Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Chai'sTeahouse2: 22/4 New Chpt p116 (Page 88)

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lovely update ...loved premeer conversation about their lil pumpkin pancakesEmbarrassed but seriously five???Shocked well everything is possible with prem romancing heer 24/7...waiting for the suhaag raatBlushing update soon

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that was great update ...loved it ...
premeer were awesome ...
thanks for the pm ...
and please update soon ...

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Yippie.. u updated...

the part was

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just caught up with every update! Loved it! keep it up!


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update soon!!!

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It was such a beautiful update ...
I was totally lost in Premeer ...
Every scene was amazing ...
Loved it update ...
And I m soo happy that finally they are married ...
They are truly made for each other ...
Great part ...
Update soon ...

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Hi Everyone!

I'm back like I said and this time...on time! LOL

Thank you all for those that hit the Like Button or posted a Comment.  I really appreciate it .  I know that lots of things have happened and people are a bit hesitant or aren't as active in the forum any more.  But my love of Prem and Heer won't die so I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.  I wish both Harshad and Additi all the best in their careers.  May be one day they will come again in a show but as different characters...anything can happen in this industry and until then I have nothing but positive wishes for them both.  Their person lives are their personal lives so I think we should leave it like that. 

The Number One Jodi in my heart will always be Prem and Heer and nothing will change that.

*Warning some masala

Mission 42: Our Happily Ever After


The night sky slowly grew into a dark black as the hours passed.  The reception was in full swing with merriment, laughs, dancing, and wedding games.  Preet was the emcee for the night and was giving the guest the timeline of the events that were going to occur during the reception. 


Prem was standing in a corner getting teased ruthlessly by his male friends for having lost the ring game he and Heer had just played.  "I can't believe you couldn't find it.  You work for the CIA don't you?" Leo inquired.


"It's a lot harder than you think," Prem defended.  "The ring was in milk okay and she kept pushing my shoulder."


"Now, she's going to get the upper hand in your relationship.  You're a hen-pecked husband," Vick said sadly shaking his head.  "You don't know cause you've just got married."


"Watch what you know how Debbie has great hearing," Leo whispered.  "She'll know you're talking about her."


"No way...with all this noise?" Preet laughed.  Just as he had finished saying that they heard Debbie calling Vick over to meet some people.  Preet's eyes went wide, "No way..."


"Didn't I tell you?" Leo jested looking at his brother.


Vick cleared his throat and sighed, "My wife is calling if you all will excuse me."  He turned around and cheerily replied back to Debbie, "Coming."


"You're going to be at Heer's beck and call from now on, my friend," Jacob said.


"This is one of the reasons I don't want to get married," Sam adamantly voiced.  "You lose all your freedom.  You can't go out just cause you feel like have to ask permission now.  You can't eat pizza every night cause that's not healthy.  You have to call her family members and wish them happy birthday, happy anniversary, or congratulate them on graduating or getting a job or something."


"Wait, don't you already do that now with Nicole?" Jacob asked with a perplexed look on his face.


"Yeah," Sam replied bitterly.


"You two aren't even married," Manmeet added.


"And I we won't be getting married any time soon either," Sam huffed.


"You better not say that too loud.  If Nicole finds out..." Prashant warned.


"You're a dead man," Manmeet finished.


"Doesn't she really want to get married?" Prem asked.


"Yes, and that's why I don't want to.  I'm already doing all these things.  If we do get married what other stuff is she going to force me to do?" Sam replied.


"It can't be that bad," Jacob said.  "You two sound like you are practically married.  All you would be doing is putting a ring on her finger."


"I don't know man," Sam sighed.


"Sounds like it's all a part of her plan...she's a sly fox...that one you have."  Prem turned around at the sudden intrusion of a British accent in their conversation.  He beamed a huge grin making the intruder smile back.  "Congratulations Old Chap," Ethan greeted extending his hand.  "My apologies for coming so late.  A prior engagement kept me longer than I had expected."


Prem gave a nod knowing exactly what he was saying to him.  Ethan had gotten held back by a mission he had to complete.  "It's okay.  I'm glad you could make it to the reception at least," giving him a hug.


