Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Chai'sTeahouse2: 22/4 New Chpt p116 (Page 63)

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 OK ... 
Congratzz for the job ...
Will be waitingg for the update ...

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congrats grace
its ok take ur time
we r waiting

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congrats garce... for the new house... and a job... 
i can imagine hw busy u'll be...
and also all the vesry best for the hectic job...
right nw can say oly one thng... update soon
waiting fr an update..
love ya...
take care..

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sorry i know u will busy bt ur FF n SS are addiction to us so can't resist moreEmbarrassed!!!

update soonn!!!

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waiting 4 U grace
pls update soon

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plz update soon

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Thanks for the well wishes guys Hug

Wrote a little here and there and this is what came out of all that.  Taking a short break to post this up for everyone.  Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.  Enjoy Embarrassed

Mission 38: Waterfalls


Prem groggily opened his eyes as he heard a clicking sound enter the room.  "Heer?" he mumbled as his hand patted his chest searching for the body of his wife that he knew was there the night before.


"Wake up sleepy head."


Prem rubbed his eyes and looked about his room.  He cringed at the way the sunlight was streaming in when the curtains opened.  He held up his arm and tried blocking the light.  "Heer..."




Prem lowered his arm and saw that the woman moving about his room was Geet, the nurse and not his wife Heer.  "Where is she?" he asked as he got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom. 


Geet followed him with her eyes in confusion at his words.  "What do you mean?"


"You didn't see her?" Prem inquired with a gentle pout.  He then rubbed his finger against the side of his forehead in deep thought mumbling, "But last night..." pointing his hand at the door and the bed, "she was..."


Geet watched him for a few seconds turning in circles around the room trying to recall something that had apparently happened.  "Prem are you okay?"


"You didn't see Heer?  She wasn't here when you opened the door?" Prem asked.


"No, she wasn't here.  I didn't see her," Geet replied shaking her head.  "Maybe you need to sit down."


"I'm fine," Prem quickly replied.  "She was with me last night.  She stayed with me."


"Past visiting hours?" Geet asked.


"She hid behind my back so the night nurse wouldn't catch her," Prem explained.  She fell asleep in my arms.  I was holding her while I slept."


"Oh..."  Geet didn't know what to say or how to react to what he had told her.  She couldn't believe that Heer had spent the night at the hospital with him.


Prem walked over to the bed and found to his delight a small folded note sticking out of the novel he was reading.  He quickly opened it and read what was written inside.  He grinned and then placed it back into the book hiding it from view.  He took a turquoise colored kurta out of one of the bags in his room and rushed towards the bathroom.


"Prem, your breakfast.  It's going to get cold," Geet said calling out after him.  "You have to take your medicine."


"I will...I have to take a shower.  Just leave the food and medicine there.  I'll eat it," Prem shouted through the closed bathroom door.


Geet gave a worried look but placed his medicine and food on the rolling table.  She then left the room to complete the rest of her morning rounds.


Prem was walking anxiously along the veranda around the hospital courtyard in great anticipation of something.  Every few minutes he would check his breath by blowing it against his hand to make sure it smelled all right.  He would also adjust his sleeves making sure they were properly folded before he continued walking again.  Two brown eyes were watching him as he paced to and fro in the spring morning.  She shook her head slightly and walked towards him.  "It's all right Prem."  He turned towards the voice and gave a sheepish grin.  "That obvious?"


"It's a little hard not to notice.  You've been pacing up and down this walkway for the past five minutes," Geet replied.  "Heer told you she was coming?"


"Yeah," Prem smiled.  "She left a note for me.  She didn't think it was appropriate for her to stay all night.  She wanted me to get a proper night's sleep and was worried about what the staff would say."


"She sounds very respectful," Geet replied.


"I don't understand...she is my shouldn't matter what the staff would say.  She has ever right to be in my room," Prem said.


"So, you had fun yesterday?" Geet asked changing the subject.


"I did.  The market was a lot of fun," chuckling lightly, "Our clothes got stained with red dye powder...this Uncle accidentally ran into us spilling it everywhere.  We had to get new clothes.  She was wearing a red-orange color salwar kameez.  You would approve," Prem said with a nod of his head.


"I would approve?" Geet inquired.


"She was wearing something traditional.  Last time you were making such a fuss."


"I wasn't making a fuss.  I was just simply pointing out something I observed," Geet explained. 


"Well, you would have liked it.  I guess the next thing is to get her to wear her mangalsutra," Prem teased.  "Once you see that you will be satisfied."


"Stop making me out to be like some..."


"Crazy mother-in-law?" Prem filled in for her.  Geet furrowed her eyebrows at him while he just laughed.  "It's something you want to see, don't you?  To confirm she is married to me."  Geet just frowned at his teasing.  "Then you just want to see how good I treated the type of mangalsutra I gave her?"


