Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Chai'sTeahouse2: 22/4 New Chpt p116 (Page 28)

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Originally posted by Waqas...

Hiii Grace, how are you???
Okay i am here with comments for all the chapters LOL !!!

-Mission 24: Speaking of the Future

Awesome Update !!!

Heer spending some time with her father, and Her father know what they were doing ahem !!! Thank God He didn't questioned MuchEmbarrassedEmbarrassed !!

Premeer talking about future, no kids, let them enjoyEmbarrassedLOL !!! and i loved this emoticon used by Aymee   for premeer ROFL, i wanted to use this emoticon here !!!

Very Nice Scene of Prem, Heer and Preet, and what they were hiding from preet haha !!!
Awesome Chapter
Thanks for the PM !!

-Mission 25: Homecoming

Awesome Update with a lot of premeer !! all scenes were cute, prem's dreaming about Heer, then morning coffee kissEmbarrassed !!!

Very Cute Preet and Meher Scene also !!!

Dish washing and Premeer,  Teji Caught them !!! They should be more careful..

Thanks for the PM !!!

-Mission 26: A Bump in the Road

It was great update Grace !!

Loved the interaction between kiran and heer, and Balraaj denied for Prem and Heer engagement, I am not surpriced at this' Hope everyone convince him !!

Nice premeer scenesEmbarrassed, loved them !!!

Thanks for the PM !!!

Originally posted by Waqas...

-Mission 27: The Little Red Brick House 

Loved this chapter Grace !!!

Premeer visiting their old homes, and then school, it was cute...

And the Premeer Proposal, I liked it...

Premeer Scene was HAWT and SteamyBlushingBlushingEmbarrassed, but Heer didn't hang up phone properly, its soo embarrassing, Heer must be > Embarrassed , debbie heard what she shouldn't...

It was Hot and Awesome Chapter...

Thanks for the PM  !!!Big smile


-Mission 28: The Unforeseen

Awesome Chapter !!!

The friends scene was great, how they scared them by telling their story...

And the friends calling "Oh Prem"ROFL' that was funny !!

Balraaj talking about what truth??? Hope everything goes well for premeer !!

Thanks for the PM !!!

  to be continued...LOLLOL

Waqas! Shocked It's great hearing from you Big smile

Thanks for taking the time to post up individual comments about what you thought about the chapters.

That emo that Aymee used is hilarious isn't it? Embarrassed LOL

More twist and turns in store for our favorite couple...and of course romance Wink

And interesting quote...Yes, you go out there and achieve!  Stay away from IF tensions.

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Okay Here's the Comment for rest of chaptersBig smile, i thought to edit previous post (*to be continued), but you already quoted !!!
-Mission 29: Reasons Unknown

Premeer scene was cute and awesome of making each other warmEmbarrassedEmbarrassed !!

Right now?"Prem playfully gasped.  "That's kind of disturbing..." reaching over and pulling the bed sheets higher up on their bodies...

^that was funnyROFLROFL !!!

I loved the scene when Premeer went to Kulraaj's Grave, Very Well Written, Loved it ClapClapClap !!!

And Sanjana is out of jail, what he gave to preet in envelope Ermm , wish preet would have opened it...

Overall Awesome Chapter !!!

Thanks for the PM !!!


-Mission 30: Truth is in the Eye of the Beholder

It was sad and shocking update !!!

Prem and Preet Shouting at each other while playing Xbox LOL

So Balraj is responsible for Prem's parents death, I was sad while reading this chapter, the way Prem hurted HeerDisapprove, but he was also hurted, so it was natural' and when heer returned the engagement ringShocked, I was shocked, like is this the end of relationship, but I know Grace, no sad endingWink, haha !!!

Thank God Kiran put some sense in Prem, and he realized'

Good Heer and Teji is not talking to Balraj, he deserve that !!! and Heer is ready to break her relation with father, hmmm !!!

Premeer scene was cute, glad they discussed what happened in coffee shop !!!


