Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Chai'sTeahouse2: 22/4 New Chpt p116 (Page 4)

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Sorry for the long is the next chapter.

Mission 26: A Bump in the Road


Kiran laughed loudly as his eyes crinkled in mirth as he reminisced with his son and Heer about the past.  "You always got in trouble."


"Me?" Prem replied with a stunned expression on his face. 


"Don't act all surprised," Heer said looking at him.


Prem gave a half grin and took a sip of chai but miss judged the flow and accidentally spilled some down his chin.  He immediately cupped his hand over his chin trying to stop the trickle of liquid.  Heer quickly grabbed the napkins on the table and began wiping his mouth for him.  Kiran sat in his arm chair with his eyebrows raised at the interaction.  The only thing he had heard from his son was that he had found his long lost childhood best friend Leher Singh, who was actually Heer Maan.  He had explained the whole story to him when he had come home.  His son never mentioned anything about their relationship evolving into something more, but the minute Kiran saw them together he had this feeling that something was going on.  It was the little things he was picking up like how his son had been sitting very close to Heer on the couch with his knee gently angled towards her knee.  Or the way in which Heer would subconsciously place her hand on Prem's knee for a few seconds while talking or laughing.  Kiran took a drink from his cup trying to hide his steady gaze pretending he hadn't noticed anything as Heer turned to get up and throw the napkins away.


"It's okay I'll do it," Prem replied taking them from her hand making her sit back down.  "Need anything from the kitchen Dad?"


"Um, some fruit...there are some nice pears," Kiran said. "Why don't you cut up a couple for us?"


Prem nodded, "I'll do that," and left the living room.


Heer gave a tiny smile and took a bite of a tea biscuit.  Kiran grinned and flexed his eyebrows, "It's funny don't you think?  How life is...or fate I should and Prem met way back in Montpelier, Vermont as children and then you both went your separate ways...then several years later you met again as adults...both living in Washington, D.C. and working for the CIA.  Yes, I think Kulraj would have enjoyed this moment.  She'd would have been so giddy and wouldn't know what to do with herself.  She always asked I wonder what Leher's doing now.  She cared for you a lot.  She missed talking to your mother too.  Yes, she definitely would have enjoyed herself.  I'm sure she would have asked can you introduce my son to any nice girls?  He needs to find someone nice to settle down with."  Heer's eyes widened at his words as she felt her heart beat speed up but she remained still and flashed a polite smile.  Kiran noted her reaction and continued talking, "So, I guess I have to ask the questions now that she's not here.  Are you seeing anyone right now?  If not why don't you straighten out my son?  He's a bit rough around the edges but I'm sure you can shine him up in no time...he's a diamond in the rough so to speak."


"Uncle..." Heer uttered in surprise.


"Not interested?" Kiran replied with a sarcastic smile.  "Well, I guess I can't blame you.  He is a lot to handle.  He can't cook, he barely cleans, and he isn't too handy with yard work.  But at least he takes showers, will eat anything you put in front of him...he's tall, dresses decently well, and he puts down the toilet seat...that I say is a rare gift...years of training from his mother...should be a high selling can mention that to any of your single friends."  Heer lowered her head slightly and started to chuckle at the sarcasm Kiran was using.  He was speaking about his son like he was some little puppy.


"Dad, here are the pears," Prem announced as he came into the living room unaware of the conversation that had just taken place.


"Thank you son," Kiran replied as Prem placed the plate on the coffee table.


Prem's face drew on a sense of confusion when he glanced over at Heer who was gently giggling and then to his father who was pretending like he had no idea why she was laughing.  He felt Heer take his hand and pull him back down onto the couch.  He was quite surprise at her bold move and turned to give her a questioning look as she continued to hold his hand.  "I actually like challenges," Heer stated looking at Kiran who beamed a grin.  Prem furrowed his eyebrows not quite sure what inside joke had passed between them while he was gone.


"That's good to hear," Kiran said.  He then looked at his son.  "You're very lucky you know that?  Don't let her get away."


