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CGM FF: Ehsaas...Kuchh Naya Sa (complete) (Page 65)

RoseFairy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 June 2012 at 9:00am | IP Logged
tthanks to all for commenting

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shruja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 June 2012 at 1:10am | IP Logged
Superb update
beautifully described!!
specially last scene!!
chandu save chitra
so it was dhurdara!!
he can't forget her!!

sapphirose176 Groupbie

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Posted: 16 June 2012 at 10:31am | IP Logged
simply loved the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just like a muveeSmile 
my best part-------- the twist that the warrior is durdhara!!!!!!!!!!!!
superbbb keeep updating!!!!!!!
eagerly waiting...

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Moner_Radio IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 8:49am | IP Logged
@ aru :
commenting on the 18th march update, gosh it's such a huge one yaar !! i actually had to take a break in between while reading it.LOL yaar kya kya twiat aur turns laati hai tu, ab chandu ki ek choti behen aur bachpan ke bichre gf bhi le aayi ShockedLOL??!! aur kahi tu aambhik aur kalyani ko ek saath jod ne ki koshish toh nahi kar rahi hai na Wink??khair teri story tu jaise chahe waise bana le, all i can say is " i'm loving it " !!Smile keep updating.

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Moner_Radio IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 9:08am | IP Logged
@ aru :
commenting on the 1st june update, puraani fight scenes yaad dila di yaar Star!! and rajkumari durdhara being a warrior princess .. umm didnt she had a heart ailment , if i remember correctlyConfused ?? then how come she's able to bear the stress of such a fierce fight Confused?? update soon.

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RoseFairy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 9:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by polly_03

@ aru :
commenting on the 1st june update, puraani fight scenes yaad dila di yaar Star!! and rajkumari durdhara being a warrior princess .. umm didnt she had a heart ailment , if i remember correctlyConfused ?? then how come she's able to bear the stress of such a fierce fight Confused?? update soon.

that's the upcoming story dearBig smile

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Moner_Radio IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 9:17am | IP Logged
@ aru :
okay then, pm me when you update next part. i may be late in commenting, but i'll comment for sure.Smile

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RoseFairy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2012 at 9:51am | IP Logged

In The Fair

..while Chandragupta went for chasing the merchant Sukant couldn't join him..because he was lost in something else or better can say someone else..while asking for that merchants in fair ..a sound of much known voice caught attention of him..he turned to the owner and forgot everything to see Subhadra in a shop..unconsciously Sukant stepped towards that direction...Subhadra was busy in choosing her favorite she didn't notice him first...

Sukant : kya main aapke sahayata kar sakta hun.??

Subhadra was in dilemma between two dresses..Sukant's voice broke her attention..she looked at him and a mixed feelings of shock and irritation arose in her mind...she looked at her other friends..but found they are a bit far away from she alone has to face him..

Subhadra : aap yahan kya kar rahe hai?? kahin aap hamein anusaran to nahin kar rahe hain??aapko gyat hona chahiye amatyaputri ko anusaran karna anuchit karya hai..

Sukant : aap to hum pr akaran hi  krodhit ho mele mein ane ka adhikar akeli amatyaputri ka hi nhi hain..

Subhadra : thik hai parantu aapko mujhse aise baat karna shobha nhi dete..

Sukant : parantu hum to bas aapke sahayata karna chahte vastron ko chunne mein..dekhiye na aap kitni der se koi bhi sidhant mein pohuch nhi pa rahe hai..

Subhadra : parantu aapko kisne kaha ke hamen aapke k sahayata k avashyakta hai??

Sukant :  hamare dil ne..

Subhadra : arthat??

Sukant : vo mera arth tha ke mera dil kehta hai ke ye neela rang aap pr bahut achhe lagenge...

Subhadra : dekhiye hamein na to aapki ray chahiye aur nahi aapke dil ke..aap ja sakte hai..

the shopkeeper was becoming imapatient with all was wasting his precious time...

Shopkeeper : yuvak ne satya kaha..aap pr ye neela vastra hi adhik sundar lagegi

Subhadra thought to to get rid of the place

Subhadra : parantu mujhe ye indradhanush rang wala hi adhik pasand hai..ismein sare rangon ka samahar hain..hamein yahin de dijiye...