"There is always a rhyme and reason for the things I do.  The only warning I'm going to give you is prepare yourselves for what's coming next"

More twist and turns ???ShockedShocked

Prepare for what??? Premeer ahemEmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL

Waiting for next chapter !!
Overall awesome chapter !!!
Thanks for the PM !!!

-Mission 31: Vengeful Desires

Awesomee Chapter Grace !!!

Loved all the action stuff, so Jaywant is responsible for Prem's parent death...

And Sanjana is also dead now, good she releaved many things, which helped them a lot'

Oh I was shocked, I thought kiran also gone now, but Thank God he is safe !!!

Loved all action scenes...

And Premeer romance in starting was cute, Prem deserve punishment for hurting Heer, and I think he is happy with that punishment Wink !!!

Now no more twist and turn, Only Premeer?Embarrassed

Thanks for the PM !!!

Okay Done comment for all chaptersBig smile, sorry for commenting late, i was busy with semester exams and stuff related to  university...  
and reply to ur comment: yea that emo is hilariousROFLROFL...
and about quote: yea i wasted a lot of time in I-F fights, i decided this semester not to involve myself in any fight, and result is i got good grades as compare to last semester... last semester courses were also easy, but still i wasn't able to score much...
Anyways, Thanks for all the PMBig smileBig smile
Waiting for next chapter !!!

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Hey everyone!

So I'm back with another exciting update LOL

Don't forget who I am Evil Smile

And I have a surprise for you guys at the end...

Mission 32: A Stab in the Heart


Prem rubbed his blurry eyes as the alarm on his watch started beeping.  Heer stirred restlessly next to him and started pushing him mumbling, "Prem, shut it off."  He sat up and turned his alarm off.  He then sat there starring at nothing but the wall feeling extremely tired.  Heer rolled over and put her leg on him trying to push him back down.  "Cold," she griped.  Prem didn't protest and flopped back into bed.  Heer snuggled into the covers and Prem's side making herself comfortable before falling back asleep.  Prem slowly blinked his eyes a few times before he eventually closed them thinking he could rest for a few minutes before getting up but was soon fast asleep again.


Several hours passed and the sun had risen and was hanging high in the sky.  Kiran had just finished taking his shower and completed his morning routine.  He was putting his watch on his wrist as he walked down the hallway and spotted Teji heading towards Heer's door.  "Morning Teji," he greeted.  "I think they went out for a jog."


"A jog?" Teji asked.


"Yes, Prem mentioned that to me last night," Kiran answered with a smile hoping she would buy his lie.  He had woken up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and hadn't seen his son in the room.  He saw ruminates of his activities as he had spotted his dirty clothes thrown in the corner of the room.  He had a sneaking suspicion that he was with Heer in her room.  He understood young love after all he was young once and had experienced such things.  Knowing everything that had happened recently it was to be expected that the couple wanted to spend some time alone together in each other's arms.  He knew it was still considered inappropriate for his son to be spending the night in Heer's room even if they were engaged.  He understood the current generation and their boundaries of intimacy were far different then his when he was their age.  He wanted to make sure Teji didn't witness something that was perhaps inappropriate.


"Oh well then I'll just go downstairs and start breakfast then," Teji smiled and left.


Kiran breathed a sigh of relief and then gently knocked on the door.  He strained his ears trying to pick up any movements inside the room.  When he didn't hear anything he knocked his knuckles harder against the wooden door.  He smirked as he heard some panic rumblings like someone had fallen off the bed.  A few seconds later the door was cracked open and the face of his future daughter-in-law appeared acting sleepily cheery on a cool March morning.  "Oh, morning Uncle," she greeted.


"Morning Heer," Kiran smiled.  "Sorry for disturbing you but if anyone asks tell two went jogging."  He watched her face suddenly flush a nervous pink.  "I'll be downstairs," he said simply waving farewell turning to leave.


"Uncle..."  He turned around and arched his eyebrow.  "We...nothing happened...he fell asleep."


