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Tumhari Disha

Update - 21st Feb, 2005

disha77 Groupbie

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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 10:55am | IP Logged

Another excellent episode…..seriously, this serial is just getting superb with every passing episode! And guys, believe me I tried my best to refrain from commenting on the  actors, but sorry to say, that I have to go back on my word and once again say that DK speaks volumes with his eyes, its like you can make out every emotion, every word, every sense, every touch just by the way he emotes with his eyes! Awesome! And what shall I say on the chemistry between our lead pair…..simply enchanting, its like magic! On top of that DK and Disha holding hands & giving those love-stuck looks to each other……I thought my screen would melt down like my heart! DK is still wearing that Oxford-blue shirt, sleeves rolled up and looking too hot to handle! Disha is also dressed in the same yellow sari, though at the end of the episode, she is in a indigo and red bordered sari, looking indeed very pretty in it!

The episode begins with Disha wheeling in Sumitra and DK & Gargi looking at Disha in shock & amazement. DK is stunned and asks Disha in an angry voice why has she got Sumitra home to which Disha gives a nasty look at Gargi and replies to DK politely (this girl is surely driving the point home to hubby dearest!) that she thought there is no place better than home for Maa and that this is her house and she should live here with the same respect and honour that the lady of the house deserves. DK is frustrated and loses his cool totally, as Gargi senses that DK is upset with Disha's decision and tries to fuel DK's anger more by supporting DK. Disha is very rude to Gargi and tries to tell DK that it is because of Gargi that Sumitra was not able to get well in all these years and that now Disha knows the truth behind Gargi's evil mind. Gargi is furious with Disha and then tries to evoke sympathy by telling DK that if this is what Disha thinks of her then its as well that she leave this house, to which our lovely Disha answers saucily that yes, Gargi should get out! (Loved Disha for this!) DK gets very upset with all this mess and tells Disha to just shut up, as Disha looks back at him in hurt & frustration. Gargi crookedly smiles at Disha to convey that now nothing that Disha says or does will have any effect on DK, but Disha is adamant on the stance that Sumitra will live in this house. DK becomes very emotional and also angry and accuses Disha of trying to use Sumitra as a vehicle of her revenge, Disha is immensely hurt but at the same time she keeps calm and in a similar emotional vein replies back to DK that by now she had expected that DK would also think positively about Disha and tells him that she will never in her wildest dreams ever think of hurting DK or Sumitra. DK asks Disha who will take care of Sumitra here, in the hospital there were Doctors & nurses, to which Disha tells DK that she is her daughter and that she will take care of Sumitra, DK is touched!

In another scene, they show the Hospital authorities to be in a panic as all of them are trying to search for Sumitra, then they show the nurse who had joined hands with Gargi telling herself that by helping Disha in taking Sumitra away, she has washed away her sins partly. The doctor is hyper now and calls up DK on his cell phone to convey that Sumitra has been lost. In a beautiful scene, DK picks up the cell phone, Disha is standing with Sumitra in a wheelchair and Gargi is standing near Disha, DK's back is towards all of them. As DK answers the doctor and tells her that she need not worry, his Mother is with him at his residence. He says, ''Meri wife Disha unhe yahan le aayi thi.'' (My wife Disha brought her home) The moment DK says, ''Meri wife'', Disha's face lights up radiantly and she blushes like anything, as she lowers her eyes, while Gargi is like, ''What?????'' Gargi then looks at DK and then at Disha and then thinks to herself that whether DK has actually started considering Disha as his wife and has forgotten all about the contract. Gargi then thinks to herself that come what may, DK should not have strong feelings for Disha, else all her plans would be upset. DK keeps the phone down, while Gargi tells DK that Disha is right and that Sumitra should probably stay here itself, Disha is now scared and thinks to herself that she had no idea that Gargi would come back to Kanaka house and that if Sumitra stays here, she might try to harm her. Disha tries to tell DK that unless Gargi goes away from here, Sumitra's life may be in danger, DK refuses to listen to Disha and tells her that Gargi will not go anywhere. Disha does not argue with DK but just wheels Sumitra to her bedroom, while DK looks on confused and upset.

In the next scene, poor Ranu is awake and standing near the window thinking about why Inder behaves with her in this way, inspite of them being such good friends, inspite of them sharing so much, why is there a constant physical distance between them. Inder is shown sleeping and then Ranu thinks about the incident when Inder had got drunk and had uttered not Disha's but Ranu's name and had popped out! Ranu decides that she has to talk to Disha and ask her what could the problem with Inder be, and why is he always so distant from her, Ranu keeps trying Disha's phone but is not able to get through to her.

