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and fate brought us together II AR note pg 20 (Page 3)

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It hurts to breathe

Because every breath I take

Proves I can't live without you



The door closed loud enough to take everyone out of the shock state, once inside, ridhima pushed her away from armaan; she had never thought such a wonderful day would show up like this! She cursed herself for saying yes to muskaan and Anjali for taking her out for shopping! And more than that she cursed herself for tagging ariha along her!


She should have left her baby girl with Anaya, who till the end told her to leave ariha with them, but thanks to Anjali and muskaan love for the baby, she had to carry her along to the shopping center!


She looked at armaan, who slowly kept ariha, who was again ready to drift to her dream land on the big couch, and then he placed two cushions on her either side, not letting the baby fall. Her heart thudded badly as she saw the care in the eyes and the gestures of armaan for ariha, he loved his daughter a lot, maybe more than her!


She saw him, slowly turning himself towards her, as the moment which happened few minutes back exploded infront of her eyes, God was again playing games with her! But this time he had involved her daughter too. She saw armaan looking at her as anger inside flared high; her tears which were dried now were suddenly ready to start their journey from her eyes towards her cheeks.


Armaan looked at her, as he couldn't understand her emotion, whatever happened outside was too much to handle, especially when it came to ridhima! The relationship between her and him was too much complicated since the start, but now the change in her emotions showed him that it wasn't just the end of the complications, he saw her tears forming, as he slowly moved towards her to remove the little droplet off her cheeks.


He stood there infront of her, while she stared deeply into his eyes, for the first time, she allowed him to see how she was feeling, through her eyes which reflected each and every emotion of hers. He saw tears in her eyes, but above all he saw something new, the captivating eyes of her, were showing how she was feeling, what emotional game her mind and heart was playing. He saw hurt, pain, anger, fear and above all the need to be saved from such situation.


His own anger subsided, as he saw the need to take care of her, but something stopped him, something told him not to do anything to her, maybe her anger was much louder than her fear and need, which ordered him not to do anything.


He moved his hand to remove the small tears, as she quickly pushed it away with all her force

"ridhi…" he couldn't say anything, as he felt her pointing her finger infront of him.

"don't! don't you dare say anything, which can't help me in this situation" she flared angrily, still forcing herself to control her voice, not let her little darling daughter get scared.

"what do you mean?" he question. no doubt his mind and her eyes told him not to show any comfort towards her.

"Yeah right! That's what is only left to say from your side! Just outside you had opened your mouth to give the entire media, the spiciest news, and now you question what I meant!" she stormed, as she remembered how he had declared her his wife.


He fumed with sudden anger, as he realized what she meant, he raised his hand and pushed it on his hair, making them go back and then jump again infront, hiding his forehead sexily, while he took deep breathe, trying to compose himself, guiding himself not to take out his own anger on her, like last time.


"so you think that whatever happened was planned?" the questioned registered in her brain, as the tears stopped themselves, on their own accord.


"You wish" she whispered vexedly, "I don't think it was all planned, I think it was all planned by you" her infuriated eyes showed that to him, as he felt himself breaking down after hearing the blame she threw towards him.


He quickly grabbed her arms, and pulled her towards him, jamming her body with himself, making her stare into his eyes, "you think I planned all this" he questioned, making himself sure that whatever  he had heard was said by her.


"if you do things like these, then I won't think, I'll believe that it is you, who planned all this" she answered, as she felt him pushing her hard, her feet tumbled backward, as she felt herself falling, when suddenly, armaan moved to hold her, not letting her touch the ground, not letting her blame for another good reason and most importantly not letting his love getting hurt in front of his own eyes.


He held her securely, while guiding her to stand still, and moved a bit away from her, scared with the fact that she herself will push him. "don't play games armaan, please, I won't survive, if you do things like these" she sighed, as she saw him backing away from her, and then turning to look again.


"you think I am playing games? You think I am the one who drag us into this trouble? You think that to make you mine, I'll stooped this low, that I need the help of few cameras, to claim my right upon you?" his eyes showed that how true his words were, she wanted to believe him, but something forced her not to, her mind blamed armaan for the risen situation as she felt confused after hearing the words which were coming out from his mouth.


"I don't wish to believe any word of yours armaan" she whispered, as his brain registered the words she had just said.

"after what we have in between, you don't trust my words!?!" it wasn't just a random question, it was a statement that how badly he somewhere in his heart wanted her to trust him. how he wished that she could trust him just a little to believe what he had said.