"A likely story from him," Kiran replied trying to suppress his smirk.  "Just tell him I'm not ready to become a grandpa just yet."  He stifled his laughter as he saw the way Heer's pink face suddenly turned into a dark shade of red.  Her mouth was gaping open like a fish making no sound as she desperately tried to say something to explain the situation.  "Don't fret my dear.  All the blame is on his side.  If he decides to make this a daily habit do tell him his future mother-in-law likes to wake up her daughter and would find it highly suspicious if the door of her room is locked.  Well, I must be off...I'll see you later downstairs."


"Bye Uncle," Heer managed to utter and then closed the door.  Her eyes narrowed as she walked to the other side of the bed where Prem was on the floor hiding.  "Your Dad just saved us from Mama...he knew you were in here...he said not to make him a grandpa so soon."  She started to slap his arm making Prem squirm on the floor with pain.  "You deserve this.  Got the alarm...nothing to worry about huh?  This is so embarrassing.  What if you hadn't locked the door?  You know Mama would have screamed and beaten you with a broom even though nothing happened between us last night."


"I'm sorry," Prem replied rubbing his upper arm.  "Pumpkin don't get mad."


"Don't Pumpkin me," Heer huffed.


Prem got up and brought her into a back hug, "I'm really sorry.  The alarm did go off and I was going to go but the bed was so comfortable I fell back asleep.  But you like it when I sleep next to you...I can't deprive you of that."


"Who's depriving who?  You're the one who likes it," Heer replied.


"So you don't like sleeping with me?" Prem pouted.  "Does that mean we'll have to get separate beds when we get married?  Two singles?"


"Yes," Heer answered.


"Geez, this makes it difficult I have to make appointments with you for quality time?  Eventually our parents will want us to make little Pumpkin Pancakes..." Prem said with a flirtatious glint in his voice.


"Pumpkin Pancakes?" Heer repeated turning around staring at him.


"You're Pumpkin and I'm Pancake...together we make Pumpkin Pancakes," Prem explained with a smile.  Heer burst into laughter at his joke.  "What's so funny?  It's what would happen."


"I can't believe you are equating our future children as pumpkin pancakes," Heer said shaking her head.  Prem just grinned and tighten his hug placing his chin on her shoulder.  "Anyways, this just proves that you can't spend the night in my room."


"What if I got permission?" Prem inquired.


" way you will get permission," Heer mocked.  "Anyways, we have to get ready...everyone will be at the breakfast table waiting for us."


"Okay," Prem said and started following Heer into her bathroom.


"Prem, what are you doing?" Heer asked.


"Getting ready...brushing my teeth...taking a shower..." Prem stated with a matter of fact tone.  He slipped his shirt off his torso and started to take off his pajama pants.


"You can take a shower in the bathroom in the hallway," Heer said.


"But I'm already here," Prem replied with a pout and opened one of the drawers and got out a new toothbrush from a package.  He squirted a bit of toothpaste on the bristles and then handed the tube to Heer.  He turned around and began brushing his teeth.  Heer sighed and grabbed her toothbrush and dabbed a stripe of toothpaste on the bristles.


Thirty minutes later, Prem opened the bathroom door with a smile letting the steam exit the bathroom and into the bedroom.  He had a pink towel wrapped around his waist as he walked towards the bed carrying his pajamas in his right hand.  He grinned looking at the towel wrapped around his waist.  "That color is just perfect for you."  He turned around and chuckled as Heer came out with a dark blue towel wrapped around her body.  She went to her closet and started to look for something to wear.  Prem followed behind her and placed his hands on her bare shoulders and slide his hands downward in a very sensual manner.  "You were being so good earlier in the shower don't start acting naughty now," Heer said as she felt Prem's lips delicately kissing the back of her shoulder.


"I can only control myself for so long," he replied as he continued his kissing.  "It was like torture...a few minutes ago."


"You promised...out of respect for our parents," Heer said.


Prem slipped his hands around her waist and pulled her into him.  "I know I did.  May I at least get one romantic date with you?"


"Of course you may," Heer smiled.  "Now," jutting her elbow out into his gut making him groan, "Go get dressed in your room."


"Okay Pumpkin," he hoarsely replied and gave her a kiss on the side of her head.  "Love you."


