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CGM FF: Ehsaas...Kuchh Naya Sa (complete) (Page 86)

Moner_Radio IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
aru :
commenting on the 14th december update, damn this Ambik.. always upto more trouble than good. digvijay's anger and tension are all justified given the situation that has been created and only durdhara's safe return to the palace can sort things out now. but despite all the mess created, specially in the Greek tent, i cant help but smile at chandu's comment
hum jante hai k tum unmad ho..Wink
and you have already introduced Cornelia in the story .. so my question too is the same, what's she doing here ?Confused
update soon. would be looking forward to chandu and dhara's interaction with cornelia.Smile

Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
thanks polly dear was waiting 4 ur comment..ya everyone will get to know what cornelia is doing here in next chapBig smile

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In The Greek Tents of Hindukush

..both Chandragupt and Durdhara were stunned to see this unexpected appearance of Cornelia..Cornelia also got surprised to see two Indian people fighting with Greek soldiers and both of them are not much elder to her..and surprisingly enough one of them was a beautiful girl..what attracted Cornelia most was Durdhara's bright colored saree and the golden jewellery which she never saw before..she came down from horse back and stepped towards them..her white gown also caught Durdhara's eyeballs..where Chandragupta was observing the small girl carefully..he understood she is not an ordinary just because of her tiny age he must not ignore her..Cornelia stepped towards him..and looked at into his eyes...what see saw in his shining eyes none knows but somehow she also felt this dark skinned boy surely has some specialty..he is not like other Indian people she saw till now...
Cornelia (to the Greek soldiers) : what's going on here?? who are they??why are you fighting with them??

before the soldiers could say anything Chandragupt stepped towards her

Chandragupta : your highness your soldiers have imprisoned us without any reason..

Cornelia was just amazed to hear Chandragupta speaking Persian...

Greek Soldiers : no your highness he is lying ..they re spies of Kamboj ..they came here to gather our secret news

Chandragupta : no your highness believe me..(indicating Durdhara)..princess is suffering from we came here in search for medicines in the meantime your soldiers brought us here..and

a Greek soldier tried to say something but Cornelia stopped him showing hand..

Cornelia : and??

Chandragupta : one of the soldiers tried to misbehave with princess

Cornelia : misbehave??what kind of misbehave??did he beat her??

Chandragupta : no he tried to (and then suddenly he realized he is talking to a tiny girl will he explain to her what was that Greek soldier's intention towards he didn't complete his sentence)

Cornelia : he tried to??

Durdhara due to all exhaustion started feeling very weak and her head started turning and she fell unconscious...Chandragupta ran towards her and held her before she falls on land..

Chandragupta (shaking Durdhara's face) : Durdhara ! Durdhara !

Cornelia comes to them...

Cornelia : what happened to her..

Chandragupta : i told you..princess is not well..your soldiers forcefully imprisoned us..

now Cornelia understood that Chandragupta is telling the truth..

Cornelia : come with me in my tent...

Greek Soldiers : but your highness..

Cornelia : its my order..don't come on my way..otherwise you have to stand in front of emperor's anger

soldiers didn't dare to say anything...

Chandragupt picked Durdhara in his arms and followed Cornelia...

Royal Palace

in a hall room all of the boys and girls were kept on watch..just because they were once friends and trusted person so they were not put behind the bars yet..Maya was crying out of fear..Dakshita was consoling here..Akshay was also trying his best to control his tears..but was going all teary with Maya's tears..

Akshay : Balika tum aise krandan na karo ..hum bhi apne ashru ko sambaran nahin kar pa rahe hai..

Maya kept on crying..

Shashank (irritated): Akshay kuch samay k liye moun rehne mein kya kasht hota hai??

Dakshita : Akshay ko kyun tiraskar kar rahe ho??tiraskar to tumhara hona chahiye..

Shashank : tumhara arth kya hai Dakshita??yeh sab hamare karan hua hai??

Dakshita : aur nahin to kya..tum pr dayittwa tha..ek bar yuvraj Digvijay ko suchit kar dene se kya asudh ho jata..yadi usi kshan Digvijay ko Chandragupt aur Durdhara k yatra k vishay gyat ho jata to hamein is paristhiti ki sammukhin nhi hona padta..

Aditya : are ab bas bhi karo tum hona tha vo ho chuka hai ab ek dusre ko dosh dene se paristhti ka samadhan nahin hoga..

Airavat : ab to keval prarthana hi kar sakte hai k chandragupt rajkumari ko leke shighra laut aye..nahin to anarth ho jayega..

Chitra : Chandragupt ko rajkumari ko leke jana hi nahin chahiye tha..rajkumari k karan vo apne apko na jane kaise samasya mein gher liya..

Subhadra (being furious at Chitra) : rajkumari k virudha ek shabd na kehna..yadi aj koi sabse adhik sankat mein hai to vo Dhara swayam jane bichari kis dasha mein hogi..ab tak koi sambad nahin aya..jabke vaid Shashank k matanusar unhe abtak laut ana chahiye tha..aur tum rajkumari ko dosh de rahe ho??

