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Hello everyone

I have opened this thread only for my OS and SS collection.  i would be updating all my creative stuff in this thread to make it easy for others to read them.  And i am also updating a small SS which would be of may be 5 parts to the maximum (LETS SEE Wink )



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It has been 5 months since the dreadful day which changed my happy going life. And all this happened because of my sharp angry and ego. Yes, I am Riddhima, Riddhima Armaan Malik, and to be a mother of a boy/girl in another 4 months. But Armaan does not even know that I am carrying his child in my womb. Just because of my sharp tongue I ruined my own life with my hands just for a silly reason.

We both were married for 6 months and it was a love marriage and it happened in Sanjeevani, Delhi. My dad was against it and when we both got married in the court he told me that day that I would never be happy with Armaan and she would repent about her decision in a very short time. At that time I was hurt a little but after when Armaan consoled me then I thought that with Armaan by my side nothing bad would happen and it was true. We had got transferred to Sanjeevini, Mumbai as Armaan did not want me to face my dad every day in the hospital as he would not leave a chance to hurt me in any manner. Armaan had his own house in Mumbai and we shifted to his place. We did not get time to go on our honeymoon as we had no leave and had joined new and were starting our new life without any ones support and all our friends were in Delhi, and they could not do anything as they themselves were dealing with their own problems and we did not want to bother them.

Our life was going very smooth and we both were working in the same hospital. Our life was full of happiness, understanding and also full of romance as Armaan would never leave a chance to romance. Neither in the hospital nor at home. Armaan's childhood was not a good one as his parents always used to fight and when Armaan was at 10 years of age they both got divorced and he had to live with both as both of them wanted him due to their ego, but he wanted love. When he started his college life, he shifted to a hostel and then he never went back to his home.

He always was a spoilt kid and never kept his things organized and would live in a messy room and he had no one to yell at him and he grew up in the same environment. Where as I always want my surrounding to be clean and things organized and to be kept in their places where it belongs to. Initially I had less work at hospital and I used to return home and clean everything before he would come back. After sometime when my work was increasing, I had very little time to look after the house and I could not take time for myself and Armaan. We both were always in a hurry and spent very less time with each other. I started shouting at him for each and every small mistake. He used to argue for some time and we both would end up after a small fight, but he used to take the first step to come and break the cold war between us. This went on for sometime.

One day when I came out of the shower I saw him getting ready and had thrown all his shirts on the bed which were neatly organized by me only 2 days back. I lost my temper and started shouting in a high tone and it was the first time I had yelled at him in such a way. He was totally shocked and was confused and when he understood he was behaving like as if nothing had happened and was not listening to me and without my knowledge and due to my bad mood I blurted out something which I should not have done. I said that I am totally fed up of this marriage and repenting about my decision. I should not have thought of getting married so early" and sat on the couch. He was hurt by my words and was angry at the same time and he told me that if I am not happy with this marriage then I am free to break it and get out of it and he just banged the door and went away leaving me behind. I being an egoistic fool thought that he wanted me out of his life and in that angry mood did not even think of what will happen in the future, I just packed my things and left that house and came back to Delhi. I stayed in my friend's apartment as I did not want to face my dad. I joined in some other hospital as I did not want Armaan to know where I was.

After a week, when I was checking a patient I felt weak and giddy and fainted. Then when I woke up I was told by one of my colleague that I was PREGNANT. I didn't know whether to be happy or sad or whether to tell Armaan about it or not to tell. And I decided not to tell him as I would just go weak by listening his voice. Like this after that I just led my tasteless life which was of no colour and was just living may be for the child or I don't know why was I living.

Today, I am thinking all this because tomorrow is my anniversary, no no no "our anniversary." I want to see Armaan, I want to hug him, I want to feel him. I thought I would live my life peacefully after getting separated, but I was wrong. I cannot live without him.


Tears started flowing from Riddhima's eyes as she remembered about their moments and her life with him which was for a short period but full of colour. Riddhima just looked at herself in the mirror and touched her sindoor and left a single tear. She started crying hysterically as she had started missing him very badly. After sometime she got up and thought that she had to see him and packed her things and though that she would see him and would return back to her life as she thought he would not accept her again.

She came to Mumbai and reached Sanjeevani hospital and prayed god that he should be there as she did not want to go to their home because once she goes inside all her memories attached with that house would reflect in front of her eyes, the way they had entered the house, how they had arranged everything, their nameplate stating Riddhima Armaan's nest, how they had made love in each and every place of the house, and how they had chased each other like teenagers and so on.

When she entered the hospital, it was around 7 in the evening and she went in search of Armaan. She could not find any one who could recognize her and it was good for her also. When she passed in front of the general ward, her heart started beating fast and she knew he was there and when she looked to her right she saw him standing there checking a patient with a small smile on his lips as the patient was a 4 yr old girl and was talking to him in her own baby language which made him smile. She saw him and her eyes started to get moist as he has a little stumble on his face like he had not shaved for 2 days and had lost weight and she could say for sure that there was no glow on his face. She just stared at him for 5 minutes and came out of the trance and moved from there as he turned a little to get some medicine which was kept on the table.

When Armaan turned a little he saw a lady a little bulge on her abdomen moving away from there. He could feel his heart beating rapidly looking at that lady, but he could not see her face and he saw from the back. He just left a little sigh and a word escaped from his lips "Riddhima" and he noticed her hair which was just like hers and he could no longer hold the curiosity and ran behind her but could not find her and sat down on the bench in the corridor. He wanted to see her. As he was thinking, who could that be he heard some noise coming from the end of the corridor and he went there to see what was it. He saw some 4 to 5 people standing there and talking to themselves and trying to help someone to lift her up. He went in the front and looked at her lying on the floor sideways with all her hair scattered on her face. He just asked the wardboy to get a stretcher and cleared all of them and sat beside her to check her pulse. He felt a current passing through his body as soon as he touched her hand. When he pulled her hair aside he could see her face and he gasped seeing Riddhima there. He turned her straight and took her in his arms and his eyes became moist looking at her in that stage when suddenly his eyes went on the small bulge he was surprised and placed his hand on her abdomen. His hands were shivering when he touched it and he felt a small kick and his happiness knew no bounds as he could feel a part of his life in her womb. He immediately lifted her in his arms and took her to emergency ward and treated her. When he thought she was ok he took her home as he did not want her to stay in the hospital and also he wanted to talk to her and the best place for them was their home.


He made her lie on their bed and covered her with the blanket and went out to get some medicines for her. When he went out Riddhima opened her eyes and saw that she was in their house. She got up immediately and knew that Armaan had seen her and brought her here. She frantically got up and was about to leave when she found her big size photo on the head side wall of the bed. She just stared at it and it was then she noticed everything and all the things were just the same as she had left it, but it was clean and tidy and neatly organized. Then she looked at the whole house and was surprised to see it clean and clear and was overwhelmed with it. She went into the kitchen and saw all the things kept clean but some vessels were burnt very bad. Then she understood that Armaan might be cooking at home and she chuckled at it and then returned to the main hall when she heard a car entering the driveway. She was startled and didn't know what to do so went in to the room again and lied in the same way as she was before.

He entered the room and saw her still sleeping. He kept the bag on the table and went to her side and kneeled in front of her and saw her face, he wanted to touch her, feel her, kiss her, embrace her, and most importantly not let her leave him again. Then he turned towards the baby and touched her belly as soft as possible as he did not wanted to disturb her. He started talking to the baby, "hey baby, how r u? I am ur dad. I know u would be thinking how come all of a sudden some person comes and tell u that he is ur dad. Yeah I know, but I did not know u r coming to this world. I am not a bad person, pls tell momma to come back to me. Hmmm, I think she is very upset with me, that is why she did not tell me such a big news knowing how much I love kids. Anyways, I think this would be the only way and only day that I would be talking to you as I think she will not let me see u or talk to u. She thinks that I am a bad person. Then his eyes got moist and started talking to Riddhima looking at her face in a low tone "baby pls come back I really love u a lot. I want u back jaan, I cannot live without u. Without u life is hell shona, I really wont bug u anymore, pls sweety come back to ur love honey, pls. Main kabhi tumhe tang nahi karunga, kabhi nahi sataunga. Apna kaam main khud karunga aur tumhara aur hamara baby ka bhi karunga. Ghar hamesha saaf rakhunga pls na jaan pls vapas ajao. Tumhare siva mera is duniya mein aur koyi nahi hai jo mein apna keh sakun. Mujhe sirf tumhara pyar mila hai is duniya mai, bas vo kafi hai mere liye. Mujhe us din aisa nahi kehna chahiyetha. I am sorry. Pls ajao. He started crying closing his eyes and keeping his head on her bulge. That is when he could sense something moving beneath his hand and could feel baby responding to his touch.

By this time, even Riddhima had started shed silent tears listening to what ever Armaan said to her. When Armaan was looking at the belly and feeling the movement, he had a satisfied smile on his lips. Even Riddhima was feeling her baby's movements and it was for the first time. She was happy that their love was showing her the signs of its presence in their life and feeling bad about what she had done and how much she had made Armaan suffer in the last 5 months.

