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CGM FF: Ehsaas...Kuchh Naya Sa (complete) (Page 114)

Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2013 at 1:17am | IP Logged
lol then sharadindu banerjee was wrong to say that cgm never possessed princely weakness
anyways we don't know what was truth but cgm didn't let himself surrender to any weakness that could destry him that was chanakya's teaching

surprising IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 April 2013 at 2:18am | IP Logged
yaa, he's so overwhelmed with Chanakya-magic that never disrespect them & him as wellClap
RoseFairy IF-Dazzler

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In Alexander's camp in Masasaga

Chadragupta remembered Helen told how much she loves her freedom of roaming wherever she wants.and she is imprisoned just because of helping him?

Chandragupta (in mind) : hey iswar ek yavan Kanya jinse humara koi samvandh nhi humare sahayata karne k liye dand bhog rahi hai? hum iske liye kabhi aapne aapko kshama nhi kar payenge..
(to Emperor) - Emperor please release Helen..she is innocent..if you want you can imprison me but please forgive her..

not only Alexander but everyone present there were amazed by Chandragupta's impatience..

Alexander (to Seleucus) : go Seleucus what are you waiting for?? bring my princess to me..
Alexander had a deep affection for Cornelia .. he himself was hurt in the thought that she betrayed him by helping Indians..but he couldn't break his own rule so he had to imprison her..but considering she is a kid he ordered to imprison her in a dark room on her father's camp not in general prison..but he knew it was not less than death sentence for a free bird like Cornelia..though Alexander was not aware of Seleucus's plan of getting Cornelia married to him but he loved to spend time with her..

after few time Seleucus entered with Cornelia..Chandragupta noticed the shine from her eyes..the smile from her face has been disappeared..her angelic beauty has been covered with sadness..her eyes are red sign of constant weeping.she seemed more thin to him as if she was not having meal properly..Chandragupta blamed himself for her condition..

Cornelia didn't look at Alexander intentionally as she was upset with him but she noticed Chandragupta..and a smile comes on her pale face

Cornelia : Sandras..

Chandragupta : Helen.(stepped towards her) are you ok ?

Helen nods..

Chandragupta : i am so sorry Helen only for helping me you have to bear this..

Helen : no Sandras you are my friend and i helped my friend only..

Alexander stepped to Cornelia..but she turned her face..
Alexander : princess i am sorry..

ornelia didn't respond..Seleucus was about to scold her but Alexander stopped him..and pulled her closer..Cornelia started Alexander's order Nearks left with Digvijay and Shreemati..but Chandragupta couldn't leave without seeing the reconciliation of his new friend with Emperor..

Alexander : please Helen stop crying.from now nobody will stop you from roaming anywhere and meeting anyone.

Cornelia (still weeping) : promise?

Alexander : on the name of Zeus i promise please forgive me and smile my princess

at last Cornelia smiles and hugged Alexander's neck..the Emperor picked her on his lap and kissed on her cheeks she also kissed back on his cheek ..Seleucus felt relieved..Chandragupta thinks its time to leave..

Chandragupta : Emperor allow me to leave ..we need to reach Avisara..

Alexander : yes Sandras.leave now..but i will wait on the bank of river jhelum for you and your teacher and also to know more about..
  he gives a mischievous smile without completing his sentence..

Chandragupta : about what??

Alexander : about the girl with whom you are in love with..

Chandragupta was again speechless with Alexanders teasing..he felt the feeling he himself didn't understand Emperor had read in his eyes..he bents his head down and leaves..

Outside The Camp

Chandragupta's friends were waiting for him to Alexander had set them free so Greek soldiers were not near them but they were giving unhappy look to soon as Chandragupta comes his friends surrounded him..

Dakshita : Chandragupt tumhare adhinakayakatwa ko shat shat pranam..tumne Sikandarko itne saralta se mana liya..

Shashanka : akhir acharya Chanakya k shishya hai..

Digvijay : are baki k prashansa Abhisar pohuchke yavano k koi viswas nhi hai..yadi punah humein vandi banane k yojna banaye to??

