Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Chai'sTeahouse2: 22/4 New Chpt p116 (Page 23)

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thiz week is also about to end!!!

whn will u update GRACEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

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Sorry for the long wait...some things came up that prevented me from writing.

Please excuse the spelling and grammatical errors...this one is a long chapter with lots of stuff going on Shocked...twist and turns Wink

Mission 31: Vengeful Desires


Heer hazily lifted her eyes open as she awoke from her sleep.  She was leaning against the headboard and her back felt stiff.  She moved her legs and then realized that something heavy was weighing them down.  She shifted her eyes downward and saw Prem with his head cradled in her lap sleeping.  A gentle smile spread across her lips and she gently patted his head.  She didn't want to do it but she had to as her back was beginning to bother her.  "Prem...wake up...Prem..."


Her fiance stirred and rolled over opening his eyes.  Her grin widened even more at how adorable he looked in his half awake and half asleep stated.  "Mmm?" he replied.


"Sorry, my back is killing me," Heer said rather apologetically as she started to move her legs.


Prem sat up and rubbed his eyes.  "I guess I should go home then."  He was surprised when he felt Heer's hand hold his arm pushing him back down on the bed.  "It's okay...just stay.  It's really late."


"It's only 11pm," Prem replied as he looked at his watch.  He then rubbed his stomach, "I'm kinda hungry.  I haven't had much to eat all day."


"I told you to take care of yourself and eat properly," Heer berated.


"I was upset and you weren't there to force me to eat," Prem defended with a pout.


"Let's see what we have in the fridge downstairs," Heer said.  She winched as she got up and rubbed her lower back.  Prem stood behind her and gently massaged the area for her.  "I'm sorry," he said replying to her soft groans. 


"It's okay.  You were sleeping so peacefully that I didn't have the heart to wake you.  Besides you looked exhausted," Heer said.  Prem slipped his arms around her waist and gave her a back hug in appreciation for her efforts.  He then placed a gentle kiss on her right temple.  Heer smiled, "Come on let's go feed your stomach something before it starts gurgling."  Just as she finished saying that Prem's stomach made a loud noise causing them both to laugh.


After eating a little something in the kitchen Prem followed Heer back to her room.  He had become too tired to argue with her and agreed to stay the night.  The minute he entered the bedroom he took off his shirt and slipped out of his jeans.  He then crawled underneath the covers to sleep.  Heer came out of the bathroom having finished her nightly routine and was in her pajamas.  She sighed at the pile of clothes Prem left in the middle of the room.  She picked them up and found a place to store them.  She then went over to the bed and gently shook Prem who grumbled as he hid his head further into the pillow.  "Prem go brush your teeth."


"I wanna sleep," he whined as he waved his hand in the air trying to shoo her away.


"Prem go do it now," Heer replied.  "You want to get cavities?"  He cracked one eye open and gave her a glare and then forced himself to get up.  He knew she wouldn't stop pestering him until he did what she wanted him to do.  "Good boy," Heer smiled and playfully slapped his butt as he walked towards the bathroom.


A few minutes later Prem walked out of the bathroom slightly more awake from brushing his teeth and washing his face.  He slipped back into bed and rolled towards Heer who was sleeping on her side.  He smiled mischievously and gently squeezed her behind.  Heer stirred and turned her head towards him.  "That's for earlier," he simply replied.  She gave a small giggly smile and then closed her eyes as he leaned in and kissed her.  Heer eventually turned around as her neck was beginning to feel strained.  Her hand slipped across his neck curving around the nape of his neck and into his hair.  Prem held her close as they continued to kiss.  Soft elating tingles began to spread through their bodies as they continued to caress and hold each other.  When the kissing naturally ended Prem tenderly brushed his nose against her cheek and whispered, "Goodnight."


Heer grinned in reply, "Goodnight."


Prem rolled to his side facing away from Heer while she positioned herself behind him holding him in a spooning position.  Prem smiled and laid his hand on top of her delicate hand that was curved around his waist.  He felt Heer gently kiss his shoulder before snuggling into him and going to sleep.  Prem's eyelids soon dropped falling into a fast sleep.


Teji stood in front of the stove making breakfast.  She was whisking a bowl of eggs with chopped onions and minced green chilies and cilantro.  The sound of the toaster popping caught her attention and she quickly placed the bowl of eggs aside and picked up the warm toast.  She spread a little butter on them and then placed them on a plate.  She took two more slices of bread and stuck them in the toaster before going back to her eggs.  She poured some oil into the frying pan and turned the stove on high to get it ready for her first batch of omelets.  Teji turned when she sensed the presence of someone in the kitchen.  It was her husband.


Balraaj noticed that the kitchen table had been set for three people and his eyes flexed.  He cautiously inquired, "There are three plates set for breakfast?"


"Yes, the third place is for Prem," Teji replied and returned her attention to her omelets.


"He came over this morning?" Balraaj probed.