"Fine, I'll be completely frank with you.  You were found on the shorelines of a river in very bad condition with injuries from a bomb blast.  Why?  Did you witness something you shouldn't have?  Then several months past by and all of a sudden two people show up one day saying she's your wife and he's your good friend.  How do you know that they are telling the truth?  How can you trust her?  She says you two just recently got married.  She doesn't wear a mangalsutra, she doesn't have the traditional wedding bangles on, she hasn't shown you any pictures of the wedding, you haven't talked to any one of your do we know she and the man she came with are really who they say they are?  And..."


"There people out to get me?" Prem laughed.  "You have a very wild imagination Geet," taking a deep breath, "She has my passport...if she's not my wife why would she have my passport?  And if we just got married the wedding photos are probably still being processed by the wedding photographer.  We're on our Honeymoon...we probably haven't had a chance to put any pictures that we do have on an online photo album.  I just trust her.  And this," tapping the left side of his chest, "it just knows.  I can't explain it but it just knows.  So, I really want you to stop worrying about this and thinking about imaginary people who are out to get me.  All of that is for the movies.  This is real life.  I'm a son of a construction worker who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, okay?"


"Okay," Geet replied nodding her head.


"It's really sweet of you to be thinking about my well being," Prem said.  "You put a lot of heart into your work.  You treat all the patients with such kindness.  You're a sweet girl...your husband will be a very lucky man."  Geet tried her best not to look at him with a forlorn face and forced a smile on her lips.   She saw his eyes suddenly sparkle and knew Heer had arrived.  "I'll talk to later," Prem simply said and rushed off to meet his wife.


Prem walked as fast as he could without breaking out into a run as he saw Heer on the other side of the veranda searching for him.  His eyes perked as he saw several pots placed on the railings with dandelions growing in them.  He plucked a few flowers and hid them behind his back.  He slowed his pace down and smirked as he thought of a trick to play.  "Hey," he greeted calmly.


"Hi," Heer replied with a smile.  Her hands absentmindedly played with the fuchsia dupatta of her purple and fuchsia patterned sleeveless anarkali.  Even though the night before they had taken a big step in rebuilding their relationship, she couldn't help but feel nervous around him.  Her stomach was fluttering with butterflies as her heart raced in her chest.


"So, where did you go?" Prem asked.  "I woke up this morning and you were gone."


"You didn't get my note?" Heer inquired with worry.  "I left you a note."


"I didn't see any note," Prem replied.  "I was looking for you...I thought you were in the bathroom but you weren't there.  I was kind of worried."


"I'm so sorry Prem.  I swear I left you a note.  I stuck it in the book by your night stand.  You didn't see it?" Heer asked.  "I probably should have put it someplace else.  I'm so sorry."


Prem tried not to laugh and did his best to hide his smirk.  "You could have called you know."


"You're right I should have called you in the morning.  I wasn't thinking...I'm so sorry," Heer apologized.  Prem suddenly snorted as he couldn't contain himself anymore.  Heer arched her eyebrows and then realized what he was doing.  Her eyes widen and her nose gently flared.  " saw the note didn't you?"  She started slapping his shoulder as he burst into full laughter.  "I was feeling so guilty and you just made me feel so're so mean!"


"I'm sorry," Prem replied through his laughter, "I couldn't help it.  I'm sorry."


"Apology not accepted," Heer pouted.


Prem pulled the flowers from behind his back and held them up to her with pleading eyes, "I'm really sorry Heer."  She took them from his hands and looked at them warmly but then shot him a glare.  "Sorrie..." holding his ears, "Please forgive me?"  Heer glared at him but then broke out into a bright smile.  Prem grinned and hugged her happily.


"Premmm..." Heer uttered with concern.


"I can't hug my wife in public?" Prem asked with confusion as she pulled away from him.


"Not when you're nuzzling me like that in public," Heer explained.  Prem just smirked and moved closer tilting his head as if he wanted to steal a kiss from her.  "Premmm..."  She pushed his face away with her hand while he just continued to beam a silly grin on his face.  He quickly grabbed her hand and led her away to a place he knew they could have more privacy.


Heer demurely looked back at Prem who was standing in front of her gazing at her tenderly.  She could barely breathe because of the way his eyes were studying her.  The piercing intensity was getting hard to handle and she felt her knees go weak.  She was rather thankful for the wall behind her supporting her from falling.  Though she knew even if she were to fall Prem would be there to catch her.  He had one hand resting securely on her waist while the other was leaning against the wall encaging her in his personal space.  The amber flecks in her eyes glowed as she saw his handsome face lean towards her wanting nothing more than to seal his lips with hers. 


