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WU June 16th 2011

Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2011 at 9:20am | IP Logged


Dadisa is shown laying on the bed thinking about something seriously. Jagya looks at her and puts his hand on her forehead.


He asks her if she is feeling better or not. Dadisa turns her head away from him and does not respond. She then looks at him again and touches his cheeks.

Jagya says that now I realize that in childhood when ever I did something wrong why I used to turn to you. That is because , you will understand me more than mom and dad. After marrying gauri I had the strength to come here because I believed in you that no matter if anyone supports me or not, I knew you will support me. You will not look at me like a criminal. Will you accept our relationship? The relationship that happened in the childhood, perhaps God wants that too that is why me and gauri we met now.


He continues that if anything remains or not remains I will live but without your blessing I cannot live. I cannot live with out your blessing and I even know that you cannot live with out your jagya. Your every breath will always give me blessings.




The haveli is shown and its shown that makhan comes in with the news that the doctor has arrived.

The doctor introduces himself and asks for Jagat. Bhairav takes the doctor up to Dadisa's room.

Gauri is shown as packing her bags and she hears the footsteps of the family coming towards the room ( amm why is that shown as soo dramatic??? Lol)

Jagya calls him Saar lol

The doctor checks DS and starts taking her BP lol and there is this nice background music as if surgery is going on

The doctor after taking the BP says there is nothing to worry about and that majisa will become better very soon.

But the entire credit goes to Gauri and Jagya (lol Ds was in this position because of them. IF they didn't arrive to the haveli they wouldn't have the attack in the first place lol)

The doctor continues that  'if there was a little mistake done then the case could have been very complicated. The doctor says that you are lucky that you have two doctors to takecare of you and says that he will take leave.


They invite him to drink tea but the doctor excuses himself and asks jagat to follow him prescribe some medicine to DS. He asks gauri to give one Tablet ( God knows what tablets these doctors carry lol)


Ds refuses to take the tablet from her but Gauri says take it for the family not for me.

DS says you have taken care of me , saved my life. But this life is no life only the breath counts you have increased. If you really want to save my life then return my son to us. I beg you .


The people who are not talking to him directly love him dearly , they will loose their lives if you do not give our son back to us.


Gauri says, Ok DS. Your grandson and the son of this house will return back to you. but to give your life back will you answer my one question , the entire house thinks I am  at fault , but my question s whats my fault in all of this.

In the childhood you chose me as your bride , was this my fault

Your family did not accept me , was this my fault

The panchayat declared my marriage to be null was this my fault

mY family was insulted  was this my fault

my grandmother died was this my fault


But I took care of my life , I stabilized myself. But your grandson came into my life. He did not tell me that he was married. I fell in love with him.

I was cheated and when I forgave him and once again I decided to take care of my life and to settle down  and then again I got the same. Why?

Why only with me?

Ds is thinking,


Gauri asks DS …

Did I steal your grandson from you that I have to return it to you?

Tell DS.


Whats my fault in this.

That the entire house is giving me punishment for this. Is this justice? If I am at fault please tell me. And if I have no mistake then tell me why this happens only with me.


Gauri then runs away

(poor gauri, felt bad for her here. )



jagat is shown as writing some stuff . He then glares at the paper wondering how to give it to his father.

And then talksa bout some tablets and what to give for food etc. etc. and if there is any other need besides then call me.



Basant is looking draggers at jagat and then takes the paper from his hand.  Both bhairav and Basant do not tlak to him and jagat leaves upstairs.



Next scene:

Gauri is shown as crying and jagat sees that.

Both Gauri and Jagat touch DS feet and She gets disturbed and worried that they will be leaving.


Jagat sits besides DS and says that they are leaving. No matter how angry you are with us but I will keep on calling you. You will talk to your jagya right?


Ds does not look at them. 


And when they are shown to be leaving, DS gets really fidgeted.


Moral: Mistake if its small or big, known or unknown, the person who has commited the mistake has to pay for his mistake because mistake asks its worth.