"No, he spent the Heer's room," Teji answered as if it wasn't a big deal.  She had checked in on Heer last night before she went to bed and had discovered Prem in her room.  She was at first taken aback at finding him there with her daughter but her heart soon softened at the position they were in.  Heer was leaning against the head board of the bed while Prem had his head in her lap.  They were both sleeping peacefully. 


Earlier in the week Teji had held her daughter in her arms trying to ease her fears and anxieties of losing the love of her life.  She couldn't stand seeing her in so much pain.  Teji knew how hard it was for Heer to stand on the sidelines waiting for Prem to figure things out.  So she was happy that they found a way to reunite.  


Balraaj swallowed hard and shifted his eyes upwards like he could see through the ceiling and into the second floor.  He couldn't believe his wife was acting like it was not an issue that Prem had spent the night.  Like any father his mind started wandering and despite knowing she was an adult and had more progressive and modern views on relationships because she had grown up in the States; he couldn't help but feel it was wrong that Prem had stayed even if nothing had happened.


"She's an adult and as far as I'm concern he's the son-in-law of this house," Teji said.  Her remarks were biting as if she was purposely trying to poke at Balraaj.  She knew he wouldn't be able to handle the news well.  "He's put a ring on her finger and despite everything he's still with her."  Teji flipped the omelet over to cook the other side and then continued speaking, "You never agreed to this engagement because you were trying to hide what had happened in the past...I'm right aren't I?"


"Yes," Balraaj answered guiltily.


"Now that things are out in the open...are you still going say no?"


"Does my input even matter? Balraaj replied.  "I've destroyed every relationship with this secret.  I'm at fault for everything."


"You're plate is over there," Teji said ignoring his comment.


Balraaj took the lone plate sitting on the kitchen counter and handed it to his wife who slipped the first omelet she made from the frying pan onto it.  She then picked up two pieces of toast and dropped them on the plate.  "If you want ketchup or jam fix that yourself."  Balraaj simply nodded and obediently did as his wife instructed.  He then returned back to his office to eat his breakfast alone.


Prem gently opened his eyes and reacquainted himself to the room he was laying in.  He shifted to his right and smiled seeing Heer sleeping next to him.  He tenderly tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear and then placed a kiss on her forehead, her cheek, and then her ear.  "I love you," he whispered against her ear.  Heer stirred and opened her eyes sleepily.  "Morning Pumpkin," Prem greeted.


Heer gave a sleepily smile and then turned hugging him.  She nestled her head against the crook of his neck and asked, "Sleep well?"


"The best sleep I had in awhile," Prem answered rubbing her back.  His hands wandered down to her hips and began massaging.  "Where's that bruise you got?"


"Bruise?  What bruise?" Heer inquired.


"You ran into a desk...that night when I pushed you away," Prem said remorsefully.


"Oh, it's fine...doesn't hurt just a little purple and black," Heer replied.


"Where is it?"


"It's on the side...just below the hip bone...right side.  Why?" Heer asked.


Prem moved indicting he wanted her to roll onto her back.  Heer flipped back over and then felt his hands grip at her sides making her lay on her left side.  Prem sat up causing the covers to fall backwards towards the end of the bed.  He bent down and pulled Heer's shorts down to inspect the bruise.  When he found it his eyes emoted a shameful sorrow.  He placed a gentle kiss on the bruise.  "I'm sorry."


Heer pulled him up and brought him into her embrace.  "It's okay.  I know you didn't mean it.  It was an accident."


"Still I physically hurt you," Prem replied.  "That's not forgivable."


"Are you asking for a punishment?" Heer inquired.




"Okay.  Your punishment is to never leave me again," Heer stated.


"I promise I won't ever leave you again.  We are forever bound to each other.  No matter how many times we return to this physical world...I'll always be yours.  I belong to you and no one else.  I'll ask for you and only you in my heart until my prayers are answered and we met again.  I promise you this," Prem vowed.


Heer wanted to kiss him and cupped his face but then realized the issue with morning breath and changed direction hugging him again.  Prem was slightly surprised by the switch but he still gladly accepted the hug.  "Morning breath," Heer stated as they pulled apart.


"Time to brush our teeth then," he said and jumped out of the bed rushing to the bathroom.  Heer sat up in the bed laughing at his eagerness.  The feeling of having him back was incredible.  She had missed everything about him even his mischievous ways.


Teji had just finished making the last omelet and placed all the necessary condiments on the kitchen table when Prem and Heer came into the kitchen.  "Good morning," she greeted.


"Morning Aunty," Prem nervously replied rubbing the back of his neck.  "Um...I can explain...I fall asleep..."


Teji held up her hand stopping him from saying anything further.  "We're practically family now...I trust you," she simply said.  "So I made omelets hope you're hungry."


"Wow omelets," Prem exclaimed and sat down with hungry eyes.  "Thanks Aunty."




"Mom," he quickly corrected.  "Thanks Mom."


