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Armaan.Riddhima .|Aadha Ishq|. -Part 3-Updated (Page 3)

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Part 2

"Riddhima!" Armaan's voice boomed in the house.Riddhima gasps and comes out of her thoughts.She was going through the cupboard when her eyes landed on her wedding dress that her mother-in-law gave to her two years ago.Riddhima closes the cupboard door and walks out and sees Armaan making his way to their room."Ji, kya hua?" Riddhima asks in a soft voice."Main tumhe kitni daer se awaaz laga raha hoon aur tu koi jawaab nai de rahi," Armaan scolds her.Riddhima looks down guilty. "Main...main...-" Riddhima kept on saying."Mujhe koi bahana nai suna," Armaan said, walking in their room and Riddhima follows him."Jaldi se mera saman bando," Armaan said, looking through his phone.Riddhima looks at him confused and shocked."Aap kahan jaa rahe hain?" Riddhima asks.Armaan looks at her,"Tujhe fikar karni ki koi zaroorat nai hai.Tujh se jo kaha hai woh kar," Armaan said, pointing at her.Riddhima starts packing Armaan's clothes and belongings.He was talking on the phone and Riddhima's eyes slowly go on Armaan.Light wind started to blow and Riddhima's eyes were only fixated on Armaan.Its like she had no control on her eyes. Even though Armaan behaves badly and rudely with her, he is still her husband and she couldn't stop herself from falling in love with him."Aise kya dekh rahi ho!" Armaan yells.Riddhima didn't notice when he stopped talking on the phone and looked at her.Riddhima quickly looks away and puts Armaan's things in the bag."Aap ka saman ho gaya," Riddhima said, after an hour.Armaan nods and continues his work.Riddhima looks at him then walks away to the kitchen."Oye Riddhima bhabhi," said the servant, Khushi.She is a young girl whose parents have passed away four years ago and ever since then she has been the Mallik's servant.Riddhima looks at Khushi asking her whats wrong through her eyes."Aap itne gham main kyun hai?" she asks."Nai, main toh bas aise hi," Riddhima said."Aap ko dhuk ho raha hai ke aap ke woh jaa rahe hain," Khushi said, teasing Riddhima by nudging her arm.Riddhima laughs slightly and looks down.Khushi could make anyone happy and Riddhima is happy to find a friend in Khushi.There about the same age but still Khushi takes Riddhima as an elder and respects her even after Riddhima telling her many times not to."Acha koi gaana gaate hain," Khushi said."Nai, Khushi, aaj nai," Riddhima said. "Arre, sirf ek gaana," Khushi pleads.Riddhima sighs,"Theek hai." Khushi smiles big and starts thinking of a song."Munni badnaam hui darling tere liye, munni badnaam hui darling tere liye," Khushi starts."Munni ke gal gulabi, nain sharabi, chal navabi re," Riddhima joins in."Munni badnaam hui darling tere liye," they sing together but Riddhima stops when she sees Armaan walk in."Riddhima bhabhi badnaam hui Armaan bhaiya ke liye," Khushi sang and Riddhima's eyes go wide, hearing Khushi's lyrics.Riddhima slaps Khushi's arm and turns her around.Khushi's mouth jaw drops open and her eyes pop out.Riddhima lowers her head when Armaan glares at her."Khushi, tum yahan kam karti hona?" Armaan asks.Khushi nods with her head lowered."Agar tumhe yahan kam karna hai toh gao mat," Armaan yells."Galti ho gayi, bhaiya," Khushi said and gets back to work. "Riddhima, main jaa raha hoon," Armaan said and walks out."Rukiye," Riddhima yells and runs after Armaan.Armaan turns around and looks at Riddhima."Kya hai?" Armaan asks, annoyed.Riddhima sees his annoyed expression."Kuch nai," Riddhima replies."Agar baat kuch nai thi toh roka kyun!?" Armaan yells.Riddhima looks down."Aur haan, agar Khushi se baat karni hai toh gao mat," Armaan said. Riddhima looks at Armaan with her eyes moist."Aap hamesha mujhe daant the kyun hai?" Riddhima asks.That made Armaan angry.Armaan grabs Riddhima's arms and pulls her toward himself.Riddhima puts her hands on his chest to push him away but he wouldn't budge.Armaan wraps his arm around Riddhima's waist tightly while his other hand held her hands behind her back."Main tera pati hoon aur main tujh se jaise bhi chahe baat kar sakta hoon," Armaan tells her.Riddhima looks in his eyes and saw nothing but hatred in them.Couldn't Armaan see the love in her eyes for him?"Gadi main baitho," Armaan orders.Riddhima looks at him questioning but seeing his glare and she obeys.Armaan starts the car and drives to a jungle.Riddhima looks at the jungle then at Armaan.He got out of the car then pulls Riddhima out of the car."Aa...aap mujhe yahan kyun lekar aaye hain?" Riddhima winces in pain when he grabbed her wrist."Abhi tujhe pata chal jayega," Armaan said through gritted teeth, shutting the car door and opening the back door. Armaan pushes her in and Riddhima gasps as she falls in the back seat.Armaan takes his shirt off and gets on top of Riddhima."Aaj nai," Riddhima begs with tears falling out of her eyes."Chup kar!" Armaan yells and smacks his lips on Riddhima's. Riddhima cries as she tries to push Armaan away.Armaan pulls away,"Tu baaz nai aayegi!" Armaan holds her hands up and kisses her.Riddhima groans when Armaan bites her lip.Armaan pulls back and looks in Riddhima's eyes and sees something but he couldn't make out what it was.Armaan pushes that thought aside and continues with what he started.Riddhima wanted to get out of the misery as fast as she could."Aap...aap...ko jaana nai hai," Riddhima breathes out while Armaan kisses her legs.Riddhima arches her back when she felt his hand where she didn't want it to be.She is use to this but still she doesn't like it the way she is treated.Now she knows that Ananya meant that weddings are not successful.The husbands abuse their wives till no extent."Apna kam khatam kar ke jaoga," Armaan said, kissing Riddhima's neck."Yeh toh aap...kabhi bhi...kar sakte hain," Riddhima managed to say.Armaan looks at her face and Riddhima looks at him. Armaan gets off of her and puts his shirt back on.Riddhima fixes her clothes and looks at Armaan who was now sitting in the front seat."Main tera naukar nai hoon. Aage aake baitho," Armaan said, looking straight ahead.Riddhima sits in the passenger seat and Armaan drives back home.Riddhima watches Armaan drive away.

