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FANTASY (Maaneet FF)-Link to thread 2 Pg-151 (Page 47)

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Warning: 18+

He pushed her roughly into the wall on the terrace, holding her hands strongly on both sides of her head. Rain started pelting down the dark grey sky, and the night was veiled by the sound of their hearts hammering against their chests..Maan placed a hand over her mouth, and stared deep into her hazels as she looked back with tear-red eyes.

" Chup!! Bilkul chup Geet!! Bohut bol lia tumne aur bohut sunliya maine!! Aab sirf main bolunga aur tum sunogi!! Tumhe kya lagta hai, mujhe yeh sab karke bohut mazaa aa raha hai? What did you say? That you don't affect me? That I am not physically attracted towards you haina?

He pressed himself closer to her, making his arousal even more evident over the clothes!!

" Ohh!!" her eyes widened as she felt his strong erection near her groin.

" This is what happens to me when I see you.. When I JUST SEE YOU Geet!! Now can you imagine what happens to me when you seduce me? It takes me every bit of my self-control from taking you right there and then!! I love you so damn much, you're so damn beautiful, my nerves set on fire when you touch me' I was just killing myself to stay away from you because I didn't wanna hurt you. But it looks like I hurt you more by staying away from you!! Last night, when you kissed me like THAT, I didn't kiss you back, because, if I had then we wouldn't have made it to the bedroom Geet and trust me on that!!!! Look at me Geet!! Look at me!!

The thunder rumbled louder, causing Geet to shudder and Maan to tighten his hold on her wrists!!! She was staring at the ground, tears flowing down her eyes. They were soaked to the bone and Geet's white saree had become transparent, clinging to every inch of her delectable body enhancing the outline of her curves more clearly- something which didn't go unnoticed by Maan.

He whispered roughly to her," Geet!! Look up. Look into my eyes. There's nothing wrong in what you did last night!!! Look at me Jaan!!"

She didn't listen to him, and he grabbed her face, placing a searing kiss on her lips. She started to struggle, but he held her wrists against the wall strongly, but not hard enough to hurt her. He sucked on her lower lip, trying to force open her mouth, but she was so surprised by his action that she didn't know how to react!! He nibbled on her lips, biting down on them gently, whispering into her mouth, " Kiss me Jaan!! Kiss me back Geet!!". He mimicked her movement from last night, catching her lower lip between his teeth and pulling at it gently. She gasped, giving Maan the chance he was looking for. He forced her mouth open and invaded in, taking her tongue into his mouth, caressing it furiously with his own tongue. He licked her teeth and tongue thoroughly, and feeling her stop struggling, he let go her hands and slowly placed them over his neck himself. She pulled him close slightly, and this little action of hers made something snap within him. He lost the last bit of his self-control. He grabbed hold of her waist, squeezed it and plastered her against the wall, pressing his body into hers more firmly. His lips crashed down on hers, her tongue in his mouth. She moaned, he twisted his tongue with hers and pulled at it hungrily. He let go of her tongue,and started sucking on her lips. His hands moved from her waist over her belly, brushing her breasts and finally reaching her face. He licked her lips wetly, holding on to the side of her body, his thumb lightly grazing over her breasts, as he used his hand to push up her saree further up her shoulder, exposing the side of her body more clearly. He plundered his tongue into her mouth for the last time, before breaking the kiss. Both gasped for air hungrily, as they looked into each other with passion and desire. Geet was still pinned against the wall, when she slowly leaned off holding Maan's hand and their eyes did the talking. They started to walk downstairs, as the rain increased.. She was in front,smiling shyly at what just happened, while Maan was behind her, with only his trackpants on staring at Geet with a scorching look. He suddenly pinned her down on a nearby wall and squeezed her navel hard causing her to moan out loud. Maan bent down to lick the water droplets off her belly. He sucked on the skin there, stroking the waist chain she was wearing and then opened his mouth to bite, tearing off her waist chain in one swift movement, leaving his teeth marks near her belly button. He looked up to see a very wet and flushed Geet who looked at him and gestured towards the bedroom. He smirked slightly, held the hand of a panting Geet and started to walk her down to their bedroom. Within a few seconds, he had pinned her down again, this time, burying his head into her neck, biting her roughly. She bent her head upwards giving him more access, as he placed open mouthed kisses across her collarbone, neck and shoulder.She forced herself to straighten up and they started walking again, when Maan slammed her into the next wall, with her back to him. Geet groaned at his actions. He moved her wet hair to one side, and stroked her smooth back, tracing light patterns on her spines, making her curl up her toes. She tried to call out to him, but her voice betrayed her and all that came out was yet another throaty moan!! He bit her earlobe, sucking it into his mouth, while his hands reached in front and started undoing her saree. Geet gasped, as her saree landed in a pool at her feet and she stood with her back to her husband in only a very revealing blouse and skirt. He undid the strings of her blouse, tearing some of them in the process, turned her around and carnally thrust his lips into her mouth. He licked her lips with swift tongue movements, making her chest heave up and down rapidly. She ran her fingers into his hair, as Maan bit her lips, sucking on them desperately. He broke off, picked her up in his arms strongly and carried her to the bedroom.


