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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 8:47pm | IP Logged

^i'd actually written the number 2, uploaded it and realised im on my 5th now, oops Ermm

i'm aishwarya Embarrassed to put in simple words creativity is my life yet accounting and law are my profession LOL i don't like to mix the two, but they each have their place Embarrassed

as far as sig making goes then it's been just over a year for me :)

rightt,now..I have a LONG list of people to thank. and originally i was going to leave this part out, BUT..i decided i can't Embarrassed since this shop is not only mine..i would be nowhere without all the love and support i've gotten over the past year or so Hug let me TRY and get this right LOL

i promise i won't make it too mushy SmileROFL

yamsYOU come first for me in everything Embarrassed love love LOVE you for everything you are and all that you do for me - trust me one day we'll clean my room as well Big smile ROFL ragi,pari, jia,aani .. thankyou for being there for me ALWAYS like my three elder sisters Embarrassedpooja,rida,sharmi,sameena,nisha you girls stick to me through anything, everything and btw you five have the BEST vocab in the world when it comes to my work ROFLhad to write full names so there's no confusionROFL  jennyjaane kyun dil jaanta hai tu hai toh i'll be alright Embarrassed LOL because I KNOW it's true, thankyou for always keeping your dabba open for me and just being your self the way you are, love youu! ashu dude my EX co-spammer! we can't even do that anymore ;( you & your work are simply AMAZING and thankyou for all your love and support Embarrasseddangelz,sid what made me put you two together? you two need to meet each other one day for the sole purpose of seeing what and HOW MUCH the other writes ROFL Dangelz I LOVE YOU!<33 and MR INDIAAA i miss you Unhappy sahar,phatty,jhanvi THE most awesome phangurl brigade which ever came into existenceEmbarrassed, you three are super awesome for loving me the way i am and my work :)) leaving my dabba open for you is MY advantage :$ farydii i love love LOVE your stuff and miss it INSANE much like i miss YOUUU :( reenz thankyou for EVERYTHING in EVERY single THING and only you know what that EVERYTHING stands for. <33 LOVE youu! Hug rachu I heart your innocent suggestions and my dabba is ALWAYS open to take them ROFL, plus i LOVE your essays too ;) sano,neha my aadhi without whom i am ADHOORI ROFL and nehaa<3 love you for always being there :$ nidzyou say im a sweetheart, i think YOU are for me, and don't tell me nidz and sweetheart sound wrong together ROFL ravs,preeti you two do SO much for me, thankyou Embarrassed oops i get visuals of miss PREETI running after me with a danda ROFL

and also a HUGE thankyouuu to my regulars Embarrassed Hug

dhara, farzu, janu, lola, sofia, avni, zoah, sam, zummi, hoor, anu, radz, vinii, nori, mona

^i've had it with this speech nowSmile and i will be blasted if i don't post fast so i might come back to edit later ROFL 

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a little faith..-Niru-..kinshukkiaashiqBilliCat.Gunjan.shakti_rockPurpleRainTheMelody.Komal.Gull-Rakshu--beautiful_sky--Indescribable-Kinma-prachid-mushiroxxBeautifulDream.Jyo.--Iqra--Mysterygirl_me* ~ Roshni ~ *DulceAmorU_R_Beautifulramsha_002--Divzfan--jetredrose.awarapan.spiritcrimsonnami2811iwantitall26javeyviniva sharmaFarzu-jesss.-Rinki-sabihaa.XSilentWishesXsaraaa.desigrl05theaishaJasmine...Rafa.LunaPotterdangerouzIshk.rainydays.lilindiangurl13.MohitzPari.KaJen.xoxosofiaaax.nanditasinghDangelzFallen Angel-Pooja--Hoor--tehreem--Zarwulicious-Siddhi_thegameison.Kiran.Nomaa.Trouble.ZumSrK.asmaanixx.JustaDreamAS..ragzz.-Fatima-safeplacetoland.ayesha.DelightedHeart.Jane..Sunshine GirlWildestDreamsSunShine_A..-Jia-..relentless.swashbucklingserendipity.soundsofcedarMehRya..YuNa4everBadtameez_Dil-Preeti-JennyPennynotfadedawaynaadanmasakalliSano88

aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 08 June 2011 at 8:48pm | IP Logged


i open once in a WHILE and take my time so please don't request when im closed :)

HQ pics/caps ONLY.. can't stress enough. I can't work with low quality ;(

text - please don't ask me to come up with it, or specify if you want none


downloadable.. zshare/megaupload/domainblocked etc. links ONLY or anything that works w/ real player..no YT 

NO PM reqs unless of course it's for something/someone Embarrassed

and last, i only take requests from regulars.. no first timers etc. so if you want to request, you better be reasonably regular here.. don't make me say no.


