Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Chai'sTeahouse2: 22/4 New Chpt p116 (Page 31)

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see Teacher v've been good students...u asked us to reach page 32 as sson as possible to get the next update n soo v fulfill ur desireWinkBig smile!!! 

now u fulfill our wish to update next as soon as possible!!!!!

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Sweet_girl234 and aaminaman, great job both of you for spamming and reaching to page 32.  Clap Clap 
Come on Grace, you promised Big smile  We are waiting    

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Grace Pg. 33 is up..! 3:)
its tyme 2 update  most awaited update...! hehehehe..!!

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A Note from the Author:

Hi everyone, wow we've reached page 32 so quickly.

Thanks to Sweet_girl234 and aaminaman...everyone has to thank these two otherwise you all would be waiting for the update sometime next week.

I wanted to update last night but there was something wrong with the my Internet and I couldn't get online.

So I'm here to update as I promised.

I have to warn you this is a Masala chapter but it's bit different from the usual stuff I write.  I wanted to try to capture the essence of romance...if that makes any sense LOL I usual write very detailed and this time I decided to play around with how Hindi TV serials do it.  The romance is a mix I guess you can say. 

I was greatly inspired by this scene in one of my all time favorite Bollywood films:

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - the Gazebo scene

Credit: teddybear722 for YT video

I hope I don't disappoint you guys Confused

Will be posting up the chapter in a few minutes...this one is a long one.

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Thank you to all those that took the time to comment.  It really means a lot Big smile

Mission 33: Peace in the Wake of a Storm


Heer groaned as she ran up the long flight of steps at the park.  When Prem told her the night before that they were going to spend the day together and take a break from everything that had happened in the last week, she never imagined he would drag her out of bed at 6:00am to go for a jog in the park.  The competitor in him decided to end the jog with a running contest to see who could make it up the top of the steep steps first.  Loser would have to pay for breakfast.  Heer threw her body over the last step and heaved a huge sigh of relief.  She turned around raising her arms up in the air with a huge smile of victory.  "Yes!  I won!" she yelled in joy.


Prem breathed hard as he came up the last of the steps and gave a tired but happy grin.  "Phew," he panted as he leaned his hands on his thighs trying to catch his breath.  "You took off in that last stretch...could barely keep up with you..."


"You're the one who wanted to race," Heer said breathing heavily.  "I need some water."  She fanned herself with her hands and then adjusted her ponytail.  She unzipped her light purple sports jacket and took it off revealing a black razor back sports tank top underneath.  She wrapped the jacket arms around her waist and tied it into a knot.  She lifted her legs bending them a bit trying to stretch out her muscles.  Heer walked over to the railing and propped her right leg up against the lower rung and did a few proper leg stretches running her hands against the bare skin of her lower thigh down her knee, calf, and ankle.  She then switched to her left leg and did the same for it.  Once done she stood back up and adjusted her black athletic shorts.   


Prem smiled thinking to himself how she looked so beautiful even though she was tired and sweaty.  He stretched out his sides and then took off his black Nike shirt.  "Boy am I hot...need to cool down..."  He noticed how Heer was looking at him and arched his eyebrows.  "What?"


"Put your shirt on," Heer said taking his right hand that was holding his shirt and lifted it up towards his bare chest.


"Afraid I'm going to catch a cold?" Prem inquired with a gentle smirk noticing how close she was standing in front of him.  He took his left hand and tenderly cupped her face letting his thumb delicately caress her cheek.  "Beautiful."


Heer gave a shy smile and replied, "I'm stinky and sweaty."


"I'm stinky and sweaty," Prem answered staring intently at her.  His eyes crinkled into a smile as she softly giggled and quipped back, "You are stinky and sweaty."


"Afraid I'm going to catch a cold?" he repeated.


"I don't want anyone to see what belongs to me," Heer replied putting her hand on his chest.


Prem grinned widely and nudged his nose against her nose.  "So possessive..."  Heer let out a mirthful giggle and gave him a flirty kiss on the side of his mouth.  "Mmm...can I have one more?"


"Maybe...but you have to buy me breakfast first," Heer said letting her mouth linger near his.


"Aaah, a catch..."


"There always is," Heer laughed.  "Now put your shirt back on."  Prem stood back and slipped his shirt back over his torso.  "Running Sucks." Heer read out loud looking at the words printed on his shirt.


Prem moved his eyebrows up and down in a playful way making her chuckle.  "It does. But it's the only way to keep me in shape."  He put his arm around Heer's shoulder and then whispered into her ear.  "I love the way you laugh."


"You're full of compliments today."


"I can't compliment you now?" Prem whispered as he placed a loving kiss against her ear.


"I didn't say that now..."


He breathed deeply as he nuzzled her ear.  "Mmm...there are thousands of stars in the sky but you are the one in front of my eye."


"That was cheesy," Heer said putting her arm around his waist.  "I know you can come up with something better but what I really want to know is where are we going for breakfast?  And don't be cheap on me."


"You're really all about this breakfast," Prem replied scratching his head.


"Well of course...I won remember?  Loser takes winner out for breakfast.  I'm starving."


