Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Chai'sTeahouse2: 22/4 New Chpt p116 (Page 6)

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wa8in..plz update soon..!!

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update soon waitinggg

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plz updte soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waitinggg

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hi grace!how r u? sorry for late commenting.ectually when i comeback i was ill.and when i m feeling better i burnt my right hand with steam while cheaking the rice (only cheaking not cooking)LOLfunny na.but seriously yar! it was paining to sorry.
the update was vry nice,i really luv it.
kiran was talked heer so friendly.luv the heer,kiran scenes and i also miss kulraj vry badly.
premeer scenes was so cute and meet was too vry nice.they r a true friend.
but one thing i can't under stand what is the problem of balraj?i know hw is concerned about her daughter but he is overreacting.he already knows that her daughter starting luv prem.
but any ways teji and kiran are with them.
and ya may be i will go to my nani's place again because my nani is angry with my papa for my early return and vry miss my papa is plaining to visit their place again.
so,if i not commenting on ur next update,it means i m at my nani's place.sorry for that in advance.
please countinue soon.
and thanks for the pm.Smile

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GRACE ?? wen r u updatin??

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Thank you to all my readers (silent ones included) who have continued to support me and read my work.  I really appreciate it Big smile

Here is the next update *Warning* some masala towards the end Embarrassed  You have been warned.

If you have an issue just PM me and I will be more than happy to do the necessary edits.

Mission 27: The Little Red Brick House 


Prem took some clean shirts off the hangers in his closet and tossed them on the bed.  He then grabbed some undershirts and boxers and tossed them also onto the bed.  He was so busy throwing his things on his bed that he didn't hear the bedroom door open.  "Going for another vacation?"  Prem turned around and smiled seeing his uncle standing in the doorway.  "Jaywant Uncle," he greeted.  "I'm just going away for the weekend.  So, how's the case going?"

"We're combing through everything making sure we have all the evidence in order...the Federal Attorneys want it neat and clean," he replied.  He then sighed, "Sanjana...Agent Chopra is playing a bit of hard ball with us by lawyering up.  It is a real shame a fine agent like her going down this destructive path."


Prem silently nodded at his remarks.  "Thanks by the way."




"For what you did back there in Thailand...that stunt you pulled," Prem replied.


"It's all in a day's work.  Rishabh had a lot of people fooled...good thing in the end he was on our side," Jaywant said.


"Yeah, we got lucky.  Things could have gotten worse if it hadn't."


"So this weekend trip...going with a certain agent?  Ms. Heer Maan?" Jaywant inquired.


Prem grinned sheepishly rubbing the back of his head, "Um, you heard from Dad?"


"He mentioned something to me," Jaywant answered as he stepped further into the room.  "He says you're quite serious."


"Yeah, I guess I am," Prem answered and started to fold his clothes and place them into his suitcase.


"Where you going?" Jaywant inquired.


"To the place where everything started," Prem smiled.


"Oh?" Jaywant replied with raised eyebrows.


"Thought it would be a nice getaway with everything happening.  We had a lot of nice memories there," Prem explained.  He then walked to the bathroom and got the little bag of toiletries he had already packed and placed it into his suitcase. 


Jaywant folded his arms and cleared his throat, "This decision have anything to do with Director Maan?"


Prem looked up and tightened his jaw.  "I have permission from Mrs. Maan to take this fact she advised it."


"You're up against a tough adversary...the Director," Jaywant said gravely.  "Once he makes up his mind it's very hard to change."


"I can't give up," Prem replied.  "You always told me to never give up.  How do you think I made it this far in my career?"


"True," nodding his head, "but sometimes you have to know when and where to pick your battles," Jaywant advised.  Prem stopped his packing and narrowed his eyes wondering what his uncle was trying to say to him.  "Obviously, when it comes to love...that's an entirely different matter."  Prem relaxed his gaze at hearing his words and grinned.  "Just don't push too hard...tread carefully."


"Thanks.  I'll keep that in mind," Prem replied.


"You're father apparently is going to bake something and wants us to try it," Jaywant smiled.


"He's baking?" Prem asked with arched eyebrows.


"He was mixing something in a was very brown," Jaywant said with worry.  "In any case, we should probably go downstairs and make sure he doesn't over cook it."


"You mean burn it," Prem corrected.  "Yea, we should...he's bad enough with a stove and now he wants to use the oven?  He's going to burn the house down."


"I'll stop by this weekend and make sure he's um, not experimenting with anything," Jaywant replied.


"Thanks," Prem answered and followed his uncle out the door and down the stairs to the kitchen.