"Love you too," Heer replied with a warm smile.


Preet was in the living room on his cell phone talking to his girlfriend.  "Yeah, I'm fine.  You sleep well?"


"Yes I did.  I know you can't tell me much about what's going on but are Prem and Heer all right?" Meher curiously inquired.


"Everyone is doing well.  Don't worry.  I'll be in and out the rest of the day," seeing Prem and Heer walking down the stairs, "I have to go...eating breakfast.  Love you."  Preet hung up his cell and gave a sly smile at his friends.  "Jogging this morning huh?"


Prem tried to mask his surprise at his question.  "Um, yeah.  It was great weather for it."


"Glad you enjoyed your jog.  You guys sure were quiet...I didn't even hear you leave the house," Preet replied.


"We're agents too.  We know the element of sneaking," Heer answered.


"Yeah, very much so...nearly invisible.  I was watching CNN at five thirty this morning.  You guys must have borrowed Harry Potter's invisibility cloak and walked right passed me," Preet grinned.  Prem gave an uneasy smile in return while Heer turned a light pink.  Prem raised his hands up in a gentle plead.  "Don't worry I covered for you guys.  I figure Prem wouldn't miss some chance of hanky-panky if he could after all you two are now living under the same roof."


"Preet!" Prem gritted through his teeth.  Heer's face and neck became completely flushed as she bit her lower lip nervously.


"You're engaged what's the big deal?  We're all adults here," Preet smiled.  "I'm starving.  Let's eat breakfast."  He quickly turned around and marched his way into the dining room where everyone else was sitting and waiting.


Prem looked over at Heer and tilted his head directing that they should go.  Heer took a deep breath and nodded that she was ready.  She'd hope no one else was going to be asking questions.  She'd probably turn red and stay that permanent shade for the rest of the day.  Luckily for her breakfast went smoothly without any questions. 


After eating breakfast Balraaj and Rishabh left for the office to learn the progress on Sanjana's autopsy and the ongoing investigation of the security guards while Kiran, Prem, Heer, and Preet went back to the house to see what was left.  Kiran step out of the black Acura MDX and breathed a deep sigh as he saw the charred remains of their house.  He recalled how much Kulraj had loved the house; the architecture, the floor plan, and the design.  Now all of that was gone; ashen wood, melted metal, and a crumbled foundation blackened beyond recognition was all that was left.  It had taken firefighters hours to put out the raging flames.  "Dad..." he turned and saw the concern face of his son and felt the firm touch on his shoulder.


"It's gone," Kiran simply uttered.  "The photos...our photos...her trinkets...those darn vases she loved...your stamp collection...everything..."  He walked away towards the gutted house entering into the area that was once the living room.  There were no walls; no boundaries just empty space.  Burnt debris crinkled underneath his flat soled shoes as he walked.  He lifted his head surveying the area around him remembering what the inside dcor use to look like and the emotion of it all suddenly hit him.  He felt his knees go weak and the next thing he knew he was in the arms of his son.  "It's okay Dad," Prem soothed holding his father as he wept.  "It's gone...all of it..." Kiran replied.  "...your mother's things...her things..."


"But we still have our memories...she lives on in our memories," Prem said trying to comfort his father.  "Hey, remember the time when I came home from was end of freshman year...I decided to start my own dog walking service for the summer?  Mom got so upset with me when I brought home six dogs.  They had all walked through a huge mud puddle and I needed to get them cleaned.  I was trying to convince her to watch them while I took one of them one by one upstairs to get cleaned in my bathroom.  In the end we bought a kiddie pool...and you and I were outside on the front lawn washing the dogs while Mom dried them with towels and a hair dryer.  She told me to quit the dog walking service.  I told her I couldn't cause I was booked up for the whole month.  She told me she was going to charge me for her services, the cost of the kiddie pool, the soap, and the water.  I thought she was kidding until the next day she gave me a bill of all the charges.  I had to pay Mom $60."  Kiran let a watery chuckled while Prem sniffled back some tears with a smile.  "I know we've lost some things we won't be able to get back but we still have our memories.  And we can always rebuild this house.  The insurance will take care of the damages.  We're not going to leave this property Dad."