Sukant and Shopkeeper : parantu

Subhadra : ye vastra hamein paridhan karni hai aapko mulya leke vastra dijiye..warna is melein mein vastra vyavsayi ki koi kami nhi hai..

Shopkeeper : acha acha putri ye lo..

Subhadra took the dress and was about to leave..

Sukant : suniye..

Subhadra : ab kya hai??

Sukant : sandhyakal ki katha smaran rakhna

Subhadra looked tensed..and without uttering a word she left the place
Sukant turned to the shopkeeper

Sukant : ye neelein rang ki vastra hamein de dijiye..

Shopkeeper (smiling): ye lo putra...aur dekhna use bi ye avashya pasand ayenge

Sukant shyly smiled and took the dress..and then he remember about Chandu

Sukant (in mind) : hey iswar hamein to Chandragupt ke sahayata karna tha..pata nhi vo kya soch rahe hai...

and he left

On the other hand Airavat also got distracted to see something...the fair was held in the riverside..and the saraswati river considered to be very sacred that time(now the river is dead and historians are still finding its origin)...some women were praying on that riverside...and suddenly a chaos was heard from that side..and a whining sound caught Airavat's attention..he turned towards the place and saw some women were scolding another woman..the woman was standing with her back towards he couldn't see his face..
Airavat asked another onlooker for the clarification..

Airavat : bandhu yahan kya ho raha hai??

Onlooker : aj in aurtone sukhi garhasthya jivan  ke liye vrat rakha hain..parantu is kanya k yahan ane se inhe bhai ho gaya hai kahin iske durbhagya k saya un par na pare.isiliye yahanse use jane ke liye keh rahe hai..

Airavat : kya aap jante hain aisi kaunsi durbhagya hai jiske liye inhe aise apmanit hona pad raha hai??

Onlookers : avashya jante hain..aur ye bhi jante hai ke ismein is bichari ki koi dosh nhi..ek stree ke liye uske swami hi uske bhagya hote hai..aur is abhagan k swami use vivah k paschat hi tyag diya hai..isse badi durbhagya aur kya ho sakta hai...

Airavat got stunned...and in the same time the girl with teary eyes stepped back to leave the place but her feet slipped..and she fell..her plate and all ingredients of worship got scattered..and Airavat got to see her face and became was none other than his child bride.. Sumitra

Airavat (in mind) : Sumitra!!..hey iswar hamare karan is nirdosh kanya ko aise apmanit hona pad raha hai??...

he unconsciously stepped towards and gathered those scattered ingredients and plate...and gave to Sumitra...Sumitra managed to stand up in the meantime..

Airavat : va apka puja upchar

Sumitra : dhanyabad..prntu hamein ab iske aashyakta nhi hain..karan hamein to is puja karne ka hi hak nhi..

and she ran away crying.

Airavat : acha hua Sumitra ne mujhe pehchana nhi..nhi to ham uske sammukh khare nhi ho pate...parantu aaj hamein aisa kyun pratit ho raha hai jaise hamne baht bada apradh kiye hai??hamein is vishay pr apne mtron se baat karna hoga..warna ye glani hamein jine nhi denge...
and then he remembered that he had to help Chandragupt
hey iswar...hum to bhul hi gaye vishay mein

and he started finding his friends and met Sukant...

Airavat : Sukant ..Chandragupt kahan hai??

Sukant : hum bhi unhe hi dhund rahe hai??parantu tum unke sath nhi ho??

Airavat : nhi vo..kuch aisa ho gaya k...parantu tumbhi to unke sath nhi ho...

Sukant : han bandhu hamare dhyan bhatak gaye the...parantu ab unhe aise hum dhund nhi payenge..isse achha hum rajmahal laut chalte hai..kya pata ab tak chandragupt bhi karya samapt karke laut aye ho...

Airavat : kadachit tum satya keh rahe ho...chalo chalte hai..

and they left for the palace..

In That Valley

after seeing Durdhara in the warrior's attire Chandragupt lost his words for a while..he never could imagine the proud princess can be seen in this kind of situation..

