Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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waitinggg for next

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update plzzz

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*Masala Warning* Embarrassed

Mission 29: Reasons Unknown


Heer pulled the tip of her jacket collar up trying to cover her mouth and nose from the frosty air.  She couldn't believe she had been talked into taking a little hike along a snowy trail.  She found it amusing that Prem had suggested this considering how a couple of days ago he was complaining about the cold and just wanted to lay in the bed all day.  She stuffed her gloved hands back into her pockets and trudged along the trail looking about her.  She smiled with a slight sigh admitting the scenery was quite beautiful.  There were rows of white spruce trees dotted with red maples and sugar maples around them; all sprinkled with snow.  The only sounds she could her were distance chirps of winter birds and the sounds of their footsteps crunching through the snowy terrain.      


Prem slowed his pace down and put his finger to his lips and then slowly pointed his finger out towards a fallen old tree trunk.  There was a white snow rabbit hopping along searching for food.  Heer smiled and wrapped her arms around his arm in excitement.  They stood there silently watching and waiting to see where the rabbit would go.  Eventually the little creature hopped around the tree trunk and into the thick forest.  "He was so cute!" Heer gasped.


"How do you know it was a he?" Prem asked.


"I don't know...either way the snow bunny was so adorable," Heer replied.


"Still upset with me for dragging you out here?"


"I'm not upset with you.  It's just cold and I'm really not use to the weather like before.  And since when did you become all happy about the cold?"  Heer inquired.


"Well, I figured we are on a weekend trip...why waste our time just staying in the hotel?" Prem answered.  He then smirked as he leaned over and whispered into her ear, "It's cold now but later when we get back to the hotel we can warm each other up."


"Right, like with hot last night," Heer said.


"Um, that was nice too but you know---"


"Oh, how could I forget the nice hot shower," Heer replied with a teasing smile knowing very well what her fiance was alluding to.


"Heh, yes the shower works nicely," Prem said.  He sighed and started walking again.


Heer giggled softly and caught up with him hugging him from behind.  Prem was taken aback by the sudden force but then turned around and smiled.  Heer kissed his nose and then wrapped her arms around his arm.  They walked a few more feet down the trail before they reached a divide.  They could either go left or go right.  Heer squeezed Prem's arm as he stood there trying to decide which path to take.  He looked at her with a questioning glance.  "Don't you want to head back?"


"I thought we were having fun," Prem replied.  "I think we should go right."  He started walking again making Heer frown but she continued to follow him anyway.


They stopped to watch a little gold finch sitting on a bare tree limb chirping away.  The bird bobbed its head up and down for a few seconds before taking flight seeking its friend.  Heer smiled mischievously as she seized the chance and moved to the front of her fiance.  She hugged him but pushed him gently backwards against a tree.  Prem held up his arms in surprise by her actions.  "What's wrong?"  Heer didn't say a thing and began unzipping his coat.  "What are you doing?"  She ignored his question and unzipped the hooddie he was wearing inside and grinned as she quickly took off her gloves handing them to him.  Prem stupidly held them in his hands wondering what his fiance was up to.  Heer simply wrapped her hands around Prem hugging him and slipped her hands into the back pocket of his jeans.  "Pumpkin?"


"Mmm...warm," Heer finally said.


Prem chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her.  "This was subtle," he replied.


"You didn't take the hint earlier," Heer answered and nuzzled his neck.  Prem bent his head down so they could kiss.  He felt the slow sweet burn of pleasure fill his mouth as they caressed their lips and tongues together.  There was always a feeling of weightlessness whenever they exchanged kisses.  His senses were flying and he couldn't get enough of it.  Just as he was about to wonder away from Heer's lips he started giggling as he felt a cool breeze against his lower back.  "Ahh, cold..." he gasped.  Heer grinned as she rubbed her hands against his skin.  She laid her hands flat and snuggled closer to him.   "It's nice and peaceful out here," Heer replied.