"Okay Pumpkin let's go feed you," Prem chuckled as they began walking their way out of the park.


Prem looked about him in the store wondering where his fiance was.  He was holding her Starbucks coffee in his hand making loops inside Crate and Barrel, a home dcor and kitchen supply store looking for her.  After their morning jog they went to a local diner where they carried out their breakfast and enjoyed a leisure morning date at the nearby park.  Then they headed home and got cleaned up before deciding to go to the mall and walk around. 


Heer smiled when she saw Prem wandering the store looking like a lost puppy.  He was wearing a green army jacket with a white t-shirt underneath it and a pair of dark jeans that fitted him perfectly.  She noticed how the other female shoppers in the store seem to follow him with their eyes.  She knew she needed to make her presence known and let them know that he was a taken man.  Heer walked up behind him and gave him a friendly pat on his left butt cheek, "So, this is where you are."


"Hey," Prem replied casually grinning at her affectionate gesture.  He then handed over her cup of coffee.  "I thought I lost you."


"Thanks," she answered taking the cup from him.  "I was over by the kitchen stuff," taking a sip of her coffee, "There isn't much much did you drink?  Why didn't you get a cup of your own?"


"I didn't know where you were and well, it smelled really good so I had some.  I didn't really want a full cup," Prem explained.  "Do you want another one?"


"No, no...I'm fine," Heer replied and coiled her left arm around his right arm.  She inwardly smiled noticing how all the females that had been watching him all diverted their eyes away realizing he was with her.  "So I was thinking...about registering here...they do have some nice things but then I thought Bed, Bath, & Beyond...probably a bit more reasonable in price range for some things.   They have some nice stuff there too."


"We could always register at both.  I mean pick out the things we like at both places.  I'm sure there are some reasonable things here in this store.  Like the drinkware isn't that bad...and one store may have more variety than another.  Probably need to go online and look at the catalogs and decide," Prem reasoned.


"That's true.  Oh, we should register for bedding at Macy's..."


"Okay," Prem said.  "But let's try to pick no more than three places because if we pick too many places it could be confusing to people and we may not get the sets we want and instead have bits and pieces here and there."


"You're right.  We still need to pick a date," Heer replied her face in thoughtful thinking mode.


"Should we have it in the spring, summer, fall, or winter?" Prem asked.


"Maybe sometime in between summer and fall...I don't want it too hot or too cold.  Well, right now it's March so maybe August?"


"Okay August..." Prem nodded.  "Mid August?  And that will be about a year and half engagement time.  I think we have more than enough time to plan this wedding out...get the venues, the priest, the flowers, the cards, the catering, book the hotels, register, and our outfits."


"Yes, I'll probably have to go to India to get saris and other things," Heer replied.


"We need to talk to a wedding planner," Prem said noticing the sudden frazzle expression on his fiances face over all the things they had to plan and do.  "That should take off some of the load."


"Oh God," Heer muttered and leaned her head against his shoulder.


"What's wrong?"


"I just realized about family.  On my Mom's side there's been a bit of a family feud going on between the eldest brother and the youngest brother," Heer said. 


"Why they won't come and attend because of this feud?" Prem asked.


"No, they will...Mama will make sure they do.  She'd kill them if they didn't.  But then I'll have to deal with how I arrange the hotel rooms and seating," Heer sighed.


"Don't worry...that's what the wedding planner is for.  She'll help you out with all of this crazy stuff," Prem said giving her a cheer up grin.  Heer returned a small smile.  "So where else do you want to go?"


"Hmmm...let's go to William-Sonoma," Heer suggested.  "Maybe they are having a food tasting event."


"Hungry?" Prem chuckled.


"No, I just thought you would enjoy it," Heer replied tapping his stomach.  Prem removed his arm from her grip and coil it around her waist.  Heer couldn't help but feel special when he did that.  Gently butterflies stirred in her stomach when his fingers curved around and rested on her side.  She looked about her and smiled with pride that he was hers.


"Something is on your mind," Prem said as they walked out of the store and into the large walk way of the mall.


"Nothing really..."


"Uh-huh..." Prem replied as he turned and gave her a look.


"Just that you're mine," Heer smiled with a giggle.


His eyes flex as his eyebrows arched and a beaming grin formed on his face.  "That I am.  So you're trying to make all the single women in the mall jealous?"


"No, just letting them know you're mine."


Prem chuckled gently at her remark.  "You know I'm doing the same thing...warding off all the single guys," leaning inwards towards the side of her head speaking softly, "You're my Pumpkin," puckering his lips up and placing a kiss on her head, "You belong to me and nobody else."


Heer smiled brightly and turned her head giving him a sweet but short peck on his lips.  "Nobody else but you." 


The couple then broke apart and held hands letting their arms sway as they continued walking in the mall.  There was sense of ease and lightness surrounding them after the days of dark news and shocking revelations that transpired.  Right now at this moment everything was peaceful and calm.  Worries were casted to the side so enjoyment could be felt.  This was what they needed a day away from all the craziness and be left alone to relax and feel the comforting support of laying in each other's arms. 


