Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Chai'sTeahouse2: 22/4 New Chpt p116 (Page 83)

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Atleast plz tel when will u update Grace??
U told within two days bt pata nhi woh doo din kab aye gay!!!

Plz plz update!!

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So sorry guys I got caught up in a lot of things and the Christmas Holiday Embarrassed

Here is the long awaited next chapter.

Chapter 40:  Resolutions        


Prem opened his eyes to a grayish ceiling and turned to his right with a bright smile.  Heer was holding onto his hand in the hospital bed next to him softly sleeping.  He was thankful that Dr. Sharma had allowed them to move an extra bed into his room so Heer could be his roommate instead of being placed in the room down the hall.  The events of the last twenty-four hours were still reeling in the back of his mind.  Vinod Uncle suffered a concussion, a broken leg, and a few bruised ribs.  Jaywant's men along with a hospital security guard and orderly were arrested and placed into CBI custody.  Jaywant was pronounced dead and his body was being processed to be shipped back to the States under CIA supervision.  Preet had a bruised cheek bone and a few sore joints.  Heer had suffered a concussion, a few minor cuts on her face and arms, and bruised knees.  Prem had bruised his ribs and suffered a concussion again.  Doctor Sharma ordered that he and Heer to take a few days rest before flying back home to Washington, D.C.  Only Dr. Sharma, Head Nurse Lata Oberoi, Geet Sahdev, a few of the nursing staff, and the security team where informed of Heer, Prem, and Preet's actual identities.  Under CBI and CIA directives they were strictly prohibited from discussing their identities or what had occurred at the hillside to any civilians or other hospital staff members not privy to the 'need to know' circle of information.


Prem gently pulled Heer's hand towards him and placed a tender kiss on her hand.  He watched as his fiance stirred underneath the white covers and her eyelids slowly blinked open.  "Hey, have a good sleep?" he greeted.


"Yes," she smiled and pulled his hand towards her and placed a kiss on the knuckle of his index finger.  She then tucked his hand between her cheek and pillow.


"Me too," he beamed and snuggled his head comfortably down in the pillow so he could just gaze into her beautiful almond shaped eyes.  "Come closer," he softly requested.  Heer simply shook her head with a giggle.  Prem pouted and started pull his hand away from her.  Heer whined and pulled his hand back towards her pillow.  "Come closer Pumpkin.  Pancake wants to snuggle with you."


"We're in a hospital," Heer replied.


"What does that have to do with anything?" Prem asked.  "If you won't come over then I'm coming over to your bed."


"Premm..." Heer warned as he crawled on his hands and knees to her bed.  They had placed their beds right next to each other and lowered the railings so it was like one large bed.  But of course if anyone tried sleeping in the middle they would have a terrible back ache and end up pushing the beds apart and fall to the floor.  "Stay on your side."


"No," he protested as he hovered over her.  "Move over."  Heer scooted over even though she was continuing to protest about his decision to come over to her bed.  "Aah, this is much better," Prem sighed as he hugged her.  She couldn't help but smile as he placed a sweet kiss on her forehead.  "I love you Pumpkin."


"I love you too Pancake," Heer replied as she snuggled into his chest.


They laid there for some time before their eyelids fell heavy with sleep.  Prem grumbled when he heard a loud knock at their door and the cheery voice of his best bud.  "Good Morning Lovebirds...are you guys decent?  I'm coming in."  Heer felt embarrassed by Preet's teasing and quickly pushed her fiance away.  Prem sat up and glared at his friend who had walked into the room with his hand over his eyes.  "Hope I didn't disturb anything," he continued as he waved his right hand in a friendly greeting.


"Preet, what do you take us for?" Prem snapped.  "Lower your d*mn hand."


"I thought I should ask considering you two are almost newlyweds," he replied with a smirk.


"You practically walk into our room before we could respond," Prem yelled.


"So I did interrupt something?" Preet asked in amazement.  "Tsk-tsk," shaking his head, "good boys wait until they get married."


"Preeet!" Prem bellowed.


Heer placed her hand on Prem's shoulder trying to keep him calm.  She then turned to Preet and asked, "Is there something urgent you have to report?"