At the Kanaka house, DK has lovingly laid Sumitra on her bed and is sitting with her, his eyes are moist and he is looking at his Mother with pain & nostalgia. (Wonderful acting, the way this dude brings feelings in his eyes is just indescribable!) Suddenly Sumitra starts getting agitated and then slowly she starts becoming violent, DK is shocked and scared and calls out for Gargi in panic, just then Disha enters with a bowl of Soup and looks at Sumita and then DK who is positively hyper now. Disha gives a soft look at both and tells DK not to bother Gargi and that she will calm Sumitra down. DK begans to lose his temper on Disha, just then she comes and sits near Sumitra (DK is sitting on the other side) and keeps her hand gently on Sumitra's forehead, in another breathtaking scene, DK has also placed his hands on Sumitra's forehead, Disha keeps her on his at the same time he takes his hand off her head! Sumitra calms down and DK is very surprised as he looks at Disha (who was looking angelic) who puts Sumitra to sleep and then gives a soft, loving look at DK who is not able to hide his smile. Both of them share this gorgeous moment, where they keep looking at each other for sometimes and the love is so apparent!

Guys, the Great Love Story has begun, so don't miss a single episode…..here is another highly romantic scene, which is meant to melt every heart & bring tears to one and all! DK is shown sitting all alone in the Verandah (simply sizzling, this man is!) and the Camera pans on his eyes which are moist and sad and he thinks about his past when he was a child. Flashback shows that Sumitra and young DK are sitting in their bed while Sumitra is cleaning some jewellery, the little boy is shown to pick up a lovely diamond ring and starts playing with it. Sumitra begins laughing and indulgently tells DK that he should not lose the ring as it was given to her by his grandmother and that she is keeping it for his wife. The little boy makes a face and says that he will never marry and that he hates girls (awwwwwwwwww) and Sumitra laughs in a motherly fashion and says that when he grows up and marries the girl he loves, he can then give this ring to her. Then DK thinks about last night when Disha had told him that he has grown immensely in esteem in front of her eyes and that she respect him more than ever now and then DK thinks about how she had placed her hand on his chest and then the way he had looked at her and she had felt very shy and taken away her hand. Current scene, DK's eyes are filled with tears now (very emotional, I can't describe the impact those deadly eyes make!) as the title music plays (Man se Man ka kya rishta, in the male playback voice) as DK puts his head back on the lounge chair and close his eyes as if to wipe out all the memories of his past.

In a beautiful scene, Disha is shown to walk toward DK (Who has not noticed her)….the setting was exquisite, it's a moonlit night, a lovely lake is shown (or was it a lawn?) and DK is sitting on the open verandah. Disha comes and stands near DK and looks at him with deep pain for his agony & affection for him in her eyes. Guys you have to see this scene, Disha goes to DK and says,

Disha – (Looks as if her heart will break if DK gets sadder than this) DK, purani yaadon ko man me lekar kab tak jeete rahoge?

Translation – DK, till when will you keep living with the pain of old memories.

DK is startled and looks at Disha and then instinctively hides the ring in his palm and does not say anything.

Disha – (Gives an affectionate, caring look to him and speaks in a soft voice) Mujhe pata hai tumhare man mein kitna dard hai DK, kitna khalipan hai, lekin akele hi ghute rahoge, toh tumhein pata hai tumhara kya haal hoga. Mat karo apne saat yeh, DK. Please mere liye.

Translation – I know how much pain you have in your heart DK, how much lonliness you have, but if you keep holding your agony to yourself, then do you have any idea, what it will do to your health. Don't do this yourself DK, at least for me.

As Disha realizes that DK is not reacting to her, she starts crying gently and tells DK,

Disha – Mujhe pata nahin tha DK ki Maa ko ghar laakar mein tumhein itna pareshaan kardoongi. Mera vishwas karo DK, tumhain dard pahonchane ka mera koi maksad nahin tha, mein sirf Maa ka khyal rakhna chahati thi, ek beti ke tarah, tum dono ko phir se ek saat dekhna chahati this. Magar mujhe nahin pata tha, ki is baat se tumhein itni chhot pahuchengi. Mein tumhe yoon apne gham mein ghulta hua nahin dekh sakti DK. Mein kal Maa ko Hospital pahuchaandoongi. Tum please tension mat lo, mujhe maaf kar do. Please DK, I am really sorry (Awesome dialogues, superb acting by Disha and highly emotional setup!)