Heer shyly smiled as the passenger door was opened for her.  She looked up to see Prem wearing a black suit extending his hand out for her to hold so he could escort her out of the car.  Heer felt a warmth spread within her cheeks seeing how his eyes were intensely gazing at her.  "Gorgeous," he said as he brought her hand up to his lips and placed a gentleman's kiss.  Her smile widened at his gesture.  She then felt him direct her hand to coil around his neck.  Prem breathed gently but deeply taking in her jasmine scented perfume as he delicately brushed the tip of his nose on her cheek.  His hands rested comfortably around her waist in an intimate hold.  Heer giggled and said, "The night has just begun and you're already flirting with me like this in the parking lot?  I'm curious to see what's going to happen during dinner."


"This red sari you have on..." Prem whispered.


Heer placed her hands on his chest pushing him slightly back.  "You told me to dress up."


"Yeah I know I did," grinning a Cheshire grin, "I'm so glad I did."  He then cupped her face and placed a tender kiss on her forehead.  "I've enjoyed this day a lot...just spending time with you."


"Me too," Heer replied.  "It's a shame it's going to be ending in a few short hours.  Then it's back to the case.  You've been through so much and your family.  It's unfair what's going on...most people would be going crazy...most wouldn't know what to do or how to handle this..."


"That's because they don't have you," Prem said.  "You keep me sane Heer.  You remind me what's important...not to focus on the hate and the injustice that's been done but what I do have...a father who loves me...friends who support me...future in-laws that care about me.  And and your love...just the sound of your voice makes me forget my worries...just the touch of your hand gives me the strength to move onward...and just one of your smiles can light me up even during my darkest days.  I'm so thankful for you."


"Prem..." Heer softly uttered not knowing what to say.  He just smiled.  Her eyes said it all to him and he placed another kiss on her forehead.


"Well, now that we've gotten all emotional and weepy...let's go have dinner," he joked.


Heer giggled lightly and linked her arm around his.  "Yes, let's go have dinner."


"Please don't cry during appetizers," Prem requested.  "People will think I did something horrible to you."  Heer pursed her lips and elbowed him.  "Eh, Pumpkin...that hurt."


"Don't worry I'll make up for it later," Heer replied.


"Oooh..." Prem awed his eye flexing in delight at what she meant.  "Can't wait to see what you have in store for me."  Heer's only response was a flirtatious giggle.


Their romantic dinner for two at the Indian restaurant went smoothly.  They chit-chatted about everything but most of the conversation centered on their impending wedding.  Heer went into more detail about the feud her uncles were engaging in and how no matter what the family tried to do they would not listen.  As the last course was being served and they were both enjoying their desserts, kheer for Prem and kulfi for Heer they started up their playful romantic banter again.


Prem smirked as he saw how Heer was trying to avoid his gaze.  It only made him stare harder.  His eyes followed her every move.  He watched as her spoon scoped up the sweet creamy treat and then traveled towards her mouth.  Her luscious lips parted so the cool milky dessert could be devoured.  He noted the way her mouth held it until it melted against her tongue and slide deliciously down her throat.  His mind was in one of those modes that the slightest innocent action from her sent him soaring with thoughts of indecent things; things he'd love to do once they were alone.


Heer finished the last of her kulfi and finally raised her eyes to see that Prem had barely touched his kheer.  "Is something wrong?" she innocently asked ignoring the lusting eyes of her fiance.  "It's not good?"  She had never known Prem to turn down kheer.  It was one of his favorite desserts.


Prem was brought out of his reverie when the waiter showed up at their table to deliver the check.  "Everything all right?" 


"Yes, dinner was excellent," Prem answered and quickly handed him his credit card.


"Is the kheer not to your liking sir?" the waiter inquired.


"No,'s fine," Prem replied and started to spoon it into his mouth showing he was not displeased at all.


"Great.  I'll have this back in a few minutes," the waiter said and then left the table.


Heer giggled into her napkin as she wiped her mouth amused by Prem's behavior.  "Prem..." she sighed as she reached over with her hand to gently wipe some milk off the corner of his mouth.  Her eyes widened when Prem took hold of her hand refusing to let go.  "Premmm..." she whispered in warning.


He ignored her request and placed gentle kisses on her fingertips.  But he soon dropped her hand when he heard the polite cough of the waiter returning with his credit card and receipt slip to sign.  "Excuse me.  Signed the bottom copy when you're ready sir." 


Heer blushed red and nervously took a drink of her water trying to avoid any eye contact with the waiter.  "Yes, thank you," Prem replied with embarrassment.  When the waiter left Prem quickly glance over at Heer and mumbled, "Sorry," while she gave him a tiny glare.  He finished the rest of his kheer and then signed the credit card receipt.  "So shall we?"


Heer got up and followed him out of the restaurant.  She remained silent as they walked to the parking lot and got into the car.  Prem started the engine and then turned to her with a pensive look, "So, there is one more place I'd like to take you before we end our date."


"And that is?"


"A surprise.  Promise you'll keep an open mind about it?" he asked.