#1                    #2                  #3                    #4


trust me, it's updated often. im not even being sarcastic Stern Smile

page 1 

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a little faithFari.Kashiankinshukkiaashiq-Indescribable-Gunjan.ScatteredCastleTheMelody.Komal.GullmushiroxxBeautifulDream.Jyo.ramsha_002--Divzfan--jetredrose.awarapan.Mysterygirl_meDulceAmortheaisha26javey-Pooja-Jasmine...dangerouzIshk.lilindiangurl13.MohitzPari.KaJen.xoxosofiaaax.nanditasinghFallen Angeljesss.madhoshiyaan.-Rinki-iwantitall-Hoor-Siddhi_viniva sharmaFarzu-saraaa.XSilentWishesXNomaa..Kiran.thegameisonDelightedHeart.ayesha.Sunshine Girlasmaanixx_Oishi_swashbuckling..-Jia-..relentless..JustaDreamAS..ragzz.-Fatima-ZumSrK.notfadedawayserendipity.-Preeti-JennyPennyMehRya..soundsofcedarYuNa4everSano88

aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 08 June 2011 at 8:48pm | IP Logged

i've tried out some INSANELY new stuff when i was boreddd.xEmbarrassedLOL 

credit for the VM goes TOTALLY to Gagan <33 thankyouuu for making SUCH an amazing merged Arti VM and letting me use it to make theseEmbarrassed



on suggestion Embarrassed


thanks to sano for the amazing text :)

she is SO ADORABLE <33 




omgomggg THE LAST BATCH :| jaan chhooti ;) i won't open for at least 2 weeks now ROFL







since you wanted a surprise sig this is what happenedLOL




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-Dishaa-Fari.KashiankinshukkiaashiqZeenish_Khana little faithBilliCat.StarM-Rakshu-fizza311anne156luv_nishalGunjan.ScatteredCastle-beautiful_sky-Komal.GullXx_fehmida_xXmonakhan.TheMelody.supreet..-Indescribable-theaneesha1992ramsha_002mushiroxxBeautifulDream.U_R_Beautiful-DarkFantasy-awarapan.jetredrose.--Divzfan--AbhayVakil_1992Barishkiduaa* ~ Roshni ~ *Mysterygirl_meDulceAmortheaishaJungli Billi-Hoor--tehreem--Zarwulicious-Siddhi_fly2meJasmine...Salz.dangerouzIshk.lilindiangurl13-iPayal-Fallen AngelburgerchaapDangelz-Pooja-viniva sharmaiwantitall..Sakeena..KaJen.xoxosofiaaax.nanditasinghspiritcrimsonjesss.madhoshiyaan.-Rinki-Madhura..sabihaa.Nomaa.thegameisonFarzu-.khoobsurat.saraaa.XSilentWishesXDelightedHeart.ayesha.abditory.swashbuckling.Jane.._Oishi_relentless..JustaDream-Fatima-asmaanixxSunShine_A..-Jia-..Sunshine GirlZumSrK.AS..ragzz.safeplacetolandserendipity.Badtameez_DilnotfadedawayJennyPenny-Preeti-soundsofcedarMehRya..YuNa4everSano88naadanmasakalli

notfadedaway IF-Addictz

Joined: 11 May 2006
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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
meee! :P can I reserved?