"No," Preet replied as he lowered his hand and took a seat in one of the chairs in the room.  "I was hoping we could go out and do some shopping.  We're going home in the next few days and well I thought we could get some things like for our parents and know?"


Prem looked at the clock and then looked at him gritting his teeth, "Souvenir shopping at 7:30 in the morning?"


"Why not?  No crowds.  We could get mithai for our parents, kurtas for our friends, and jewelry for special people," Preet smiled.


"Jewelry for special people?" Heer asked arching her eyebrows in a knowing manner.


"I need help," Preet replied bowing his head in confession.  "I don't know what to get Meher.  Like I need a girl's input."


Heer grinned and got out of the bed and started walking to her suitcase to get her clothes.  "Heer?" Prem called in a questioning tone.


"Give me thirty minutes Preet," Heer stated.


"You can't be serious?  7:30am?" Prem whined.


"Okay, I'll just wait outside for you guys.  I'll be at the nurses' station," Preet replied and then left the room.


"Really?  Right now?" Prem asked mumbling to himself as Heer got her clothes.  She turned around with her hands on her hips and sighed shaking her head.  "Stop muttering Prem and come get ready."  She took his hand and pulled him off the bed. 


"Do I have to go?" Prem inquired with a whine.


"No you don't.  You can shower on your own," Heer replied.  "I just thought you would enjoy a shower with me but if you don't want to can stay out here."


Prem's eyes went wide and he began shaking his head.  "No-no...I'll come with you."


Heer turned around and placed her hand on his chest.  "It's okay.  I understand you want the shower to yourself."


"No-no.  I don't mind sharing," Prem replied with urgency.  "I want to share."


"Oh that's right you wanted to sleep in some more," Heer continued ignoring what he was saying.


"Pumpkin..." Prem uttered in defeat.


"Hmmm...I wonder what I should get for your Dad?" Heer mused out loud.


"Okay-okay...I'll go shopping with you guys," Prem offered with hopeful eyes.


Heer walked closer to him with a gentle grin and traced her finger delicately along his jawline.  "So we'll take a shower and go shopping?" she asked in a soft tone.


Prem nodded his head obediently.  He was mesmerized by the way she was tracing her finger delicately across his lips and the alluring look in her eyes.  He scarcely registered that she had walked away and was heading towards the bathroom.  It wasn't until he heard the click of the door closing behind her did he come to.  "Pumpkin?" he called in alarm as he placed his hand on the door.  He twisted the knob and realized it was locked.  "Pumpkin, the door," he frowned.  "We're taking a shower and then going shopping."


"I know.  We are taking a shower.  I'm taking one first," Heer replied behind the door.


" just said we were taking a shower...what about sharing?" Prem replied in a childish tone.


He heard Heer giggle and the bathroom door unlocking.  The door opened and Prem's face beamed with delight knowing what was in front of him was for his eyes only.  Heer's hand reached out and grabbed the collar of his kurta pulling him into the room.  "God, I love this woman," Prem sighed with a sloppy grin.


Vinod Uncle stared at his leg in a sling raised upward on his bed.  He grumbled that he was ordered to take bed rest for one week.  That meant he would be at home and his wife would be watching him like a hawk and making sure he was eating properly.  He wouldn't be able to eat any junk food or sweets for an entire week.  His head turned towards the door as he heard a lot of voices talking.  His wife walked through the doorway with Preet, Prem, and Heer closely following behind.


"Thank you so much for taking care of him...for saving him," Mrs. Kumar thanked.


"He took care of us Aunty," Preet replied.


"He's the hero.  He saved my life," Prem said.


"So, you three are leaving me?" Vinod Uncle inquired.


"Our flight is at 3:00pm," Heer answered and then warmly added, "You recover quickly.  We'll see each other soon."


"That's right," he grinned and then looked at Prem, "I expect that invitation to your wedding."


"Of course.  You, Aunty, and your son are most certainly invited," Prem replied.


"Okay, you better be going.  I don't like long goodbyes," Vinod Uncle snapped.


"That's because he doesn't like crying in front of people," his wife laughed.