Heer smiled and took the place next to him while Teji sat at the head of the table.  The three shared a warm and cheery breakfast together.  Just as they were about done the doorbell rang.  Teji put down her napkin and asked, "Who could that be so early in the morning especially on a Sunday?"


"I'll go check Mama," Heer said and got up from the table and went to the front door.  She looked through the peep hole and was surprised to see Director Rampal and Preet standing on the front porch.  "Director Rampal," Heer greeted when she opened the door.


"Where's your father?" he asked.


"Um, he's probably in the study," Heer replied looking at him with questioning eyes.


"I need to see him right away," Rishabh stated.  "Agent you know where he is?"


"I'm here sir," Prem replied as he walked up.  He could sense something serious had happened by the way Rishabh and Preet were acting.


Having been called by his wife, Balraaj soon emerged from the office in a quizzical state.  His eyes searched around the living room wondering what was going on as Director Rampal and Agent Singh were in his house on a Sunday morning.  "Rishabh," Balraaj greeted with a firm voice.


"There's been a situation," he reported.  "Agent Sanjana Chopra was found dead this morning by one of the body guards stationed at the safe house.  She was found hanging from the ceiling fan.  The scene is being investigated to ensure there wasn't any foul play and it was indeed a suicide."


Heer let out a small gasp unable to believe that she would actually do something like that.  Prem felt stunned that Sanjana had resorted to that method.  He never thought she was the type to do that but then again he had missed judged her before so who was to say what she could or couldn't do? 


"Was there a note left behind?" Balraaj inquired.


"There was...we're analyzing the handwriting as we speak."


"She was working with the prosecution in exchange for a lesser sentence why would she commit suicide?" Heer inquired.


"That's why we're looking into this.  Larry said she was very stressed the past couple of weeks...she was asking him if the evidence given was being stored properly...she fought with him on getting access to a computer.  Eventually he gave her an old laptop of his that he had cleaned out for her to use.  He ask Preet to track her movements on the laptop to make sure she wasn't contacting people about her whereabouts or passing on evidence," Rishabh said.


"Was she doing anything out of the ordinary?" Balraaj asked looking at Preet.


"No she wasn't.  She actually made her own evidence logs.  In fact, she's requested it to be read by you and Director Rampal only," Preet said.


"Seems like she knew someone was going to come after her," Prem pondered out loud.


"Last week she requested to see me.  She told me she didn't have much time left," Preet replied.  He then pulled an envelope out from the inner pocket of his jacket.  "Here."  Prem took it and looked at him with puzzled eyes.  "I believed she wanted me to give this to you.  She knew you wouldn't have come to see her so she had asked for me."


Prem opened the letter and furrowed his eyebrows.  "Don't be fooled by caring words and advice.  The person in question is responsible for not only two murders but three.  His blood is tainted - the one that sits close to you is not your friend but foe.  The truth is revealed where the hall of leaders lie.  105, honest Abe watches over all mailings in the District of Columbia," he read out loud.


"Sounds like she left us a trail," Rishabh replied.  He then looked at Balraaj and said, "You need to have a look at what she left...that report...and Prem deserves to know the truth..."


"That he's responsible for the death of my parents," Prem said.  "I know he told me already."


"Is that what you told him?" Rishabh asked looking at Balraaj sternly.


"It's the truth," Balraaj argued back.  "You wrote the report with me.  So don't you even tell me that's not the truth."


Preet's eyes widen at hearing such insider information especially coming from the Directors themselves.  He couldn't believe that two highly respected men in the CIA had down such things and had held such secrets.  Prem glanced over at Rishabh surprised that he was somehow involved with his parent's case.  He wondered how much more was there to his parent's death and what other surprising revelation would be revealed next. 


"There were some things beyond our control.  And some things that probably shouldn't have been mentioned...were taken out of the was looking bad enough...especially since evidence was missing but you did not kill them," Rishabh replied.  Heer looked over at Prem trying to decipher his feelings about everything that was being discussed.  She had a feeling there was something her father and Rishabh knew but still weren't telling them.  "Take a look at what she left," Rishabh said and handed him a flash drive.


Balraaj tightened his jaw wanting to protest but took the flash drive and walked to the office in silence.  Everyone followed him into the room.  Rishabh spied the folded comforter and white pillow on the brown leather couch and instantly knew what had happened to his colleague.  It was to be expected for hiding such a secret for so long and telling only what he presumed to be the truth of the situation.  His eyes shifted to the desk when he heard Balraaj read out loud the message in the first file.  "To find what you must confront the past.  He who holds every second, every minute, and every hour...stands as guard...passing on his duties to the new born to start anew but time never forgets."


"The password is Father Time...lower case one word," Rishabh replied.


