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CGM FF: Ehsaas...Kuchh Naya Sa (complete) (Page 103)

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aru :

commenting on two updates together , i was actually trying to visualize our CGM bachha party in the scene when Digvijay smooches ShreematiLOL. anywayz, back to the story , i'm happy that durdhara and subhadra finally managed to convince the king and queen of Avisaar about Digvijay's decision to marry Shreemati ..with Akshay pitching in between trying to sound smart and grown upLOL. the entire plan of rescuing Shreemati is well done Clapand Dakshita did her job well tooClap. thankfully she didnt enter into a verbal fight with Shashank again at that crucial moment else it could have worsened the situation. but the way Chandu and his team are attacked by the greek troupes, we should guess that they are already in a big soup no matter how bravely they fight. i'm waiting to see how chandu utilizes the ring given to him by Cornelia and manages to escape the Greeks once again and reach home safe and sound. coz a lot more is waiting for him there too .. chitra's increasing jealousy regarding him and Durdhara isnt going to be very pleasant to handle IMO. update soon.Smile

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thanks polly for ur comment..was waiting eagerly for ur update is going to be of Sikandar and Chandu's 1st meeting ..i wish oldest members would read it..

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Royal Palace of Rajpur

In princess's Mahal Durdhara was trying to forget all her worry and tension through her favorite hobby painting..she was not sure that what exactly she was sketching her hands seemed playing aimlessly on the cotton paper..while her eyes were lost in some other thought..she doesn't know how many times she prayed to god for her brother's success..but still she can't be calmed ..she knows how dangerous the Greeks are..yet pigeon didn't carry any news for them..whole kingdom is praying for prince to return safely..
   but her worry is not for Digvijay only..she doesn't know why she is worrying so much about it only because he had saved her life?she is not sure but she only knows in this 12 years of age she never experienced such a situation ever..why thinking about a boy all the time whom she hardly knows for 10 days? no matter how much favor he did no matter how important he is for the future of Bharatvarsh..why he has occupied all her concentration?
   She looked at the piece of paper where she was innocent dusky face with excessively bright eyes and determined lips looked at her as an answer of her unasked questions..
     Durdhara doesn't know for how long she had stared towards Chandragupta's portrait made by her..for the first time a blushing smile flashed in her lips.
 "Uddand Vanvasi'  she whispered..
   she felt something she has started to feel about this new unknown situation of her

Alexander's Camp in Masasaga

Emperor made himself relaxed on the bed with a glass of wine in his hand..after a month long battle at last he and his Greek army succeeded to make the warrior clan of Assakeneyas to surrender to Greek armies..from these years long expedition from Macedonia to India his Conqueror army never faced such a tough obstacle before reaching to Masasaga..he never could think that a clan including woman , old men and children can make such a barrier for them..He couldn't help but praising their courage , their bravery , love for their homelands..but what is of use if they couldn't save their existence??
  "Indians think by heart only not use their brain " smirks emperor..
his handsome face looked innocent with this smirk..
  "But still i couldn't find the one , the person whom i can acknowledge as greater than Macedonia i was foretold that i will meet someone in India in front of whom i can bow down..but i think nothing is gonna happen like this..soon world will bow down in front of can emperor Alexander can bow down to a mortal and that too someone from India?from the land of black magic will make him bow down to him. Oh Zeus (king of Gods in Greek Mythology) tell me that fortune teller was wrong"
he moves his fingers through his golden hairs.. his deep blue eyes expressed pride..he stretched himself on the bed and was losing himself in dream of conquering the world but suddenly he was compelled to be back from his dream world by his most trusted general Neark's voice..
" Emperor..Emperor , Sirus got killed "
 irritated  Alexander got up from bed..he was not at all ready for such a news..

Alexander : holy Zeus do you know what are you talking about Nearks?? who can dare to attack on Alexander's general that too entering into Greek camp..

Nearks : emperor we just got news that a group of young boys had entered into Masasaga and having guerrilla attack here and first they killed two guards of prisoner girls tent and then attacked on Sirus camps and killed him and few soldiers..some are saying they had a girl with them who can kill with bite..(and he narrated about the attacks created by Chandragupta and his friends)

Alexander's all drowsiness caused by wine got disappeared ..his blue eyes got furious into anger..

Alexander : and you are giving this news me now?? do you know you can be beheaded for your this mistake?

Nearks : i am sorry my lord , general Seleucus has arrested them and sent the news just now..he is taking them to you anytime..

Alexander (being relaxed but confused at a time) : what's wrong with Seleucus?? why he bringing those intruders to me instead of imprisoning them?? tell him to put them into prisoner's camp..tomorrow their trial will be done

Nearks was about to say something but before that Seleucus was seen on the door of the tent..

"my lord i have brought the leader of that intruder's group to you , he is awaiting for the punishment he deserves "

Alexander : why the hell you brought him here?? that too during my resting time?? don't you know what punishment can you get for this??

