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Armaan.Riddhima .|Aadha Ishq|. -Part 3-Updated (Page 4)

qt4ever Goldie

Joined: 10 October 2010
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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
Amazing part!
But i dont lyk the way armaan treats ridhima!
Hope he falls for her soon..

araja1234 Goldie

Joined: 25 January 2011
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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Awesome part. waiting to read more
MRS.SSO IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 February 2011
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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
the end ws tooo gud 

Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 November 2008
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Posted: 16 June 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
nice part
continue soon
aProductions Newbie

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Posted: 16 June 2011 at 9:32am | IP Logged
Part 3

Riddhima walks in their room and sees Armaan resting on the bed.She walks over to his bag and starts to unpack his things.Armaan hears noises and he sees Riddhima unpacking his things.He gets up and grabs Riddhima from behind making her gasp. Riddhima looks in Armaan's eyes as he looks at her."Mujhe chod de," Riddhima whispers, not looking at Armaan."Tune kaha tha ke maine jo kal shuru kiya tha woh main kabhi bhi khatam kar sakta hoon," Armaan said in a husky voice.Riddhima closes her eyes when she feel Armaan's warm breath hit her face.Armaan strokes Riddhima's cheek with his knuckles.Riddhima opens her eyes and finds Armaan's eyes staring at her lips.Riddhima's lips were parted slightly so she closes them. Armaan looks in Riddhima's eyes and sees fear in them but he didn't care.Armaan, roughly, pushes Riddhima on the bed.Riddhima quickly sits up but Armaan pushed her back down.Armaan grabs Riddhima's dupatta pulls it away, making it fly to the other end of the room.Riddhima watches her dupatta fly away then looks at Armaan with tears in her eyes.Armaan leans down on her making Riddhima lay down on the bed.Armaan buries his face in Riddhima's neck and Riddhima lets out a shaky breath and closes her eyes.Armaan takes Riddhima's skin between his teeth and Riddhima fists the bed sheet in her hands."Riddhima bhabhi," Khushi's voice came from the other side of the door.Riddhima opens her eyes and looks at the door."Khushi...darwaze...par hai," Riddhima said, struggling. "Chali jayegi," Armaan said in her ear then biting it."Riddhima bhabhi, aunty ji aap ko bula rahi hai," Khushi says, knocking on the door.Riddhima lifts her body up to get up but Armaan holds her arms down on the bed.Riddhima cries as she is falling weak and can't find any strength.Riddhima gasps when Armaan enters her.After that, Riddhima laid still while Armaan did whatever to her.Armaan sighs and lays beside Riddhima."Aaj tune acha kiya," Armaan says, with one arm under his head and the other resting on his abdomen.Riddhima turns her head and looks at him with tears in her eyes and dried tears on her cheeks."Tune mujhe door nai kiya," Armaan says, leaning so he is laying on his side with the support of his elbow. Riddhima lifts her hand up slowly and puts her hand Armaan's cheek.Armaan becomes confused and looks at her hand then back at Riddhima.Riddhima watches her hand on Armaan's cheek and looks up in his eyes.Riddhima realizes what she is doing and quickly pulls her hand back.Riddhima then remembers that Khushi had come to get her because Ananya was calling her.Riddhima quickly sits up and Armaan looks at her.

"Mummyji aap ne mujhe bulaya," Riddhima said, standing in front of a sitting Ananya.Ananya looks at her, angry.Riddhima sees the anger on her face and feels scared."Haan, ek ghante pehle!" Ananya yells.Ananya sees the Sharma's talking with Balwinder so she lowers her voice."Tum kahan thi?" Ananya asks, in yelling but lowered voice."Main unke saath thi," Riddhima said with her head down. Ananya understood and felt guilty for yelling at Riddhima."Beta, mujhe maaf kardo mujhe nai pata tha ke tum Armaan ke saath thi," Ananya said, joining her hands together.Riddhima looks at Ananya and shakes her head and puts Ananya's hand down."Aap ko maafi maangi ki koi zaroorat nai hai.Aap mujhse badi hai aur bade bacho se maafi nai maang te," Riddhima says with a smile.Ananya smiles and kisses Riddhima's forehead.Ananya sees Balwinder calling her and her smile fades.Riddhima sees Ananya's smile fade and follows her gaze.Balwinder is looking at Ananya with lustful eyes."Mujhe jaana hai," Ananya said, turning Riddhima's face back to her.Riddhima nods and Ananya walks towards Balwinder.
Riddhima starts walking towards the kitchen when someone grabs her arm and pushes her against the wall.Riddhima didn't look at whoever it was that pulled her but knew who it was."Aap yeh kya kar rahe hain?Sab bahar hai," Riddhima whispers, looking down."Tum jisko samjh rahi ho main woh nai hoon," the voice came.Riddhima's head shoots up and sees Siddhant looking at her with his smirk. Riddhima pushes Siddhant away but Siddhant grabs her arms and both of them fall with Riddhima on top."Aap yeh kya kar rahe hain?Chode mujhe!" Riddhima tries to get up but Siddhant held her tight."Main apne pyar se pyar kar raha hoon," Siddhant says.Riddhima looks at him and shakes her head."Main aap ka pyar nai hoon.Aap mujhe jaanta bhi nai," Riddhima said, pushing Siddhant's arms off of her."Riddhima," Armaan's voice came from afar.Riddhima's eyes go wide and she looks up to find Armaan coming downstairs."Siddhant, mujhe chodo," Riddhima begs.Siddhant smiles and lets go of Riddhima.Riddhima quickly stands up and runs to Armaan.Armaan sees Riddhima running towards him.He thought she'd stop but she didn't and hugged him.Armaan pushes Riddhima back,"Yeh kya kar rahe ho?" Armaan yells, looking around, hoping no one saw."Subah ko toh aap koi aitraaz nai tha," Riddhima said, looking in Armaan's eyes.Armaan looks in Riddhima's eyes and sees that same thing again.Armaan walks away without saying a word. Riddhima watches him leave and feels hurt."Tere pati ko tere pyar ka fikar hi nai hai," Siddhant says from behind.Riddhima turns and looks at him."Aap mere aur unke beech main mat aaye,"  Riddhima tells Siddhant then walks away."Riddhima, tum meri ho," Siddhant says determined to make Riddhima his and only his.