"So how long are we going to stay like this?" Prem inquired with a chuckle.


"I don't know."


"I thought you wanted to go back," Prem replied.


"We can stay out here a few more minutes.  You wanted to spend some time out here.  It's nice that no one is out here...we're all alone."


Prem grinned and then said, "Hey, you think I can zip up my jacket with us like this?"  Heer looked at him with skeptical eyes as he began tugging at his jacket trying to see if he could get the ends to meet and zip up.  He fidgeted and pulled tightly on the two ends making grunting noises.  "Get in closer."


"Prem, I'm as close as I can get.  You're squeezing too hard," Heer replied.  "Leave it will you?"


"I think we can do it.  Slip your hands back into my jeans."


"Uh, your belt buckle is hurting me," Heer protested.


"Well then take it off," Prem suggested.


"I'm not about to take my clothes off so you can try to succeed in this little made-man challenge you have going on," Heer complained.


"Who said anything about taking your clothes off?  I said my belt.  Hey wait a think we could zip up our jackets together?  I think that would work," Prem mused.


"I'm not doing that.  How are we going to stay warm like that?" Heer inquired.  "Let's just go back to the hotel and you can have fun with the jackets there."  She pulled away and started zipping his hoodie and jacket back into place while he continued to babble about his challenge.


"I think it will work I mean think about...these are both NorthFace jackets...the zippers probably line up..."  Heer put her gloves back on and turned him around pushing him with her hands to walk back towards the beginning of the trail.  "Don't you think so?"   


"Sounds like you have it all worked out," Heer said humoring him.


"Yea, I think it will work," Prem smiled.  "I'll have to try it out."


"Don't force it if it doesn't work.  These are the only jackets we have...we've been invited over to Debbie and Vick's house for dinner later tonight.  I don't want to be freezing to death," Heer warned.


"Don't worry's going to work.  You'll see," Prem replied as he held her hand.  "Can you believe our trip is over?  Tomorrow morning we have to get on a flight and go back to D.C."


"I know," Heer frowned.  "It's been so nice seeing everyone and talking to them."


"Yea, it has," Prem said in agreement.  "You got everyone's addresses and contact information?"


"Yep, have them all...I saved them for you in your Gmail account," Heer replied.


"Thanks Pumpkin," Prem said giving her a kiss on the forehead.  She smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder as he moved his arm around and held her waist.  They continued walking along the snowy pathway in silence looking at the beauty of the scenery and softly breathing in the fresh outdoor air.


Heer curled into the bedspread with a gentle smile on her face.  She heard the bathroom door open and Prem's footsteps as he made his way to the bed.  She felt him slip underneath the covers and make himself comfortable.  "You set the alarm?" he asked.


"It's been taken care of," she replied as she reached over to the lamp and turned it off.


"Dinner was nice wasn't it?" Prem asked.


"It was.  I hope they will be able to make it down to D.C. sometime and visit us," Heer said.


"Yeah, it would be fun.  Probably have to be during summer vacation since Debbie is a teacher."


"I know.  But Vick's got his practice to tend to...being a pediatrician and all...he can't close his clinic," Heer said.


"Well, it's not just him...there are three other doctors...excluding Leo...that can attend to the clinic.  Don't worry the children of Montpelier, Vermont will be safe and healthy," Prem joked.


"You only have one guest room in your house right?  So Debbie and Vick can stay there but what about Leo?"  Heer pondered out loud.


"Um, Pumpkin first we need to get married so they can be our guests," Prem said.


"Oh yeah will of course," Heer chuckled.  "We should probably start planning that shouldn't we?"


"We should."


"So where should we have it?" Heer asked.


"We can decide that when get back home," Prem replied.  "There's something else I had in mind."


