Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge #134 [13/6 - KMH1 Epi. 1]

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 1:25am | IP Logged
Kitani Mohabbat Hai Season 1 is going to re-air once again in Mohabbat Lounge. Since not all of us were present when KMH1 aired, we will watch the episodes once again and discuss here. ML is a place for discussing the episode and also about creating friendships. Every weekday, that is, Monday - Friday at 10:30PM IST we will watch KMH1 in ML. The link is posted below and sometimes we will also have a weekend marathon(watching a few episodes at once)...which you can possibly call as maha episode, but instead it will be a marathon(watching a few episodes at once). You all have loved ML in Season 2 and we hope you guys enjoy it here just as much or even more with KMH1. 

The NEW ML SIGGIE will be out soon Embarrassed please wait a little...till then make do with this Embarrassed

Welcome back guyzHug 
and now Start sharing your views, critics and commentsLOLnot to forget few rules to keep the discussion flow nice..(kindly follow the rules)

  2. No actor bashing & No derogatory terms to be used.
  3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this show.
  4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
  5. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
  6. First 2 pages of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for Mohabbat lounge"

*Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team*

Mohabbat lounge now has a FB page, so join in & spread the word!/pages/Mohabbat-Lounge/126852497384892

Also join Karan n Kritika's official FB pages 2 stay connected wid d stars..
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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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There can't be a better song of the day than this one for 1st Episode
Day Dreaming


Ari - Page 1
Aksh - Page 1
Naina - Page 4
Anjali - Page 15
Noreen - Page 19
Saffi - Page 20
Mandy - Page 35
Pinky - Page 35

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 2:04am | IP Logged
so before the episode airs, how about we air some promos?? okay so give me 2minutes and I will air all the promos PartyDancing

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 2:05am | IP Logged
DancingHugMl u are backHugDancing
I missed u so so muchCry...Pooh bear thank you so much for u dher sara munch kin ROFLbut phirbhi u'll always be my hitlerROFL
Oh wow and u have brought us kmh1...LOLreally excited to watch kmh1 with my crazyyy paltan this is goanna be funLOLWink

Everyone is hating HP n comparing him to girgitwaliasShocked oh pahleeezzz girgitwalias are unique namunas hes far far better...i really liked him throughout...he had misunderstandings which he couldnt get over using his brain but he always loved his daughters and genuinely cared for em unlikeAngrynyways more on this later when time comes abhi toh bas shuruwat haiLOL 

Now coming to the promo's-

1st promo-Tumhari problem kya hai crapgin???i srsly feel myself at loss of words to do ur tareef...jab show on air nahi tha tab use promote karne ki itni jaldi k bina leads ke promo shoot kar diya...and when it was on air use khatam karne ki jaldiCensoredtum logo ka srsly kuch nahi ho sakta...go take a hikeROFLnow that m done with my crapgin rant lets move forward...the promo was good i liked all the colors that were used...and how they tried to tell the story through the promo which is a very bad idea btw pehle se promo mein puri story bata di toh log show kyun dekhenge?and also the fact that karanika werent there in it was a major minus point...cause their chemistry is what makes kmh as this promo was okish types for me...moving ahead

2nd promo-Magic...soulful...beautiful...chemistrylicious...hayee i just love it...the bits n pieces of the title montage...the white theme...the adas of kritz di...the expressions of karan...and the amazing music...hayeee m speechless its just tooo goodDay DreamingDay Dreaming

3rd promo-Kahani mohabbat ke imtehaan ki...mohabbat toh aapne bhi ki hogi...lekin arohi aur arjun ufff aisi mohabbat ke na kehte bani na sunte...raat 10.30 baje aap bhi puchenge apne dil se kitani mohabbat haiHeartHeart Loved loved super loved this one...the person who wrote these lines did a fab job...i was smiling like an idiot giggling to myself when i saw it for the first time...repeating the whole thing saying aap bhi puchenge apne dil se kitani mohabbat haiDay Dreaming

Now coming to the epi...

Epi starts with ganga rai ki entry...and thus begins our anokhi mohabbat ki dastan *here i would like to take a moment to thank ekta mam for finding karan and approving kritz and giving us our perfect arjuhi...thankuuu so much will always respect u for this*

I like the charecter of ganga rai...determined and focused on her drives her and she is enthusiastic about it...wish she was written better and was more stronger rather than just a story listener...but nyways wats done is done...chahe galti crapgin ki ho ya PB the great ki Angry either way charecters were butchered but not the essence of the story...i can proudly say kmh1 did its purpose it revived made people fall in love and ask kitani mohabbat hai...and i m proud to be a fanApprove

Aapka naam itna bhi bura toh nahi ho sakta ke log aapko ek number se bulao--Arjun punjjDay Dreaming

And with this entered those chocolate brown eyes and that mesmerising charecter into our lives who made a mark for himself

There were some fab dialogues in the first epi itself...i m becoming a fan of rakha modi's dialogue writing...

