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.~*~.Premeer/Harshiti ka Desh.~*~. -hona tha pyaar

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 5:31pm | IP Logged

[by shareen - do not be over inspired therefore 'do not copy the style']

// welcome back harshiti //
firstly a warm welcome back to harshad & additi from all their fans. We wish both of them best of luck for their upcoming shows and may both flourish with more love, happiness & success. God Bless Harshiti
                                             -from all the PHans


...coming to the theme
it was a pleasure to open the17th fan-club of our all time favorite premeer & harshiti on the special day in kis desh historyLOL - 18th June 2008Day DreamingDay Dreaming.
and of 'course it would not have been possible with out all the PHans.

celebrating the 3rd anniversary - of the moments of premeer that made a special place in our hearts..the moments that made us fell in love with premeer more...the moments of THUDs..the moments we got to know premeer moreLOL. .

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"they were destined to fall in love"
Hona Tha Pyaar       
                                                       - 'the beginning of our love story'.

Prem and Heer are One

Beaten and battered while a shocked wedding crowd looks on, Heer is violently pushed away by her Aunt Daljeet.  She would have tumbled to the ground had it not been for Prem, who steps in and catches her.  The anger in his face is evident as his eyes burn with intense rage over seeing the love of his life getting mistreated.  Heer was an innocent bystander in the issues he was having with his family and to punish and humiliate her in front of everyone was uncalled for.  Finally hitting his boiling point, Prem can no longer contain his emotions and erupts with fury.  He vows to stand between Heer and the world; to protect her, to stand by her side, and to care of her.  He further emphasizes his love and commitment by proclaiming that Heer is a symbol of Prem and Prem is a part of Heer; that Prem and Heer are one.  Prem comforts Heer in his arms gently shaking his head telling her there is nothing to worry now that he is here.  He will walk with her and be the support she needs in this world.  Tears continue to stream from Heer's eyes as she looks on in amazement that he could do all this for her.  That he could love her that much.

Prem and Heer move into a Chawl  
Severing his ties with his family Prem takes Heer and Meher with him and finds a chawl for them to live in and start life anew.  The weight of the events of the last few hours hangs heavy in the air.  Meher tries her best to lighten the mood by complimenting the little house and looking for the positives attributes.  Left alone Prem and Heer find it difficult to communicate as so much has happened.  Prem walks closer to Heer letting her know he's with her.  Heer's eyes silently well with tears as her heart aches knowing he just gave up everything for her.  He turned his back on his father and walked out on his family.  Heer turns around and hangs the picture of Bhagwaan on the wall.  Prem, Heer, and Meher bow their heads to take blessing on their new life together.   

Rainy Night at the Chawl

Prem walks through the door soaking wet bringing food for the Maan sisters.  His eyes naturally travel to Heer who is on the ladder diligently cleaning.  Heer sees him and their eyes lock.  The air is filled with an alluring unspoken desire as Prem walks further into the house and Heer comes down from the ladder to meet him at the door.  She sees his drenched attire and becomes concern. 

Without saying a word Prem walks towards Heer in a slow but steady fashion making her nervous; with each step forward he takes Heer moves one step back.  She is unable to say anything yet prepares herself for a possible intimate moment with him.  Prem silently watches Heer's movements intrigued by her behavior but does nothing to explain himself.  It is if he is testing to see if she feels the same way about him.  Heer's eyes shut close in fear and excitement as Prem reaches his hand out.  She thinks he is going to touch her, but she opens her eyes when she feels the tug of the towel behind her.  She looks on embarrassed as Prem pulls the towel away and wipes his face dry.  His eyes continue to intensely stare into Heer's almond shape eyes and he tells her with tenderness that he has brought food and that she and her sister should eat and then go to bed.  

Heer then sees Prem turn heading back to the door and asks him where he is going.  He simply states that he is going back outside but she protests that the rain is too heavy.  Within that simple exchange there is an implicit understanding that Prem does not want to tarnish her reputation and is going back outside so no one can say anything against her.  Prem patiently sits outside in the rain with little regard to his health while Heer watches from upstairs with great concern and extreme love in her eyes.  Nihaal soon passes by with an umbrella telling Prem to come out of the rain and offers him a place to stay.  Prem refuses stating he has responsibilities that he has to take care of and he cannot leave them.


Prem Drinks Kaara

Meher scolds Prem for trying to act like a hero by sitting outside in the rain all day.  Prem continues to sneeze but refuses to take the herbal tonic.  Heer is busy cooking at the stove and turns around to see why Prem won't drink.  As Prem and Heer exchange in an eye lock, Meher realizes Prem won't drink unless her sister tells him to.  Using words Heer has said to her before, Meher tells Prem that the more bitter the medicine is the more effective it is and one will recover faster.  Prem looks on as Heer gently acknowledges in her gaze that the kaara will help him recover.  He takes the tonic and slowly starts to drink it all the while continuing to stare at Heer.  The bitterness of the kaara is countered by the sweet image of Heer in Prem's eyes as he swallows finishing the kaara in one gulp.

