khushi said.  "They had both fallen asleep on my bed."

"So we decided to just play by ourselves," Prachi smiled.

"Ahh, I see," nodding her head, "You know I think you two have been very good today.  I think someone deserve bourbon biscuits and milk as a snack," Teji said.

"Really?!" the sisters exclaimed in glee.

"Shhh...not too loud," Khushi said reprimanding herself and her sister.

"Sorry, I keep forgetting," Prachi replied.

"So do I."

"Yay..." Prachi said quietly.

"Yay..." Khushi repeated.

"I'll be down in a minute.  You two go first and wait for me in the kitchen," Teji instructed.

The two sisters merrily left the room in great anticipation for their good behavior snack.  Teji grinned at their retreating figures and then turned her attention towards the bed.  As she walked closer her lips curled upward into a motherly smile.  Heer was fast asleep on her side while Prem was curled next to her with his arm loosely wrapped around her waist.  Teji went to the closet and located a blanket to cover them with.  She knew they must be exhausted from all of the events and activities they experienced during the week.  Teji placed the blanket over them and stood back watching them for a few seconds.  She wished them all the happiness in the world and a marriage full of love, understanding, and laughter.  Teji then turned the lights off and slowly closed the door.  She made her way down the stairs knowing Khushi and Prachi were waiting for her in the kitchen.


Prem stood outside the balcony of the hotel room admiring the inner view of the courtyard as he waited for the sun to slowly set.  He was wearing a casual dark but vibrant sea green colored kurta with white pants.  His sleeves were rolled up exposing his muscular forearms to the warm air.  He knew the temperatures would soon drop once the sun went down and was eagerly awaiting the cooler night air.  It was their last night in Jaipur.  The historical sites and majestic palaces they saw in Rajasthan were awe inspiring.  The rich and vibrant culture had a deep impact on both of them and they knew it was a place they would never forget.  They were glad Vinod Uncle had suggested that they visited this place on their Honeymoon.

Prem turned when he sensed the presence of his wife.  He smiled causing her to return a tiny smirk.  "Is my dear husband ready?"

"Is my dear wife finally finished getting ready?" he playfully retorted.

Heer's hazel eyes flashed a dark amber as her lips protruded into a pout.  "Well then..." replying in a miffed manner.

Prem caught her arm and spun her back towards him.  He held her by the waist with a naughty grin.  "These bangles of yours sure get in the way," he complained.

Heer raised her arm up and swiveled her wrist from side to side.  The clinking of red, white, and gold bangles danced along in melody.  "It's tradition.  I'll be wearing them for a month and half.  I'm not suppose to take them off."

"You shower with them on?" Prem inquired making a perplexed face.  "We'll be going to the beach in going to go swimming with them on?"

Slapping her hand against his broad chest, "Don't be silly.  I take them off when I shower and you know that.  I'm trying not to take them off but I don't think it's wise to swim with these bangles on so I won't be wearing them on the beach," Heer answered.

Prem took her left hand into his.  His eyes scanned the long line of red and gold bangles resting from her forearm to her wrist and smiled.  He then tenderly rubbed his thumb against her fingers as he gazed at her wedding ring sitting perfectly on her ring finger.  Prem bent his head down and kissed the knuckle of her ring finger. 

Heer watched his eyelids lift upwards as he raised his head.  She felt her heart pitter patter out of control when she met his soulful eyes.  It always amazed her how much emotion his eyes could evoke.  The intensity he could display sometimes made her breathless.  At this very moment she could see it in his eyes how much he cherished her and how much he loved her.  Heer placed her hand on his cheek and warmly caressed his skin making him close his eyes in thankfulness. 

Prem cupped her hand and breathed steadily letting himself take in this moment.  He never thought he could feel such emotion from a mere touch of the hand.  He stepped closer and gave a tender kiss on her forehead.  He then leaned back to admire what she was wearing; a yellow and red churidar salwar kurta suit.  The top was a golden yellow with gold embroidery.  There was red lining around the neckline, sleeves, and the bottom of the kurta top.  Her pants were red and her sandals were gold.

(click here to see the outfit )


Prem tilted his head and furrowed his eyebrows causing Heer to give him a questioning look.  "I don't think you finished getting ready."

"What?  Really?" she replied bending her head downwards and inspecting her outfit.  She felt her husband take her hand and walk her back into the hotel room.  He made her sit down in front of the vanity and look at herself in the mirror.  "Is it my hair?  Should I have it up?"