Prem smiled as he realized what had happened.  "Yeah," looking at Heer, "I know.  I'll take good care of her Dad don't worry."


"You better otherwise you'll have more than one father angry at you," Kiran threatened causing Prem to nod his head.  Their conversation was soon interrupted when the house phone rang.  Kiran picked up the hand held and answered.  He then motioned to Prem and Heer that it was going to take him awhile and they could leave.


Heer followed Prem around the house as he took her on a little tour.  Eventually they made their way upstairs.  Heer shook her head grinning as he opened a door with a proud look on his face announcing, "And this my room.  Well, soon to be our room."


"Prem are you living out of your suitcase?" Heer inquired as she marched straight over to his suitcase that was laying in the middle of the floor.  She lifted the lid open and began taking his things out.


"Pumpkin, what are you doing?  Leave that stuff," Prem said as he placed his hands on her arms trying to stop her.


"But your clothes need to be hanged or put in the laundry to be cleaned," Heer replied.


"Yeah, I know and I'll do it later.  You do realized we just came back home.  Did you put everything away?" Prem asked.


"Yes," Heer answered.


"Oh really?  You did it or Mama did it for you?"  Heer tightened her lips together making Prem laugh, "So, that would be Mama did it for you."  She pouted at him while he just moved his hands down to her waist and turned her around to face him, "It's were really tired."  He then smirked.  "You think you can help me finish my dream?" he playfully inquired as he gently rubbed his nose against her nose.


"'re Dad's downstairs," Heer replied.  "And this isn't the time for this."


"I just wanted to kiss you," Prem said.


"Liar," she answered hitting his chest.


"Hey, what are you going to do when we get married and you come here to live with us?  Dad is going to be around."


"But we'll be married then and your father won't be looking for us," Heer replied.


"He's going to be looking for us now?  I don't recall him saying anything like that," Prem said.


"Do you want to get caught again?" Heer asked as Prem began running his fingers through her hair.


"We'll close and lock the door," Prem replied.


"Very funny," Heer said.


"I'm not being funny," Prem stated and then kissed her.  Heer felt herself melt the instant his lips touched hers and sighed as his hand cupped her cheek.  "Mmm...this is definitely better than the dream," Prem murmured as she began to nibble on his lower lip. 


"What happened to closing the door?" Heer inquired between kisses.


"We'll get to that," Prem said as he began moving forcing her to walk backwards.  Gentle pleasing moans escaped their mouths as they continued to display their affection for one another.  He grinned loving the way Heer's hands gripped his waist as they teetered towards the door.  Just as they got close they heard Kiran calling them.  Prem grumbled while Heer chuckled at his reaction.


"So much for your dream," Heer giggled.  "I think you're destined to have this dream be incomplete for now."


"Maybe I should just go back to bed," Prem whined.


"Come one let's go," Heer said taking his hand and leading him out of the room.


Heer stared at the pot of oil with a thermometer dip inside waiting anxiously for the oil to come up to the right temperature before she placed the battered fish into it.  It was Friday night and Prem along with his Dad would be arriving soon for dinner.  Her father had been busy all week at work and she hardly had a chance to talk to him about anything.  There was a growing sense of uneasiness as if her father was avoiding her.  She didn't know why she felt this way but it was something she was slowly picking up on.  She had spent the week hanging out with her mother, going out with Prem, and meeting Preet and Meher for dinner or drinks.  Overall it was a nice relaxing week of rest and recuperation from all the events that had occurred during the past month.


Heer saw that the temperature had risen to the correct degree and placed her first batch of fish into the pot of oil.  The crackling sound of cooking fillets and the distinct smell of the sea filled the kitchen.  She carefully watched as the batter turned to a mild golden yellow before she flipped the fish fillets over to ensure that the other side also had time to cook and reach that golden color as well.


"Mmm...smells great," Prem said as he walked into the kitchen. 