Heer grinned as she felt Prem move closer to cuddle with her.  He slipped his hand underneath her shirt and began kissing her earlobe.  Heer turned as he kissed down her jaw and met his lips in perfect timing.  She wrapped her hands around his bare back and gently rubbed.  Heer had to admit that she was starting to like how Prem was sleeping without a shirt.  She enjoyed touching his skin when they cuddled at night and she loved to just stare at his chest.  She knew it was bad objectifying him like that but he had a very pleasant upper body; taut pectorals, washboard abs, and beautifully defined deltoids and trapezius muscles that made his shoulders look incredible.  She could feel his biceps when he held her and it made her feel safe and secure.  Heer gently pushed him over so he was laying on his back and dipped her head downward spreading kisses on his neck.  She continued her trail taking time to explore his chest with her mouth.  Prem gently gripped her shoulders making her lift her head.  He smirked as their eyes locked and their lips collided again.  He rolled her over cupping the back of her head with one hand while the other slithered underneath her shirt again to rub the side of her torso. 


Things were beginning to heat up as pleasing murmurs escaped their mouths and their bodies naturally shifted to more gratifying positions.  Heer bent her leg and tilted her knee inwards tightening her position against Prem causing him to trail his hand downwards from her torso to her thigh to massage it.  The new angle sent off a spark between them and a growing ache began to burn in their hearts.


Prem gently lifted his lips from her lips and moved them down her neck.   When he hit the fabric of her long sleeved shirt, he used his nose and trailed downwards to the shirt end which had moved just above her belly button from all the shifting they had done.  He grinned and tenderly kissed her exposed skin.  The soft and silky texture was intoxicating and he couldn't get enough of it.  He heard Heer give out a pleasing moan at his actions and felt her fingertips brush through his hair.  Prem smirked and then began the painstaking task of lifting her shirt up without using his hands.  He used his nose instead and began shoveling the fabric upwards arching his head.


Heer giggled softly and said, "Let me help," as she moved her hands down to lift her shirt up.


"No, it's okay.  I like this challenge," Prem replied.


"You and your challenges," Heer mused. 


"Hey, the jackets work didn't it?  I told you it would," Prem mumbled against her stomach.


"Yyess...hahaha...that tickles," Heer laughed and sunk her hands into his thick hair.


Prem stopped what he was doing and crawled back up towards her beaming a smile.  "I think I'm the luckiest guy in the world."


"Oh?" Heer replied looking at the way his eyes were twinkling at her.


"Because I have you," he grinned.


Heer's eyes lit with adoring love and she pulled him down to kiss him.  "I'm the lucky one.  I love you."


"I love you," Prem answered sealing their lips together in a meaningful kiss. 


"Tonight I want all of you.  Give me everything," Heer commanded as their lips gently parted.


Prem rubbed his nose sensually along her nose and exhaled, "As you wish."  Heer giggled as their lips locked again but soon sighed in content as she let the feeling of love wash over her.  Being intimate with Prem was an indescribable experience because of the way he made her feel.  He was tender and caring but also had this smoldering commanding intensity to his actions that left her speechless. 


As the moon light shinned through the half closed curtains, the couple fell deeper and deeper into the moment of being together.  Love filled their hearts as unspeakable pleasures rocked their bodies as they explored each other underneath the crisp white bed sheets.  Eventually a satisfying crescendo of delight washed over them and they laid together for some time soaking in the sweet aftermath.  Heer kissed Prem's shoulder and massaged her fingers on the nape of his neck.  He lifted his head and smiled his eyes still burning with passion for her.  Prem leaned his forehead against hers causing them to both grin mirthfully.  He then rolled onto his back and pull Heer towards him so she could rest her head on his chest.   He held her hand and placed gentle kisses on her fingertips.  Heer caressed his cheek and gave him a series of short but thankful kisses.  Prem gripped her hand that was resting on his cheek and affectionately squeezed it.  "I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you," he simply stated.  "Let's just elope."


"Hmmm...tempting idea," Heer replied smiling.  "But I kind of want a wedding."


