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CGM FF: Ehsaas...Kuchh Naya Sa (complete) (Page 74)

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hello...i'm to this forum...but have read this ff frm the beginning and its just superb...please continue dis...Smile

Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by coolpavni

hello...i'm to this forum...but have read this ff frm the beginning and its just superb...please continue dis...Smile

wow dear u don't know how happy you made me by saying this...well m a bit busy till 21st..after that i will update..this ff is piece of my heart can't think of discontinue this

welcome to our forum..plz try to b active

and nivi don't worry m updating on 22nd..

nd chitra was childhood love of cgm in some versions of chandragupt's history

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In Rajkumari's Mahal

 just when the eastern sky started to turn red Durdhara left her bed and dressed as warrior along with Subhadra..she had to find the armlet and return it back to Chandragupt before their fight starts..its literally a question of her life and death..they were about to leave when Kalyani entered and that too in a disguise of warrior..though at last night Subhadra told everything to Kalyani but both Dhara and Bhadra didn't expect her in this time and in this attire...

Durdhara : Kalyani tum yahan..aur vo bhi is vesh mein???

Kalyani : hum tumhare sath is aviyan mein ansh lene aye hai...

Subhadra : parantu rajkumari vo sthal baht hi durgam hai..aapko kast hoga..

Kalyani (looking at Durdhara) : kambojkumari yadi tumne panchnad kumari ko satya apne sakhi swikar kiya to tum mujhe apne sath jane se nhi rokogi..

Dudhara(smiled) : nhi hamein apne sakhi k mitrata atyant priya tum avashya chalogi...aur ab smaran aya tum mere yodha ki vesh kal mujhse kyun liye the??

Subhadra : parantu humse to apne kaha ke apne ek aur nritya paribeshna k liye vo vastra liye the

Kalyani : han yadi mithya na kehte to tum vo vastra mujhe dete hi nhi..aur hum bhi tumhare sath nhi chal sakte..

Durdhara : acha ab chalo..hamare hath mein adhik samay nhi hai..

Subhadra : parantu panchnadkumari apko aswarohan ate hai kya??hum uhan rath pr nhi aswa pr jayenge..

Kalyani : bhadra yeh mat bhulo ke hum bhi ek rajkumari hai..apke rajkumari jaise yudhshastra ka gyan  na sahi parantu kuch avshyak shiksha mujhe bhi diye gaye hai..

Durdhara : ati phir shighra chalo..

all of three girls left the palace by horses to find Chandragupta's armlet

In Atithigriha

  Chitra in the early morning came to meet Chandragupta with a fresh flower garland which she made from the flowers of royal garden..she found him practicing alone for the competition held today...Chitra kept on observing Chandragupta..she felt he is no more the small Chandu o her childhood ..he is turning into a strong warrior..his muscular arms ..wide back and chest are proving that Chandragupt s not only turning older but also turning into a handsome boy..Chitra couldn't move her eyes from him..from childhood she has considered Chandu as her Moora mai  made that wish to see their friendship..though Chandu took it as a joke as he was not in state of thinking something like that but Chitra always took that wish as her destiny during the last two years of nightmares she had only dream in her heart that she would meet Chandragupt again..and today when her dream came true ..hopefully the rest would be true one day...her thought got interrupted with Chandu's he observed her and stopped his practice...
Chandragupt : are Chitra tum yahan?? kuch avshyakta tha to mujhe bula lete..

Chitra : nahin vo hum to bas yeh dene aye the..
she gave the flower garland to him...
smaran hai na pippalivan mein hum har roz tumhe ek mala apne hathon se banake diya karte the..

Chandragupt (smiled) : avshya smaran hai Chitra..tum aaj bhi utnehi sundar mala prastut karte ho...

Chitra : humne ishwar se prarthana kiya ke aaj pratiyogita mein tum avashya vijayi honge

Chandragupt : han Chitra jab tak hamare acharya k ashirvaad hamare sath hai hum kabhi parajit nhi ho sakte..