Riddhima sits down next to Armaan, after serving food to everyone.Riddhima looks at Armaan and sees him eating his food."Armaan," Siddhant said, getting Armaan's and everyone attention."Hm," Armaan replies."Tujhe khana kaisa laga?" Siddhant asks."Acha hai," Armaan said.Riddhima feels happy and her heart raises its beating, hearing Armaan's words."Yeh toh teri biwi ka kamal hai," Siddhant says. Armaan looks at Riddhima and sees her looking at him with a smile.Armaan looks away and continues eating his food.Riddhima's smile fades away when he turned his head away from her.She thought he would give her an approval nod for her cooking skills.

"Armaan, tujh sepyar nai karta," Siddhant said, standing at the entrance of the kitchen.Riddhima stops clean and turns and looks at Siddhant."Aap ko fikar karni ki koi zaroorat nai hai.Yeh mere aur unke beech ka mamla hai," Riddhima said, angry at Siddhant for annoying her by telling her that he loves her and coming between hers and Armaan's relationship."Tum Armaan ko chod ke mere paas aa jao," Siddhant said.Riddhima looks at him, shocked and mad."Aap aisa kaise soch sakte hain?Yahan se chale jaye, " Riddhima said, looking away from Siddhant. Siddhant walks closer to Riddhima."Main tumse bohut pyar karta hoon.Main tumhe itne dino se nai jaanta lekin mera dil apne aap ko rok nai paya tumse pyar karne ke liye," Siddhant whispers in Riddhima's ear from behind.Riddhima closes her eyes and moves away from Siddhant."Main solaha saal ki ladki hoon aur aap tees saal ke aadmi hain.Ek itni choti ladki se pyar kar ke aap ko sharam nai aati?" Riddhima said."Tune Armaan se toh pyar kiya," Siddhant said.Riddhima looks at Siddhant with tears in them."Woh mere pati hain aur mera pura haq hai unse pyar karne ka,"  Riddhima says.Siddhant stares at for her a while then leaves, shaking his head.

Riddhima laid on the bed on her side, late at night.Armaan had gone somewhere and she is waiting for him to return but he hasn't but then felt hands slide up her kameez. Riddhima closes her eyes, recognizing the touch.Riddhima feels his breath on her cheek and she turns her head and looks in his eyes.Armaan looks at her then at her lips.Riddhima turns her head when his head came closer.Armaan stops and gazes at her face then kisses her neck and lets his lips linger there. Armaan turns Riddhima on her back, abruptly making a few of her chudiyaan break because Armaan had pulled on her wrist.Riddhima gasps as she felt the glass piece of chudi pierce in her skin.Armaan felt a hot feeling on his hand so he pulls his hand back and sees blood.Armaan sees Riddhima's wrist bleed and immediately pulls the piece of glass out and sucks on her wrist.Riddhima watches him and puts her hand in his hair.Armaan lifts his eyes and looks at her.Riddhima felt her heart skip a beat seeing the passion in his eyes.Armaan kisses up her arm to her shoulder.Riddhima pushes him away and gets off and runs to the corner of their room.Armaan stands on his knees on the bed and stares at Riddhima. Riddhima watches him get off the bed and walk towards her with long strides. Riddhima's chest went up and down fast because of her breathing getting heavier and heavier.Riddhima tried to make a run for it but Armaan caught her arm and pushed against the wall.Riddhima closes her eyes as Armaan attacks her neck. Armaan pulls back and pushes Riddhima down on the floor.Riddhima looks up at him and Armaan puts his hand on the side of her hair and holds her hair in his hand.Riddhima closes her eyes tightly when Armaan grasped her hair hard."Aa," Riddhima moans.Armaan smirks and leans his face closer to Riddhima's.Armaan grabs her arm and pulls her up then pushes her on the bed.Riddhima shakes her head, crying and Armaan lays on top of her.Armaan slides his hand down her body and between her legs.Riddhima closes her eyes as she felt his fingers doing their job down where she didn't want them to be.Riddhima grips Armaan's collar and moans as she cries.Riddhima buries her face in neck and wraps her arms around his neck tightly.Armaan feels her shaking because of crying but he didn't care. Armaan pulls his fingers away from her and Riddhima calms down a bit but she could still feel it.Armaan pushes her off of him and walks in the bathroom. Riddhima laid on the bed, crying with her hair spread on the bed.

