Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge#136[15/6-KMH1 Epi 3]

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Kitani Mohabbat Hai Season 1 is going to re-air once again in Mohabbat Lounge. Since not all of us were present when KMH1 aired, we will watch the episodes once again and discuss here. ML is a place for discussing the episode and also about creating friendships. Every weekday, that is, Monday - Friday at 10:30PM IST we will watch KMH1 in ML. The link is posted below and sometimes we will also have a weekend marathon(watching a few episodes at once)...which you can possibly call as maha episode, but instead it will be a marathon(watching a few episodes at once). You all have loved ML in Season 2 and we hope you guys enjoy it here just as much or even more with KMH1. 

Welcome back guyzHug 
and now Start sharing your views, critics and commentsLOLnot to forget few rules to keep the discussion flow nice..(kindly follow the rules)

  2. No actor bashing & No derogatory terms to be used.
  3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this show.
  4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
  5. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
  6. First 2 pages of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for Mohabbat lounge"

*Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team*

Mohabbat lounge now has a FB page, so join in & spread the word!/pages/Mohabbat-Lounge/126852497384892

Also join Karan n Kritika's official FB pages 2 stay connected wid d stars..
Karan Kundra
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For the hard work the actors do to entertain us, watching whom on TV is a pleasure to usLets bring them to the top in IF rankings by joining & getting more pplto join their fan clubs & writing in their fan clubs twice(max allowed) every day.. links below..and also please comment on the KMH2 articles which have KK and KK2 can comment 4 times a day...every 30mins.

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Link To Previous Lounge: Mouhabbat Lounge#134[14/6 KMH1 Epi 2]

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*** this video is missing the puppy scene, so a second clip has been added. trust Crapgin TV to upload incomplete vids Angry ***

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-TeekhiMishti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey it is already late enuf...heres a short update from me..

The epi strted from the bro shotuing at his own father..that part was quite sleepy enuf...nd i hate that crapgin tv for making me see that scene so many times ony coz i cudnt find that puppy scene...Angry..
Well as aksh said the bros frustration was quite undertandable...he was doing so only becoz he cudnt go out to study nd work..nd aalso he was a bit worried abt his sis's marriage coz he very well knew that in todays time HP cudnt marry the i appreciate that part..!

Also i loved the family bonding of the sharma family nd esp i liked the way antara nd arohi stood up for her matter how much they are against their father...yet they always support him no matter how..*claps*

also by the letter scen i can say is very easy for anybody to butter HP...coz he easily fell prey to DK's letter nd mistook it as a 'samman'...LOL..will say more abt it later on with the rest epis..

Next scene wich the crapgin tv didnt think it worthy enuf to load it..Angry...well the puppy scene was really showed how kind hearted arjun is...Embarrassed...oh btw KK was looking really hot with that suit!!*blush* *blush* nd the tune on the moth organ wich arjun played was really nice...!! Loved it..!!!Heart..hehe bt i dnt understand wht was he doing waiting like this in the middle of a forest in dead of night nd that too in so much of snowfall!!ROFL..ROFL..oh bt maybe he was waiting for arohi to turn up na!! Bt logics i tell u!!LOL

bua's enterance...hehe...i'd say baa bani bua with shades...kalyugg taken over Baa now..Tongue bt i like her better now...!! Arohi picking up bua's 'gire hue ladke' really cracked me upROFL..ROFL..

next scne arohi nd kalicharan going to punj nd mittal mansion...the entries of all the punj's nd mittals' was alll ver gave a feel that they are indeed the biggest businessmen..i really love Mohan's nd DK's friendship..!!

So the epi ended with arohi still waiting...will wait to see wht happens next...!!LOL

ps- sry..its in a very hapahazard way...i m really sry...Embarrassed

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reserved for all the three episodes :)

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love the new siggie!!!!Day Dreaming

the son seems horrible.. but its his own bitterness.. he grew up in the same house as arohi, sur, antara but he has suffered. he is rather more ambitious. his disappointments for him are bigger than his love for the family.. he wants to walk along with the world and his father wants to hang on to his morals. both are right in their places. its just a difference of opinion. you have to also appreciate that the son is staying close by and keeps a watch on his family even if he doesn't agree with his dad. he has given thought to what and how will the future shape for his younger sisters. he is 6 yrs older than the girls and must have struggled 6 extra years with the consequences of hariprasad wanting to have a simple life. he is definitely being selfish and disrespectful, but i don't hate him. he is human and that is so well portrayed. k now enough about the bro LOL

again i liked the strong bonding in this family.. the sisters stand up for their dad even though they know what the bro is saying is factual.. and the trust and pride the father takes in his daughters is detrimental in the future course of events.

so DK Punj's intro is up. he wants to meet Pt. Hariprasad Sharma! let's see.
again i love the contrasting character sketches for the sisters here.. 
Purvi the eldest: Quiet, mature, strong, reliable, responsible
Arohi: Not so quiet, but shows as much strength and responsibility as purvi
Antara: The rebel. but very possessive and affectionate towards her family and father. She may not agree with him but will not go against him.
Sur: The youngest and the smartest. she knows the struggles that they have gone through as a family and will always remain calm and sweet and stay in the shadows of her elder sisters. Also the more emotional one of the lot.