Chitra : mujhe tumse ek aur baat karni thi...Dakshita keh rahi thi k aj pratiyogita sampurn hote hi tum sab takshashila prasthan karoge...

Chandragupt : han tumne sahi suna..hum kal subah hi gurukul prasthan karenge..

Chitra : hamne suna ke maharaj Avisaar mujhe aur mayako apne rajkumari ke sath hi rakhna chahte hai..

Chandragupt : han jab tak hum apne lakshya mein safal nhi ho jate tum dono ka hamare sath rehna uchit nhi hoga..yahan tum dono surakshit rahoge

Chitra (started crying) : nhi Chandu nhi..hum pichle do varsh se tumse dur the aab aur nahin..aur Dhananand ke mrityu sirf tumhara nhi hum sab ka lakshya hai..usne hamare ankhon ke samne hamare pita ka hatya kiya hai..Dakshita ke bhati hum bhi is mahat karya me yogdan dena chahte hai...hum hath jodte hai Chandragupt hamein bhi apne sath le chalo...

Chandragupt (puzzled) : parantu Chitra

Chitra (sitting on her knees) : hum tumhare pao padte hai Chandragupt mana mat karo..Maya k bare mein socho kya tum apne bhagni se phirse dur jana chahoge??kya maya apne bhai ke bagad ab reh payegi???

Chitra's voice seemed a bit different to if her concern is not only for Maya or killing Dhananad ..but something strange was there what he was not able to understand..

he hold Chitra arm and helped her to stand up

Chandragupt : shant ho jao Chitra..tum satya keh rahi thi.hum apne ma apna ghar , parijan sab kho chuke hai ab apne behn aur ani bachpan k sakhi ko nhi ko sakte..tum aur maya hamare sath Takshashila chaloge..aur phir wahi hoga jo acharya chahenge...ab jao maya ko jake ye sambad do..

Chitra's face shined with smile ..she ran towards her room in almost flying..

Chandragupt (in mind) : satya mein in kanya o ko samajhna asamvab hai..ek taraf yeh Chitra..abhi anshu baha rahi thi aur abhi khushiyon se jhum uthi..aur dusri taraf us unmad rajkanya Durdhara..har roz ek naye roop dekhne ko milte hai uske...dekhte hai aj apni asli rup kaise gupt rakh pati hai

and he started his practice again...

In The Mountain Valley

 Durdhara, Kalyani and Subhadra reached to the valley and started finding the armlet...but time passed and their was no sign of the armlet...Durdhara suddenly understood that she is feeling the medicine is losing effect and she is not able to take it again as its finished and rajvaid is also not present in Rajpur..she started sweating which was the sign of her breathing problem to start..but she didn' stop..Subhadra got tensed to see her sweating

Subhadra : Rajkumari .aap thik nahin lag rahe hai..chaliye mahal laut chalte hai..phir jo hoga dekha jayega

Durdhara : nahin Subhadra..humein jabtak vo kavach nhi mil jaye hum wapis nahin ja sakte..hamare karan hi Chandragupt ne apne ma ki akhri nisaani kho hamare i dayitto hai use lautana..warna nato hum kabhi apne aapko shama kar payenge nahi us uddand vanvasi ka samna kar payenge

suddenly some sparkling this caught Kalyani's attention ..she curiously went to watch it and suddenly her feet slipped and she rolled to wards the cliff..Durdhara and Subhadra ran to save her...and then all of them noticed the sparkling thing is nothing else but the armlet which is staled between to rocks..on a very dangerous position ..a gentle touch can cause it to fell into deep quarry..sunlight is reflecting falling upon the armlet..that's why its sparkling...Kalyani was about to fall from the cliff by rolling when Durdhara stopped her and pulled her towards herself..

Durdhara : tum thik to ho na Kalyani??

Kalyani : dhanyabad Dhara hmein bachane ke liye...