Haha but what was with ganga rai's style of saying aap mujhse baat nahi karna chahte and all that she seemed like a typical girlfriendROFLremember how karan had mimicked kritika di in zindagi liveROFLOkay now is it just me or does arjuns beard at the centre look like a ulta heart to anyone of u also??ROFLO.M.G like seriously is serial mein toh har jagah mohabbat wonder everyone keeps asking kitani mohabbat haiROFL

Seeing the card arjun finally melts and starts telling his story with arohi's song...its amazing how the song connectes arjuhi...arjuns support and sahara in jail...arohi's memory...was that song for was his end point...and that song was the beginning point for arohi...the song with which she wanted to become singing sensation...which was so close to her heart...which was the beginning of her dream...this connection to me seems so is not just another is a connecting bridge in their love and life...

Karan seemed a bit nervous but he was good...why did they dub karans voice grrr i love his orig voice better khotteAngryi loved kritz di's chulbuli ladki ada...that smile,that body language it was all perfect she is the best arohi we could have got...she rocked it...i was completely smitten...smiling throughout...i liked the scene with HP,VS did good...the letter from the mother was a nice touch...i liked the different angles from which they covered the letter reading...though sometimes kritz di's expressions seemed a bit lost to me...and then chutti train aur mummma says bhaaag arohi bhaag and arohi runs towards the person her mom predicts aage kya hoga dekhne ke liye jude rahiye [email protected] and out...felt nice writing take after so long Embarrassed

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ML.. after sooo long!! mwah!!

*takes a deep breath* itne dinon ke baad ML ki hawa.. hayye!!Day Dreaming have missed this place so much..its been only 2 wks.. but phir bhi lagta hai ke kitne din ho gaye.. and now we r bak wid a bang.. n better yet.. KMH1 is here.. Dancing

so a big hello to everyone.. welcome to all the ppl joining us for the first time.. Hugwelcome back to all the people who have jhelofyed me from KMH2.. tab tareef ki thi na.. ab bhugto!!!LOL

so the first time i watched KMH1 was on YT on a nonstop marathon..finished it in 4 days..Wink i was so dazed by it that i sat n watched it all once more...ROFL n then jee nahi bhara.. toh pura season download kar liya..WackoROFL ab iss baar.. will watch it properly... wid promos, one epi at a time.. take in all the new meanings that will come floating out of the screen..Geek n i know am gonna enjoy it immensely watching wid u guyz coz its ML... ML Rocks!!Party and i love it as much as i love KMH.. k before i go full on senti.. lemme get to that first epi..LOL

the promos were amazing.. thnx Pooj for posting them.. the first generic one.. gud format.. like Om Shanti Om..LOL but its very pheeka compared to the rocking chemistry of Arjun and Arohi in white.. Dancingi didn't see that generic wala promo until much later.. it does kinda reveal the story.. so am thankful i didnt see it before.. Approve

and then the promo of Kitani Mohabbat Hai.. hayye..Day DreamingHeart Punji n Sharma in white.. it seems so obvious na what Ekta Maam saw in these two.. Can you believe it that was their first time shooting together!! Only one thing I can say to that.. "It was meant to be"Dancing

the title song, the video.. i remember that line from later in the season "subah subah os ke boondon tale..."Day Dreaming that droplet of water, the white flowers, the white clothes, everything pointing to the purity of love.. the simplicity, the grace.. i can go on n on abt this.. n first luk of karan n kritz.. both luk so gentle, warm... u can sense the care in those eyes.. very well portrayed.. n ofcourse Mr. Kundra's kohl filled eyes.. n kittu's grace, the OM and that nose ring.. first things u wud notice.. coz their surroundings, their look everything has been done simple enough to emphasize these powerful visages!!Clap

the song.. it has been my favorite ever since i heard it for the first time last june.. its been a year n there hasnt been a song that has taken that fav spot in my heart yet.. those lyrics r magical!!Clap

chalo ab kiya shri ganesh iss season ka.. central jail se..LOL idhar bhi white.. matlab white car!!Tongue n advocate ganga rai in white too..Kitani Safedi Hai!! Surf Excel, official sponsor of Kitani Mohabbat Hai Season 1..ROFL the xerox of veer zaara.. not bad.. i was wondering whether they were gonna show KK 20 years later!! n then was thankful it was just 2 yrs.. didnt want the show to begin wid KK being 45-50 yrs old!!LOL 

my first impression of arjun was that he was an ordinary guy..Embarrassed a regular looking guy wid kajrare naina..LOL i know this sentence looks weird n outta place in between all this drool-fest but watching this epi now brings back those thoughts from the first time.. a veer zaara start, a guy wid a very fake beard wid that voice..Angry singing n playing that song.. it all looked very cliched n i was waiting to see if the story wud pan out..Confused even amongst all those thoughts, the curiosity persisted.. i gotta say.. he had and has an inane charm and charisma..Day Dreaming kept me glued to the screen and boy did i enjoy it!! Hug