Heer gently stared out the passenger side window of the silver Ford Focus, the rental they had picked up from the airport for their weekend in Montpelier, Vermont.  She was genuinely surprised by this little trip Prem had planned for them.  He refused to tell her where they were going and had only told her to pack warm winter clothes.  It was only when she arrived at the airport and he handed her the ticket did she find out that they were going back to the city they had met and grew up in.  She was excited to go back and see the city and wondered if any of her childhood friends where still living there.  Heer's eyes flexed when she saw the street sign Oak Street.  Things looked relatively the same except for a few remodeled houses but the neighborhood looked just as quaint and serene as she had remembered it.  The car rolled to a smooth stop right in front of red brick house on 1523 Oak Street.  There was a for sale sign out on the lawn. 

Heer got out of the car and stood in front of her old house filled with an array of emotions.  She felt the comforting touch of Prem's arm wrapping around her shoulder and his deep voice saying, "You okay?"

Heer looked at him and nodded.  "This was a nice surprise."

"You really didn't think we'd come all this way and not stop by our old houses did you?"

"I wonder if the inside still looks the same," Heer pondered out loud.

"Well, let's go inside and check," Prem replied.

"Check?" Heer repeated as she saw him start walking towards the front door.  "But the owners..."

"It says it's for sale," Prem answered.  "Wouldn't hurt to ask.  We'll just say we're interested in the house and just want to take a look."  He rang the doorbell and waited on the front porch. 

"I don't think they are home," Heer replied.  "I guess we should go."

"No, no...maybe they are in the bathroom or something," Prem said as he knocked his hand heavily on the door and rang the doorbell again.

They waited a few more minutes but no one came to answer the door.  "They aren't home Prem.  It's fine," Heer said as she placed her hand on his arm trying to pull him back towards the car.

"What do you mean it's fine?" he replied as he started to search his pockets. 

"Prem?  What are you doing?  You're not serious are you?  You're not going to break into the house.  This is some one's house," Heer panicked.

"Why would I do that?" Prem asked with a grin as he showed her a key in his hand.  She looked at him with confusion as he punched in a code to unlock the padlock hooked around the doorknob.  Once the padlock was taken away he inserted the key into the front door, "After you..." pushing the door open.

Heer cautiously walked in and was amazed at what laid before her eyes.  The hallway was filled with red, pink, and white balloons and there was a strip of red carpet that was directing her towards the staircase.  She silently followed the red carpet and the path of balloons to the upstairs bedrooms.  She knew when she reached the top which room the red carpet was directing her towards.  She made a right and walked down the hallway to the second door on her left and entered her old bedroom.  There was a small table in the room holding a beautiful bouquet of red roses and two champagne glasses.  Next to the table was a tall champagne chiller cooling a bottle of Korbel champagne.  Heer turned around to face her grinning boyfriend.  "Prem..."

"Surprise," he answered.

"How did you do all of this?" Heer asked with delighted excitement.  "How did you get permission?"

"Very simple," Prem replied as he went towards the champagne chiller and lifted the bottle out.  "I did a little research...tried to find out if the house was still here.  I called up the owners to see if we could maybe get permission to come take a look around when we came into town.  That's when I found out they were selling the place.  The husband got transferred overseas and the family was moving to Germany.  So I talked to the family and the realtor and we came to an agreement that I would be allowed an hour in the house."  He took off the foil on the champagne bottle and carefully twisted the wires so he could pop the cork off.  "I called a local florist...I think you may know her...Emily Dickerson well now Hamilton..."

"She's still in town?" Heer inquired with surprise.

"She took over her mother's shop after she died of ovarian cancer.  Her father refused to move to Ohio where she was living so she moved back to Vermont with her husband.  He's a veterinarian and he's opened up a clinic here," he explained.  "Turns out she's friends with the they helped me out."  The champagne bottle popped off and Prem began filling their glasses with the chilled alcoholic beverage.  "Here you go..."

"Thank you," Heer smiled.  "So, they mailed you the key?"

"No, the realtor came to the airport and gave it to me..."

"Oh...that excuse that you needed to use the restroom..." Heer filled in thinking back on what had happened at the airport.

"Correct," Prem replied and then clinked his glass against hers.  "You're very perceptive."

"Not really," Heer said.  "I had no idea my boyfriend was doing all these things for me."

"Well, I do work for the CIA...been a field agent for most of my career," Prem smirked.  "I've learned how to plan."