Durdhara : dhanyabad to hamein tumhari karni chahiye ..yadi tum us ujjwal vastu k or akarshit na hoti to hamein vo kavach kabhi nahin milta...

Subhadra : parantu rajkumari vo kavach to baht hi durgam sthal pr hai hum uhan tak pohuchenge kaise??

Durdhara : tum nhi sirf hum...hum apne katidesh mein is rajju ke ek taraf bandh rahe rajju k dusri taraf tumlog us bade se patthar pr kash ke bandh do...aur jaise hi vo kavach mere hath mei a jaye tum dono us rajju ko akarshan karna...

Subhadra : parantu rajkumari ye baht hi kathin karya hai..yadi ap pr koi vipta a jaye to??

Durdhara : ek yodha ka jeevan sankat se bhare rehte hai..aur hamein is vipta k samna karna hi hoga nahin to hum sabkuch har jayenge..tum log aur vilamb mat karo...

Subhadra and Kalyani tied the other part of the rope on a big rock and also tied the rock with the horse's leg so that the rock won't fall ..and Durdhara jumped to catch the armlet but she failed in first attempt and started hanging from cliff..she kept trying..but failed again and again and dangerously hanged from cliff with the rope tied on her waist..being horryfied Kalyani closed her eyes...Durdhara looked down once and she also closed her eyes in fear..due to stress and tention she felt like she would lost her sense..but then only Subhadra's encouraging voice reached into her ear and she got her confidence back and determined herself

Durdhara (in mind) : hey ishwar hamein shakti de..aaj kisiko uske ma ki asheervad lautana hai ..aur mujhe apne jeevan ka uddyeshya ko barkarar rakhni hai..ek yodha ki samman ki prashna hai aaj..hum vyarth nhi ho sakte...

and she gave a final jump and threw her body into air and touched the rock..and the rock along with the armlet fell from the cliff...both Subhadra and Kalyani screamed but still Subhadra kept on encouraging Durdhara

"Dhara tum kar sakti ho.." and kalyani also joined her...

before the armlet fell into the ditch Durdhara managed to catch it..but at the same moment her rope's knot got loosen ..and she hanged holding the rope one hand and the armlet on other...without wasting time Kalyani and Durdhara pulled the rope..and the horses moved backward to pull the rock so that Durdhara comes upward..and with this united efford Durdhara managed to reach to her companions safely along with the armlet...

both Subhadra and Kalyani hugged her and started crying...

Durdhara : are hum thik hai..tum dono shant ho jao...hamein kavach mil gaye haye..

Kalyani : ek pal k liye hamein laga ke hum tumhe kho denge.

Durdhara : han parantu aisa nahin hua na..ab to chup ho jao...

Subhadra : rajkumari aap baht shrant lagte hai...chaliye mahal chalke vishram karte hainn..

Durdhara : han parantu usse purv hamein ye kavach lautana hai..ab chalo abtak pratiyogita aramv ho chuke honge..

and three of them left by horses towards the palace...

In The Royal Palace

..the competition in search of the best warrior started in Royal Palace with the presence of King Avisara and queen...the youths of Kamboja and neighbourhood kingdoms and the invited guests along with king of Gandhara joined the competition..Digvijay and Chandragupta and also his friends joined there...Chitra,Maya and Dakshita were in viewer's seat...king and queen asked about  Durdhara,Subhadra and Kalyani..but pratiharin of princess's mahal told them they are not liking the blood shedding war Subhadra taught the pratiharin to no further inquiry had been made about them..
  Chitra selected the position from where she can clearly observe Chandragupta..Maya and Dakshita also sat next to her..Dakshita wanted to perticipate in the competition but she had to stop as not many person knows about her Vishkanya identity..and acharya doesn't want people to know it for Chandragupta's security...and also no woman was perticipating in the competition so she has to become a viewer...the king asked for that secret warrior who hasn't yet come..but Chandragupta assured them at the end of competition everything will be cleared...and with king's announcement the competition started..viewers started to cheer up their favorite competitor...