"The food is absolutely fantastic," Ethan replied.  "So that game you just played?"


"It's horrible isn't it?  He lost the ring to Heer," Leo explained.


Ethan started to chuckle at his explanation at what had occurred.  "Ah, you see that is incorrect.  Old Chap here found the ring and gave it to Love.  He wanted her to win."


Prem was startled at the way his friends were all suddenly looking at him.  "Really man?" Leo asked.


"You let Heer win?" Preet gasped.


"She won the game fair and square," Prem replied trying to defend his position.  His eyes however shifted over to Ethan giving him a tiny glare at figuring out what he had actually done.  "Ethan's just pulling your leg."


Heer was giggling and laughing with her group of friends on the other side of the room.  But ever so often her eyes would shift towards where her husband was watching what he was doing with his friends.  Sometimes her eyes would meet his and she'd have to force herself to look away so it wouldn't be obvious that they were staring at each other from across the room.  She knew she would receive more teasing if she got caught.  Heer sensed a sudden change in her surroundings and looked up to see her friends were all looking at a man wearing an amber color kurta suit.  "Dev," Heer said with a warm greeting.  Heer's friends all understood and politely excused themselves allowing them to talk in private.


"Congratulations," he said.  He was having trouble keeping his eyes still as she was looking stunning in her wedding sari and he felt it was inappropriate for him to let his eyes linger too long.  She was someone's wife now.  He swallowed hard trying to easy the lump in his throat.  He was feeling this nervous awkwardness within himself.  He knew their relationship was over and he had thought he had made peace with that fact when he accepted the wedding invitation.  But seeing the ceremony and watching her take the rounds around the fire with another man his heart felt the sharp pain of heartbreak and he couldn't help but wished he was the one standing at the mandap beside her.  The bitter feelings of regret floated inside of him and he tried his best not to let it show on his face.  He truly wanted to wish her well and he knew Prem was a good man who would take good care of her. 


"Thank you," Heer replied.  She had been rather apprehensive at first when she suggested to Prem that she wanted to invite Dev to their wedding.  Prem knew their history and the things that had happened in their relationship.  He was well aware of the fact that she still felt slightly guilty at how things had ended.  A part of her wanted to end things in a more positive note; if that was even possible.  She knew how cruel it sounded to invite her ex to her wedding just to let him know she was going to be fine.  That she didn't hate him for what he did.  Things just weren't meant to be and no one was at fault.  What surprised her and touched her the most was Prem was very understanding about it.  He knew she wanted to find some sort of closure to this part of her past.


"It was a beautiful ceremony," Dev complimented making Heer give a grin.


"Thank you."  Dev gave a polite smile but didn't say anything after that.  Heer breathed deeply and asked, "You didn't think I would really send an invitation did you?   Back then when you helped Prem and I..."


Dev tilted his head downward and sheepishly grinned.  "I remember.  I got this feeling that there was something else going on between the two of you," letting out a small chuckle, "Can't believe I was actually right.  I know meeting like that after so many years was a bit nerve-racking," looking into her eyes, "I truly wish you all the happiness in this world.  You deserve it."


"He makes me happy.  He takes good care of me.  You don't have to worry," Heer replied.


"I know he does.  I see how much Prem loves you.  You can see it in the way he looks at you," Dev said.  "Perhaps it was meant to be this way.  I heard the story about you two.  Known each other since the age of seven?  And all the things that you both have been through.  If I had gotten in the wouldn't have such a romantic story to tell everyone now, would you?  I think a thank you is in order."


Heer chortled at his words and then sincerely said, "I want you to be happy too."


"I have my work," Dev replied.


"Dev..." Heer warned.


He grinned and then nodded his head, "Understood.  I'll send you an invitation...though I need to find a girl first.  Know anyone who's single?"            


Prem scanned the ballroom looking for his wife wondering where she had run off to.  Most of the guests and family members had left the reception.  There were only a handful of people still straggling about the empty ballroom.  He knew his in-laws were busy saying goodbye to some of their relatives but would be back soon to say their own goodnights to him and their daughter.  His eyes twinkled when he finally spotted her near the stage talking to a little girl with pigtails.  His ears perked to their conversation as he made his way towards them.