"Uncle?  Are you crying?" Preet inquired.


"No, I'm not!"  But his sniffled betrayed him.


"Oh Uncle," Heer gently sighed.  She gave him an affectionate hug and a kiss on his cheek. 


"You kids take care," he ordered as his voice suddenly got emotional.


"We will," Preet answered.


"Prem remember what I said."


"I will," Prem nodded and took Heer's hand into his, "I'll fulfill my responsibilities, love her family, and love her with all my heart."


"Good man," Vinod Uncle replied with a grin.


The three friends said goodbye to the Kumars and then made their way to the nurses' station to say their final farewells.  They thanked Dr. Sahdev for his generosity, Dr. Sharma for his accommodation to their situation, and Head Nurse Lata Obeori and her staff for their care.  Heer took the time while Preet and Prem were conversing with the other hospital staff to quietly pull Geet to the side so she could speak with her privately.


"Thank you Geet for everything.  You took such great care of Prem while he was here.  I really have to thank you for that," Heer said.


"No need to thank me.  It's my duty," Geet replied.


"You sneaked an extra bowl of kheer for him every day," Heer stated.


"He was a nice patient," she smiled making Heer gently chortle.


"I'm surprised he didn't do anything childish."


"Oh, he did.  I yelled at him for it too," Geet explained causing both of them to laugh.


"Making fun of me I see," Prem said as he interrupted the conversation.


"It's not that hard," Geet teased.


"Thanks Geet for taking care of me," Prem grinned. 


"It was my pleasure Mr. Deshmukh."


Prem looked at Heer and tilted his head, "We need to get going."  Heer nodded and let him take her hand into his.  "You take care Geet."


"You two take care as well," she warmly waved.  She watched them walk away down the hallway holding hands in a comfortable fashion.  There was a gentle sense of sadness she felt as she watched their retreating figures.  She still had a crush on Prem and even though she understood his heart was taken by Heer she was content with being able to see him every day.  But now she wouldn't be able to get that pleasure.  After spending some time with Heer she had to admit that she was actually a very nice and caring person.  She understood why Prem had fallen in love with her.  She hoped that Heer would continue to treat him well and wished them well in their future together.


Balraaj looked at up from his computer as he heard a loud knock on his office door.  "Come in," he coolly invited.  Rishabh stood in the doorway with two brown bags in his hand.  Balraaj got up and took two cups from a small coffee tray and placed one of them underneath his Keurig personal coffee machine.  "Italian roast fine?"   


"Fine with me," Rishabh replied as he sat down at the small conference table in the office.  "Here is your English muffin sandwich with egg and cheese."


"Thank you," Balraaj answered and handed him his cup of coffee as he sat down.  "What did you get?"


"Egg and cheese biscuit sandwich."  Rishabh took a sip of his coffee and smiled.  "Good coffee."


"Yes, I'm quite happy that Heer bought this Keurig coffee machine for me as a Diwali present last year.  There are some surprisingly good coffee brands that make the K-Cups for the machine," Balraaj replied.


"So taking a look at the full report I think it's safe to say everything ended with Agent Jaywant Malhotra's death.  What is the final conclusion over Agent Chopra's death?"


"Agent Chopra probably thought Jaywant would be able to exert some influence over her judicial proceedings.  But that night he must have told her he couldn't do anything...she was basically out on her own.  Perhaps Jaywant thought he had enough to cover himself and we wouldn't be able to figure out the connection he had with Dimitri Belova.  He probably didn't realize that Agent Chopra had actual hard evidence," Balraaj said.


Rishabh sighed.  "She must have been do what she did and to choose to commit suicide.  It's a pity to see a good agent make the wrong decisions."


"Sometimes greed and power is all it takes.  She must have finally seen the consequences of her actions and the man who helped her get there was unwilling to help her get out of it.  Every man for himself...that is what happened," Balraaj gravely said.  He took a bite of his breakfast sandwich and thoughtfully chewed.


"Well, onto a brighter topic.  How are things going with the upcoming wedding?" Rishabh inquired.