"we have nothing in between armaan" she stated, making him look at her with different emotions, the emotions which reflected the pain his heart has been holding, the eyes which hid all the emotions once, were now displaying themselves, the lonely eyes were filled with thousands of unsaid sentiments, knowing well that this was the only person who could be blamed for these sentiments to born in his eyes.


He sighed angrily, knowing well that I was just a waste of time, to show her what he was feeling, she had again kicked his feeling aside, like she have done since the start, and right now he was not in the mood to feel another little betrayal "you know what! Sometimes I feel it was a mistake to fall in love with you, a mistake to enter that club and feel extra protect about you! But then the other part of me which is my heart shows me the most beautiful phase of my life, My Daughter and then I feel everything is alright"


"that is what holding me, my daughter, otherwise I wouldn't have been standing here infront of you like this" she spat, knowing really well how her word have been hurting him all along, somewhere her heart was telling her not say anything but then her mind was making her memorize the situation she had see.


He wanted to say something, show her how her words haven't effected him, but then a knock on door stopped them, he turned to open the door quietly, as with the corner of his eyes he saw ridhima, closing her eyes tightly as he saw tear dripping down again, but she rubbed them off, and then he knew that if she had hurt him, then she have felt the same pain rising inside her


Rahul, atul, Anjali and muskaan quietly entered the room, as armaan opened the door for them, they looked at the situation inside, and they could bet the air of the room wasn't good, a fear suddenly rose into rahul's heart, maybe whatever him and atul have planned hasn't worked out, maybe whatever they have gone through today was just to bring trouble in his brother's life.


He looked to see atul looking towards him already, as they saw armaan making his way towards ariha, who have already fell into sleep, their eyes then moved towards ridhima who just stood there, her face told that she had cried a lot, but it also showed that she had tried to protect herself, no doubt she and armaan would have fought.


"bhai!" Anjali whispered, as she saw armaan looking up to her, she didn't know what to say, but right now she cursed her own self for adding herself into this plan.


"yeah!" he mumbled, while looking at his daughter who was busy sleeping, he felt it funny how this little girl was busy sleeping while the rest of the family was going through tension, but somewhere he felt a bit relieved, he was happy that his daughter wasn't going through this same situation, he never wanted her to stand in the place where he himself with ridhima was standing.


Since the day he had seen this little girl in his home, somewhere deep down he had started to plan for her future, a future which he planned will be full of happiness, he had seen her taking first baby step towards him, in his dream, he had seen her making her way out of her school and running towards him, climbing his stomach just to wake him up in the morning, showing her report card, and then getting a bit scared thinking that he will scold her, he himself was surprised, his dream occupied of his family, a family with ridhima, a family with full of love relations but these dream were yet to be satisfied and somewhere he was scared, scared of dreaming things which can't see getting fulfilled, not atleast now!


"You wanted to ask something?" armaan questioned, his eyes moved to see the four standing and looking towards him, ridhima stood next to the table, thinking deeply.


"what will happen now?" the question made him think for a while, and somewhere he knew the answer, ridhima eyes moved upon his face, trying to judge what he was going to say, each and everyone was waiting for his answer.


His eyes moved, upon his lovely daughter and then on ridhima and then he shifted his gaze upon the four standing infront of him "what do you think? I guess I was enough clear for you all, to understand what I said outside"


The words banged into ridhima's brain, she had thought that whatever armaan had said outside was just to protect them from the media, and she never knew that he meant, what he had said "armaan"!


"Ridhima, I guess bhai is right!" atul mumbled, knowing well that, whatever he would say right now, would be of no use, both armaan and ridhima were adamant on what they say, changing their decision or going against what they say, would only help in worsening the situation.


"how can you even say that atul?" ridhima gasped, she wasn't surprise after hearing it from him, they were armaan's family and at the end of the day they would agree on whatever armaan will say, but still a little shock took over her, somewhere deep down she expected someone to be on her side.


Her eyes moved towards, Anjali and muskaan who were just standing there, silently agreeing with atul and armaan, she hoped that atleast they would agree, but then her expectations were broken.


"Yes ridhima! atul is right, I guess, whatever happens, happens for a reason, and maybe whatever happened outside, was for yours and ariha's good" muskaan said, hoping that maybe ridhima could understand, that it was for her own good, it was a high time, that she name hers and armaan relation, because at the end of the day, no one but ariha was going to suffer.