Shaving Cream Bathroom Incident

Unaware that Prem is in the bathroom Heer comes in and takes down her hair to brush it.  Prem comes stumbling out of the shower area with soap in his eyes searching for his towel.  He bumps into Heer surprising her as well as himself.  Prem catches her in time before she falls to the floor.  Their eyes meet and they can't help but not fall into the moment.  There is an undeniable attraction towards each other as they gaze into each other's eyes.  Eventually, Heer's eyes shift downward taking full notice that Prem is shirtless.  Prem realizes this fact as well and he carefully brings Heer upright.  Their bodies are dangerously close as Prem's bare chest is in full contact with Heer's shoulder when they slide apart.  Heer is stunned when she feels her dupatta go tight as if someone pulled it trying to stop her from walking away.  Prem stops his footsteps and turns around in an almost deliberate fashion gathering her dupatta in his hands as he walks back towards her.  Heer's breathing becomes quick as her heart races and she becomes nervous as she watches Prem's actions through the mirror.

Prem raises his right hand to show her that her dupatta had gotten caught on his ring.  Heer looks down in slight disappointment and Prem notices her reaction.  He then carefully covers her dupatta on her shoulder with a loving gaze.  Unfortunately, the romantic interlude is broken when Meher comes walking into the room.  Prem and Heer look on in stun embarrassment at being caught and start babbling incoherently.  Meher points out that there is soap someone's face.  Heer tells Prem to wipe his face but Meher chimes in that she was speaking about her sister.  Prem and Heer do as their told and then make some excuse both walking away in opposite directions.  Meher softly grins in happiness at the interaction between her sister and Prem.

Meher Gives Prasad on Heer's Behalf to Prem for an Important Meeting

Prem gets ready to leave to attend to an important meeting.  He looks over at Meher and Heer who are busily cooking food.  Still a bit shy and embarrassed by what happened in the bathroom earlier in the morning; Prem decides to indirectly tell Heer by talking to Meher telling her that he's going out for an important meeting.  Heer silently hands a little bowl of Prasad to Meher making her deliver her message.  Understanding her sister's wish Meher hands the Prasad over to Prem telling him, "While leaving for something good from home, you must have oblation."  Prem glances over to Heer his eyes smiling in understanding and obediently takes the Prasad from Meher's hands as if Heer is giving it to him.

Heer Goes Out in the Rain to Give Prem His File

Prem is standing in the rain after having concluded a successful meeting with some hotel staff members.  He is surprised to see Heer suddenly show up holding in her hands a file that he had left at the house.  He scolds for walking all the way over in the heavy rain.  Heer simply explains she thought he needed the file for his meeting.  Prem's eyes soften as he is touched by her actions.  He then lovingly takes off his jacket and places it around Heer's shoulders to cover her from the pouring rain.  He slips his hand around her waist in a comfortable and intimate hold turning them so they can walk home.  That is when they see Lalit standing a few feet from them watching.  Heer becomes afraid but Prem boldly takes Heer's hand in front of his father proving his commitment to Heer and showing his father he is not going to hide his love.  

Heer Pins Prem's Shirt

Prem is busy getting dressed for work.  He stands in front of the mirror straightening his tie when he realizes his coat is missing.  Heer comes over and tells him that she had taken his coat and ironed it for him.  Prem looks at her with a thankful expression and proceeds to put his suit jacket on.  That is when Heer notices that a button on his shirt has fallen off.  She takes a safety pin and tells him that she will use it to pin it close for now and when he returns home later in the evening she will sew a new button onto the shirt for him.  Prem watches Heer as she diligently pins his shirt close for him.  Heer feels shy underneath his piercing gaze and is unable to properly look at him.  When she is finished they both timidly look at each other realizing how close their proximity is to one another.  There is an unspoken and undefined feeling in the air as they continue to play out this morning ritual that most married couples do in the morning.  Heer walks Prem to the door to see him off for work.  Prem nervously fidgets with the file in his hand and announces that he is going.  Heer gently but softly asks him to wait and hands him his wallet.  He obediently takes it and gets ready to leave.   

Prem Is Nominated for an Award and Gives Heer a Hug

Just as Prem is about to leave for work two men come looking for him and tell him that he has been nominated for the Best Business Man Award.  Prem looks at Heer and smiles happily that he is able to share this great news with her.  The two men leave and Heer looks at Prem her face glowing with joy that he received such an honor.  Prem in his excitement hugs Heer for the very first time since being thrown out of the Juneja household.  He tells her how happy he is while Heer looks on in shock that he had initiated such an intimate action.  But she warms to his hug and places her hand on his back returning the gesture.  Prem suddenly realizes what they are doing and turns shy that he had acted so impulsively and hugged her like that.  They both break away feeling nervous and timid at the fact they are beginning to explore these new open acts of love for each other. 