Armaan could not hold his tears anymore and got up to leave from there when he felt some pull on his wrist. He turned back to see Riddhima holding his hand and started crying which made him worry and sat back next to her and asked what happened, whether she had any pain or was feeling discomfort. She immediately hugged him and kept her head on his chest and started crying hysterically. "pls mujhe apne aap se alag mat karo Armaan. Phir kabhi mujhse mat rootho. Mein nahi reh paungi tumhare bina, tum kuch bhi karo, par pls mujhse juda mat hona. Mujhe maaf kardo, Armaan, I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. She kept on saying sorry. He felt very bad for her and he tried to apart her from the hug, but she kept on clinging to him thinking it is a dream and if she let him go then the dream would be over. He let her stay like that for sometime and tears started running down his cheeks.

After sometime when both wept to their hearts content and let out all their grief then they came out of the hug and looked at each other. She could not hold herself any more and kissed him on his lips lightly first and as and when the time passed she deepened the kiss by kissing him more passionately as she was waiting to feel his touch all over her body. Armaan was first surprised to see her making the first move as he was the one always would take the initiative to make romance and love with her all the time. This was unexpected but he loved it and equally participated in the kiss. He hold her face in his both the hands and parted her lips and entered his tongue inside her mouth and started tasting and wandered his tongue all over her mouth as if feeling her for the first time. As soon as their tongues came in contact she let out a loud gasp and pulled his hair which she was massaging with one hand and with the other hand touching his abs and feeling him. He started losing his control. When both were out of breath, they came out of their kiss, but stayed in the same position, with their head and nose touched. They both had a satisfied look, but Armaan was wondering as to what had happened to her as she was enjoying his love and romance, then he thought may be due to the mood swings and hormonal changes.

Armaan did not speak anything about their fight, he did not want to remember anything about the past 5 months which was a hell without Riddhima, but Riddhima insisted to tell him what he had done as she told him everything about herself even when he kept quite and was listening silently and felt her pain in her words. Then while having dinner, he told her that he did nothing much but only went to hospital, came back home and cleaned everything and tried cooking which was worst and had sometimes burnt his hand also and he showed her the places where he had burnt. Her eyes became moist and kissed all the places and by the kisses she aroused his desires and passion and he was looking at her with intense love, desire, passion and even the lust as she had put on a little bit of weight due to her pregnancy and her body was glowing bright. When she looked at him, she could feel goose bumps raise in her body and spine due to his gaze and she blushed and got up and went to their room.

He was left confused as to what to do because if he does not control himself now then he would end up making love to her like no other day as he had missed her very badly for the past 5 months which would be a danger to the baby but he did not have control on his mind and heart and neither his body. He just got up and went to their room and closed the door behind him and looked for her. He saw her coming out of the bathroom in a very short night gown with a thin noodle strap. After seeing her like that he had no control on him and just went behind her and hugged her from back and whispered in her ears in a husky voice, "I feel like making love to u now, but I am scared that I would hurt u and the baby as I don't have control on my wishes today." Hearing it even she lost control and kissed him hard on his lips. Without breaking the kiss he lifted her in his arms and took her to the bed, one side he is just proceeding with his love making steps and on the other side he is worried as to what she wants and so on.
Armaan - "honey, do u think its safe to make love."
Riddhima - "Yes it is."

Hearing which he could not take it anymore and made love to her like never before and the after that they never stopped loving and their love grew more and more by every passing day. He looked after her very well and now it was the other way round where Riddhima was the one making dirty all over the places and Armaan cleaning it after her. She enjoyed each and every minute with him to the core. Their life was much more beautiful than before.

Sometimes Riddhima thought like the life inside her made her realize that she wanted Armaan in her life and she was incomplete without him and when this thought came to her mind she started loving her unborn baby much more and was eagerly waiting to hold her baby in her arms with Armaan beside her.


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Armaan, 26 years old, has his own business, resides in Delhi.  Lives alone, an orphan.  His mom and dad had passed away 4 years ago in a plane crash.  Quite a rich person, not very greedy and is satisfied with what he gets through his business.


Riddhima, 25 years old, living in Mumbai, working in a office as a PA.  Very reserved, doesn't allow anyone near to get close.  Has locked her heart after the death of her love which the family has no knowledge of her love affair.

Armaan, 26 years old, has his own business, resides in Delhi.  Lives alone, an orphan.  His mom and dad had passed away 4 years ago in a plane crash.  Quite a rich person, not very greedy and is satisfied with what he gets through his business.


Riddhima, 25 years old, living in Mumbai, working in a office as a PA.  Very reserved, doesn't allow anyone near to get close.  Has locked her heart after the death of her love which the family has no knowledge of her love affair.


Armaan was in Mumbai to attend his friend, Rahul's wedding with Muskaan who happened to be Riddhima's best friend.  Riddhima was also present there.  Throughout the wedding, Armaan's gaze was on Riddhima.  He found her very pretty, beautiful, gorgeous and what not.  Rahul noticed this and asked Armaan if he was interested in her.  Armaan expressed his liking to Rahul and asked him if he could talk to her.  Rahul spoke about this to Muskaan.  Muskaan, not knowing about Riddhima's past told Rahul that she would only marry the person whom her parents decided for her.  This was the reason Riddhima had given to all of them as whenever her parents selected a person she would give any fake reason about that person and would slide away from the marriage.  So Armaan thought of talking to her parents and asked Muskaan if she could take him to her house.  Muskaan promised that she would make him meet her parents now and took him to Shashank and Padma.


After sometime when Muskaan and Rahul told about Armaan and his good nature.  Rahul being a very good friend of Armaan, Rahul's parents knew him from a long time and even they told Shashank that he was a gem and they could not find a better person than him for Riddhima.  When Shashank got to know about Armaan's background and his parents, he came to know that Armaan's dad and Shashank were neighbors in their childhood and they both were good friends.  When Shashank was convinced he told Armaan to come to his house the next day to meet Riddhima.


Muskaan had not told her anything about Armaan's proposal.  Padma had requested her not to reveal anything as Riddhima would somehow manage to cancel this also as now everyone had come to know that Riddhima was doing this intentionally.


Next day, Padma had said Riddhima to come home a little early as she had a proposal for the marriage.  Riddhima being Riddhima came home late purposely thinking that he would have gone by that time after waiting for such a long time.  As soon as she reached home, Padma scolded her for being late.  Riddhima came in singing a song and playing like a kid and as soon as she entered the living room, she saw her dad sitting there along with a person next to him.  She stood like a statue not knowing what to do.


Armaan stared at her and in his mind made a decision that he would like to spend the rest of his life with this pure, innocent angel.  Padma pulled her inside her room and told her to get ready and picked a sari and some jewels and washed her face herself as Riddhima was in a daze and did not know how to react.


When Riddhima came out of the room and sat next to her dad, Armaan saw her and was mesmerized by her beauty.  He said that he wanted to talk to her for 5 mins.  When Shashank left from there along with Padma, before he could speak, Riddhima herself started the conversation.  "isse pehle aap kuch kahe, main aapse kuch kehna chati hoon.  Mujhe pata hai, mere papa ne aapse mere bare mein bahut kuch kaha hoga.  Lekin wo sab jhoot hain.  Mujhme bohot saare buraiyan hain, main short tempered hoon, mujhe khana banana nahi aata, main kisi ki care nahi karti, I don't let any one to dominate me aur bhi bohot hain.  Mujhe lagta hai aap ko aur bhi achi ladki miljayegi.  Pls aap mujhse shaadi karne se pehle sochlijiye" by that time Shashank had come back.  Padma called Riddhima inside to take the snacks outside.  When she walked out with the tray, she heard Armaan saying Shashank that he liked Riddhima very much.  He liked her straightforwardness and honesty and would like to marry her.  Riddhima stood rooted in her place thinking that her plan had backfired.  Shashank and Padma were very happy listening to Armaan's decision.  Now Riddhima had no reason to reject this wedding.


Their marriage was fixed after 2 days as and they had a court marriage due to lack of time.  Shashank got the registration in the court very easily due to his influence and finally Armaan and Riddhima were married.


It was their first night and Riddhima was in the room that was decorated very beautifully with roses and candles.  Armaan came in and locked the door and sat in front of her.  He took out her veil and gazed at her.  He lightly held her hand, she winced a little and pulled it back.  He smiled at her and moved a little towards her, she moved back.  When he lifted her face holding her chin, he could see some tears in her eyes.  He was shocked to see her crying, he held her face in his hand "hey, kya hua.  Tum ro kyun rai ho."  She looked at him and lowering her eyes "mujhe neend aari hai."  Armaan smiled hearing her reason "bas, itni si baat, iske liye koi rota hai kya.  Its okay so jao.  Come."  He held her hand and made her sleep on one side and covered her with a duvet.  Then he went to the other side and he slept after sliding in the same duvet.


Next day afternoon they were leaving to Delhi as Armaan had to return back.  Armaan and Riddhima took blessings from Shashank and Padma and left from Mumbai.  By they time they reached there it was night and decided to have dinner outside. After reaching his house, Rddhima looked at the house and stood near the door.  Armaan told her that there was no one in the house to welcome her.  She herself stepped inside with her bag.  Unknowingly both Armaan and Riddhima had stepped inside the house at a time with their right foot stepping inside first.


Armaan took her to his room and told her to freshen up first.  As soon as she came out after changing into a plain salwar, Armaan went inside to freshen up.  By the time he came out she was asleep or pretended to sleep to avoid him.  He saw her curled up like a ball, he smiled and covered her properly and laid down next to her.