Balraaj smiled, "Very good.  Teji has been combing through every Indian bridal magazine available...gathering names of DJs, florists, hair and makeup artists, wedding planners, photographers...anything to do with a wedding she's got a number for it."


"I'm sure Heer appreciates that," Rishabh laughed heartedly.


"She does.  She's had lots of appointments," Balraaj replied.


"How's Prem holding up?  Is he hanging in there?  You know how women get about weddings...he's not feeling overwhelmed is he?"


"He's hanging in there like a champ.  Being supportive and listening very carefully," chuckling a bit, "I think he's afraid to cross my wife."


"Oh?" Rishabh exclaimed rising his eyebrows.


"It's usually the bride that goes crazy but it seems the bride's mother has gotten a little too caught up in the preparations," Balraaj laughed.


"I can understand why Prem is keeping his mouth shut," Rishabh grinned.


"Teji is a force to be reckoned with," Balraaj replied causing both men to break out into gentle laughter.


Meher tightened her jaw when she heard her phone go off for what seemed like the hundredth time that night.  "Preet, I told you I'm going to the apartment!" she snapped.  "I just parked the car and I am walking to the elevator."


"Okay," Preet cheerily replied ignoring the stern voice of his girlfriend.


Meher hung up the phone and entered the elevator to ride it up to the eighth floor.  She groaned loudly as she heard her cell phone go off again.  "What now?"


"Sorry, I forgot to ask did you buy the apples?" Preet inquired.


"Yes, I did," Meher replied in an exasperated tone.




"Yes, and the bag of marshmallows," Meher finished for him.


"Good-good...thanks," Preet replied.


Meher sighed and then turned her phone off.  "Now, let's see how you will call me."  She had received an urgent call from her boyfriend in the afternoon and had assumed it was some sort of emergency.  Instead it was a grocery list of food items that he desperately needed as he was working late at the office because of a special assignment and wouldn't be able to go grocery shopping.  She watched as the number on the elevator monitor switched from the 7th floor to the 8th floor.  The elevator dinged and the doors opened allowing her to exit.  She made her way to Room 8621 and inserted her copy of the apartment keys and opened the door.  She was surprised to see the place dimly light with candles and her boyfriend standing at the doorway with a smile.


"My lady," Preet bowed.  "Let me take that bag from you."


Meher handed the grocery bag over to him but her face was in a state of shock and awe.  "Wh-how...Preet?" she mumbled as she walked further into the apartment.  She looked to her left and saw that the dinner room table was set for a romantic dinner for two.  The kitchen was perfuming with the savory scent of masala and spices.


Preet came from behind and whispered, "Surprise!" in her ear.  "You must be hungry right?  Come, sit down."  He pulled the chair out for her silently instructing her to take a seat.  Meher sat down but the look of surprise was still etched on her face.  Preet hurried into the kitchen and put the bag of groceries away.  He then came back out with a tray filled with several dishes.  "Malai kofta, chicken tikka masala, naan, and rice," he announced as he placed the dishes on the table.


"You cooked all of this?" Meher finally asked when she was able to find her voice again.


Preet stood in front of her with a tiny grin, "No, sorry...I'm not that talented.  Take out from Ambar," he replied.


"I love their food," Meher replied.


"I know," Preet smiled.  "Start eating before the food gets cold."


"You need to sit down as well," Meher said placing her hand on his arm.  "I won't start until you sit down."


Preet nodded and placed the large tray on the breakfast counter top before he sat down to enjoy the romantic dinner he had planned for them.  The conversation was light and airy as they talked about this and that.  Preet was glad to see Meher in such high spirits.  The last couple of days she had been really stressed out at work and he felt guilty that he couldn't spend as much time as he wanted with her because of his own workload.  Things had finally slowed down for him so he decided to arrange for a romantic dinner for the two of them.  He gently inched his fingers closer to her hand and slyly held onto it making her raise her eyes up at him.  "So ready for dessert?"


"Sure," Meher beamed.  "Let me help you clear the dishes away."


" sit and I'll take care of that," Preet ordered.  "I just want you to relax, okay?"


Meher gave him a thoughtful nod and looked at him with adoring love.  "Thank you."