Chandragupta : han mitra chalo..humein shighra Rajpur bhi to pohuchna hai.akhir Yuvraj k vivah ayojan mein bhi to ansh lena hai..

all the friends left and were about to ride on horses when a ringing voice stopped them

Chandragupta turned to Cornelia ..Cornelia comes closer and held Chandragupt's hands

Chandragupta : Helen i have no words to thank you..

Cornelia : no Sandras i want to thank don't know you saved my life by coming here..spending these days in that dark room was worst than death sentence..thank you Sandras thanks from core of my heart
    and to all 's astonishment she placed a kiss on Chandragupta's cheek..making him embarrassed to the core..
(pecking Cheek is a Greek custom to say thank you)
  Chandragupta for few moments couldn't say anything..his friends looked each other trying their best to control laughter

Aditya : ishwar ko dhanyabaad k Akshay humare sath nhi hai..nhi to use sampurn drishya sabistar samjhana padta..

Ghanghor : kintu ye drishya atyant manmohaniya hai..

Shreemati blushed , Dakshita felt embarrassed

Cornelia didn't realize what she did to she continued talking normally
Cornelia : Sandras i have another good news for you..on my request Emperor agreed to release all young girls from prison ..

Chandragupta's friends started praising Helen..which made Chandragupta conscious at last..

Chandragupta : you are really amazing Helen..i really don't know what to say..(and then he remembered about the ring)
Helen your ring saved take it back..

Cornelia (pushed Chandragupta's hand back) : no Sandras keep it to never know when it will be needed again..and then..this ring will remind you of me and our now i am going back to Persia to my mother with emperor's permission so perhaps we won't meet again

Chandragupta : Helen i strongly feel we will meet again in future..i will never forget you..

Cornelia (giving a heavenly smile) : i also hope so..bye good Bye Sandras

Chandragupta : good bye helen

and all of them rides on horse and  then Cornelia shouts again..

" Give My love and kisses to Diodara too "

none understood who is Diodara except Chandragupta..he felt too embarrassed and shy to react or say anything..and kicked on Rangini's hide his embarrassment and to get rid of his friend's curious question about Diodara's identity..

On The way to Abhisara

Chandragupta and his friends were half way to their destination..and suddenly they saw a group of soldiers blocking their way and the person leading the soldier was in the very first glance got on nerves of everyone ..Gandhar king Ambhik..

Shashank : ye Ambhik humara marg abrudh karke kyun dandayman hai

Sukant : kahin hum pr akraman karne k yojna to nhi bana raha hai?

Airavat : yadi ab isse yudh karne gaye to Rajpur pohuchte pohuchte to anavashyak vilamb ho jayenge

Ghanghor: ye atyant krodhit pratit ho rahe hai

Aditya : krodhit to hoga hi..iske yojna Chandragupt ne vyarth jo kar diya hai..

Digvijay : Ambhik tumhe humse kya chahiye??is samay humare marg abrudh karne k karan kya hai??

Ambhik moved his horse closer to Chandragupta..

Ambhik (fuming in anger) : humein uttar chahiye vo hi tujhse vanvasi...

Chandragupta (having a smirk) : Ambhik kadachit tum bhul rahe ho..humara naam vanvasi nhi Chandragupta hai..aur kadachit tumhe tumhare prashna k uttar Gandhar mein tumhare acharya Shukdev se hi mil chuka yahan ake humein prashna karne k arth kya hai

Ambhik : humare liye tu sada sarvada tuchha vanvasi hi rahega..uttar do tumlogone humare dut se guru Shukdev k sandesh haran kia tha??

Digvijay : jab uttar gyat hi hai to prashna karne k murkhta kyun kar rahe hai Gandhar Naresh??

Ambhik : humein yeh janna hai k yavano k shivir mein tum log Sikandar se bhet karne gaye the ya nhi??jabtak humein apne prashna k uttar nhi mil jata tummese koi yahanse nhi ja paoge..