Chitra bent her head and didn't say anything..but in mind kept on praying for Chandragupta's safety
Chitra (in mind) : hamare nikat laut ao Chandragupt..

Ghanghor : Subhadra thik kaha..ab to hamein bhi chinta hone laga...kahin vo dono kisi sankat mein to nahin hai??

Subhadra couldn't bear the discussion any more and went to a corner of room and burst into tear...Durdhara meant a lot to her..she is not only her friend or her highness..she is more than her sister..from very childhood only thing she learnt to take care of be with her..but today she is unable to do anything for her..
Subhadra (in mind) : hey Vishnu bhagwan hamari Dhara ki raksha karna

Sukant comes closer to her.Subhadra wiped tears to see her and watched in other direction..

Sukant : Subhadra hamare Chandragupt pr viswas rakho..vo rajkumari ko kuch nahin hone denge...viswas karo hamara...

Subhadra looked into Sukant's eyes and found the trust and determination for Chandragupt..she held Sukant's hands...

Subhadra : tum satya keh rahe ho??

Sukant placed his hand on Subhadra's head...

Sukant : hum tumhe mithya aswasan kadapi nahin de sakte...

Subhadra again looked at his eyes and feels that she can trust him..she seeks support to hide her tears and tension on his shoulder...Sukant hugged her tightly on his chest..
Sukant (in mind) : hey iswar Subhadra k hum pr se viswas bhang mat hone do..Chandragupt aur Durdhara ko shighra prasad mein lauta do...

Hindukush Region

Digvijay with his soldiers were finding Durdhara in Hindukush region but till the Sunlight started deeming no trace of neither Durdhara nor Chandragupta were found..Digvijay's heart still had the determination that Dhara will be found soon..but his scared brain started imagining the things which no brother want to think about their sister's situation..

Digvijay : nahin nahin..hamein sampurn viswas hai k hamare Dhara jahan bhi hai sampurn swastha hai..kintu kyun hamare mastisk mein aise durvabna a rahe hai??

ad then a soldier ran towards him

Soldier : yuvraj yuvraj (but then he hesitated)

Digvijay : kya hua sainik..tumhe kuch suchna prapt hua kya??tum sankoch kyun kar rahe ho??

Soldier : yuvraj vo hamein ye mila

he showed him a piece of red valuable silk..Digvijay's eyes got rolled out of excitement..

Digvijay : yeh to hamare Dhara ki dupatta ka ansh Dhara kahan hai??

Soldier (bending head down) :hamein is vastrakhand k atirikt kuch bhi nahin mila yuvraj

Digvijay (burst into anger) : aise kaise nahin mila..jao jake sandhan karo..

soldiers : yuvraj viswas kijiye hamara hum is sthan k sab hi kon mein sandhan kar chuke hai..kintu hamein isse atirikt aur kuch nahin mila..

Digvijay : iske arth vo dono Hindukus to ye the..kintu iske paschad vo kahan gaye??..kahan le gaye Chandu hamare Dhara ko??..Chandragupt yadi hamare Dhara ko kuch bhi kshati pohuche to hum bhul jayenge ke hum kabhi mitra hua karte the...
turning towards soldiers : sainiko ..Rajpur laut chalo ..yadi Chandragupt Durdhara ko leke aj ratri ki bhitar na lauta to to uske mitron ko itna kathor dand milega ke aj ke paschad koi bhi mitra apne mitra se viswasghat karne ke purv shatbar chinta karenge..

and he started towards the capital...

In The Greek Tent of Hindukush

Chandragupt entered into a tent by following Cornelia..and put down Durdhara on the bed..and gently placed her head down..Durdhara's soft,silky lawks were covering her face..he gently removed it to make her comfortable..then he took her palms into his hand and started rubbing to give the meantime Cornelia entered into the tent carrying a bowl with her..and sat near Durdhara's feet and started applying some thick liquid medicine on her feet. Chandragupt got shocked to see the girl who is addressed as her highness nursing a completely unknown girl like this..

Chandragupta : her highness what are you doing??

Cornelia : its a special medicine made by emperor Alexandar's doctor can be applied in emergency..

Chandragupta : but why are you doing this yourself..let me do this..

Cornelia : its ok i have habbit to nurse people when its needed..from the very childhood i am  roaming with emperor's army i am taught the first-aid so that i can help the wounded soldiers this way...