Prem stopped halfway meeting with a flowerily obstacle in his path.  He pulled back and turned to the side blowing air out of his mouth at the taste while Heer laughed.  He turned around with a scowl on his face.  She was holding the yellow dandelions he had given her in front of her face.  He reached out to grab the flowers away with his hand but was met with her hand and a soft plead, "Prem..."  He sighed and moved his hand away.  He then gave her a longing look, "You look really beautiful today."


"You like the anarkali I have on?"  Prem eagerly nodded his head.  "Should I wear more clothing like this?"


"You look gorgeous in whatever you wear," Prem replied.  Heer smiled making him smile in return.  He inched closer hoping she wasn't going to rebuff him again.  "Do I have to ask permission each time?" he whispered when their faces were centimeters apart.


"No," Heer replied.  Prem swallowed as he felt her warm breath graze against his skin.  They held their positions as their hearts raced wildly in their chests.  It would only take one of them to cross the imaginary boundary that was holding them to their spots.  Prem lazily shifted his eyes from her pink lips to her eyes and brought his hand that was resting on her waist to her cheek.  He gently let his thumb and index finger caress her smooth skin and watch as her eyes slowly closed enjoying his touch.  He could feel her breathing as her chest rose and fell with his.  Ever so carefully he captured her mouth with his and let the spine tingling magic take him away.  His mind was in a fuzzy state of pure bliss.  It felt so natural to be with her in this frenzy yet steady moment.  A whimperish sigh slipped out from his lips as he felt her hand glide into his hair and her fingers curving around in a possessive manner.  She was claiming him as her own and he happily gave her that right.  He was hers.  He belonged to her.  He could feel it in his heart.  He could feel it in his bones.  This was where he belonged.  It just felt so natural.


Heer grinned when the kissing ended and Prem was back to staring at her again.  "Aren't you tired?"


"Why would I be?" Prem inquired as his eyes roamed along her features taking everything in.  "I've been away from you for so long.  Shouldn't you be happy?"


"I am.  But you don't have to keep looking at me like this," Heer replied.


"Then how should I look?" Prem asked.  He crossed his eyes making her giggle.  He grinned his heart filled with smiles and leaned his forehead against hers.  "Hey you know how to make pumpkin pie?"


Heer's eyes widen at his question and she repeated, "Pumpkin pie?"


"Yeah, I don't know why but I just got this feeling of having it.  Do you know how to bake?  Did you ever bake for me?"


"I know how to bake.  I usually make cakes.  I've never made pumpkin pie though," Heer replied.


"I'm not sure why I'm thinking about pumpkin pie.  You know yesterday when I saw you in your salwar...that orangey-red...I just suddenly thought of pumpkins and pies.  Really strange huh?  So I just thought maybe you made pumpkin pie for me or something like that.  You know I really can't wait for the doctor to clear me so we can go back home.  It will be nice to see the family...well, met the family again I guess you can say.  I'll have re-learn a lot of things I guess.  Maybe we can make pumpkin pie together since you said you never made them before...that could be one of our new memories we can make."  Prem stopped talking and noticed how Heer's eyes had welled up.  He felt a cold sweat form along his back and wondered had he said something wrong again.  Was there a reason why she didn't make pies?  Was there a bad memory associated with pumpkins?  He was slowly panicking that he had said something wrong.  "I'm so sorry Heer.  Please don't cry.  I won't ask you to make pumpkin pie for pies...nothing pumpkin.  I'm really sorry."


"No," Heer managed to say without crying.  She hugged him tightly hoping it would alleviate his anxiety.  "It's fine Prem...nothing's wrong.  I'm not crying."  She stopped talking to hide the quiver in her voice and continued to hold him. 


"But you looked like it," Prem replied.  "You don't like pies?  Or you hate pumpkins?"


"I like pies and I don't hate pumpkins," Heer said.  A few tears fell down her cheeks and she quickly wiped them away with her hand.  She was thankful that he couldn't see her face as they were hugging.


"Are you sure?" Prem asked with concern.  "I don't want to make you do something you dislike doing."


"No, Prem...I enjoy baking and cooking things.  I love doing these things for the people I love.  Is there anything else you want me to make?  Anything you've been craving?  Fish and chips, pancakes, omelets, pasta, anything?"


"Oh...that sounds and chips...and so does pancakes...hmmm...pumpkin pancakes," Prem said in thoughtful amusement.  "That sounds weird doesn't it pumpkin pancakes?"


"No, not at all," Heer replied her eyes gently tearing again.  "I'll make them for you."


"Why don't we do it together?" Prem asked.  "I want to cook with you...learn everything you make for me."