"Okay, let's just least legally we can be married," Prem grinned.


"Court marriage?"


"We still have to file the papers and everything," Prem explained.  "And the name change."


"Mrs. Heer Deshmukh..."


"Juneja...I was thinking about going back to Juneja," Prem replied.


"Since when?" Heer inquired with surprise as she adjusted her position in the bed.  "Why didn't you tell me about it?"


"I was just thinking about it this weekend.  And I'm telling you right now," Prem answered.  "I'm really thankful to Kiran and Kulraj for taking me in and I love them just as much as my real parents.  When my last name was changed I didn't mind it at all...but I don't I'm going to get married start a family of my own.  I want to do something for my think Kiran would understand?"     


"I'm sure he would.  I think it's great you want to honor your parents like this," Heer replied.


Prem then furrowed his eyebrows, "You know I often wonder what my cousins are doing.  I know they don't have the Juneja last name...but they do have part of the same blood I have...even if they are distant relatives on my mother's side...I just want people to know the family has good people...not that I think they are criminals and are living a bad life...but you know when we were younger and the things that happened...I mean it was hard...we were kids...I was just someone who suddenly showed up and was living with them...I don't know if I'm even making any know what I'm getting at?"


"No, I get what you're saying," Heer said.  "I'd be honored to be Mrs. Heer Juneja.  And I'll do my best to make your parents proud and help you carry on the family name."


"This is just one of the reasons why I love you," Prem smiled.  "Thanks."


"By the way I still haven't properly met them," Heer replied.  "I'd like to go visit their grave."


"Their ashes are buried in Maryland.  I'll take you there," Prem said.  "You know till this day I'm not quite sure who placed my parent's urns in the cemetery."


"It wasn't your Aunt or Uncle?" Heer inquired.


"No way it could have been them.  I was dropped off at their house.  Aunt Kuljeet was a distant relative...a cousin or something on my mother's side.  Bauji was the only child on his side of the family.  His grandparents died before I was born.  I don't know much about Ma's side of the family other than Aunt Kuljeet.  I'm assuming the relatives died or something...or if anyone is still around they are distant relations...probably living in India.  Everything is a bit hazy...I don't remember much back then.  Things sort of happened quickly," Prem replied. "I started researching more about my past during senior year of high school with the help of Jaywant Uncle but we couldn't really find much...sad to say.  We kept running into dead ends.  The only thing we did find is the location of the cemetery where my parents were buried.  That was enough for me because I had Kulraj and Kiran...Mom and Dad...I thought the past is the past and I should enjoy my life now with them...this second chance I got at having a family...and I should look to the future.  Doesn't mean I forgot about Ma and Bauji...I still remember them...they are a part of me...that will never change...but I know I have to move forward."   


"Prem, you're parents would be very proud of you...the way you've grown up," Heer said.  "I'm sure they are smiling down on you right now."


"Right now?" Prem playfully gasped.  "That's kind of disturbing..." reaching over and pulling the bed sheets higher up on their bodies, "Ma, Bauji...I'm marrying Heer...I swear...I'm putting a name to this relationship."


"Premm..." Heer replied hitting her hand on his shoulder.


"Well, we aren't exactly in appropriate attire..." he joked.


"I didn't mean's just a figure of expression," Heer said.


"I know...I was just joking," Prem replied with a smile.  He then caressed her cheek and tucked a few strands of her hair behind her left ear.  "I think if they had the chance to meet you they would have loved you.  I'm pretty sure of it."


Heer gave a thankful grin.  "I'd like to visit Kulraj Aunty's grave again...tell her the news."


"I'm pretty sure Mom will be happy...just like how Dad is about us," Prem said.  He kissed her forehead and then yawned.  "Hmmm...time for bed."


"Goodnight.  Love you," Heer said with a smile and gave him a quick peck on the lips.


"Love you too, Pumpkin.  Goodnight," Prem replied as he closed his eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep holding his fiance in his arms.