Heer took a sip of champagne but kept her eyes on him as she titled her glass grinning at the way he had planned things.  She started walking around the room recalling memories of the times she had spent there.  Her eyes traveled to the large window looking out to a large birch tree.  She smiled as the bench seat she was always so fond of was still there.  She sat down on it and propped her feet up nestling herself into the corner.  "This was my favorite part of my room.  I use to look out my window all the time...during the fall the leaves of the birch were so, reddish brown, and yellow was like a postcard...the perfect postcard for the winter I loved the way the snow fell and covered the branches of this tree...during the spring at night I would open the windows and breath in that cool fresh air and stare up at the sky...watching the moon and the stars...during summer I'd watch the warm showers fall and hit against these window panes."

Prem smiled and leaned against the adjacent wall reflecting on what she had shared.  "You know this was one of my favorite rooms too.  When this house was empty I use to sneak in and come up to this room and stare out the window.  I'd imagine I was living here with my new family and my dog."

"I'm sorry I took that from you," Heer replied looking up at him.  She reached out and pulled his arm making him move closer to her.  She sat up and scooted down the bench so he could sit behind her and cradle her in his embrace.  He had one leg resting length wise against the window sills while his other leg had its foot resting on the floor anchoring him.  

"I think it worked out for the best," Prem said his voice rumbling in her ear as she leaned into him.  "You moved in...I got a best friend...and I eventually got a family and a dog...and the house across the street was complaints."

"Really?" Heer laughed.

"The best part out of all of this is you," Prem replied. "You...and this moment right now sitting here staring out the window together."  Heer turned and lifted her head to give him a tender kiss.  She gently placed her hand against his cheek making the affectionate gesture even more special. "Mmm...that made this moment even better," he sighed when the kiss had ended.

"I agree," Heer giggled softly.  "I think this moment is absolutely perfect.

"I think this moment is great but perfect...not yet.  No, I think there is something else that could make this moment perfect..." Prem replied as he passed the champagne flute in his right hand over to his left and started to search for something in his jacket pocket.

"Are you going to pull out a key again?" Heer questioned wondering what he was up to.

"Well, I think this is a lot better than a key but I guess you could say it's sort of like a key." Prem answered and pulled out a black velvet box.

"Prem..." Heer gasped.

"You wanna help me open it?  It's a little hard with one hand," he replied fumbling with the box.  He chuckled nervously realizing this part of his plan wasn't going so smoothly.  Heer lifted the top of the box open with her free hand and stared at the diamond engagement ring inside.

"I know this is the one you really wanted even though you told me you were fine with the other one.  And I know we wanted everyone's permission before we did this but I want them to know just how serious I am...and your mother sort of ordered me to do it..."

"She can be like that sometimes," Heer chortled.  "The ring is beautiful but the cost..."

"Don't worry about it.  I want to give this to you," Prem replied.  "So, let's see I should probably say something...generally that is how it usual goes doesn't it?"  Heer sat up placed their drinks off to the side while Prem got off the bench and stood in front of her.  For whatever reason the whole situation was making Heer laugh but in a good way.  It reminded her of all the awkward times when Prem would get nervous asking her something important.  Her mind drifted back to the time when he had invited her over to his house so he could ask her about a gift which she thought was for Abby but was really for her.  It was a very clumsy moment between them.  Now in this moment Prem was doing the same thing even though he knew her answer.  Heer tried to stop the smirk from forming on her face knowing it would make him upset and she didn't want that to happen.  After all this was the official proposal story they were going to telling their children and family members as the other one was bit inappropriate.

Prem felt strange butterflies form in his stomach and he didn't understand why even though he knew what the answer was going to be.  He had prepared a speech as he knew how special and important this moment was for most women besides their wedding day, but his nerves were making him go blank.  He breathed deeply and just decided to say whatever came to his mind.  "I know I didn't exactly make things easy on you in the beginning...making fun and calling you names like Pumpkin.  But on that day you found me laying on the pride completely bruised and didn't judge offered me a popsicle instead and your friendship.  I never forgot what you did for me that day and for the nine years that followed..." grinning fondly, "...helping me take notes, getting me out of trouble, listening to my trivial problems, giving me advice even when I didn't want were a true best friend.  Because of you I got my parents...because of you I became the man I am today.  I want to thank you for everything you've done for me...the prayers...the advice...for caring for me...for loving me even when I didn't realize and probably hurt you in the process.  Thank you, Heer for always being there for me.  Now, it's my turn to be there for take care of you and love you the way you deserved to be loved and taken care of for the rest of our lives and the seven life times after," slowly dropping down on one knee and lifting the ring box up in his hand, "Will you...Heer 'Pumpkin Leher Singh' Maan marry me Prem Juneja 'Pancake' Deshmukh?"