Kiran hugged his son and patted his back.  "I'm sorry.  Thank you."


"No thanks Dad.  We're family," Prem replied hugging him back.  "Love you Dad."


"Love you too Son," Kiran answered and then broke the hug.  He felt a bit embarrassed that he had lost his composure with Preet and Heer standing a few feet away from them.  He shifted his foot along the dirt and said, "I don't think we'll find much of's all turned to ash."


"The fire inspectors said they should have the results of the reports back in a few days," Preet said as he crouched down on the ground using a metal rod to move a piece of charred brick.  "Hopefully the insurance process won't take too long once the insurance company gets the reports."


"Let's hope that's the case," Heer stated. 


"Good thing I added some special coverage insurance," Kiran said.


"You did?" Prem inquired.


"When you joined the CIA...I thought...just in case," Kiran replied.  He then silently pondered for a few minutes before he said.  "There's something I need to show you Prem."


Heer looked on with watchful eyes gauging Prem's expressions as he listened to what his father was telling him; telling all of them.  "I know you're investigating Sanjana's suicide and I know that the attack on the house was probably in some ways linked to her death."


"How do you know?  It does look suspicious but the investigation isn't over yet," Prem replied.


"Forgive me for overhearing some conversations but Sanjana left messages right?  Clues, hints, riddles..."


"Yeah Dad, but what does this have to do with going to the bank and what you got from the safety deposit box?" Prem inquired.


Their conversation was halted when Teji came into the living room and set down a tea tray.  Heer got up from her seat indicating she was going to go and help her mother.  Teji shook her head, "You sit.  It's okay.  You listen."


Kiran took a cup of chai from the tray and gently sipped it before continuing.  "I had a feeling something wasn't right but I couldn't quite figure out what.  The days before your mother passed away she had been acting very strangely.  I thought it was because of work...the stress.  I overheard her arguing one night with her brother on the phone.  But before I could figure out what it was about she hung up with him.  Then one night as we were getting ready for bed she started talking about the future...when you'd be coming home...if you'd ever settle down and get married...have children.  I told her she shouldn't worry.  She'd be there with me to see it all happen.  And she simply replied you never know when your next day is your last.  I thought she was getting a bit of her co-workers had recently died in a car crash.  She was only 28.  She left a husband and two young children...a boy and girl."  Kiran paused and looked at Prem.  "I want to say I'm sorry I didn't tell you this sooner.  I wanted to when you came home but then you left on assignment...and then when you came and Heer got engaged...Balraaj divulged his connection with your parents...then this investigation...the house blowing up...things kept happening.  What I'm trying to say is that a day after your mother died one of your mother's good friends came by the house.  She handed over a letter for me.  It was from your mother telling me she had left some things in the safety deposit box.  Obviously this made me wondered.  Did she know she was going to leave so soon?  But how could she have known.  She died of a heart know she had issues with her cholesterol and blood pressure.  On her last checkup the doctors were telling her to exercise more and watch the types of foods she ate.  She was always a bit of foodie...never could turn down anything offered to her.  When I looked at what was written on the second page of that hand written letter I nearly collapsed.  She was telling to get her body autopsied.  One of her old college friends was working at the county morgue.  She had spoken to him and had made arrangements."


Prem's eyes flexed and he swallowed hard.  His voice shakily asked, "Someone kill Mom?"


"Not just someone.  She named your Uncle...her own brother," Kiran replied solemnly.


"The person in question is responsible for not only two murders but three," Preet softly stated. 


"That's what Sanjana said," Heer said. 


"You know I never said this before but Jaywant was not the easiest man to get along with.  He was very stubborn in his principles at times.  When your mother and I decided to adopt he didn't exactly embrace the idea.  And when he found out we had adopted a child that was 7 years old instead of a younger child he was less than enthusiastic about it.  Kulraj pleaded with him to come to the house and met you.  I guess he changed his mind after he came.  He took you under his wing and all...I remember when he took you camping and you came back singing praises about your Uncle." 