Precap: DS says that this jagya and gauri stay in the haveli for few more days. This gauri is beendini of Jagya just like Anandi is and the beendini of this house.

Gauri has the same rights as Anandi. Gauri is sooo happy. Bhairav is shown shocked!


LOL wow gauri fasiii!!!!




Now Gauri is alone with DS.



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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Gauri asked good questions. and yes no fault of hers. Except that she chose to conveniently forget that , her actions also have repercussions. She did not find out 

how close Anandi and Jagya where and she thinks they were never in love

Marrying Jagya without Jagya's parents permission. Permission tho door ki baat hai, she did not inform them . They did not inform them.

Thirdly making the stupidest decision of her life, to go back to the same family that has given her so much pain in the first place.

Shows that, her childhood trauma was great and she felt rejected and she seeks the approval of THAT family that abandoned her ( in her eyes). The Singh family

Not her own family who threw her in the gates of the haveli.

Also the point noted here is DS said that Anandi is also the beendini of Jagya. And the only reason she accepted Gauri as her beendini is because she played the child marriage card.

She should have stuck with her belief that Child marriage is wrong and that marriage is not the basis of her staying in this house because DS is not recognizing her marriage legally rather, she is recognizing her marriage cause, it was performed acc. to the rituals and that is why, she said Anandi is also the beendini. 

Gauri's final mistake and the start of her chain of mistakes now is her staying in the haveli. 

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khusi_* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 June 2011 at 9:29am | IP Logged
Thanx suchi Di
anandi just pack ur bag
n move out
high time now
ds's politics/weakness whatever that is!...unko mubarakh ho!

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ghotalaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 June 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged

Thanks for the update!Smile

The locket around Jag's neck was DS's blessings, he gave it away to get married to Gauri & now he's talking about blessingsShocked 

Gauri is still stuck with the childhood marriage incidentOuch When will she come out of it? Confused

That's why I never wanted Gauri & Gudiya to be the same personAngry If Gauri wasn't Gudiya then it would be interesting to see how Gauri & Jag would be convincing the family to accept their legal marriageErmm At least they wouldn't have that childhood marriage reason to defend themselves & make DS feel guiltyAngry Anyway no use crying over spilt milk. 

I seriously want Gauri to come out of that childhood trackOuch

Does DS seriously think that if Gauri leaves Jag then everything will be alright like before in the family?ConfusedShocked

But here I did agree with Gauri. She didn't snatch Jag away from the family. It was Jag who fell for her. Gauri didn't force herself on him. So returning him back to DS/family makes no sense at allThumbs Down

In the precap, we can find DS saying that Gauri has equal rights as she too is Jag's wife & the DIL of the house. She didn't tell to stay forever but just said to stay back for a few day more.

Now this is the perfect time for Anandi to pack her bags & leave this place immediately without wasting time.

I just want Anandi out of the haveli far away from this mess. Being loved by the husband & being accepted by the other family members are two different things. I know that it's not easy to get away & break all the relations but what relation is left now?Confused 

Jag has broken the relation from his side then why should Anandi stay in the haveli now?Confused What relations does she have with others if Jag is no longer by her side? If Jag is no longer her hubby anymore & he doesn't accept her as his legal wife & already has someone else in his life as his legal wife then for what Anandi should stay there?Confused


The relation she has with the other people in the haveli is bcoz of her relation with Jag. She's the DIL of the house bcoz she's the wife of Jag, it's not that she is the DIL of the house first & that's why she's Jag's wife. Her relation with the other family members is through her relation with Jag. 

Now that she is completely unwanted from the side of Jag then why to stay there?

