Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

-||-HappyBirthdaySwancy a.k.a -Cherry- -||-

.YixingsManal. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 10:15am | IP Logged
H e y P e o p l e Hug
H e y P e o p l e Hug

*Bua enters Dancing on 'Mera Babu Chain Chabila Mein toh Nachoongi' *

Khushi : Bua Seriously *yawns* u think u r suppose to be singin this song ! @ this Age *rolls eye*

Bua: Nand Kesor Ki Kasam Ka Mein Itni Buddi Hoon Angry !

Khushi : Itni? Excuseme Bua !! Ek leg Kabar par aur ek Banana Skin par and u sayin u not old Angry !!

Bua : Nand Kesor'

Anjali : Oh God Shut up u Both Sabii & Manal and come out of ur character .-. !! u both seriously ! we only playing these characters in AT !! n DO NOT forget the purpose behind us here .-. !

Manal : We here for a purpose Shocked ? !

Sabii : and thankYew for proving me right Manal n we defo not rong giving you the name 'BUA' ! you seriously forgot why we here*rolls eyes* !

Manal : Nand Kesor Ki Kasam ! stop with ur Tana's .-. ! n Tell me na !!

Deepu : God Manal seriously .-. ! u were the one who reminded us n u forgot ? .-. !!

Manal: Shocked !! blame Arnav Shocked !! I was dreaming about him today *aye*

Sabii: Wake up biiatch !! we here for some1 special today!

Manal: What :D !! is it something related to me ;) !

Deepu : why do u think everything special is related to u *rolls eyes*

Manal : huh simple ! cuz im MANAL Cool !!

Sabii : oh Pleaseee !! .-. !  u need a reality check .-. !

And hello Shocked !! dreaming about Arnav Shocked ? ! I mean did u forget our deal Shocked ?! Tht we NOT going think about Eachothers Jiju's Shocked !! n here u dreaming about ur jiju Angry ! seriously !

Manal : excuse me Shocked !I said tht when I was awake ! .-. !! now I cant control my behooda dreams na .-. !!

Deepu : God seriously ! shut up u both .-. !

And Sabii if she doesn't remember! U do right '

Sabii: Ya '.Ofcourse I do Shocked !!

Deepu : Sabii why do I feel like u don't Angry !!

Sabii : I knw !! What we here for !!...

Manal : Really ? you do'What?

Sabii : hmmm' ofcourse ! if its important thn its defo related to our ArHi <3 !! *aye*

Deepu : God! Do u really hate me Angry !! why am I even standing between these 2 Angry !! u both are USELESS Angry !!

Manal : deepu im sorry !! Lol afta we saw Shyam's Funny Dabang Fight !! it really did affect our innocent mind ROFL ! so just tell us

Sabii : manal Seriously .-. ! god now she wont tell us Angry !! esp when u mentioned tht Fake Dabang .-. !!

Deepu : Ayeee Shyammm *aye* !!

Manal&Sabii: DEEEPUUU !!

Deepu: Ouch Stop shouting .-.

Manal : so Tell us Why we here ! cuz I wanna go back to sleep !! cuz my beautiful dream ain't finish yet *aye*

Sabii :NO now u defo not going back to sleep Angry !! u cant dream of ur jiju Angry ! nand kesor ki kasam paap Lage ga Angry !!

Manal : 1st STOP copyin my 'Nand Kesor' ! as it doesn't suits u .-. !! *copy Cat* Angry ! and second'.

Deepu : shut up both ! Argh u knw what lemme just finish this thing ! cuz I cant stand here with u both .-. !

Manal : Lool so tell us na !!

Sabii : Wait is it some1's birthday Shocked ?

Deepu : God finally !!

Manal : Birthday Shocked !? Who's ?

Deepu : Kay she is a BIG Kash Fan !!

Sabii : Oh really .-. !! all around IF u will meet millions of Crazy Kash fans .-. ! deepu seriously Give a nice hint .-. !

Deepu : Argh Okay ' she keeps changing her dabba !

Manal : lol My birthday Shocked ! and I don't remember tht Shocked '. Wait ' Deepu u Ghajini Angry ! my birthday passed Angry !

Sabii : manal god don't u just love ur self Angry ! u think everything is related to u Angry !

Deepu : u both DO NOT START AGAIN !

She recently started Watchin IPKKND ! so tht she can have a new fav ! n guess wah she is loving thm :D !

Manal : I think I knw now Shocked !!

Sabii : Really WHO?

Manal: I SAID ! I THINK!!! I need 1 more hint ;) !

Deepu : Ufff she Recently had Shahid Amrita, Kash, KT Laksh, Titanic couple, Tyler Caroline'


Deepu : Great !! ghajini's finally remembered .-. !!

Manal : OMG she is going to Killl me Shocked !

Sabii : I knew it ;)

Deepu : ya right Sabii Shut up Angry !!

