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CGM FF: Ehsaas...Kuchh Naya Sa (complete) (Page 106)

Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by anu93

Good one AruClap

thanks anu

surabhi01 IF-Sizzlerz

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comment for part -30 
 very well written-chandragupt took care of durdhara it is very nice ,subahu give horses to airavat inspite he is angry with his son in laws is also very nice .writing short comment because my internet disconnected automatically again and again

reserve for part 31
Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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thanks surabhi for commenting..u commented that's enough 4 me 
Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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rai-kishori. IF-Sizzlerz

Captain Javitri
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Outstanding Update !!! 

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Originally posted by FairyDreams


The Old Woman's hut in Masasaga

Shreemati was still unconscious when she was brought to the hut, the old woman thanked to God and Chandragupta, Digvijay and their friends thousands of times for protecting their Chief's daughter. Shreemati was being laid on the bed , Digvijay without blinking was looking at her face holding her hand in his palms . the old woman became busy in nursing her , Chandragupt and other friends decided to take rest in other deserted huts until Dakshita and Shashank reach. But Digvijay didn't move a bit , Chandragupt tried to call him but both Airavat and Sukant stopped him , looking at their face he understood that it will be better to leave Digvijay with her , he again looked at Digvijay's face, he found a strange similarity with few days back's scene when he was treating unconscious Durdhara in Greek tent.He silently came out of the hut along with other friends , The old woman also understood Prince of Avisara wants to be alone with his beloved.
Old Woman : Yuvraj , chinta na kare Madak k pravab ant hote hi kumari Shreemati shighra chaitanyalav aap unhe apke sath Avisar le jane mein saksham honge , in dust naradham yavano se dur
Digvijay : Mai aapke sahayata k bina hum samay pr Shreemati tak nhi pohuch pate , hum aapko bhi sasamman Avisaar le chalenge..
Old Woman : nhi yuvraj nhi , humare swami , putra in yavano k hathon mare gaye , hum yahan unke smriti ko leke jeevit hai , humare jeevan k ab kuch hi divas shesh hai aur vo hum Massaga mein hi byatit karenge..humare liye to yehi baht hai humare pradhan k kanya un yavano k rakshita nhi Avisaar k kamboj pradesh k yuvrani banne ja rahi hai..aap kumari k dhyan rakhiye yuvraj hum vojan k prabandh karke ate hai..
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she leaves ...

Digvijay keeps his hand on Shreemati's forehead and bring her palm to him and keep inside the palm
Digvijay : ankhein kholo priye , humse ye pratiksha aur sehn nhi ho rahe hai..
    he didn't have to wait for long , Shreemati at last opened her eyes, Digvijay had buried his face into her palm so he didn't notice Sreemati opened her eyes she took a bit time to remember what happened to her, she was in her home when she got the news that her father and brothers were killed in the hand of Greeks and the Greeks imprisoned mother and her before they could run away.She wanted to die when he Greek soldiers were watching at her with lustful eyes, but she was helpless they separated her from her mother an brought her along with some other young  girls of her clan in a tent , she got news of her mother's suicide and realized she is all alone in this cruel world , she wanted to end her life too but she as helpless , she knew what dishonor was waiting for her but she couldn't stop it , and then she heard she was gifted to general Sirus who killed her father , she cried , she begged for mercy but nothing affected the Greeks , they didn't gave her a drop of water until she compelled to drink wine to quench her thirstand then she only can remember that she was put in a chariot , after that everything was dark to her
 she found herself lying on bed and then realized someone was holding her hands, she was unable to realize that she is no more in Greek's grip so she mistaken the person as Sirus and almost jumped from the bed
Shreemati : dusht yavan dur raho humse , humein sparsh karne k chesta na karna..
Digvijay was shocked with Shreemati's sudden reaction, but he understood in her position this mistake is normal..
he tried to step towards her but she stepped back horrified
Shreemati : humare nikat na ana yavan ,
and she tried to scream , but she was so weak that she was not able and her head turned , she was falling but Digvijay ran and held her..Shreemati tried to resist
Shreemati : chor de humein yavan

Digvijay : Shreemati hum yavan nhi hai , tum humein nhi pehchan rahi ho! hum Digvijay hai tumhare Digvijay..
EmbarrassedEmbarrassedBig smile
Shreemati unbelievably looked at his face , he didn't met her for 2 years and her exhausted  brain couldn't suddenly recognize him
Shreemati (doubtful) : Digvijay!!!Big smile