"You look so pretty," the little girl said with a smile.  She had one missing tooth on her top row of teeth.  "Like a princess."


"Why thank you Ana," Heer replied.  "So, I see you finally lost that tooth."


"Yes.  I was eating an apple and it came out.  It didn't hurt but my mouth was bleeding.  It scared Mommy," she answered.


"Did the Tooth Fairy leave you anything?"


Her toothless smile appeared again as she nodded her head animatedly in glee, "I got a whole dollar!"


"A whole dollar?  Wow!  What are you going to do with it?"


"Buy a chocolate bar," Ana replied.  "But Mommy says it's not good to eat too much chocolate."


"You're Mommy is right.  It makes your teeth go bad," Heer said in a sympathetic tone.


"I know," Ana sighed.  "I think I'll save it for later like for Daddy's birthday gift."


"When is your Daddy's birthday?"


Ana's nose scrunched upward as she thought hard for a few seconds before she relaxed and replied, "I don't know.  Mommy always tells me when to tell Daddy happy birthday."  Heer chortled lightly at her words and then turned around when she heard Ana exclaim in delight, "Uncle Prem!"  She watched as Ana ran towards him and was lifted effortlessly into the air by her husband.


"Hi Ana!  Aren't you tired?  It is way past your bedtime," Prem asked as he held securely in his arms.


"No," she replied shaking her head.  "It's been so much fun!"


"What did you like the best?"


"The dancing," she grinned.


Prem chuckled, "I see."  He turned his head in time to see that Heer was smiling at his interaction with the little six year old girl.  They briefly exchanged an eye lock understanding that they were both thinking about what their children would be like.


"Thank you so much for watching Ana while we went to the washroom Heer," Maria said as she and her husband Peter came walking up.


"Daddy!" Ana called out in happiness. 


Peter smiled and took his daughter from Prem's arms.  "So, I'm going to say this even though I know the consequences of saying such a thing.  You still have some time if you want to change your mind.  Your twenty-four hours isn't up yet."  Heer and Maria immediately shot him deadly glares.


Prem laughed, "You're a brave man for saying something like that."


"That he is," Maria said.


"I'm perfectly happy..." walking over to Heer's side and putting his arm around her shoulder, "being a married man," Prem answered.  Heer gave him a forgiving smile making Peter let out a warm chuckle.


"All right.  I think it's time for us to go.  Congratulations to you both.  I know the night is still young for you two," giving a wink, "But us old married people need our sleep," Peter teased.


"Thank you both for coming," Prem replied.


"Yes, thank you so much," Heer added.


"If you ever come to Romania our door is always open," Peter invited.


"Thanks," Prem nodded.


"Goodnight," Maria waved.


"Bye-bye," Ana said waving her hand at them.  "Come to Romania Uncle Prem and Aunt Heer."


"You heard what she said," Peter smirked.


"Goodnight.  Have a safe flight back," Prem chuckled as he and Heer waved goodbye to them.


Heer tried her hardest to blink back her tears but they wouldn't stop.  She had been dreading this moment even though she knew she was being rather silly about it.  She had teared up rather badly during the wedding ceremony when her parents gave her hand to Prem.  And now she was doing it again as they were saying goodbye for the night.


"I promise to take good care of her," Prem said looking at his in-laws.


Teji wiped her tears and gently sniffled, "I know you will."


"We'll see you for lunch?" Balraaj inquired.


"12:30, right?" Prem confirmed.


"Right."  Balraaj looked at his daughter and found himself suddenly getting emotional.  Heer came forward and gave him a tight hug.  He patted her back trying to sooth her cries.  "Why are you crying?  You love him don't you?  He's a good man isn't he?  This isn't goodbye forever, right?"  He gently lifted her chin up and wiped her tears away with the pads of his thumbs.  "You'll visit us."


"Yes Papa," Heer replied nodding her head as she sniffled back her tears.