Heer turned around with the tongs in her hand and gave a nervous smile.  "Go, sit in the living room."


"I thought you'd like some help," Prem replied.  "You're really banishing me from the kitchen?"


"Go..." Heer pushed, "You're just going to distract me."


"Do I smell something burning?" Prem asked.


"Oh My God!  The fish...see I told you!" Heer yelled as she turned back to the pot.  When she went to inspect the fish fillets she saw that they were doing perfectly fine.  "Prem!"


"I was only joking...relax will you?" Prem replied.  "Dinner is going to turn out fine."  He wrapped his hands around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder.  He took a deep breath and grinned, "You smell like fish."  He felt a sharp elbow to his stomach causing his smile to widen even more.  "All right I'll get out of your way."  He then gave her a kiss on her cheek.  "Please don't stress."


"I won't," Heer said turning her head and giving him a peck on his cheek.


"I'll be in the living room with the parents," Prem replied.  "If you need any help you know where I am."


Prem hungrily stuffed his mouth with a piece of flaky crispy fried cod.  He chewed happily and then ate a few chips (fries) dipped in ketchup.  "You want to take mine too?" Kiran joked laughing at the way his son was heaving food into his mouth.         


Prem paused to drink some Coke and swallowed, "Don't tempt me Dad."


"This is delicious Heer and not that greasy either," Teji complimented.


"Thanks Mama," she smiled. 


"Yes, good job," Balraaj rumbled lightly.


"Prem, how would you rate this?" Teji inquired with a grin.


"10 stars," he replied and then gave Heer a smile.


"Well Heer, you have one dish down now all you need to do is work on some others," Teji advised.  "You can't feed him fish and chips all the time."


Balraaj coughed suddenly causing everyone at the table to turn their heads with concern.  Teji patted his back as he put up his hand letting everyone know he was going to be all right.  He took a drink of water after the coughing fit had settled down and went back to eating.  The rest of dinner was filled with idly chit-chat about sports, television shows, and the news.


As the dessert plates were passed around, a blueberry cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side, Prem was finding himself getting increasingly nervous.  He had a big announcement he had to make before dinner was over and he didn't know what type of reaction he was going to get from the parents, especially Heer's father.  He had made a poor impression with him the first time and he knew hiding out in Thailand with her didn't exactly enhance his image even though things had worked out in the end for the mission.  He knew in the back of his mind her father would probably have reservations about giving his daughter away to someone who worked for the CIA.  Heer adjusted her seat as she sat down next to him and noticed the worried look in his eyes.  She secretly placed her hand on his thigh and gave him a tender squeeze letting him know she was right there with him.  Prem watched as the parents began eating the dessert and complimenting Heer on her cooking skills.  His father eyed him wondering what he was doing just sitting there and not eating.  Prem quickly took a spoonful and silently chewed.  He was waiting for the conversation to pause before he made his announcement.


Prem put down his spoon and cleared his throat and took a drink of water.  He gently tapped his spoon against his water glass causing everyone to look at him wondering what he wanted.  "Um, I just wanted to make a toast to tonight's fond memories of the past and new beginnings of the future."  Everyone raised their glasses with smiles and toasted taking a sip of water.  Prem cleared his throat again and continued as glasses were put back down on the table, "I...I mean...we have something to say," taking Heer's hand into his, "'s no secret now about us...and we've been thinking a lot and discussing things...and we'd really would love to have your permission and blessings on this decision.  We want to get married."


Teji and Kiran beamed huge smiles and started congratulating the couple on their announcement.  "Where's the ring?" Teji inquired looking at Heer.


"We've looked around and narrowed our choices down but we didn't get it because we wanted to get permission first," Heer explained.


"Your mother would have been so proud," Kiran said looking at his son.


"Thanks Dad," Prem replied.


"No, thank you for making her my daughter-in-law," Kiran said.  He then looked over at Balraaj and grinned, "You're awfully quite over there..."


"He's just surprised," Teji laughed.  "Never thought he would lose his daughter so soon."