"Well, let's see what it is..."


Prem grinned and backed the car out of the parking space and made a right turn out of the lot.  Heer watched as the night scenery passed by their windows as the car drove smoothly through the streets.  Thirty minutes later Prem made a left into a hotel parking lot and parked the car in front of the valet.  He quickly got out of the car and opened the door for Heer.  He then handed the car keys over to the valet stating that they were going to be staying at the hotel.  He walked over to Heer and took her hand into his as he led her into the ritzy hotel.


"Reservation for Deshmukh...Prem Deshmukh," Prem greeted at the front desk.


"Good evening Mr. Deshmukh," the hotel associate smiled as she took his license and credit card to verify his reservation in the computer.  A few seconds later she placed a hotel key card on the marble table top, "Here is your key...the suit number is written on here," circling with her pen the number written on the paper key slip. "It's located on the 28th floor.  If there is anything that we can do to make your stay more enjoyable please don't hesitate to call the front desk.  Elevators are to your right."


"Thank you," Prem nodded and then walked with Heer to the elevators.  It didn't take long for an elevator to come down to take them to their floor.  Prem pushed the button to the 28th floor and waited for the doors of the elevator to close.  The minute they did he moved towards Heer and backed her into the wall.  Heer placed her hand on his chest in alarm at his sudden lusty action.  "Prem..." she breathed as she felt him began to nuzzle her neck and sensually let his breath linger on her skin.  "What if the elevator stops to pick people up?"


"Then I'll stop when that happens," he replied.  "I've been dying to be with all night."


Heer let her fingers slip into his dark hair and curl around the nape of his neck as he began to assault her with soft kisses on the curve of her neck.  "Mmm...since dessert?" she gently giggled.


"Since the moment I saw you in this red sari," he answered.


"Try to behave yourself Prem...they have cameras in here," Heer said.  "You want to give security a show?"  He lifted his head and looked into her eyes.  Heer rested her hand on the side of his neck and let her thumb trace his jaw line.  "We have all night."  Prem eyes flexed at her remark but he couldn't stop himself from leaning forward.  He watched as Heer's eyelids slowly began to fall as he approached her.  He titled his head ever so slightly ready to seal his lips with hers.  When they met a weightless feeling filled him and he felt as if he was soaring amongst the clouds.  It was an elation he couldn't get enough and he whined when he felt Heer began to push him away.  "Pumpkin..." he protested.


"We're on our floor," Heer replied tapping him on his shoulder.  She then walked by him exiting the elevator.  Prem loosened the knot of his black tie and swiftly followed his fiance. 


"I have the key," he said holding it up in his hand.


"What room number?"


"2814," he replied.    


Heer read the signs on the wall that directed where they should head to get to their room.  Prem eagerly walked behind her and grinned.  When they reached their room Heer took the key from his hand and opened the door for them.  "I thought I was eager," he muttered under his breath as they entered the room. 


"I really need to pee," Heer explained as she made a bee line to the bathroom turning on the lights in the hotel suite as she went.


Prem scratched the back of his head and sighed as he heard the bathroom door closing shut, "So much for a smooth romantic entry."  He took off his jacket and loosened his tie.  Prem looked about him trying to figure out how he could get the lighting to be more romantic.  As he was switching on the smaller table lamps, he started to unbutton the cuffs of his sleeves so he could roll them back over his muscular forearms.  Prem took a step back and surveyed his work with satisfaction.  He opened the curtains and then turned off the main light diming the room nicely.  His ears perked to the sound of rustling fabric and he turned to see Heer being bathed in the moon light.  His chest rose as he held his breath for a few seconds forgetting to breathe so captivated by her beauty.  His eyes took in her image and the way her red sari hung perfectly on her body accentuating her feminine curves.   The features of her face shone with radiance; her almond shaped eyes, perky nose, and lush lips.


Heer smiled and walked over.   She lazily took his tie into her hand and leaned forward.  She watched with amusement at the way Prem seem to melt at her presence.  She inched closer tipping herself upward slightly on her toes, her shoes having been discarded in the bedroom, and lingered her mouth near his.  "I'm done freshening up.  Why don't you?"


Prem swallowed hard as he felt the static tingling sensation course through his veins.  His eyelids seemed half open only because he was staring at his fiance's soft pink lips.  He hungered for the taste of them against his mouth and lean forward only to have the object of his desire move to the side.  "Freshening up?"  He felt her hot breath against his ear and his knees nearly buckled.  Her hand was on his shoulder gently tapping reminding him what she was asking him.  Prem blinked and nodded his head obediently.  He started to walk when he felt a tug on his tie not realizing she was still holding onto it.  He eyes shifted back and he looked at her wondering what she wanted.  He could feel his heart beat speed up as she walked closer to him in a deliberately teasing fashion.


Heer knew she had him.  She could suggest anything to him and he would do it.  The power she had over him was thrilling and it made her feel good that she could produce this effect on him.  It wasn't a malicious power but one commanded by love.  She played this flirtatious game knowing at the end of the night that she would fully succumb to his desires and let him take control.  Heer slowly undid his tie and slid the silk fabric over his shoulder in one swoop.  "Thought I help you get started," she teased.  