Just bcoz Sumitra says she's the daughter of the house. Ok fine, but then the question is can Anandi live like a daughter there? She's been living there as a DIL for so many years, she feels awkward to stop calling Sumitra Sasuma then how is she going to forget the duties that she's been doing as a DIL for these long years & live without any kind of hesitation in the haveli by not performing the DIL duties & live like the daughter of the house in true sense

Can she roam around the haveli without that pallu covering her head if she's no longer the DIL of the family? Will she get the freedom to the extent that a daughter has in a family over there? Just bcoz Bhairon or Sumitra declares her the daughter of the family will have no effect on her status. No matter whatever happens her status will not change. She was the DIL & will always remain.PinchOuch


I don't want anything or anybody in the haveli to remind her of Jag & make her go through a series of flashbacks of the time she spent with JagPinch She is becoming strong but she can recover from all these things even better if she's away from the haveli. I want Anandi to leave the haveli & it's for her own goodApprove


She has to leave the haveli... if not to free herself from the burden of the relationships & memories she's been carrying due to Jag, then at least for the sake of self-respectApprove Looking at the precap I want her to leave the haveli right nowApprove

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2011 at 9:40am | IP Logged
VIK- She did try to leave remember. 
And now when she leaves the other family members will make a racket so her ticket out of there is education. Thats why she will go and study in jaipur this way, she is not making them unhappy.

The family members do not want to accept Jag's decision and when Anandi accepts it , it makes them feel even more guilty as they are the ones who have ruined this girls life. So they want her to stay with them and reject their own son. 

Now I want Anandi to leave the haveli for this mess but I believe she has more rights on those people than Jag.

Relationships are not just based on blood , and marriage but they are also based on unconditional love. 

So she has more rights on them and yes she should leave but to study not because she has no place in that house anymore.

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deep153134 Groupbie

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In reply to today's Moral
Mistake was commited by Ms. Kalyani Devi
Not her entire family.. IF she wanst to repent for her mistakes why make the Entire family suffer .
Most importantly Anandi !!!!!
In reply to Gauri's Question and DS's decision
Same questions as asked by Gauri
What was Anandi's mistake???
Jagya got married in childhood for the second time, was it her mistake?
Gauri was thrown out of the Haveli, was it her mistake? (infact she helped Gauri then )
Gauri's parents left Gauri to die outside the Haveli, was it her mistake?
Jagya fell in Love with another girl (just for the cause that he wanted an educated wife not Anandi merely for an eye candy purpose NOT LOVE) was it Anandi's mistake?
 Dadisa what abt Anandi???
Kya Questions maari hai Gauri
Isi questions ka answers de ab Anandi ko bhi...
Gauri Madam tera dukh tera aur bhaaki sab kya jashn manaa rahe hai yahan???
Tu tho Shaadi kar li ab Anandi ke baare mein tho nahin socha uska kya hoga?
 woh ab apni zindagi kaise kateegi??
 par tu socchthi hain ki sab tumhaare dukh ke baare mein soche
wow !!! double standards!!!!

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anjup83 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 June 2011 at 9:44am | IP Logged

Anandi should leave the house now.. 

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woman11 Goldie

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Posted: 16 June 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Gauri does not realize that the rhetoric of child marriage that she and Jagya used on dadisa has a lot of repercussions:

1. It means Anandi will always remain the first wife and Gauri is recognized as the second wife. Dadisa does not dismiss Anandi's rights and mentions Gauri ALSO has rights.

2. It means Anandi should also have rights over Jagya, since Anandi and Gauri are supposed to share the same rights.

3. It means Gauri has to abide by all the rules of the haveli for the beendnis---including wearing traditional dresses, covering the head, eating after and on the same plate as the husband, performing household duties.

4. It also means dadisa will expect Gauri to fulfill her foremost duty as soon as possible, that is give the family a male heir.

5. It means Gauri should stay in the haveli with the family and not take off to Mumbai with only her husband. She will have responsibility towards the entire family now.

6. Finally, it means she has to accept the authority of dadisa and the male members of the house and dadisa will have the right to abuse/scold/discipline her as the other beendnis of the household.

Poor Gauri is so blinded by her obsession for acceptance that she does not see the baggage that comes with dadisa accepting her as a child beendni of the household. Basically, she is going back into the same quagmire that she was so lucky to escape years back. I feel sorry for her.

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