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soundsofcedar IF-Addictz

BollyCurry Buzzer
Joined: 25 December 2008
Posts: 60425

Posted: 08 June 2011 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
Aish Mere *no not my ankheinROFL* dabbe mein dekho tumhe kya dikhta hai LMFAO ok I will take the nautanki out and seede se say you see your work :$ I am seriously in love with your work and I have been in love with your work even before I saw your work Ermm no I haven't lost it :P Let me explain, I know that you know I have an OCD and am really fussy about this siggy business and if I ever imagined a siggy in my head LMFAO a perfect siggy that I can sajao in my dabba it would always resemble your style. I love the simplicity and the effectiveness of it. Not to mention the smoothness Stern Smile LMFAO The textures and colorings you use on your work are so gorgeous and compliment each other so much it's just gorgeous. I remember the first time you opened when I was still a newbie :$ I was so scared to say reserve for a request ROFL but I knew I couldn't let the opportunity go. So maine finally ask kiya and you were nice enough to consider me a regular and made me the happiest girl in the whole wide world. I have you say that request and the one you made me recently were worth reserving for because they came out gorgeous and still remain two of my most  f a v o r i t e  s i g g y  e v e r  along with the requests Jhanvi and Dangelz made me :$ So I would like to thank you again for making them for me muaaah! As for avis though I haven't yet requested or suggested for avis, I am biggest phangurl of your avis :D I claim that title I don't even care. Seriously I know how much pain in the butt avi-making is and trying to perfect them is nearly impossible and you do it every time oh so effortlessly it amazes me. I wish I could see how you make them ROFL do I sound like a creeper yet? EK din main tujhse raaz puch kar rahoon gyi or just get you drunk and make you make me avis :D Ok I have stopped making sense Stern Smile It's firstly cos it's midnight and me being a buddi amma that I am I am getting ishleepy and also teri update ka nasha :P Oh I don't think I mentioned Blushing you have managed to make me blush like legit mere cheeks laal laal hogaye LMFAO I got so happies reading your main post tussi kafi nice che (WOAH english, punjabi, and I momentarily forget what che is like language? ROFL but you get the point OH IS IT GUJJU I think it is :D) I am glad to be yo paparazzi. I am willing to sing Gaga's song for you and your work but I will spare you this time may be 6th shop ;) I am debating if I should comment on the update here too?! Hm I think I shall and make it SUPER annoying for people to scroll down a huge page :D Ain't I just a bundle of niceness and joy :$ ON to the comment now =)) Excited? I know I am ROFL

Update # 1 OH you are on to a very good start like a REALLY good one Stern Smile I am having a hard time concentrating on commenting because I just want to stare at me, ROFL well my dabba that is, I ain't that conceited :P Acha getting to the comment before 2 am :P First I will just say everything looks so pretty I just want to stare and take it all in. I can't believe we got to see a massive update from YOU! Jenny rubbing on yo eh? I like it :D 

MayUr avis look AUHMAZING! I saw that scene on Gagan's channel :| God it looks too real ROFL For a non-viewer, I had to re-think yeh real tha ya nahi LMFAO but honestly I love how your avis turned out so good job to both :) The siggy is sexy :D I love love love the style and texture <333 HAWWW RATI'S AVIS :| :| :| I loved that segment. I watched it aivanyi. She intrigues me so I watch her stuff randomly but anyway those avis are so pretty :$ I am so tempted to use them randomly LOL.

Awww the MaanEet siggy is so cahuteee <33 That's their old yet newly discovered picture I believe ROFL I am such a stalker :| That's what happens when you don't follow lots of stuff you end up stalking shows :S which really is following minus the watching part LMFAO but anyway the coloring is L O V E 

EEEKS :| I H L S stuff is to DIE for :| :| :| Main seriously faint hone wali hoon *actually God na kare ROFL I am scared of fainting again but you get the point* YOUR ICONS ARE MY FAV and as you can see I am using them too :$ SO SO pretty dude I can't even pick a fav icon or siggy cos they are all so gorgeous!

I P K K N D :| My new obsession well not obsession but I am following and loving the show atm :D I LOVE the avis especially the last one and I choried it too :$ I wanna use the siggies too which I will once mera dil bhar jaye ga with my current dabba :D http://k.min.us/idirfS.png < that is perfection in my opinion.

AHHH SUGGESTIONS Blushing I love you like lots and lots. The Jenny siggy is so Day Dreaming I am assuming Dhara suggested? Well whoever did they picked the best caps and your style and that blue AHH kill me :| I am using it jaani! O M F G KaJen wala I love it :$ I am using the icon atm but I am going to use the siggy soon too :| Size uska chota hai should I pretend that's cos of me ROFL even if intentional nahi tha I love you for it muaaah! I adore the coloring on it! So subtle yet so pretty :D

Sukirti siggy is auhdorable <333 I love the caps you picked :| and the style is gorgeous. Give me some of your talent and style and skills #@%@!^#$&*&^%&* So good LMFAO!

