Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF-'Trust me, I am with you'- Promo pg 149 (Page 4)

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reserved again kavya :)

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Kavya.i edited my spot on pg2..

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Part 2 :


 Arjun was really surprised this time, he didn't expect it to be a school for special kids. They entered the property and soon they went around , talked about what needs to be done, jignesh was given the task of handling advt. And media , there was lot of work to be done. Rudra asked arjun what he thought, 'whatever you say dad, I will be here as long as you need me here, then I would like to go back' he said, I will stay in Mumbai. Rudra din say anything in reply , he just nodded like we will see. By the time they reached home arjun got a call from jai that sanchit will be around there and he can come with him. 'what do you know, its hardly been a day and he already has friends to hang out with' jignesh said to rashi 'well he can even make a rock converse, I am not surprised' she replied. They had a lot on their hands, mom and daadi will arrive soon and they will be official settling here, and she was not sure if jignesh would like to continue staying in this place, he might prefer being in mumbai, and if arjun doesn't want to either and dad will be left alone, her thoughts were racing and did not realize when sanchit came and when they left in arjun's car.



Sanchit was jai's friend who in turn knew arjun from college. After studies he had come back and just few days ago jai came to know arjun would be in the same town and was excited since arjun's company was always entertaining and he was good to hang out with. It was reasonably busy town , closer to the nearest city which made many people to live there and work in the city. 'So how do you like our town' sanchit asked him. 'it's allright, not as small as I thought it to be' following sanchit's direction to turn left. 'I have to make a quick stop to talk to my sister, is that fine with you' sanchit said, 'sure, just keep telling me where to go and we will' raising the volume of the system in the car and increasing the speed a bit more, they had a little chat slowly getting comfy, it was not hard to talk when arjun was there it just came naturally, they finished talking about almost everything until sanchit finally asked 'so you have any girlfriend back in the city' 'I did but not now, I am single and ready to mingle, why? do you want to recommend someone ' he said laughingly , the only girl sanchit or his mom could think of when someone spoke of marriage or fixing up with someone was arohi , he smiled at his thougt and said out loudly 'there is , but it wont work out' ' really, why' arjun asked as a matter of fact, he never thought of anything that will not work out without trying. 'she isn't of the type to go out, plus you want to go back to mumbai and she is rooted here , so ..' 'not if she has the charm to hold me back here, does she?' arjun said laughingly not giving much importance to what he was saying. 'donno about that , but she sure is charming' sanchit replied, and asked arjun to make another right and made him stop in front of 'chetana' .



Isnt this the school dad told about, arjun thought , 'mind if I come in too' he said walking along with sanchit not waiting for his answer. Sanchit didn't need any reason to talk to arohi , he would just come and meet her and guddi whenever he was around, and with holidays and no college he just did whatever pleased him. As they both went in, Arjun took in all the details, it was a small building with a small set up. Sanchit already went into a room, may be his sister is in there, is the lady who sold the property to them also here? he wondered, and almost bumped into a desk when he heard a soft sweet voice 'watch out' and he stopped, in front of him stood a pretty girl next to sanchit . 'thanks' he said , and looked around, there were about 10 kids in the room, all special kids. 'Arjun this is my sister Arohi , aro this is arjun , you know him' , they said a quick hello and looked at sanchit 'oh I mean, you know singhania's right, this is Arjun Singhania, Mr. Singhania's son' 'ohh, oh sorry I din know that, nice to meet you' she said with a friendly smile extending her hand for a shake. Arjun shook her hand, her hands were so soft and he din even want to squeeze it hard so just gave a gentle firm handshake. Something made him want to look at her constantly and it felt good, may be her keen eyes and confident face and the friendly smile. Sanchit again hit his forehead like he forgot something 'and Arjun this is same person who sold you the property'. This was the least arjun had expected, even though dad said it was a young girl he had imagined someone to start a school and sell a property to be a much older person may be a little older than rashi , but the girl who stood there looked younger than him, how could she possibly be running a school. But he didn't let that show up. 'oh well in that case thank you' he said politely 'my dad is both happy and impressed' he said 'likewise' she said 'I mean about your dad .. and the deal' she corrected herself . 'you have an interesting place here' he said as if wanting to start off a convo, 'thanks' she said, not giving much scope to continue, sanchit cut in 'you want to go around?' around arjun thought there must be hardly 4 or 5 rooms, but replied 'yeah sure why not' this time looking around observing, 'aro come' sanchit prompted her, 'one second' she bent down to give a kid the block he was wanted but only held it a little away from him, while the spastic child tried to get it , after 3-4 attempts he finally reached it. Satisfied Arohi walked towards the two men, watching her. She caught arjun's eyes and smiled , 'that is aditya , he likes his blocks a lot' she said without him asking. Slowly they walked , for arjun this was the first time he was among so many kids, he sad seen mentally challenged or spastic kids before and interacted with a few too , but this was different, here he was actually seeing them being taught . he watched arohi stop by couple of kids helping them without letting them know she was helping. Then they stopped in the third room, where he was introduced to guddi. 'this is my antoher beautiful sister, guddi' sanchit said . as guddi saw arohi she came up to her excitedly continuously talking , telling her all that had happened in the past few minutes, only arjun did not understand what she was saying. But arohi seemed to , since she was responding to her and then hugged her and asked her to go back to her place. That is when guddi saw arjun , and came to him , he was too tall to ignore. Arjun smiled at her and extended his hand for a handshake and guddi shook his hand continuously until sanchit cut in to give his hand and she shook his hand, but this time left his hand soon , since she was used to the fact that sanchit wanted the hand shake to end after two times, so she left him and went back to her place saying 'buhuh byeee' she put her palm to her mouth with her middle finger a little inwards than the other four and moved around to bring it back to her side giving him a flying kiss , sanchit replied 'bye' with a flying kiss , arohi waved to all the kids and they moved from there.



