Kkusum Update 21st Feb, 2005 by MISBAH

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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 10:54am | IP Logged

Hey Frndz,

I am at home today and so I thot I shud update. I am going back to my work place tomorrow….so. cant update from tomorrow onwards….

Hi, This is Khaja Misbahuddin updating Kkusum for 21st Feb, 2005


Abhay goes into the Office of the Income Tax and meets the official there with whom Trishul misbehaves. Abhay introduces himself to the officer. The officer tells Abhay that the money they recovered fromhis home has no connection with his bank account, and so he declares that money as being black money. Abhay tries to explain saying that someone has planted those papers and mney in his house to bring dis-repute to him and his family. But the officer is adamant and tells him that he is going to freeze Abhay's personal and office accounts. Abhay is shocked. Abhay pleads to him to listen to him for once but the officer is not interested. The Officer tells Abhay that his son Trishul dusnt have manners as to how to talk with an Income Tax Officer. The Officer tells Abhay that Trishul will know what it means to catch the collar of an Income Tax Officer. Abhay gets angry and leaves.


Kapil is talking to someone on phone, and asks him to try and understand coz his production is stopped. Kapil disconnects the phone disappointed and tells Nitin that the raw material supplier has stopped their delivery and so their production has stopped. Nitin is worried and tells Kapil that how can they meet all their deadlines for supply of goods in time, if production is stopped. Aryndhati tells them that Abhay has once again devastated them. Sarala gets angry and asks Arundhati as to why is she talking about Abhay when he is not there. Arundhati tells her that Kkusum is still there if not Abhay. Kkusum gets up from sofa, and tells Arundhati in a loud voice that how cud she think like that, and tells Arundhati that she is not foolish enough to do such a mistake after doing so much hard work to bring the business back on track. Kkusum tells her that it is someone's plan. Arundhati tells her that it is not plan but theft. Sarala shouts at Arundhati saying that Kkusum had all the money of Kapoor family, and she could have done anything she wanted. Arundhati tells Sarala that since Kkusum had all the money of Kapoor Companies in her hand, she did that. Arundhati leaves. Kkusum says to herself that she doesn't care if Arundhati blames her coz she knows who is the real person doing all this.


Abhay tells Tashu that he knows that she along with her son Trishul are planning all this against his family. Tashu tells him that if he thinks that all this is done by her, then he is right. Tashu tells Abhay to relax and tells him that he shud get used to these kind of things coz these kind of things will keep happening to him now coz Kkusum is still in his life. Tashu tells him that she had waited 20 years to give pains to Kkusum. Abhay tells her that she will have to wait another 20 years before she could give Kkusum any pain, and that every pain which goes Kkusum's way should cross him first. Tashu exclaims saying what love Abhay has for Kkusum and coz of that he has taken all the blame on his head. Abhay tells her that he will now prove that this is done by her and asks her to be ready to go to jail. Abhay turns to leave, and comes across Kkusum at the door. Kkusum tells Abhay that she never thought that he would stoop so low that he would go against his own family members. Abhay tells her that it is not what she thinks. Kkusum tells him that she thought that he would support her in this matter, but she didn't know that she herself has to fight against him. Kkusum tells him that when the own people are the culprits, then enemies are not held responsible. Kkusum leaves. Tashu laughs, and Abhay leaves in anger.


Kshitij is leaving the house when Aryaman calls him and asks him if he is going to meet Kumud. Kshitij tells him that he is going to meet Kumud, and that she is always in tension these days. Aryaman tells him that the entire Kapoor house is in tension, and wonders why Abhay is behaving like this. Kshitij tells him it is Kkusum who handles all these problems of Kapoor House. Kshitij tells him that if the press hypes this Income Tax raid, then the business will also get affected to a large extent. Kshitij tells him that he doesn't know how to help Kkusum in this regard, and that he is going to meet someone in this matter before going to meet Kumud. Aryaman tells him to go, and Kshitij leaves.


