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Love That Was Lost! ~ updated Ch 14 (Page 6)

avivakirk IF-Sizzlerz

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[QUOTE=AmnaIsh]@ Avivakirk - Thank you so much Hugglad you enjoyed the writing..Embarrassed [/QUOTE
Enjoyed your writing!Clap...Please update...

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Chapter 14


The day had been satisfying and pleasant. There was a permanent smile carved on my face and at times I caught myself thinking about Amaan. I couldn't get his words out of my mind,      'Nahi ayi to ghar se utha kar leayonga '. Thinking about it made my smile, 'What attitude'. He sounded too confident for a guy who just met me yesterday and possibly have no clue where I lived. Whatever it was, thinking about him sure made me smile. On the way back, he wasn't in the bus and I assumed he was busy with the preparations for the concert. Chairs were being brought it, and some vendors were bringing in their 'thela', and tents were being put up.


"Mom, we have a concert in our university tomorrow". I was helping mom in with dinner in the evening and sharing the day's happenings.


"Oh really! Are you going?" I'm glad she asked.


"I want to go, but it's in the evening around 8 PM, but we have to be there before 5, so a friend can get us in for free" I told my mom, but avoided the name of the 'friend'.


"Haan to chali jana jaldi. You don't usually get to see concerts for free" she said keeping herself busy with the pot on the stove.


"Maaa! But I come back home at 4, and I have to be back there again around 5. How am I going to manage that?" I asked her in surprise.


"Arey to beta, take a change of clothes with you. Don't need to come home and then go. Come home after the concert, just make sure you let me know you're ok." I couldn't' believe my mom was giving me permission to stay out the WHOLE DAY.


Surprised I went behind her and hugged her.


"Eeek ! thank you so much MOM, you're THE BESTEST mom in the world" I was saying in excitement while mom was trying to get my hands off her.


"Ok Roshni, stop it. I'll burn the Rice'. Choro Mujhey' mom was smiling but trying to act as if she was annoyed and was trying to wiggle out of my arms.


I showered kisses on her cheeks and came running out of the kitchen and upstairs to my room.


'YES! YES! YES!" In excitement I danced around in my room.


I was now worried about the cloths for tomorrow. At first I thought of wearing Jeans and a T-shirt, but on second thought eastern attire tempted more. I picked out a deep yet subtle orange color Trouser and shirt. It had dark and light shades of orange flowers in the weave of the shirt, and orange beads were threaded on it to outline the shapes of the flower on it. It was one of my favorite dresses and colors. Again one of the colors I wore when I felt very energetic and happy. I ironed my cloths and hung them in the closet. All my matching accessories were ready for the morning. There was certain happiness around me and I couldn't help but smile to myself. I wasn't sure why I was smiling, but I knew it had to do with Amaan.


The next morning, when I stepped inside the university gate, I felt as if was transported into a new place all together. There was a white canopy covering the open area from the main gate to the other end of the university. It was set really high, so didn't give the feel of suffocation. Chinese lantern of round shapes, disco balls and lights hung from the canopy at certain distance. 'WOW' I couldn't help but praise the creativity. A huge stage was laid along with the back wall of the university's premises. Chairs, stalls, water fountains, and many more necessities were neatly laid along the side wall of ground. I felt as if was transported to a new place.


'Hmmm..no wonder he was not in the bus today.  He's probably already here" I gave myself a reason as to why I dint see him in the bus. The attendance in the classes today was minimal. We spent most of our day in the class as we wanted to finish our research essay. Amby was not here today and Maria was very quiet for no apparent reason. There was hardly any discussion in the class, so as a result my mind kept drifting around to think about where Amaan would be. Even at lunch he wasn't anywhere to be found. For an unknown reason, sadness had surrounded my heart and it felt as if something was missing. Classes ended and there was a lot of noise and movement outside in the grounds. People had started to gather. A couple of groups were sitting around and chatting away merrily. The air was buzzing with excitement and it gave me rush of thrill.


Around 6'O clock me and Maria went to the washroom to change for the concert. I had straightened my layered hairs in the morning, so they didn't need much attention. I limited my make up to a lip gloss and some mascara for my eye lashes. I was ready with my Swarovski Crystal bracelet, tear drop ear rings and a pendant to match. I never liked too much jewelry, so that was also kept very light. I was satisfied with my image in the mirror. I walked over to Maria who was busy with her eye liner. She looked at me in the mirror and gave me a narrow eyed stare. She turned around and looked at me up and down.


"Rosh, you look like that every day. Wear some lipstick" she handed me a neutral brown color with hint of shine.


"No Maria, I don't use lipstick" I handed it back to her.


"God Rosh" she said in a frustrated tone making me smile. She opened the lipstick and brought it up to my face.