Maya : tum logo ko kya lagta hai kaun jitega???

Chitra : ye bhi koi puchnewali baat hai??avashya hi mere Chandragupt...

Dakshita :(smiling) mere Chandragupt..!!! iska kya arth hua??

Chitra : nhi mere kehne ka arth hai hamara Chandragupt...q tumhe kya lagta hai??

Dakshita : jitega to Chandragupt hi..use veerta ki misaa yunhi nhi kehte...parantu humein gyat hai ke yudh maidan chodke palayan sabse pehle kaun karega...

Maya : kaun??

Dakshita :(smiling meaningfully) aur kaun hamara jo stul vaidji hai..jise sirf ahar mein ruchi hai vo..

Maya : yane Shashank bhaiya..

Dakshita : aur nahin to kaun..

Chitra :  tum hamesha use aise kyun kehte rehte ho..

Dakshita : q satya hi to kehte hai...

Chitra (smiling meaningfully) : han hum samajh sakte hai..

and they concentrated on the competition... competetor long lasted in front of Chandragupta's bravery..he also got injured but almost easily got win over other competitors and at last only two competitor left in the final round..Chandragupta and his biggest enemy Gandhar Naresh Ambhik..Digvijay was the third competitor who left the competition field ..the announcer announced

"ab is pratiyogita k akhri do pratiyogi k bich sabse mahtyapurn yudh aramv yudh mein jo vijay prapt karega vo na sirf kamboj..balke aryavart ka sarvshrestha yodha mana jayega...

Ambhik and Chandragupt with open sword observed each other minutely ..and moved round to take suitable position...then at a time made their first blow and both's sword clashed to each other to stop their blows...they moved round with their sword pressuring each upon other...

Ambhik : tuchha vanvasi tu phirse mere samne a gaya..aj to tujhe mujhse tere acharya ka koi ashirvad nhi bacha sakta

Chandragupt : maine suna tha jo badal garajta hai vo barashta nahin hai...aj dekh bhi liya...

Ambhik : tera itna duhsahas..

and he attacked on Chandragupta's throat but his sword got stopped by Chandragupt's one in the middle..

Chandragupt : tujh jaise deshdrohi jiske hath apne pita ki hi rakt se ranjit hai use mrityu dena meri or se apni desh ke liye shradhanjali hoga..parantu hum apne mitra Digvijay k khushiyon mein ansh lene aye hai rakt k nadiya bahane nahin.aur main tere aur tere mitra sikandar ke bhati raktpipasu nahin hai...

Ambhik : mithya hai yeh..humne apne pita k hathya nahin kiya..hamare pitah ne atmahatya kiya tha...

Chandragupt : yadi ye satya bhi hai tab bhi tu hi Ambhiraj k mrityu ka karan hai..iska dand to tujhe avashya hi milega..

Chandragupt blew his sword again..and Ambhik stopped the attack...and both engaged into a hostile duel ...suddenly Chandragupt's arm got injured and he fell on floor..Chitra cried loudly...all Chandragupt's friends got restless...Ambhik attacked him again and Chandragupta saved himself by rolling on the ground..and this continued for a few seemed to the viewers that Chandragupt lost his balance and Ambhik is on the verge on the winning ..the supporters of Gandhar shouted in joy...Ambhik made his final blow..but before the sword could touch Chandragupt's body..Chandragupt made a severe blow on Ambhik's out of overconfidence ..Ambhik came too closer to Chandragupt..Ambhik's sword fell from his hand and before he could take this again Chandragupt took a vault in air and stood up on ground keeping his sword on Ambhik's throat..Chandragupt's friend shouted

"Jai Ho"

even Dakshita, Chitra and Maya joined with them...