Sarala, Arundhati, Kkusum, Nitin, Lalit, Kapil and Garv are in Kapoor house. Sarala asks Kkusum if nothing can be done in this matter. Kkusum tells her that there is no way out of this mess. Trishul comes there and tells them that there is a way out of this. He tells them that he wants to help them in their cause. Kkusum tells him that he already helped them and that they are too indebted to him, and that they cant take his help. Kkusum tells him that this is not a business matter but a matter of their house integrity and that Kapoor house has faced such problems before and came up trumps. Trishul tells Kkusum that he is not doubting the integrity of thei house, but he just wants to support them. Trishul tells them that he is not supporting them coz only weak people need support, and he is just trying to help them in their cause. Abhay comes there, and tells Trishul that they don't need his help. Abhay tells Trishul that Kapoor house has never taken the help of outsiders to get out of problems. Sarala asks Abhay as to why he is speaking in this matter, but Trishul tells that its ok. Trishul turns back, faces Abhay and tells that it is really ok and leaves. Kkusum tells Abhay that Kapoor House is everytime saved by outsiders whenever their own people try to devastate them, and asks Abhay not to forget that Kkusum herself dusnt belong to Kapoor house as such. Kkusum leaves. Abhay tells to himself that he cant tell Kkusum as to why he did that.


Garv thinks that this matter is not as simple as it seems, and that there is someone in the house who is conniving against his own family. Garv wonders as to who is that person.


Garv comes and sits beside Kali on the sofa. Garv wonders as to why Kali is not even bothered about the big problem the Kapoor house is facing now. Garv tells Kali that maybe she is not worried coz all the problems have been solved. Kali asks Garv as to what problems are solved. Garv tells Kali that Trishul, by his influence, has solved all problems and that Kapoor Company productions have started again. Kali is shocked. Garv leaves. Kali calls Tashu and is about to talk to her, when Garv comes and snatches away the phone from her,. Kali is shocked. Garv tells Kali that he lied to her just to know who is the person helping some outsider against her own family. Garv tells Kali that she is disgusting and asks er as to how could she go against her own family. Garv asks her as to why did she put the money and papers in Kkusum;s room. Kali tells him that she didn't do that but Garv doesn't listen to her. He leaves. Kali cries.


Kumud is resting on her bed, when Kshitij comes there along with Kkusum. Kkusum tells her that its time for medicines. Kumud gets up, and Kkusum sits beside her and gives her the medicine. Meanwhile, Kshitij takes a small table and sits beside her bed. Kumud tells Kkusum that now that she is fine, she wants to go back to the Hostel. Kkusum tries to say something but Kumud stops Kkusum and says that she wants to go. Kkusum is disappointed but agrees. She tells her that she will pack her things and medicines and leaves. Kshitij asks her as to why she wants to go to Hostel now, when she is not even fully fit. Kumud tells him that she cant see her mother in difficulty, and tells him that it seems Kkusum is unhappy. Kshitij tells her that its obvious for Kkusum to be unhappy coz in the time when she needs Kumud's support, she is talking of going back to Hostel. Kshitij tells Kumud that she knows what Kkusum is going through, and that in this time, she really needs her support. Kshitij tells Kumud that it is decided that she is not going anywhere atleast for a couple of days, and that would give support to Kkusum as well if she stays there. Kumud keeps quiet.