Balraaj typed in the password which allowed him to have access to a file folder with all its contents.  He opened the first document on the list and began reading it.  He fell back into his chair and put his hand on his forehead.  "She's collected quite a lot over the years.  Perhaps as collateral if things didn't go her way...particularly for this one case with Sergei Nemov.  She has a lot of information on her partner but if you think about's starting to make sense.  How she could do what she did...the strings that needed to be pulled...the access...the permission," Rishabh replied.  "I've always suspected but never had enough was always that way...even back then."


"You can't be serious," Balraaj replied.


"We'll know when we see what Prem finds," Rishabh said looking at him.  "Where do you think she wants you to go?"


"From the sounds like the post office.  I know which one she is referring has photos of collectable stamps hanging on the walls directly in front of the private mail boxes.  The problem is the key.  I don't have one," Prem answered.


"Maybe she left another clue here," Balraaj said as he started looking through the remaining files.  He found another text document saved in notepad and opened it.  "The beginning is the key of every situation.  Like the elements on the periodic table they define and decode the evidence of compounds in this world."  Balraaj looked at Rishabh and asked, "Who did you say found the body?"


"One of the guards...he's being detained as we speak.  They are currently interviewing the rest of the guards as well," Rishabh reported.


"The beginning is the key of every situation," Balraaj repeated as he got up from his seat.  "We need to go back to the safe house and inspect her room."


Two black SUVs, a Cadillac Escalade and an Acura MDX rounded the corner entering Blairstone Drive.  The Escalade cautiously slowed down as it approached the house number 3139 making the MDX following behind slow down as well.  "Who's car is that?" Heer asked as she gently pressed the brake. 


"I don't know.  Everyone should be cleared out by now," Preet replied.  He picked up his ringing cell phone and turned the speaker on, "Yes Sir..."


"We're going to take the enter in from the front.  Be on your guard," Balraaj ordered.


"Yes sir," Preet answered.


Heer parked the MDX behind the red Ford Focus and then gently got out of the car along with Prem and Preet.  They softly closed the car door shut and made their way cautiously to the front door while Rishabh and Balraaj made their way around the back of the house.  Prem pulled his gun from his holster and directed his eyes towards Preet that he was ready.  Preet glanced at Heer who also had her weapon drawn and he cautiously pushed the already open front door wider with his elbow.  They tip-toed into the house and listened carefully as they moved about the living room surveying things trying to locate where in the house the intruder was.  Heer motioned with her eyes as they suddenly heard rustling noises coming from the upstairs bedroom.  Prem nodded and followed her lead as she walked up the stairs.  They stood at the edge of the hallway and could distinctly hear someone shuffling through drawers and opening boxes searching for something.  Preet tapped Prem's shoulder and signaled that he was going to position himself at the balcony just in case the intruder eluded them.  Prem nodded and then motioned to Heer that he was ready when she was. 


Heer silently but swiftly crept to Sanjana's bedroom door which had been slightly left ajar by the intruder.  Prem moved to the opposite side and waited for her to give the signal.  Heer watched through the crack trying to time the best moment to catch the blonde hair man rummaging around the room by surprise.  She motioned with her eyes to Prem and then pushed her way through entering the room with her gun aimed at the suspect.  "Stop!"


The man turned with a panic and threw some books at her while he jumped on the bed trying to make an escape through the door.  He barreled into Prem and gave him a good punch knocking him down onto the floor.  Heer scrambled out of the room chasing after the man as he slid down the banister of the staircase.  Preet was not too far behind him but the man turned around and was able to successfully disarm him.  The gun flew across the living room floor away from either man's grasp.  Preet received a swift kick making him land hard against a side table slumping down onto the ground with a groan.


The man headed to the patio doors but was soon ambushed and tackled by Rishabh.  "This is as far as you go," he said.  He hauled the man up by his back collar and pushed him towards the wall.  "Spread them."


"What are you doing here?" Balraaj inquired as he started patting the man down searching for weapons and other items he might be hiding.


"I saw a lot of police here this morning...thought something happened...the owners were I thought maybe there was something valuable here," the man babbled.


"You really expect us to believe that?" Balraaj asked as he finished frisking him.  "He's clean."


"Right, and you just went straight to the bedroom?" Prem asked.


"That is where all the stuff is," the man replied with an exasperated tone.


"Yet, you didn't take any earrings, bracelets, rings, or watches..." Heer stated.


"Who sent you and what were you looking for?" Rishabh demanded.


"I want a lawyer," the man petitioned.


"Why do you want to call a lawyer?  If you didn't do anything there isn't a need to call for one," Rishabh replied.  "It's not like you killed the lady of the house...or do you know anything about that?"


The man's blue eyes widen and he swallowed nervously, "I'm not talking anymore...this wasn't part of my deal...I'm not going to jail for killing someone...I didn't kill anyone."


"Do you know what kind of trouble you are in?  You're impeding a federal investigation," Rishabh pressed.


"FBI?  Sh*t!" the man cursed.




"Whoa, he didn't tell me anything about that!" the man protested.


"Who sent you here?" Balraaj asked.