Quaidi #1203.. they gave a aweseme muh dikhayi to him.. itna hype, itna buildup.. KK delivered to that .. Arjun was amazing.. "solah baar mana kar chuka hun aapko, ye satrahvi baar aayi hai aap" except i didnt like the voice over.. i obviously didnt know that it wasnt his own voice the first time..LOL his own voice wud have made that scene rock even more!Disapprove upar se that fake beard.. but i guess that grth hrms wali theory wud have to wait until the next season!!!Evil Smile

Rakshanda did an awesome job of the determined obstinate obsessed lawyer ... the perfect combo to bang head on arjun punj - the wall!!ClapStar

and then he starts narrating the story.. ganga rai's (GR)reasoning baffled me.. he says "uski duniya meri duniya se bohot alag thi" n she interprets that shez not in this duniya at all!!Shocked lawyer madam.. arjun punj insaan hai.. woh cross species mohabbat nahi bata raha..LOL just coz inki mohabbat ki dastaan anokhi hai .. iska matlab ye nahi ki ladki alien ya ghost category mein hogi!!!ROFL khair.. it was necessary to lead to punji saying.. "ek lamhe mein ek zindagi jaan na chahti hai aap.. ".. loved the words given to arjun in his narration.. n then another confusing set of lines.. "wahi, jiski ye kahani hai.. ".. "meri kahani mein toh uske pyar ki kahani hai..".. "mein toh bas pyar tha uska.. " .. "aur uss pyar ki kahani woh ladki hai.. " all i want to say is.. a circle has no beginning!!!ROFL

moving on to arohi's intro.. a sleeping beauty.. wid a dream.. wat was not typical here was wat came after the dream.. her self talk.. then intro of the sisters.. n the variety presented in the four girls.. the prep to the contest.. how her outfit comes together.. all cute n adorable.. story keeps moving n i liked the pace.. keeps u glued to the screen.. Thumbs Up

Kritz ka intro was fab in the sense.. she had a very plain n simple look as it was required for the character.. a middle class girl from shimla.. the right amount of bubbly chirpy flavor intertwined with responsiblity n maturity.. ambitious n vivacious.. she was the perfect magnet for our punji Wink

n then Gurukul.. and yahan pe entry hui iss katha ke khalnayak ki..Ouch matlab ye seriously villain nahi hai.. bas ye pyar ke dushman wale category mein aate hain..LOL inka naam hai Pt. Hariprasad Sharma (HP, although i prefer calling him KalicharanEvil Smile).. jinko gaate hue humne sirf 2 baar suna pure 170 episodes.. Ermm i think.. thankfully!!! but inko bolte hue aur woh bhi inke gandhivadi thoughts bolte hue humne pura season jhela.. unthankfully!!Angry i am sorry but am the gal who liked the Singhanias over Ullus.. so u wud understand how i don't really go wid the sanskaar line.. acche hai sanskaar no doubt..Clap but unhone bohot zyada der laga di arjun ke pyar ko samajhne ke liye.. khair.. i will say more abt this later... pehle hi take mein pura season nahi likhna hai..Embarrassed but on the whole.. loved Virendra Saxena's work here.. he n his signature voice brought this character the .. *cough* charm that it needed.. to make me hate it to the core.. *taaliyan* Star

the mother's letter.. its importance in this season.. the place it got in the first episode.. the time given to it.. its all well noted.. the experiences of a woman, passed on to her daughter in a summarized version.. the essence of it is the very generic advice written which is applied so well by Arohi..Clap as much credit is given to the mother for having passed on such wisdom.. that much credit has to be given to the daughter receiving the wisdom..Clap she read it, understood it, respected it, and applied it in her life.. .successfully *taaliyan*Star although... the 'daud beta daud' was a bit too hand-in-glove wid the scene..LOL but still loved the scene nevertheless coz this is where our leads meet.. "mujhe yakeen hai, koi aisa zarur aayega, jo tujhe apna haath dega, tera saath dega, aur tujhe zindagi ki taraf le jayega, teri kismat ki taraf!!"Day Dreaming and so he did.. Dancingherez our first cue.. although Arjun Punj is notoriously infamous for his hatred for women.. he did help Arohi.. apna haath diya na..Tongue and here ends our first episode.. ab kal dekhenge ki kis tarah Arjun Punj aur Arohi Sharma mile, kya hua? kaise hua? aur kis tarah bani.. Kitani Mohabbat Hai..Heart 

over n out.. see ya guyz laterz.. Hug

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i haven't really been a part of ML...but can i join you guys in this now?

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