Khushi walks in Armaan and Riddhima's room and sees Riddhima sitting on the bed, looking aimlessly.Khushi shakes Riddhima lightly and Riddhima looks at Khushi."Khushi, tu kab aayi?" Riddhima asks, standing up."Bas abhi hi," Khushi said and notices Riddhima being disturbed."Bhabhi, sab kuch theek hai na?" Khushi asks.Riddhima looks at Khushi and forces a smile."Haan, sab theek hai.Tujhe fikar karni koi zaroorat nai hai," Riddhima assures Khushi."Aap Armaan bhaiya se kuch kehti kyun nai.Woh aap ko kitna daant the hain," Khushi said, angry at Armaan for treating her friend like trash.Riddhima looks at Khushi."Jab teri shaadi hogi tab tu bhi samajh jayegi.Waise yeh baat chod aur chal.Khana nai banana?" Riddhima said."Kya bhabhi, har roz khana toh hi paka ti hoon," Khushi said, whining.Riddhima laughs as both of them enter the kitchen."Riddhima beta," Ananya walks in the kitchen.Riddhima looks at Ananya and walks over to her."Ji, Mummyji?" Riddhima said."Armaan, chala gaya?" Ananya asks and Riddhima nods."Acha, aaj kuch mehman aa rahe hain aur woh yahan, humare ghar main thode dino ke liye rahege toh main chathi hoon ke khana theek saath baje lag jaye aaj raat ko," Ananya said."Aap fikar mat kijiye, khana ban jayega," Riddhima says with a soft smile."Meri pyari si bachi," Ananya says and kisses Riddhima's forehead.Ananya pulls back and sees a red mark on Riddhima's neck."Beta, yeh tujhe kya hua?" Ananya asks,  putting her hand on the mark.Riddhima lightly winces then realizes that its Armaan who left the mark on her neck."Kuch nai hai, Mummyji," Riddhima said."Lekin lagta hai ke bohut dard ho raha hai," Ananya said."Nai, Mummyji, koi dard nai hai.Aap jaa ke aaram kare.Sham ko aap ke mehman bhi aa rahe hain," Riddhima said.Ananya looks at Riddhima for a second then leaves the kitchen. Riddhima sighs in relief and at the same time Khushi walks over who had heard the whole conversation."Arre, Bhabhi, aunty theek keh rahi hai," Khushi said, gasping and looking at the mark."Kuch nai hai...Khushi," Riddhima hesitates in talking then starts dinner for tonight.