Preet grinned mischievously and hunched next to her.  "If you really want to show your appreciation..." pointing to his cheek, "I'll take these too."  Meher's face brightened in understanding of what her boyfriend wanted and placed a loving kiss on his cheek.  "Ah, thank you madam ji.   Dessert will be out shortly."


Meher couldn't help but giggle as she watched Preet clear their dinner away.  She felt like the luckiest girl in the world to have someone like Preet in her life.  He wasn't perfect.  There were times she wanted to strangle him and they had their share of disagreements, but he was someone she could see herself sharing her life with and building a family together.  She loved him with all her heart and knew he was good man.  Her eyes looked on with great curiosity as Preet placed a plate with a large silver dome over it in front of her.  "Your favorite," he softly whispered as he lifted the silver dome up.  Meher's eyes widen and then she quickly turned her head to see Preet kneeling on one knee next to her.  "Meher Gupta would you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Preet Rajput?"


Meher looked into his deep brown eyes and melted at the way they were shining with love for her.  "Yes," she replied with glee.  Preet hugged her tightly and breathed a sigh of relief.  Meher cupped his face in her hands and beamed, "It would be my honor to be your wife.  I love you."    


"I love you too," Preet answered with a huge grin as they gave each other a sweet kiss.  Preet reached over to the ice cream sundae he had made and plucked the shiny engagement ring out of the top scoop of ice cream.  "It's a little sticky," he explained as he gently dunked the ring in a glass of water and wiped it dry with a napkin.


"It's beautiful Preet," Meher said as she extended her hand towards him so he could slip the ring on her finger.


"Oh good.  I was really worried you wouldn't like it.  It fits well?"


"Extremely," Meher smiled looking at her ring.  She then gave him a loving kiss.  "You sure know how to surprise someone."


"Sorry for making you angry earlier," Preet apologized.  "I didn't want you to know what I was really doing."


"Well, you definitely succeeded in that.  I was ready to strangle you if you called me again to ask me if I bought you this or that," Meher replied.


"I'm certainly glad that didn't happen," grinning, "I think this worked out don't you think?"


"Yes indeed it did," Meher smiled.  "A very romantic proposal."


"Sooo," shifting his eyes to the ice cream sundae, "You willing to share?"


"Of course," Meher said picking up her spoon and scooping up some ice cream.  Preet opened his mouth and beamed at being fed by his fiance.  He got up from the floor and motioned for Meher to stand up.  She did so and was then pulled back down by him as he took the sit and cradled her in his lap.


"Ahhh..." Preet said as he took the spoon from her hand wanting to feed her. 


Meher giggled and did as instructed.  "Mmm...this is so good."


"I'm glad you like it," Preet replied.  Meher leaned her forehead against his forehead and gave him another adoring kiss.


Heer pulled her black Acura MDX to the curb and placed her blinkers on as she parked the SUV in front of a large office complex.  Her eyes immediately spotted her fiance walking from the large rotating office doors out to the plaza and towards the car.  He had on a causal pair of jeans and a white polo shirt.  His face had the one day clean shaven stubble and his hair was longer than normal because he hadn't had the time to go to the barber and get a haircut yet.  He gave her a cute grin as he got into the car and buckled his seatbelt.  Heer turned her attention to the road and put the car back into drive turning off the blinkers as she drove onto the main street.


"So..." Heer said as she stopped the vehicle at a red light.  "How was it today?"


"Like the usual," Prem replied shrugging his shoulders.  "You?"


"About the same," Heer answered.


Their conversation fell into silence and they both turned to do other things while they waited for the light to turn green.  Heer turned on the radio while Prem checked his e-mail on his phone.  "Dad says he's having a good time in Colorado.  He's learning how to fly fish.  He says he's gotten pretty good.  He sent some pictures of the river, some of the fish he's caught, and the lodge him and the guys are staying at," chuckling, "He's telling me that I have to call the contractor everyday to check on the status of the house.  He's so demanding some times."


"But he's right.  If you don't keep an eye on them they don't get things done on schedule.  You haven't called them this whole week," Heer replied as she made a left turn.


"I stopped by the place.  It looked pretty good to me," Prem defended.