Next day Armaan had to go to office as there was some labor problem going on in the office, so he woke up a little early, he saw her sleeping still.  He took a shower, made breakfast as he knew she did not know how to cook.  Prepared coffee and was reading the paper.  Then after sometime he saw her coming down the stairs, she looked pale and could see that she had cried.  He thought she was missing her parents and did not want to probe her further.  They both had their breakfast and coffee silently and he left saying that he would be back soon.  She nodded her head and walked inside.


This went on for another week and he had not forced her for anything.  He wanted her to adjust to this atmosphere first.


One morning she called her parents to wish them as it was their anniversary that day.  Armaan heard her wishing her parents.  After he wished them and cut the call he asked her why she did not tell him that it was her parent's anniversary.  Then he asked her he wanted to buy some gifts for them so told her to get ready so that they would go out for shopping.  She refused to go, but he insisted.  She did not like to go out anywhere.  He found it weird as girls liked shopping the most and here she was not willing to go out.  Then he said, "I want to buy you a gift so please come with me.  I don't know what is your taste so I would like to buy what ever u ask for." Again she refused saying she did not want anything.  When Armaan once again forced her what she wanted, she got angry and said, "I want a divorce. Pls give me that as a gift."  Saying that she went away from there angrily leaving a shocked Armaan behind.


After sometime, Armaan walked inside the room to see her crying sitting in a corner.  He went near her and sat in front of her.  When she looked at him, she thought she had to tell him the truth and said, "I am sorry, I can't give u what a wife gives to her husband.  I can't love u.  I love someone else."  Armaan, "theN why did not you marry him," he asked her patiently.  "he is dead" she said.  Armaan could not utter a word except for a small whisper "I am sorry".  then again she continued "he died in a car accident 2 years ago, we loved each other.  He was coming to talk to papa, when the accident happened.  No one knows about him.  I didn't want to marry you, that is why I told all bad things about me to you, but u liked them the most.  I can't be your wife, Armaan, pls let me go, pls give me a divorce, saying that she kept her head on her knees and sobbed.


Armaan went out without any further talks.  He came back late in the night and when he opened the room door, he saw her sitting in the same place.  He went near her and placed a packet in front of her.  She saw a gift wrapped packet and looked at him.  He smiled a bit and said, "I am sorry, I didn't know that you had a past.  I don't want to force you in this marriage.  This is the first thing u asked me after the marriage and I don't want to disappoint you, so here are the divorce papers, but I have something else also with that, he kept a pair of payals on the packet and said, "there are two things, divorce papers and my this in front of you.  If you think that you can move on in your life and accept me as your partner then pls take these payals. Otherwise if you think that "main tumhare layak nahi hoon, toh phir ye divorce papers par sign kardena.


She looked at him for a mere second and after thinking for sometime, she with the shivering hands took the payals in her hand that was on the packet and kept it aside and took a pen from the bedside table and signed the papers.  Wiping her tears, she got up and walked out of the room and slept in the guest room.  Armaan was left shattered seeing her signing the papers and the night went away with the two lives in separate rooms thinking about where their life was taking them neither of them had slept the whole night.

Next day morning Riddhima was having coffee and Armaan came and sat on the dining table reading the paper.  Riddhima out of courtesy made coffee for him and placed it on the table, but Armaan made himself another cup and walked out from there.  Riddhima kept looking at his retreating figure.  Then later in the day, they met a lawyer to file the case.  When the lawyer asked them since when they were married, Armaan answered a week.  She told them that it was not possible to file a divorce case for at least a year from their marriage.  They both returned home and decided that they would live the same way and file the case after a year.  But as soon as they returned home, Rahul with other friends of Armaan were there as they had not met Riddhima.  One of his friend's wife noticed that Riddhima's maang was bare and told Armaan to fill it.  Muskaan took the sindoor and brought it to Armaan and Armaan unwillingly took a pinch of it and filled her hair with it.  Riddhima stood there silently not knowing what to do.  They had a small party, Muskaan and Riddhima shared sometime talking about their life and late in the night all left.  Muskaan told Riddhima that she and Rahul were going to UK due to Rahul's work there and would not be back till 6 months.


For the next 15 to 20 days they both were living in the same place but did not speak to each other.  Armaan had a hard time in the office dealing with the leader of the labourers.  Riddhima felt bore sitting at home idle.  She had made some kids as her friends.  One day Armaan returned back a little early and he saw her playing in the garden with some of the kids.  He saw her laughing to her hearts content playing with them.  He smiled seeing her laughing.  He thought how much he loved her and walked away shifting his gaze as he saw her turning towards him.


In the night while preparing the dinner he burnt his hand and dropped the hot plate.  Due to the noise, Riddhima ran inside the kitchen to see what had happened.  When he saw her there, "don't worry kuch nahi hua, wo bas dhyaan kahi aur tha, aur hot plate ke upar haath daldiya".  She felt bad for him.  she though from the day they came to Delhi, he was the one who cooked food all the time and he didn't complain about that.  Then they had the dinner and retired to their rooms.


Next day morning, as Armaan was about to leave, she called him, "Armaan".  "haan" he turned back.  "vo mujhe aapse kuch baat karni thi,"


Haan bolo, kuch chahiye kya.


Nahi, vo main soch rai thi ki, kya aap aaj jaldi aasakte hai.


Kyu, kahi jana hai.


Nahi, vo…….. mera yaha aye hue 1 mahina hogaya.  jabse main yaha ayi hoon bas aapki banayi hui khana kha rahi hoon, maine socha aaj main kuch cook karun, toh bas isliye puch rai thi.


Its ok Riddhima don't worry main aakar bana lunga, but he was cut in the middle.


Nahi mujhe banana hai, toh pls aap jaldi ane ki koshish karenge.


He smiled at her and said, "ok main ajaunga" and left to the office.


Riddhima had prepared all the dishes whatever she knew and was waiting for him.  It was 9 in the night, she was sitting on the couch and was watching tv waiting for him.  After sometime she saw the clock it was 10:30 but Armaan had not come back.  She did not know when she fell asleep.  Armaan returned back at 12 and came in with his spare keys.  He saw the house dcor was changed.  It had a homely look.  Then he saw Riddhima sleeping on the couch and then it flashed to him that he had promised her that he would return soon.  He felt bad seeing her sleeping there waiting for him, he saw all the dishes on the table not touched.  He did not want to wake her so he covered her with a shawl and went to his room.


Riddhima woke up the next day and saw it was already 7 and when she checked Armaan's room, she saw him sleeping.  She felt bad that he had not come for the dinner and left from there.  She took a shower and came down, sat outside with her coffee looking at the paper.  Armaan came and sat next to her.  She saw him looking at her and turned to other side angrily.  He smiled at her antics.  He took the coffee mug that was on the table which she had prepared for herself and took a sip of that.  As soon as he tasted it, he said, "hmmm, good coffee."  She saw him drinking her coffee.  She felt something in her body to see him drinking the coffee which she had already tasted but brushed the thought away saying, "no need to manaofy me.  main hi buddhu hoon, mujhe pehle hi samajhlena chahiye tha, ki jo insaan mera banaya hua coffee hi nahi pita ho toh mera banaya hua khana thodi khayega.  I am sorry, ainda se main aapko disturb nahi karungi."


"Riddhima aisa nai hai, kal office mein kuch problem hogayi thi, ek leader to terminate karna tha, aur who zyada problem kar raha tha, aur mera dhyaan se nikalgaya ke maine tumhe promise kiya ki main jaldi vapas aunga."


"Haan, haan, aapko kaise pata chalega ki ghar main aapki biwi wait kar rahi hogi, aapko toh hamesha aapki kaam hi sabse important hota hai, right?  She said that in the heat unknowingly and kept on reading the paper, but Armaan was stunned to hear her calling herself as his wife.  He felt happy to hear that.


Chalo kal ke liye maafi mangta hoon, ab uske liye mera punishment ye hai ki main aaj tumhain Delhi ghumaunga theek hai.


Mujhe maska lagane ki koi zaroorat nahi, she said turning her face towards him.


Nahi main sach much tumhain bahar lejana chahta hoon.  Chalo get ready.


Riddhima: Pakka,


Armaan:  haan, pakka.


Phir aapki office.


Armaan: arree mera hi office hai toh main khud decide karunga ki jana hai ki nahi


Riddhima:  Really, aap office nahi jayenge.


Armaan:  nahi, main mere PA ko call karke batadunga, mere saari meetings cancel karne ko.


Riddhima:  wow, toh abhi kariye, chaliye, chaliye, abhi pls, pls.  She literally dragged him out of his chair.


He smiled at her childishness and called the office and informed them that he would not be coming that day.


She jumped happily and ran to her room to get ready and shouted that she would be ready in half an hour.


He shook his head and went to get ready himself.


Soon after that in half an hour, both came out of their respective rooms.  Armaan wore a white T-shirt and a blue jean.  Riddhima wore a knee length black dress which showed all her curves perfectly.  Both stared at each other.  Each one had seen the other person in this costume for the first time.  Then they left the house deciding that they would have their breakfast also outside only.  After the breakfast, they visited some of the places.  Riddhima liked the it very much, she kept on clicking the photos.  She had Armaan's photos clicked and Armaan clicked some of her photos, but most of them he clicked were without her notice when she was busy watching something else.  In the after noon they found a mela going on and she wanted to go there and demanded Armaan to take her.  she had almost let all her reserved character somewhere behind in the thin air and was getting close to him.  He liked this behavior of hers and agreed to all her demands without any complaints.