Heer smiled brightly chortling gently as she replied, "Yes, yes, and yes..."

Prem beamed with joy and slipped the ring onto her left finger.  "I love you."

"I love you too," Heer replied and hugged him tightly.  She then pulled back and cupped his face giving him a tender kiss.

"I hope that passed the test for our engagement story," Prem said.


"It was perfect," Heer giggled.  "We have so many names."

"Yeah, it's a bit confusing isn't it?" Prem laughed.

"Oh great...while I'm here everyone is going to think I'm Leher.  I guess I'm going to have to get use to being called that."

"I'm going to have to get use to calling you that again," Prem said.  "But are you going to tell some people?  You know I'm going to get confused."

"Even I'll get confused.  It's been so long since someone has called me that name.  But it's such a complicated story I really don't want to tell everyone," Heer said.

"I can understand.  But what if we run into Leo or Debbie?" Prem asked.

"Well, I would tell them if we see them again.  I would love to invite them to our wedding," Heer replied.  "Wow, I wonder what they are doing now."

"Yeah, me too," Prem said.  Heer went over to the bench and picked up their glasses so they could toast and take another drink.  "You're going to hate me for saying this," Prem said after she had swallowed.

"For what?"

"You're going to have to help me pop all these balloons and throw them away," Prem replied.  "I promised them I'd clean up afterwards."

"Ahhh," Heer uttered.  "You said 'I' not 'we' have fun cleaning..."

"Pumpkin please, it's going to take me awhile if it's just me," Prem frowned.

"I was only joking," Heer teased as she pulled his cheek.  "But before we do can we take pictures?"

"Pictures?  You want documented evidence of the proposal?" Prem inquired chuckling.

"You took a lot of time and effort to arrange this and it turned out beautiful...we should take some pictures at least," Heer replied as she pulled out her cell phone.  She placed their champagne glasses on the table and took a snapshot.  She then grabbed Prem's arm and pulled him to the window and made him sit on the bench.  "Smile...we still need photos of our vacation."

Prem stared at her with a blank expression and then put his hand on her arm making her sit down next to him.  "Let's take one together."  Heer grinned at his idea and moved closer to him trying to angle the camera so it would take a good photo of them.  They took a couple of shots with Prem holding the camera since he had longer arms.  His right arm was slung around her shoulder and she was holding up her left hand showing off her engagement ring.  They had huge grins on their faces.  "Looks good," he said as they checked their pictures and kissed the side of her head.  Heer turned towards him and gave him a kiss letting him know how she was feeling.  It wasn't long before Prem deepened the kiss and held her closer to him.  Their mouths and tongues adjusted lovingly as their bodies warmed to the sensuousness of their actions. 

Heer slowly pushed her lips away from his and breathed gently, "We only have an hour here.  We need to clean up."

Prem sighed a bit disappointed that the kissing had ended.  "Yeah, I have to return the key to the realtor.  Let's get going."

Heer stood up and rubbed her hands together.  "This house is so chilly."

"Well, the owners aren't here so there isn't a need to turn on the heat," Prem replied.  He then shivered, "I think it's colder inside the house than outside."

"Let's get this done quick so we can get back into the car where the heater is," Heer said. 

"Here take the car keys and pop the balloons with them.   I'll go get the trash bag," Prem said as he handed over the keys from his pocket.


After cleaning up the house and placing the trash bag where the realtor told them to place it they went across the street to see if they could see Prem's old home.  The elderly couple who lived there only let them enter the house after Prem and Heer flashed their CIA badges to prove their identities and that they weren't there to cause any trouble.  The young couple understood after all they were strangers and it was always better safe than sorry.  As they toured the house recalling fond memories, the wife made them some hot chocolate to apologize for their behavior and invited them to sit down.  They chatted with the elder couple, Joseph and Edith Smith and found out that the Joseph's brother's son was the head principle of Fairview Elementary School.  Edith noticed the engagement ring on Heer's hand and wanted to know the details of their childhood love story.  Prem and Heer became a bit shy about it as they couldn't tell her everything because of the sensitive matters of their CIA missions, but they carefully crafted something together.  Prem let Heer do most of the talking and would add little tidbits here and there to make the story believable.  Eventually their time with the Smiths came to the end and they bid them a thankful farewell for letting them come into their house and take a look around.

"So we are going to drop off the key at the realtor's office and then back to the hotel?" Heer inquired as they got into the car.