"Aaye Sharma saab, aaye," Balwinder welcomes the Sharma's at the door. "Shukriya," Sharma said as he walks in with his wife and son."Yeh meri patni, Reema aur mera beta Siddhant." Balwinder and Ananya smile at them and they return the smile happily."Armaan, kahin nai dikayi de raha," Sharma said as they sit down for a while before dinner."Woh usko urgently bahar jaana pada," Balwinder said."Acha," Sharma replies, nodding.Riddhima walks out dressed in a green sari and not to forgetting her mangalsutar and sindoor."Yeh hai Riddhima, Armaan ki patni," Balwinder introduces his daughter-in-law to his friends.Riddhima smiles at them and takes blessings from Sharma and Reema."Woh khana lag gaya hai," Riddhima says with a sweet smile.All of them make their way towards the dining area while Riddhima waited for everyone to go before her.Siddhant was the last one and as he walked out, he stared at Riddhima with a smirk on his face. Riddhima just watches him walk away making her scared and getting weird feeling in her stomach that she couldn't explain.Riddhima turns and sees Armaan's picture settled on a table full of pictures.Riddhima walks over the table and picks up Armaan's picture."Agar aap yahan hote toh mujhe bohut acha lagta," Riddhima says and lightly kisses Armaan's picture.Riddhima walks in the dining area and sees Khushi serving everyone and Riddhima starts to help Khushi."Tu andar jaa," Riddhima mumbles to Khushi.Khushi looks at Riddhima with her eyes showing emptiness and Khushi walks back in the kitchen.When Riddhima entered the dining area, she could see Khushi serving them uncomfortably.Ananya had told Khushi something but Khushi just shook her head in response and continued to serve.Khushi didn't like it when other people that were rich as the Mallik's came. She felt left out and uncomfortable and the Mallik's completely understood that and didn't force her to serve them.Riddhima takes Siddhant's plate and puts food in it. Riddhima could feel Siddhant's gaze on her and she didn't like it.Riddhima glares at him as she puts his plate in front of him.Siddhant takes a bite of his food with his eyes still on Riddhima."Wah, aunty ji, khana toh badiya bana hai," Siddhant compliments."Shukriya beta, lekin maine nai banaya.Humari Riddhima ne banaya hai," Ananya said."Acha," Siddhant said, acting surprised.Siddhant knew that Riddhima had made it because what rich people would make their own food.Since Riddhima is their daughter-in-law, its her duty to make food."Phir lagta hai ke mujhe bhi apni patni dhund leni chaiye jo Riddhima jaise acha sa khana banaye," Siddhant said."Itni aasaani se nai milne wali," Balwinder said."Toh phir main Riddhima se shaadi kar leta hoon," Siddhant said.Everyone became quiet and looked at Siddhant.Riddhima's eyes were wide and shock is written all over her face.Siddhant laughs,"Main mazaak kar raha tha.Ab sabke chehre dekhne ke layak the." "Siddhant," Reema said, laughing nervously at her son's joke.