"Jai Ho"

and now whole gallery joined with them including King Avisara

"Jai Ho"

Ambhik without uttering a word immediately left the place with bending head..
everyone gave standing ovation to Chandragupt

King Avisara : hum Chandragupt ko aj ki pratiyogita mein vijayee ghoshit karte hai..
but his speech got interrupted by Chandragupt himself

Chandragupt : rukiye maharaj ab tak is pratiyogita k ant nhi hua...

Avisara : tumhare kehne ka arth kya hai Chandragupt??

Chandragupt : maharaj ab tak ek pratiyogi sesh hai.vo veer yodha jinke parichay janne k liye sab utsuk the ab tak pratiyogita ki maidan pr nhi pohuche..

Digvijay : us yodha se milne k liye hum sab to utsuk hai..parantu kya tumhe viswas hai k vo yahan ayega??

Chandragupt : yadi maharaj k agga ho to hum suryast tak uske liye pratiksha karna chahte hai...aur phir bhi yadi vo na aye to hum sab use jake milenge

Digvijay : iska arth tumhe gyat hain k uska parichay kya hai??to tum abhi q nhi bata dete??

Chandragupt : thora prateeksha karo vandhu..kuch hi samay mein tumsab uske parichay jaan jaoge..kya hum Suryast tak pratiksha kar sakte hai maharaj??

Avisara : avashya pratiyogita suryast tak barkarar rakhi jaye...

Chandragupt : dhanyabaad maharaj
(in mind) : Rajkumari ab dekhte hai tum kaise bachte ho...

In The Outside of Palace

the three horses ran towards the palace gate and royal guards stopped them

guards : aplog kaun hai kya chahiye apko???

Durdhara without answering kicked her horses Rangini and Rangini almost flew in air.towards the competetion ground...also Subhadra and Kalyani's horses followed her...before the guards could do anything those three horses got disappeared from their eyesight...

Durdhara's horse entered into the competetion ground..but Kalyani and Subhadra decided to wait Durdhara will come back in a moment by returning the armlet to Chandragupt and taking her sword back..she was not feeling well at Subhadra and Kalyani will take her to her room..that's why they were waiting in a secret place where the guards won't notice them..they were observing the way from where Durdhar is supposed to come back..but time passed and Durdhara didn't come back...

Subhadra : rajkumari ab tak a q nhi rahi..hamein chalke dekhna chahiye...

they were about to come out from the secret place and then suddenly watching someone coming they stopped..but to their disappointment it was not was Ambhik who was leaving the place as he couldn't bear the insult of defeat..the girls waited for him to leave..but suddenly something caught Ambhik's attention..and he climbed down from his horse and took something from ground..and to watch the thing in his hand  Kalyani almost shouted in horror when Subhadra kept a hand on her mouth and another on her own mouth..their horror was natural ..because the thing Ambhik took from the ground was not other than the armlet of Chandragupta..

Kalyani : hey ishwar lagta hai Durdhara k vastro se vo kavach gir gaye hai aur Durdhara ko pata bhi nhi hai...

Subhadra : yadi aisa hai to Durdhara ko Chandragupt se ladna padega..parantu rajkumari ki paas yudh karne ki shakti avses nhi hai...ab hum kya kare??

Kalyani : kuch bhi karke hamein Ambhik se vo kavach hasil karke rajkumari  ko lautana padega..

Subhadra : parantu kaise??yadi Ambhik ko gyat ho jaye k ye kavach Chandragupt ka hai vo ise kabhi wapis nhi karega..aur hum is vesh mein uske samne jayenge to use sandeh ho jayega...

Kalyani : iska haal mere paas hai tum dekhti jao..

In The Competition Ground

there was only few time left for Sunset and yet no trace of that secrety warrior..everyone was getting impatient

Digvijay : Chandragupt suryast hone ko hai parantu abtak us yodha ki koi nishan nahin hai..hamein nahin lagta k vo ab ayega...