"why I'm not surprised, I knew, you all are going to side with armaan, after all he is your family, right!" the want, of having someone on her side was completely visible, and somewhere armaan understood it, he knew how she would be feeling right now, the situation which have just dropped on them was not easy to handle for anyone, and he knew it was difficult for ridhima too.


"How can you say that ridhima? We all are with you, and remember we are saying this only for you and ariha, because at the end, you are going to suffer, bhai wont!" Anjali announced as she moved towards her.


"I guess, we should leave, mom and dad would be waiting, and they would be need an explanation of whatever has happened, rahul have any channel aired the news till now?"Armaan questioned, as he got up taking ariha in his arms, while she snuggled in her father's hold, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep.


"Not till now, our company have strictly ordered them, not to air it, few minor channels have agreed, but


I guess the bigger channel would take time to agree, but it would be difficult" rahul sighed, he knew the plan has worked up till now, but the media crisis was too difficult to handle, he hadn't thought that armaan would order him to stop the media to play the recorded video, therefore he never thought to hire a fake media, and told abhi to call the real one, and now he was stuck, as the media was adamant to play the whole coverage, while armaan was forcing him to stop them.

"do whatever you can rahul, I don't want any person to know what happened in office through media" he sighed, as he turned to see ridhima, who was standing and listening, totally worn out due to crying "let's leave ridhima" he ordered, while she looked up to see him.

"yes, we should leave"  mumbling, she went forward, trying to get ariha from his arms, while he nodded in no, she sighed and moved again, leaving the room, while armaan looked at atul, rahul, Anjali and muskaan, he stood there, reading their faces, his own emotions confusing and scaring them.

"I don't know what to say to you people? But after looking at her face, I can only say, It was a wrong way to do a good deed" their heart thudded, as his voice registered "but I'm not angry on you people, because the whole situation was depending on my reactions" saying this he left the room, following ridhima behind, while ariha was still sleeping in his arms.


Atul looked at his side, while rahul stood amazed, muskaan mouth was wide open, while Anjali stared at the floor as a small child "who would have told him?" atul almost shouted, taking everyone out of the trance.

"I can't get, how did he knew!" rahul announced, looking at the other three.

"I didn't told him, and i can trust you guys that you all didn't told him too" Anjali sighed. As she saw muskaan, who just stood there still.

"I don't know, truly who would have told him? Because nobody knew, what we were planning" they stared at each other confused, and worried, scared that how will they face their own brother.


Three cars stood directly at the front door of the Malliks Industry, each one separately protected by the dozen of guards; rahul kept a complete check over the security after what happened back in the office and armaan constant questioning about the media putting the news on air, plus armaan already knowing the fact that, his own brothers and sister-in-laws have planned all this, rahul and atul didn't want anything to go out of control.


ridhima quietly followed armaan, who held ariha securely, getting out of the lift and crossing the corridors, she could see the staff constantly looking towards her, but armaan one gaze was enough to stop them, she could see a sudden fear in their eyes, when armaan stared towards them and some how she felt protected knowing that no one was looking towards her or her daughter.


They move towards the main entrance, when the guards quickly opened the huge glass door, and there stood armaan's car, As quickly as wind, armaan moved towards his car, opening the door, for ridhima, whereas, she quietly sat inside the car, and then she saw armaan forwarding ariha towards her.


The girl who was still in her sleep, quickly jumped from her father's arms to her mother's lap, as if understanding the whole situation, armaan ruffled her hair slightly, as he saw how the baby looking towards him, moving his hand away, he saw ridhima bending down and kissing her daughter hair, with all the love she had, he sighed and moved away closing the door, and rushed toward the driver seat.


As if the sudden force has taken over, armaan car zoomed out of the main gates of the malliks industries, while the guards, rahul's and atul car followed them with the same speed, the media was completely avoided by armaan, who waited for him at the main gates. The guards took the charge of not letting them capture any car at all.

As the car crossed the main road armaan took out his cell, he knew that the news was not aired till now, but he wanted to make sure that his home was safe from the media people, he knew that once he'll reach there, people will pounce on them like a hungry loin and he didn't wanted any other news right now.


The phone bell rang twice, as Billy quickly rushed towards the phone, Armaan PA had already called them, and told them each and everything, he knew what had happened in the office, and now from the terrace he could see how, the camera's and the reporters were all waiting for the cars to arrive home. Few of the reported had tried to cross the gates, but the security was strong enough to hold them back.

"Hello" Billy answered the call, as he saw Anaya and Anna talking about something.

