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Love That Was Lost! ~ updated Ch 14 (Page 5)

AmnaIsh Goldie

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 11:43am | IP Logged

Chapter 13

We stood in the middle of the cafe, not realizing that there might be  people around. The only thing i remember was the magic of his eyes.  His eyes were so deep and they gave the illusion that there was a 
storm in the sea of emotions. I felt like I was drowning hopelessly in that sea, and I didn't have the courage and desire to survive. He was holding me like i was the most precious thing in his life, and it was strange that he gave me the feeling of being safe. His arms around me and his body close to mine felt right.

"Who are you Aman and why do you always look at me like this..?" I asked him in a voice that was more of a whisper than sound. His eyes had such a strong hold over me that I dared not move them.

His lips curved into a heart wrenching smile. Ahhh, I loved his dimples. He brought one hand up from my waist and tucked a strand of my stray hair behind my ear, sensing ripples through my heart. The feel of his hand was warm and sensational.

"I am Amaan, who else can I be Zindgi?" he said with mischief in his voice.

"A dream?" I was in control of what my lips were saying. The only thing i know i was in a stance, unable to move.

He looked deep in my eyes." I wish I was a dream, and then you could see me with your eyes closed." 
Oh, only if he knew what he was saying.

Something fell nearby and the thin air of magic disappeared. In a matter of second, my hands on his arms became numb and fell to my sides. His hands left me and went to hide in his pockets and I wished his eyes did too. My eyes moved from his, and embarrassment overtook my presence. I grabbed a corner of my dupatta, and found reasons to look at anything but him. Silence was awkward, and his intense gaze was making me nervous. Moving away from there was an option but I wish my legs also knew it. My body felt heavy and the heart was flapping its wings as if it needed to be set free.

"If I was a dream, would you see me every night..?" I heard his voice. 

He still had the power to speak, I was amazed. I looked at him for a mere second and moved my eyes again. He was born with a natural charm I assumed. He knew the right things to say and how it affected me, he probably had no idea.


"Amaan, why do you always talk about dreams?" I decided to finally ask him, but was praying desperately that he doesn't say that he also dreamt about me. Because if he did, I knew I would faint.


"Do I? He asked as if he was surprised by my question.


"Yes you do." I responded in a irritated tone.


"Well YOU said I was a dream. Remember?" his lips were smiling when he said that to me.


I remembered I did say that. Great! Another thing to add to my already piled up embarrassment! I'm sure the expression on my face gave him a hint so he decided to make things easy between us. Thank God he did or we would've sat there the whole day, neither moved nor talked about sensible things.


"Let's walk with me to the garden?" he said to me in a tone that I knew he was offering a walk and he was asking me to walk with him. He sure was a charmer.


I nodded my head and took my bag and books and stood there for him to start walking first so I could follow him. He understood my intentions, and shook his head and smiled again flashing his dimples.


"Roshni, I don't like people walking behind me. Especially girls!" he said with a wink.


My eyes widened and my mouth most definitely fell open. He brought his finger under my chin and closed my mouth slowly and I heard a low key laugh from him. I couldn't help but smile as well and I turned my face away. Whenever I laughed the intensity in his eyes increased when looking at me. He stood out of my way and made a gesture with his hands to tell me to start walking. I walked up to him and he started walking beside me. I moved a little bit away from him, because even the slightest touch of his hand would send waves of sensation inside me, and I didn't want to risk that again.


Once up the stairs and outside, we started walking to towards the garden slowly. There was silence between us, but it was not awkward. I felt as if our silence was whispering to each other.


"Maria never came back. I think she just went to the class" He said, trying to start a conversation.


"Hmmm. I think so. Maybe I should also go to the class now, I need to get some work done." I said to him, but I knew I didn't' want to leave.


"Chali jana, stay for a while and talk to me." Him asking me to stay and talk to him made my heart dance, but I think it shouldn't have.


I silently kept walking with him, and he assumed that my answer was 'OK'.


"So Roshni, tell me about yourself" I knew he would be asking me that anytime now.


"What do you want to know? You already know my name. Age is not an appropriate question to ask and now you already know which department I'm in and when I started." I said slowly regaining my confidence.


He laughed at my answer. "Well Zindgi ji, anything else about you NOT related to the university".