Prem tightened his jaw.  "He probably found out who I really was.  He never really cared about me...just needed to build my trust in him.  And I kept looking to him to find out more about my parents cause I thought he had access to information since he worked for the CIA...he had government access to all the databases in law enforcement."


"Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer," Preet said with a sigh.


"He led me to believe things...gave me information about the truth," Prem continued.  "That bas***d..."


"Uncle, what happened with the autopsy?" Heer inquired.


"It was done.  I put the reports in the safety deposit box waiting for Prem's return to show him what the results were and all the other information that was left behind by his mother.  I tried reading it but I never made it past the first page.  I couldn't.  I was still coping with her loss and to think that her own brother could do this to her...that was something I just couldn't fathom.  And if it was the truth... Jaywant is a CIA agent...he had resources and if he didn't even think twice about killing his own sister than what would he do to me?  Do to Prem?  I couldn't confront him...I didn't have the strength to at that time," Kiran replied sadly.  "I wonder if I had made the right decision...perhaps if I had said something sooner...he would have been caught and been brought to justice for the things he's done today instead of what's happened now...another agent killed."


"Sanjana was far from an innocent agent," Preet said.  "She reaped what she sowed."


"No Uncle, you did the right thing to wait.  It probably saved your life.  Now with what Sanjana has left behind and what Kulraj Aunty has collected there is probably ample evidence to put him behind bars for a very long time," Heer replied.


"I think you should speak with the coroner Doctor Mark Perry," Kiran suggested.


Prem and gang exited the elevator at the ground floor and walked down the corridor to their left to the coroner's office.  They paused briefly to inquire from a receptionist which room Doctor Mark Perry was in making up an excuse that they were there to check on the status of a deceased victim and were told to speak directly with the good doctor.  The receptionist didn't think twice about their reasons and told them they could find him in room number two which was located back down the hallway to their right pass the elevators.  They thanked the lady and made their way to the instructed room.


Their senses filled with the smells of chemicals and noises of autopsy tools.  They pushed their way through the double doors of the morgue and saw a male with ashy brown hair wearing blue medical scrubs bent over a clothed body inspecting it.  "Excuse me, Dr. Perry?" Prem inquired.  The man lifted his head a bit surprised to see three people standing in his morgue.  His eyes then gently softened with a hint of recognition.  "Prem?"


"Um, yes," Prem replied slightly taken aback that he knew his name.


"You're Kulraj's son.  She gave me a picture.  I suppose you're here to find out about your mother's medical reports," Dr. Perry said.  "Let me wash my hands and we can speak in my office."


"What about the body?" Prem asked.  "If we are interrupting work..."


"No, I just finished the preliminary check.  The next step was to open the body.  But I have other doctors and assistants that can handle this task," he replied.  He then walked over to the sink and took off his gloves throwing them in a trash can and washed his hands.  He picked up a phone mounted on the wall and made a quick call.  A few seconds later another doctor and two assistants came into the morgue.  "Thank you Steve."  Doctor Perry then motioned with his head for Prem, Heer, and Preet to follow him to his office.


Prem sat in a chair politely sipping a cup of coffee as Dr. Perry settled himself down at his desk and looked at the file they had given him.  He sighed and took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose in gentle disbelief.  "You know when I met your mother and she had requested to me if anything were to happen to her that she wanted me to do the autopsy of her body I was concern...extremely...I wanted to get the police involved.  If she in any way thought her life was endangered it was best she speak with law enforcement and get something done to protect her and Kiran.  But she refused...she said it was beyond anything the local authorities could do.  She never told me who it was that she was afraid of but she did let slip somehow the CIA would be involved.  Needless to say I told her to speak with her brother since he worked with the CIA...she simply replied that he couldn't do anything for her.  It wasn't until after her death and I did the autopsy did I realized why she wouldn't go to her brother.  Kiran was a mess when he showed up at my office.  He stressed the importance that no one saw the report not even Jaywant.  He told me whatever I found I was to rule it as a natural cause despite any evidence I found.  So I made two reports.  I know the risks of doing this...losing my license but I realized with the CIA involved and Kulraj making me promise no matter what not to speak to anyone about it except was best to follow her instructions.  I did a toxicology report and found very little evidence to suggest something abnormal but nowadays it's not hard to find certain poisonous compounds that leave negligible traces or none at all...especially if you have the means and resources.  I did locate on the tip of her right ring finger what appeared to be a tiny puncture mark...possibly left behind by a needle.  But it's also possible that she pricked herself on something."