"No," Balraaj replied shaking his head.


"See..." Teji confirmed.


"No, I mean no," Balraaj replied as he backed his chair away.  The scoffing sound as the bottom ends of the legs hit the wooden floor echoed around the room and everyone turned towards him with surprise.


"Balraaj?" Teji asked with concern.


"I won't give my blessing to this," Balraaj simply stated and then stormed up stairs to the bedroom.


The dining room was silent as the atmosphere in the room suddenly dropped from being joyful and warm to cold and gloomy.  Prem's eyes stared in the direction that Balraaj had gone and his jaw tightened.  Heer looked crestfallen at the way her father had walked away in complete rejection of her engagement to Prem.  Teji looked apologetically at Kiran.  "I don't know what's gotten into him.  Don't worry I'll speak to him about it."


"No, I'm sure he has his concerns.  After all the nature of their work and everything..." Kiran replied with understanding.


"Heer," Teji gently called.  "Don't worry about your father.  You have my full support," then looking at Prem, "I think maybe both of you should go out and get some fresh air.  Let us take care of this."


"Yes, I think that's good idea.  You two should go out and celebrate," Kiran agreed.


Prem nodded his head and got up from his seat and tenderly scooted Heer along with him.  "We'll try not to stay out too late."


"It's fine.  Just call," Teji said.


Prem stood at the bar alongside Preet and sighed as they waited for their drink orders to be filled.  He felt a firm pat on his shoulder and he glanced up to see his friend giving him a comforting look.  "I'm sure the Director just needs some time to adjust to the whole idea of how his little girl is leaving the nest.  You know how it is with parents they always see their kids as well kids and not adults.  Don't worry least the Mom is on your side," Preet said.


"Yea, I know.  She suggested we go out and take in some fresh air," Prem replied.  "I'm more worried about Heer."  The two men looked over to where their significant others were sitting and wondered how the conversation was going on their side.


Heer gently cupped the beer bottle in her hands and exhaled.  "I was afraid something like this would happen and I was right.  I mean I should have known when my father was comparing our relationship to some we just got too caught up in the heat of the moment during our mission and started for no reason.  I just can't believe all of this.  Are we moving too fast?  Do you think we should slow down?"


Meher took a moment to collect her thoughts before she said, "You know people spend their lives looking for that special someone...the one that completes you...the one you can't see yourself living without.  You're so lucky that you found that someone when you were just 7 years old.  You found your soulmate.  You both went through a lot this past I can understand why...and after everything both of you have been through taking this step just seems logical.  You don't want to waste anymore time...and time is precious.  I have definitely learned that these past two weeks."


"So you don't think we are making a mistake?" Heer inquired.


"You love him don't you?" Meher asked.  Heer nodded her head.  "And he loves you?"  Heer nodded again.  "And both of you are committed to this relationship?  Heer nodded in agreement to what she was saying.  "I think you have your answer.  No one can make this choice for either of you because this relationship is between you do what you feel is right."


"I love him and I want to marry him," Heer said.  "I guess we will have to figure out a way to convince my Dad that this is right for us.  Thanks Meher."


"Anytime," she replied with a smile.


"So, anyone up for a game of pool?" Preet asked as he and Prem came back with their beers.  He was holding a set of pool balls.


Meher glanced over at Heer who gave a tiny grin.  "I think that is a yes Mr. Rajput," Meher replied.


"Good, then our table awaits ladies," Preet dramatically said as he swung his arm out pointing in the direction of their pool table." 


Meher quickly got up and began following Preet while Prem stood and waited for Heer.  "How are you feeling?" Prem probed.


"Better," Heer replied and then asked, "Tell me you love me."


"I love you."


"Tell me you won't leave me," she requested.


"I won't leave you."  Prem moved closer to her and add, "I want to make you my wife...I still want to marry you and I want to start a family with you.  Nothing has changed the way I feel about you.  We'll get through this like everything else, okay?"