"No, I love your hair down," Prem answered.  He took a small round silver jewelry box into his hand and lifted the lid.  A pinch of sindoor was clasped between his thumb and index finger as he lifted his right hand upward towards his wife's forehead.  He then loving placed the sindoor in the part of her hair.  "Now, you are ready."

Heer beamed him a tender smile.  "Thank you."

"Anytime," Prem simply replied.


Preet scanned the crowd around him taking in the sights and sounds of the market.  He was waiting rather patiently for his date to arrive.  He glanced at his watch and pouted that it was already five minutes pass 9:30am.   "Where could she be?" he muttered to himself.  He felt a pair of slender hands cover his eyes, the light weight of a body pressing up against his back, and a girlish giggle by his ear.

"Sorry Preet," Meher apologized when he turned around to face her.  "Sneha Aunty wouldn't let me go.  She had me doing all these chores for her.  It wasn't until Veera stepped in and distracted Aunty was I able to finally get away."

"What time did you wake up this morning?"

"Early...why too early...I think 5:30?" Meher replied.

"5:30?!" Preet exclaimed.  "That Sneha Aunty is too much.  I can't believe even after the wedding the boys are forced to stay at one house and the girls in the other.  She made you wake up that early to do chores?"

"We do have a lot of people in the house.  There is a lot of food to make and dishes to wash," Meher sighed.

Preet took her hands into his and inspected them, "I won't ever let these hands wash another dish again..."

"Stop being so dramatic Preet," Meher replied rolling her eyes.  "You're very sweet but it's going to happen again...whether it is my own plate, your plate, or our children's plates."

Preet flexed eyes at her words.  "Our children?"

"Oh, you don't want to have children?" Meher inquired with a surprised but strained tone.

"No, no, no..." shaking his head, "that's not what I mean," Preet defended.  "Of course I do.  We're getting married...and we'll naturally start building a family together."  He swallowed hard and looked at her earnestly, "You're not mad are you?"  His eyes shifted back and forth trying to read her face and sense her mood.  "Meher?"

She gently broke out into a laugh and shook her head.  "No, I'm not upset.  Come on," taking his hand, "Let's go to the mandir and pray and then go shop around the market."

Preet sighed in relief and followed her as she navigated the street to the temple.  When they came closer to their destination there was a young girl carrying a small flower basket full of jasmine garlands.  She walked directly up to Preet and held up a garland for him to see.  "Bhaiya, a flower garland for Bhabhi?  These are fresh flowers just brought in this morning to the market.  They have a wonderful scent.  See how beautiful they are?  It will look perfect in Bhabhi's hair.  Won't you buy one?"

Preet stared at the flowers in the girl's hand and then looked her in the eye, "Haa Beta, I'll buy one." He handed over some money to her and took the flowers from her hand.

"Bhaiya, here's your change.  You gave too much," the girl said trying to return the extra cash he had given her.

Preet shook his head, "No, that's for you.  You spend it wisely."

"I'll save it for Papa's birthday gift," the girl gushed.

Preet smiled, "I'm sure your Papa will love it."

"Thank you Bhaiya."

Meher glanced over to her fiance and beamed bright smile.  "That was very nice of you."

"A young girl her age selling flowers," shaking his head, "she should be playing with her friends.  I just hope whatever little I can give can help her and her family."

"I'm sure it will," Meher said placing her hand on his shoulder.

Preet grin and motioned for her to turn around.  He carefully tied the string of the garland into her ponytail.  He admired the way the garland sat in her soft tresses and he breathed deeply taking in the sweet smell of jasmine.  Meher helped him set the garland straight and then turned around to face him.  "Beautiful," Preet beamed making her blush.  "Shall we go?"  Meher nodded her head and walked with him side by side to the temple.


Prem sloshed his way through the salty waters as he made his way back to the beach after his swim.  His lips curled upward into a smile as he spotted his wife sitting in her beach chair.  She was wearing a turquoise tankini with a matching sarong.  Her head was buried into a book oblivious to her surroundings.  He sighed as he stood in front of her wondering when she would notice him.  Eventually she turned and looked up but her beautiful hazel eyes were hidden behind her tortoise shelled brown rimmed glasses.  "Are you just going to sit here and bake?" Prem inquired as he playfully lifted her white sun hat from her head. 

"Prem!" Heer snapped as she tried grabbing it back from him.