"Can you stop calling me Zindgi" I liked it but it made me feel uncomfortable.


"Why. I like this name for you and I'll call you what I want. Answer my question." He was saying in a tone which spelled 'B-O-S-S-Y'.


I looked at him and looked away again. Hmmm Mr. Amaan is a man with attitude and authority. I admired men with a confident and authoritative aura about them. His personality was either too transparent of I was observing him too much. In one day I had see different sides to him. He was extremely friendly 'yaroon ka yaar types', he was a definite charmer and he was confident and Bossy. Let's see what else he is.


"Well I just came from US in January with my family and started my university here yesterday" I told him about all I wanted to tell him.


He looked at me with thinking eyes and slowly his eyes shined and a smile appeared in them.


"No Wonder!..Hmmm" he said with a thinking tone that was enough to confuse me.


"What do you mean No wonder?" I was clearly confused and that irritated me.


"Nothing, I'll tell you some other time. But considering you're from US, your personality does not match the girls who are from there." He said while looking at me from top to bottom, sending shivers through my body wherever his gaze touched.


"What do you mean by that?" I stopped and turned to him with a questioning look in my eyes and my face as if I was about to kill him.


He laughed so loud that a couple of people looked at us, only adding fumes to my anger. 


"Roshni, you're so cute you know" He brought his hand up to my face and touched my nose.


It was an unexpected gesture from him and I moved back in response to his touch. One thing his touch did was vanished my anger, and replace it with amusement. 'CUTE' nobody ever called me cute.


"Can you stop doing and saying unexpected things Amaan. You're such a Mr. Unpredictable" I said and rolled my eyes and decided to start walking again. He was not going to answer.


"Well Roshni, what I meant by personality was that you run away every time you see me, you turn red when I talk to you and tremble when I touch you. A girl from there I assumed should be outgoing and open to these things." He was saying now on a serious note.


Oh great! Another misconception about girls who come back from overseas! I thought to myself. I had been dealing with this ever since I came back.


"You know what the problem is Amaan, I didn't think you would say something like this. People think that girls who return from there should be 'besharam, flirt and open to the idea of dating and boyfriend. It saddened me and made me angry at the same time.  No matter where I lived, my upbringing was done by my parents who have roots deep inside their soul. The country where we belong, the traditions, the values and the sense of right and wrong was given to me while I was being brought up in a country where a child grows up without the love of his/her parents.  I studied there, lived there, but that doesn't mean I' have become one of them. Even today I know how to respect my elders, pray to God, protect my modesty and come home at night. " I said everything with such passion and almost anger in my tone that he was left speechless.


My face was red and I know I was breathing heavily. He had nothing to say, but I saw a change in his reaction and saw something in his eyes, which I recognized by admiration.


"Amaan, if I shy away from you and turn red, its only because all of this is new to me. I've never had a boyfriend, and I've never felt any emotions for anybody. You would've gotten a cold shoulder too, if it wasn't for the Damn Dream'" I stopped myself right away. What was I going to say? 'No I can't tell him this"


But it was too late and he was attentive. He looked at me startled.


"Dream, what dream?" he asked me which his eyes fixed on my face.


"Great, I said so much and all you want to say is, 'Dream, what Dream?" I said in a tone which projected anger and amusement.


If he didn't' tell me why he said 'No wonder" why should I give him any peace of heart knowing about my dream. Tit for Tat!


I figured he had nothing left to say other than sorry, but I was wrong.


"You're perfect the way you are. You have no idea how you have touched me with what you just said. Sometimes we just need someone to explain things in a way that we understand them. Sometimes we say things without realizing how it'll affect some one's feelings and emotions. Now I'll know to think before I place a criticism on someone.Thank you for making a bit wiser" he said with a sincere tone.


Now I was left with nothing to say. I named him right, Mr. Unpredictable!


"People usually just say sorry, but uspar bhi you have a long lecture" I said to him with a smile.


He smiled and bowed a little bit. "Well Ma'am that's Amaan for you"


I nodded my head and started walking again and he just kept up with my walk.


"So what was about that dream?" I knew he would ask again.


"Nothing, I'll tell you some other time" He responded the same way he responded to me earlier.


It took him a second to realize that and his eyebrows shot up.


"Hmmm'Ms. Hazirdimagh. I like it" He said smiling and nodding his head.