Preet adjusted his tie as he stood in front of a white door waiting for someone to answer it.  The door suddenly swung open and he was greeted by a man in a light gray suit.  "Agent Rajput, come in," the man replied.  "She's in the living room."


"I don't understand why your client wants to speak with me Mr. Reed," Preet snapped. 


"You do realize I don't choose who I represent.  I'm just her defense attorney," he replied.


"Honestly Larry how can you even do something like this?" Preet scoffed.


"She's innocent until proven guilty," Larry answered.  "That's how our justice system works, remember?"


"She confessed right in front of Prem!" Preet berated.


"She might have said some things that were very incriminating for the charge of espionage but as for the other chargers there...there isn't any proof.  Look, you know I can't discuss this matter with you," Larry said.  "Just come in."


Preet walked into the house and followed Larry as he took him to the living room where Sanjana Chopra sat.  She gave a tiny nod of her head causing Larry to walk out of the room leaving them alone.  "Hi, would you like some coffee?" she asked as he pointed to a warming pot sitting on a serving tray with two coffee cups."


"No thank you," Preet answered and continued to stand in the room even though Sanjana had sat down.  He watched her pour herself a cup of coffee; add in some cream and two spoonfuls of sugar and then take a gentle sip.  He cleared his throat making her look up and ask, "Are you sure?"


"Yes, I'm fine.  What is this all about?" Preet inquired with a stern voice.


"I know what you must think of me," Sanjana stated. 


"You don't want me to answer that question," Preet snidely remarked.


"I know some of my choices weren't exactly the best but I did not kill Agent Jack Dupont...Nemov did that on his own," Sanjana said.


"Thank you for telling me," Preet replied.  "What do you want me to believe or expect me to believe?  Should I give you a pat on the back because you've cut a deal by telling everything you know about Nemov and his operation and connects...that you're going to provide evidence to shut down a major crime syndicate?  That is why you're no longer in a jail cell but here in this safe house?"


"You left out the fact I'm wearing a monitoring anklet," Sanjana said as she lifted up her right pant leg showing him the device.


"Yeah, whatever," Preet said.  "You betrayed your country and you nearly killed Agent Maan and Agent Deshmukh in the process...all because of your own greed for money."


"I'm being extremely straightforward with you Agent Rajput.  I know there was no way Prem...I mean Agent Deshmukh would agree to meet with me," Sanjana said.


"I'm beginning to wonder why I even said yes.  D*mn Larry," Preet muttered.


"This is just the tip of the iceberg.  And I know someone will try to stop it all from coming out.  I may not have much time left..."


"For someone who is trying to be straightforward you sure talk in a lot of riddles," Preet said.  "I don't have time for this.  And I shouldn't even be here talking to you."


"Wait," Sanjana called out as Preet turned to leave.  She quickly went to a desk and pulled from one of the drawers a small envelope and handed it over to him, "When the time comes use it.  Don't let anyone see that you have it...beware of those you trust the most."


Preet's forehead creased with confusion but he took the letter envelope into his hand and slipped it into his inner jacket pocket.  "Goodbye."  He turned around and left the house without a second glance.  He got into his car and took out the envelop ready to tear it in half but then decided to just throw it into the glove compartment and forget about it.  Preet started up his car and drove away from the small white wooden house.


Prem heard a knock against his bedroom door just as he slipped into a long sleeve thermal lined dark blue shirt.  He grinned and opened the door thinking for some reason it would be his fiance, "Hey, what are...Oh, Jaywant Uncle..." Prem greeted with surprise.


His uncle smiled and looked him over noticing his attire.  "You going somewhere?"


"Yeah, going out to dinner with Heer," Prem replied as he begin buttoning his shirt up and tucking it into his dark boot-cut jeans.  He then walked over to his bed and grabbed a belt and slipped it around his waist inserting it into the belt loops in his pants.  "Why what's up?"