"I don't know...he just told me to come here and look through her room and find a key.  But I didn't see any key."


"How can you not know who sent you here.  How do you contact him?" Balraaj probed.


"It's done through text.  No questions asked.  I've never met the guy before...never seen him...he just texts me on a throw away phone...once the job is completed I toss the phone," the man blabbered.


"How do you know it's a man you are speaking with?"


"I don't...maybe it's a woman...I don't know.  Ask Joey...he sets these things up...he's the bar tender at Eddie's on South Street," the man continued.


"Let's take him in," Balraaj said looking at Rishabh.  He then looked at Prem, Heer, and Preet.  "Stay here and see if you can find what he was looking for.  We will meet up later."


"Yes sir," the three of them replied and went upstairs to comb through Sanjana's room.


Heer looked at the chemistry text book in her hands and opened the cover to reveal that it was a fake hollowed out book.  There was a lone key cemented in putty in the middle of the book.  She took it out and cleaned the edges making sure it was free from any foreign debris.  She lifted her head up to see her two companions looking at her.  "The mailbox should be 105," Prem stated.


"Right where Abraham Lincoln is watching," Heer replied.  "I'll be back."  She got out of the car and entered the post office.  It didn't take her long to locate the private mailbox as it was where Sanjana had distinctly said it would be.  Heer inserted the key and turned the lock.  She saw a small package and took it out and then closed the mailbox.  This was probably the easiest and most stress free thing she had done all day.  Heer made her way out of the post office and had just stepped off the curb onto the asphalt of the parking lot when out of nowhere a white car came zooming up towards her.  She caught herself just in time and moved out of the way landing hard on the ground.  Prem and Preet both rushed out of the car to inspect Heer.  "I'm fine," she answered as they crouched down.  "I got a partial...198Z..."


"Good girl," Prem praised as he helped her stand to her feet.


"I'll get them to start looking...a white Ford Mustang with last four of the tag reading 198Z," Preet said confirming with them what they had seen.  He pulled out his cell phone and made a call to report what had happened.


"Hurt anywhere?" Prem inquired as he cupped her face with one hand looking at her tenderly.


"No, maybe some scraps on the knee and the elbow but I'll survive," she replied.  "Looks like we were followed from the safe house."


"Yes, someone does not want us to see what Sanjana has," Prem said. 


"We need to find out what she has...that will lead us to who," Heer reasoned.


"It's been done...I've got the guys looking," Preet reported.


The three of them returned to the car and immediately opened the package that Sanjana had left them.  It was a USB flash drive.  Preet took out his laptop and plugged the USB in.  It didn't take long for the AutoPlay response to boot from the computer requesting what action was to be taken.  Preet selected to open folder to view files and waited for the computer to load the files.  There was a notepad text file labeled *Read Me First*.  Preet opened the file and read out loud, "Prem, by now you have probably come to the conclusion that the situation has become rather dire.  He'll stop at nothing to keep this secret of his quiet.  He took away his own sister...there is nothing he isn't capable of doing.  Your father is in danger.  Go to him at once."


Prem immediately turned on the car and backed out of the parking lot.  Heer quickly called the house to check if Kiran was at home.  "Hello, Uncle?  Just stay there.  Prem and I are coming."


"Oh hi Heer...coming?  I'm actually expecting a friend of mine to stop by...we're going out..."


"No, don't go anywhere.  Just stay there," Prem shouted.


"What?  I'm sorry the signal on this phone isn't too clear.  I think I need to get a new one," Kiran replied.


"Just stay there...will be there soon," Heer pleaded.


"Five minutes," Prem yelled as he turned on the flashing lights and sped down the roadway.  "Dad just wait five minutes."


"Oh that's the doorbell...I think my friend is here," Kiran said.


"Uncle?" Heer called out.


"I'll wait for you here," Kiran replied and then hung up the phone.


"He said he'll wait for us."


As Prem made the left into the neighborhood he slammed on his brakes stopping just in time as a basketball rolled out into the street.  A little boy cautiously looked at them before stepping out onto the roadway to get his basketball back.  Prem waited for the boy to return to his driveway before pushing down on the gas pedal.  He drove the rest of the way to his house following the speed limit.  Just as he rolled the vehicle towards his driveway to park there was a sudden loud explosion.  Prem's foot hit the brake pedal slamming everyone in the car forward.  He lifted his head hazily upward and began registering what had happened.  He put the SUV into park and rushed out of the driver seat.  "Daaad!" he cried as he saw to his horror his house up in flames.  "Nooo...Dad!"  He felt a pair of arms trying to pull him back from the raging fire.


"Prem..." Preet said holding onto his friend.  "You can't go inside."


"Dad...he's in there!  It's my fault...I asked him to stay," Prem blubbered.  "I have to go..."


"Prem please," Heer pleaded as she stood in front of him blocking his view.  She cupped his face forcing him to look at her.  "Prem..."