Prem steadied his breathing and realized it was going to be one of those nights.  She was in a very playful mood and she was going to make him work for what he wanted.  He didn't mind at all.  This little battle was going to be fun and it would only produce an even more enjoyable time between them when they finally came together.  "I'll go then," he simply replied.


When he turned on the lights in the bathroom he noticed an open packet of complimentary toothbrush and toothpaste laying on the marble counter top.  One of the glass cups held the used toothbrush and a damped face towel hung drying on a towel rack.  Prem grinned at Heer's clutch purse sitting on the counter with a tiny bottle of her jasmine scented perfume resting next to it.  He had wondered why that intoxicating smell seemed so strong when she was barely near him.  She had definitely freshen up and he was about to do the same.  His eyes suddenly lit up to an idea that came to his mind and his lips curled into a mischievous manner.


Left alone in the living room Heer turned her attention to the balcony and opened the French doors to let in some cool night air.  She stood at the doorway and leaned herself against the frame and stared up at the moon.  It was hanging high in the dark night sky.  She had never seen it so round and illuminating before.  She grinned when she felt Prem's presence behind her.  She decided to remain where she was and see what his next move was going to be.


Prem placed his hand on her shoulder and deliberately let his fingers brush against the exposed part of her skin.  He felt Heer's hand cover his and her voice say, "I thought you wanted to respect our parents."  Prem chuckled lightly and whispered into her ear, "We're not home now are we?"  Heer felt him swiftly take her hand and then swing her around causing her arms to sling around his shoulders to steady herself.  Prem smirked as he saw how her eyes widened at the fast movement and the realization that he was shirtless.  Feeling the muscles in his shoulders stretch and the smoothness of his skin against the palm of her hands, Heer felt the instinctual attraction towards him spark.  "So?" Prem asked as he arched his eyebrow.  "You said you were going to make up for something you did earlier in the evening."


"I thought I did in the elevator," Heer replied as Prem's lips came dangerously close to hers.


"Not enough," Prem said and sealed his lips with hers.  He moaned into her mouth as he felt her hands tighten around him.  Their kissing was already at a sultry and haggard pace and this was just the beginning of their little game.  Prem tried to hold onto Heer as she pulled away.  Her bottom lip was being stretched as his mouth gently hung on.  "Mmm...don't do this to me Pumpkin," he pleaded when they broke apart.


"I'd thought you wanted me to do this," Heer said as she took her pallu off her shoulder.  She untucked the rest of her sari from around her waist and stood in front of him with just her blouse and petticoat on.  She saw the look of lustful love dancing in his eyes and she gave a shy smile.


Prem moved forward and took her lips again drinking in the unquenchable thirst of kissing her.  The more he did it the more he wanted.  It was an unending cycle.  He felt her fingers seep into his hair and cling possessively to him.  He was half expecting her to teasingly move away again but she didn't.  They stood there for some time kissing and gently caressing each other.  Prem was becoming more aggressive letting her know what he really wanted as he attacked her neck and maneuvered his fingers to her blouse untying the knots that held it in place.


Heer put her hands on his chest and gave a commanding tone, "Wait..."  Prem stopped and gave a curious look.  "Close your eyes."


"Do I have to?" he inquired innocently.


"You'll love me," Heer said whispering near his mouth letting her hot breath mingle with his.  She gave him a tender kiss for good measure and then slowly broke away from him.  "Keep them close and arms to your side."  Prem shut his eyes tightly wondering what she was going to do.  Heer smiled mischievously and started to place kissing along his jawline.  She then went down his neck causing Prem to lift his arms up wanting to hold her.  "Arms to the side," Heer said.  Prem gave a groan but obediently let his arms fall back to his side.  Heer took her time to dazzle and daze him with her mouth as she placed kisses on his face, chest, shoulders, and neck.  Satisfied that he was completely enjoying the moment, Heer carefully took her sari and quickly dumped it on top of his head and wrapping it around his body. 


"Heer!" Prem yelped at the sudden switch from romance to playful rough housing.  His vision was being blurred by all the red fabric hanging on his head.   He could only hear her girlish giggle and the sound of her running away.  It took him a few seconds to unwrap what she had done to him but once free he was determined to find her.  He quickly rushed to the bathroom thinking she might have locked herself in there but found it curiously empty.  He could have sworn he heard a door close.  He then walked into the bedroom and inspected the closet but she wasn't there either.  He frowned and started to survey the rest of the bedroom.  That's when his eyes noticed a gentle bulge behind one of the large curtains beside the other set of French doors to the balcony of the hotel suite.  He smirked and then sighed, "Where did she go?"  He took off his shoes and socks and then walked towards the bed flipping the covers open, "I guess it will just be me in the big comfy bed tonight."  He then walked over to the French doors to stare up at the sky.  "The moon is so bright and beautiful.  Would have loved to have shared this view with Pumpkin.  But she's disappeared on me."  He remained still pretending he didn't hear his fiance slip out from underneath the curtains.  He felt a tender kiss on his shoulder blade and Heer murmuring against his skin, "I'm sorry about the scar."  He turned around and swiftly pulled her to him crushing her chest onto his.  "It's fine.  I'd do it again for you.  Saving that kitten was the right thing to do and seeing you smile was the biggest prize."  He then let his nose delicately trail over her cheek on down her neck and then back up again.  He could feel the rhythm of Heer's breathing as it matched his own; a fervent and labored pace. 