"Do you think she died of natural causes?" Prem asked.


"Although there isn't much evidence to view but from what I know and the events leading up to I don't believe she died of natural causes," Dr. Perry answered.  "I'm sorry Prem."


"No thank you for what you've done for us."


"Through my years on this job I've learned a few things from my fellow investigators who have the more arduous task of interviewing and interacting with live suspects that try to hid their lies and distort the truth...I deal with the aftermath...the bodies...there is but one truth that they can tell...but the psychology of human behavior hasn't changed that much...when I was attending your mother's funeral service...I sat in the back and noticed how your uncle was everyone else he seemed like he was grieving over the lost of his sister but he was crying because of guilt...the guilt of being response for his sister's death," Dr. Perry replied.


Prem sat at the kitchen table slowly eating his bowl of ice cream.  The investigation of Sanjana's suicide was turning up more and more questions as the week wore on.  They had found the white Mustang that had almost run Heer over abandoned at a local grocery mart.  The car had been inspected to see if there was any evidence of who the person was and what his or her motives were.  Forensics found trace evidence of bombing material in the back seat which suggested that the driver was likely responsible for blowing up his house.  Preet was able use the street cameras and develop a timeline of events for the Mustang's whereabouts on the day they saw it.  The car had been spotted near the neighborhood where Prem and his father lived.  Unfortunately, they never got a clear picture of the driver as the person wore a hoodie making it difficult to get any sort of description on the suspect. 


They also spoke with Joey the bartender at Eddie's to find out who had hired Travis, the man they had found rummaging through Sanjana's room.  It was a dead end for them as Joey stated he never saw the person's face that he was setting up the meetings for.  He explained on the night he met the man he was behind the bar throwing trash into the dumpster.  The light was broken and the man stood in the shadows wearing a long black trench coat and hat.  He stated any time he met the man there was always something wrong with the lights and he would be standing in the shadows.  All Joey ever did for the man was exchange numbers between him and the contacts he set up.  Other than that he had no idea what the man wanted. 


The security investigation revealed two of the guards had been approached by Jaywant to turn a blind eye and allow him to secretly meet with Sanjana.  As far as the guards were concern she was someone who had betrayed the country and she was guilty for her crimes, whether she died of her own doing or someone had killed her it was of little concern to them.  She was a traitor and with her death she would no longer be a problem for the country.  But they insisted that they did not kill her.  The night guard confirmed that Jaywant did speak with her the night she died but she was very much alive when he left.  The evidence was all pointing in the same direction and that was Sanjana had committed suicide.  There was no foul play involved.


As Balraaj, Rishabh, Prem, Preet, and Heer combed through the reports that were left by Sanjana and Kulraj it was clear that Jaywant was involved in a lot of things.  The evidence was mounting at his transgressions and they were carefully building the case against him.  Jaywant was out of the country in an important meeting in France for the CIA.  Balraaj decided it was best to wait for him to return to the States.  He didn't want to rush things and tip him off that they were investigating him for the crimes that Sanjana had stated he was involved in and for the murder of his own sister.


"It's going to be nothing but a pool of cream and milk if you don't hurry up."  Prem looked up and saw Balraaj standing next to the table.  "Deep in thought?  There has been a lot to think about lately."


"Um, yeah," Prem mumbled and started to spoon the soupy mixture into his mouth.


"Mind if I sit down?"  Prem nodded and watched as Balraaj sat down with his own bowl of ice cream and a small piece of warmed pound cake.  "You know Heer loves eating warm cake and ice cream."          


"I know."