...continued below

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Heer Comes to the Award Ceremony and Prem Takes Her to the Table

Heer stands at the doorway nervous and uneasy as she has shown up to the award ceremony late.  Prem sees her and immediately fetches her by taking her hand into his gripping it tightly letting her know that everything is going to be all right and leads her towards their table.  A white handkerchief drops at Gayatri's feet and Heer slowly bends down to pick it up.  She uses this chance to touch her feet.  Gayatri overcome with emotions gives Heer her blessing.  Lalit shifts uncomfortably and continues to display his displeasure at having to be in the presence of Prem and Heer.  Everyone at the table looks on with worried and sad expressions as the tension surrounds them.  Heer knows that Lalit dislikes her and is heartbroken that because of her Prem has been disowned.  She feels Prem's pain and can see the yearning in his eyes for his father to forgive him and accept them.  

Prem and Heer Hug After Awards Ceremony

Prem and Heer are walking along the road after the awards ceremony.  Heer asks him what he is staring at.  He replies he is looking at the stars.  He tells Heer that the stars can talk to us.  "They may seem like lifeless pearls adorning the sky but they are the only ones who understand relationships.  They seem so far away but are so close to us because they fulfill every dream in our eyes.  The relationships whose dreams we see are nurtured under the shadow of these stars.  I wonder how many of our dreams dwell in the heart of these stars."

Prem's words remind Heer of her mother and the night she told her about her birth and how Heer was destined to met her Prem.  Heer softly wipes away her tears so Prem doesn't see them and continues to listen to him talk about the stars.

"Every relationship exists in these stars.  And these stars exist in every relationship.  It is said that when too much sorrow fills in the sky a star falls from the sky.  When too much sorrow fills in the heart one sheds a tear like a star in the sky.  Every relationship is left behind at some point of time.  But the stars walk with you always."

Heer turns around and sees the pain and sorrow emoting from Prem's eyes.  She understands as her own heart has been filled with the same hurt, pain and sorrow as his.  She cannot contain herself any longer and runs towards him hugging him tightly.  Prem embraces her letting his grief out.  They hold onto each other trying to give comfort to one another and sooth the ache in their hearts.  A single tear sheds from Heer and she vows that a star will fall and that his prayers will be fulfilled.  His wish will be granted.   


Heer Imagines Prem Turning on the Fan for Her While She Cooks

Heer is in the kitchen cooking food for the big celebration party that Prem's siblings have planned for him for winning the Best Businessman of the Year Award.  The only two items left for her to make are kheer, one of Prem's favorite desserts and puri.  Heer decides to make the puri first and begins measuring out the flour and forming the dough.  As she is making the puri dough she begins to feel hot and starts brushing her wrist along her forehead.  She then suddenly feels the breeze of a fan blowing her way.  She turns and sees that Prem is there and he has turned on the fan for her.  He walks closer to her while she shyly looks down unable to meet his gaze.  Prem grabs her arm and pulls her closer to him letting her know that she shouldn't fear him.  Heer closes her eyes anticipating Prem to make some sort of move and then suddenly opens her eyes.  She looks about the kitchen and realizes Prem was never there.  She had been day dreaming about him the whole time.


Heer Proposes to Prem, but He Does Not Accept

Heer is standing by the balcony doorway looking out at the night sky in anxious wait pondering something serious.  Prem comes into the room to fetch her and bring her downstairs to the party.  He stares at her back sadden at finding out the truth of what had made Heer late during the night of the Best Businessman Award Ceremony.  Heer turns around sensing Prem's presence and wants to speak with him but Pem turns away before she can say anything.  She grabs a hold of his hand making him turn back towards in surprise apprehension.

Heer looks at Prem with nervous eyes but continues to hold his hand.  Prem stares at her captivated by this gesture.  He is both touched and concern.  Heer pulls her hand away as her nerves get the better of her and she begins to look down unsure of how to start the conversation she wants to have with him.  But she begins anyways asking rather awkwardly how his day was and if he got the job.  She tells him that it's okay if he didn't because things like this happen in life and that she is with him.  She'll support him like the way he has supported her.  She then begins to ramble about a ring and how she can't seem to find it and if she had the ring it would make things easier.  Prem suddenly bends down and picks it up from the floor and walks closer to her.  Heer grips the ring while Prem continues to hold it.  Heer's eyes are filled with love while Prem's eyes are filled with fear and worry.