Digvijay : han Shreemati hum tumhe le jane aye hai , humein kshama karna k hum tumhare parivar ko bacha na paye kintu un yavan ko tumhe sparsh karne se purv humse gujarna hoga..hum apne prem k raksha apne rakt se karenge..
he made her standing on feet again..Shreemati was so shocked that she couldn't say anything for few moments..Digvijay raised his finger to her and showed her a ring..
Digvijay : kya is anguriya ko bhi bhul chuke ho Shreemati jo tumne humare prem k sakshi swarup humare anguli mein pehnaye the?
and he held her finger to him and pointed the ring on her finger

Digvijay : humare prem ke sakshi swarup ye anguriya tum abtak apne anguli mein dharan kar rahi ho aur tum humein bhul gayi??
Shreemati now recognized Digvijay and hugged her tightly and started crying..
Shreemati : Digvijay tum a gaye , humein laga k tum humein bhul gaye ho..
Digvijay : hum apne aapko bhul sakte hai kintu tumhe nhi
he made her sit on bed , she was still crying..
Big smile
Digvijay : ab krandan na karo priye , ab tum surakshit ho , vo dust yavan tumhe sparshnhi kar payenge
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Shreemati : yadi vo yavan humein sparsh karte to hum usi kshan pran tyag dete Digvijay , karan hum keval tumhare hai..

CryDigvijay again embraced her and kissed her on forehead

Digvijay : chalo Shreemati Avisaar ab Kamboja k yuvrani k pratiksha kar rahe hai..
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Shreemati ( tensed) : kintu tumhare pita..
Digvijay : ab hum tumhare sath hai Shreemati humein koi prithak nhi kar payege , hum aj isi kshan tumse  gandharva vivah karenge , aur humein viswas hai humaremata pita apne putravadhu ko kadapi asweekar nhi karenge..
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Shreemati : kintu gandharvavivah k liye puspmala k vyavastha kaise karenge?

Digvijay : jab hriday mein prem ho pusphar aur swarnahar mein koi parthakya nhi hai

Shreemati nods.

Digvijay took off his golden chain and Shreemati took off her locket and both put it on each others neck.
Digvijay : ab tum humare dharampatni ban gayi ho..
Shreemati blushingly smiles and out of shyness tries to go away from him but Digvijay stops her holding hand and pulled her to him and held her chin , Shreemati lowered her gaze , Digvijay kissed her on cheeks, she blushingly hides her face on her shoulder , Digvijay tightly embraced her and brought his lips near her face and touched her lips with his..
BlushingDay Dreaming
Outside The Hut

Chandragupt and his friends were waiting for Shashank and Dakshita to come. Chandragupt was really tensed for them.

Chandragupt : Shashank aur Dakshita ane mein itna vilamb kyun kar rahe hai?

Airavat : kahin vo dono kisi sankat mein to nhi hai?

Aditya : are nhi vo dono kadachit tarkyudh mein vyast honge

Ghanghor : Shashank k parivart humme se kisiko rukna chahiye tha..

Sukant : are nhi mitron chinta na karo aisa kuch nhi hai vo dono shighra hi pohuchte honge
( his mysterious smile made other friends smile too except Chandragupt)

and then they saw both Shashank and Dakshita reaching..all the boys ran to them

Chandragupt : tum dono thik to ho? vo yavan tum logo ko koi hani to nhi pohuchaya??

Dakshita : hum to thik hai , kintu abtak vo yavan senapati k mrityu sambad yavano mein phail chuke honge ..humein shighratishighra yahanse prasthan karna chahiye

Shashank : han vo yavan kisi bhi samay yahan pohuchte honge..

Aditya : tab to humein Digvijay ko bhi suchit karna chahiyek Shreemati ko leke chale

Chandragupt : han hum abhi chalke use suchit karte hai..

he ran towards the hut but he got dumbstruck as soon as he entered to see Digvijay and Shreemati smooching.


Chitra managed to come out from palace
and Maya accompanied her not knowing where she is going.

Maya : Chitra didi hum kahan ja rahe ai?

Chitra : Vishnu Mandir mein , tumhare bhrata k vijay k liye prarthana karne..

Maya (innocently) : didi aap bhaiya ko baht chahte karte ho na?
Maya is only 8 years old its not possible for her to know different forms of Love.

Chitra becomes embarrassed

Maya : kya hua? apne dekha nhi bhaiya se to unke sare mitra chahte hai ,

Chitra didn't say anything else..

they reached to Vishnu temple and found Durdhara and Subhadra already there..