"We'll do that," Heer said as she wiped her tears away again.  Prem just grinned happily unaware that Heer had been silently crying behind his back.  He felt her tighten her hug around him making his smile widen even more.  He gently swayed them loving the moment he was spending with her on the roof top of the hospital.


Preet stood by the window looking out of his hotel room as he waited patiently for his call to be answered.  He heard the other side pick up and a gruff voice answering, "Hello?"



"Agent Rajput," Director Balraaj Maan of the National Clandestine Service replied.  "How are things looking?"


"He's recovering quite well.  But the doctor has yet to sign off on his official release from the hospital," Preet replied.


"Is his memory still gone?" Balraaj inquired.


"Yes.  He's trying hard to recall but he can't."


"He shouldn't press himself too hard.  These things take time.  How is Heer handling all of this?"


"She's doing quite well considering the circumstances.  He may not remember but he recognizes himself as her husband and he's acting like any husband would towards his wife," Preet replied.


"That is a very encouraging sign," Balraaj said.  "Any information about Jaywant's whereabouts?"


"I've been in touch with some resources but so far there hasn't been any sightings.  He's staying off the grid really well," Preet reported.  He heard the frustrated sigh on the other end and identified with the pain.  Time was ticking away and it would only be a matter of time before Jaywant would reappear to finish the job he had left incomplete.  "I've taken ever precaution that I can.  I've become friends with the senior security officer, Vinod Kumar.  He keeps a close eye on things at the hospital.  I've made him aware of the situation of course without going into too much detail."


"Well executed Preet," Balraaj said.  "See if you can work on the doctor and get him to release Prem.  We need to get him back here before Jaywant makes his move.  Time is of the essence."


"Yes sir," Preet replied. "Time is of the essence."   


Heer drove along the dirt road wondering just where Prem was navigating her towards.  They had been driving off the main roadway for a good twenty minutes and she was getting concern.  "Slow down...just park right here.  I think this should be a good spot," Prem instructed.  His voice was filled with excitement.  He got out of the car and hurriedly went to the driver side door to open it.  "Come on..."


"Prem, let me lock the car first," Heer replied as he began dragging her with him.


"Oh sorry," he answered and let go of her hand.


"You're really excited about this," Heer grinned as she locked the car.  "What has got you so worked up?"


"Come with me and you'll see," Prem smiled and took her hand into his as he lead them into the forest.


"Where exactly are we going?" Heer said after several minutes of walking.  She noticed how Prem was checking his surroundings and muttering ever now and then as if he was double checking where they were going.  "Are you lost?"


"No I'm not lost.  We're almost there," Prem replied as he pushed through some bushes.  "See," he happily announced as he waved his hand out showing her what he wanted to show her.


They were standing on a ledge and just opposite of them a gentle waterfall was flowing freely in all its natural glory.  Heer stepped closer to take in the beauty and wonder of Mother Nature at work.  "Oh wow Prem..."


"Vinod Uncle showed me this place a couple days ago," Prem said answering the question he knew she was thinking but had yet to ask.  "I was asking him what exciting things were around the area.  He said his son discovered it one day when he went hiking in the woods.  So you like it?"   


"Yes," Heer replied.  Prem grinned at her response and the way her eyes were transfixed to the flowing water cascading down in rain like showers into the pool of water below.


"Shall we have lunch?" Prem asked as he slipped the backpack he had been carrying off his back. 


Heer nodded and they began setting a large blanket on the ground for their afternoon picnic.  They sat there merrily chatting away, taking in the sights around them, and enjoying their food.  When they were finished Heer packed their tiffins away and placed them back into the backpack.  They then sat there for a few minutes in silence staring at the waterfall. 


"Hey you want to see if we can go down?" Prem suddenly asked breaking the silence. 


"Down?" Heer replied.


"Yeah, I think I spotted a path we can take to go down.  Let's try it," Prem said as he got up.


"But we aren't dress for something like this.  We both have sandals on and I'm wearing a salwar and you're in kurta pajamas," Heer pointed out.  "I don't want to risk you hurting yourself."


"It will be fine.  We'll be very careful.  The pathway looks pretty stable," Prem replied.


"But Prem..." Heer pleaded as he walked passed her slinging the backpack onto his shoulder.


He turned around and titlted his head, "Come on.  Where's your sense of adventure?"


Heer grabbed the blanket from off the ground and quickly walked to catch up with him.  "Prem, I really don't think you should be doing this."


"I've been doing really well in rehab.  I'm practically healed.  Dr. Sharma should be releasing me soon.  So don't worry.  Anyways, I've been cooped up in that hospital for a long time.  It's nice to get some freedom and be able to move around and explore things.  I promise if it becomes too difficult then I'll stop, okay?"