Chandragupt (smiles on Ambhik's idiocy) : Ambhik humare sath samay nasht karne se to uttam tum Panchnad k liye prasthan karo..karan Sikandar k parvarti lakshya wahi hai..hum bhi kuch hi samay paschad tumhe wahin milenge.abhi humse yudh karke samay aur sena nast karne ka kya arth hai??

Ambhik : Chandragupt tumhe tumhare karya k dand na deke hum na to yahanse kahin jayenge..aur nahi tumhe kahin jane denge

Chandragupt : tumhare samasya humse hai ek karya karo humse dwandyudh karo..anarthak adhik vyaktio k raktpat karke tumhe koi suphal prapt nhi honge..

Ambhik thinks for a while and understood that Chandragupta was right..he has to help Sikandar against king Porus so he can't be involve in a battle now

Ambhik (turning to his army) : tum sab Panchnad k disha mein prasthan karo..hum kuch hi samay mein tumse milte hai..

Chandragupt (turning to his friends with a fade-up look) : mitron kinchid dur jake humare pratiksha karo..

all his friends unwillingly agreed to his order..

after few moment both the enemy stood alone on the field..Chandragupta sighs..Sikandar even after being a foreign invader could understand him..but Ambhik even after being from same Gurukul could think nothing except blood shedding enmity..that's why Acharya dreams about Akhand Bharat..only to finish this disunity ...

both of them observed each other carefully for a while..and then at the same time attacked each other with open sword..Chandragupt still tried to avoid blood shedding..

Chandragupt : is irsha se tumhe kuch prapt nhi hoga Ambhik

Ambhik : Irsha nhi apmaan hai Chandragupt..tum jaise ek valak se parajay ka apmaan..aur is apman k jwala humare hriday mein jeevanbhar rahenge jabtak hum tumse pratishodh na le le..

Chandragupt : ek videshi pr viswas karke tum apna jeevan vyarth kar rahe ho Ambhik...ek na ek din tumhe apne is bhul ka abhas avashya hoga..humein bhai hai k tabtak baht vilamb na ho jaye..

Ambhik in response fiercely attacked on him ..Chandragupt swang to avoid his attack..but Ambhik couldn't keep balance..and his feet slipped and he hanged from the cliff in support of the rocks..Chandragupta in a reflex held his hand to drag him...

Ambhik : humare jeevan raksha karke hum pr daya dikhane k koi avashyakta nhi hai Chandragupt..

Chandragupt : smaran hai gurukul se jab pratiyogita k liye hum nikle to bhi hum aise hi tumhare jeevan raksha kiye the..isi karan humein tumse ye apeksha nhi hai k tumme koi parivartan ayega..kintu ek kshatriya k dharam palan karne hetu tumhare jeevan raksha humare liye avashyak hai..
  Chandragupt with his full strength dragged Ambhik until he got his balance back .
  and then he leaves his hand and rides on Rangini..

Chandragupt : apeksha to tumse kuch bhi nhi hai Ambhik..kintu Takshashila k anyatam shreshtha shishya hone k smaran yadi tumhe kabhi aye to Takshashila k sarvshreshtha acharya k dwar tumhare liye unmukt rahenge..

Ambhik had nothing left to say..Chandragupt left keeping him in that situation

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Originally posted by FairyDreams



baap re ami pt 30 te pade royechhiCry
Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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ta tui na porle ami ki korbo?
surprising IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Kadamvari

ta tui na porle ami ki korbo?

toma k to bolini...nijer mone bolchhiLOL
Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by surprising

Originally posted by Kadamvari

ta tui na porle ami ki korbo?

toma k to bolini...nijer mone bolchhiLOL

nijer mone katha na bole comment dile kaje dito LOL
surprising IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Kadamvari

Originally posted by surprising

Originally posted by Kadamvari

ta tui na porle ami ki korbo?

toma k to bolini...nijer mone bolchhiLOL

nijer mone katha na bole comment dile kaje dito LOL

tar age to padte hobe...
padashona theke ekhon shata haat dure...j padai hokLOLLOLLOL

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