Maya : are rajkumari bhi yahan hai??

Chitra : han apne bhrata  kumar Digvijay k liye prarthana karne ayi hogi..

the Rajpurohit comes near to Durdhara..

Rajpurohit : Rajkumari humne to Yuvraj Digvijay k safalta k liye Puja aur yagna aramv kar chuke aap punah puja kyun karna chahti hai?

Durdhara (taking a bit time) : hum ye puja bhrata k liye nhi unke mitra aur Bharatvarsh k vabhishya Chandragupt k liye karne aye hai..

Chitra got stunned..

Maya : are rajkumari bhi bhaiya k liye puja rakh rahe hai..iska arth vo bhi bhaiya ko chahte hai

Chitra didn't say anything , she unbelievingly stared at Durdhara ..Durdhara sits in Yagna..Subhadra noticed Chitra and Maya..

Subhadra : are tum dono yahan?

Maya (before Chitra could stop her) : han bhrata k liye puja karne aye hai..

Durdhara (turning at them) : are to humse keh diya hota hum tumhe sath le ate..ab ao humare sath puja mein baitho .kis baat k pratiksha kar rahe ho?

Maya immadiately sits beside Durdhara but Chitra didn't .

Durdhara : Chitra kya hua , asan grahan karo..

Chitra still didn't respond , she wanted to run away from there , she was getting angry on Durdhara , it seemed to her that Durdhara had no right to do what she is doing now, why she is caring for Chandragupta?

Subhadra (impatiently) : kya hua Chitra? Rajkumari k adesh k palan na karke tum unke apman kar rahe ho.puja k samay atibahit ho rahe hai vilamb na karo..

Maya (pulling Chitra's hand) : didi baith jao

Chitra unwillingly takes her sit but she kept staring Durdhara's closed eyes and folding hand and her prayer for Chandragupta , a feeling of jealosy made her disliking princess more . she closed her eyes

Chitra (in mind) : Chandragupt shighra laut ao take hum kamboj se aur rajkumari Durdhara se shighratishighra dur ja sake

Durdhara (in mind) : vijayi hoke laut ao Chandragupta , humare adheerta har ek muhurt ke sath badhta ja rahe hai..hum nhi jante hum itne vyakul kyun ho rahe hai..kintu hum tumhare liye pratiksha kar rahe hai.


watching Digvijay and Shreemati like that Chandragupta lost power to think for a moment , he was completely stranger to the scene going on in front of him , yet his subconscious mind suggested him its not the right time to call his friend ..he silently stepped back and came back to his friends..yet the scene created a trance for him he couldn't easily come out from seemed to him the curtain from many mystery had been removed in her mind..he felt now he has started learning about the very feeling and its expressions..the scene made him matured suddenly..he felt restless , he wants to see someone right now..closed his eyes and two big eyes , long curly hairs and fairy like face visible in his mind.Digvijay and Shreemai's intimacy is reminding him of Durdhara!!! now he came to know why?.he now can understand something in his heart growing for Durdhara , perhaps this is called love..
  watching him coming back alone friends got curious..
Ghanghor : kya hua Chandragupt tum Digvijay ko bulane gaye the akele kyun a gaye?

Chandragupt bent his head but everyone noticed an expression of blush on his face..
Airavat and Sukant exchanged a meaningful gaze , Aditya and Ghanghor smiled,Shashank looked at Dakshita and Dakshita lowered her gaze in blushing..

Dakshita (whispering) : bhul humare hai humein Chandragupt ko rokna chahiye tha

Shshank (whispering) : vo bada ho raha hai Dakshita prakriti ka niyam hai..
Ghanghor : kintu ab hum kya kare??

Aditya (teasingly) : aur kya pratiksha karo k yuvraj ko smaran ho jaye k vo ab bhi shatru k anchal mein hai..apne mahal mein nhi..
Airavat : hum Digvijay k abastha samaj sakte hai..apne priya se itne samay paschad itne kathinta se mile hai..samay to lagega hi..

everyone knows Airavat had in similar situation so didn't say anything opposing him..

Chandragupt saw the discussion will make him more and more engrossed to the new brewing feelings while he was trying to divert his thoughts from Durdhara with his best effort..and only one subject is able to divert his concentration..warfare
Chandragupt : kintu vo yavan yahan kabhi bhi a sakta hai..isi karan hum sabko prastut rehna padega..

everyone supported him..suddenly the old woman who went in search of food soon was seen running towards them..