"Yes, of course you do.  You are her best friend..." Balraaj replied with a bit of embarrassment in his voice for pointing out a fact he knew Prem would know.  He took a spoonful of his dessert and quietly chewed.  "I know the last several days have been a bit rough.  I'm sorry at how things are turning out.  I'm sorry about not telling you the truth earlier...about everything..."


"I've forgiven you.  I think it's time you do the same," Prem said.


Balraaj stared at him feeling a great sense of guilt for having been part of the reason why he didn't have his parents.  Heer had told him a little bit about the things that he had to endure when he was seven.  He could only imagine how scare he was and how angry he must have been for being placed in such situations.  Now in some strange twist of fate he had elected to join the same federal agency that had taken his parents away.  "It's hard."


"The guilt will eat you alive," Prem replied.  "I'm sure they have forgiven you as well."


"You have a big heart.  I can understand why my daughter loves you," Balraaj said.


"I became this way because of her.  She makes me want to be a better man," Prem stated.


"You are good man.  Any father would be proud to have you as their son-in-law."


Prem gave a small smile and scooped some more ice cream into his spoon.  Balraaj dug another piece of ice cream covered pound cake into his spoon and grinned.  The two men continued to eat in silence with a quiet understanding forming between them.  It was the beginning of their relationship as father-in-law and son-in-law. 


So how was that chapter? Evil Smile

Jaywant is a very very bad man Angry

And now for the surprise...I promised you guys didn't I?

Preview of the next chapter:

Heer shyly smiled as the passenger door was opened for her.  She looked up to see Prem wearing a black suit extending his hand out for her to hold so he could escort her out of the car.  Heer felt a warmth spread within her cheeks seeing how his eyes were intensely gazing at her.  "Gorgeous," he said as he brought her hand up to his lips and placed a gentleman's kiss.  Her smile widened at his gesture.  She then felt him directed her hand to coil around his neck.  He breathed gently but deeply taking in her jasmine scented perfume as he delicately brushed the tip of his nose on her cheek.  His hands rested comfortably around her waist in an intimate hold.  Heer giggled and said, "The night has just begun and you're already flirting with me like this in the parking lot?  I'm curious to see what's going to happen during dinner."


"This red sari you have on..." Prem whispered.


Heer placed her hands on his chest pushing him slightly back.  "You told me to dress up."


"Yeah I know I did," grinning a Cheshire grin, "I'm so glad I did."  He then cupped her face and placed a tender kiss on her forehead.  "I've enjoyed this day a lot...just spending time with you."


"Me too," Heer replied.  "It's a shame it's going to be ending in a few short hours.  Then it's back to the case.  You've been through so much and your family.  It's unfair what's going on...most people would be going crazy'most wouldn't know what to do or how to handle this..."


"That's because they don't have you," Prem said.  "You keep me sane Heer.  You remind me what's important...not to focus on the hate and the injustice that's been done but what I do have...a father who loves me...friends who support me...future in-laws that care about me.  And and your love...just the sound of your voice makes me forget my worries...just the touch of your hand gives me the strength to move onward...and just one of your smiles can light me up even during my darkest days.  I'm so thankful for you."


"Prem..." Heer softly uttered not knowing what to say.  He just smiled.  Her eyes said it all to him and he placed another kiss on her forehead.

If you want me to post it up faster Comment LOL...if we move the thread to page 32 I'll post up the next chapter.  Otherwise another week or more of waiting.  It's been a little slow lately and I wonder if anyone is out there still reading??? 

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Hcsee17 Senior Member

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its was very fabulous i loved it...
waiting for next chapterClap

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hey gr8 update...
pumpkin pancakes...ROFL...that will be their kids pet name then...
nice thinking prem...Thumbs Up(it goes to u gracie...Wink)
good that prem and balraaj are getting along well now..!!!

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it was fab fab fabClap!!!

awesume chapterrrBig smile!!! loved it...!!! happy to see a bit of balraaj n prem understandinSmile!!1

precapp sound interestingEmbarrassed!!!

do update soon!!!

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Nice updateClap

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thanks for the update...loved it!!!

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