He smirked and sat down putting it on his wet head.  He purposely squeezed himself onto the side of the beach chair making his wife groan at getting wet.  "Honestly Prem," sighing at his childish behavior as she moved over a little to make room for him.  He just grinned and turned towards her placing his hands on either side of her shoulders trapping her into an intimate position.  His eyes flexed with awe at the way her mouth quickly crinkled into laughter as her head titled back completely amused by him.

"You look ridiculous," Heer giggled covering her handover her mouth.

"Don't like my new hat?" Prem inquired.  Heer took the hat off of his head and placed it to the side where her beach bag was.  "Aren't you tired of reading your book?  You keep laying here and you're going to be so tan that Ma is going to ask me where is my daughter did you leave her in Crete?  Who is this brunt looking person standing next to you?"

"I put sunblock on.  And like you aren't getting a tan?  You're swimming around in the water all day," Heer replied.

Prem snickered and then leaned inward brushing his nose against the side of her cheek.  He started placing soft kisses against her ear making her squirm.  "Prem, not in public," she protested as she pushed his shoulder.

"How about back in our hotel room?" he inquired as he teasingly whispered around her ear.  "We'll be out of the sun.  No more tans."

"Stay in our hotel room for the rest of the trip?" Heer asked.

"Sounds like a great idea, Pumpkin."

"I never suggested it," she replied.

"You just did," brushing his nose against her ear, "Let's go back..."

Heer giggled and slapped his shoulder as he continued to whisper things into her ear.  "Prem, stop whispering and being so naughty."

He pulled back furrowing his eyebrows.  "You want me to tell everyone out loud," pausing dramatically, "Okay if that's what you want.  I want to take my wife back to our hotel room---"

"Prem Juneja!" Heer exclaimed covering his mouth with her hand.  "Don't you dare say anything more."   He grinned mischievously and continued talking into her hand.  "Stop it Prem," she warned."

"I mimn't may amythimg..."


"What?" Heer asked.

Removing her hand from his mouth, "I said I didn't say anything," then sighing, "Fine.  If all you are going to do is read that darn book there then I'll just go back into the water."  Just as he sat up and was about to leave he felt a tug on his arm.  He turned his head, "Yeeesss?"

"Carry my bag for me?" Heer sweetly asked.  He chuckled and offered his hand.


"This was not what I meant," Prem grumbled as he sat on the couch with his hands folded across his chest.  Heer had changed out of her swim gear and was wearing green shorts and a black tank top.  She curled comfortably on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in her arms.  Her eyes were glued to the flat screen TV watching a romantic movie.  "You know things like this don't happen in real life."


"Shhh..." Heer replied as she tried to listen to the romantic dialogue the lead guy was telling the lead girl.


"There is no way a girl would fall for that kind of line.  In real life she'd think he was a scary stalker person and would probably run away.  But in movies the girl is always so trusting.  Doesn't even think twice about talking to the guy," Prem continued to blabber.


"Prem..." Heer whined.


"Seriously Pumpkin, would you listen to his bakwaas?  You'd probably punch him and then walk away."


"Prem!" Heer said as she turned around giving him a glare.  "Will you let me watch the movie?"


"No," he scowled.  He quickly brought his hands up to his face blocking the fury of popcorn being thrown in his direction.  "Pumpkin!"


"Don't ruin the movie!"


"You know what's going to happen," Prem shouted.  "The guy and girl are going to like each other...start falling in love...then something is going to happen...some misunderstanding or something...they will have a falling out but then realize they can't live without each other because they love each other...they get back together and then happily ever after...the end...the movie is over."


"You're so heartless," Heer replied as she placed the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table.


"Heartless?  I just saved two hours for you," Prem smirked.


Heer clamped his mouth shut with her hand while he continued to talk knowing it was annoying her.  She pushed him downward on the couch and was practically laying on top of him.  She huffed at how he was finding all of this extremely amusing.  "You're so mean.  You're pestering me so much like when you were seven."

Prem's eyes twinkled brightly and removed her hand from his mouth.  "Pumpkin!  My wife's nickname is Pumpkin!  Pumpkin!  Pumpkin!  Pumpkin!"

"Shut up, you want the people next door to hear you?" Heer snapped.  "They'll put in a complaint about how noisy we are."

"I love Pumpkin so much.  She's the most beautiful girl in this whole wide world!"

"Premmm!" Heer pleaded as her hand cupped his mouth again.  She could feel his lips curling upward into a wide grin and the muffled laughter erupting from his throat against her palm.  Their eyes gently locked making her give into a tiny giggle.  She lifted her hand away and then laid her chin on his chest.