Requests Ermm should I comment? Cos I am mad they are not mine ROFL I kid :P ERM btw I have marked June 23rd in my planner that's 2 weeks from now LMFAO no pressure :D KS siggy is very naice :) I love how you placed the text jaani! Aw Gunjan cry karahi hai :( Sad but very well-made siggy <3 Kareena and Shahid siggy is cahute :$ HAYE I love him :D Other KS siggy came out great too. I love the B&W coloring on it <333 It gives a nice apt feeling to the siggy. Mytho one came out great :) DUDE the surprise is nice I love it! OH OH OH OH http://k.min.us/idmfSS.png SO requesting this style next time :P Farzuuu's request is so gorgeous :$ I love it! And Sushant siggy is really pretty too. I love the green! 

Phew :| :| :| I have never written so much before I believe ROFL but it was fun and your work deserves lambe comments :P I just realized I didn't say the magic word yet :S C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on your 5th shop LMFAO and finally 4th khatum that didn't take long :) May you have many more, muaaah! OH I am so bhulacker :| I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the banner SO PRETTY :$ I love the coloring and Anu looks as pretty as ever.

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awarapan. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !

Oh hay there, beautiful! I'm so very proud of you. You've made it all the way to your fifth gallery! Congratulations for that! You're absolutely amazing, I hope you know that! I love taking to you, and chit-chatting through other people's shops. LMAO. I know it's wrong :3 But, it's still so much fun! You're so sweet, so kind, so amazing, and so AWESOME. You make me smile like the sun, dizzy in my head, sing like a bird, fall out of bed~ Something like that, you know? LOL. I forget the exact lyrics, but feelings toh samaj ati hai, na? Hehe. So, your work is seriously beyond amazing. You've always left me speechless with everything you've done. Everything is always top-notch, exquisite and so tremendously made with insane amount of hard work, and effort - and the best part? It all SHOWS. You've seriously made a place in my heart, and I mean it genuinely! In such a short time we've bonded, and become so sweet with each other :3 I love talking to you, and suggesting random siggs to you :3 Haha! Seriously thank you so much for being you. You're amazing in every way possible, and you make me smile like an idiot! OH AND BTW, I never knew you were in Law & Accounting! That's crazy. I adore Law with all my heart, but detest Accounting, ROFL. Odd che, but cute too :P You're amazing, baby! Btw, thank you SO DAMN MUCH for the paparazzi mention. That seriously brightened up my cloudy day! You don't even realize it, but it means a lot that you're going out of your way to be so kind, and heartwarming-ly (my own made up word ^^) sweet! I LOVE YOU AISHWARYA. You're such an inspiration to me, I hope you know that. I just made an Anushka Sharma & KSG siggy and it was COMPLETELY inspired by you. You always make your avis/icons/siggy's all turn out so flawless, and so beautifully made! THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING SUCH AMAZING PIECES TO THE SOCIETY! You need to win a medal, jee :3 Honestly, your work is so brilliant, so beautiful - and amazingly coloured. Your experiments turn out to be huge hits, and you always manage to make me indecisive. FOR EXAMPLE: With this update, I changed my dabba 3 times, because I couldn't choose which one I wanted to use :/ LMAO. Sorry :3 And I'm so sorry for all the posts I made in your gallery already, ROFL. I always thought of something new to say to you. HEHE <33 PS. I'm going to continue changing my dabba for the next few days :/ Don't be surprised ^^

OKAY OFF TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL SI, MASSIVE SI UPDATE JEEE! E V E R Y T H I N G turned out incredibly beautiful! In all honest, I can't even choose which one I like the most :3

I'M A SUCKER FOR KAJEN. So thank you oh so much for making them with such creativity, such flawless colouring, and such brilliant texturing! You've got a natural talent, love! Keep up the FABULOUS work, and continue being amazing. I LOVE the KaJen sigg, and the icons! They're extremely cute, and so well placed, and coloured! Everything flows so well, and the prettiness of it makes me blush like a mad woman :3 THEY ARE ALL SO DAMN GORGEOUS. i can't even decide on what I like better :S WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME. I love the JW birthday siggy! That is incredibly sweet, and so beautiful :3 I LOVE IT. & The textures you've used are so pretty! Eeks, you're amaiznggg!