"Heer, he's inside...I...didn't get here fast enough..." Prem said in almost a whimper as he fell to his knees.  "It's my fault.  It's all my fault."  Heer cradled his head in her arms as tears streamed from her eyes at what they had just witnessed. 


Seeing that Heer had some control over Prem, Preet called 911 to report the bomb incident.  The police, fire department, and paramedics were expected to arrive in the next 10 minutes.  Preet stood on the lawn in complete shock at the way the flames seemed to be devouring the house.  He reasoned by the time it was through there would be nothing left but ash.  Preet could see a crowd of neighbors slowly coming out of their houses to inspect what was going on.  He turned towards them and said, "I called 911...the fire department should be here soon...everyone please go back indoors where it is safe."  As he finished his announcement his eyes spotted a familiar face.  His eyes widen as his lips curled upward into a smile.  "Kiran Uncle!"


Heer and Prem immediately turned their attention to Preet.  They looked with shock but relieved eyes that Kiran was still alive.  "Dad!" Prem shouted and ran up and hugged his father tightly.


"What happened?  The house..." Kiran asked stunned beyond belief.


"It sort of blew up," Preet informed.




"We don't know yet.  But there will be an investigation," Preet assured.


"Where did you go?" Prem inquired.


"I was chopping some fruit in the kitchen and I cut myself.  I started bleeding really badly...and of course no band aids in the house.  Rick took me to the local pharmacy to pick up supplies," Kiran replied. 


"Thank God you did that," Prem said with relief.


"If I hadn't then..." Kiran said trailing off the last bit as he realized he probably wouldn't have survived such an explosion.


"All that matters now is that you're here and you're safe," Heer said.  "We won't let anything happen to you."


Kiran looked at her with questioning eyes.  "Was this a hit?  Does this have anything to do with work?"


"We're not quite sure Dad," Prem informed.  "But we're getting to the bottom of this."


Prem sat there starring at the computer screen not knowing how many times he had re-read the first file report.  He couldn't believe it but the hints Sanjana left behind and the evidence she had gathered all pointed to one person who he never imagined could do such a thing.  Jaywant Malhotra was responsible for everything.  He had killed his parents to cover up his dirty deeds.  Balraaj played his part in the tragedy that had occurred but in the end he couldn't be blamed.  Circumstances happened as such that Jaywant and his cohorts in the smuggling racket he was working with were going to come after his father regardless.  A tracking device had been placed on the car that he and Balraaj had been using for their undercover assignments. 


Balraaj drove over that fateful night to the house with the car trying to convince Lalit of a plan he had in mind.  He wanted to force a meeting with the criminals but Lalit thought it was too risky to do such a thing.  They had a heated argument with Balraaj storming off.  He was so angry that he left the car there and walked home.  Later that evening as Lalit and Gayatri were getting ready for the party they were going to, Lalit found to his dismay that the battery of his personal car had died.  So he decided to use the car that Balraaj had left in the driveway.  Lalit did not know that Balraaj had already enacted his plan by leaving a stash of laundered money in the back of the trunk allowing them to use the money as a bargaining chip making it easier for them to talk to the criminals.  This action however did not cause what was going to happen that night.  It was already determined someone was going to die that night either Lalit or Balraaj.  Everything was arranged to make the car crash look like an accident but it was far from it; everything had been planned.  Lalit and Gayatri were still alive though barely hanging on when car crashed into the woods.  The perpetrators then shot at the gas tank setting everything up into flames.  Ashes and charred metal was all that was left when the paramedics and the fire department came after someone drove by the accident and called 911 to report the wreckage.


Balraaj was distraught after he heard what had happened thinking it was because of his plan and the money he left in the back of the vehicle that had gotten Lalit and Gayatri killed.  The money he had taken was from the evidence vault and something that should never have happened.  Rishabh helped alter the documents to hide that detail from the original report.  There was also the strange case of a missing bullet fragment that had been found at the scene indicating there was foul play.  But somehow or another the case was swept underneath the rug as office politics and certain agent actions during the investigation made it impossible to figure out what exactly had happened that night.  It was Rishabh who had found Kuljeet and arranged for Prem to be sent to his Aunt.  Balraaj had gotten himself in a situation that made it unsafe for his family to be living with him.  So Heer and his wife were sent into the witness protection program.


Prem felt a gentle touch on his shoulder and he knew right away who it was.  "It's time to go to bed," Heer softly suggested.  "You can read over the files tomorrow.  Please."


He placed his hand on top of hers marveling at how small and delicate they were compared to his and sighed, "I can't believe it…all of this…"


"I know.  Who would have thought," Heer said.  Prem lifted his head up and caught the concern gaze in her eyes.  He pulled her closer and hugged her.  Heer soothingly caressed his cheek as he nestled his head on her stomach.  They stayed like that for a few minutes neither of them saying a word until Prem pulled away and rumbled, "We should go to bed."