In the mela, she saw the kids trying to get in all the rides.  She and Armaan also got on some of the rides.  They had the most happy time while they were in the dashing car game.  Then after some time when they were walking around, Armaan pulled her near the giant wheel.  She saw him walking towards it and stopped him.  "Armaan main nahi baitungi is mein.  Hum kisi aur ride pe chalet haina."  "kyun kya hua."  "mujhe darr lagta hain."  Armaan: "comeon Riddhima, tum giant wheel se darti ho, he said that while smirking at her."  she saw him smirking and said, "of course, jab ye giant wheel, GIANT jaisa dikhega toh darungi nahi toh, aur kya karungi, she snapped at him."


Armaan:  dekho kuch nahi hoga, main hoon na, chalo, he pulled her and both sat in one compartment.


Riddhima half willingly sat in there.  As it started to move she slowly moved near him and held his arms.  At first, she only wanted to hold on to him, but as and when the wheel went up, she closed her eyes and gripped his arms tightly.  He saw her sitting very close to him, her hair covered her face due to the blowing wind. He wanted to pull her strands out from her face, but suppressed his urge to touch her.  she looked angelic with that fear on her face.  He slightly tapped her shoulder.  When she looked at him, he gestured her to see towards her left, she absentmindedly just as a reflex turned her head to the left and saw and gasped and again closed her eyes in fear.  They had reached to the utmost top and then as the wheel started moving a bit faster, she could not take it and immediately covered her face with one hand and rested her face on his back of the shoulder in between his back and the compartment.  Throughout the ride, Armaan kept looking at her hand and she only stayed in that position.


When they got out of the ride and were walking she saw him laughing turning to the other side, she hit him on his arm, "aap bahot bure ho, I told you I am scared to go on it, even then u pushed me saying that nothing will happen and now here u are laughing at me."  at this he just burst out laughing more which was soon joined by Riddhima.


By the time they got out of the mela, it was almost 10, they went and had dinner and were heading home.  Riddhima was very tired after the long day which was full of masti, she had slipped in her dear sleep and was in a deep slumber.


When they reached home, as Armaan went to open the gate, some 2 to 3 men came around him and when Armaan saw that it was the same leader who had created problems in his office, Armaan fought back with them.  When Riddhima felt some thing jerking she got up but was horrified to see Armaan fighting with someone as she was about to open the door she saw one of the person heading towards Armaan with a knife in his hand and suddenly that person stabbed him in his abdomen.  Riddhima was shocked to see him falling down.  When Armaan fell down on the ground, they all started hitting him.  Riddhima not knowing what to do, she pressed the horn and due to the honking of the horn, some of the neighbors came out, and after that the men ran away.

With the help of the neighbors, she took him to the nearest hospital and got him admitted there. When he was in the OT getting treated, she filled out all the forms.  When the nurse asked her what was he to her, she glanced towards the OT and said MY HUSBAND.  When the doctor came out, she asked him how was Armaan now.  Doctor said, he was fine now and there was nothing to worry, but he would have to take rest for 1 month as his knee and right arm was fractured.


For the next 1 week he was in the hospital and Riddhima looked after him with great care.  He was discharged and when they returned back to home, he tried to sit on the couch with his knee stretched but could not adjust his leg properly.  She went and helped him.  As she did that he was staring at her, when she lifted her eyes to see if he was ok she got lost in his eyes.  Both were staring for almost 5 mins.  She could see the love for her in his eyes.  He was searching for love in her eyes.  Suddenly they both were brought back with his mobile ringing.  She blushed a little which went unnoticed by him as she turned her back to him to pick the phone and gave it to him and rushed to the kitchen to get him prepare the lunch.


He got the call from the lawyer saying that she was proceeding the case with the reason that both were not happy with this marriage and as it is it was nearing for the third month since they got married and they both still had not accepted each other it was not a big deal to get the divorce soon.  After the call, he was a little upset and rested his head on the pillow and dozed off due to the effect of the medicines.


In the afternoon, Riddhima woke him to have lunch.  He was having difficulty to feed himself as his hand was fractured.  Riddhima smiled looking at his attempts and went and sat in front of him and took the roti piece from his hand and dipped it in the dhal and brought it near his lips, but he rejected saying that he would do it by himself.  Even then she insisted saying he would hurt his hand more.  Then he suddenly blasted saying "jab tum chali jaogi tab toh mujhe hi karna hoga na yeh sab.  Bas mujhe kisi par depend karne ki aadat mat lagne dena.  Jaisa hoon waisa hi rehne do."  She was a little hurt due to his aggressiveness and anger, but she did not want him to hurt himself more and stopped her tears from flowing and said, "fine, main toh chali jaungi, lekin jab tak hoon tab tak mujhe ye karna hoga, jab aap theek hojayenge tab aap khud ye sab karlijiye and again she gave the roti bite to him, when he did not open his mouth she forcefully made him eat that and after that he did not make any scene and ate his lunch silently.


She was hurt due to his behavior from past few days, he never spoke to her, she would just do all the household chores and his work to certain limit and cook food.  This was her daily ADL(activities of daily living.  This had become a routine for her.


One day, when she was in the kitchen preparing breakfast she heard the door bell ringing, she went and opened the door to see her parents standing there.  She was surprised and elated to see them.  She hugged her mom and dad with both her arms at a time and squealed in joy.  She took them in and spoke to them for some time and ran upstairs to call Armaan.  She went in his room and saw him struggling to wear his shirt.  She walked to him and fixed all his buttons.  He watched her doing that and saying to him that "Armaan mumma and papa have come, I am so happy. They just surprised me.  They have come to see you pls come down and meet them."  He immediately turned back and in a loud voice told her "when they have already come here I have to meet them right.  I will come down in a little while, you go."  Riddhima was stunned to see this side of Armaan and immediately said, "Armaan dheere baat karo, they will listen."  Armaan "let them listen, I don't care" saying that he walked out downstairs.  He saw them both sitting in the living room, he felt bad seeing their glum faces and wished them and took their blessings.  They just had a formal talk and was about to leave the house for office, Riddhima came and asked him, "aap office jaa rahe hai, aap toh abhi tak theek bhi nahi hue. Aapko rest ki zaroorat hai." He did not budge to her saying and kept walking out.  When she knew he would not answer back to her, she said, "ok fine, at least breakfast toh karke jaiye." 


Armaan:  mujhe bhook nahi hai, aap sab khalo.


Riddhima:  sabke liye bani hai, aap bhi karlijiye.


Armaan:  nahi mujhe zaroori kaam hai main chalta hun, after that he did not give her any chance to talk back and moved out taking Shashank and Padma's leave.


All the three had their breakfast silently, none spoke anything about Armaan's behavior.  They spoke about other things. Riddhima tried hard to avoid Armaan's topic in the conversation.  She did not want her parents to worry about her.  Shashank had to meet his friend so he left in the afternoon saying that he would be back by in 2 hours.


Riddhima and Padma were talking about other things for sometime.  Then Padma asked Riddhima "beta, tumhare aur Armaan ke beech sab theek haina."


Riddhima:  she was startled with this question, but covered her fear and answered, "ji maa, sab theek hai.  Vo aaj subah unki mood kuch theek nahi tha isliye mujhpar gussa the."


Padma:  main aaj ki baat nahi kar rahi Riddhima.  Ye toh kar kisi ki ghar main hoti hai, pati patni ke beech jhagda hona normal hai, lekin bistar alag rehna normal nahi hai.


Riddhima did not know what to say, she felt guilty to see all of them love her so much and she was hurting them all due to her own reasons.  She looked at her mom and could not hold her tears and cried in her arms.  After sometime Padma consoled her and said to rectify the mistake if it was her fault and to adjust with Armaan.  She told her that she knew Armaan was a very good person and if there was anything difference in between them, then she should be the person who should take the initiative and try to correct it before the matter goes out of the hand.


After 3 hours, Shashank returned back and said Padma to pack their things as he had already booked the return tickets for the next morning.  When Riddhima asked them to stay for some more days he said he had very urgent meetings and promised her that they would be visiting her again.  When they were having the dinner, Armaan came back.  Riddhima got up and served him the dinner and Shashank informed him that they were leaving the next day morning.  When Armaan looked at Shashank, he saw the sadness in his eyes and it hurt him.  He could not act any more and offered them saying that he would drop them to the airport, but Shashank refused saying that he had already booked a car and there was no need to take the difficulty to drop them.  Armaan felt bad, but he could not do anything as he himself was confused where his life was leading him.


Next day morning Shashank and Padma were ready to leave, Armaan and Riddhima stood in the door to bid them bye.  Shashank walked back to Armaan and said, "Armaan, beta I don't know what mistake Riddhima has committed or we have committed, but if there is anything pls let us know and we would rectify it.  Riddhima is very innocent and nave, I know she has some bad qualities, but she is not bad by heart.  Pls forgive her mistakes and take care of her.  Then one more thing, I have transferred all of my property in Riddhima's name.  Here are the documents, saying that he kept the documents in his hands.  We are staying in the house we live till our death, and after that u can do what ever you want with that, saying that he walked back to the car and the both drove back to the airport.