Heer slowly begins telling him that today with the courage in her heart and the ring in her hand she will ask him something that usually a boy asks a girl.  She tells him that she sees him as one of her own.  When her parents left her she was alone with no one beside her.  She had to become a mother and a father for her sister but then he came into her life and things changed.  He means everything to her.  And one day he will become her life partner.   Prem looks on as his eyes well with an unspoken emotion.  Heer suddenly grabs his hand with both of her hands and tells him that she cannot live a moment without him.  He completes the incompleteness in her, he completes her life. She then emotionally asks if he will marry her.

Prem is stunned for a few seconds not sure what to do.  He gently wipes a tear from her cheek and then looks away telling her no.  He cannot marry her.  Heer is shocked and asks with agitation in her voice why he cannot marry her.  It is if she is watching her dream of building a home and life with Prem shattering right in front of her eyes.  Prem begins to explain why he cannot marry her.  He tells her he has nothing to give to her.  Only loneliness, humiliation, and society passing wrongful judgment await her if they get married.  He can't even provide for himself so how will he be able to provide for her?  He has no firm standing under his feet and is directionless.  He doesn't know where or what he is going to do next.  How can he subject her to that type of life?  How can he lead her anywhere if he doesn't know where he is walking towards?  Heer tries to reason with him but Prem doesn't listen.  His heart is filled with pain for having to say these words to her but he knows this is the truth of their situation.  Tears form in his eyes as he continues to take one step back while Heer takes a step forward trying to stop him from shutting her out.  Prem tells her in a definite tone he cannot marry her.  He then wipes his tears away and says they have to go downstairs because his family and the guests are waiting for them.  Heer understands and they both reluctantly go down to the party.  

Heer is Upset and Does Not Want to Talk to Prem

Everyone at the party are unaware of the emotional conversation that was held upstairs between Prem and Heer.  They carry on like normal congratulating Prem on winning his award and give well wishes to Prem and Heer.  Preet dances by and places Heer's hand into Prem's hand letting them know he supports them.  Heer upset over Prem's rejection to her proposal removes her hand from Prem's hand and walks away.  She suddenly stops when she feels her dupatta being tugged at.  She thinks it is Prem but when she turns around she sees that Prem is standing a few feet away from her and her dupatta had actually gotten caught on a brick pillar.  Her eyes fill with disappointment and she untangles the dupatta from the pillar and turns angrily around.  Prem simply watches observing her reaction.

Kulraj soon comes over to Heer and brings her back to the dance area where Prem is standing and places their hands together.  She smiles at them and gives them her own blessing before walking away.  Heer removes her hand from Prem's hand again and tries to storm off the dance floor.  But this time Prem grabs a hold of her arm and tells her that he needs to talk to her.  Heer turns around and heatedly tells him that she doesn't want to talk to him.  She twists her wrist free from his grasp while Prem stares at her realizing he has hurt her so much by saying no to the proposal.    

Prem Proposes to Heer and She Accepts

Prem kneels down in front of Heer while everyone at the party looks on in anticipation of what he is about to say.  Prem realizes his own mistake for turning down Heer's proposal earlier in the evening.  He looks at Heer's tear stained cheeks and tells her that although he has nothing today, she means everything to him.  He knows he can't provide for her very well, but he can work hard to give her a mangalsutra.  He knows he doesn't have a place to call his own, but together they can dream of their own home.  He knows he doesn't have a steady path to walk on but with her support he will reach his destination.  If she will become his life partner then life will pass with joy.  If she will become his partner in this journey, then life will become more beautiful.  With her hand in his, he can cross any storm.  Although their life is such, together they can make it better.  He tells her that she makes his loneliness go away.  Heer stands there touched by his words as he has shown that he does truly love her and is finally going to give a name to their relation.  Prem extends his hand and asks, "Will you marry me?"  Heer nods accepting the proposal.  

hona tha pyaar     

                           hua mere yaar     

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The actors who have made Prem and Heer, unforgettable by brilliant portrayal. No one can forget how well they compliment each other and of course their chemistry onscreen and off-screen which makes us sigh, laugh with them and sometimes even be melancholy (remember the Harshad leaving the show live interview). They are cute, matured, sweet yet totally wacked when they get together. Each of their performance and appearance on TV as themselves have been so honest and refreshing that we cannot help but fall a little in love with their bubbly, full of masti antics.

Nickname: Monu | DOB:17th May 1983
I-F Profile: http://india-forums.com/celebrity/2460/harshad-chopra/

He is from Gondia. His family moved to Pune after he completed his class 12 exams. His parents never approved of his celluloid dreams so they enrolled him into an engineering college. Post his studies, he headed to Bombay, successfully auditioned for Zee's Mamta and so began the journey of actor Harshad Chopda. He bagged his first prominent role in his second serial Left Right Left where he essayed the character Cadet Ali Baigh. He joined the cast of Amber Dhara after quitting Left Right Left. Unfortunately, his stint with Amber Dhara didn't last long as he was reportedly bumped off from the show. After remaining out of action for a while, Harshad bounced back strongly with Balaji's Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil.