Translation – I did not know DK, that by bringing Mother home, I will be putting you through so much of pain. Please trust me DK, I had no intention of hurting you in anyway and I just wanted to take care of Mother like only a daughter can, I just wanted to see both of you together once again. But I did not know that this act of mine would hurt you to such an extent. I cannot see you ruining yourself in this agony and pain, DK. I will leave Mother back at the hospital tomorrow. Please DK, don't take so much of tension, please forgive me. Please DK, I am really sorry.

Disha breaks down crying at seeing DK not reacting to her and turns to go away, when he catches hold of her hands (I thought I will have a heart-attack, it was just lovely as the Camera zooms on his strong, masculine, Tag Heur clad palm holding the dainty, bangle filled arms, ultimate romance!) as Disha turns around in surprise and stops crying.

DK – (Gets very emotional and tears well up his eyes as he is not able to control his feelings and in a chocked voice tell Disha) Mere paas bethjao Disha. Mein bahut akela mehsoos kar rahan hoon aaj, aise lagta hain ke zindagi mein tanhaiyon ke siwa ab kuch nahin raha.

Translation – Please sit with me Disha. I am feeling very lonely today, I feel as if my life is darkened by loneliness and there is nothing except this deep abyss of pain in my life.

Disha is touched and holding DK's hands all through, sits besides him (they keep holding each other's arms for sometime, then DK gently slides his arms from hers, much to her disappointment!).

Disha – (Gives a loving, wifely look at DK) Sab theek ho jayega, tum itna fikar karma chhodo aur apna khyal rakho. Mein hoon naa, Maa ka khyal mein rakhoongi, tum unki fikar bilkul mat karo.

Translation – Everything will be alright DK. Don't fret so much, you just take care of yourself. I am there, I will take care of Mother, you don't have to worry at all for her, till I am there.

DK – (Smiles affectionately at Disha and speaks softly) Pata hain Disha, aaj tumhari wajah se Maa aur Mein itne saalon ke baad ek hi chhat ke neeche reh rahen hain….mujhe poorani kuch baatein yaah aagayi, bas isi liye aaj…..Thanks Disha, Maa ko ghar lane ke liye.

Translation – Do you know Disha, that after so many years, my Mother and I are living under the safe roof. I just remembered some old memories, that's why I got so emotional. Thanks Disha, for bringing Mother home.

DK then puts his palm on top of Disha's hand which is kept on her lap and the lady grabs the opportunity and places her hand on top of his (man, is she leading him strong or what!) and gives a coy smile to him and he smiles back.

Disha – (Gets a serious look on her face) DK, mein tumse ek baat karma chahti hoon. Agar humain Maa ko jald se jald theek karma hai, toh Chhoti maa ko is ghar se nikalna hoga, who jab tak yahan hain, Sumitra maa ki jaan ko khatra hain. Tum meri baat par vishwas karo, DK, mein tumhein koi proof nahin de sakti, magar, mera yakin karo, Chhoti maa Sumitra maa ka nuksaan karma chahti hain.

Translation – DK, I want to tell you something. If we want that Mother should recover fast, then we have to get rid of Gargi from this house as soon as possible. Till she is there, I fear the life of Sumitra Maa. I don't have any proof that Gargi will harm Mother, but I know she will try something underhand surely. You have to throw Gargi out of our house immediately.

As soon as Disha says this, DK shrugs his hand off Disha's in a rough manner and gets up in an agitated way (As he gets up, the ring that he has been holding falls from the palm of his hand on the floor, DK does not notice it and neither does Disha I think) and says,

DK – (Exasperated and irritated) Chhoti Ma, Chhoti Ma, Chhoti Maa…..mein thak chukan hoon is naam ko sun kar. Please Disha, mein is subject par aur koi behas nahin chahta, Gargi kahin nahin jaayegi, isi ghar mein rahengi. Please unke bare mein mujhse aur koi baat mat karon.

Translation – I am sick and tired of hearing about Chhoti Maa always. Please Disha I don't want to talk on this subject anymore, Gargi won't go anywhere, she will continue living in this house. I don't want to hear anything on this again.