"That's right," Balraaj said with a watery smile.  He then placed her hand into Prem's hand and gave him a firm look.  Prem understood his meaning and nodded his head.  "Go, it's late and you two need your rest.  We'll see you tomorrow."  Balraaj placed his arm around his wife's shoulder for support and waved goodnight to his daughter and son-in-law.  Teji leaned into his shoulder and softly sniffled. 


Prem gently lead Heer away to the elevators so they could go up to their suite.  He didn't know what to say as her tears continued to fall.  He just stood there rubbing her back while they waited for the elevator to come.  When it came he held her hand and escorted her in and swiped the key card to go to their floor.  The mellow elevator music began to play as they were carried to the 30th floor. 


"You can visit them as much as you want," Prem finally said breaking the silence.  "You know I won't object.  And we'll still be living with them after we come back from our Honeymoon...our house is still being built so it isn't goodbye you know."  He's eyes flexed when he heard her let out a watery chortle.


"I know I'm being completely ridiculous about this," Heer sniffled. 


"You're not being ridiculous," Prem replied as he tenderly wiped her tears away.  "It's going to be different now.  You're use to living with your parents and seeing them every day now it will be maybe two times in a week you'll see them."


"Three?" Heer softly requested.


Prem smiled and corrected himself, "Three times a week."


Heer gave a big grin and replied cutely, "Thank you." 


"Ahhh," Prem sighed as he stretched his back, "I can't decide if I want to take a shower or just crawl into bed."


"Only two options?" Heer inquired arching her eyebrows.  "Where's option number three?"


"There's an option number three?" Prem asked trying to suppress his smile.


"Don't act like you don't know," Heer replied slapping her hand on his chest.


Prem grabbed her hand and pulled her closer, "If Mrs. Juneja is up to it then option three can be available."  Their eyes gently locked and knowing smirks appeared on their lips.  They knew the rest of the night was going to be devoted to one thing; love.


As the elevator stopped and the doors opened Prem took Heer's hand into his and began walking down the hallway to their hotel suite.  Heer was giggling at the way Prem was walking so fast.  He was in a hurry to reach their room.  They both stopped short when they saw a group of their friends huddling around their door.  "What are you guys doing here?" Prem inquired.


"Obviously," Meher smiled as she extended her hand out, "Pay up."


"Pay up?" Prem repeated in disbelief.


"If you want to enter the room you have to pay then we'll leave," Debbie explained.  "That's the rule isn't it?"


"Pay?  I've already paid enough people tonight.  I lost my shoes and I had to pay you girls," Prem replied.


"Just pay us and we'll leave you two alone," Vick ordered.


"What are you doing here?  You've switched sides now?" Prem asked looking at him, Leo, and Preet.


"You lost the ring game and we had to pay.  Apparently the only people getting paid around here are the girls.  So we switched sides," Leo said.


"You had a bet going?" Heer asked.


"Yeah, and this one," glaring at Prem, "purposely lost.  Hen-pecked husband!" Preet crossly stated.  "Anyways pay up."


Prem stared in awe as his friends extended their hands out waiting to receive money.  He exhaled bitterly and nodded his head, "Fine.  But I don't have much.  You guys are making me poor.  I'm a newlywed.  I have to provide for my wife and here you are asking for money," slapping cash into people's hands, "One day I'll ask to borrow money and when you ask me why I'm doing this I'll say well I would have had the money but I had to pay everyone on my wedding night because they decided they wouldn't leave until I paid them."


Everyone was snickering at what Prem was muttering even Heer couldn't stop herself as he was sounding like an angry old man.  "Okay you've all been please," waving his hand so they would move away from the door.


"Thank you so much!" Preet smiled.


"Congratulations," Meher cheered.  "Goodnight."


"Remember to hang the do not disturb sign," Debbie teasingly whispered to Heer.  She chuckled when she saw how pink her cheeks had gotten.


"Debbie," she warned.


"At least I didn't say hang up the phone properly," Debbie joked back.


"Goodnight," Heer quickly said and turned around to head into the hotel suite.


"Congratulations," Leo and Vick sincerely shouted as the door closed shut.