Maan looked at the sight of his blushing wife who now lay at the middle of his bed, in only a bra and skirt. He bent down and kissed her on the forehead gently. He moved his way down to her eyes and cheek, licking her cheek lavishly with his tongue, causing her to giggle lightly. He moved down to her neck, and began to kiss her brutally. She started to breathe heavily, as Maan's lips devoured every inch of her neck, shoulder and collarbone. He sucked his way down to her cleavage, kissing it and the swell of her breasts over her revealing bra. He moved down, kissing her on the belly. Geet arched her back, rising and falling sensuously on the soft bed. He dipped his tongue into her belly button, making slow moving circles, causing her to gasp and whisper out his name!!! He moved up and held her breasts in his hands. He started kneading them without taking her bra off, while Geet moaned loudly, writhing and squirming on the bed. He squeezed her breasts, hard then slowly and then hard again driving her to the edge of madness..He ripped off her bra, tearing it in the process and tossed it away!!

Geet felt herself blush a dark shade of crimson red, when she saw her husband checking out her naked torso. She buried her face in to the pillow and slowly whispered, " Maan!! Please!"

" Sshh' aaj humare beech mein koi lafz nahin honge Geet!! Sirf pyaar hoga!!" he replied huskily before dipping his head down and kissing the valley between her breasts. She moaned out softly as Maan moved to her belly and began to lick her thoroughly.He paused to look up to her, and she was already looking flushed and very much loved. Geet whispered softly, " Take me Maan!! Make me yours tonight!!"

Without breaking eye contact, Maan took off the rest of his and her clothes. He moved over on top of her and kissed her breasts softly before entering her. She gasped out, which quickly changed into moans as Maan started moving strongly within her, taking her on a journey of irrevocable love and pleasure. She clawed his back wildly as Maan thrusted himself into her. She moaned as Maan increased his pace, and tears came into her eyes and trickled down her cheeks. Maan licked off every tear, gently soothing her pain when finally they both shuddered and reached their climax. Maan disentangled himself from her and lay down on her side, holding her close. Geet was breathing heavily, as she lay there holding Maan's hand tightly. She was a mess, but to Maan, there was not a sexier sight in the world. Her sindoor was smudged, he had used his fingers, lips and tongue to wipe her lipstick off, her lips were swollen with his passion and the love bites had just started to show up. Maan closed his eyes in contentment, when he felt Geet on top of him. She kissed him on the lips hungrily, and moved down to his neck. She kissed her way down to his abdomen, then used her tongue to trail the same path. She bit his shoulders gently, and then licked it to ease the pain.. Maan whispered huskily, " Geet!! Stop, or else I will lose control!!!" but she continued her sweet assault on him. She licked his nipples, when suddenly he jerked and pulled her under him thrusting his lips on her. She was fully aroused, and as he thrashed her against the mattress and entered her in one powerful thrust, she screamed out aloud.

As Maan brought her to satiety she shuddered and lay limp on the bed. Maan collapsed beside her, holding her tightly. She turned to look at him. Her face was flushed, she was almost about to faint with ecstasy, but her eyes were shining. Shining with tears of happiness and joy!!

" Geet!! Are you okay? Why are you crying? Did I hurt you?" Maan asked worriedly, thinking that she was probably feeling faint after such a hectic session of love-making.

" Thank you Maan!! Thank you for completing me!! I have never felt so happy before!!"she said looking at him into the eye.

Maan smiled softly, pulling her into his embrace. He kissed her forehead lovingly, and whispered" I am here with you Jaan!! I am always here with you!! I love you more than anyone in this world."

" I love you too Maan," she said contently, as she buried her face into his chest and drifted off into a comfortable sleep.

I had no idea, writing this is SO damn difficult!!!Confused But I just hope it lived up to your expectations!!!Embarrassed The track has mostly been sad so far, so you people deserve a treat now, for putting up with the depressing updates and I really really wish you like this and are satisfied.Big smile

I dont believe it but I got 84 likes for the last chapter... thats the highest I got till now... Thank you so much guys. I really love you people so much!!!LOL and the 30 people who found time to comment, Thank you so much. It really means a lot. Please continue to shower your love and support on me, coz thats what I write for!!!Big smile

Since I will be sending out 85 PMs this time, I do expect quite a high number of likes and comments..Big smile come on guys, dont you think its high time this thread reaches atlleast 50 pages???EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Please please and please press the like button, and leave your precious comments and analysis for me!!!



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hey ..
luved it alot ...
so romantic..
thanks for the pm ..

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a hot update...
can feel it without evn reading d update..
will comment later...after i read...

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loved the update...
omg hot hot update...
finally maan lost his control and showed her that how much she affects him...
waiting for the next twist in it...
pl cont soon

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thanks for the pm

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Thanx for the very hoty hoty romantic update...
please continue soon...

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happy friendship day...
and what a hot hot update...phew..spmeone cool me donn!!
lovef it!

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fantastic awesome one

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