Heer was still concern but the way he was looking at her was making her feel bad.  She was feeling guilty for not letting him do what he wanted to do.  "Okay," Heer sighed.  "But the minute it becomes too difficult we go back to the car."


"Deal," Prem smiled.


Thirty minutes later they had made it safely down from the ledge to the stream below.  Heer watched as Prem eagerly slipped off the backpack and flung his sandals onto the ground.  He walked along the bank carefully moving from boulder to boulder until he was near the waterfall.  "Prem!" Heer called out with worry.  He simply turned around and motioned with his hand for her to come over to where he was.  Heer protested a bit motioning for him to return, "Come back."


"Come on," Prem shouted.


"But I don't have a swimsuit on," Heer replied.


"Neither do I.  Just come," Prem motioned again.


Heer eventually agreed and took off her sandals and made her way across the small boulders.  He offered his hand to help her get across the last one and soon they were face to face again.  "That wasn't too bad now was it?"  Heer didn't say anything but he understood the look in her eyes.  "Where is your sense of adventure?"


"I have a sense of adventure and I'll go do these things with you but only after you have properly healed," Heer replied.


"You don't need to worry so much.  Nothing is going to happen to me.  I'm right here," Prem answered as he caressed her cheek.  "I'm not going anywhere."  He cupped her face and placed a tender kiss on her forehead.


"So now what?" she inquired.


"To the waterfall of course," Prem smiled.


As they got closer to the falling water they could feel the misty and cool air surround them.  Heer gasped as Prem dunked himself underneath the falls.  His white kurta instantly became transparent.  The cloth clung to his mascular form showing off his board chest and tight biceps.  "Ahhh, wow that hurts," Prem said as he flipped his hair back with his hands and wiped water from his face.  "The movies always make it seem so inventing and everything.  But who knew water could hurt like that."


"It is falling from a height," Heer answered.  She suddenly screamed when he threw water at he.  "Prem!"


He laughed, "It's just water Heer nothing to be afraid of."


"I'm all wet now!" she huffed.


"I'm sorry," Prem apologized making a sad puppy like face.


"It's okay," Heer replied.


"Good," Prem smirked and quickly pulled her over towards him and began dousing her with water.


"Premmm!" Heer shouted in anger.


"You said it was okay.  Remember it's just water," Prem chuckled as she started splashing him with water as well.


It didn't take long for both of them to start laughing and mirthfully play behind the waterfall in the naturally carved cave tucked behind the flowing water.  Heer felt her wet dupatta fall from her shoulders and turned to see Prem smiling holding it in his hands.  He opened up and placed the thin yellow fabric on top of his face.  "What are you doing?"


"Dupatta scene," he stated in a matter of fact way.  "You see it all the times in the TV serials."


"You've been watching TV with the Aunties too much," Heer giggled.


"You're suppose to walk away so it slowly pulls away from my face," Prem instructed.


"No, you're suppose to slowly pull it down from your face," Heer replied.  "But we don't have any wind.  They always have that crazy wind blowing."


"Ah, yes that crazy freak wind suddenly blowing my bangs and your hair everywhere," Prem snickered.


"How long are you going to stand there like that?" Heer inquired.  


Prem grinned and slowly pulled the yellow scarf from his face.  His fingers gathered the damp fabric into his hands in a tender and loving manner while the expression on his face was one of awe and shock.  He was playing the part of the "Hero" perfectly.  Heer tried not to laugh and turned away pretending she had no idea what had happened just like the "Heroine" of the TV serial would be doing. 


Heer felt him walking closer to her.  She took short quick breaths at the closeness of his presence and widened her eyes at touch of the damp yellow scarf covering her shoulders fully.  She turned shyly around and cautiously lifted her eyes up to meet his soulful brown ones.  The minute their eyes locked they both burst out into a fit of laughter.  They couldn't contain it anymore.  The pure cheeseiness of what they were doing it was too much to take.  "That look on your face," Heer chortled.


"My look?  You should have seen the way you were looking at me," Prem chuckled.  "We wouldn't last two seconds in a serial.  We'd probably start laughing every time we had to do one of these scenes."


"I know," Heer replied tucking a strand of stray hair away from her face.  She looked up to see Prem starring at her.  "Stooop..."  Prem ignored her words and moved his fingers against her soft cheek.  He absentmindedly tucked her hair behind her ear even though it had already been done and continued to gaze at her.  "What are you trying to play now?  You know the Hero and Heroine never kiss on these shows."  She chuckled a little and tried moving away only to have him hold her in place with his arm around her waist.  Her eyes flexed, the golden-green colors in her iris lighting up at the change in his behavior.  "Prem?"


"I don't know how to describe this feeling...being with's just something here...present within me," he softly said looking into her eyes.