"Okay," Heer replied and smiled as Prem placed his arm around her shoulder and gave her a tender hug.  He kept his arm in place and walked them to the pool table where Preet and Meher were waiting.


Teji quietly entered the master bedroom and saw her husband changing into his white kurta pajamas.  She took a deep breath and tightened her mouth at the way her husband seemed to be minding his own business ignoring her presence in the room.  "What was that downstairs?"


Balraaj turned and looked at his wife with an innocent face.  "I said what I had to say and that was it," he simply stated.


"Why?  Prem is a wonderful young man."


"He was a wonderful kid when you knew him...what about now?  All these years apart...the things he's been through we don't know anything," Balraaj replied.


"Oh, so if Heer just brought some stranger to the house and told us they wanted to get married you would just agree like that?" Teji inquired.  "Heer and I knew Prem since he was 7 years old.  I knew Kiran and Kulraj Deshmukh and they are good people.  They would have raised Prem properly...and they have.  And shouldn't you be happy?  After all he's one of your own...a CIA agent."


"That's all the more reason for my concerns," Balraaj said.  "We don't know what enemies he has accumulated during his missions...we don't know what secrets he's seen...we don't know am I suppose to be comfortable with that?"


"What double standards you have Balraaj Maan.  Heer was an active field agent herself...something mind you I still haven't forgiven you could you not tell me that she was an agent?  How could you hide that truth from me, her own mother about the nature of her work?" Teji sternly replied.  "Heer's agent past could be just as dangerous as Prem's past..."


"Which is all the more reason why neither of them should be together," Balraaj snapped.  "And I couldn't tell you because she was an active field agent...discretion is advised on these things and we both knew you would have never approved of her career choice."


"That's right I wouldn't have because I've seen things this job does," Teji said.


"Another great reason why they shouldn't be together," Balraaj replied.  "You seem to be making my case for me every well."


"But they both requested transfers...they are no longer going to be active field agents.  Prem is ready to settle down and start a family.  He's not some rambunctious twenty year old who wants to shoot guns, arrest people, and do all that other action hero stuff.  He's given his word to me he will take care of Heer," Teji explained.  "Why can't you see we are talking about two people who love each other very much?"


Balraaj snorted, "Word?  His word?  What one can predict the future.  He says he loves her now but what about two weeks from now?  A month from now?  A year?  They met in a highly intense situation...things happen to people who met like that.  It's all fine for a few months and then it ends.  I'm not going to see her crumble into pieces again...we all knew what happened to Dev."


"I admit that relationship with Dev was very impulsive but this is different," Teji reasoned.


"Different?  I fail to see any difference.  I've made my decision and my decision isn't going to change.  There isn't more to talk about.  My answer is No!" Balraaj fumed and then angrily walked into the bathroom slamming the door shut.


Teji stood stunned by his sudden outburst.  She knew some of his concerns were justifiable but there was this anger there that she couldn't understand.  She didn't know where it was coming from and it worried her.  Why was he so bothered by Prem and Heer's engagement announcement?


Prem and Heer waved to Preet and Meher as the couples went to their perspective cars bidding each other goodnight.  Heer tugged at Prem's jacket making him turn towards her with raised eyebrows.  Heer leaned her back against the passenger door of the black Toyota Tacoma truck while her hands continue to clutch the fabric of his jacket.  "Pumpkin?"


"I don't want to go home," Heer replied.


"Where do you want to go?" Prem inquired giving her a tender gaze.  He could tell she was still feeling uneasy over what had happened during dinner.


"Anywhere but home," Heer answered.  She gently played with the zipper on his jacket making him grin.  He caressed her hair tucking it behind her ear and cupped her cheek in an affectionate manner.  They stood there softly gazing into each other's eyes until they heard some people walking towards their side of the parking lot.  Prem opened the door for Heer and then went to the driver side of the truck and got in.


"Okay, I think I know where to go.  But I need to stop by my house to pick up some things," Prem said as he started the vehicle.