Prem exhaled in pleasure his eyes closing as he felt Heer bring her hand up to his face and tenderly caress him.  Her fingers brush by and parted his lips ever so slightly in an exploratory and sensual movement.  His eyes slowly open to see her hazel ones staring back memorizing his features as if afraid one day she would forget them.  Their eyes gently locked and Heer anticipated him to passionately take her away towards the bed.  But Prem stepped back and knelt on the ground in front of her with his hand extended outward in a gesture of some sort.  She flexed her eyebrows wondering what he wanted.  Prem simply smiled and brought one arm inward towards his waist as if he was holding something while his other hand was raised suspended in the air.  He twisted his waist indicating he was asking her for a dance.


Heer let out a gentle giggle.  She pointed to her ears and then formed her hands into a thumbs up sign twisting her wrist in a negative fashion replying, "No music."


Prem grinned as he stood up and held his finger in the air asking for one moment.  He pulled his cell phone from his pocket and showed her the media player.  He put his right hand near his ear and moved his fingers up and down pretending to play an imagery piano as he pressed the play button on his phone.  (Click on the link to hear Prem's song...I think it's the perfect song in this moment and really sets the mood.  Lonestar - Amazed  Heer put her hand on her cheek with a look of touched amazement as music began to fill the room.  Prem placed the phone on the dresser and then offered his hand again.  Heer slowly slipped her hand into his and then smiled as he quickly spun her towards him.  She automatically coiled her arms around his neck as Prem steady her with his hand on her waist.  The touch of his hand on her bare skin sent a row of shivers up her spine.  She stared helplessly into Prem's piercing brown eyes as they glided along the carpet.  He held her firmly as they moved to other side of the room and then loosened gently so he could twirl her out.  He brought her back in and wrapped his arms around her waist to dip her.  Heer arched her neck and closed her eyes enjoying the sensual feeling of Prem trailing his nose up her neck.


Before she knew it she was standing up right again and his face was dangerously close to hers.  His eyes gazed heatedly causing Heer to shyly turn away.  Prem grab a hold of her arms and pulled her back making her land into his broad chest.  Heer froze to the spot as she felt him move her hair to the side and delicately glide his finger from her temple down to her neck and across her shoulder.  She could feel his breath lingering close behind singeing her skin.  Her breathing had become shallow and her body was feeling weak.  She could barely register anything as Prem moved his hand across her neckline and curled his fingers around her shoulder while his other hand slide across her bare mid-drift.  She was now encased in a secure and intimate hold.  Part of her bare back was resting against his bare stomach and the rhythm of their breathing was in pace.


"Prem..." she gasped as he tenderly trailed kisses from her shoulder up her neck to her ear.


"The night is slowly slipping away from us" he stated as he nibbled her ear.  He then swiftly turned her around so they were facing each other and traced her lips with his finger.  He watched Heer close her eyes enjoying his touch.   "Can we stop playing now?" 


Heer's eyelids lifted to display a gaze of desire and love.  "I'm yours," she simply answered.  Prem swept her into his arms and carried her towards the bed.  He gently laid her down with him following after her nestling themselves comfortably on the firm mattress.  Heer's right hand caressed his cheek as they kissed while her other hand rubbed his back.  The sparks that had started during the beginning of the night at dinner were now blazing intensely.   Words didn't need to be spoken as their hearts understood the meaning of everything transpiring between them.  Love.  Pure Love.


Prem stood underneath the hot steaming shower letting the water wash over his body.  His muscles relaxed and he smiled happily.  This had been one of the best days of his life.  He had spent the whole day with Heer and it had been fantastic.  He enjoyed the little moments they shared; the talking, the playful banter, the hand holding, the hugging, and the sweet kisses.  Of course what occurred a few hours ago was just as memorable but their intimate moments weren't the main focus of their relationship.  It was just a part of some of the things that made their relationship special.  He simply enjoyed spending time with her.  Having an intellectual conversation with her was just as exciting as making out with her.  Prem flipped his soggy hair back from his forehead and reached for the shampoo bottle.  He quickly started to wash his hair lathering it up into a soapy foam before washing it away.  As much as he was enjoying his shower he knew she was waiting for him and he didn't want to keep her waiting.  Fifteen minutes later Prem was finished.  He opened the glass door and carefully stepped out of the shower letting his wet feet dry against the soft bath towel on the floor.  He took a towel hanging from the towel rack and wiped himself dry before wrapping it securely around his waist.