"You really are taking this seriously.  What scene are we creating now?" Heer inquired trying to play off his attempt at something.


Prem tightened his hold preventing her from walking away from him.  "Sssh," he replied as he inched his face closer, "I'm romancing you for real now."  (Highly recommended you click here to listen to Rabba Main Toh Darr Gya Oye [Rahat Feteh Ali Khan Version] - Mausam


Heer looked at him with stunned fascination as he gazed at her with piercing intensity.  She was finding it difficult to breathe.  Her chest rose and fell in short intervals.  Prem tenderly rubbed the tip of his nose against hers and took a breath inward enjoying the moment.  "I just feel when you're around me.  I just know this...and it's something I can't live without."  His mouth lingered near hers and he could feel her warm breath as her lips gently parted.  He wanted to capture them so but resisted the temptation.  He had more he wanted to say.  "Koi dil beqabu kar gaya...Aur ishqaa dil mein bhar gaya [Someone let loose my heart and filled it with love.]" he softly sang.  His finger delicately trailed down her cheek towards the corner of her mouth making her close her eyes at his touch.  "Koi dil beqabu kar gaya...Aur ishqaa dil mein bhar gaya...[Someone let loose my heart and filled it with love.] Ankhoon ankhoon mein who lakhon galla kar gaya ve...[Just with her eyes she spoke a thousand things.]" Heer opend her eyes at his words and blushed a warm pink making him grin. "O Rabba main to mar gaya oye...Shudaai mujhe kar gaya...Kar gaya oye...[O My God, I have fallen for her now.  She left me a lovelorn. Craving for her.] O Rabba main to mar gaya oye...Shudaai mujhe kar gaya...Kar gaya oye...[O My God, I have fallen for her now.  She left me a lovelorn.  Craving for her.]"

Heer shyly smiled and leaned forward making Prem think she was going to kiss him but instead she took the chance to break from his embrace and head into the water.  He looked down at the cavern floor and saw her yellow dupatta.  He picked it up and clenched his fist warmly around the fabric with a thin smile.

Ab dil chahe khamoshi ke
Honthon pe main likh don pyar
Si batein kae

[Now the heart desires that on
The lips of this silence
I'd write a list of lovely words]

Kuch pal mere naam kare who
Main bhi uske naam pe
Likhoon mulaakatein kae

[May she write a few moments
To my name, and so will I do the same
And write many a rendezvous too]

He walked out from under the waterfall and saw Heer swimming happily in the river.  He immediately dove into the clean crisp water and swam towards her carrying the yellow scarf with him.  When he got closer he realized they were near the bank and he could stand in the water.  He offered the chunri to her and when she took the end of it with her hands he tugged hard making her fall towards him. 

Hoo pehli hi takni mein ban
Gayi jaan pe
Naina waina uske mere
Dil pe chape

[In the first sight, she took my breath away,
And her eyes are embossed on this heart of mine]

Ab haon kahab pe, dil ruka hai wahan pe
Jahan dekh ke mujhe
Who aage bhar gaya oye

[Where do I go now?
The heart stops at her's, where she saw me and went ahead on her way]

He held her in his arms and lovingly tucked her wet hair behind her ear.  His eyes continued to gaze at her taking in her beauty.  It wasn't just her physical appearance he was attracted to he was attracted to her inner beauty as well.  Her perfectly shaped almond eyes told him everything.  He could read things that he wasn't aware could be read through those vibrant hazel eyes.  He could sense her moods, know her wants, and see her desires.  It was amazing what he could see in her eyes.  It captured him totally; heart, mind, body, and soul.


O Rabba main to mar gaya oye
Shudaai mujhe kar gaya
Kar gaya oye

[O My God
I have fallen for her now
She left me a lovelorn
Craving for her]

O Rabba main to mar gaya oye
Shudaai mujhe kar gaya
Kar gaya oye

[O My God
I have fallen for her now
She left me a lovelorn
Craving for her]

Prem placed a chaste kiss on her collar bone and then traced his nose up her neck in a sensual fashion.  He felt Heer grip his kurta at this action and her body molding into his.  He kissed her chin and then brushed his lips to the side of her cheek.  There was a faint pressure on his cheek as her pursed lips grazed against his supple skin making his heart beat wildly.

Mausam ke azaad prinde
Hathon mein hai uske
Ya who baharon si hai

[The free birds of season
Are in her hands or is she the breeze herself]    

Sardi ki who dhoop ke jaisi
Garmi ki sham hai
Pehli puhaaron si hai

[Like the sunny days in a winter,
She's the warm evening
She's like those first rains]

Without saying a word Heer began walking towards a large boulder near the river bank.  Prem followed behind holding onto her yellow chunri using it like his life line as she held onto the other end.  When they made it to the boulder she turned around and was instantly trapped between his arms with her back resting against the smooth boulder.  She shifted her eyes upward and locked eyes with him. 