Chandragupta (in mind) : hey unmad rajkanya ki naya rup to aur bhi bhayanak hai...parantu itna nipun yudhkala yeh kahanse sikhe??

he was in a state of utter confusion..and Durdhara used the opportunity and gave a sudden push to Chandragupta and freed herself from his clutch...and before Chandragupt could get his balance back..she rides on her horse..the loyal horses  of hers reached to her owner in the meantime..Durdhara took her head cover then kicked on horse's rib and disappeared in seconds leaving Chandragupta in shock

Aditya and Ghanghor after saving senseless Chitra..started finding Chandragupta

Ghanghor : Aditya Chandragupt aurvo yadha to kahin pahar se gir to nhi gaye??

Aditya : kuch samajh mein nahin a raha hain unhe dhunde kaise??Chandragupt...Chandragupt..

Ghanghor : Aditya ye kanya to behons ho gayi hai..ise shighra seva ki avashyakta hai..ab kya kare...

Aditya : tum isko aur vandiyon ko leke sainiko ke sath mahal pohuchi..main Chandragupt ko leke ata hun

Ghanghor : parantu

Aditya : samay nast mat karo..aur visvas rakho Chandragupt per.acharya k ashirbad uske sath hai..use kuch nhi hoga...

Ghanghor : thik hai

and  he left along with Chitra, that merchant and his soldiers..

Aditya started finding Chandragupta ..and in that valley he found him sitting on the land..lost in somewhere else...

Aditya : Chandragupt...

Chandragupt didn't respond..

Aditya shaked him..and at last Chandragupt got back to himself

Chandragupt : woh Aditya...

Aditya : han main to Aditya hi hun..parantu tum kahan khoye huye ho...aur vo yodha kahan gaya...

Chandragupta ; vo yodha..nhi..unmad kanya.nhi..rajkanya.

Aditya : kya bol rahe ho Chandragupt?..tumhe dekhke to aisa lag raha hai jaise tum abhi koi pretatma ke darshan kia..

Chandragupt : pata nhi Aditya vo pretatma tha ya koi swapna..

Aditya : kya bandhu..ajkal khule ankhon se bhi swapna dekhte ho...ab chalo bhi.sab tumhare pratiksha kar rahe hai...

Chandragupt : han chalo...

both of them rided on their horses and started for palace ..but suddenly Chandragupt stopped his horse..

Aditya : kya hua??

Chandragupt : hamara tarbari yahin para hua tha..
and he searched for his swords...and got to see two swords..and he rembered bot his  and Durdhara's swords fell while fighting..he took both swords..

Aditya : ye dusra tarbari kiska hai yodha ka to nahin??..

Chandragupt : han bandhu...

Aditya : us yodha ki yudhkala prashanshaniyo tha.vo Chitra ki raksha hetu aye the..aur hum use hi galat samajh baithe..

Chandragupt : han gyat hai hamein..

Aditya : parantu hum uska parichay nhi jan paye..

Chandragupt gave a naughty smile
"chinta mat karo yodha ki parichay baht hi shighra tum sabke samne hoga"...ab chalo...

and both of them left for the palace...

In The Palace

.in Princess's Mahal...Subhadra and Kalyani were waiting for Durdhara..Subhadra was getting tensed with time..

Subhadra : rajkumari abtak nhi ayi...yadi koi unke sandhan karein to kya uttar denge...

Kalyani : dharya rakho Bhadra..rajkumari shighra a jayegi...aur is samay maharaj aur maharani chandragupt aur kunwar Digvijay dwara udhar kiye gaye kanyaon ke seva aur vandiyon ko dand daan mein hi vyast hai..Dakshita se yeh gyat hua..

Subhadra : hey Vagbaan Vishnu Dhara ko shighrati shighra mahal pohucha dijiye iske purv kisiko ye gyat ho aswasth avastha mein rajkumari mahal se bahar hain..

and then all of sudden Durdhara entered into her room from the secret way..she was looking too exhausted..and was sweating profusely and her breath was running fast...she was about to fell down but before that Subhadra clutched her.gave water to her..and started changing her clothes ..and then made her lying on the bed..

Kalyani(horrified) : Dhara ye kya ho gaya?

Subhadra : wahi jo hamein darr tha...rajkumari Kalyani aap inke paas rahiye hum oshodhi le ate hai..