"For what?" Heer asked as she buckled up.


"It's a surprise," Prem smiled as he buckled up and then slowly began to back out of the parking space.


Two hours later the black truck was parked in a middle of a field with the young couple snuggled in the truck bed sitting on an inflatable air mattress.  They had two large fleece blankets wrapped around them and they were staring up at the stars.  Heer held Prem's hand enjoying the warmth and comfort it brought her.  Her head was leaning against his shoulder and she could feel the gentle stubble on his chin brushing along her forehead.  "Do you want any more hot coffee?" Prem asked.


"No, I'm fine...the hot water bottles you brought are doing the trick," Heer said as she felt the radiating heat on her back.


"Too bad the weather isn't warmer otherwise we could just sleep out here tonight...underneath the blanket of stars and the moonlight," Prem sighed.


"Tell me Mr. Deshmukh have you tried this trick before with other girls?" Heer asked with a smirk.  "You seemed to know exactly what you're doing."


"Trick?  I'm barely home...what trick would I be doing?" Prem replied innocently.


"You've done this move overseas then..."


"Overseas is romantic enough," Prem answered.


"Oh..." Heer said casting him a look.


Prem tightened his arms around her and leaned his forehead against hers.  "Come on, no need to be know the truth.  I'm looking forward to the future with you...spending my time romancing you like this..."  He titled his head and delicately breathed as his nose grazed her nose and then dipped to the left caressing her cheek.  He could feel her warm breathe against his skin and it sent tingles all over his body.  He hovered his lips over hers for a few seconds barely touching them before pressing down.  Heer parted her lips slightly forcing him to suck on her bottom lip.  They continued to give open mouth kisses adjusting in a natural rhythm and response.  Prem felt his knees go weak when Heer pulled slightly back barely touching his lips and ran her tongue over her own lips.  He could feel it and it both surprised and delighted him.  He widened his mouth so his tongue could caress hers and grinned at her reaction.  Heer cupped his face as she continued to deepen their kisses.  Eventually they pulled away giving each other silly grins. 


"I think I'm sufficiently warm now," Prem said.  "How about you?"


"I don't think I need the hot water bottle anymore," Heer answered.


Prem placed a tender kiss on her forehead and said, "I love you, Pumpkin."


"I love you too, Pancake."


"Is that my nickname now?" Prem asked chuckling.


"Why?  Don't like it?"


"I guess it makes're Pumpkin...and out of all the P words out there Pancake isn't too bad.  Better than being called Peapod or Pork..." Prem said making Heer chortle.


"Pork?!" she exclaimed laughing.  "That's too funny...ah-hehehe"


"You look beautiful when you laugh," Prem suddenly complimented.  Heer stared at him her eyes taking in his features and marveling how the boy she knew long ago had grown into this man now sitting in front of her.  His brown eyes were just as charming, his proud nose just as defining, and his smile just as gorgeous as she had remembered them to be when he was fifteen.  She leaned towards him again and captured his lips savoring the taste and feel of how perfect his mouth was.  Heer's face shined with adoring love while Prem eyes displayed how smitten he was when the kiss ended.  They both shivered as they noted the sudden drop in temperature in the late night and warmed each other by rubbing their hands together.  "It's getting colder...we should go home."


"Do we have to?" Heer asked.


"We'd turn into popsicles if we stay out any longer," Prem replied as he started to get up.  "You'll be more comfortable at home where the heat is."


"I don't want to go home," Heer said.  "I really don't want to see him."


"He's your father Heer eventually you have to talk to him."


"Not after the way he treated you," Heer fumed.


"He didn't say anything to me.  He just said no to the engagement.  Look, your Mom said not to worry about it and she'll have a chat with him.  I think you should go home.  He's probably worried about you," Prem replied.


"I'm an adult and I can decide when I will go home.  And right now I don't want to go home," Heer said as she started helping him pack some things up.  Prem sighed and remained silent as he began deflating the air mattress.