Prem was still grumpy over what had happened and had barely heard the congratulatory wishes his friends had said.  He took off his wedding turban and the red stole from around his neck and tossed it onto the couch.  He then stood there in the middle of the room sighing and shaking his head.  His ears perked to the sound of a door opening and he quickly looked up to see his wife walking out onto the balcony.  His eyes shifted to his left and saw that their bed was decorated with beautiful flower garlands and petals.  He gently berated himself for getting so worked up and went out onto the balcony to be with his wife.


He saw her standing by the railing staring up at the night sky.  There was a full moon and its illuminating glow was breath taking.  He walked up behind Heer and placed his hands on her shoulders.  "Sorry," he apologized.


"What for?  My husband just lost some of his money.  And that money is mine too now...I just lost some of my money...I want it back," Heer replied making him chuckle.  She then felt him wrap his arms around and her bring her into a back hug.  She leaned into his embrace enjoying the feeling of being held by him.  Prem breathed steady and rested his head on the side of her head as they gazed up at the sky together.  This was the perfect moment where words didn't need to be said.  They could feel it in their hearts.  They could feel it in their souls.  This is where they belonged.  This was just the beginning of their happily ever after.


They stood there for some time in silence gazing at the moon.  After a hectic week of running around preparing for the wedding and attending the necessary prayers and events, this peaceful and relaxed moment together was just what they needed.  Heer lazily rubbed her thumb against Prem's hand in a tender and affectionate way.  She grinned as she felt him tap his head against her head in a playful manner.  "It's getting late," Heer sighed. 


Prem slowly pulled his arms from around her waist and placed his hands on her shoulders making her turn around.  Heer could see the love and burning desire in his eyes as he caressed her cheek.  Her eyelids closed when she felt the fabric of her wedding dupatta fall from her head.  Her chest rose in exhilaration as their lips connected.  She felt as if she was flying.  When her eyes opened she met Prem's heated gaze causing her cheeks to redden.  Words didn't need to be said as eyes told everything.  She was soon swept off her feet and carried into the bedroom where the garland decorated bed laid.  Heer rested her arms comfortably around his neck and gazed back at him with a shy smile.


Prem carefully bent downwards to lay her softly on the bed.  His eyes never left her hazel ones as he did this.  There was a sudden loud crackling sound that jolted them out of their romantic reverie.  Prem's eyes widen in alarm as Heer shrieked at the unexpected sound.  He helped his wife off the bed and they both grabbed the covers flipping it over.  "Preet!" they both angrily exclaimed as they looked down and inspected their wedding bed.  There were several pieces of broken papdum laying on the bed sheet.  "He said he helped decorate.  Figures he would do something like this," Prem groaned.


Heer sighed, "We have to take this sheet off the bed." Prem nodded and walked to the other side of the bed so they could carefully fold the sheet containing the papdum together and lift it off the bed.  "Please don't tell me he laid everything on the actual bed sheet."


"No, there is another sheet underneath this," Prem said as he lifted his corner upwards.


"Good, otherwise I would have killed him," Heer replied.


"You would have killed him?"


"I want my rest and I'm not going to have a piece of papadum digging into my back all night," Heer explained.     


"Well, from the looks of it he was smart of enough to use two bed sheets.  One to place the papadum and the other to protect the covers.  He must have brought these sheets in," Prem said inspecting the yellow and red sheets in his hands.  "These don't match with the bed."


"We will have to return them to him before we leave for our Honeymoon," Heer replied as they placed the papadum sheets into a corner of their room.


"That was a bit of a mood killer," Prem said looking at his wife.  "You want to go to bed?"


Heer yawned and nodded her head.  "I'll go change in the bathroom." 


They both turned to their suitcases and began taking out their toiletries and pajamas.  Heer went into the bathroom first to get ready for the night.  Prem went to the half bath in the suite to go change and brush his teeth.  A few minutes later Prem returned to the bedroom expecting to see his wife already in bed but she was still in the bathroom.  He walked over and gently knocked on the door, "Pumpkin, you need any help?  I just realized you had all that jewelry on.  Are you okay?"


"Yes, I'm fine Prem.  I thought you were knocking cause you thought I had fallen asleep," she giggled in reply.