"Dad it's me" armaan sighed, suddenly he felt like all his worries were over, hearing his dad voice had always calmed him down.

"Oh! Good Lord, armaan where are you? These people have covered our whole house, they want you" Billy told him.

"dad I'm driving towards home, I want you to look at the security, I don't want any problem when we reach home, rahul and atul cars are following us, with guards all around" armaan concentrated at the driving as he spoke, while ridhima just listened silently.

"You concentrate on your driving, I want you all back safely, got that." a sudden worried Billy spoke.

"yes dad you don't worry, and  yes please, close all our phone lines for two days atleast, until we get all this clear, I'm closing my cell phone, and I want everyone to do the same" he announced, as he took a swift turn, towards the main lane.

"Okay, that will done, you just come back home." Looking outside the window he said.


"Yeah dad, bye" and the phone was canceled, even before Billy could answer him back.

Billy knew what he had to do now, as soon as the armaan's PA had called them, he had made a firm decision of what will happen next, getting angry on the four would have been a highly waste of time, plus he knew that the four had tried to just bring them together, therefore he wasn't angry on them at all.

"What happened? What did he say?" Anaya asked, worried like a sick mother, Billy could easily see, that she was breathing the whole air of the room, and this wasn't the time to fall sick.

"Anaya, you can't fall sick, you know that right! So sit down quietly and have water" forwarding a glass of water and himself getting worried, he said.

"Billy, but…" she whispered, taking the glass of water and drinking a bit from it.

"Listen, nothing would happen okay, they have played enough games! Oh God! They have created a life, Ariha together, and now this is it, I don't care what their decision would be, but I'll be firm on mine!" frustrated with everything, Billy moved his hand on his hair and looked towards Anaya, who just stared back with a blank emotion, as she saw her husband calling someone.


"Janie?" unsurely Billy asked, as he heard someone.


"Yes sir, Mallik industries?" Janie answered, the poor girl who had just thought that she would be at home till two, was now sitting in the office taking a look over everything, she didn't knew such big thing would happened infront of her eyes, how she had told everyone that her boss was a complete bachelor, who wasn't planning to settle down anytime soon, but she never knew, that he already had a daughter and that too, a complete one year old girl.

"Billy speaking" his tone was enough for Janie to get alarmed, she knew that Billy always called her if something extremely important came up, something which no one can handle except for him.

"Yes sir, it's me Janie" she mumbled.

"Janie, called the marriage registrar office, and tell the registrar to reach mallik house tomorrow, till 10 sharp, and if he tries to give you any kinds of stories, then tell him to quietly contact me, and do tell him, that we are going to pay double the amount he collects in his offices" he ordered, as Janie quickly noted every single word he said on the pad.

"Okay sir, I'll do that for sure." She confirmed nicely "and I'll message you as soon as I get this work down for you"

"Sure do tell me, take care" he wished, as he heard Janie saying the same wish and a bye.


Doing the most important work, he turned to see, Anaya smiling at him, and he knew that she had just understood what he had done, he loved her for this, the reason that she understood him soo well, that he didn't needed to say anything to her and yet she would understand him. Moving forward and kissing her forehead, he moved to check the other works his son has ordered, he had decided to close his cell once Janie message is received by him.


Each and everyone stood infront of Billy and Anaya, waiting for them to ask what has happened, they were surprise to see a hard look on Billy face's and a softer one on Anaya's, it has always been the opposite but this time, the situation was a bit more difficult.


Ariha was taken away by Anna, once they had reached home, and all the phone lines and the cell phone were closed, even Billy's as he had just received a message from Janie which showed a positive sign. As soon as the cars have zoomed closer to the house, each and every reporter tried to give a live coverage for their channel, which was stopped by the guards themselves, the cars were safely driven inside, as the cameras were forced to be removed, no one was allowed to capture anything.


"So, I don't think, I have to tell you all what has happened?" Billy questioned, looking at the four standing together.

"Dad…" armaan, came forward; just to be stopped by Billy raised hand.

"What have you decided, ridhima?" Billy questioned turning around, as he saw her sitting on the couch, with Anaya consoling her.

She looked up, as everyone saw her swollen eyes, just because of crying hard, the four standing together cursed, eachother after looking at her face, where as Billy and Anaya was equally worried, she was like their own child, and here just one bad situation has worsen her.

"I'll do whatever is best for ariha, for me she is the most important person" she announced, as she saw armaan looking towards her.

"Are you sure, because we all know what is good for her?" Anaya asked.