Garv comes to Kapoor's house and drags Kali with him, and shouts out Kkusum's name. Kumud and Kshitij hear his voice. Everyone in the house cmes there. Kkusum tells Garv to leave Kali's hands. Kali embraces Kkusum and starts crying. Garv asks Kkusum if she knew what Kali did. Garv tells all that it was Kali who put the papers and money in Kkusum;s room. Everyone is shocked. Kali cries and tells that Garv is lying and that she didn't do any such thing. Garv then tells Kkusum that she cant bear if she knows on whose saying Kali did this. Kkusum asks him to tell, when Garv tells that Kali did this on Tashu's words. Kkusum is shocked and gets angry too. Kkusum tells Kali that she didn't think she would behave in such a lowly manner. Kkusum slaps Kali. Kali tells Kkusum that she did a big mistake by slapping her. Kali tells her that her own mother enevr raised a hand on her, and that Kkusum has done a big mistake. Kkusu tells Kali that Mahi shudve slapped her long back. Kali leaves crying. Garv and Kumud look at each other. Garv leaves. Sarala tells Kkusum that whatever she did was right. Kkusum tells Sarala that she now knows who is the root cause of all this and that she is not going to leave her now.


Tashu is consoling Kali not to cry. Tashu tells Kali that it's the time to fight back and she shudnt cry like this. Tashu tells her that Kkusum will create many problems and that she treated Mahi also like this. Kali asks Tashu if she knew her mother. Tashu tells her that Mahi and her were very good friends. Tashu tells Kali that she can come to her for her every need coz she can understand her pain. Kkusum comes there and asks Tashu how come the people who only know how to give pain, talk of knowing what pain means. Kali tells Tashu to ask Kkusum to leave. Kkusum asks Tashu that she is not going to gain anything by misleading Kali. Kkusum asks Tashu if she thinks that she will be successful in breaking her family by such deeds, and tells Tashu that she wont ever be successful. Tashu tells Kkusum that she had once heard that power makes a person blind, and that it is true. Tashu tells Kkusum that from the time when she got the power of Kapoor Industries, she has turned blind and cant differentiate between false and truth. Tashu tells Kkusum that she is suspecting the wrong person, and not able to see the real culprit. Kkusum asks her as to what she is talking about. Tashu takes Kkusum to a room, and asks her to look inside. Kkusum is shocked to see Arundhati inside counting some money. Kali also sees that and is shocked.


Arundhati comes outside and is shocked to see Kkusum and Kali staring at her. She leaves. Kkusum asks Tashu as to why did she expose Arundhati when she was working for Tashu. Tashu tells Kkusum that she is not selfish and that she cant bear to see that an innocent mother-less child suffers. Kkusum turn to Kali and apologises to her and places her hand on Kali's arm. Kali just brushes her hand aside and leaves in anger.


Arundhati comes home to see everyone sitting in the hall. Kkusum asks her as to where she is coming from. Arundhati tells Kkusum that no-one will believe whatever Kkusum told them. Sarala asks her as to what is the matter. Arundhati tells her that Kkusum is lying. Sarala asks her as to what Kkusum is lying about. Kkusum tells Sarala that Arundhati is a little upset. Arndhati tells Sarala that she is not feeling well and leaves. Sarala asks Kapil as to what happened to Arundhati. Kkusum thinks to herself that she ddint want to increase the tension in the house by exposing Arundhati, and that Abhay is wrongly suffering coz of Arundhatis' deeds and that she will not let this happen.


Abhay is resting on a sofa when he hears a knock on his door. Abhay gets up and opens the door to find Trishul outside.


Please comment. Waiting for ur reply.






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u know what when Misbah updates here it looks like my update is nothing Hahahahahaha LOL!!!!!!!!! keep it Misbah
mana Senior Member

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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 11:40am | IP Logged
thnx Farhan & Misbah your updates are always good thnx again for posting
sowmyaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
thanks a lot Misbah..it was great to read your update after long time. Your updates are always great!! thanks for taking time for us to updates whenever you can. Smile
Cool_girl_2145 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 12:11pm | IP Logged

I hate this part: Kkusum thinks to herself that she ddint want to increase the tension in the house by exposing Arundhati, Angry

i mean come on give me a break...stupid Kusum never wanna say anything and afterwards she's the one who's gonna get in trouble..she's stupid and very very dumb..i hate her so much...

Anyways thanks for the awesume update....

Selina IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the awesome update. Smile
sai14 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update
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Posted: 21 February 2005 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update!

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