Disha looks frustrated and then decides to stick to common sense and avoid arguing with DK and tells him to calm down and goes away.  When Disha is gone, DK's eyes falls on the ring and he gets a painful look in his eyes as he closes them with desperation.

What can I say on this scene, except that DK and Disha looking at each other explodes the screen, just imagine them holding hands, its like Mount Vesuvius erupting!

The next scene shows its morning time and Disha is preparing breakfast for Sumitra, Gargi comes by talking on the phone to someone in a very patronizing way and telling the person on the other end to get her Coffee coloured sandles and not brown, as only Coffee coloured sandles will go with her Sari. As she keeps the phone, Disha makes a horrid face (this lady is really cute!) when Gargi comes near her and tells her that poor DK is running all around the market searching for the right pair of sandles for Gargi, as Disha is shown to barely control her anger, Gargi scathingly comments that is Disha feeling bad for her husband, the owner of Kanaka Empire going from one shop to another looking for the right sandle for Gargi to wear. Disha is furious and retorts back that Gargi is manipulating DK only because he is under the flase notion that Gargi will be able to bring back Sumitra's memory, once DK comes to know of the truth, then Gargi will get the lesson of her life. Gargi taunts Disha that just because DK called Disha his wife today, is she actually taking his words seriously and thinking that she is his wife. Gargi says that is Disha imagining that the Mangalsutra that Disha has tied around her neck is true and symbolic of her marriage, has she forgotten that her marriage to DK is just a piece of paper and nothing else. Gargi says that by taking care of Sumitra, Disha is trying to pull DK into her love-trap and then probably get control of his wealth. Disha is outraged but maintains her cool and replies back that she had no intention of proving a wife to anyone and neither has she any interest in getting DK's wealth and  that Gargi should just go and take a shower. As Disha and Gargi are arguing, Gargi stealthily puts a glass of red colured juice on the breakfast tray and as Disha  take the tray upstairs, Gargi smiles to herself and says that wait till DK comes to know that Disha had tried to give breakfast to Sumitra and how she had reacted on seeing the glass of juice (probably the colour red makes her violent) and Gargi laughs evily as she thinks that she will never let Disha make a place for herself in either DK's heart or in his home, ever.


sesky Groupbie

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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 11:18am | IP Logged

Cool. Im glad youre still adding your comments and actually reviewing the episode along with updating it, Disha77. Great job!

Yup. DK and Disha's chemistry continues to rock. Im a DK/Disha shipper all the way.

Feel bad for poor Ranu though.  As irritating as she can be, its a sticky predicament she's in: finding herself married to a man whos in love with her sister. Yikes! Wouldnt like to be in her shoes.

Now Disha's shoes on the other hand...Big smile Anytime!

Safiyah Senior Member

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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Thank u so much disha77.
Asian Princess Goldie
Asian Princess
Asian Princess

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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 11:31am | IP Logged

WOW!!! Can't wait 2 see the eposidoe Big smile ( Dk and Disha together )

Thankz Disha it's a great update as usualClap

Edited by Asian Princess - 21 February 2005 at 11:33am
lilly Senior Member

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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 11:49am | IP Logged

Thanks again for another super update, this serial I agree is getting better day by day, the writers are starting to built up a serene , gentle and musical romance between Di and DK, The chemistry is awsome and just by the gentle movements of holding hands and expression from eyes speak volume about a great love story in making from your description, I hope they keep up doing justice to the serial , which is one of the serial which is getting better , unlike most of the serials which really started up being interesting with great expectation but now seem to be fizzling with distorted storyline and 10-20yrs leap. Hope this love story has a happy ending inspite of up's and downs and misunderstanding ( dont want them separated and having affairs or married to someone else in this serial a big No please)

Disha I just cant help but again congratulate you and thank you for all your efforts with the TD updates and promos. The TD producers should have invited you to there 100th episode celebration and should have given you an award for this awsome job.

dazzling Newbie

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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Now whats with DK. Why is he such a prune now. Lady is all over him and he is backing off. And on top of everything he know how Gargi is and he is believing her that she will help.
ugababe Senior Member

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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 4:20pm | IP Logged

I'm loving the great vibes between our Lady Di and DK, but what's up with DK and Gargi? He knows her true colors yet he believes her. He should know that Disha is the one to trust not Gargi!!! Have faith in Disha, DK!!!!!

Thanks for the great update Disha!!


shahidlover24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 10:03pm | IP Logged
wow.....another awesum update!

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