"To the realtor's office and then someplace else," Prem smiled.  Heer looked at him curiously as he started the car and began driving away.  It didn't take them long to reach the office.  Prem stepped inside while Heer waited in the car. 

"So, you're not going to tell me where we are going next?" Heer asked as Prem came back and opened the driver's side door.

"Nope," Prem grinned.  "What are you doing?"

"Obviously telling everyone we're engaged," Heer replied as she sent out a mass text with the picture of them together in her old room.  "I've sent one to Meher, Liz, Whitney, Ash, Veera, Maya, Lisa, Amy, Jamie, and Nicole."

"I see you told all the friends and yours," Prem chuckled.

"Don't worry the boys will get informed too," Heer smiled as she sent out another mass text, "Preet, Harman, Ethan, Jacob, Lane, Satish, Ken, Sam, Nihaal, and the twins Prashant and Manmeet have all been informed.  And we can't forget...Mama and your Dad."

"Nothing for your father?" Prem inquired.

"Mama will tell him," Heer replied, "Anyways, I really don't care cause he'll probably text me back and make some comment about we're making a mistake."  Her face soured and he regretted he had mentioned him to her.  "Do you want to text Iron Face?" she said trying to move the topic away from her father.

"My uncle?" Prem laughed.  "Sure why not Jaywant Uncle should know about the good news.  The number is in my cell phone."  Heer reached into the front pocket of his jacket and took it out and began searching for his uncle's number.

"So you're really not going to tell me where we are going?" Heer asked again.

"I think you should have figured it out by now," Prem grinned.  "Why are you being so impatience?  Don't you like my surprises?"

"Yes, so far they've been very nice," Heer replied.

"Just nice?" Prem pouted.

Heer leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek causing him to break out into a smile.  "Fantastic, wonderful, mindblowing, superb, outstanding..."

"Okay, you can stop humoring me," Prem chuckled.

"Oh Pancake you know I loved what you did for me with my old house...the proposal was perfect," Heer replied.  Her eyes then suddenly lit up in recognition of where the car was going.  "Are we really going here?"

"I know it would have made more sense going here after visiting our houses but I had to return the key back," Prem answered.

"No, I understand," Heer said as she saw the Fairview Elementary School coming up around the bend of the road.  "They changed the sign but the colors were the and white."

"Let's take a walk around the playground while everyone is still in class," Prem suggested as he parked the car.

They both walked towards the front entrance of the school and entered through the double doors.  "I don't know why I feel like I'm trespassing," Heer chortled softly.

"Don't worry they won't do anything to us," Prem said as they took a right down the hall and made their way towards the exit doors to the playground.  They could hear the kindergarten teachers engaging their students in activities in the classrooms as they passed through.  "Were we ever this rowdy?"

"They are kids Prem...all kids are like that at their age," Heer replied.  "You weren't any different."

"I didn't yell and shout," Prem defended.

"No, you just ran around and called people names," Heer stated.  "And after school you broke flower pots with your sling shot in the neighborhood particularly Mrs. Henderson's flower pots."

Prem cringed at hearing her name, "Uh, she was so annoying...she deserved to get her flower pots broken.  She had this shrill voice...I can still hear it now...and then that day she caught me at your thanks to you by the way...I had to come over that weekend and plant things for her and water her flowers.  I was only seven years old and she made me do all that work."

"You deserved it for all the havoc you caused her.  You know how much money she spent on buying those pots you kept breaking?" Heer inquired as they pushed their way through the double doors and walked into the playground.  There was a soft patch of snow covering the ground and as they walked it crunched underneath their winter boots. 

"It didn't cost her a thing.  Mr. Henderson made pottery out in their back shed.  I think he probably took up that hobby just so he could spend some time away from his wife," Prem replied.  He felt a heavy thud against his chest as Heer's hand landed down on it.  He just smirked while she frowned at him.  "Okay, I take that back.  He did it to stay away from his wife."

"You're so mean," Heer said as she walked over to the jungle gym.

Prem slipped his hands around her waist and pulled her into a back hug.  "Ah, I remember this place...the place I first called you Pumpkin."

"You were so mean then," Heer simply stated.  "I went home that day and cried."

"I'm sorry I made you cry.  But I love Pumpkin now and I won't ever let those tears fall again.  I love you so much," Prem whispered into her ear. 

Heer became surprised as she felt him nuzzle her ear.  She fidgeted and tried pulling away, "Prem, we're at school.  There are children here...behave yourself."

"They are all in their classrooms."

"But still..." Heer warned.