"Shut up," Heer replied with playful irritation.  Prem grinned and hugged her.  "You're really happy right now aren't you?  Finally got your way?"

"Whatever do you mean?" he smirked.

Heer sighed and shook her head at him.  "So now you have my undivided attention."

"Yes, it seems I do.  You wanna watch a movie?  How about Iron Man 2?"

Heer's mouth formed tightly at his suggestion.  "So you pestered me about watching a movie and it turns out you want to watch your movie instead?" 

"Joking, Pumpkin...joking," Prem laughed.  He placed his finger underneath her chin and tenderly turned her head back towards him.  "I just want to spend some time with you."  He lovingly caressed her cheek and stared into her almond shaped eyes.  "You have the most beautiful eyes."  Moving his fingers through her hair, "the silkiest black hair," brushing his thumb against her cheek, "the softest skin," touching her lips with his finger, "the most kissable lips..."  Heer let out a small snort of laughter making him grin.  "The sexiest laugh."

Heer inched herself closer to him and brushed her nose up against his nose. She could sense that he was looking down at her lips.  "You have the sexist smile," she replied.  Prem smirked at her words and waited for the next complement.  "The softest lips," letting her own lips hover over his in a teasing manner.  But before she could give her next complement her lips were captured by his in an urgent kiss.  Their mouths adjusted accordingly as their tongues collided and caressed softly with each other.

"Mmm...I love your undivided attention," Prem hummed when their lips parted.

Heer let out a gentle chortle.  "You'd say something like that," she said as she rubbed her hand against his shoulder.

"So, you're really serious about having 5 children?" Prem inquired.

"I don't know.  I just sort of said it.  We should at least have two don't you think?" Heer thoughtfully replied.  

"I want a girl," Prem stated.

"I want a boy," Heer said.

"So one of each then," Prem grinned.

"We'll see what happens.  You realize this is up to you...those XY chromosomes you're carrying."

"I know.  We're going to have a baby girl first," Prem smirked.

"So sure are we?" Heer teased.

"I just know it," Prem replied with a determined look on his face.

"Don't be disappointed if the first one is a boy," Heer said as she lovingly caressing his cheek.

"I won't.  Either one I'll be happy with cause he or she will be our pumpkin pancake," Prem answered wiggling his eyebrows.  He watched his wife glow into mirthful laughter and grinned.  "So what do you say?"

"Say what?" Heer inquired looking at with a knowing smile.

"Let's go try and make some pumpkin pancakes."

"Sounds good to me I'm starving," Heer answered as she got off the couch.  She tried her hardest not to laugh at the deflated look her husband was displaying.  She sighed shaking her head as she took his hand into hers and led him towards the bed.  "Honesty, I have a feeling I'm going to be rising six being the biggest one of them all.  You're so pouty when you don't get your way."

"Pumpkin?" Prem replied with a slight confusion in his voice. 

Heer coiled her hands around his neck and smirked.  "You know we aren't ready for them just least an year.  I guess you should call this practice until we're ready?  We have to get the batter just right.  Just enough flour, water, butter, and everything else...then we have to worry about the heat of the pan.  We can't burn them.  Duration is very important."

Prem flashed a mischievous smile as he realized what his wife was doing.  "Duration is very important," he replied placing his hands around her waist pushing her closer to him.  He barely brushed his nose against hers as his lips whispered, "Let's practice."

"Let's," Heer replied as she sealed her lips against his.  She felt herself being lifted upward and she immediately wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her to the bed.

"I love you Pumpkin," Prem lovingly said as he laid her down on the soft mattress.  Heer grinned and pulled him down into a tender and passionate kiss.


Heer yawned sleepily and stretched her back as much as she could while sitting in the passenger seat of the Honda Pilot.  It was Prem's new car.  He had given his Toyota Tacoma to his father.  The Pilot was something he had bought in preparations for the big family he and Heer would one day have.  Heer thought he was being a tad ridiculous but he argued even if they ended up with only one child they still needed a family car.  They could use it for school car pooling and other activities their child would eventually become involved in.  He was not going to buy a minivan and she was in agreement on that matter.  

The bright blue sports utility vehicle rolled into a clean and fresh driveway and then gently parked in front of a sandstone colored garage.  Heer got out of the car and waited for Prem to walk over to her.  He had a bright smile on his face as he placed his hand on the small of her back.  They both took a moment and looked at the house in front of them.  "It's beautiful," Heer sighed.