Manal : What we waiting for ' Lets start the Party

Deepu&Sabii : YESSS<3


It's not over yet .-. !! Check down Wink


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.YixingsManal. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Deepu : you know its been 1 week since we know her ! but Wow it doesnt feel like We just know her :)
Sabii : yea so true !! I feel like I knw her for long :) ! god she is sucha Cupcake<3
Manal : Well u too here also im ahead u Wink !! as i knw her for long Hug ! from SR AT !! buh u knw we didnt tawk there alot ! buh when i landed on KASH heaven ! we tawked alot ! n honestly we became close friends Hug ! I just adore this chic !! n our birthdays too kinda close Wink !
Sabii: Manal !urs was on 2nd june .-. ! where hers is today on 13th !! Hello !! 11 days Difference .-. Which is Alot !!
Deepu : u Both Shut up !! do not ruin the mood here .-. !!
anywys you know we not the onli one who adore her ! buh she has few more special Friends Hug !
Wanna Knw wat her friends think of her ?
Sabii : Ofcourse <3

From xAlishax

Happy Birthday DUUUDEEE! mera SEAAA!! Hug
Lol, atlast, baccha trned 15, ya abhi bhi nahi!? Hug
May this day be the BESTESTTT!! Heart
Love youuu loads, made this super quickly For u:

Manal: Awww These 2 are darlings Hug !!
OMG im jealous :( ! i want to use these sigies re :( !!

Sabii : god u Jealousy hoe .-. !! its for her b-day !!

Anywys I made Sumfin for her too Embarrassed

To my precious Cherry-Pie,

I know we haven't known each other that long, but you're such a beautiful person. & I know I'll be seeing you in the ArHi world quite a bit. & we can fight over Arnav as much as you'd like. LOLL.

Anyway, I hope you have the best day imaginable.. go wild, and party hard - but not too hard. You're not legal yet missy. :P

ILY cupcake!! Hug

<3 Sabi.

PS. I almost forgot the present. LMAO.


MANAL: OMG Shocked !! Sabii tht sigi Shocked !!! I want it Angry !!

Obbbs I remember ! I made sumfin for her too Embarrassed

Swancy Baby Hug !!  ur the cutest Person i eva saw Hug !!
we actually like twinnies Hug !! not a big kash fan buh adore thm ! buh ofcourse not like u Hug !! ur just an angel Hug !! heheheh some times ur evil buh tht doesnt count LOL !!

Made these for u Hug !

Love Yeww <3


Sabii: Manal we said forgot n we gave this to Swancy .-. !! buh Hello The person who reminded us n called us GHAJINI Angry !! where is she ?
Manal : True !! Deepu so Where is ur gift Wink
Deeepu: hmmm Mine is a surprise Wink

Sabi&Manal: ufff Okay Okay .-. !!
Sabii: Lets Start the Party Wink

*After 1 hr Sleepy * 

*Sabii Manal both rushes in the party * 
Sabii : god afta watchin the epi, 1 bua was enough for shoutin n now u .-. !! 
Manal : Seriously I was nicely enjoyin ma hot chocolate until u screamed .-. !! 
Deepu : god Shut up .-. !! and check ma gift ;) ! better thn u both Wink 
Sabii&Manal : watevaSleepy  

To swancy 

Happy b'day hun Hug
Though we have met recently we have become quite close Embarrassed
Ur such a sweetypie that ur if id suits u so muchEmbarrassed
I am impressed by ur strength n the way ur so strong ..ur one of my inspirationsEmbarrassed
n  be strong like that alwaysThumbs Up
May God Bless you 

I hope all of your wishes come trueHug

Have a Blast PartyDancingDancing
n Party hardDancingDancingDancing

Ur a rockstar dudeCoolDancingDancingDancingDancing
Be like that alwaysWinkDancingDancingDancingDancing

Keep Smiling :)

Your GiftsEmbarrassed ..i hope u like them

I love youHugHeart

dancing queenDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancing

Manal&Sabii: Oh Em Jee Shocked !!! 
Deepu : wait... was it a good wala 'Oh em jee' Or ... Confused !! 
Manal : Sabii Dnt u feel Jealous :( ! theres so many awesome wala gifts for kamini swancy n we cant even use re :( !! 
Sabii: seriously even tho me not KASH fan buh these sigies r makin me use thm !! 
Deeepu : god for once think about some1 else u both .-. ! 
anywyz lets move away n enjoy the party Wink 

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.YixingsManal. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 10:19am | IP Logged
Party Starts


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.YixingsManal. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 4:12am | IP Logged
every1 is Welcome to Wish her Hug 
Iram..x IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 4:18am | IP Logged
Yooo My Angelic Babes :P
Happy Birthday!!!!!!Party
Finally Turned 16!, woww your getting old woman hehe
although i've already gave you my birthday message by PM, still as you know i can never shut up so here goes another bday message lol

Can You believe my little baby sis has grown up to be a young woman today... I really do hope you become a little bit mature this yearTongue, JK your already to mature for your age lol
I hope you have an amazing day today and may your life be full of laughter and joyROFL ROFL
heres a birthday cake for you, start eating (and gain some weight)

Get down to partying woman, Your officaly legal to do everythingWink
Heres a song dedicated to you on your bday ROFL

soo start partying Dude, and dont forget me, i will join you in the partying next month when im legal Cool
Anways Yhh enjoy your day and remember I Love YouHug

PS: Manal the post was hilarious, well doneClapROFL ROFL

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nami2811 IF-Sizzlerz

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A very happy Birthday Swancy! Party

May you get all d love n luck u deserve.. Hug

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..Amira.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 4:20am | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Swancy =D 

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-Jeny- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 4:23am | IP Logged
Lovely post manalHug


Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Swanz...Hug
May U Have A Great Year Ahead & A Beautiful Future...Embarrassed
May U Achieve All That U Wish For...Embarrassed
Keep Smiling & Shining ForeverStar
Love You[>:D]
Muah xoxo

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