As soon as Shashank and Padma left, Riddhima in an angry tone blasted him, "aapko pata hai mere papa heart patient hai, if anything happens to him what will my mom do, how will we live without him in our lives.  Agar aapko mujhse gussa hai toh, mujhpar chillaiye, unpar chillane ki koi hak nahi hai.  Agar aapko unhe saas sasur ki hisab se baat nahi karni toh kam se kam unka umar ka toh respect diya hota."


Main bhi unse pyaar se baat karna chahta hoon, mere mom dad ki tarah unhe respect doon.  Lekin main aisa nahi karsakta, kyunki jab tum divorce ke baad vapas jaoge toh unhe kya reason bataogi.  Ab jab unlogon ne ye dekhliya hai ki main tumhe kaise treat karta hoon, toh vo log samjhenge ki unki beti us narak mein jeene se behtar hai ki vo unki paas rahe, toh vo log tumhe bina koi reason puche apna lenge.  Saying this he went inside.


Riddhima was dumb founded to learn the reason behind his cold behavior towards her parents.  By now she understood how much he loved her.  She saw him walking down with his things to leave for the office.  She wanted to talk to him, but no words came out of her mouth.  She wanted to stop him, but did not know the reason.  While all these thoughts were going on inside her, he left to office telling her that he would be back in 2 or 3 hours.


Riddhima was in her deep thoughts thinking about Armaan, his good nature, his friendliness, his love, his care, his attitude, his style, his physique, and many more.  Armaan and his thoughts were the only thing that was going on in her mind.


She opened the cupboard and took out the payals that he had bought for her as her first gift.  She admired them.  That day, she didn't even wanted to look at that payal, but she felt as if it was her life.  She savored her hand on them sitting on the bed.  She took it near her lips and kissed them lightly.  She shook them to hear the noise.  She felt very good hearing the sweet music that produced from them.  She pressed it to her heart and sighed a little and thought how her life had changed and how lucky she was to get a husband like Armaan.  Not even once had he forced her into anything and had always respected her.  She remembered their first night when he was close to her for the first time and how he had understood her and gave importance to her priorities first.  She then again recalled their day out and that was the first time she had held his arm and it felt good now to recall those things.  She remembered each and every bit after their marriage and was in deep thoughts when she heard the sound of the door open.  She knew it was Armaan.  She saw him walking to his room.  She wanted to talk to him but not knowing how to start the conversation, she sat there for a while.  Then it clicked to her, she happily got up and sat properly placing her foot on the bed and put on the anklets on her feet.  She saw how beautiful her feet were now after wearing them.  She wanted to show that to him.  She blushed thinking what would she say if he asked her why she had worn them, but thought she would think about that later on when that situation comes, but for now she wanted to show him the anklets that she was wearing.  She lifted her sari a little up and walked through the corridor without making a single noise.  She saw that he was not in his room.  She heard the water running and thought that he was in the washroom and thought to wait for him.  A slow music was playing in his room.  She stood there next to the cabinet waiting for him.  As soon as he came out of the washroom, he saw her there standing, but did not ask her anything.  He kept doing his work.  He picked up a file and sat on the chair and went through the file.  She saw him sitting and made a small face.  She hoped he would talk to her but he did not even greet her, but she thought that she would make the first move and stopped the music.  He saw her as soon as she stopped it.  "mujhe aapse kuch baat karni hai".  He did not pay any attention to her and again switched on the player and looked into the file.  But she stopped it again and said, "mujhe aapko kuch dikhana hai, pls 5 mins."  He gave an irritated look and switched on the player, but when she again switched it off he lost his coolness and blasted her, "STOP IT, MAIN TUMHE KUCH NAHI KEHTA, ISKA MATLAB YE NAHI KI TUM JO CHAHO VO KARSAKTI HO.  TUMHARI BACHPANA JHELNA MERI BAS KI BAAT NAHI, NOW STOP ACTING LIKE A KID AND GET OUT FROM HERE."

She was horrified at his blast and had tears in her eyes, "aap mujhe is room se janeke liye keh rahe hain ya phir is ghar se."  Armaan: "jo tumhe theek samjhe vo."  Agar aapko meri yaha rehne se itni takleef hoti hai to mujhe yaha rakha kisliye." She said with light tears flowing from her eyes.  Armaan: "tumhe yaha rukne keliye kisne kaha hai." He said with his back to her stopping his tears and felt like killing himself for uttering such things to her.  "toh phir mera ticket book karadijiye Mumbai keliye. Main vapas chalijaungi."  He immediately picked his mobile and called the travel agent and booked a ticket for her in the name of RIDDHIMA ARMAAN MALIK.  When he cut the call, he turned back to tell her that the ticket was booked for the next day evening, he did not find her there.  He searched for her in the whole house and did not find her.  H panicked and when he came down he saw that the main door was left open.  He picked the house keys and locked the house and ran in the direction that the neighbor told that he had seen her in the end of the road while driving back from his office.


Riddhima kept walking on the pathway until she saw that the road was silent and when she turned her head to the other directions she saw 4 rogues sitting on the bike and chatting.  When she saw them looking towards her, she got scared and started walking back.  The guys followed and came near her and surrounded her and gave her weird looks.  She with fear in her heart, tried to push them to run away, in the process her right hand got hurt with the bike brake and it started bleeding, but she did not pay any attention to it and ran as fast as she could.  When she saw Armaan standing on the other end of the pavement looking here and there, she screamed his name and ran to him.


As soon as he heard his name, he turned back to see Riddhima running towards him and the rogues chasing her.  He ran to her and Riddhima came and crashed in his arms crying very violently.  He enveloped her in his arms tightly and gave a deadly look to those 4 of them and they all went away as they saw some vehicles passing on in the street and thought that would be a danger if they did something at that time.  As soon as the rogues left from there, he saw her still sobbing clutching his collar and her neck buried deep in his bare chest which was open from the top 2 to 3 buttons.  He tried to console her, he hushed her by keeping his hand on her head and rubbing her back but she kept crying, he let her cry and walked back home while hugging her still.  She not even once loosened her grip on him.  She felt that she would lose him forever if she left him.  When they reached the home, he took her straight to her room and made her lie down on the bed and tried to free himself from her hand.  She did not leave him, then he said, "Riddhima pls, main kahi nahi jaa raha ok, main bas tumhare liye pani lekar aata hoon, bas 2 minute."  Then she left him unwillingly.  When Armaan went to get the water he saw that his hands had some blood dots on it and he checked his shirt also had some then he thought that she would have got hurt and took the first aid kit to clean it.  When he came back he saw her already asleep.  He sat next to her on the bed and looked where she had hurt herself.  He looked at her neck, arms, shoulders and then he saw that her right hand had some blood clot on her fingers.  He took her hand very carefully and cleaned the wound and applied some ointment on it and bandaged the fingers slowly without hurting her.  after placing her hand back safely, he saw her face that was covered with dry tears, he took a wet cloth and cleaned her face with softly without disturbing her.  After doing everything, he got up and bent down to cover her with the comforter, it was then he saw that she had those payals that he had gifted her sometime back in her foot.  He looked back at her overwhelmed and touched her feet.  He then recalled that she wanted to say and show him something.  Now he felt bad for yelling at her.  He caressed the payals and sat on his knees near her feet and kissed on them.  He was very happy that she had accepted his gift.  He got up and tucked her in the comforter properly and caressed her cheek once as there was a strand of hair there, he pulled it back.  When he did that, he saw her whimpering in her sleep making her face like a small baby.  He smiled seeing her like that and walked back to his room to call it off a day after the not so pleasing events and very lovely cherishing moments in his heart.


Sun peeped through the curtain disturbing his sleep and he opened his eyes reluctantly as he had slept very late the last night due to the events that took place, but that was not the main reason, he could not sleep even after getting into the bed for a long time as sleep was miles away for him after seeing his love accepting the gift and a new hope rising in his heart like that may be she wanted to move on in her life with him, his thoughts were full of Riddhima and his love for her.


He freshened up and prepared breakfast and coffee for both of them and took the tray to her room.  As soon as he entered the room, he saw her standing near the dressing table already showered with wet hair and trying to apply sindoor in her maang, but she failed every time as her fingers were bandaged.  She did not see him coming inside as she was busy with her work.  She saw a hand dipping in the sindoor box and lifted her head to see Armaan standing there in front of her.  He took a pinch of it in his finger and filled her hair partition.  She closed her eyes when he did that accepting it wholeheartedly.  She had a small smile on her lips and a glow on her face.  He kept admiring watching her face glow like a morning sun, but their love bubble was bursted when they heard the door bell ringing.  Both blushed to themselves and Armaan went to open the door.


Riddhima sat in her room for him to come back for the breakfast, when he did not appear again for the 15 mins she herself walked down what was taking him so long.  She saw him sitting on the chair near the dining table with an envelope on the table.  She went near him, he saw her and got up and placed the envelope in her hand walked away from there.  She was left confused what was it, she opened it and saw that it was the flight ticket that he had booked for her.  

Riddhima sat in her room for him to come back for the breakfast, when he did not appear again for the 15 mins she herself walked down what was taking him so long.  She saw him sitting on the chair near the dining table with an envelope on the table.  She went near him, he saw her and got up and placed the envelope in her hand walked away from there.  She was left confused what was it, she opened it and saw that it was the flight ticket that he had booked for her.