"It's almost the same house," Prem replied.  "With a few alterations.  I wonder if Mom would have liked it."

"I'm sure she would have approved.  You and Dad did your best to design it like it was before the explosion."

"Yeah."  Prem gave one final look at the exterior before he turned to his wife and inquired, "So, shall we?"  Heer nodded and started walking along the sidewalk leading up to the front door.  "It's been six months.  A long six months of construction but now I can finally bring you home.  You're finally home Mrs. Juneja," Prem said as he rang the door bell.

Heer smiled and waited patiently for the door to open.  They had woken up early in the morning and left her house to visit Prem's parent's grave site.  They brought with them some fresh flowers and a box of ladoos.  They were seeking their blessings as they embarked on this new chapter in their lives.  After visiting his parents they then went and visited Kulraj's grave site hoping to receive the same blessings as well.

The large white door of the house opened revealing Kiran with a huge grin on his face.  Meher and Preet were also there in the house waiting for them.  Preet had become like a brother to Prem and in turn Prem considered Meher to be like his sister-in-law.  So, he requested that Meher complete the aarti on behalf of Kulraj welcoming Heer into the house as the new daughter-in-law.  Meher stepped forward with the prayer plate and started performing the aarti with great happiness.  Heer placed her right foot forward onto a plate filled with vermilion powder that had been mixed with milk.  She then lifted her left foot into the mixture and after both feet had been sufficiently covered she stepped with her right foot and kicked over a vessel filled with rice and coins.  She walked across the threshold of the house marking her entry into her new home.

"Welcome home," Kiran greeted.

"Thank you Dad," Heer replied as she bent down to take his blessing. 

"It's been a long six months but the house is finally finished.  So how do you like your new home?" Kiran inquired.

Heer scanned the scenery before her.  The living room was filled with new furniture.  Furniture that she had helped picked to accommodate the space.  She had only walked through the house once.  Prem wanted her to see the house in its entirety on the day she was actually moving in.  He wanted it to be sort of like a surprise.  He only allowed her to see photos of the rooms so she could help them pick out the furniture.  The only thing Heer knew was that on the first level there was going to be a bedroom next to the office and on the second level there was going to be a master bedroom and three other bedrooms.   "It looks great," Heer smiled.

"Prem why don't you give her a tour of the house?"

"Uncle, she has to make sweets for us," Meher said.  "It's tradition...the new daughter-in-law has to make sweets."

"Yeah," Preet smirked.  "Bhabhi has to it's tradition."

Heer's eyes went wide at their insistence but she nodded her head.  "I'll go to the kitchen now."

Kiran put up his hand, "It's okay.  You're parents are going too aren't they?  They said they would be here around 11:30.  You can make it then while everyone is here."

"Yes, they're coming.  They are bringing over the last of my things," Heer stated.

"Good...good," looking at his son, "you can show your wife around the house."

Prem gave an appreciative look and began guiding Heer around the new house.  He showed her the prayer room by the main entrance way, the living room, kitchen, the office, and the new guest bedroom next to the office.  When he ascended the stairs he went to the left first and showed her the three bedrooms and the full bathroom that was shared on the second level.  He then walked back down the hallway towards the master bedroom.  "And this," opening the cream colored door, "is our bedroom."  Heer looked about taking in the slate painted walls and the rich mahogany bedroom set Prem had purchased for them.  "We have a walk in closet," he said with some excitement, "you can take all of this side," pointing to his left, "and some of this side," pointing to his right, "and I'll just take this little corner over here," pointing to a small area on the back wall, "fair deal huh?" Before Heer could respond he quickly grabbed her hand and rushed her over to their bathroom.  "Look we have a Jacuzzi bathtub," showing her the tub that was tucked in the corner of the room between the his and her vanity and sinks.  "And I thought it would be a good idea to have the vanity area separate.  You have the left one here with the vanity mirror to help with your makeup.  And I have the one on the right next to the shower."  Heer walked towards the glass shower stall and opened the door inspecting the marble like tile inside.  She noted the bench like seat at the end of the shower stall and looked at it pondering how they would use it.  "Not sure myself," Prem said almost answering her thoughts.  "The builders just built that with it.  Maybe you can use it to prop your leg up when you shave?  We could probably place our bath products there."

"It will collect soap scum.  We'll have to clean it every day after we take our showers," Heer replied.  She closed the door and looked at her husband.