Riddhima was alone in the kitchen as it was late at night and Khushi had went to go to sleep while the elders and Siddhant were still awake and catching up on old times.Siddhant walks in and sees Riddhima.Riddhima's hair was on one side which exposed her back.Siddhant licks his lips seeing Riddhima's back and his hand clenches into a fist to control himself.Riddhima turns around and sees Siddhant and gasps."Aap...aap yahan," Riddhima said, nervously.Siddhant smirks at Riddhima's nervousness."Main tumse milne aaya hoon," Siddhant said, walking towards Riddhima.Riddhima's eyes go wide when she saw him making his way towards."Dekhiye door se baat kare," Riddhima said, moving back and not looking at him."Tum jaanti ho ke jab maine tumhe dekha toh mera dil tum pe mar gaya," Siddhant said.Riddhima looks at him."Meri shaadi ho chuki hai," Riddhima said, disgusted by the fact that this man is telling her about his feelings to a married girl. "Apni had par mat karo," Riddhima said, pointing her finger at him."Main ek shaadi shuda ladki hoon aur tumhe sharam nai aati ke tume ek shaadi shuda ladki se aise baat karte ve." Siddhant shakes his head with the smile still on his face.Riddhima couldn't believe the nerve of this guy."Aap, yahan se chale jaye," Riddhima says. "Agar nai jao ga toh?" Siddhant challenged."Phir main chilao gi," Riddhima replies."Chila ke toh dekho," Siddhant said.Riddhima was about to scream but then realizes what will she say if someone asks her why she is screaming.If she tells them about Siddhant hitting on her then that could create problems.Riddhima looks at Siddhant and he moves closer."Door raho mujhse," Riddhima says as she moves back."Tum dono yahan kya kar rahe ho?Chalo bahar," Ananya said, walking in.Riddhima thanks Ananya for coming at the right time, silently.

"Armaan aa gaya!" Ananya yells which goes throughout the whole house. Riddhima who was putting her earring on, turns around with a huge smile on her face.Riddhima runs out of the room and down the stairs and sees Armaan getting greeted at the door.He went for one day but it felt like he left for one year.Armaan hugs Sharma and sees Riddhima looking at him with a dreamy smile.Armaan looks at her confused then Siddhant came in front of her.Armaan pulls back from Sharma and walks over to Siddhant."Arre, Sid tu bhi hai yahan?" Armaan said."Haan, tujhe kya lagta hai ke main apne bachpan ke dost se nai milne aaoga," Siddhant said. Riddhima looks at Siddhant then at Armaan.They were childhood friends and if Riddhima says anything against Siddhant then Armaan will definitely take Siddhant's side.Its better she's stays quiet and tolerates Siddhant for a few more days.Armaan said hello to everyone except Armaan."Armaan, apni patni se nai miloge?" Reema said, with a smile.Armaan smiles at her then his smile fades when he looks at Riddhima.Riddhima's head was lowered and she didn't speak one word."Hume ine akela chod dena chaiye," Ananya said, giggling.All of them left, leaving Armaan and Riddhima alone.Once Riddhima didn't hear their footsteps or voices, she hugs Armaan, tightly.Armaan was taken aback by her hug but wraps one arm around Riddhima.Riddhima smiles when she feels him respond to her hug.Riddhima lifts her head up and looks in Armaan's eyes.Arman looks down at her.He could still see what he saw yesterday in Riddhima's eyes but can't tell what it is.Armaan didn't know why but he felt that Riddhima looks irresistible in the red salwar kameez she is wearing.Armaan puts hands on Riddhima's upper arms and pulls her close to himself.Riddhima closes her eyes and waits for him to do something.Every time he'd leave and come back, he needs something from her and that is just one thing.Armaan leans his head down more and kisses her lips. This time Riddhima responds, usually she would try to push him away but today she wanted to kiss him.


Here's the second part.I got 15 comments for the first one which made me very happy.

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Loved the update
Update soon
-Jhalli- IF-Sizzlerz

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rhey thats gr8 so riddhima is already fallen in love with arman and arman is alowly falling for her thats gr8 plz do continue soon i love to read more and thanks for pm

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superb part
luvd it
thnx 4 d pm
cont soon

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hey awesome ff
cont soon
do pm me
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amazing one
wen will armaan understand her...Disapprove...hez being so rude
cont soon
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I just love you ff. I'm glad that Riddhima loves Armaan now and just how he also star to love her and not only love her ofr other things. I just hateee Sid sooo much, please don't let riddhima suffer I think she is already suffering because of Armaan. the part was just great:))
con very very very very very soon
tnx for the pm
take care
love miss93

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