She felt like someone had pierced her heart with a sharp knife.  She ran back to his room, and stood near the door and saw him getting ready.


She asked "main kya karun" and thought "pls mujhe roklo"


He said "tumhari marzi" and thought "pls don't go"


"Aapki marzi janna hai mujhe."


"Pata nahi tum kya chahti ho, jo tumhe theek lage vo karna"  he picked his laptop bag and walked out with a heavy heart and left for his office.


Riddhima was stuck in her thoughts and did not know what to decide now.  She knew she loved him, she even knew that he loved her, but why was he not telling her to stay back.  She wanted him to stop her.  She wanted him to imply his rights on her.  She wanted him to dominate her and say her to stay back and this is where she belonged to.  But he was not that person to force anyone in any relation and throw his decisions on them.  He wanted to give her own freedom and her part of happiness, but thought that he had failed in doing so and would lose her forever once she left him and his house now.


After an hour he came back and saw her waiting for him sitting on the stairs.  As soon as she saw him, she got up.  He went near her and gave her some papers.  She opened them and saw that it was the divorce papers and they had been granted the divorce from the court.  She stared at him with a questioning look.  He told her, "tumne mujhse pehli baar kuch manga tha aur main ye bhi tumhe diye bagair jane nahi desakta, toh aaj jab office jaraha tha toh mujhe lawyer ka phone aya ki your divorce has been granted so socha tumhari gift dedun."


"Kya aap khush hai is divorce se"  she spoke angrily.


I don't know, I just thought that I wanted to give you what u had asked for that's it.


This was it, she has lost her temper and she was boiling with anger now and the volcano had erupted.


What's wrong with u Armaan, why don't you yell at me, aap mujhpar apna haq kyu nahi jatathe.  Main aapki biwi hoon, kyu kuch nahi kehte mujhse.  Agar maine aapse divorce manga tha toh kya aap bhi vahi chahte hai, aapka koi haq nahi hai mujhper, She held his collar and shook him asking all these questions.


Mujhe kisi par apna haq jamana nahi aata Riddhima, mujhe sirf pyaar karna aata hai, main sabko pyaar main bandhkar rakhna chahta hun.


"toh keh kyun nahi dete aapko mujhse pyaar hai" she said with her raising anger on his answer.


He stared at her when she said this.


Then she said the most awaiting thing that he was waiting for such a long time which he thought would never hear in his life. She said, "ok agar aapko kehne mein sharam aati hai toh suniye, main kehti hun, main aapse pyaar karti hun, behad pyaar, apni jaan se bhi zyada pyaar, apni sharam aur haya ko chod kar kehti hun ki I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU ARMAAN MALIK and I am not just saying this, I really do mean it, aur main ye bhi janti hun ki aap bhi mujhse pyaar karte hain, par nahi keh parahe.  Its ok I will wait for you for my whole life and until then keep this as my gift", she tore the divorce papers into pieces and thumped them in his hands.  He was dazed to hear to her confession and kept looking at his hands filled with torn bits of divorce papers when suddenly she pulled him with his collar he looked up to see her eyes full of tears and her face very near to his face and heard her saying "aur ye mera pyaar" saying this she smacked her lips hard on his and gave a hard kiss.  Armaan gasped loud due to the sudden kiss and was shocked to know that Riddhima had actually kissed him and his first kiss was like this which happened without his knowledge.  He was left in a daze and saw her going upstairs blabbering to herself that she would not return back until he wants her in his life.  He stood there without any movement in his body.  He came back to his senses when he heard the room door shut.  It was then he recalled all her words, and her confession and was determined to stop her.  He threw the torn papers on the floor and ran to her room.  He barged into her room and saw her packing her things.  He went near her, "Riddhima meri baat suno, pls"  "mujhe aapse koi baat nahi karni, main jaa rahi hoon, jab aapko realize hojayegi ki aap mujhse pyaar karte hai tab ajana mujhe lenekeliye. Tab tak main aapko disturb nahi karungi."  She again walked back to her wardrobe to pick her clothes.  He strolled behind her and kept on trying to talk to her.  When she did not listen to any of his pleas, now he had had it, he suddenly hugged her from behind to stop her packing her things.  She was taken in to a sudden hug which she had not expected.  She stopped in her tracks and stood there silently.  Then when things sunk in her brain that he was only stopping her but not confessing his feelings for her she kept throwing tantrums and struggled to get out of his hold.  When all his attempts failed to stop her struggling to get out of his hold, he only had one last weapon and he suddenly turned her to face him and caught some of her hair behind her back and crushed his lips on hers and kissed her.  Her eyes were wide open drowning in his eyes.  They both were staring in each others eyes. Her hands were in the air due to sudden attack and his one hand was in her hair and the other on her back.  He kept on probing her lips, he wanted to confess his feelings for her, he wanted her to stay back with him, he did not have that much courage to lose his life again after his parents had left him, he did not want to be alone.  If this time she left him, then he would be left to be alone for whole of his life as he would never love someone else beside Riddhima in his life.  He kissed her with all his love.  His eyes started shedding tears.  When tears started flowing from his eyes, she slowly brought both her hands near his cheeks and cupped his face and wiped his tears and with a steady pace started responding to his kiss.  He licked her lips roughly, showing how much he had yearned for this.  She could feel his hands caressing her back and her hair.  His one hand never left her hair and the other one wandered all over her body.  She felt blissful to be touched by him.  both closed their eyes as they were dazed by the moment.  They wanted to stay there like that in the never ending kiss for their whole life.  He felt her responding to his kiss and his caresses.  He lightly brought his tongue to her lips and penetrated through her closed mouth, when she opened it a little he plunged in to her mouth.  She gripped his nape and fingered his hair thoroughly pressing all his sensitive buttons and giving all the positive signals to go on.  He tasted her saliva and sucked all of it in his mouth.  Her throat dried due to passion and her knees gave away as the passion started building on both the sides.  She felt her strength reducing in her knees and began sliding down along with him.  they both ended up laying on the bed with Armaan on top of her.  once he felt satisfied with the mouth watering kiss, he parted away from her a little and started placing fervent kisses on her face.  His kisses were very swift, he wanted to kiss her whole body senselessly in one go.  He had lost all his senses by now, and Riddhima had no intentions of stopping him.  She wanted to give him whatever he asked for.  He kissed her long throat and she kept ruffling his hair adding fuel to his deeds.  Both chanted each others names,






This went on for god knows how long, both were not in their senses, he only kissed her till now he had taken as many kisses from her on his lips and neck and chest and so on.  With a high temperature heat running in his body, he bit her neck near her beauty bone, like a vampire attacking his prey, not able to control his rising demons in him.  She screamed his name ARMAAANNN!!!!!!!!! when he bit her hard there and that is when came back to his senses and left her skin and got up a bit to see her face and looked at the place that he had bit.  It had teeth marks on it.  He felt bad and licked the same spot to stop it from bleeding.  He sucked her skin and gave many kisses on the same spot and kept licking it.  She felt his act childish and giggled at him.  as he could not see her face, he thought she was crying due to pain and buried his face in her neck and said "sorry, sorry, sorry, I am so sorry, Riddhima I just got carried away. I am very sorry, I will not repeat it again, sorry."  when she giggled more and the giggling turned out to be a huge laughter, he got up and saw her laughing.  He was confused why she was laughing, what if she was in a shock.  When she saw his confused face, she controlled her laughter and said, "your licking reminded me of something else."  He had a doubt that may be his passion had brought back the old memories of hers with her boyfriend, but his thoughts were proven wrong when she told him that "the puppy in the neighbor's house also licked her like that and again she burst laughing on his face.  He saw her laughing on him and chuckled at her reason.


"tum bhi na, you spoilt such a nice session, I don't know why do you have to think about that puppy when u r romancing with your husband."  They both laughed at their silly jokes and both got up and sat beside each other.  Now they felt a little awkward to face each other.  She adjusted her sari a little as he had misplaced it while making out.  When nobody spoke, he thought to stop this embarrassment and told her to get ready as he wanted to take her to some place and left for his room.  As she was about to close the door, he came back suddenly and told her to wear a white sari.  She smiled and nodded her head and went in to get ready.

Armaan was waiting for her from past 10 mins and his heart was thudding badly as he had planned something for today.  He saw towards the stairs and was left dazed to see her in a pure white sari.,2006&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=278&vpy=323&dur=8876&hovh=240&hovw=152&tx=81&ty=195&oei=3NNsTcrxLcPlrAf-_6T7Bg&page=5&ndsp=17&ved=1t:429,r:7,s:68&biw=1024&bih=653




When he saw her descending the stairs he was left speechless.  He was in a daze looking at the beauty in front of him.  He thought was he so lucky to have this beautiful beside him for his whole life.  His thoughts were snapped out when he heard his name being called.  He saw that Riddhima was standing in front of him with a nervous smile.  He gave a small smile and leaned down to her ear, "you look beautiful in this saree."  she blushed and lowered her eyes down while biting her lower lip.  He saw her blushing and her cheeks turned to the exact colour of her sindoor.  Then they both drove away after few minutes of recovering their heart beat to normal.  While driving Riddhima queried him as to where they were going, but he did not give her even a clue as to where they were heading to.  After 30 mins drive, the car came to halt in front of a temple.  He got down and opened her side door and forwarded his hand in front of her.  she glanced at his hand and his face and when he gave a small nod she smiled at him and stepped outside with the support of his hand.