Prem gave one final kiss to her earlobe and sighed, "Okay."  He then looked around the playground and gave a half grin.  "You wanna climb the jungle gym?  See who can climb to the top and hang upside down first?"

"No," Heer laughed, "It's cold and it's covered with snow.  We'd probably end up breaking our necks if we tried that."

"Fine," Prem sighed.  "What about the slide?"  Heer arched her eyebrows at him and then smiled as she took off running.  "Hey!  That's not fair...I never said anything about racing there!" Prem shouted as he took off after her.


They spent the next fifteen minutes going down the slide and running around the playground throwing snowballs at each other.  Eventually they decided to go back inside and look around the school.  Just as they entered the hallway and began making their way down pass the kindergartner classrooms a man in a blue suit came up to them with great curiosity "Excuse me is there something I can help you with?  I'm Tim Smith, the Principle of Fairview Elementary."

Prem grinned and put his arm around Heer's shoulder, "We were just looking around...thinking about moving here and wanted to check out some schools.  Your uncle is Joseph Smith, right?"  Heer turned and looked at him curious to what game he was trying to play.

"You know my uncle?" Tim asked.

"We sort of ran into them on our way over here," Prem replied.

"Oh will please to meet you..."

"I'm Prem Juneja and this is my wife...Leher," Prem said as he shook his hand.

"How old is your child?  Son or daughter?" Tim inquired.

"A daughter...she'll be turning 7 at the end of April," Prem answered.  "We were thinking about moving here during the summer...she could start fresh in August."

"Yes, the beginning of the school year is good place to start.  Let me show you our first grade classrooms," Tim said and started to escort them down the hall.  "This is Mrs. Chan's class...she's an excellent teacher."

"Chan?" Heer softly whispered to herself.

When they opened the door and entered they saw a fair young woman with brunette hair and red rimmed glasses.  She had her class separated into little activity groups.  There was a place for reading, a place to color, and a place to complete assignments.  Mrs. Chan turned around to greet the visitors in her classroom.  "Debbie, this is Prem and Leher...the Junejas," Tim introduced.

"Oh My God...who would have thought?  Prem and Leher?" Debbie replied stunned to see her childhood friends standing in front of her.  She went up and immediately hugged Heer.  "I can't believe it!  After all these years..."

"You guys know each other?" Tim asked with some confusion.

"We use to go to school together...this school," Debbie answered.

"Alumni coming back, huh?" Tim chuckled.

"You guys have kids?" Debbie gasped.  "This is unbelievable.  I need to hear the whole story."

"What about you Mrs. Chan?" Heer inquired.

"Well, that's a bit of long story but I want to find out about you two.  You disappeared on us and we were so worried.  Prem moved away after high school and well, we all sort of lost touch with each other," Debbie replied.

"Okay, before things get a bit out of hand...Tim, I'm sorry we lied," Prem apologized.  "We don't have a daughter...well, not yet at least.  We wanted to take a look around the school because we use to go here.  Sorry about that.  But we are engaged so she is the future Mrs. Juneja.  We sort of met here...actually I think in this classroom...we came back into town to reminisce and relive some of our old memories."

"Oh, I see," Tim said.  "Well, if you do decide to move here after the wedding and when you have your first born do consider Fairview."

"Most definitely," Prem said shaking his hand.

"School isn't out for another two hours.  We need to meet up and have dinner or drinks or something.  You guys free tonight?" Debbie inquired as she looked at her watch.

"That sounds fantastic," Heer replied.  "I'm pretty sure we are free," casting a glance at her fiance.

"No plans on my end," Prem said.  "Dinner sounds great Debbie.  We'll be able to catch up and everything."

"That's great.  I'll call a few people up.  You'll get to meet my husband and we'll have to exchange stories.  I'll call you when I have a time and we can confirm if that time is good with you guys," Debbie said.

"Sounds great," Prem grinned.

Prem and Heer exchanged numbers with Debbie and then left Fairview Elementary School in high spirits.  They couldn't wait to see who was coming for dinner and what stories and things their friends had to tell them.  They decided to go back to the hotel and rest and figure out what story they were going to tell their friends when they asked them just how exactly did they find each other again and get engaged.


Prem opened the bathroom door and smiled as he toweled off his freshly washed and trimmed face.  Heer was sitting comfortably on the bed with the pillows stack behind her as she talked on her cell phone.  Prem slipped off his slippers and sat on the bed.  He reached over and pulled her left leg from under her and began massaging her foot.  Heer giggled slightly but continued talking on the phone.  She took her free hand and started running her fingers through Prem's hair resting them at the nape of his neck in an affectionate gesture thanking him for the massage.  "Oh no...Prem's giving me a foot massage," Heer said explaining to the other person on the line why she had laughed.  "I know.  He's the best.  You want to talk to him?  Sure."   She placed the phone against Prem's ear so he could hear but still continue to massage her foot.