"Wear it or I'll smudge it" she threatened with wide eyes.


"OK. Ok" I said and took the lipstick from her hand and applied a light layer over my lips.


Handing the lipstick back to her, I looked at myself in the mirror. Even the lightest color on my lips made me feel I was asking for attention. But unfortunately, I had no choice right now.  Maria gave me an approving look and we both walked out of the washroom. Maria went to the lockers to put away our bags and I told her that I'll wait for her near the stage. There were not a lot of people just yet as there was still an hour before concert started. Looking around, I walked to the stage and occupied a chair near it. I sat back with my right leg resting on top of the left leg and my hand resting under my chin and was observing the flow of people in and out of the university gate.


Everything looked very organized and thoroughly planned. Unknowingly I was smiling to myself when I felt I was under someone's constant gaze. I looked around but there was nobody around me. I shrugged my shoulder and was about to leave from there when a voice halted my feet and my heartbeat.


"Ruk Jao Roshni" I heard Amaan's voice.


 Amaan was standing behind me with his fingers dug into his jeans pockets, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His black shirt with top two buttons undone, was complimenting his tanned complexion. He had a facial hair growth of one day, and his hair was short and spiked into a messy yet handsome do. He was looking at me with smile in his eyes and a flashing dimple on his cheek. His eyes roamed over my face, lingered over my lips for a moment, went down to my feet and came back up to my eyes. The moment his eyes caught hold of mine, our life stood still. There was such intensity in his eyes that for a moment I felt like I was drowning in the sea of unknown emotions. I felt my eyes weigh down and my eye lid fluttered and my lashes bent and touched my cheeks. It had become impossible for me to look into his eyes any more. My palms were sweating and my heart beat was frantic. I bit my lip and looked up at him again. I know I could've moved and walked away from him, but I wish I had the heart to do that.


He covered the distance between us in one long stride and within a second he was standing in front of me, so close that I could hear his uneven heartbeat. My body sensed his presence and responded to the heat of his closeness. His eyes had a magnet pull, and I couldn't help but look at them. They said more than his lips did. He brought his right hand, around my waist and placed it on my back, sending shiver down my spine. I took a deep breath and my body shuddered. With a quick pull, he brought me closer to him and knocked me breathless. My lips parted and I gasped for air, but my eyes maintained contact with his intense gaze.


He brought his left hand up to my face and with his index finger, slowly moved the strand of hair away from my face and tucked them behind my ear. The world around us wasn't in existence and it seemed as if it was just the two of us. He caressed the back of his fingers over my check and brought it down to my shoulder and placed it there. The touch of his hand the closeness of his body was lethal. I couldn't keep my eyes open and had to close them for a quick moment. I opened them again to see him looking at my face with an unknown desire.


"Do you have any idea how beautiful you look right now?" His voice was more of a whisper the uneven tone matched our heart beat.


Smile touched my lips and my lashes weighed down. I wished I could tell him to stop looking at me like this, because he was mesmerizing my senses. I wasn't sure why I wasn't making any effort free myself from his hold. His arm around me and his body close to mine felt so right. My heart said I belonged here but my heart wanted to be away from him. I stirred in his arm and he realized that he was holding me really close to him in an open venue with people running around. He looked around and brought his eyes back to me and slowly loosed his grip on my waist. He folded his arms on his chest and took a step back from me.


In nervousness I ran my hand through my hair and turned around to go away from there. Before I could take a second step his voice stopped me again.


"Stop running away from me Roshni" He said but didn't move closer to me.


 I was fighting with the urge to stay and talk to him. I needed to go away from him for the sake of my own sanity, but my heart longed for him. I clenched the end of my dupatta in my hands and bit my lips. My back was towards him and I dared not look at him again. I felt like every time I laid eyes on him, I was turned into stone, and only his touch breathed life into me. all this was too new for me and it was happening too fast. I was scared of my emotions, and the strength of my desire to go near him. I didn't turn around, but my feet also didn't want to move away from him. Like always, he casted a spell on me and my body and heart beat responded to him only. I had lost control over my thoughts and actions in a very short span of time.


"Hmmm you have very nice hair" I heard his unexpected comment.


My lips curved into a smile and I shook my head. One moment he leaves me speechless with his eyes and the next moment he makes me smile. I had to turn around and look at him.


"You even noticed my hair" I said with a surprised expression on my face and a tone to match.

He stood there with his hands still folded in front of him on his chest, highlighting the stretch of his arm muscle under his sleeves. He always had a smile in his eyes when he looked at me.


"I notice everything about you Zindgi" I had no reason to believe otherwise.


He sure had his way with words and it didn't' make it easier for me if I wanted to ignore him. To avoid his gaze I looked around.