After taking the Pooja thali from the shop, they both started climbing the steps which were about 50 to 75.  both had their fingers intertwined while climbing it.  Once when they reached on the top, Riddhima tried to put the pallu on her head but struggled due to the thali in her one hand.  Armaan helped her to cover her head and both went inside.  They offered their prayers.  Riddhima opened her eyes after praying for the new start her life with Armaan, she saw Armaan staring at her.  When she asked him what from her eyes, he moved back a step and gave a gift wrapped box to her.  She was confused and when he gestured her to open it, she was surprised to see the mangalsutra in that box with a pair of beautiful earrings with that.,2181&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=572&vpy=268&dur=887&hovh=183&hovw=275&tx=160&ty=137&oei=TtlsTbWtI9HOrQf5j6j7Bg&page=5&ndsp=13&ved=1t:429,r:7,s:51&biw=1024&bih=653


She saw him smiling at her.  "Armaan ye, aap ise kab,……." She could not complete her sentence as he kept his finger on her lips "shhh".  "Maine ye payal ke saath hi liya tha.  Maine socha ki agar tum apne ateet ko bhulakar mere saath aage badhogi to main tumhe ye pehnadunga, par…… and he left his sentence in the middle.  She could see the pain on his face and had slight tears in her eyes.  She placed her hand on his cheek and made him to look at her and gave the box to him.  he was confused as to why she had returned it back to him at first, but when he saw her turning her back and pulling all her hair to her one side, he understood she wanted him to make her wear it.  He felt happy about that and took the mangalsutra in his hand and placed it around her neck and hooked it.  She turned back and bent down to take his blessings, Armaan was taken back with this gesture and said, "arre Riddhima kya karrahi ho, pls get up."  "Armaan mujhe ashirwaad nahi denge.  Apni nai zindagi ki shuruwat karne jaa rahi hoon."  He made her stand up holding both her arms and took her in a side hug.  Then the priest came and gave them the prasad.  He took a pinch of sindoor from the plate and swiped it on her hair.  Both had a graceful smile on their face and sat down for sometime and returned back to the car.  They both had their dinner in a restaurant and shared some small things of their life and returned back to their nest.


Once they were at home, when they both were in the corridor walking to their respective rooms, they both had a wild silent between them.  They didn't know how to approach the other person to share a single room from now onwards as the things were all going right between them.  As none dared to speak both went inside their rooms after giving a long look to each other.




Later that night, Riddhima crossed the kitchen and walked into her dark room. When she turned from closing the door, she found herself pushed against it, Armaan holding her tightly. Then, his mouth was against her, violently. She recognized demand, passion, need, hunger, greed, and the longing love. His lips moved to her neck and stayed there, his finger held her waist and probed her to respond.


"I've waited too long, Riddhima." He looked up at her and saw her shining eyes, kissed her again, lightly. "Not any more.  I've longed to hold you in my arms and now, I need you. Please."


"I love you, Armaan."  He pressed his lips to her forehead and then around her entire face. His kisses were slow and lingered her skin for seconds before leaving. "I love you," he repeated pressing his lips finally to hers, and walking her back to the bed both fell on it and shared a long passionate kiss.  His hands searched for the access to touch her skin.  He traced her throat with deep kisses.  He pushed her thin straps aside as they disturbed him from sucking his favorite spot.  She shuddered seeing his passion.  He pulled her night gown down very slowly.  She felt shy to show her body to him in such a way that only her undergarments covered her body so turned her back to him and buried her face in the pillow.  When he saw her back, he traced her spine with his tip of the fingers slowly up and down.  She shivered due to his touch.  Slowly he picked up his pace and snapped opened the hook of her bra.  Both the ends that held her bra tight in its place were let loose and his mouth started to wander whole of her back.  He didn't leave a single place untouched.  Though she had turned her back to him, she enjoyed the moment from her heart.  She wanted him to take their relation to the next level where they could become one forever where nothing could separate them.  He left wet kisses all over her body and bit her waist from the side.  She could not hold back her desire anymore and turned back to face him and pulled him down for a deep kiss.  All the while throughout the kiss he caressed her curves and pushed his tongue deep in to her throat allowing his saliva flow down her mouth.  He fiercely pulled out of the kiss and looked at her face.  She had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily due to the passion rising in her body.  The heat had produced and there was no way going back now.  They had to let their heat pass through their bodies and he came out of his clothes and pulled her remaining clothes and caught hold of both her hands on either side of her face, fingers clasped together.  She opened her eyes to see his eyes turned red and his face hardened with seriousness due to passion, but was waiting for some answer from her.  Now, she wanted to be his, only his forever and with a small nod closed her eyes waiting for the pain to cover her body that would turn out to be the pleasure later on.  After seeing her nodding, he no longer held back his greed, and entered her with a hard push.  When she felt something breaking inside her with the sudden invasion, she left a loud scream.  Her legs became numb and he didn't move a little after that for few minutes until the pain subsided.  Later on when he thought she was ready for him, he moved in a rhythm, but the pain never subsided as it was her first time and was very tight, he could hear her screams the whole night.  He had no other way to calm her pains.  He had no control on his body today.  She wasn't looking for patience and gentleness, he knew that himself.  Yet he gave her just that, he took her through the night slowly, loved her the way he wanted to from the day they had got married.  And, she accepted, him and his love. He was her, mind, soul, and body. And in everyway she could think of, he was hers.


When he finally allowed her to, she slept in the warm circle of his arms. Before falling into that wonderful sleep, she knew she'd finally found home. The feeling made her a different person. She could call herself Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Malik in everyway, emotionally, lawfully, soulfully, and the most important aspect in love.


She awoke the next morning in the center of the bed, with the silky bedding around her, she still felt his arms around her like last night. Turning, she looked at his face. Observed it for a few moments before getting closer again.  She didn't want to wake him up.

"Armaan." She finally called minutes later, shaking him. "Wake-up."

"No." He moaned and gathered her closer, pulling the blanket over them and falling back asleep mumbling, "five more minutes."

She laughed and tilted her head up to look at him, "It's ten already."

"I don't care." He found her forehead and nuzzled there.

"You have to go to office."

He opened his eyes and looked at her with a frown. His eyes closed again, his head lowered to the curve of her shoulder. "Go back to sleep."

She wanted to giggle when she felt his thumb trace her spin, up and down. Again and again. "You're not anywhere near sleeping, Armaan and stop that."

"Stop what?" He whispered into her shoulder, she lifted it to get over the tickling sensation. "I'm not doing anything."

"Then why don't you just let me go? It's been years since I've slept for this long." And, she loved it.

"Good, because you're going to stay here until I let you go." He backed away and looked at her now. "But between everything, did you sleep fine?"

She blushed biting her lip and buried her face into his chest. "If you'd let me."

"Good, I wanted to hear that."

"Now that you have," she was surprised as how quick she'd stopped blushing. "Let me get up." She reached over him for her dress but he pulled her back. "Armaan please."

"No please. Stay here, I'll let you go in a few minutes."

Defeated she fell beside him again and looked at him. "Now what? Do I just stay here and stare at you?"

"No, if you want you can do more than that, I don't mind." He winked at her.

Laughing, she caught his face so he could stop rubbing his stubble over shoulder. "You need a shave." Leaning over she rubbed a hand to his cheek and kissed him. "I love you, Riddhima."

'I love you too.'"

He rolled over her then and looked down at her.  He rubbed his face against her again. She laughed and struggled to stop him, but her hands were in his. She managed to free her hands after a few long moments and turned herself over into the pillow to continue laughing. Her laughing stopped when he pressed his lips to her back, running a hand on her waist. She turned her face out of the pillow and took his hand, kissed it.

"You'll stay with me, forever, right?" She turned around and pulled him into an embrace. "This isn't a dream, right?"

"Of course it's not a dream, Armaan. Don't be silly." She rubbed her hand over his back for comfort to his silly thoughts. "And, even if it is a dream, I can promise I won't stay away from you for too long as I have hopelessly fallen in love with you."  


"Now can we get up from here and take a shower."  "I'll go with you." She sighed and kissed the curve of his shoulder.  "No, Armaan, pls not today."  "No, lets take a shower together today, pls." he pleaded.  "but no shaitani, she warned him.

"Done deal." He got up and lifted her in his arms and took her inside the washroom.  They both had a relaxing shower for one hour, but only after he made mad love to her in there first and then took the shower.


She didn't know how long she had been sitting in his arms, silently in the tub covered with water till her neck and her face resting under his chin.  She had forgotten everything, being so close to him, she couldn't even hear the phone ringing outside in her room.  If she could remember anything it was that she was being escorted into heaven and the rhythmic beats of his heart was the music that welcomed her into the beautiful place.


Even as his arms loosened around her, she stayed close to him. She couldn't go away, not now. The wish he had asked her for to have a quick shower, had taken a long time.  She kept caressing her necklace that he had made her wear the previous day.  She would treasure this gift very carefully, it was another part of her heart.  Both were engrossed in their own thoughts when she felt her stomach grumbling due to hunger.  Sure they had fulfilled their body hunger, but the stomach hunger had to be taken care of now.