"Yes I'm completely sure" she said, as she rubbed her tears away.

"And you know what you have to do?" Billy questioned.


"Yes! I'll marry Armaan Mallik, if that's what you mean" she looked towards armaan, with no emotions, as he looked equally shocked like others, he hadn't expected this, he had thought that she wouldn't understand, and here she had herself announced.


Atul, rahul, Anjali and muskaan looked at eachother, with a sudden glint, their planned had actually worked, they have succeeded in the end, they wanted to dance in complete joy but then, they knew that this wasn't the time to do so.


"Armaan, what about you?" Billy reached towards armaan, and kept his hand on his son shoulder, making him understand that he was there for him, he was there to guide him always, and to make him chose what is best for them.


"I'm equally ready, as ridhima, for me, my daughter comes first" he breathed, as he felt a complete new burst of emotions inside him, 2 years he had waited, he never knew he had a daughter, he never knew that he would meet them like this and he never knew that they would marry like this.


A sudden pull by Billy, made him get out of his thoughts, his dad was hugging him, he moved his hands to hug him back, as he saw Anaya kissing ridhima's head lovingly, he closed his eyes, trying to capture each and every moment. Billy took him out of the hug, and looked at his son face, which had a slightest smile on it.


He then turned towards everyone, looking at each and every face in the room, he announced "the marriage registrar will be here, tomorrow at 10, be ready till that time, first I want them to get married legally and then we can have a small marriage ceremony, I have called pandit too"


As if there was no tension at all, the four jumped high in the air, rahul, muskaan, Anjali and atul pounced on ridhima happily, who just acknowledged them with a smile, armaan just stared at her face, he knew that she had just down all this for ariha, but now, he had to make sure that she starts to live too, enjoy too, and fall in love with her daughters father.


No one knew how time has gone, it was 3 15 in the night, and almost everyone was sleeping, rahul, atul, Anjali and muskaan had a huge inside room talks with Billy and Anaya, and armaan wasn't at all surprised, when he heard some laughter coming out of the room, he could easily guess that they must be laughing on his reaction from the morning incident.


He breathed a huge air, as he crossed ridhima's room, Anna had shifted most of ridhima's and ariha's clothes and things in his room closet, according to his mother order, and he wasn't surprise at all after looking at the latest shopping which muskaan and Anjali has done with her, each and every cloth was unique and beautiful in its own ways, the colors reflected beauty and he could already imagine ridhima looking gorgeous in them.


Going downstairs in just his shorts and vest he moved into the kitchen. Armaan opened the orange light, which lit the kitchen lightly, just so that a person can see a specific thing, he moved towards the cabinet, taking out the coffee, moving towards the electric kettle, he poured some water in it from the flask kept near it, so that it could be boiled, when he felt someone coming towards the kitchen.


Turning back he saw, ridhima wearing a normal night pajamas with a cute pink shirt, a high pony tied and few tendril lose, coming into the kitchen, she was looking hell cute not at all like a mother of one year old, as if no worries have ever crossed her mind. For a moment he wished that god could take him away from the kitchen, so that he couldn't see her getting tensed or worried, or even getting angry.


She stopped in her tracks as she saw, armaan looking towards her, she didn't thought that anyone could be awake at this moment, she considered making a cup of coffee for herself, but then she didn't knew that armaan would be here, she knew that he would be waiting to question her, leaving with him in the same house, has made her learn this much about him, she knew armaan can be very curious over something, even if he doesn't show it.


Not knowing what to do, she just moved ahead, towards the cabinet, hoping to take out the coffee, when she saw that the jar was nowhere to be seen. She turned to look in the other cabinet, but it wasn't there too.

"Are you trying to find this?" armaan questioned, showing her the jar of coffee.

Not knowing what to say, she just moved her head in a yes.

"I'll make it for us, you sit" armaan answered back.

"No need, I'll go, and I won't be able to sleep if I have any" she mumbled, and turned to go, when she felt her arm being captured by him and then a sudden force, from him he made her land in his arms, he securely wrapped his arms, around her waist, as she tried to get out of his hold by pushing him away.

"Leave me armaan" she ordered, looking angrily at him, as he stared back.

"We are getting married tomorrow, ridhima, you should stop acting like a stranger" he told her, trying to hold her strongly against him.


"You aren't my husband now! So leave me, okay, you have no right to touch me" she announced back, anger oozing out.

"Fine! I'll leave you but don't! I say DON'T act like stranger, infront of me" his eyes was furious, and his words showed that. 