Prem chuckled at her comment, "Well, if you didn't come out in the next thirty minutes I would have thought that."


"I'll be out soon."


"All right," Prem said and walked over to the night stand where he had left his cell phone.  He sent a text out to his good friend.  "Preet, you b*stard!"  His eyes flexed as he was surprised to see message sent back to him so quickly.


"Enjoyed the surprise, I see."


"What are you doing up?"


"I'm up because these old people here won't go to sleep.  Their drinking tea, eating pakoras, and telling stories.  But wait, why are you texting me?  Aren't you ahem-ahem???"


"She's in the bathroom."


"Oh, getting freshened up?  Well, good luck and I hope the walls aren't too thin."


Prem rolled his eyes at his comment.  "Thank you for your concern."




"But we're actually getting ready for bed."


"Isn't that what I just said?"


"She's tired."


"Oh.  Bad luck then.  Maybe you'll get lucky tomorrow."


"Thanks.  Goodnight."


"Goodnight.  I swear what do these old people have to talk about?  It's almost three o'clock in the morning and they look like they just got started.  I don't know when I'm going to sleep.  I can't sleep with all this noise."


"Go to Meher's place then."


"And get beaten by the Aunties there?  No thank you.  Maybe I'll stuff my ears with cotton."


"Good idea."


"Night then."


"Night," Prem texted and then turned off his phone.  He glanced towards the bathroom door when he heard the knob turning.  His eyes flexed curiously as his wife came out wearing a light blue silk robe.  He had never seen her use one before. 


"You're not sleeping?" Heer inquired as she turned around.


"I was waiting for you," Prem answered.  His eyebrows arched as she saw her laugh.  "What's so funny?"


"I thought you would be in your track pants and t-shirt.  I wasn't expecting you in kurta pajamas," she grinned.


"They are pretty comfy.  I got sort of use to them during my stay at the hospital," Prem said inspecting his white kurta top.  "Where's your cell phone?"

"I'm not sure.  Mama had it last.  Why?"

"I just want to make sure it was turned off if you had it...I turned mine off.  Don't want to get disturbed with early morning calls," Prem explained and started setting the alarm clock on the night stand.  "Eleven sounds like a good time?"

"Eleven sounds great," Heer replied with grin.  She then walked over to the bed and looked at her husband.  Prem finished setting the alarm and then looked at her wondering if there was something wrong.  "Prem..."

"Yeah?" he replied.  He shuffled on his knees as he moved across the bed to where she was standing and looked at her curiously.  "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong," she answered and rested her hands around his shoulders.  She then leaned in and gave him a slow and tender kiss. 

Prem felt her cup his cheek and gently stroke his skin making him realize that the night was far from over for them.  He could feel this tingling rising heat forming between their bodies and the urge to just melt into one another.  His eyelids lifted open as their lips parted and he watched with baited breath as Heer began to slowly untie the knot on her silk robe.

Heer was deliberate with her moves making sure she had his attention as she began to slip the robe off of her body.  Her hazel eyes flexed as she saw a brightness grow in Prem's brown eyes at what was being revealed to him.  She was feeling rather proud of herself that she was commanding all of his attention like this.   Prem stared in amazement seeing her in a delicate laced babydoll lingerie piece.  It still covered what needed to be covered as she wasn't fully exposing herself.  It was sexy but still classy at the same time.  Heer grinned and whispered softly into his ear, "Like it?"

"It's going to be a long night," Prem breathed.

"I don't mind," Heer giggled as she cupped his face and kissed him sweetly yet passionately.

Prem hungrily responded and pulled her down onto the bed.  He was beginning to regret that he had worn the kurta pajamas as he was feeling insufferably hot and wanted to strip out of them as fast as he could.  He rolled them over and then started to hurriedly take his kurta top off.  He was having trouble and he couldn't understand why.  The bottom part of the cotton shirt had flipped over and was covering his head making it difficult for him to see.  He could hear his wife laughing making him whine, "Pumpkin..."