"The arrangements look very nice" I knew the praise was due for his hard work.


He bent forward a little bit with one hand on his chest and the second hand did a wave gesture to say Thank you. He did things that made my lips smile without even me thinking about it. Before he said something else, his phone rang. Whoever was on the other end of the call, he told them to wait for 5 minutes and he'll be there soon. After finishing up the call, he looked at me.


"The band is here, I have to go receive them and bring them inside from the back door. Stay around, and I'll be back in half an hour" he informed me and I smiled back at him and nodded.


He took a couple of steps towards the door, and then stopped. I was looking at his back when he turned around. With eyes narrow and a mischievous smile on his face, he reminded on his steps and halted in front of me. He looked me deep inside my eyes. That was his way of capturing my attention.


"Don't disappear one me Roshni. I'll know where to find you. I want to spend this evening with you" His voice was nothing if not authoritative and full of desire.


Before I could say anything, he turned around and strode off and out of the back door. All I could do was look at him moving away. One day he asks me if I want to be his friend, and the next day he's telling me that he wants to spend the evening with me. This man knows what he wants, and that only made him sexy and irresistible. Peeling my thoughts away from him, I decided it would be a good idea to go look for Maria myself, because she had a habit of disappearing.


Me and Maria were sitting on the chair close the stage and were having an interesting discussion on the sea of fashion in front of us. I hadn't attended a concert in India ever and the concerts in US were completely different than this. I saw girls dressed up like they were going to a wedding. Overdoing you look was always one of my pet peeves and bothered me. In fact Maria also shared the same sentiments as me and we both were having a very nice and comical conversation when a voice blared over the loud speakers on our sides.


"Guys The evening is about to start, so if everybody wants to gather over here" It was Amaan, who was MC'ng the evening as well.


He looked around in the crowd and finally his eyes saw me sitting in the front row looking at him. He smiled and winked at me causing my mouth to fall open in surprise. With his finger he gestured me close my mouth. Immediately I closed it and looked away. He clearly doesn't care where he's standing. He standing on the stage and was center of attention at that time, and he had his attention focused on me. Feeling special was one option, but nervousness was much higher. He finally looked away and was speaking to the lead singer sitting behind him. Once done he moved back to the front of the stage and most of the people had already gathered close to the stage by now. The venue was buzzing and the environment was filled with a certain rush of adrenaline and anticipation.


"Before we get started, I just want to make an announcement!" he cleared his throat and passed a quick glance towards me.  "This evening is dedicated to someone very special, and I hope she enjoys every bit of it" he said while keeping his eyes on me.


It took a moment to register with me that he was talking about me. I looked around nervously to see if anybody was looking at me. Everybody's attention was focused on him and people were hooting from the crowd. There was a darling smile on his face and he was shaking a head at people's comments and smiles.


"Calm down guys. It's not like none of you have anybody special in your lives. So enjoy the evening" He said and handed the stage over to the band.


He stepped off the stage and went towards the back. My eyes followed him until it was no longer possible. The lead singer was at the front of the stage now and spoke in the mic.


"First song is a dedication for Amaan's special lady" he said and focused on his guitar.


I could feel my face heat up and I could've sworn that there was smoke emitting from my ears. I couldn't look up even thought I knew nobody was looking at me. Nobody knew who he was talking about, and honestly if he hadn't looked at me and winked earlier on stage, I wouldn't have known either.


Ab Mujhey raat Din

Tera hi khayal Hai


This song by Sonu Nigam was one of my all time favorites. That was song was dedicated to me! There was a very warm giddy feeling at the pit of my stomach and a permanent smile was carved on my face. I was lost in the song and oblivious to Amaan who had quietly come and sat beside me. I was looking at the singer with a smile and Amaan was looking at my face with passionate yet smiling eyes.


All of a sudden I felt a touch of skin on my hand and startled I looked to my left and first thing I saw was Amaan and second thing his hand holding mine. For a moment I wasn't sure what to do. I looked at him with eyes wide open and he was clearly enjoying my expressions. He moved in closer to me and I automatically moved back. He gestured with his eyes and a shake of his head to listen to the song. I looked towards the stage and brought my eyes back to him. He had moved back in his seat, but hadn't let go of my hand. I twisted my hand in his grip which in result only tightened.


"Don't even try Roshni, I'm never letting go" he said leaving me speechless once again

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avivakirk IF-Sizzlerz

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 Beautiful! ...Lost for words...what powerful emotions you evoked !You're one hell of a romantic writer...Each and every line was special...Amaan tucking away a strand of hair...so romantic.Gosh! I'm mushy and fumbling for words.
His choice for Roshni by Sonu Nigam is my all time favourite.
Continue please...

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damn man he's too good ;)

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Waiting Amna for the next update!

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