"Then what do you want!?! We were strangers, from the start armaan, from the time, when you first touched me, when you left me in that hotel room, when you found me at your home! We were complete strangers, and till now we are! I never knew you and even you don't know me! So how should I act? I respect you as my daughter's father, and that is enough for me" completing her sentence; she felt his hands getting tighter on her waist.

"I won't say anything Mrs. Ridhima Armaan Mallik! Because I know, this strange relation between us would be changed, and I am sure, you will accept it from all your hearts, you will fall in love with me madly! Just the way I have fallen for you two year back!" he smiled, and a glint of naughtiness could be easily seen!

"That won't ever happen Mr. Armaan Mallik, I can never fall in love with you" she announced, as looked into his eyes.

"Oh really!! Because I can see something different in your eyes" he announced, as his fingers made small circles on her side waist, making her difficult to stand the closeness between them.

"Leave me, armaan please" she mumbled, closing her eyes, as a sudden emotion burst into her.

"Why? Are you afraid, that you'll fall in love by standing this close to me?" he questioned, as he pulled her more towards him, as her front touched him.

"Armaan, leave me, ariha" she sighed, as she forced herself to push him away.

"Lame excuse, baby" he added, as he moved towards her long neck, and blew warm air making her flinch, her hands which were kept on his chest to push him away now held his vest tightly, stopping herself to fall.


"You should stop all this" she tried to speak, while his hand, went on her back, holding her hair in his palm, he pulled them slightly, as her whole neck came in his view, he dipped down, as his lips came in contact with her neck, she held him tightly as he kissed her neck, leaving slights marks on her skin, biting it carefully, pouring out his love, as he heard his name coming out in gasp.


He moved a bit up, kissing her chin, with affection and passion, while her hands moved, towards his shoulder, leaving his vest away, her hand held him securely close to herself as he continued to pleasure her skin, with his soft passionate kisses, he then moved towards her lips, blowing air upon them, as they parted away, making him want to touch them with his own.


He kept his lips, upon her, as he felt her relaxing all of a sudden, and then he smiled, he knew that it was difficult to make her confess, but she had something in her heart too, even if it wasn't love, but there was something, maybe just attraction, still even this little fact him happy. He moved his lips in a soft kiss, as he felt her responding too, it was soft, with no eagerness, just like touching a rose petal, but they both knew that the fire between them has just lighten up.


He kissed her softly, as he felt her kissing him back with the same emotions and eagerness, his hands again moved on her waist, bring her more close, if there was any space left, making her hold him even more tightly. Lifting her a bit up from the floor, he deepened the kiss, adding a bit of passion, as she did the same, her hand moved on his nape, and ruffled his hair.


He slightly lightened the kiss and then keeping her on the floor, he just looked at her, who was busy catching air, and he moved his hands from the back to the side of the waist.


"No one kisses a stranger back!!" and he was serious, her eyes flew open, as she registered what has transmitted between them, how can she?? She stood confused, as she looked at his face with horror, why did she kiss him back?? She wanted to tear her own hairs off, as she saw him staring at her with seriousness.


She removed, her eyes from his face, as they on their own accord ended on his shoulders, which were held by her, she quickly removed them away, and just stood there.

"You didn't answer me?" he questioned, folding his hands on his chest.

"I don't wish too!" she replied, making him angry as hell, he held her both arms again roughly, making her flinch in pain.

"You are hurting me!" she winced.

"And you! What do you think you are doing? What have you done till now? You have hurt me so much ridhima, that I don't feel any kind of pain anymore" he announced vexedly, pushing her hard away from him.

"You should stop doing this, you know!" he told her with pain in his eyes, as suddenly they heard a crying voice, he looked at her finally, before moving out of the kitchen, towards his daughter, who has just woken up, knowing well, that if he stood there a bit more, things will only worsen thanks to his temper.


She stood there, looking at him leaving! What has she done? Thing were never on her side, and today she has again done the same mistake, responded him and his touch! Tears formed in her eyes, as she remembered what has happened! Tomorrow she would be married to armaan, and then it was upon her, how she would take things.

pms will be sent soon, if not now, then maybe tomorrow

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 mal i missed u ...
MALEEHAAA woahh U UPDATED... i m so happy... Big smile Big smile
totally loved the update sooo muchhh...
want to say only that yesss they are getting married...
and omggg they KISSED ...Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed 
eagerlly waiting for thier passionate momentsss...
update soon...
Big smile  

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