Chandragupt : han vandhu kadachit uske mann mein bhai a gaye ho...isi karan vash vo yahan nahin a rahe hai...lagta hai ab unke parichay sabke sammukh pariveshan karne k samay a gaya hai...

and only then a horse entered into the ground and a warrior with covered face came down from that..the horse got disappeared otherwise the the guards would recognize princess's favorite horses..everyone got restless to see the warrior specially Chitra..but the warrior didn't remove the cover from face...only Chandragupt kept smiling  at the warrior..

Maya : Chitra kya yahi vo yodha hai jo tumhare raksha kiya tha??

Chitra : han yahi hai vo..humein unse milke dhanayabad karna chahiye..

Dakshita :are pratiyogita to ant ho jane do..parantu ye yodha apni muh q chupa raha hai??

the question was in everyone's mind...

King Avisara : Chandragupt kya yahin vo yodha hai???

Chandragupt : han maharaj..

Digvijay : yodha hum tumhare parichay janne ke liye utsuk hai..tum apne mukhabaran ko unmochit do..

but the warrior didn't do so..

king was about to say something but Chandragupta interrupted

Chandragupt: maharaj ye yodha baht hi lajjasheel hai...isiliye ye apna parichay gupt rakhna chahte hai..parantu aap sab unke parichay kuch hi samay mein jaan jayenge...ab pratiyogita aramv karne k anumati de..

Avisara : avashya..pratiyogita aramv kiya jaye..

Durdhara fumed into anger at chandragupt's words but didn't express that...

Chandragupt : kya hua rajkumari..tarvari uthao..ya phir darr rahe ho

Durdhara : darr ek yodha ki durbalta hai ..aur hamne is durvalta pr vijay prapt kiya hai..parantu hum tumse ladne nahin aye hai..tumne kaha tha isiliye pratiyogita k maidan pr aye hai apne tarvari wapis lene k liye aur badle mein ye...

she put her hand into her dress to bring the armlet out..butshe couldn't find it..she checked her dress. again but it was not there..she sweated..her body got seemed she won't be able to stand there anuymore ..all her try went in vein she lost the armlet again...

to see her standing like this without uttering a word Chandragupt got impatient..

Chandragupt : kya hua dwandyudh ka sahas avsesh nhi hai ya phir tarvari chalane k liye bhujayon mein shakti nhi rahi...thik hai yadi yudh karnahi nhi chahti ho hum tum prr jor nhi karenge..bas tumhare parichay sabke sammukh unmukt karneki shuv karya kar dete hai...

and streched his hand to remove Durdhara's face cover...and Durdhara got her sense back and at once took out her sword..and challenged Chandragupt..

Durdhara : saavdhan Chandragupt..ek prakrit yodha ke nirvikta pr prasna uthana mrityu ko amantran dene ka saman hota hai...aj tumhe tumhare har ek uddandta ke dand avashya milenge...

Chandragupt also took his sword to answer the challenge...and durdhara got astonished to see that chandragupt's sword is actually of hers..

Chandragupt : ati uttam rajkumari..manna hi padega..tumhari yudhshastra ki gyan prashanshaniyo hai..parantu tum kitna bhi chesta karo tumhari parichay gupt nhi rahenge...

he blew first attack and Durdhara stopped it with her sword..

Durdhara : dust hum chahte to tere uddandta k dand tabhi de sakte the jab tu bina anumati k mere mahal mein ake mere chitra ko nasht kiya tha ..aur phir mandir mein mere puja samagri ko hani pohuchaya..aur apne hath se mere muh bandh karne ka spardha kiya..parantu apne parichay gupt rakhne k hetu hamne sab sehn kiya..parantu ab nahin..
and she made a blow and stopped by chandragupta

and the duel turned into an interesting fight..both the warrior are skilled enough and it seemed the duel won't end soon..every viewer including Chandragupt got impressed with the young warrior's skill...and everyone got confused whom to support only Chitra was praying continuously for chandragupt's victory...

but time passed and Durdhara's energy seemed come to an end..she still was fighting but she understood she won't be able to continue it for long..she couldn't breath properly now..she couldn't see properly now a darkness was gradually covering er eyesight.she was fighting with her intuition...and trying her level best to remain in sense..and in mind was praying to god
" hey iswar mere parichay ko aj gupt rakhna.."...but she was sesing her life is coming to an end...