"We should get out of this now, Riddhima." She pulled away finally, pushing her hair back from her face. "lets have something, I am famished."  He said while pulling her out of the bath tub and handed her the towel.  She slipped into her robe and walked out with him.  His touch still lingered all over her body.  She could still feel his smell from her body. And, her own heart was beating dramatically in her ears.



Their life had taken a good shape.  Armaan doted his love on Riddhima.  Riddhima had never felt so blissful before in her life.  They had visited Mumbai once after their union and had cleared all the misunderstandings with Shashank and Padma.  Armaan happily obliged to all her demands.  He gave her everything even before she could ask for.  She was his princess.  All the things whatever she had told him about her before the marriage had become true now.  She was short-tempered she would get angry for the slightest things, and Armaan had a tough time apologizing her.  They had their romantic sessions in the most possible wild terms.  None of them could control their beasts inside them when they were around each other.


They had gone on their honeymoon to Kashmir for 2 weeks on Riddhima's request.  She wanted to see the snowfall and Armaan wanted to have his way with her during the snowfall.  They only could see the falling snow in the beginning but later on they would forget everything around them and got busy with their pampering, moaning, groaning, touching, kissing, and making out in the gallery, when things went out of their hands, they would end up either on the floor of the gallery door or on the couch or any other place for that matter until they could control their emotions.  They roamed around the streets and other watchable places for little time, but spent most of the time in the room doing their most favorite thing.


It had been quite a few days since they had returned back from Kashmir and Armaan had resumed his office work and was working till late compensating for the days he was not there in the office and completing the pending work.  It was 7:30 and still Armaan was in the office indulged in the file.  He was disturbed by a call and saw who it was and smiled to see it was Riddhima's.  He picked up the call and even before he could say hello, he heard Riddhima crying on the other side.  He got worried as he had not heard her crying so bitterly ever before.  "Riddhima ………. Riddhima kya hua, tum ro kyu rai ho.  Pls rona band karo aur mujhe batao hua kya hai."  "Armaan, Armaan pls ghar jaldi ajaona, mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai.  Pls come soon."  "kya hua baby, kaha dard ho raha hai."  He asked her while picking up his keys and phone and running out of his cabin.  "mere stomach mein dard hora hai, Armaan, its very painful.  I can't tolerate the pain, pls come soon." "haan main, aara hoon, tum, tum chinta mat karo, I will be there in 15 mins" saying that he cut the call and drove the car in high speed towards his love.


When he reached home, he saw Riddhima unconscious on the floor and tried to wake her.  he picked her in his arms and took her to the near by hospital.  He paced outside the room where Riddhima was being tested.  After some time, nurse informed him that the doctor wanted to see him in the cabin.  He went there to know the reason of her unconsciousness, but when he came to know the reason, it was his time that he would go unconscious hearing that Riddhima was expecting and was 2 months pregnant.  When he was given all the instructions by the doctor, he literally ran to room to give her the news and take her in his arms.  As soon as he entered the room, he saw that she was sleeping peacefully.  He could still see dried tears on her face.  He sat next to her and took her hand in his hands and kissed it, he had tears in his eyes because of the happiness.  He caressed his face with her hand and watched her sleeping and kept his other hand on her stomach and as if feeling the baby he had a dreamy smile on his lips.


Riddhima woke up after 20 mins.  As soon as she saw Armaan with tears in his eyes she misinterpreted it to be the sad tears and thought she had some disease and she would not live for long and started crying again.  Armaan held her in his arms and pacified her by whispering sweet nothings in her ear and finally when she blurted out the reason for her crying, he laughed at her and gave her the most sweet news of their life.  "Riddhima, stop crying, u r not suffering from any disease, only thing is that", he looked into her eyes and she was waiting for him to continue.  He very sensually, leaned near her ear and whispered "baby, u r expecting and r going to give me another baby just like u."  she could not believe what she had heard and when she saw his smile she was confirmed that he was telling the truth, the truth that they both were going to be mom and dad and would be having a new member in their family very soon.  She hugged him tightly with happiness.


They left the hospital and gave the news to Shashank and Padma and to some of his and hers very near friends.  All had congratulated them and Shashank and Padma were very happy hearing the news.  Riddhima was from then on pampered even more and Armaan was taking care of her each and every craving and mood swings.  She was not let to even do a single chore even after her saying that she was ok and was getting bored due to sitting all the while, but Armaan never paid any attention to her words and did not let her do her things as per her.


One afternoon, in her 9th month, Armaan was preparing her favorite pani puri as she was angry with him for not letting her eat the pani puri outside and she really badly wanted to have something spicy.  When he said no, she angrily stomped her foot and walked away and locked herself inside the room.  Finally Armaan had to do this to make her come out of the room.  he had not seen her from past 2 hours and she had not even had her lunch.


When he was busy giving final touches to the pani puri, he heard the door bell ringing.  When he opened the door, he saw Shashank and Padma there and he invited them inside and gave them water and had a little formality talks.  When they enquired him about Riddhima he told them that he would get her down.  He went upstairs and knocked on the door saying, "Riddhima pls open the door, pls mujhe maaf kardo."  He said this in a low voice as he did not want his in-laws to know about their fight but she could not hear him if he spoke in a low voice so he had to increase his volume.  During that, Shashank and Padma heard him trying to convince their stubborn daughter and thought that Armaan would have finally found all about Riddhima's character and her nature and pitied him.  When even after trying for so long Riddhima did not open the door, he said "Riddhima dekho tumhare mumma papa aye hain, don't u want to talk to them."  She did not believe him, but when Padma called her and she hearing her mother's voice came out running.  As soon as she came out, he gripped her hand and told her to be careful and both walked down in a snail's pace.  She had difficulty even walking now as it was the last month and she could get the pain any time and her bulk was real big now.  She came and greeted her parents and whenever Armaan tried to talk to her, she glared at him.  Shashank and Padma noticed that Armaan was trying to talk to her but she was not paying any attention to him.  Armaan finally walked out from there.  Riddhima felt bad for ignoring him and thought of going behind him, but she saw him coming back with a tray in his hand.  When she saw the pani puri in tray, she felt guilty for torturing him with her mood swings and had a trace of tear in her eyes.  "Riddhima, chalo khalo, dekho tumhari pani puri banaya hai, pls khalo.  Tumne kitni der se kuch nahi khaya hai tumhe bhook lagi hogi na, please thodasa khalo."  Shashank and Padma were astonished to see Armaan pleading Riddhima to eat.  They were happy to see his deep love for her.  Riddhima smiled a little with small tears in her eyes and opened her mouth asking for him to feed.  He felt a little awkward seeing that his in-laws were sitting in front of him, but he had to feed her as he was not in a mood to make her angry again and fed her.  He brought plates for Shashank and Padma also and all had a nice afternoon eating the pani puri and followed by a simple lunch and a mouthwatering hot chocolate ice cream for the dessert as it was Riddhima's favorite.


Riddhima had her labor pains after a few days and had given birth to a baby girl, whom they named as Arunima.  She was the angel of her father and the princess of her mother.  She was most pampered by Armaan.  Armaan was a perfect husband and Riddhima was a loving wife and they both had an adorably beautiful gorgeous daughter and this is their story which is still running on their life's wheels.

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Exactly two years ago today, she and l buried a time capsule (a wooden box) here. We promised to meet here two years later, but she hasn't come yet. I am going to wait.


Here we go with the story now.


Three years back


My parents wanted a daughter, but I was born, Armaan Malik, so they raised me like one.  So l thought l was a girl until l was seven.  l had to go to the women's toilet, too.  The older l got, l thought my p*nis would get smaller and disappear. But it was the opposite. Then gradually I realized I was not a girl and grew up like a boy.


First Half


Armaan was with his old school friends in a bar getting drunk.  His friends started teasing him saying how he had not changed at all and was just the same as he was in his school days.  Armaan kept opposing when he suddenly saw a hot girl pass through in front of him and he got up to follow her thinking "She's just my type.  When I see my type, I can't help it. l need to hit on her," but he was interrupted by a call and stayed back and picked up the call without looking at the caller ID and answered in a rude voice.

Armaan:  "Who's interrupting me?" but heard no answer from other side and again asked "Hello? Who is this?"


Caller:  Your mother, you Idiot.


Armaan: Oh, mom...


Armaan's mom: Why aren't you at your aunt's house?


Armaan: I am leaving soon.  "Keep quiet! It is my mom!" he warned his friends.


Friends: Talk over there!


Armaan's mom: Make sure you pay a visit. It has been over a year since you saw her.


Armaan: That long?


Armaan's mom: You know she feels lonely after losing her son last year. She says you resemble him. She'll be so glad to see you.  Still there?


Armaan: We don't look alike. Plus, l hate when she rubs my face and kisses me. Uncle does, too.


Armaan's mom: She'll introduce you to a girl.


Armaan: l know the type she likes. Tell her no thanks. l want to meet a girl like the ones in romantic comic books" saying that he ended the call.

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hey congo 4 gallery
nd superb OS
luvd it
hey sry bakki ki abhi padhi
so editn 4 dem nw
awesome ones
cont soonBig smile

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hey hi its ria here i love ur ff silent love  about three times its gr8 ff plz plz wrte more love ria

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Nice start
cont soon
pm me too!

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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 3:15am | IP Logged
congrats on your gallery...
nice start to your "My Pretty Girl"...seems interesting...
contniue soon!

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