Year Show Channel Role Notes
  Mamta Zee TV Karan TV Series - Cameo
2004-2005: Left Right Left Sab TV Cadet Ali Baigh TV Series - Main Role
2006-2007: Amber Dhara Sony Ent. TV Akshat Mehra TV Series - Main Role
2008-2010: Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil  Star Plus  Prem Juneja TV Series - Main Role
2010-present: Tere Liye Star Plus Anurag TV Series - Main Role

Year Show Award
2008: Star Parivaar Awards 08 Favourite Yogya Jodi along with Additi Gupta
2008: New Talent Awards 08 Best New On Screen Couple along with Additi Gupta
2008: Star Parivaar Awards 08 Favourite Naya Sadasya (Male)
2009: Star Parivaar Awards 09 Favourite Jodi along with Additi Gupta


Nickname: Luvy | DOB: 20th April 1988
I-F Profile: http://india-forums.com/celebrity/2554/additi-gupta/

She is from Bhopal. She is doing her second year in fashion designing at Symbiosis University. Acting was never on Additi's mind as a career option. But things took a turn and she was chosen to play the main lead of Balaji's 'Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil', after auditioning for it in Pune. Additi have taken a year's break from her studies. She would like to move further in this industry, but she will also continue with her studies as and when time permits. Additi's name wasn't spelled Additi, but Aditi. Due to Ekta's belief in numerology, an extra 'D' was added to her name.

Year Show Channel Role Notes
2008: Kasautii Zindagii Kay Star Plus  Heer Maan TV Series - Cameo
2008:Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
Star PlusHeer MaanTV Series - Cameo
2008: Kayamath Star Plus  Heer Maan TV Series - Cameo
2008-2010: Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil Star Plus  Heer Maan-Juneja TV Series - Main Role
2010: Zara Nachke Dikha Season 2 Star Plus  Herself Reality Show - Participant

Year Show Award
2008: Star Parivaar Awards 08 Favourite Yogya Jodi along with Harshad Chopda
2008: New Talent Awards 08 Best New On Screen Couple along with Harshad Chopda
2009: Star Parivaar Awards 09 Favourite Jodi along with Harshad Chopda

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Prem and Heer aka Premeer, one a heart and other it's heartbeat.

Prem -- He was an ideal role model for every role that he played in any relationship. He was the perfect son, brother, lover and husband. He was wealthy, idealistic, brilliant business man from a loving family who always knew that there was only one girl that was made for him and was waiting for her.

Heer -- She was a poor orphan from a loving family, a girl who had always been in love with a guy whom she has never met or seen and was waiting for him.

At first sight, their hearts touched and each knew the other to be their soul mate, the one they have been waiting for all their lives.

Their marriage was fixed as soon as they were born. Lalit Juneja later went to Canada to pursue his dream (to get rich obviously), promising his friend that their children will get married no matter what. Sadly the two friends lost touch. Years later Balraj Maan called Lalit Juneja to remind him about their promise but due to mis-communication, he misunderstands that Lalit no longer honors that promise. He fixes Heer's marriage with another guy (who turns out to be a villain: shock, horror, shock). her parents realize this, but before they could tell the truth and break off the marriage; they die in an accident.

Lalit Juneja unknown about the misunderstanding lands up in India with his whole family for Prem and Heer's marriage where he is met by Balraj Maan's evil brother (Balwant) and sister-in-law (Daljeet). They convince them that Heer and Meher died in the accident too and fixes Prem's marriage with their daughter, Ashlesha instead. Destiny brings Prem and Heer, face to face and it's love at first sight. Later, Heer get's a job in the hotel that Prem had bought and their love and bond get's stronger. But since they are both committed they don't speak out their feelings.

Prem finds out that Heer's intended is actually unsound mentally and his family plans on using her to get his inheritance. He tries to bring out the truth many time but fails. At last, during his marriage to Ashlesha he stands up for Heer and they leave Juneja House together. Due to stormy circumstances (literally), Lalit comes to know that Heer is actually his friends daughter but Heer sadly flies away (literally again). Prem saves her, Daljeet's evil intentions are disclosed and she and her hubby are kicked out of the house. Lalit announces Prem-Heer engagement (Interestingly, there was no ring ceremony..only dancing and some drama) and wedding. Before the wedding Prem goes to Delhi for some work and sadly dies in a Bomb Blast.

Heer is inconsolable and so is Prem's stepmother. Heer takes care of the family and even agrees to marry Rishab Rampal, the enemy of Juneja's. Unable to bear Rishab, Heer runs off in the sand dunes of Rajasthan and there Prem saves her. Heer thinks it's her hallucination and becomes a vamp in Juneja family's eyes to save them. Turns out Prem has Memory loss and doesn't remember anything. She fixes, hers and Rishabs marriage expecting Prem to stop it. Prem does stop it and how.