In The Outside Of Palace

Subhadra : Kalyani ye kya kar rahi ho??

Kalyani : hamne is yodha ke vesh apne vastro ke uparhi dharan kiye the take koi mujhe dhunde to shighra hum asli rup mein a jaye..hamari nrityabhyas mein hamein aise ekadhik vastra eksath paridhan karke sachhand rehne ki shiksha diye jate hai take nritya mein apne rup badalne mein vadhayen na utpann ho..aj yehi shiksha karya kar gaya..

she removed her warrior's attire and came into princess's dress..and rided on horse..hum Ambhik ka manoyog us kavach se apni or akarshit karenge aur jaise hi tumhe ishara karenge to vo kavach leke Durdhara ke pass chale jana..

Subhadra : thik hai..

Kalyani with her horse came out from secret place..and then willingly fell from the horse and cried loudly...watching that Ambhik ran towards her...

Ambhik : panchnad kumari Kalyani???yahan kya kar rahi ho..

Kalyani : vo hum aswarohan k shiksha prapt karna chahte the parantu hum..

Ambhik : bhupatit ho gaye...rajkumari aswarohan ek purush k karya hai nari ki nahin...

Kalyani (got irritated but didn't express that) : parantu ab kya kare hamein baht hi peera ho rahe hai??

Ambhik : koi baat nahin hum apke ahayata karte hai..

Kalyani : Gandhar Naresh Panchnad kumari k sahayata karenge??

Ambhik : hamare shatruta panchnand raj Parvateshwar se hai rajnandini se nahin...

he put that armlet on his waist  into his dress..and lifted Kalyani in his arm..and Kalyani took the opportunity and took the armlet from his dress and threw it towards back...Ambhik was completely lost into Kalyani so he didn't notice..he placed Kalyani on his horse and himself rided on it..Kalyani felt awkward but it was neccessary to take Ambhik away from there so she didn't oppose..soon they left...

and Subhadra didn't waste time and took the armlet and ran her horse towards the competition ground..

In The Competition Ground

Durdhara was still fighting with her will power but her body was not permitting her..she was not able to stand on her feet and fell on the ground..still she stopped Chandragupt's blow with sword..but not any more..she was losing her seemed to her that it was  the last fight of her life..

and only then Subhadra reached to the ground and watching Durdhara's condition she didn't waste time and took the horse closer to the two warrirs before the guards could stop her and threw the armlet on Chandragupta's face..the suddenness of the event made Chandragupt distracted for a while he took the armlet and watched towards the horse rider..and Durdhara utilized the moment before losing sense took off her sword from Chandragupt grip and jumped on the horses Rangini who in the crucial moment reached there to help her owner and then she lost her sense though she still held  Rangini's bridle tightly...and two horses got disappeared with those two riders from everyone's eyesight..leaving Chandragupt in utter shock with the armlet on his hand...

Avisara ordered the guard to follow the horse but the horses seemed vanished into air

Chandragupt's friends including Dakshita,Maya and Chitra ran towards him

Chitra (holding Candragupt's arm) : tum thik to ho chandragupt??

Aditya : Chandu ye kya ho gaya??hum to us yodha k parichay abtak na jaan paye...

Digvijay : kya hua Chandragupt tum chup q ho??hamein bataoge nahin vo kaun tha???

king Avisara : shant ho jao sab...hamare pratiyogita samapt pratiyogita k akhri dwandyudh ka phal amimangshit reh gaya..parantu kyunki vo yodha swayam maidan chorke palayan kiya..isi karan vash chandragupt ko vijayee ghoshit kiya jata hai...

the stadium flooded with joyful shout

and chandragupt's friends shouted : "Jai Ho"..and they took him on their shoulder...

but  chandragupt's mind was flooded with questions??