Kalyani took Durdhara's hand .and started rubbing her palm on it..and Subhadra brought the medicine and gave it to Durdhara...after taking medicine Durdhara felt much better and sat on the bed

Subhadra (crying) : rajkumari..yesab kya ho gaya??aapki hath aur pao mein itna chot kaise aya??aaj yadi main aapke sath hoti to yesab nhi hota..iswar mujhe kabhi kshama nhi karenge...

Durdhara : chinta mat karo Bhadra hum thik hai..

Kalyani : dosh mera hi hai..mujhe hi tumhe bahar nhi jane dena chahiye tha...

Durdhara : shant ho jao tum dono..dosh tum dono mein se kisika bhi nhi hai..yadi hai to us uddand vanvasi ka...

Subhadra : uddand vanvasi..yane Chandragupt??

Kalyani : Chandragupt???usne kya kiya???

Subhadra : ek atyant dirgha kahani hain..hum baad mein samjhayenge..parantu rajkumari..aap to mele mein gaye the uhan aapke sath aisa kya aapka ye haal ho gaya??

Durdhara : ham ek yodha ke chadmaves mein mele mein ghum rahe the..tabhi ek kanya ki krandan mujhe sunayi diya..aisa laga jaise vo kanya sahayata ke liye pukaar rahi ho..maine dekha ek sthula vyavsayi ek kanya ko balpurvak apne shakat mein le ja rahe hain..humne unka peecha kiya..aur thora dur jake unhe roka..aur kanya ko chor dene ke liye kaha..parantu vo vyavsayi apne rakshiyom ko mujhpar akraman ke aadesh diya..aur mujhe unse yudh karna para..
and then she narrated all the story

Kalyani : are wah Durdhara ..tumhe yudhkala bhi ate hai..yeh to sampurn Kamboj ke liye baht garv ki baat hoga..

Durdhara : garv ki baat to tab hoga jab ye kisiko pata chalega...Kalyani yadi tum mujhe apna saheli swikar karte shapath lo ye baat kisiko nhi kahoge...

Kalyani : acha Dhara shant ho jao ab...parantu yeh bhi to kaho ke tum yeh gopaniyo kyun rakhna chahte ho??

Subhadra : kyunki rajkumari aswastha hai...rajvaidya kehte hai rajkumari ki hriday janmmuhurt se hi  durval hai..isiliye rajkumari ko jyada daurna khelna.mahal se bahar jana mana hain..parantu rajkumari ko yesab swikar nhi hain...

Durdhara : kaise swikar hoga??akash k vihang ko yadi sone ke pinjar mein bandh rakhoge to bhi vo pinjar k dwar bhang karke apne mukt jeevan ko wapis pana main to ek insan hun..kya mera man nhi karta ke hum bhi dusre sadharan kanya ki jaise ek swabhabik jeevan byatit karu??apne bhrata ki nyay kamboj k liye apna kartavya ka palan karu??

Kalyani : hum apke dukh samajh sakte hain rajkumari..acha ye kahiye sabke agyat mein aap yudhkala kaise shikhe??

Subhadra : hamein iske liye baht hi kast udhane pare...praramv mein pratiharinon ko utkoch deke unse yudh kala shikhte the..phir adhik unnat yudhkala ke liye hum dono purush ke chadmaves mein kamboj ke sabse prasidh yudhshastravisharad ke paas jate the..vo kunwar Digvijay k bhi guru the..vo rajkumari ko pehchan gaye the..unke sammati prapt karne ke liye hamein baht hi sadhna karni pari..per Rajkumari ki lagan aur kathor shram ko dekh ke vo maan gaye..aur rajmahal ke hi ek nivrit sthan pr purushon ke ves mein rajkumari ko shiksha dene ke liye maan gaye..aur aaj rajkumari Durdhara ..rajkumar Digvijay ke baad Kamboj k shreshtha yoddha hai...

Kalyani : parantu Dhara tumhari hriday kamjor hain..tumhe adhik chalna ya daurna mana hain to phir yudhkala shikhne ka parisram tum kaise kar payi??