They ascended the stairs together but then parted ways as Heer went into her room and Prem went into the guest room.  Prem saw the figure of his father underneath the covers sleeping peacefully.  His heart ached at the thought of what could have happened earlier in the day but was so thankful that it didn't.  His father was unharmed and was safe.  It was decided for the time being that Prem and Kiran would stay with the Maans until things settled before determining the next step.  Because of the current case with Sanjana's supposed suicide Balraaj did not trust any security guards.  Rishabh and Preet decided to stay for a few nights as night guards until security had been cleared.


Prem changed into his pajamas and then went to the bathroom in the hallway to brush his teeth and wash his face.  After completing his nightly routine he walked pass his room and opened Heer's door.  "Prem?" she asked as she got up from the bed.  "Something wrong?"


He shook his head and closed the door locking it shut.  He then walked towards her and gently cupped her cheek with his right hand.  He slowly let his thumb graze delicately against her skin.  Heer lifted her eyes catching the way Prem was looking at her.  She felt the familiar tingling sensation her body always went through when he did something like this.  She watched with baited breath; her lips parted automatically as his face inched closer.  Heer closed her eyes as the distance between them vanished and Prem's soft lips landed where they belonged.  Heer's chest rose in exhilaration as her hands coiled around the nape of Prem's neck.  Her fingers slipped into the dark forest of his hair and curled possessively.  Prem felt himself falling into sweet bliss.  He was no longer aware of anything as his mind went completely fuzzy.  It was a good type of fuzzy one that his body yearned for and demanded.  He breathless parted his lips from Heer's lips to take a pause.  That's when he realized that he was hovering over her as she laid on the bed.


Their eyes locked and tiny smiles appeared on their faces.  "Just so you know I'm not leaving this room tonight," Prem said.  He then slipped off his shirt and claimed her lips once more.  Heer's hands traveled naturally along his smooth back as her body reacted to the intimate play they were engaging in.  She stifled a moan as she felt Prem trail kisses from her lips down to her neckline.  She pushed against his shoulders trying to stop the tugging on her shirt.  "Prem…" she whispered with an edge of warning in her voice.


"I just want to sleep with you…" Prem replied between kisses.  He then slipped his hand up her thigh savoring the creamy soft complexion of her skin.


"You can't…sleep with me…" Heer managed to say placing her hand on top of the fabric of her shorts where his hand was.  She could feel his fingers exploring and was trying her hardest to control the raging burning desire in her heart to just give up and melt into him and let him take what was rightfully his.  "Tomorrow morning…" kissing his delectable mouth and sighing in pleasure at the electric vibrations coursing through her veins, "…our parents," reluctantly pushing herself up away from his mouth while he desperately tried to capture her lips again, "…we can't."


"I meant sleeping…just sleeping…" Prem pleaded as she managed to push him away and sat up.


"And this is?"


"Making out…just making out," Prem whispered and cupped the back of her head pushing her towards him so he could continue assaulting her with his mouth and tongue. 


Heer fell back onto the bed and simply let go of everything.  Eventually her mind went blank and the only sight she could see was Prem, the only touch she felt was his, the only sound she heard was his voice, and the only taste her mouth savored was him.  Slowly the fog in her mind lifted as her senses restored to normal and her body cooled.  Prem was laying next to her on his side with a grin.  "See I was telling the truth," he said resting his head in the palm of his hand.


Heer stared back at him giving him a look.  "You still tried so don't even deny that."


"Out of respect for our parents," Prem exhaled.  "while we are under this roof…until of course we get married…then," grabbing her waist, "they can't do a thing.  We'll be husband and wife.  Nothing will stop me from showering my wife with love."


"So you're going back to your room now?" Heer asked.


"No," Prem replied.  "I'll sleep here and then in the morning before Dad wakes up I'll slip back into the room.  Why do you think I still have my watch on?  Alarm's set…no need to worry."


Heer pursed her lips and then slipped underneath the covers.  "Prem put your shirt back on," she gently ordered.


"I thought you liked it when I don't sleep with it on."


"Just put it back on," Heer said repeating her request.


"Why?" Prem then smirked as he slipped his shirt back over his torso.  "You're hot and bothered aren't you?  Can't resist…can you?  You'd wake up in the middle of the night and have your way with me..."  Heer gave him an unamused glare but it only caused him to widen his smile even more.  He got underneath the covers and made himself comfortable resting on his side as Heer reached over to turn off the lamp light.  "Not that I would mind…just to let you know…you can have your way with me any time you like."


"Goodnight Prem," Heer replied.


"Night Pumpkin," he smiled and swung his arm around her waist and then closed his eyes.  Heer laid her arm on top of his and let their fingers intertwine.  A smile appeared on her lips as she peacefully slept.  She loved the feeling of holding hands with him.  It was something so simple but still special and romantic.


There you go a little more romance between the two.

I don't know if my explanation of Balraaj and what happened the night Prem's parents died made any sense LOL forgive me...I'm still new to this spy stuff...anyways more will be explained about Jaywant and the things he did.