  "ab hum kaise kahe ke vo yodha swayam rajkumari thi??vo to apni tarvari le gayi...parantu...
vo unke sathi kaun tha..Subhadra?...aur yadi aisa hai to mere kavach unke paas kaise aya??"
"is tarah palayan karke Durdhara apne yodhridharam ka apmaan q kiya??"
"vo apna yeh rup gupt q rakhna chahti hai???"
"vo q sabko ye mithya kehti hai k vo aswastha hai??"

per ab hum kaise bataye ke vo yodha rajkumari hai??vo to tarvari le gayi.."

his thought interrupted with king Avisara's word
King Avisara gave Chandragupt a locket of the Sun god as the prize of his bravery

Avisara : yeh har Surya devta ki shakti swaroopa hai..ise wahi dharan karta hai jo Surya ki bhati apne veerta se projjwalit hai..tumse adhik yogyata kisike paas nhi hai is haar ko dharan karne k liye..asha karte hai ek din sampurn bharatvarsh mein tumhara yash Surya ki bhati prakat uphar ko sweekar karo

Chandragupt : avashya maharaj..

and everyone shouted "Chandragupt ki jai ho...
veerta ki misaal Chandragupt ki Jai..."

and only then a pratiharin from andarmahal ran towards the ground...

pratiharin (in horrified voice) : maharaaj ..maharani ..yuvraj

Digvijay : kya hua pratiharin tum rajkumari k mahal chorke yahan kya kar rahe ho..aur itne dare huye q ho??

Pratiharin : kumar rajkumari Durdhara baht hi aswastha ho gayi hai..vo murchhit hai..unke saans bhi thik se chal nahin raha hai...

and the cheerful atmosphere of the ground turned into utter silence...

Maharani : hey iswar kya hua hamari putri ko??woh bhi achanak??

Pratiharin : hamein gyat nahin hai..amatyaputri Subhadra ne apko suchna dene k liye kaha..voh bat hi bhaibheet hai...

without wasting time King,Queen and Digvijay ran towards princess's place...everyone got shocked in this bad news...but Chandragupt was completely stunned

"rajkumari aswastha..parantu kab,kaise kyun?? satya hai ya abhinay??parantu kyun??

he was left speechless...


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Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 September 2012 at 12:56am | IP Logged
updated at last..comment pleaseBig smile

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Originally posted by aru_86

[QUOTE=coolpavni]hello...i'm to this forum...but have read this ff frm the beginning and its just superb...please continue dis...Smile

wow dear u don't know how happy you made me by saying this...well m a bit busy till 21st..after that i will update..this ff is piece of my heart can't think of discontinue this

welcome to our forum..plz try to b active

and nivi don't worry m updating on 22nd..

nd chitra was childhood love of cgm in some versions of chandragupt's history
thank u Smile and ya i'll try to b active on the forum...i really love cgm and cant afford if dis forum closes...and ok...i'll wait for the update...Smile

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Arpimugfan IF-Rockerz

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OMG CGM per ff very good ok mujhe start se parna hoga thoda time lagega jab khatam ho jayega tab comment karungi

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Arpimugfan IF-Rockerz

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Aru where is rtmc? N tumne ash ko choti durdhara banaya thats so sweet of u i love her as meera n nanhi

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Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Arpimugfan

Aru where is rtmc? N tumne ash ko choti durdhara banaya thats so sweet of u i love her as meera n nanhi

my rtmc ff will be updated soon..take ur time dear...and ashika bhatia is not nanhi

she is ginny from parvarish and meera from meera..she is my durdhara

and nanhi is ashnoor kaur who was shobha in shobha somnath ki...

and take ur time dear i will b pleased if u read and comment..u knw now not much people r interested in dis ff as cgm is off air

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