Chandragupta and Cornelia started feeling comfortable to interact with each other..he came to know that the girl Cornelia is daughter of Sikandar's one of the most trusted army general Seleucus Nectar..her motherland was Persia..when she was only 5 years old her father accompanied emperor in his world-conquering mission..her mother remained in Persia with her other little brother and sister but as she was very close to her father so father took her in this mission.she is also very favourite to emperor himself..that's why emperor Sikandar allows her to roam anywhere in Greek tents and ordered all soldiers to obey whatever she wants..that's why these soldiers didn't dare to disobey her..right now emperor is busy in fighting with Assakeyas the most powerful tribal of Kamboja province..on the other side of Hindukush..when her father ordered some soldiers to come this side to keep on eye on Avisara kingdom..Seleucus will come at she wanted to spend some time with her father so she came here to give surprise to her father..
(what she didn't know was that Seleucus had a secret plan to take her in Alexandar's mission..because of her angelic beauty a famous Greek astrologer forecasted  that she will become an empress one day..that's why Seleucus planned to keep her around Alexander so that as soon as she reaches to marriageable age he can offer her to emperor..Cornelia doesn't know that but she likes to spend time with emperor)

In the meantime Durdhara came into sense in the constant effort of Chandragupta and Cornelia..watching her opening eyes Chandragupta left a breathe of relax..

Chandagupta : Durdhara ..ab kaisa bodh kar rahe ho??

Durdhara : hum thik hai..vo us samai thora sa chakkar a gaya tha..

Chandragupta : humne tumse kaha tha na ke tum abtak durval ho..kintu tum mere sunti hi nahin ho??

Cornelia (making face at them) : this is not fair you people are talking in your language i can't understand which ..its really rude..

Chandragupta : oh sorry your highness

Cornelia : me Helen..

Durdhara understands that the girl's name is Helen..

Durdhara : Helen...baht sundar naam hai..

Cornelia looked at Chandragupta to know what Durdhara was saying..

Chandagupta : she is saying nice name Helen..

Cornelia (smiles) : thank you

Durdhara looked at Chandragupta to know what Cornelia was saying..

Chandragupta : dhanyabaad keh rahi hai..

Cornelia : but you didn't tell your names..

Chandragupta : she is Durdhara

Cornelia (trying to remember): Diodara..

Durdhara : Diodara nahin Durdhara..

Cornelia (with much effort) : Diodara

Chandragupta : ok ok its enough
(to Durdhara) : iski bhasha mein tumhari naam Diodara jaise hi sunne ko ayega..

Cornelia (to Chandragupta) : and you??

Chandragupta : i am Chandragupta

Cornelia (confusingly) : sandras what??

Chandragupta : not sandras its Chandragupta

Cornelia (with her best effort) : Sandrakuttas

Durdhara (smiles) : bas bas Chandragupta aur shakti mat dalo us balika pr..uske bhasha mein tumhara naam Sandrakuttas hi sunne ko ayega..

Chandragupta stopped but he seemed not so much happy to hear the Greek version of his name..

in the meantime a Greek soldiers entered with a big covered plate in front of Cornelia..

Soldier : your's your meal...

Cornelia (being furious) : what is this?? can't you see we are 3 people here?? how can you bring only one plate??go and bring two plates more and yes with same items..

Soldier (hesitantly) : but they are prisoner of us..

Cornelia (fumbling into anger) : its my order...just go..

Soldier went and reluctantly brought two covered plates...and leaves..

Cornelia opened the covers and serves the plates to Durdhara and Chandragupta..they were amazed to see variety of the meal..there were breads , cheese, roasted duck , boiled egg and boiled potato with salt and other spices they did't see before,salad of carrot , onion and cucumber , peas, peanuts and apple, grapes and honey

Durdhara (amazed) : hey iswar itne sare aharya??

Cornelia offered honey to her : drink it you will get energy..

Chandragupt : keh rahi hai is madhu ko paan kane se tummein bal ayega..

Durdhara (took the honey) : viswas nahin hota ke un nich yavan ke shibir mein aisi pari jaisi kanya reh sakti hai..

and then they concentrated on the foods..and all of them specially Chandragupta were quite hungry..understandig that both Durdhara and Cornelia started shifting items from their plates to his..and not much remaining got left after they finished the meals..

after finishing the meal Chandragupta found its getting dark outside..he really became tensed now by imagining what situation can be created in palace by their absence..

Chandragupta : Durdhara sandhya hone ko hai..mahal mein ab tak to sabko hamare anupasthiti ke vishay mein gyat ho gaya hoga..

Durdhara (tensed) : hey iswar ab kya hoga??na jane pita, mata aur bhrata kitne duschinta kar rahe honge??aur kahin vo log Subhadra ko tiraskar na kare..

Chandragupta : hamein bhi apne mitron ki chinta ho rahe hai...

Cornelia (confusingly) : what happened why are you so tensed??

Chandragupta : Helen..can you help us to flee from here?? we need to reach home within nighttime..otherwise our friends will be in great trouble..

Cornelia's face got grabbed with worry.

Cornelia : but my father can reach here anytime and he will never allow you to go instead of presenting you in front of the emperor..

Chandragupta got shocked..watching his facial expression Durdhara's face also got darkened..Chandragupta kept hand on her shoulder but couldn't give any solution...




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Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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surprising IF-Dazzler

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yaa...update soonSmile
DeewaniRimi IF-Dazzler

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Thanks for PM me. I will read surely but for that I need timeCry.10-15din. Eto Gulo Chapter TO Tai

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Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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its okk take your time
surprising IF-Dazzler

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are...upd karo jaldi...finished short part...plzzz do upd asapSmile

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