"Hello?" Prem greeted.

"Hi Prem, a very well executed engagement surprise," Teji replied.

"Oh hi Aunty...thank you."

"What is this Aunty business?  Call me properly now that you've officially proposed to my daughter," Teji ordered.

"Yes Mom," Prem replied with a grin.

"That's more like it.  So, the weather up there is pretty cold, right?  Heer was telling me how much snow was on the ground," Teji replied.

"It's not too bad once you get use to it.  It's been awhile but D.C. gets pretty cold too.  I'll make sure Heer doesn't catch a cold," Prem said.

"That's good but you take care of yourself too.  And I want you to know don't worry about Heer's father.  You did the right thing.  I will have a chat with Mr. Grumpy and as far as I'm concern you are my soon to be son-in-law.  You and Heer enjoy yourselves on this weekend trip and don't worry about anything okay?"

"We will and we won't worry about anything," Prem emphasized.

"Good.  Okay I'll talk to you guys later.  Bye," Teji said.

"Bye Mom," Prem replied and hung up the phone.  He then handed the phone back to Heer.  "I thought you were talking to one of your friends."

"Nope, I was talking to Mama.  Most of my friends texted me back and said they would call me later," Heer explained.  "Thank you for the foot massage."

"You're welcome.  Give me your other leg," Prem requested.

Heer shifted her leg and gave him her right foot.  "So you shaved a little."

"Yeah, thought I trim up a bit," Prem answered as he pushed the pads of his thumbs against the pad of her foot.

"Want to look good for Leo and the boys?" Heer laughed.

"Ha-Ha," Prem replied back unamused.

"Nothing to be embarrassed should look good for them.  It's been a long time since you've seen them.  I wonder besides Leo who else is going to come.  There is think Tony is back?  And all your high school buddies," Heer mused.

"I don't know...Debbie was being all secretive.  I can't believe she's married to Leo.  I mean they went to one eighth grade dance together but they never dated after that...not even in high school.  They were just friends.  Debbie and Leo dated other people," Prem said.

"Well, maybe something happened between them during college or later.  Sort of like us," Heer replied."

"Yeah, maybe..."

"Is there anything I can do for you to thank you for this wonderful massage?" Heer asked as Prem finished up her right foot.  He shook his head causing her to look at him with disbelief.  "Really?"

"Can't think of anything," Prem replied trying to display an innocent face.  "I just felt like doing that for you."

"I see," Heer replied.

"But you know if you want to give me something I don't mind," Prem said.

Heer casted a knowing glance and reached over and gave him a tender kiss.  He grinned against her lips and pulled her closer to him.  His hand rubbed her back as their kissing deepened.  Eventually Heer was laying almost on top of him while he cradled the back of her head with his hand.  There was a brief pause as they broke apart Prem's hot breath fanned Heer's lips as their noses sensually rubbed against each other.  Heer's breathing was steady but heavy.  She had felt the rush within her body at their intimate contact and gently looked into Prem's eyes.  They were piercing with intensity, a mixture of love and lustful desire.  Without warning Prem pulled Heer towards him again and kissed her passionately letting her know exactly what he wanted.  She reluctantly tore herself away while Prem gave out a pleading groan.  "One second...I promise we'll finish this," she replied as she scooted over to the nightstand and put her cell phone on vibrant.  "Debbie is suppose to call us to arrange a time for dinner tonight."

"We have some time," Prem said as he crawled next to her.  He began moving some of her hair to the side so he could place kisses on her neck.

"Mmm...I know," Heer answered as she turned around so she could kiss him again.  "It's on vibrate so we won't miss the call."  Prem whispered something naughty in her ear causing her to giggle.  He then continued kissing her and let his hand slipped underneath her shirt.  He was craving the touch of her silky skin and wanted to get rid of the barrier that was preventing him access.  Knowing what he wanted Heer pulled back and stripped her sweater and cami off of her torso.  She then reached over as Prem sat upright and helped him remove his sweater and then frowned that she had to unbutton his dress shirt.  Prem leaned forward again giving his attention to her left shoulder.  He pushed her bra strap to the side as he trailed loving open mouth kisses taking his time to feel the curve and slope of her frame.  Heer's fingers reached towards the nape of his neck and then moved into his hair curling over in blissful content.  Prem continued his trail moving towards her neckline dipping briefly at the collar bone then up her throat to her chin before landing back on her lips.  Their hot breath mingled together as Heer worked nimbly with her fingers to unbutton his shirt.  Prem felt the air touch his skin as she opened the left side of the fabric.  There was a series of gentle moans as Heer's hands brushed along his exposed chest and back trying to free his arm from the cotton cloth.  Prem maneuvered his shoulders and freed his left arm while Heer worked on his right arm.  All of this was done without pulling their mouths away from each other.  Eventually the shirt was off Prem's torso and his hands slipped around her lower waist. 