When he exited the bathroom he saw the ruffled sheets of the bed and their clothing scattered about the floor.  He grinned but then wondered where she was.  He left the bedroom and stepped into the living room where he found her wrapped up in a towel with her damp locks cascading down her shoulder closing the balcony doors.  She turned upon hearing his footsteps and gave a small smile explaining, "We forgot to close these."


"Ah," he simply replied.  His eyes then flexed in confusion as her expression suddenly changed to disappointment.


"You're doing it again."


"Doing what again?" Prem asked.


"You didn't dry your hair properly.  Prem you're going to catch a cold one day," Heer said as she grabbed a towel she had used to dry her own hair from off an arm chair.  "Come here."


Prem obediently followed her instructions and sat down in the chair.  He felt the gently but firm rubbing on his head as Heer diligently towel dried his hair.  Halfway through Prem grabbed a hold of her wrists and brought her over to him so that she was sitting on his lap.  "Premmm..."  He just grinned and hugged her nuzzling his check against her cheek.  "I love you Pumpkin."


"I love you too Pancake," Heer giggled as she patted his cheek.  "Now let me finish drying your hair."


"No," he replied shaking his head as he gently swayed them back and forth.


"And why not?"


"Because I have something to say to you," Prem answered.  He stopped his movements and turned his body at an angle so he could face her.  He gently tucked a few strands of her hair behind her ear and caressed her cheek with his thumb in a loving manner.  "You are my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on, you're the love of my life, you're my one and only, you're my everything."  He smiled watching how Heer's face lit up; her eyes sparkling, and cheeks glowing a rosy pink.


"Prem..." Heer softly uttered.  She cupped his face and then kissed him.  It was a sweet kiss that expressed perfectly how she felt.  She leaned her forehead against his and gave a watery smile.  "I love you so much.  You're my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on, you are the love of my life, you are my one and only, you are my everything." 


Prem smiled and then tenderly kissed her tears away.  "You and you're crying," he softly chuckled.   


"You say romantic words to me like that of course I'm going to get emotional," Heer sniffled.


He kissed her forehead and then hugged her again.  "So you ready to check out?"


"Check out?  I thought we were staying here tonight," Heer replied.


"You want to stay here tonight?" Prem inquired.


"I thought this was all part of your master plan," Heer said as she broke from his hold and stood in front of him.  "Wasn't it?  Because I'm not done with you yet."


Prem lips curled upward into a broad smile at the mischievous gleam in her eyes as she let her bath towel drop to the floor.  He quickly stood up and put his arms around her waist pulling her towards him, "Well, in that case I guess we are staying the night.  I think we can make it back before everyone wakes up for breakfast."


"Mmm...exactly," Heer replied and kissed him.


Heer cupped her mouth trying to muffle the girlish giggle coming from her throat.  Satisfied that he hadn't heard her she continued to zoom in and out on her cell phone camera trying to find the perfect shot.  She gently pressed the dedicated camera key and snapped a picture of Prem sleeping peacefully on his stomach with his head turned to the side and his face nestled comfortably in his pillow.  The amber shades of her hazel eyes lit up when she heard him make soft murmurs as his body started to stir awake.  She quickly put her cell phone behind her stuffing it underneath the pillow.  Her heart was racing a mile a minute thinking she was about to get caught but when Prem relaxed back into his pillow she realized he was still sleeping.  She carefully lifted the cell phone back out and shifted in the bed to get another shot at a different angle.  "Whatcha doing?" Prem asked as his eyes shot open.  Heer tried her best to hide her cell phone but it was too late as Prem sat up and grabbed her arm confiscating her phone.  "Are you taking inappropriate pictures of me?"


"No!" Heer replied fighting with him to get her cell phone back.


"Then why won't you let me see?" Prem inquired as he turned his back towards her so he could scroll though the pictures in the photo album.   He saw close up pictures of his face while he was sleeping, pictures of his closed eyes and eyebrows, his ear, his nose, and his lips.  He glanced over at his fiance arching his eyebrow with a curious expression, "Pumpkin?"


"You were looking so cute while you were sleeping I was just playing around and took some photos," Heer answered embarrassedly.


Prem grinned and pinched her cheek, "Maybe I should do this when you're sleeping." 


"Premmm..." she whined looking down.


"Well, at least you did a good job shooting these photos...can't tell that underneath these covers I'm in my birthday suit."  Heer gave him a look and took her phone away from him.  "Since you're up I guess it means time for check out?  What time is it?"


"5am," Heer replied and then yawned.  "We should probably go."


"Yeah we should.  Want to avoid morning traffic...don't want to get stuck in that.  Everyone is usually up and about by 8am.  Why is that our families are such early raisers?" Prem mused.


"I don't know.  Even I can't usually sleep past 9am," Heer replied.  "And what traffic are you talking about?  It's Saturday."


"Oh yeah...well, still we need to get home early before our parents wake up," Prem said.  "So shower..."


"Are you asking me or telling me?" Heer replied.  "You go first."


"I meant together," Prem clarified.


Heer saw a flash of naughtiness in his eyes and she let out a chortle.  "Why do I have feeling you won't behave?"