He marries her then and there but some days later, Heer finds something fishy in Prem's behavior. She finds out that Prem is actually Gaurav, a pawn sent by Rishab to ruin Juneja family. She bribes Gaurav to help Gayatri get better and in the process finds out that he is actually Prem, faking to be Gaurav because he thinks he has a heart ailment and will die in 6 months. Turns out Gaurav's mother and fiance had lied to him about the heart ailment to keep him with them; they confess the truth to Prem and leave. Prem-Heer finally start their happy married life.

Unfortunately Prem's sister Veera harbored hatred for the Maan siblings (including her husband) and played her petty games, in turn making Prem and Heer to separate physically. Heer is sent to her brother house by Prem's mother. Prem feels sending Heer away was wrong as she was innocent and so brings her back against his mother's wishes. Due to these circumstances Prem's mother feels that Prem cares for Heer more than herself and so she starts poisoning Prem's mind over Heer and her childhood friend Rajveer. Things get worse when Veera hoping to impress her hubby accidently burns herself and dies. Gayatri blames Heer and her brother for her daughter death and starts poisoning Prem's mind with more deadly intent. The circumstances play in her favor and in a moments madness, Prem believes her and accuses Heer of cheating on him, publicly. Heer leaves disgusted and Prem get's roaring drunk. Ashlesha takes advantage of his drunken-ness and takes him to Kasauli log-house where Prem passes out. Her fake act makes Prem believe that he slept with her.

Prem confesses this to Heer and Heer unable to bear it, decides to leave him.

6 years leap

"Heer is working in a marriage bureau. Prem-Heer have a daughter called Chaahat. Prem is unaware of her existance and is living in Canada with Juneja family. He is a work-a-holic, detached from his family and doesn't talk to anyone. Lalit get's a heartattack, when he misunderstands that Heer is getting married due to a certain call. He tricks Prem and his brother into going to India. There Prem meets Heer and misunderstands that she is marrying again and has moved on from him. He wishes her well and leaves but then finds out that Heer is just the marriage consultant. He tries to ask forgiveness and call Heer back to him but she refuses.(I guess it's true  that; the stronger the love, the deeper is the hatred after a betrayal) Before leaving he finds out he has a daughter, but Heer insults him and Prem leaves heartbroken.

In Canada, Prem resolves to get back Heer no matter what, he comes back to India. His family follows. After a lot of problems, accusations, tears, Heer forgives Prem but since Prem's marriage is fixed with her best friend during that time, Heer keeps quite. Her friends tells Heer that this was all a plan and Prem loves only her. Heer goes back to Prem but Gayatri spews venom all over Heer and Heer runs away again. Prem finds her once again and they start living together. Lalit decides that Prem-Heer should marry again and so their marriage is done on a large scale. Ashlesha enter's the marriage apparently only to wish Prem-Heer well but we come to know that she has evil intentions to break them up. She has also brought her daughter Sneha as a pawn in the game claiming that she is Prem's daughter who was conceived through the mistake that broke Prem and Heer's marriage. She has Sneha befriend Chaahat and then get close to Premeer. On Chaahat's B'day, Prem accidently comes to know that Ashlesha is Sneha's daughter and so he tries to find out if he is the father. Ashlesha has carefully placed all the proofs to convince Prem that Sneha is his daughter, confused with it all, he goes and confronts Ashlesha and she fakes a breakdown claiming that Sneha is his daughter. Prem is shattered and terrified of Heer's reaction. He tries to confess it all to Heer but Harman, wanting to save Premeer marriage; always stops the truth from spilling.

He confronts Ashlesha and threatens her about knowing her goal and gives her money to leave Ludhiana forever. On that day itself, Sneha has an accident and Heer comes to know that Ashlesha is Sneha's mother. Ashlesha uses this accident as a way to enter Juneja house, by bribing the doctor and claiming that Sneha cannot move for a week or two and also claiming that her landlord kicked her out. Harman understands her motives and threatens her again. In desperation, Ashlesha decides to fake suicide and writes a suicide note stating that Sneha is Prem's daughter, etc, etc. Funnily enough she almost dies in her fake attempt. Premeer save her. Harman changes the letter and instead writes that she wants to leave Juneja house and live with her daughter alone. Juneja's decide to give her a house to live and Heer helps Ashlesha pack. Ashlesha drops Sneha's scrapbook with Prem's picture as her Papa. Heer uses her amazing grasping power and gets suspicious that Prem is Sneha's real dad. Ashlesha feeds her some dirt about she and Prem having a relation still and Sneha being their daughter. Heer believes it and decides to confront Prem. They have a fight and Heer decides to leave Prem AGAIN and she aces her stupidity by leaving her daughter with Prem too. She leaves and Ashlesha makes a move on Prem who is in a mourning process with Heer's picture. She tells him to forget Heer and blah blah. Heer hears all this and tries to kick out Ashlesha from the house.