Mere pyar ka mausam bhi hai
Lage meri mehram bhi hai

[She's the season of my love
She's my God as well]

Mere pyar ka mausam bhi hai
Lage meri mehram bhi hai

[She's the season of my love
She's my God as well]

Jaane kya kya do ankhon mein
Main pahr gaya oye

[Oh, what all in her eyes
Did I end up reading]

Their mouths lingered with one another as their noses touched and rubbed seductively.  Their warm breath intermingled but their lips had yet to touch.  It was a teasing that had them in an excitedly frustrated frenzy.  When their lips did eventually meet an explosion of senses wheeled through them.  They hungrily clung to each other unwilling to let go but after some time the need to rest their lips was unavoidable.  Prem exhaled as he rested his forehead against hers.  He felt the comforting warmth of her hands lazily rubbing the nape of his neck and her fingers combing through the damp strands of his hair.  He gently pulled back so he could gaze into her eyes and get lost in them again. 

O Rabba main to mar gaya oye
Shudaai mujhe kar gaya
Kar gaya oye

[O My God
I have fallen for her now
She left me a lovelorn
Craving for her]

O Rabba main to mar gaya oye
Shudaai mujhe kar gaya
Kar gaya oye

[O My God
I have fallen for her now
She left me a lovelorn
Craving for her]

Heer watched as Prem stepped back and slipped his kurta top off his wet torso.  He tossed it to the side where it landed safely on the river bank.  She could see the desire in his eyes and sense his unquenchable passion for this moment to never end between them.  When her hands cautiously landed on his bare shoulders she could feel the static passing through both of them.  A fire had suddenly been lit between their hearts and would not subside until it achieved its objective.  Her knees weakened as he captured her lips.  Her arms tightened around his shoulders pulling him closer.  Heer relinquished all sense of composure or thought and let Prem take her on this journery of taste, touch, and feel. 

Koi dil beqabu kar gaya
Aur ishqaa dil mein bhar gaya

[Someone let loose my heart
And filled it with love]

Ankhoon ankhoon mein who
Lakhon galla kar gaya ve

[Just with her eyes
She spoke a thousand things]

O Rabba main to mar gaya oye
Shudaai mujhe kar gaya
Kar gaya oye

[O My God
I have fallen for her now
She left me a lovelorn
Craving for her]

O Rabba main to mar gaya oye
Shudaai mujhe kar gaya
Kar gaya oye

[O My God
I have fallen for her now
She left me a lovelorn
Craving for her]


Her eyelids opened and she gently scanned about her reacquainting herself to her whereabouts.  She was in her hotel room.  The beige ceiling and walls confirmed her assessment.  She went to sit up and was met with some resistance.  Heer glanced down and saw that an arm was resting around her waist.  Her eyes traveled further to her right and identified the body that the arm belong to.  Prem was sleeping soundly next to her.  As she sat there watching him, her eyes noted his ruffled black hair, his proud nose, his soft lips, the gentle stubble around his chin, and his beautiful bare back.  Her mind flashed with imagines of what had occurred between them.  After a thoroughly spicy make out session at the waterfall she drove them back to her hotel so they could dry off and get cleaned up.  There was an underlining understanding that something was going to happen.  But yet it still took them both by surprise when they entered the hotel room.  It was unclear who made the first move but they soon found themselves in heated exploration.  Their bodies yearned to be fused together and they heeded that call unable to stay away from one another.  The way Prem had held her, caressed her, and had brought her to a satisfying conclusion was magical.  The entire experience had left her delightfully speechless.  Her cheeks turned a soft pink as such passionate imagines appeared before her eyes. 


Heer tenderly brushed her hand through his hair and then bent down low to whisper in his ear, "I love you.  I love you so much."  Her lips gently kissed his earlobe in an affectionate manner.  She was surprised as she felt a tear flow down her cheek.  She wiped it away with the back of her finger and curiously studied the wetness on her skin.  She was happy yet there was a strange sense of sadness as well.  The feeling was so complex.  A part of her felt as if she had somehow turned her back on her "Prem"; the man that was her Best Friend and whom she lovingly called Pancake.  It was like she was letting go of something within herself so she could move forward.  She was making new memories but with someone who was still for a lack of a better word a stranger.  He couldn't remember himself or his past.  She knew she couldn't penalize him for things out of his control.  She had come to terms that he may never remember and had told him that they would make new memories together but it still hurt her.  She wanted him to remember and to return to her the way he was before but the chances of that occurring were slim.  Heer closed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm herself.  She then carefully removed Prem's arm from around her waist and tenderly tucked his hand back underneath the covers.  Just as she was about to leave the bed she heard the sheets ruffle on his side.  She looked back to see him smiling at her and before she knew it his hand reached out and slithered around her waist pulling her back into the bed.  "Hey," he greeted huskily.  "Sleep well?"  He nuzzled the side of her face and gave soft kisses.