"How can I when I have a beautiful lady next to me?" Prem teased as he moved closer to her.  He delicately cupped her neck and ran his thumb along her jawline.  "The most ravishing and stunning fiance I should say..."


"You're talking like Ethan..." Heer quipped back making him frown slightly.


"Don't mention other men's names when I'm trying to seduce you," Prem said.


"You're trying to seduce me?"


"Pumpkin..." Prem gently fussed.


Heer giggled and playfully pulled his nose, "Don't be so uptight Pancake."


"I'm not being uptight.  I---mmm..." was about all he could say when Heer sealed her lips onto his.  Heer leaned her body towards him and placed her hand on his shoulder.  It didn't take long for Prem to lay back down on the bed with Heer falling on top of him.  "Don't we need to go?"


"We do," she replied softly as she continued to assault him with sweet kisses ignoring the need to leave.


"You're making it hard for me," Prem said as he rolled her over causing her to let out a flirtatious giggle.


"So we should go take a shower then...put that fire out," Heer teased.


"Not a chance of that happening," Prem replied breathing heavily.  He then trailed titillating kisses down her neck.  Heer moaned and gripped his hair enjoying the feeling of being loved by him.


"Come on," tapping his shoulder, "Let's go take a shower," Heer suggested as she started to move away.  Prem let her slip out of his embrace and then smirked.  She saw the look in his eyes and grinned a mischievous smile before dashing away towards the bathroom.  Prem chased after her making her shriek in playful delight.  He was able to stop her from shutting the door on him and made his way into the room with triumphant. 


"I've got you now," Prem replied as he grabbed a hold of her hugging her from behind.  Heer could feel every inch of his muscular body molding to hers and it was making her mind go fuzzy.  Her breathing became shallow as Prem nuzzled her cheek.  She felt him grip her arm and swing her swiftly around so they could facing each other.  "I'm not going to cool down."


"Wasn't expecting you too," Heer replied with a sly smile as she coiled her arms around his neck.  Prem grinned and then passionately kissed her.


Forty minutes later Prem was driving the black Acura MDX through a quiet neighborhood on their way home.  "What's the matter Pumpkin?" he asked as he noticed through his peripheral vision Heer seemed to be struggling with something.


"Nothing really...just trying not to smile so much," Heer replied.


"And why's that?" he asked with a knowing grin.


"I don't know.  I just can't stop smiling.  This whole day...actually yesterday was just wonderful.  Spending time with you and everything," Heer answered.


"I know what you mean.  It was great.  I had a really great time," Prem said making the left into the Maan's driveway.  "It was nice to get away from it all."  Heer smiled and lovingly brushed her hand through his hair.  "We're home."


They both quietly got out of the car and decided to enter the house from the front door instead of opening the garage and waking their family members.  As they entered the living room they were greeted by a sleepy Preet who was laying on the living room couch.  "Morning..."


"What are you doing here?" Prem asked with surprise.


"Oh I came over to look at some files and things.  It got sort of late so I ended up crashing here," he answered.  He then blinked and looked at their attire.  "Looking pretty fancy for a morning jog..."


"That's because we didn't go for a morning jog," Prem replied.


"I didn't think so," Preet said with a wily smile.  "Wearing the clothes from the night before?  Must have been some date."


"Preet..." Prem warned.


"I'm glad you two enjoyed yourselves.  Better hurry up and change before the parents wake up," he grinned.  "Maybe you should make breakfast for everyone so they don't suspect anything...explains why you guys are up so early.  I'd love an omelet or pancakes...yeah scrambled eggs, pancakes, and hash browns...that sounds awesome." Prem just scowled at his friend for ordering them to make him breakfast.


"Okay, let me go change real quick and I'll be right back," Heer agreed.


"You can't be serious?  Cooking him scrambled eggs, pancakes, and hash browns?" Prem protested.


"He does have a point.  Anyways everyone needs to eat breakfast.  Come on and go upstairs and're helping me in the kitchen," Heer explained.  Preet just grinned while Prem gave a disbelieving look as Heer grabbed his hand and dragged him upstairs. 


Hope you all enjoyed that.

I gave you a long romantic update so I hope I get some long comments Tongue

I have to give some credit to some lines used cause I don't know where these romantic lines came from but they didn't come from my head:

"Thousands of stars are in the sky but you are the one in front of my eye."

"You are my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on, you're the love of my life, you're my one and only, you're my everything

Credit to Most Romantic Things to Say to Her (Top 10 List)

LoneStar - Amazed (Youtube Video)
Credit: dancergirl7214

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Romantic Update!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Premeer update nly!Wink
luved the mornin scene...d race n heer's reaction while prem removin his shirt n dan mall..!!
Heer is damn possessive! n Prem too..!!
d date was awsum..!!! wish i cud c hw prem was starin at her..!!
n d romance in elevator n in d room...dat was too Hawttt!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 
awsum update Grace! Clap luved it..!!
n u kept ur promiseStar thnz for updatin so soon! Smile

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dat was super favbulos and very nice update and so much romanticSmile

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sorry for not editing i had a jetlag...
BTW im PMing u the banner...buh i wanna redo one last time

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