Durdhara : is karya mein rajvaidya mere sahay the..vo kuch jaributi ke misran se aise chamatkari osodhi prastut kare the jinhe seban karke mere sareer mein bal aur man mein sahas sahasragun bar jate the..parantu vo bhi yeh maharaj k agyat mein hi karte the..kyunki vo jante hain ke yadi hum aise hi ye osodhi pr nirvar karke ek yodha kijeevan byatit karte rahe to hamari ayu adhik divas ka nhi hai..parantu mere vandini jeevan k kasht bhi unse nhi dekha jata..unke hathon hi mera janam jo hua...tha

Subhadra started crying..Kalyani's eyes got teary

Kalyani : sab jante hue bhi tum aisa apni ayu kshay kyun kar rahi ho Dhara??

Durdhara : kyun ki ye vandini jeevan mrityu se asahaniya hai..aise deergh jeevan jike pratyek muhurt mrityu ko prapt karne se acha hum apne swalpayu jeevan ek veer ki bhati byatit kare..

Subhadra : rajkumari aapko meri shapath aap dubara mrityu ka naam uchharan nhi karenge..abhi aapko baht din jeevit rehna hai...

Durdhara gives a sad yet beautiful smile..and then suddenly her face got horrified again

Durdhara : hey iswar humein to yeh smaran hi nhi raha ke us uddand vanvasi ne hamein dekh liya hain..yadi vo sabkuch maharaj ko bata diya to??

both Kalyani and Subhadra got tensed..

Subhadra : rajkumari Chandragupt k atirikt aur kisine apko dekha??

Durdhara : nahin.

Kalyani : to phir ab saaf inkaar kar dena..yadi vo aisa kuch bhi kahin to..vo praman nhi kar payega.k vo yodha aap thi.

Durdhara felt relaxed..but after few seconds her face got horrified again..

Durdhara : are mere tarbari??..vo kahan hai??ey iswar vo to us Chandragupt se yudh karte samay gir para tha..yadi vo uske hath lag jaye to mera abashisht ayu bhi vo purn nhi hone dega...

Kalyani : Dhara phirse aise baatein mat karo..hum koi na koi upay nikalte hai...

Subhadra remembered Sukant called him

Subhadra(in mind) : kyun na is maoke ko kaam mein lagaya jaye yeh janne ke liye ke vo tarbari Chandragupt ke paas hai ya nahin??
(to Durdhara) ..hum abhi ate hain rajkumari..lagta hi ek upay mil hi gaye..

and she left...

Kalyani : Durdhara yahan main bhi ek samasya mein hun..

Durdhara : ab tumhe kya hua??

Kalyani : vo jab tum nahin thi to Ambhik tumse milne aye the..aur mujhe tum samajh kar sandhyanusthan mein pehenne ke liye ek vastra uphar de gaye..
and she narrated the story

Durdhara : parantu tum apne pita k shatru ke hathon se uphar kyun lia??

Kalyani : kyunki hamein gyat nhi tha ke vo asal mein kaun hai..aur waise bhi agar mana karti to vo mera asliyat jan sakte the..main to tum bani huyi thi na..waise ye vastra atyant sundar hai..tum par baht sundar lagenge..

Durdhara : lagta hai ye vastra tumhe pasand aye to tum rakh mujhse adhik tum pr sundar lagenge

Kalyani : parantu.vo ambhik

Durdhara : ye uphar main tumdhe de rahi hun..waise bhi aj anusthan mein nritya tumhe karni hai mujhe nahin..aur rahi baat us ahamkari Ambhik ki to use hum sambhal lenge...

Kalyani (in mind) : Subhadra ne mujhe ye batane se mana karke thik hi kiya  ke Ambhik k taraf se Durdhara k liye vivah prastav aye hai...yadi is avastha mein rajkumari ye sunti to punah uttejit ho jati
waise ab to mere is vastr ko pehen ne mein koi vadha nhi raha...chalo acha hi hua..
(to Durdhara) : tum ab aram karo ..hum ate hain...

and she left for her room

Durdhara alone in the room started thinking about past few days..

Durdhara (in mind) : us Chandragupt k karan in 2 hi dinon mein mujhe kya kya na sehna pada..wakt aya to aisi shiksha dungi ke jeevan bhar tadapte rehga...

and she fallen asleep..due to exhaustion


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