Your MaYur//ArTi avis and sigg are so SUPERB. Seriously, AMAZING. Gagan's VM must have been flawless, because you created such stunning avis, they make me smile! Uff. I loved MaYur when they were still on air - and to see those siggys that you always make, they bring back memories! The colouring in ALL of them is so beautiful. The colouring for the avis compliment the actual figures within the piece, and enhances the beauty :3 It's so pretty! I love it <33 I ALSO LOVE THE INDIVIDUAL RATI AVIS. The colouring, and the moments chosen are perfect and so adorable! She looks really cute :3 OH & ALSO THE GURTI SIGG IS SO CUTE. I love the textures you've used, and how well it's been blended! You're a mastermind at blending ;) I wonder how you do it, tehe :3 Keep up the creativity, jaani!

I SEE IHLS ICONS & SIGGS. You're awesome. THANK YOU SO MUCH - especially since it's Sonam's BIRTHDAY :D Haha. The icons are all so incredibly beautiful. I HONESTLY HAD SUCH A HARD TIME choosing which one I wanted to use! Kasaam se! I KEPT CHANGING my damn dabbba because I'm as indecisive as hell! I couldn't CHOOSE :| Your icons are so beautifully coloured, and textured, and so well made overall - I AM IN AWE OF YOUR SKILLS. HOW DO YOU DO IT. Secret ki hai, puttar? Mujhe bata do :D LMAO. I LOVE them all incredibly. THEY ARE ALL FLAWLESS. I especially LOVE the red/black/pink-ish sigg you made! The three caps are so pretty, and well coloured. You really amaze me :3 I LOVE it, a lot! Beautifully done, jaani <33 OH & BTW I LOVED THE SINGLE SONAM ICONS. From her photo-shoot! THOSE ARE SO STUNNING :| I LOVE all 3 of them, they're so pretty :3 I will be using them soon as well ^^ Just telling you in advance jee :3 My dabba shall be VERY PRETTY with you, Jhanvi & Sahar in it all the time <33 LOVELY WORK BABY <3

IS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOOON~ Those siggy's have gotten me going wild. HOW do you manage it. I'm still trying to learn how to blend, and colour so beautifully like you do! It's always so flawless, and so stunning. Seriously, your colouring stands out so well, and I adore the way you always use the textures! It's so creative, and so pretty. MY FAVOURITE HAS TO BE THE BLACK & WHITE ONE. Hands down, that one is simply amazing <3 I love the captions you've used on each and every one of them. I'm a sucker for writing, and words in general - so reading captions ALWAYS makes the siggy much better for me - in my opinion ;) I always love reading your captions, because they're always so cute, and quirky - which makes your siggs so unique! I LOVE the colouring on the avis! They're all absolutely so beautiful :3 I actually ONLY use Sahar's avis - 'cause I'm a dedicated phangurl, but seeing your avis, I might just have to break my rule for YOU. I've only ever used Jhanvi's avi ONCE, for 1/2 hour, it didn't feel right, so I switched back to Sahar's. ROFL. Either way, I LOVE THE AVIS. They're incredibly beautiful, and the colouring is flawless! I'VE USED FLAWLESS SO MANY TIMES~ UFF KHUDA. I'm going to need a thesaurus and a dictionary the next time you update! ^^ YOU'RE WONDERFUL, AISHHH <333

I LOVE ALL THE REQUESTS. I don't even want to start with what I like the most - but they're all equally beautiful! THE HARD WORK SHOWS, BABE. Everything is stunning, and so pretty! LOVELY WORK. KEEP IT UP BABY GURRRL! I look forward to a new update :3 CONGRATULATION ONCE AGAIN on your 5th Gallery! I know you've been wanting to get out of 4, and that was QUICK, as well! Haha. I wish you THE BEST of luck with this gallery <3 I shall continue to spam with Sahar&Jhanvi when she gets back :3 WE'RE ALL HONOURED TO BE MENTIONED BY YOU, JEEE ^^ Thanks for everything <33 OH AND BTW, LAST THING, PROMISE :3 BEAUTIFUL ANUSHKA BANNER. Your work is never complete without Anushka, somewhere! Hehe. IT'S BEAUTIFUL :3