Ashlesha claims she has a place in Juneja house due to Sneha being Prem's daughter and Juneja's show amazing logic and demand a paternity test. Ashlesha very reluctantly agrees and the test is done. Meanwhile Geet's marriage is fixed with a guy from Canada and she invited the whole Juneja family. When leaving for her engagement,  Ashlesha tries to burn down Juenja hotel and Prem alone goes to handle the problem. The rest of the family leaves for Delhi. Prem confronts Ashlesha in Juneja House but she umm..tries to ..umm force herself on him (Everything get's recorded in Geet's voicemail as Prem was on a call with her) Prem throws Ashelsha out and she get's a bit banged up in the process. She decides to put him in jail for attempted rape as a revenge. Prem is jailed and Harman fights the case for him. Ashlesha bribes the peon to change the DNA reports and that is used against Prem in the court. They are about to lose when Harman comes in with Geet's cellphone and the doctor who had done the test. The proofs prove Prem's innocence and Harman tricks Ashlesha in spilling that nothing had happened between her and Prem 6 years back. Prem is freed and Ash is jailed instead. Daljeet comes back to Juneja house to beg them to free her daughter. When the family refuses she threatens them. She goes to a long lost stepbrother of Lalit Juneja (Joginder Singh) and instigate them against Juneja family over property issue. The Singh family decide to take revenge and Daljeet happily leaves.

The Singhs end up at the summer house of Juneja's where everyone is present to celebrate Lalit and Gayatri's engagement ceremony. The Singh' demand batwara and leave. They attack Lalit in the night hoping to kill him  Juneja brothers file a complaint against Singh' but Lalit saves them and offers to give them Summerhouse and the surrounding properly. Gurinder the eldest son refuses and says they want half of everything Juneja's own, they threaten to sue Juneja's with the Old Will they have of Lalit and Joginder' father. They are kicked out, well deservedly by Juneja's. So they hatch a plan to steal the Will Juneja's have by sending Gurinder's wife as a servant and to kill Lalit again but Lalit get's saved by Preet and Harman with some help by Prem who is in Delhi for the property' case and Viren, the youngest brother of Singh'. Prem transfers the property to his name and so the Singh' trick him on a "landmine bomb with timer". Preet saves Prem but die himself after a warning given by Viren. The family mourns and Gayatri blames Prem for Preet's death and Meher blames Heer. Viren tells the family that Preet's last wish was for Meher to be happy and he would like to marry her to fulfill that wish.

Lalit talks to Heer and convinces her that Meher marrying Viren is the best option to bring Meher out of her depression and into the land of living again. Heer tries to convince Meher but Meher refuses point blank. Prem is not happy with the MV marriage and he tells Heer to cease, but Heer convinces him. Lalit tells Gayatri that Viren and Meher's marriage will happen and Gayatri fights with him. Lalit get's an attack. Gayatri uses the opportunity to create a Misunderstanding between Premeer by telling him that Heer fought with Lalit for Meher-Viren marriage and that brought on the attack. Prem ofcourse blindly believes her and accuses Heer of she being the reason for Lalit's health decline. He threatens to break off their relation if Heer doesn't stop convincing everyone about Meher-Viren marriage. He snubs Heer later again and again till Lalit clears his misunderstanding and gives him the job of convincing the family members for Meher-Viren marriage.

Prem Heer convince Meher for the marriage and Prem hands out MV marriage cards to all the family members. Gayatri doesnt like it and accuses Prem of being a "sautela", killing Preet and wanting Viren to take Preet's place so that everyone would forget the latter. Prem is comforted by Heer later. Meher-Viren marriage happen and Gayatri breaks off all relations with Prem and family and leaves Juneja House. We come to know that Viren is actually the master mind behind the Singh's plans and intends to take over Juneja house as well as the business and properties. He frees his brothers from jail and when Heer spies them, he feeds Prem and the family, lies about Heer's mental stress and how she is hallucinating Preet's killers everywhere. To de-stress Heer, Prem takes her to the Farmhouse where Viren tricks Prem into signing some papers which helps Viren in transferring all the business funds into his account. Heer accidentally overhears Viren plotting with his brothers against Prem and the family and confronts them. The Singh brothers try to kill her. Prem saves her but before Heer could declare their plan, Viren and his brothers kidnap Chaahat and blackmail Heer. Heer finally does confide in Prem and Prem rescues Chaahat, then traps Singh brothers with his plan and sends them to jail successfully.