Heer sat silently in the truck with her arms crossed and a displeased look on her face.  "Come on Pumpkin, no arguing about this.  You know I'm right.  You can't stay out all night with me."


"And why the heck not?" Heer asked.


"Your Dad probably has a bad impression of me.  And it will probably get worse if he finds out tomorrow morning...that you never came home last night," Prem explained.  "I don't like it but we have to do it."


"I hate this...I'm 27 years old...a grown woman and I have to act like some obedient 16 year old who has to make curfew?"


"Well, if you are the obedient 16 year old then I'm the reluctant 17 year old who has to say goodnight to his girlfriend and hope Dad doesn't come out and shoot me while I give her a goodnight kiss," Prem joked.  Heer suddenly placed her hands on either side of his face and kissed him passionately.  Prem wasn't ready for the abrupt gesture and was pushed back by the force.  He had one arm gripping the arm rest and the other resting on the head rest.  "Mmm...that was nice," he said as Heer pulled away.


"Nice?" she asked in disbelief.


"Maybe I need another one," Prem grinned and pulled her back towards him.  Heer giggled against his lips and let her fingers sink into his thick black hair.  He let out a pleasing sigh letting her know he was enjoying the affectionate action. 


"How was that?" Heer inquired arching her eyebrow.


"Better," he replied.


"Eh, you're trying to make me mad aren't you?" she accused.


He smiled mischievously, "Maybe..."


"All right...I'll go home," Heer said with a deep sigh.


"Good girl.  I'll call you tomorrow.  Sleep tight and sweet dreams," Prem replied and gave her a kiss on the forehead.


Heer got out of the truck and waved goodbye as Prem slowly drove away.  She then turned around and entered her house.  It was still and silent.  She slipped off her shoes and turned on the hallway light so she could see where she was going.  She stopped in her tracks when she saw her father exiting his office and walking towards the staircase.  Heer diverted her eyes and turned to climb the stairs.


"I know you may not understand my reasons but I'm doing this for your own good," Balraaj replied.


"Doing this for my own good?" Heer asked with venom in her voice.


"In the end you'll only get hurt so it's best for you that it just ends now," Balraaj said.


"I think that's a decision between me and Prem.  You had no right to make that decision for us," Heer angrily barked.  "I love him Papa."


"You only think you do," Balraaj replied.  "Just like how you thought you wanted to marry Dev."


"Dev and Prem are entirely different.  This is a totally different situation."


"How is this any different?  You barely know either of them and said yes to an engagement." Balraaj questioned.


"I've known him since---"


"The age of seven, yes I know," Balraaj interrupted.  "But you've been apart for several much do you really know about him?  His past...the time you were apart...his secrets..."


"He tells me everything.  There aren't any secrets between us," Heer answered.


"That's what you think.  He works for the CIA...he's been trained to lie," Balraaj fumed.


"So I'm just suppose to go around doubting everyone?  Not trust anyone at all for the rest of my life?" Heer replied with annoyance.  "This isn't some game Papa...he loves me...and I love him.  I would think what happened in Goa and Thailand has proven his character.  This time it's real.  I'm hundred percent sure of it.  I'm not leaving him."


Balraaj watched as his daughter walked angrily up the stairs.  He sighed and muttered, "That's what I was afraid of."


Thanks for reading!

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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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wil edit it l8er..!! hv 2 go 2 clg..!!
thnx Grace...!!
wonderful update...!! luved prem n heer scenes in prem's room n in truck..!!! Embarrassed
Kiran n Teji r on their side..! dats gud..!! Balraaj wil take time...coz heer has been hurt bck..!! he is father alast...he wil care for her daughter,,,,!!! but eventually he wil agree..!!! coz PREM is d bst..! made for each one cn brk dem..! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOLLOL
thnks for d pm Grace..! Smile 

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-alisha- IF-Dazzler

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lovely update grace...specially warming each other thingy and how heer felt about prem changed frm a 15 year old boy to a man...makes me nostalgic...very nicely update soon

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