Seleucus (bents down his head) : because i couldn't break the rule my lord..the boy is carrying your mark..ring that you gave you to my daughter Cornelia..

Alexander (amused) : holy Zeus that means he is the same intruder who created havoc in our Hindukush camp??

Nearks : and fooled your daughter to run away? sorry to say but you should have control over your daughter Seleucus
    Nearks was one of the most closest friend of Alexander but he had insecurity that through daughter Cornelia Seleucus was trying to get closer to Alexander..which was not false.

Seleucus : i accept it was all Cornelia's stupidity..but my lord she is only a child..that bloody Indian slave has misused my daughter's innocence..he deserves no punishment less than death..i wanted to behead him myself but then i had to disrespect rule created by you..who ever carries your marks should get chance to meet you..and you know emperor Seleucus can't let break rule created by his lord.

Alexander (satisfied) : yes you are right..Emperor Alexander is ambitious but not unjust..ok bring him to me..i also want to see who is the Indian having such unnatural courage?

Seleucus ordered the guards and guards entered with Chandragupta.
    .Alexander observed Chandragupta with disbelief and amusement in his that dusky skinned boy of around 14-15 can be such daring to enter into lion's den with such a handful of friends?? He stared into Chandragupta's shining yet innocent eyes..and his heart shivered with the innocent gaze of the subconscious mind Alexander understood the boy is not an ordinary one.somehow on the very first glance Alexander sensed the immense possibilities inside the boy...
   Chandragupta too on the other hand was observing Alexander..on that time Alexander was around 30 only..he was regarded one of the most handsome man of his time..though he was short in height but his muscular body seemed made of iron.which was proof of his being a great warrior..some bruises on his chest and shoulder were carrying the proof of his bravery in earlier fights.Chandragupta was astonished to see no shine of cruelty on his cursed demigod type feature but of-course his face was full of pride..Chandragupta in this very 1st glance couldn't hate Alexander in spite of knowing what damage he had done to his motherland..
  both for a while observed each last Seleucus broke the silence..

Seleucus : My lord here is the intruder.. the bloody Indian slave who stole my daughter's ring..

Chandragupta (interrupting Seleucus) : forgive me Emperor but i did not steal this ring..

Alexander gestured to stop Seleucus..he was pretty amazed to see Chandragupta speaking their language..

Alexander : Indian do you know our words??

Chandragupta : from Takshashila teacher is a scholar of many foreign languages

Alexander : Takshashila? gandhar? pretty interesting..who is your teacher??

Chandragupta (proudly) : one of the greatest scholar of World Acharya Chanakya

Alexander recalled that young king of gandhar Ambhik warned him about that name ..he becomes curious..

Alexander : who are you boy??

Chandragupta : Emperor i am Chandragupta..( Chanakya's teaching was not to hide identity to a person of supreme position that worsen the problem)

Alexander (with great effort) : Sandras...Sandrakuttas ??

Chandragupta (in mind) : han isse adhik in yavano se kya apeksha kia ja sakta hai..jaise hamare desh k manchitra parivartit kar rahe hai waise hi humare naam bhi parivartit kar rahe hai..
(to Alexander) : yeah right

Alexander : i heard about your teacher who wants to stop me from conquering your land..i was expecting something big from him.but i never imagined he will send handful of kids to stop me..
      a smirk flashed on Emperor's lips..Chandragupta was stunned to see that teasing smirk made Emperor's face nicer to look at not cunning or evil..Chandragupta somehow felt may be he can make the emperor understand

Chandragupta : Emperor its true that Acharya Chanakya and  his students don't want you to conquer our land..but for now it was not the reason of us to come here..we are here to save the promise of friendship not to stop you..because we are well aware that we don't have enough man power or skill to do so..yes we want to stop you but only when Acharya Chanakya will decide what is the right time

Chandragupta's innocent acceptance of Alexander's superior power and also acceptance the fact that they want to stop him and openly saying about the right time made Emperor quite impressed and amused on this boy's fearless and courageous attitude , straight forwardness and innocence...sensing that Nearks and Seleucus tried to poison his mind again

Nearks : my lord please don't believe these Indians..he is the one who as an agent entered in our Hindukush camp and when our soldier tried to arrest him he attacked them

Seleucus : and he fooled my daughter and grabbed the ring..

Chandragupta : Emperor if you give a chance i can explain each and every allegation on me..please Emperor grant me few time to talk to you alone..

Alexander was becoming curious to hear Chandragupta..he ordered Seleucus and Nearks to leave..they were quite astonished..

Seleucus : but Emperor..this boy is a liar..trusting him can be dangerous..

Alexander : are you questioning on my ability of recognizing people??

Nearks : no emperor we are just..

Alexander : just leave us alone and wait on the door of tent for my call..its my final order

Seleucus and Nearks unwillingly left as they didn't dare to oppose emperor further

Alexander (to Chandragupta) : take your seat Sandras

Chandraguta takes seat and Alexander sits on thrown...