"Yes," Heer replied smiling at his affection. 


"Me too," Prem said grinning brightly.  He caressed her check and then frowned when his fingers felt a bit of wetness at the corner of her eye.  "Heer?"


"It's nothing," she said trying to force a smile but her eyes betrayed her when she blinked sending down a droplet of water.  "It's nothing...really," she murmured as she sniffled trying to hide this sudden emotional outburst.


"How can this mean nothing?" Prem inquired and hugged her tightly.  She couldn't control herself anymore and let her tears fall wetting his shoulder.  "I'm sorry," he soothed and gently rubbed her back.


"Why are you saying sorry?  It's me, I'm just being stupid," Heer replied.


"No," Prem said as he pulled back and looked into her watery eyes.  "I know I should have said this sooner.  I got too caught up in our moment.  I said a lot of things but I never actually said what I needed to say to you," cupping her face in his hands, "This feeling that I feel whenever I'm near you...there is only one word to describe it even though I think this one word can't possibly describe the way I truly feel inside.  Being with you just makes me feel alive.  Being with you feels natural to's the only place where I feel I belong.  I love you."  Heer was taken aback by his words and all she could do was stare at him through her teary eyes.  "I know it's been hard on you.  I don't even know if what I say means anything to you..."


"No Prem," Heer said quickly interrupting him.  "It does mean something to me." 


He inhaled sharply as she tightly hugged him again.  "I love you," he whispered.  "I promise I won't go anywhere...I won't leave your side ever."


Heer cupped his face and leaned her forehead against his closing her eyes just feeling his presence around her.  After a few minutes of holding each other she gazed into his soulful brown eyes and said, "I love you too."  Prem smiled tenderly at her and then playfully tickled her side.  "Pppremmm!" she stuttered through laughter.


"I like it better when you smile and are cheery like this," he smirked.


"Sssttoppp..." Heer giggled as she tired desperately to break away from his hold.  "'m go-ing tooo...take...ittt...baccckkk..."


"It's too late you already said it out loud," Prem replied laughing wickedly.  "You can't take it back."


"Yesss...I cannn!"


Prem rolled them over pinning Heer down with his body.  He grinned when he saw how coy she suddenly turned.  He rubbed his nose against hers and said, "Now that we've said what we needed to say I think we should make another new a sort of celebration."  Heer lifted her eyes and saw the mischievousness etched on his face.  "Agreed?" 


She gave a gentle smile and then captured his lips.     


Rabba Main Toh Darr Gya Oye (Rahat Feteh Ali Khan Version) - Mausam

*Credit Lyrics TheStreetOfBollywood   

Romance is in full bloom between Prem and Heer in this chapter.  I was debating for a long time whether to have them go all the way or just have them make out.  But in the end I opted to allow it to happen.  It brings more complexity to the relationship as they both try to move forward.  Heer's image of "Old Prem" and "New Prem" are conflicting with each other...I can only imagine how hard it would be for someone to look at the person they love everyday and know that he can't remember a thing...even though you two are working together to move onward and start is really difficult for the person who has all the memories to see everything around them changing.

Oh, as you guys may have noticed this SS has gone way past the alotted 25 chapters...this thing has morphed into a FF of it's own LOL I'll update it properly and place it in the correct place when the new Chai Teahouse Thread opens...which won't be for awhile...we still have a long way to go to page 150 Tongue  

Thanks for reading and all the support.  Without readers (active or non-active) I wouldn't have gotten this far.

Please Leave a Comment Big smile


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Me Reserving.
Grace, when you are done with editing me will make a comment  Big smile
Just from a brief glance it looks like Nurse Geet is still around.  Hope she won't be too much trouble.
Great update Grace.
Prem and Heer scenes were sweet, romantic and Embarrassed.
I really love the attraction Prem was feeling for Heer even with his memory loss.  Most people would have hesitated or waited for more time.  But Prem knew and felt it right away and I am glad he acted up on it.
My heart broke for Heer when Prem mentioned "pancake" and "pumpkin".  Even though Prem's comment was purely innocent, I know it was difficult for her to hear these words coming out of his mouth. 
Their waterfall scenes was just too hot.  Embarrassed  I know it must have been difficult for Heer to make love to Prem knowing that though he is physically the same person, inside he was another.  I am glad both of them have agreed start a new life together.
Thank you for the PM.  I am very sorry for my late response.  I hope everything is going well for you.  I am looking forward to your next update. 

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