More twist and turns...just hold on Evil Smile

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repunzell Goldie

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 1:39pm | IP Logged
me first for the first tymeee...yayyyBig smile!!!

loved the update...heer is soo caring n concerned for premEmbarrassed!!! she is totally supporting him thts is soo sweetClap!!!
at first i was shocked n was nooo u can't do thiz whn u protraited tht kiran died...tht was like shit how will prem cope up bt loved the way heer was by her sideSmile!!! and thankfully he didn't diedClap!!

one thing is confirmed frm thiz update tht prem n heer will never be apart frm each other now n will be supporting each other in any circumstances...hopefullyWink!!!

loved it...

do update soon...hopefully early thn thiz tyme n whn are u updatin ur other FF??

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Aymee IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 5:01pm | IP Logged

Great update Grace.

Oh wow, I can't believe someone so close to Prem would kill his parents.  In a way it was a relief to know that Balraaj is not completely responsible for his parent's death. 
For a second there, I thought for sure Kiran was gone but when Preet smiled and called out Kiran's name, I was relieved.  I don't know how Prem would have handled his dad's death.
So Sanjana is dead.   Grim Reaper Grace,   I am very proud of you. LOL  I am glad death visited her door.  LOL  I have to admit, she revealed a lot of things.  Now I am wondering if she really commited suicide or was she murdered.
Loved the action scene very much.  I can't wait to read more of your upcoming action scenes.
Prem and Heer's romance was very nice.  I loved the way Prem massaged Heer's side because of the injury he gave her.  The emotions was very well done.  Prem's punishment is perfect for him.  He needs that.  Big smile
Thank you for updating this story.  I am so happy I got to post this comment before you sent out the PM.  I can't wait to read your next update.

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iheartChai IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 11:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by repunzell

me first for the first tymeee...yayyyBig smile!!!

loved the update...heer is soo caring n concerned for premEmbarrassed!!! she is totally supporting him thts is soo sweetClap!!!
at first i was shocked n was nooo u can't do thiz whn u protraited tht kiran died...tht was like shit how will prem cope up bt loved the way heer was by her sideSmile!!! and thankfully he didn't diedClap!!

one thing is confirmed frm thiz update tht prem n heer will never be apart frm each other now n will be supporting each other in any circumstances...hopefullyWink!!!

loved it...

do update soon...hopefully early thn thiz tyme n whn are u updatin ur other FF??

Sorry about the scare...with Kiran...muwahahahaha Evil Smile I told you twist and turns for the coming chapters.  And yes Heer and Prem supporting each other...their relationship has weathered many what's next?
iheartChai IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aymee

Great update Grace.

Oh wow, I can't believe someone so close to Prem would kill his parents.  In a way it was a relief to know that Balraaj is not completely responsible for his parent's death. 
For a second there, I thought for sure Kiran was gone but when Preet smiled and called out Kiran's name, I was relieved.  I don't know how Prem would have handled his dad's death.
So Sanjana is dead.   Grim Reaper Grace,   I am very proud of you. LOL  I am glad death visited her door.  LOL  I have to admit, she revealed a lot of things.  Now I am wondering if she really commited suicide or was she murdered.
Loved the action scene very much.  I can't wait to read more of your upcoming action scenes.
Prem and Heer's romance was very nice.  I loved the way Prem massaged Heer's side because of the injury he gave her.  The emotions was very well done.  Prem's punishment is perfect for him.  He needs that.  Big smile
Thank you for updating this story.  I am so happy I got to post this comment before you sent out the PM.  I can't wait to read your next update.

If Kiran died I think Prem would be shattered but considering what he just found out about his Uncle...he's still on shaking ground.  Good thing Heer is around to keep him from cracking so to speak.  Poor guy he's had such a hard life and now he's finding out someone so close to him did the unthinkable...what more will Jaywant do?

You're very proud of me for killing off Sanjana? LOL

I actually found my action scenes a bit they are hard to write...and I think I did a pretty poor job.

Prem's think that's a punishment he won't mind at all.

Ms.Raizada IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 12:47am | IP Logged
hi grace
lovely update
yeah we had 2 wait fr long bt see we are getting the fruit
a rely
long update ...
wowo yaar it was ausum
just superb loved it
loved it a lot
prem and heer first a bit romance then suspence then thriller
and at last ends with romance...
that was so cute

now dnt tell me last time what heart attack u gave us ws oly half
more is 2 cm????
more suspense????
god grace!!!!

any ways thanks fr the pm
thanks fr the wonderful update
thanks fr everythng
nw update the other 1 also
update asap
-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 5:20am | IP Logged
  I had been a silent reader of ur SS for sometimeComputer
Loved it Blow Kiss ... Its just awesome...Clapping Hands
Plz do add me to ur pm List  ... would love to read more...
And Do continue Soon!!! 
 Take Care 

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