"Just cause it looks good doesn't mean they are completing what needs to be completed on the time table," Heer explained.


"Geez, you and Dad are acting the same way about this," Prem sighed.  "Okay, fine.  I'll call them today and check with them."


"Thank you," Heer smiled.


Prem put his hands behind his head and stretched out his back as he looked out the window.  "You want to stop by the park?" he asked casting a small glance towards her.  "The weather is pretty nice outside. treat."


"Make them ice cream and you've got a deal," Heer said flashing him a grin.


Heer held their drumstick ice cream cones in her hands as Prem paid the ice cream vendor for their treats.  The couple then walked to a nearby bench to sit down and enjoy the peaceful scenery in the park.  They ate their ice cream quietly stopping every now and then to show the other what the baby ducks were doing or what a scrappy squirrel just stole from the garbage can.  When they were done Heer threw their trash away and then came back to sit leaning comfortably into Prem.  Her head gently rested against his head as they continued to enjoy their time in front of the pond. 


Prem took Heer's hand that was resting on his knee into his hand and tenderly held it.  He rubbed his thumb against her soft supple skin and sighed, "Best friends turned turned mental patients."


Heer turned to him and frown, "We aren't mental patients."


"You know what I mean," Prem replied.


"It's protocol to get some counseling after a rough assignment.  You shot and killed your own uncle, Prem." 


They had been ordered by the agency to take mandatory counseling because of the things they had gone through in the past few months both personally and professionally.  Prem saw Preet leave after two weeks of counseling and thought Heer would have been released as well by then but when it didn't occur he started thinking.  He understood the reasons for his sessions to go beyond the two weeks as he shot and killed his uncle who had killed his biological parents and his adoptive mother.  There were a lot of 'hidden emotional issues' that had to be dealt with so he could become more 'emotionally balanced' the psychiatrist tried explaining to him.  He found it slightly laughable as he felt fine but decided to stick through it for the sake of his relationship with Heer and to put his father and soon to be in-law's minds at ease.  And there was also a small part of him that didn't want to risk having a breakdown six months from now.  So he continued attending his therapy sessions.  Heer was keeping very quiet about her sessions avoiding the topic as best she could.  He had an idea of why she was staying longer.  He remembered the fight he had with Preet and his hints of Heer's mental instability.  It wasn't until he had a heart to heart talk with Heer's mother did he find out that Heer had tried to commit suicide when everyone thought he had died.  He felt extreme guilty and was greatly concern about her.  There was also a part of him that was angry that she would resort to such an action without thinking about the consequences and had kept this vital piece of information from him.          


"He deserved it.  Do I really need to speak to a psychiatrist about that?  And for close to two months now?" Prem answered.


"Sometimes you don't realize how an event has affected you until you talk about it.  It's not good to keep things bottled up inside," Heer explained.


"So I should be more willing to talk about these things.  And as the good doctor says: Talking things through helps you see different perspectives and find your emotional balance." Prem stated.


"Exactly," Heer replied nodding her head.


"Your doctor tells you the same psycho-babble?" Prem asked.


"It's not psycho-babble Prem.  It does help," Heer replied.


"So you want to talk about it?" Prem questioned.  Heer's eyes flexed at his words but she remained silent pretending she didn't understand him.  "I know," he simply stated.  Her eyes once again betrayed her silence as they looked at him wondering how he had found out.  "Your mother told me."  Heer turned her head away feeling ashamed.  "Pumpkin," Prem softly called as he placed his finger on the side of her chin turning her head back towards him.  He saw her watery eyes and watched her try to fight back the tears but the moment she blinked they came cascading down her cheeks.  "I'm sorry," he exhaled.


Heer buried her head into his chest and softly cried.  "I'm sorry.  It was reckless of me to do that.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I wasn't thinking."


"Yes you were.  You were thinking and that's what makes me upset."  Heer lifted her head and looked at him with alarm.  "I'm upset not only at you but me," he cradled her cheek in the palm of his hand while his thumb gentle brushed against her skin, "I shouldn't have left you like that.  And you should have known better...the consequences of such actions...I can't believe you would choose to do something like that."