"The buttons," Heer answered as she moved the shirt back down and unbuttoned it for him.  "You were right this is going to be a long night."  She helped him lift his shirt off and gently toss it to the floor.  "Ohh Pancake," patting his cheek as she noticed the pout forming on his face, "I love you."  Prem lifted his eyes and gave her a questioning look knowing the mood had changed again.  Heer gave him a reassuring smile and wrapped her arms around his bare shoulders.  "You have something to finish.  You're not allowed to stop until I tell you to." She grinned when she saw the flash of naughtiness appear in his eyes.

"Not allowed to stop?" Prem smirked.

"Not allowed to stop," Heer repeated and tenderly kissed him.  It didn't take long for Prem to deepen the kiss and lay her softly down on the bed.

The night seemed too short for them as they showered each other with love and affection.  Sweet murmurs filled their ears, pleasurable tingles touched their skin, and intoxicating desires filled their mouths.  When one satisfying storm ended they laid in the aftermath letting their hearts and their bodies stretch into a steady calmness.  But it didn't take long for another storm to form and whip themselves into another frenzy of desire.

Heer collapsed against her husband's chest breathing heavily unable to move.  Prem brought his arms around her and rubbed her back making her sigh.  He was still feeling the after effects but managed to say, "You're amazing...this whole day has been amazing," breathing unevenly, "I love you so much," kissing her head.  He felt her purr against his chest making him grin.  He glanced towards the windows and saw that the darkness of the night had faded into early dawn.  "Should we rest?"

Heer lifted her head and looked at him, her cheeks still a rosy pink and nodded her head.  Prem tenderly tucked her hair behind her ear and caressed her cheek.  "I don't feel like moving," Heer said.

"You don't have to.  I'll take care of it for you." Prem gently rolled her over and tucked the sheets around them.  "Comfy?"

"Yes," Heer replied as she snuggled underneath the maroon covers.  She held Prem's hand as he laid behind spooning her.  "I love you."

"I love you too," Prem replied and then closed his eyes falling quickly into a deep sleep.


Heer turned to her side and nuzzled into her pillow trying to find a comfortable spot to rest.  Her eyelids however, gently opened and saw Prem's smiling face making her smile in return.  "You're up."

"I just woke up.  I don't know why," he replied.

Heer gave a long blink and hummed when she felt Prem tenderly caressing her cheek.  She stared into his deep brown eyes studying the way they flexed as he looked at her.  She reached over and began stroking his cheek as well.  Their faces were inches apart but they moved closer letting the tip of their noses touch.  Prem let his fingers lazily trace her neck and then lift upward as her hand met with his in a brushing touch before it fell back down.  Heer watched as Prem blinked; his beautiful lashes grazing his smooth skin.  She then affectionately let her finger trail from his cheekbone down to his chin.  She rubbed his stubble against her thumb enjoying the soft graining feeling making him give a small grin.

Prem moved his arm closer and firmly placed his hand on her lower back.  This made Heer move forward cuddling herself against his neck.  Prem could feel her breath fanning his skin making his body tingle all over.  Prem held her securely to him and began rubbing her back.  Heer shifted her head so she was comfortably resting on her side.  Her eyes stared as their hands playfully intertwined marveling at how they complimented each other.  Her small feminine hands fitted perfectly into his larger masculine ones.  Eventually, her eyes trailed downward taking note of how tan his forearm was compared to the upper half of his arm.  His skin was a light oatish brown.  Her skin was of a wheatish complexion and she loved the way their skin tones meshed together when they cuddled like this.  She pursed her lips and placed a few soft kisses on his chest making him sigh in pleasure.  She lifted her head and kissed his chin.  She could feel the grin forming on his mouth and it made her smirk.  Her eyes stared into his with a sultry look while his soulful brown eyes gazed back intensely.

"Is there time?" he inquired wondering if they could have another romantic interlude before the alarm beeped.

"We'll make time," Heer replied her mouth hovering over his.