Old Woman : are tum sab palayan karo vo yavan isi disha mein a rahe hai..

everyone took their sword out..

Chandragupt : Mai aap chinta na kare aur kisi kutir mein atmagopan kare..ab samay a chuka hai un dusht yavan se samna karne k

old woman unwillingly went into a hut (not where Digvijay and Shreemati wee)
in only few moments they were surrounded by Greek Soldiers  .but they didn't panick..
a soldier recognized Dakshita

soldier : yes this is the girl whom i saw in Sirus's tent..she has poisoned our general..attack them they had dared to come in lian's den

Candragupt : Mitron apne deshmata k rin chukane ka samay a chuka hai..akraman

and a fierce battle started between Chandragupt , his friends and the greeks

the sound of swords made Digvijay conscious and he parted himself from Shreemati
Digvijay : kadachit yavan yahan a chuke hai..
Shreemati got panicked and held Digvijay tightly

Shreemati : hey iswar ab kya hoga??

Digvijay took his sword and put hand on Shreemati's face..

Digvijay : Chinta na karo priye..hum tumhe koi hani nhi pohuchne denge..aur humareneta Chandragupt ko hote huye hum bhi koi aise kadam nhi lenge k humein pastana pade..tum kutir mein hi ruko jab tak hum tumhe sanket na de..
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he kissed her forehead and left..

Shreemati (with teary eyes) : hey iswar humare swami k raksha karna..
Digvijay comes out and joined in fighting..

Aditya : akher yuvrajko samay mil hi gaya yadh karne k liye..
Digvijay felt ashamed ..Dakshita rebuked Aditya

Dakshita : bas bhi hua so hua ab Chandragupt k adesh ka palan karo..

the Greeks were terribly losing in frontof Chandragupt and his friends..but Chandragupt soon realized they won't be able to fight for long , they are only 8 , Greeks are thousands and they are not familiar with Greek war strategy , these are ordinary soldiers with whom they were fighting but there are many skilled warriors in Alexander's army.and may be soon they will join these Greeks..
he was not wrong , soon a big troop of Greek soldiers were seen led by a general a relatively handsome man of late 30's who was looking like holding more higher position..the greeks who were fighting shouted .
"General Seleucas has come , now we will cut these rats into pieces"

"General Seleucas " the name strucked into Chandragupta's head..he remembered in Hindukush he met the girl Helen referred herself as daughter of General Seleucas..and along with Helen he remembered the ring given by Helen and he shouted..
"atmasamarpan karo mitron"

his friends were shocked with his order but stopped fighting ..and the Greeks surrounded them..and at the same time General Seleucas and his troop reached there..but before any soldiers could adress Seleucas Chandragupta jumped in front of him with ring in his greeks caught him either side ..

Aditya : ye Chandragupt kya kar raha hai? atmahatya karna chahta hai kya?

Ghanghor : unmad to nhi ho gaya??

Dakshita : bas bhi karo..sunne to do vo kya kehna chahta hai?

Chandragupt (to Seleucas) : general Seleucas i need to talk to you..

Seleucas : who the hell you are and how you dare to enter in Greek tent? are not you afraid of death?

soldiers : these devil gang have killed general Sirus and some other Greeks .we should kill him immediately..

Chandragupta : please general give a chance to us to explain ourselves , we need to meet emperor Sikandar..

everyone got stunned to hear that..

Seleucas : do you know what you are talking about? meeting to Emperor? how do you expect we will let the slaves like you meet our emperor..

Chandragupta (showing ring to him) : because i have the ring of emperor and i heard if anyone carries it is allowed to meet with him

Seleucas at once recognized the ring of his daughter..ohh this was the boy who came in Hindukush tent and met Cornelia? and his stupid daughter handed the ring to him? he bit his lip and fumed in anger.,he wanted to take away the ring immediately but being a general he can't break rule , now he has to take them to emperor

Seleucas : take them to emperor our Lord will decide what punishment these Indians deserve
(in mind) i won't leave you .. for you emperor lost trust on my daughter

Digvijay calles Sreemati and Chandragupta called old woman

the Greeks fumed to see Shreemati with them but they are not capable to do anythiong now..

Chandragupt and all her companions were taken to Alexandar's camp by Seleucas
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Originally posted by Radhikerani

Outstanding Update !!! 

thanks prateti
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