"What's the matter Pumpkin?" Prem inquired noticing the way she was looking at him.

"What about Dad?"

"Dad insisted that we take the master bedroom.  He's taking the room downstairs.  It's like a master bedroom but smaller.  He has a small walk in and his own bathroom.  The office can also act as guest room.  That's why the bathroom next to it is a full sized bath.  When we have kids the three bedrooms upstairs will be full," Prem explained.  He placed his thumb and index finger on her chin and titled it upward, "What's wrong?  You don't like the bathroom?"

Heer shook her head, "No, it's not that.  I just feel...I mean Dad...I don't like that we've kicked him out of his bedroom."

"I wasn't too keen on it either but Dad explained that now that Mom's gone he doesn't really need that big of a room.  He's fine with the room downstairs.  It's still pretty big and he doesn't have to worry about going up and down the stairs if he forgets something.  He wants us to have the room.  He says this house belongs to us when he passes.  That's why I made sure that the room downstairs was like its own master bedroom," Prem replied.  "You going to be okay?"

Heer nodded her head.  "We should go down.  My parents are probably here."  She walked back into the bedroom and was heading towards the main door when she felt her husband grab her by the waist.  "Premm!" she exclaimed.  She knew he was grinning widely as he tightened his hold around her.  Heer teetered towards the right as he moved them so she was facing the bed.  She rolled her eyes as he brushed some of her hair over to right shoulder and placed a kiss on her neck.  "Later."

"What are you talking about?" Prem replied in his most innocent voice.  "I'm just showing you the new bed.  You like the position of it?  Like the bed spread?  How about the headboard?"

"You know what I'm talking about.  Don't act all innocent."

"I'm innocent," Prem pleaded.

"Pancake, you are far from innocent," Heer laughed.

"I am innocent," he stressed and then nuzzled her ear making her giggle even more.

"We'll christen it later tonight," Heer said.  Prem stretched his neck and looked at her.  "Oh, so you think I'm lying?"

"No.  I'm just going to say I'm going to hold you to those words," he grinned.

"I'm looking forward to being held against you," Heer cheekily commented.

Prem chuckled as she broke free from his hold.  "You're amazing Pumpkin you know that?"

"I know.  It's one of the many reasons why you love me," Heer replied as she walked out the door.

"Yeah," Prem sighed with a goofy grin on his face as he watched her walk out the door. 


Hope you guys enjoyed that. 

I wanted to try to show the childish side of Prem and the way they acted when they were seven...the irritated yet playful banter they use to have when they were younger.  I wanted a touch of that in this chapter to see where they were and where they are now. Madly in love with each other but still best friends.

Until Next Time Wink

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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2012 at 11:14pm | IP Logged

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Ms.Raizada IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 12:31am | IP Logged
hi grace di!!! this was a fab update!!!
and yeah a very happy valentine's day 2 u 2.. hope u enjoyed!!!
like every time the update was superb!!! i loved it..
prem heer like always were very cute!! this time a bit more cute!! coz they were acting as kids...
and as usual the romance!! prem doesnt even leaves a chance 2 romance!!
he is so very sweet and cute!!
and preet the cutie pie.. like always as very cute!!
i loved prem's heer's naughtiness
and finally they are back to their house!!
i loved the way u described everythng!!!
so overall it was a fabulous chapter di!!!!
so now u dnt have 2 keep us waiting
thanks for  a wondeful chapter!!! update soon!!!

love ya.. take care

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kiran_28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 1:18am | IP Logged
nice update waiting 4 der pumpkin nd pancake 2 cum
thnx 4 pm

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aakriti120 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 5:39am | IP Logged

awesome update dear..
loved prem and heer...they were really really cute...
preet and meher are sweet too...

thanks for the pm..

continue soon..:)

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repunzell Goldie

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 8:36am | IP Logged
it was superb update ClapClap!!!

loved the way you are molding the story...Star!!!

prem teasing heer all the tyme...loved thatLOL!!!

prem admiring pumcake n heer admiring pancake n their relationship was superbbbWink!!!

heer cumin to his home atlast, doin all the ritual, meher n preet being their, that all in all was so sweetBig smile!!!

prem giving a tour of their house, n showing awl the room n furnitures n their nook shook was soo cuteee!!!!

prem n heer romance was no doubtly awesume n icing on the cake is the way u show itBlushing!!!

fantastic update Graceee!!!!

thanx for the pmSmile

update soon!!!!

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