*** this video is missing the puppy scene, so a second clip has been added. the puppy scene is after the father-daughter bonding scene and before the morning when Meeto bua enters***

arohi's self-wondering.. "kaun baantega mera sapna?" and destiny replies in the form of those pages turning to Arjun Punj in the magazine!! Heart And wat a way to celebrate ur mum's bday.. especially if shez not around.. to go to the same spot she used to go to every year, at 12 AM and make a wish!! Embarrassed
CVs ne maara sixer.. its snowing outside, but Arohi madam will go out in a shawl and open slippers!!!ROFL there is a steady drizzle of snow but she is not freezing!! Clap I guess if they had packed her up in a heavy coat, they cudnt make her hair fly n look all beautiful and gorgeous in the moon lightSilly But ignoring the logic parts which the CVs have always been deficient in.. And a four too.. miraculously she throws the coin behind her but the coin jumps the lake n rolls away to its destined person.. Punji!!DancingI loved the lake scene.. it was a very unique way of wishing.. "aaj aap mujhe woh cheez de doh, jiski mujhe sab se zyada zarurat ho, par uss zarurat ka ehsaas nahi!!"Day DreamingStar 

but what in the world is our hero doing standing in the middle of a roadside forest clearing, playing a mouth organ!!Shocked isko bhi aadhi raat ko hi aise hobbies rakhne hote hai Geek and kya baat hai, subah hi dhun suni thi.. aur shaam tak itne acche se bajana bhi aa gaya Clapbtw Karan looks smoking hawt in those suits!!Blushing and then that car speeds in and the puppy gets hurt Cry and Punji gets to shine his good side out.. his handy dandy scarf to the rescue.. he cleanly cuts the scarf to have A on one and P on the other part LOLthereby leaving his first good impression on his to be lady love!!Day Dreaming who neatly took the second bit of scarf for future identification purposes LOL and then went bak to try again for a wish.. pehli wish khud ke liye thi toh puri nahi hui.. dusri wali Punji ke liye maangi toh jhat se puri ho gayi!!Clap Punji ko woh cheez mil jaayegi, jiski usse sabse zyada zarurat hai, par uss zarurat ka ehsaas nahi!! - Arohi!!Dancing And then we see Punji shipping the puppy off to the hospital!! mein ye baat bol bol ke thakungi nahi k.. k.. i HATE karan's dubbed voice ROFL Angry
new entry.. meeto bua!! gud change to see Baa here.. LOL n thankfully she is not 150 yrs old here LOL and woh bhi shades pehen kar Cool and its a gud change between hearing "jai shri krishna" from her to going "hayyo rabba!!"Wink k ya i know.. pagal hun.. KSBKBT dekhi hai maine.. will accept that LOL but saari nahi dekhi.. just until the 2nd gen!! Embarrassed
and Arohi ne bua ke "gire hue ladkon" ko utha diya LOL
interesting intro the Punj n Mittal empire!! i laughed out at HP's reasoning at what kind of people the Punj n Mittals must be!! Agreed that if a person is good and has good values and habits he is bound to be successful.. but then HP has a huge gaping loophole.. he himself being so gandhivadi n disciplined, is not rich n famous.. so his theory fails at the basic level Thumbs Down So the theory has to be amended in this way.. success is not by wealth.. true success is measured in what ambitions and work the person has set for themselves in life and are they successful in that.. ghaas bhi kaato na, acche se kaato!! so a truly successful person wud be a good down to earth person at heart.. k enuff bhashan on life.. aage.. 

so we see how HP n Arohi are treated.. 8 ghante bahar bitha ke rakha.. pets ko milk aur badam khilaya Shocked ROFL n the friendship between DK n MM.. i loved that friendship bond in this season too..the other one was ofcourse Punji n Salil.. but abhi woh dekhenge nahi.. paddy.. o wow.. very obviously our vamp!! superb entry for her.. n she had to be accompanied by that poodle LOL 

"uss waqt mein usse nahi jaanta tha.. uss kadakti dhoop mein, mujhe nahi pata tha ki meri chaanv khadi hai, nahi pata tha ke woh ladki meri fitrat hi nahi, kismat hi badal degi!!" hayye Kitani Mohabbat Hai!! Heartya ya i know..i obsess on Punji.. but hez worth it i tell u.. Karan gave us an amazing Punji!! that attitude, the stylish glares, those fitting suits, that signature stubble, a phone in hand.. hayye.. n the lines were awesome.. the dialogue writers did a commendable job here too!!ClapStar 

toh aage kya hoga .. kal dekhenge.. aaj ka everest yahi tak.. hope aap ko mazaa aaya.. LOL
over n out!! Big smile

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