I stopped near a wall to read a poster about a concert taking place tomorrow night in the university. One of the leading band was playing, and they also happened to be one of my favorites.


"Oooh, they're coming here tomorrow. I love them!" I said in an excited tone.


"Oh you love them? They're good. I'm organizing it. Do you want to come?" HE was organizing it? I couldn't help but wonder what else does he do? Maybe I'll find out slowly, right now I had a decision to make.


"Of course I want to come. How much is the ticket?" I asked him.


"Free for you" he said and how did I know he was going to say that.


"Amaan, I said how much is the ticket?"  I asked him again in a more firm tone.


"And I said it was free for you." He replied in the exact same tone as me.


"Fine I'm not coming" I said and shrugged my shoulders.


"Comon' yaar, let me do this for you na. After all you're my friend now, and all my friends are coming for free." He was giving me the reason why I should come for free.


"FRIENDS?! " I asked him with a BIG question mark on my face.


"Yes Roshni, FRIENDS. Do you want to be something else?" he moved in closer to my face and said slowly.


Again with his unexpected move and I was caught off-guard. Immediately my face turned hot and I moved back and looked away from his face. 'this guys is impossible!' I said to myself and he heard.


"Of course I'm impossible and am glad you realized very quickly. Intelligent girl! So it starts at around 7 in the evening, so make sure you are here by 5, so I can get you in the door before they start collecting tickets." He assumed I agreed and gave me the schedule.


I gave him a look. "If all your friends are coming free, and I think the whole university is your friend. How exactly are you going to afford the cost?" I asked him


"That's my problem, leave it to me. You be here on time tomorrow" He brushed aside my comment.


"Fine deal with your problem. I'm not coming tomorrow" I said and moved away from there. I thought he would come after me, but again I was proved wrong.


He just stood there and said in a loud voice, "Nahi ayi to ghar se utha kar leayonga".


My feet came to a halt and my heart took a leap. I turned around and looked at him. He was standing beside the wall with his right foot pushed against the wall, half way up and his back resting against it as well. One hand in his pocket and the other busy with his phone and so were his eyes. There was a smile on his face that said more than I wanted to know. He was one handsome guy and knew his charm worked. I just smiled and nodded my head and continued my walk to the class. This conversation had taken a friendly turn too quickly and I felt content. My heart was happy and light.

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Fantasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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ahhh .. i LOVE aman .. Day Dreaming .He is so perfect!! .. Day Dreaming and poor roshni .. she is just knocked off her feet!! .. Embarrassed

Beautiful amna .. just a request .. will u plz increase the writing size .. it's difficult to read this narrow writing .. Embarrassed

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AmnaIsh Goldie

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Originally posted by Fantasia.

ahhh .. i LOVE aman .. Day Dreaming .He is so perfect!! .. Day Dreaming and poor roshni .. she is just knocked off her feet!! .. Embarrassed

Beautiful amna .. just a request .. will u plz increase the writing size .. it's difficult to read this narrow writing .. Embarrassed

hehehe...thanks Kinza..Hug
and sorry about t he seze - my appologies Embarrassed - i will do so as of next time Inshallah..Smile
kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Amna  ,   superb ya, nice to  see your  topic  here.   will comment in detail soon Tongue
and btw  thanks for liking my OS here for the second time LOL. but really thanks, I was starting to regret posting the topic  and was feeling bit awkward too with no one saying anything . 
have you updated your shayari thread also ?

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AmnaIsh Goldie

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Originally posted by kavyasam

Amna  ,   superb ya, nice to  see your  topic  here.   will comment in detail soon Tongue

Thank you so much my dear Forumvasi WinkLOL - i 'm waiting for ur detailed comment in the other forum too Wink and one res to be completed Embarrassed

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avivakirk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2011 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
 Awesome writing! what beautiful chemistry and the story lines are  so smooth like  butter.  Reading abt Rosh and Armaan  gave my heart wings to fly into their world!. Good job!

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AmnaIsh Goldie

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@ Avivakirk - Thank you so much Hugglad you enjoyed the writing..Embarrassed

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-BeingAppy- Senior Member

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I agree... This conversation had taken a friendly turn too quickly and I DONOT felt content.
when r u updating next? (he he he greedy me Wink)

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