All three came back to the front room, and sanchit and arjun left. Arohi for some reason stood there for a couple of minutes watching them go by, she liked the way arjun reacted to guddi, and to all the kids and to the school. 'good people' she thought about the singhanias as a whole and went in, there was still 3 more hours before the school ended, and then they will wait for the school van to drop them all off home one by one, and for some kids parents would come to pick up, she became busy soon.



Once on the road , arjun blurted out to sanchit 'you never told it was your sister who runs the school'  'didn't occur to me, isn't she amazing though' 'yeah she is , I mean by looking at the school you can tell,   I mean at such young age"  hoping that sanchit will reveal how old she was ,  seeing no such thing happening he questioned specifically 'how old is your sister'    'oh  both are my cousins ,  and guddi is 16 and all the kids over there are of different ages with different capabilities' arjun looked at him surprised 'well arohi doesnot like to call them disabilities , she thinks they are special because they have the capability to learn despite the fact that they have limitations' arjun remembered her friendly smile.  He din want to ask sanchit again how old aro was.  Soon they were at jai's place and then went on to the field to play cricket and then the day flew by . At night after his usual chatter at the dining table and his daily dose of irritating rashi , he went to bed. Once he was alone , he couldnot stop but think of the school and arohi again. Only few people impressed arjun to the extent that he remembered them without any reason. She sure was pretty he thought, more than that he was impressed by her way of interaction with kids over there, she was very soft and friendly, he tossed again, not realising that he was constantly thinking of her sight, he finally drifted to sleep.



Arohi on the other hand was not thinking of arjun, it was like out of sight out of mind, so she thought.   By the time she came home there was package waiting for her, a box of art supplies, wooden toys, paints, ribbon  etc., a complete package that she had ordered for an art session for the class .  She regretted the fact that she did not have them delivered at school directly. She made a mental note not to forget abt that. Sanchit came in to chat with her, after a while he suddenly asked 'so what did you think of arjun' 'who? oh the guy who came with you ' she was surprised that she actually rembered how and what arjun walked and talked, she shook her head 'he was fine , I guess ' 'yeah? he is more than fine, you should see him interact with people, very easy to get along ' he finished. ' I see ' she said, again not giving scope for the convo to conitnue. 'he was impressed by you and the school' , 'mm hmmm' came her reply. 'oh comeon arohi, cant you for once give a reply more than that '  ' more than what ? what do want me to say. you brought a friend with you and he saw the school and he left'  'fine, be like this'  he left from there irritated. arohi did not understand what sanchit's problem was, what was she supposed to say . he will be allright by tomorrow she thought to herself. Seeing guddi , she remembered how arjun shook his hands with her with a genuine smile. She also remembered he was wearing a bright blue polo and black jeans, both not her colors she thought, but wait why was she even thinking if they were her colors infact why does she even have to remember what he was wearing . She shook her head, said her usual prayer and went back to sleep, not before remembering the glimpse of how he was abt to hit the desk and she warned him with her watch out .


Part 3

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Wow...kavya...the update was amazing...!!
Arjun attracted to arohi by her simple kindness...!! Loved it..!!

Waiting for the next part!!

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its very nice n am impressed wth arjun  n arohi..
she s too cute ...n innocent

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Liked The Update Very Much :)) Cont. Soon :]

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Aw,sweet interactionsSmile

Update soon

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