"Oh, um...nothing...maybe we can talk later," Jaywant replied hiding a folder behind his back.


"Okay sure."


"Sorry I responded so late...I've been caught up in meetings and things," Jaywant apologized.


"It's okay," Prem smiled as he sat on the bed putting on his socks.


"You're really happy," Jaywant simply stated.


"I am," Prem replied.  "She's everything."


Jaywant smirked at his nephew's comment, "You're head over heels."


"I suppose I am," Prem said smiling again.


Jaywant took a deep breath and exhaled with a concern face.  "I want you to take this in the most positive way possible..."  Prem looked at him with confusion wondering what he meant.  "I didn't realize how fast this was going...I mean I think it's great this commitment you two have developed for each other in such a time...I'm sure she's a great girl.  Just be careful...Director Maan can be a difficult person to deal with."


"Well, I'm not giving up...I'll marry Heer with or without his permission," Prem replied firmly.


His uncle just gave an understanding grin.  "So, let's talk sometime this weekend."


"Okay,, how about Saturday around noon?" Prem suggested.


"Sounds good.  I'm afraid I don't have much of anything stocked in my a bachelor's life ever since your Aunt died 4 years ago...may her soul rest in peace," Jaywant said.


"I'll bring over some lunch for us," Prem replied.  "I thought you were dating a secretary from a law firm."


"Didn't exactly work out.  She went back to her ex-husband," Jaywant replied.


"Tough...well, better luck next time," Prem said.  He then looked at his watch, "I better get going...she hates it when I'm late."  He slipped on a gray stripped sweater vest and then grabbed his scarf and black pea coat.  In his rush to exit the room, he slipped on the wooden floor and almost went crashing forward into the wall of the hallway.


Prem smiled as he listened to Heer's infectious giggle as they walked hand in hand from the parking lot to the entrance of the cemetery.  When they crossed the entrance way Heer gently formed a somber face.  "What's the matter?" Prem inquired.


"We're in the cemetery...giggling isn't respectful," she replied.


"You're not laughing at them."


"'s the same reason why people talk in hush voices and don't run around and shout and scream here," Heer explained.


"True," Prem said nodding his head.  They walked several rows inward before they made a right and walked down a lane of tombstones.    Prem stopped at the fifth tombstone and knelt down to brush away some leaves that had recently fallen on the marble placard, "Hey Mom it's me..." then glancing to his right with a gentle smile, "and Heer.  We brought you some new and white carnations."


Heer removed the old flowers from their bronze vase and then lifted the vase up to take it to the nearest water spigot.  She dumped out the stale water and filled the vase up with fresh new water.  Heer walked back and placed the vase into its holder and put the fresh carnations in.  "Hope you like them Aunty."


Prem held her hand and grinned.  "I...well...we have something to tell you Mom.  I proposed to Heer last weekend and she accepted.  We're engaged."


"I promise to take good care of Prem...him and Uncle.  They both miss you very much...I miss you too.  We wish you could be here to celebrate with us," Heer said. 


Prem and Heer both looked up and glanced around them when they felt a sudden breeze blow through.  The entire day had been clear and calm so they were a bit baffled by the appearance of wind.  Prem tightened his grip on Heer's hand and uttered in awe, "Mom?"  He then looked at Heer and grinned, "I think she approves."


"Thank you Aunty...I love Prem a lot and I won't let you down," Heer said.


Prem smiled and looked at the grave, "I promise too Mom...I'll take care of Heer and make sure I'm not too much of a hassle to her.  You always said I hassle her too much."


The young couple stood there for a few minutes in respectful silence before they turned to leave.  They continued to hold hands as they walked back to the car.  They felt a lightness in their steps, calmness in their hearts, and hopefulness of their future together.  


Thanks for reading.