"I'm sorry Prem," Heer quivered.


"I love you more than life itself.  But if something should happen to me I don't want you to give up.  I want you to live your life.  I want you to experience everything this life has to offer.  I want you to have a family...see your kids grow older...see your grandchildren.  It would hurt me more to know that you were living your life in pain or that you chose to cut it short."


"I promise you that I won't do something like that again," meeting his gaze, "but you can't leave me before we have our children.  Promise me this," Heer ordered.  "God may have other plans for you but you can't leave without giving me a chance to carrier your children."


Prem felt his eyes go teary and hugged her tightly.  "I'll do my best.  If my time should come I'll fight Fate to give you that," he said into her ear.  "I promise I'll come back to you in my next life.  You're my soul mate, my love, my best friend...that will never change...I can and will do anything for you.  I'm forever yours."


Heer could feel the sincerity in his words and the immense love he had in his embrace.  She closed her eyes cherishing this moment they were having together.  "I love you so much.  And if something were to happen later on...I have Mama, Papa, your father, and our children to look after," Heer replied.  "I promise you.  I won't do it again.  And I'll wait for you however long it takes.  My heart and my soul only knows one name.  Prem."


Prem kissed her forehead and gave a tender smile.  "And I promise you I won't do anything like that either.  I'll take good care of your parents and raise our pumpkin pancakes."  He heard Heer giggle into his shoulder causing him to look down just as she lifted her head up.  They gave each other tender grins and then sealed their lips together for a sweet kiss.  "So feeling more emotionally balanced after our talk?"


Heer chortled at his remark and leaned her head on his shoulder.  "Yes.  I actually do."


"Good," Prem smiled.  "I feel better too."


They sat there on the bench for a few more minutes before Heer stood up.  Prem got up and took her hand into his and began walking them back through the park to their car.  Heer leaned into his arm causing him to drop her hand to place his arm securely around her shoulder.  This allowed her to lean into his chest while her arm wrapped around his waist.  Prem grinned and kissed the side of her head in an affectionate manner as they continued walking.  "I'm in the mood to make pumpkin pancakes," he said dreamily.


"Prem," Heer snapped.  "You promised no fooling around in the house."


"What fooling around?  I'm talking about pumpkin pancakes...the kind you eat..." he replied.


"Oh," she mumbled feeling embarrassed.


"But the process of making the other kind is quite fun.  I believe you enjoy it as much as I do," Prem cheekily commented.  He smirked when he felt her slap his chest.  "So, um...we need to stop by the grocery store and pick up some pumpkin filling," he continued.


"Yes.  Oh, I need to buy eggs, milk...popcorn for Papa...and Mama wanted sugar.  It's a good thing you thought of making pancakes.  I completely forgot about the milk and eggs," Heer said.  "I think I'm forgetting something else.  Call Mama and ask her what we need."


Prem obediently took out his cell phone from his pocket and dialed his mother-in-law's cell phone number.  "Hello Mama?  Heer and I are going to the grocery store.  What do we need?"


Thank you all for reading!

Leave a Comment if you like Big smile

I'll be back hopefully week Thumbs Up

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harshadeewani Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 10:02pm | IP Logged
me first! YAY!!!
An update after soo long i was missing them a lott...
it was just AWESOME...Clap
plz update soon... 

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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
finally di u updated...!!!
luved premeer scenes in hospital room! Preet always interupting themLOL
so jaywant dead! good he deserved that!
premeer finally bck wid Preet!
Luved Meet scenesEmbarrassed Finally Preet proposed Meher...wish they also get married wid Premeer!Embarrassed
aww...luved premeer scene in park! emotional!Cry but they took it quite well...!!
lyk prem i m too waiting for Pumkin and Pancake
thnx for d pm di!
Belated Merry Xmas!
waiting for ur FF nxt week!Embarrassed

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luvharshiti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
wow ...fabulous updateee!!!!!
loved it ...thank u so much for the lovely apdate ...
eagerly waiting for the next update ...
please update soon ...
and thanks for the pm ...

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christmas Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
lovely update as always!...glad things are slowly back to normal for them...

hope you've had a good christmas!

update soon!

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