Prem leaned forward and captured her lips savoring the way they tasted.  There was a sudden rush within his body as it became alert to the sensations it was feeling.  He groaned when Heer torn her mouth away so she could shower him with kisses on his neck and chest.  His hands traveled from her waist up to her shoulders in a sensual manner making her sigh.  Heer lifted her head up and grinned as their lips met once more.  They stayed like this for some time kissing and caressing each other.  In time Heer rolled onto her back pulling her husband with her.  She sunk her fingers into the base of his hair as he began to tantalize her with wet kisses down her neck.  His ultimate goal was to reach her chest and wreak havoc on her body.  Whimperish sighs began to flow from mouths as deep arousals awoken.  Breathes were becoming ragged while bodies ached to melt into each other.  Eventually a crescendo of pleasurable moans echoed as souls synced and hearts fluttered crazily in rhythm.

Heer held Prem as he snuggled against her neck trying to catch his breath.  She lovingly rubbed her hands on his back and let out a pleasing moan telling him she enjoyed the romantic interlude they had together.  Prem lifted his head and gave a boyish grin.  "Pumpkin."  Heer's lips turned upward in acknowledgement and simply replied, "Pancake."  They rested their foreheads against each other and mirthfully giggled.  

"What time is it you think?" Prem asked.

The alarm by the night stand suddenly started to beep making Heer sigh.  "Time to get up.  We have lunch with my family."

"I was hoping we could get a few more hours of rest but I guess not," Prem said.  "We're going to be there for awhile aren't we?"

"Probably," Heer replied.  "When does our flight leave for Jodhpur?"

"Tomorrow at 9 am."

"And then on Thursday we're taking the train to Jaipur, right?" Heer confirmed.

"Yes.  We'll spend another four days there before we fly to Crete."

"I can't wait," Heer replied with glee.

"We better go clean up.  Family's going to be expecting us soon...and you know they'll tease us if we show up late," Prem said.

Heer chortled, "I thought that would be my line," patting his cheek, "but you did it for me."

"I just know...that's what you're going to say," Prem grinned.

"Let's go," Heer sighed as she got out of the bed.  She grabbed her husband's hand and pulled him out dragging him into the bathroom with her.


What's coming next?  I'm too sure LOL until next time, thanks for reading!

---Grace Big smile

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Ms.Raizada IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 April 2011
Posts: 3463

Posted: 22 January 2012 at 11:11am | IP Logged
hi grace..finally an update okay before that
really well said at the begining
I know that lots of things have happened and people are a bit hesitant or aren't as active in the forum any more.  But my love of Prem and Heer won't die so I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.  I wish both Harshad and Additi all the best in their careers.  May be one day they will come again in a show but as different characters...anything can happen in this industry and until then I have nothing but positive wishes for them both.  Their person lives are their personal lives so I think we should leave it like that. 

The Number One Jodi in my heart will always be Prem and Heer and nothing will change that.

same here.. people are not active..but i m not so active coz of ma exams::::)) and i knw u and all my sweetu friends are busy with exams too..but some are really not active anyways.. even my love for premeer wnt die so soon.. 4 years!!! and it wnt end up ever.. they were the oly whm i loved on television as that was my first show on tv,. and more correctly the last one 2.. i never like indian dramas.. but kis desh..premeer are my life.. and dnt worry i m there for ur company here..and all my sweethearts too..we all will be here..even aftyer years..

and yeah v need 2 be positive..even i m positive..and my heart says they will come back.. and abt harshiti.. i m proud to be a deshian.. a premerian and a harshitian.. i love harshad and additi equally..and i love them like anythng miss nthem also..and finally industry so anythng can happen anytime..

and same pinch.. for me also..they will be the no 1 jodi..ever ever u grace..

now the was as usual..a fabulous update..
u know na how excited i m for ur updates.. super duper exciting..
so thank u firstly for updating
i loved it..finally ur update!!!
it was so so so good..
prem's gang..are really a bunch of cartoons..
and prem how sweet lost for his wife..

so cute...
and preet is hilarious.. the papad??? omgee.. no 1 could have got that idea.rather then him.. and ana was cute 2..
so the whole update
with that masala..or i shld say tadka was fabulous.. too good..
i love it
thank u so much'..
waiting for this honeymoon is gonna start
and also AWMARW update that also

love ya grace
take care

update soon

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