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awesomeee part lovelyyy waitinggg for next asap 

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romance was awsum...!!!!
Mrs.Heer Prem JunejaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed 
cnt wa8 for them 2 get married...!!!!
hope the mstry is solved asap...!!!
i dnt want prem n heer to b separated again...!!!!
thnx for d update grace!
n pm too...!!
do update soon..!!

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it is very beautiful update...Clap

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Great update Grace.
This comment is for Mission 28 Big smile
Prem leaned inward and whispered into her ear, "You always look good to me."  Heer gave him a pleased look and then kissed him.  "I don't know where else we are going can drink and have fun but remember you're coming home with me at the end of the night."
Love this line from Prem.  It described a cute possessiveness towards his Heer.  Heart 
Prem and Heer's reunion with their friends was great.  I loved how scared everyone looked when they explained their story.
For obvious reasons Prem didn't elaborate on the details of how and what he was doing when he found the locket.
Prem may have left this part out for obvious reason but I still picture him wrapped in pink towel and hugging Heer LOL 
oh Prem, oh Prem
When I read this line, I was Embarrassed and then I burst out laughing ROFL  Poor Prem.  LOL
Debbie and Heer conversation was also funny.  Poor Heer.  I am glad she was able to laugh it off.
Premeer bed scenes was very cute. 
Rishab visiting Balraaj was very interesting.  I was really surprised that Rishab were friends with Prem's parents.  That would explain why he ended up helping Prem and Heer during their mission.
He watched Rishabh walk towards an old ship's map of the United States hanging on the wall and began inspecting it.  "Don't you think it's time to put the past behind?  Consider it a new beginning."

Balraaj got up from his desk and stared with hard eyes at Rishabh.  "This matter is none of your business."

"No, it is my business.  They were my friends too.  What are you going to tell him when he finds out?"

"The truth," Balraaj replied.

"Which truth?" Rishabh asked looking at him.  "Your version or the actual truth?"

When I read these lines, my reaction was, "I knew it"  LOL.  It seems Rishab knows what Balraaj might do.  If Balraaj thinks he can bend the truth, so Heer will change her mind about marrying Prem, he better reconsider.  If Balraaj lies, Heer will find out and Balraaj is only going to regret his plan.  I hope Rishab will continue to support Prem and tell him the truth.
Thank you for the PM Grace.  I am very sorry for replying to you so late.  I hope you don't mind me quoting you for my comments.  I can't wait for your next update.   

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Hi Grace, after I posted my message, I found out you have updated.

Ok, so this comment is for Mission 29.
Right now I am going to have to reserve.  Let me read this chapter and I will comment.
Great update Grace.
Premeer scenes was very cute.  I loved Heer's idea of staying warm together.  It was very cute.
Of course their love scenes still makes me Embarrassed
This line really had me laughing LOL:
"Prem, you're parents would be very proud of you...the way you've grown up," Heer said.  "I'm sure they are smiling down on you right now."

"Right now?" Prem playfully gasped.  "That's kind of disturbing..." reaching over and pulling the bed sheets higher up on their bodies, "Ma, Bauji...I'm marrying Heer...I swear...I'm putting a name to this relationship."

Hand it to Prem to say something like that.  That was a really good one.  LOL 
I thought Prem taking back his original last name was a great idea.  It is great to see that he still loves Kiran and Kulraj but he can never forget his actual mom and dad. 
When they visited Kulraj's grave, I thought that entire moment was very sweet and heartwarming.  I loved how the wind blew the moment Prem told Kulraj that he and Heer were engaged.  What a perfect timing.  Loved it very much.
As for Sanjana, I can't believe she was able to get out of jail because she claims to have evidence.  I wonder if she is lying or is she telling the truth.  Now I am wondering what is inside the envelope.  I wished Preet opened it. 
It looks like Jaywant wants to tell Prem something important.  I wonder if it has to do with his parents.  I think Rishab might have told Jaywant what Balraaj is planning to do.  I can't wait to find out what happened to Prem's parents. 
Thank you for the PM.  Looking forward to your next update.

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