There was a genuine eagerness on both parties to seek the comfort and pleasure of becoming one.  Hands traveled and groped, breathing became heavier, sweet pleasurable sighs escaped their mouths as the temperature of their bodies rose and tingling sensations spread from their fingertips to their toes.  Prem slowly broke the kissing so he could flip the bed covers open.  Heer got up from the bed and went to their suitcase searching for the protection.  She grinned when she felt Prem's arms surround her into an embrace.  "I hope no one calls us in the next hour," he said nibbling her ear.  "I don't want to be interrupted."

"Neither do we better get going before the phone rings," Heer said as she turned around and kissed him holding the box of condoms in her hand.  Prem steady himself as Heer jump up and wrapped her legs around his waist.  She giggled as he carried her back towards the bed, "I love you Pancake."

"I love you too Pumpkin," Prem replied huskily as he laid her down on the bed.  Heer ran her hands along his muscular shoulders and downwards towards his smooth chest relishing the way it felt.  She then reach down and unbutton and unzipped his jeans.  Prem pulled back and did the same for her.  They both goofily smiled at each other knowing how much they enjoyed committing this intimate act with each other.  It didn't take them long to strip the rest of their clothing off and slip underneath the white sheets to make love. 

There was an unspeakable air of pure enjoyment and ecstasy that surrounded them as they teased and toyed with each other.  Kisses passed between them sent them soaring into unknown heights.  Skin burned by static touches and breathless moans echoed in ears.  Just as they were preparing to dive into the final stage Heer's cell phone began buzzing loudly against the nightstand.  Prem groaned at the interruption, "The phone had to ring now?"

Heer laid there just as disappointed and sighed, "I know..." then rubbing Prem's back, "I'm sorry but I have to answer the phone."

He grunted and let Heer slither out of his embrace and head towards the nightstand.  "Hello Debbie?" Heer greeted trying to control her breathing.  "No, no...I was um, in the bathroom...had to run and get the phone."  Prem glanced over at Heer surprised at how she was able to carry on a conversation like nothing had happened a few steamy minutes ago.  He wasn't about to let her forget what they were supposed to be doing.  Prem crawled over to her and began kissing the back of her shoulder.  He wrapped his arm around her waist and hooked his leg over hers.  Heer's eyes widen at Prem's sudden lusty action.  "Okay, sure 6:30?  At the Black Door Bar & Bistro..." swallowing uncomfortably as she felt Prem's hand began to wander, "44 Main Street...okay yeah I got that..." trying to control her voice as he began to kiss down her back, "un-huh...all right...sure..."  She was trying her best to hurry up the conversation as Prem's antics were starting to drive her crazy.  "Yeah,, Debbie I have to go...we'll see you at 6:30.  Bye.  Bye."  Heer placed the phone back down on the nightstand and turned her attention to her fiance.  "Premmm---" was about all she was able to utter when he captured her mouth.  Heer melted into his arms again and let out a satisfying moan as he trailed sweet kisses down her neck.  They both heatedly fell back under the spell of love letting murmurs and sighs of pleasures escape their mouths.


"Hey Sweetheart which tie should I wear tonight?" Debbie looked at her husband and started snickering.  "Why are you laughing?" he inquired furrowing his eyebrows.  "You're always complaining at how I'm never dressed on time.  Look at me tonight...I'm already getting ready."

"Don't worry about it...I think Prem and Leher are probably going to be a little late," Debbie replied.

"What makes you say that?"

"Let's just say I heard something I probably shouldn't have heard.  Leher didn't hang up the phone properly...I was wondering why she seemed a bit distracted and how she quickly said goodbye to me."  Her husband gave her a confused look and then his eyes slowly lit in understanding.  "Right..."

"Someone is getting lucky tonight," her husband chuckled.

"Oh Prem, oh Prem..." Debbie replied laughing along with him.  "This is going to be a very fun night.  Lots of interesting stories to tell."     


Thanks for reading!

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