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PurpleRain IF-Dazzler

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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-Pooja- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
Twinnooo Embarrassed Hey twinoo kasie ho ? yeh bhi kitna dumb question dekh mein ne pucha hai we are scrapping back and fourth but still i ask it wow :0 actually you see after seeing such a grand update mera dimaag idhaar udhaar hoga hai ! ROFL

Firstly my Muahzzz xxHUGSxxHug & tons tons of xxKISSESxx  Heart please twinoo apni ise twin se accept karo ! LOL PartyCONGRATULATION for your 5th SHOP in ROW ! Party girl this is your full on time to shine ! as its so overwhelming for me to see and feel sooo proud my twin as she successfully managed to get this far with her work and creativity which noone can beat ! so my most hearted congrtaz to you for that twinoo ! and i wuvv you soo soo much ! Embarrassed

We stick by eachother twinooo ! we are like sisters/BFF/ and most of all TWINS FOR LIFEApprove and basically shared every piece of things that we knw off and that's why we both undoubtedly knw we will be there for eachother no matter what ! Hug  my vocab goes flying as when i see your work my mind and eyes go straight to cloud nine as i LOVE it twinoo ! and when i say i love it i mean it with all honesty your work is fabulous and you always knw and remember these words i just said teek hai !Embarrassed  

Now coming to the most most awaited update as its special cause its your 5th shop and second i get to see some of my fav fav couples all in one ! Big smile

Starting off with yours and minee fav Mayank and Nupur the most phenomenal jodi we have come across ahh i just love it when you make stuff on them as it comes out naturally marvelous to being with and the touch you give it just makes it glorified . I love love the avis gosh the mix gagan di made was seriously soo beautifully merged  and the way you made the avis is just perfect i love the clarity and the coloring came out natural yet so elegantly beautiful i cant stop staring at it Day Dreaming Now coming to the sig you made on them came out yet again another style beautifully managed with your creativity i love the text ,merging is done really wisely and the use of textures has been place very very nicely and as you can see it shines in my dabba as it takes the first spot in my dabba # 1 Mayank&Nupur and # 2 You made it and came out tremendously beautiful out the whole update it stands out the best for me Embarrassed. Coming to the Rati avis ahhh isn't she just so elegantly beautiful we love her <3  and i love the avis ! like the style and coloring came out all in one place perfect ! and as you can see it looks sooo beautiful in my dabba !LOL For me the the highlight of this update has to be Mayank&Nupur and thank you for making it sooo soo specially twinooo !Hug

Now coming to IPKKND the whole update on barun/sanaya came out sooo fabulous girl i love those avis ! infact the style which you used to making them came out really well ! like seriously amazing ! . the sigs you made on them came out sooo perfect the coloring stands out on all of them and i love love the style to the use of textures in certain places . Big smile  but this very very one caught my eyes the most as it came out sooo beautiful i love love the coloring ! the blending came out really nice in this  amazingly stunning ! i love it ! Embarrassed

The whole update & requests came out  so marvelous i love the suku ones again the blending worked really well and the "style" twinoo came out really nice . i love the imran and sonam ones as it was my fav movie recently now thanks for giving me an good idea ill make some on IHLS for my own update ! dekha twin hone ka benefit thode bahut ideas free hi mil jate hain !ROFL

Amazing work twinooo ! you knw your are the original Wink as your creativity comes solely from you and you work really well with everything let it be icons,sigs,avis etc. your perfect at everything twinoo and noone can every take away that from you cause i won't let them Wink you knw you got your twinoo rigth behing you always and forever ! congratz again ! and and i knw your going to have a blast replying to this one LOL see we should make a shop for ourseleve remember i told you that we can the most amazing time writing and replying to eachother !ROFL

P.S- I wuvvv you ! twinooo !Hug

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aishwaria 95 7014 12 November 2007 at 3:02pm by pomegranate
aish creations is BACK!!(U.P.D.A.T.E.D)


Author: babiigurl   Replies: 14   Views: 1405

babiigurl 14 1405 27 June 2007 at 9:46am by babiigurl

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