Riddhima is making breakfast in the kitchen when Balwinder walked in and saw Riddhima's eyes looking somewhere else but her hands doing the work and that is when he noticed that is about to cut her finger."Riddhima!" Balwinder yells. Riddhima comes out of her thoughts and looks at Balwinder."Beta, dekhe kam karo. Tum abhi apna ungli kat ne jaa rahi thi," Balwinder said.Riddhima looks down and finds the knife close to her finger and puts the knife and down and moves her hand away."Beta, dekh kar kam karo," Balwinder said.Riddhima nods with her head down."Aap kuch chaiye tha?" Riddhima asks, looking at him."Mujhe pani chaiye tha," Balwinder said."Aap ko aani ki kya zaroorat thi?Aap mujhe keh dete aur main aap ko la deti," Riddhima said."Nai, tum pehle hi bohut kuch kar chuki ho," Balwinder said, filling himself a glass of water.After drinking the water, Balwinder left and that is when Armaan entered the kitchen."Maine tujhe pure ghar main dhund raha hoon aur tu yahan hai," Armaan said."Main toh har roz idhar hi hoti hoon," Riddhima said.Armaan walks over to her and pulls on her arm. "Aap kahan lekar jaa rahe hain mujhe?" Riddhima asks as she is being dragged by Armaan."Chup chap chalo," Armaan orders."Lekin - " Armaan stops and glares at her as grip tightens on her arm.Riddhima winces and tries to get Armaan's hand off of her arm."Chode mujhe.Maine kahin nai jaana," Riddhima says, crying."Tu mujhe bataye gi ke tujhe kahan jaana hai aur kahan nai jaana," Armaan said. That is when Siddhant came."Armaan, yeh tu kya kar raha hai?" Siddhant asks.Armaan looks at Siddhant then at Riddhima."Kuch nai.Riddhima ki aankh main kuch chala gaya tha," Armaan lies and curses Siddhant for coming along with loosening his grip on Riddhima's arm.Riddhima looks at Armaan then at Siddhant.Riddhima wanted to rip Siddhant's head off when she saw that smirk forming on his lips. Riddhima moves closer to Armaan and holds his arm, showing Siddhant that she is only Armaan's.Armaan looks down at her surprised and Riddhima looks up at him.

Riddhima feels someone take a hold of her from behind but it wasn't Armaan as it wasn't his touch."Main tumse pyar karta hoon, Riddhima," Siddhant said in Riddhima's ear as he nuzzles her hair.Riddhima's eyes go wide and does her best to get Siddhant off of her."Siddhant, chodo mujhe.Main kisi aur ki patni hoon!" Riddhima yells."Jo tujhse pyar nai karta," Siddhant says with gritted teeth."Chodo mujhe," Riddhima says, her efforts of getting free going in vain as she cries.Just then Khushi walks in and she gasps getting Siddhant's attention.Siddhant lets go of Riddhima and runs away.Riddhima falls to the floor crying and Khushi rushes to Riddhima."Bhabhi, aap theek hain?" Khushi asks, stroking her hair.Riddhima cries in Khushi's arms.


Hope you all enjoyed.If you want PMs just add me as your friend and you'll get PMs.

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-Jhalli- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
thats the gr8 part
iam egerly wanted to no wat will happen next
thanks fo the pm
love ria

Edited by Riarai2346 - 16 June 2011 at 10:04am
miss93 Goldie

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Posted: 16 June 2011 at 9:53am | IP Logged


awesome part I just loved. please don't let Riddhima suffer more and get Sid away from AR.
can't wait for the next part con. soon.
tnx for the pm
take care
love miss93
Stupidcupid1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 June 2011 at 9:54am | IP Logged
Hate wat armaan is doin to riddhima
Update soon

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