After some days Heer confides in Prem about being pregnant again and the whole family cherishes the new addition. The show ends on a peaceful and happy Juneja family.

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Once upon a time there was(isLOL) a girl called estee who loved Prem's hand holding Heer's hand so much that she created a whole new word for it (phhandohh). The word spread in the forum like fire due to her btlt(big things, little things) and so our Phictionary was born as every member enthusiastically chipped in with their version of  words with a PH twist.

This PHictionary is the dictionary of the words used by Premeer fans. It's very large and extensive and we cannot promise that we have managed to add all the words in this PHictionary. Though, we have tried our best. If we have missed out on any word, don't hesitate to inform us. We don't bite..Evil Smile ..sorry we meant...*angelic muh*

StarBTW, this is probably the first time that a FC or a forum for that matter have their own language. (Kis desh forum actually has 2 languages..one PH language and the other Lu(dhiana) language ROFL)Star

Caution: We have added pictures of the ohh moments so there are chances that you may PHaint and fall off your bed/couch/chair. You cannot sue us nowStarROFL

PHhandooh-The chemistry of Prem hand holding Heer hand  or vice versa which makes us go ohhh. Day Dreaming (This word started the phictionary and the words got piled in) (credit: Estee)

PHforeheadooh- Prem and Heer's forehead touching each other.Day Dreaming (credit: Estee)

PHcheekooh- Prem cheeck rubbing Heer cheeks (vice versa) and creating sparks on screen. The picture is self explanatoryBlushingDay Dreaming(credit: Estee)

PHnoseooh- The cutest thing (also known as Eskimo kiss) that PH do...it PHelts our mindBlushing

PHeyeooh- Prem-Heer eyes talk better than they themselves doROFL Their looks at each other; scorches us, our TV screens and them too.Blushing


PHforeheadkissooh- Prem kissing Heer's forehead and vice versa.Day Dreaming Sadly Heer has never kissed Prem's foreheadOuch

PHukda- Premeer's tukda, our Chaahat.Star


PHan- Fans of Premeer
PHtupid- Stupid
PHrool- Drool..generally on PH scenes
PHerfect- Perfect
PHelt- Melt
PHrolling- Prem-Heer rolling on bedBlushing
Hhead on Pshoulder- Heer's head on Prem's shoulder
Hhand on Pcheek-Heer hand caressing Prem's cheek in reassurance or just plain loveBlushing
Hhand caressing Phair- Heer hands finger combing/caressing Prem's hair. *thud*Blushing
Kiphph- Kiss between Prem-Heer
Heyes on Plips- Heer eyes on Prem's lips. Blushing
PHirts- First
PHomance- Premeer Romance
PHorum- Kis Desh Forum
PHug- Prem Heer hugging
PHeeding- Prem-Heer feeding each other
Backphug- Back huggingDay Dreaming
PHabulous- Fabulous
PHovely- Lovely
PHreaming- Dreaming
PHind-melting- Mind-Melting
PHhud/Thud- Thudding on floor, of course after watching some PH scenesBlushing
Phand on Hwaist- Prem hand on Heer's waistBlushing
Phead on Hshoulder- Prem's head on Heer's shoulder
Phand on Hcheek-Prem hand caressing Heer's cheek in reassurance or love.
Peyes on Hlips- Prem eyes on Heer's lips.Blushing
PHaints- Faints
PHast- Fast
PHantastic- Fantastic
PHasti- Premeer Masti
PHun- Fun
Conphusion- Confusion
PHingoli- A very very very important word for the Premeer fans. It means Premeer having an intimate ahem moment.Blushing It's totally mental and so us. There's a whole story on how the word was born but the creator has promised me painful death if I reveal it so let it be a suspense for the sake of my lifeROFL A little hint Winkwon't go amiss though huh? First came ding dongROFL, then it got modified to dingolificationROFL, then it got shortened to dingoli, then of course we had to remove the "d" and put ph there so it became PHingoliROFL

 More will be added, as they get createdBig smileLOL

P.S: So ya..mainly it's using PH instead of the first letter of the particular word.ROFL

[wrriten by:trivs]

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the PHans


























annwesha kayal







































































































If you are still a PHan and do not see your name listed above then feel free to drop a PM to me [sweet_kandy]

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  • No Chatting and SPAMMING
  • No Bashing of members or actors
  • No abusive language
  • No discussing other shows or actors
  • Respect other members Point of View. If you don't agree with someone then agree to disagree, it's better than fighting like cats and dogs.
  • Sarcasm and hypocrisy will not be tolerated
  • No getting too personal over the actors personal life
  • Ignore Troublemakers and if they are members of the FC then they will be removed from the Members-list ASAP.
  • Last but not the least. It's a Premeer/Harshiti FC..so if you are not a fan then don't bother joining just to make fun or bash. 

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