Alexander : now don't hide anything from me if i ever have doubt on you you know what fate will wait for you and your friends..i am waiting to know your version of all matters right from Hindukush camp's incidents and then i will decide whether to believe you or not..

Chandragupta : Emperor my teacher acharya Chanakya always refer you as a wise and just ruler..i hope you will do justice after knowing the truth..
   then Chandragupta started narrating the tale how the Greeks in Hindukush misunderstood him and him and Durdhara as agents and imprisoned them and how they wanted to gift Durdhara to their generals ad how a soldier tried to molest her which caused their fight with Greeks and then how they met Helen and how she helped them to run away..and then how he got to know about love of Digvijay and Shreemati and how the bond of friendship made them to come here to only save Shreemati from Sirus's grip and how in self defense Dakshita killed Sirus..Chandragupta's determined voice made Alexander to believe that he was telling the truth..
Chandragupta (finishing his tale) : Emperor is trying to save one's dignity , honor and lovewrong?

Alexander (smirks) : but you should have known that wining a land means having right on the wealth and people of the land as well..that's why Masasaga is now on Greek men and women of this land is belong to Greek only

Chandragupta : sorry emperor i deny to accept that woman's honor is man's possession. wining a foreign land and torturing the people dishonor women is it the justice of emperor?

Alexander (smiles on Chandragupta's brave words ) ok so now  you are questioning on my justice..

Chandragupta : i am sorry emperor but my Acharya says true ruler on not his men's body but on heart as well..
his words touched Alexander's heart..

Alexander : i really want to meet your teacher..hope we will meet soon..and boy yes your words are true i know that..but if you were in the place of mine you will understand being an Emperor needs sacrifice..when your soldiers are far away from their home you can't control their desire all the time cause you are depending on them to an extent..
he stopped heart he knows allowing his soldiers to torture and plunder he is being labelled as Tyrant .but he has been out to conquer the world and all mission needs sacrifice , he sacrificed his wish to be a just and kind ruler in front of his dream of being world conqueror..he doesn't know why he said of his heart to this boy which he even didn't share to his friends.may be in his subconscious he got to know the boy will one day do what he couldn't do..being a conqueror and a kind yet strict ruler on the same time
    Chandragupta was observing an expression of pain and helplessness flashed on emperor's blue eyes..somehow he felt the image of Alexander that trembles the Indians not true fully.
Chandragupta : Em
peror so what will you decide about us??

Alexander looked at him and couldn't help but having some mischief..

Alexander : so you have come here to save someone's love so
obviously you have loved someone..tell me about details of your experience of love

Chandragupta felt spellbound to hear this unexpected question from the emperor..explaining love?when he has just started realizing some unknown feelings..he closed his eyes..and as expected someone's face floated on his eyes..
"Durdhara" .he murmured beneath his breath..he is now sure about his feelings..

Alexander was enjoying this boy's confusion..he was sure that last thing this young boy know is about love.

Alexander : Sandras , i am waiting..

Chandragupta (looking into Emperor's deep blue eyes) : Emperor i accept perhaps the feelings related to love is new and almost inexperienced to me but i only can say love is a feeling about someone which makes you feel the person is with you even in the person's absence..and this feeling makes one to want to be with that person always..
    Chandragupta's innocent and simple explanation about love made Alexander really pleased..he closed his eyes..there is no less girls came in his life but he didn't care to think about any of them except fulfilling his physical needs..but still two jet black eyes flashed into his mind..first time he realized he really is in love with Afghan princess Roxana..he clapped his hands and Nearks wit a guard enters

Alexander : bring the prince of Kamboja and daughter of Assakeneya's leader here..

Nearks thought Alexander will order him to take the boy under trial but he was quite shocked with this order..but couldn't dare to question emperor and went to fulfill the order

Outside The Camp

Chandragupta's friends were surrounded by Greek soldiers and were anxiously waiting for his return..some Greek soldiers were giving dirty eyes to Shreemati and Dakshita..out of fear Shreemati held Digvijay's hand tightly.

Digvijay : nischint raho Shreemati..hum inhe tumko sparsh nhi karne denge..

.Dakshita was thinking if by any chance she gets to bite them..
Dakshita : man to ho raha hai inke ankhe nast kar de...

Shashank : shant raho hum is samay uttejit hona humare vipaksh mein ja sakte hai

Aditya : ye Chandragupta ab tak nhi aya..aisa kya charcha kar raha hai

Sukant : yadi vo Sikandar ko samjhane mein asamarth rahe to?

Airavat : are viswas rakho apne Chandragupt pr itna bichalit kyun ho rahe ho??

in that time Nearks comes and looks at them..looking Shreemati holding Digvijay's hand he understood Digvijay is prince of Kamboj

Nearks : hey you two .come Emperor called you

everyone looked at each other..Shreemati got more scared..Digvijay assured her with gaze and followed Nearks holding her hand..

Ghanghor : ab inko kyun bula liya Sikandar ne?

Shashank : pratikhsha karo kuch hi samay mein gyat ho jayenge..

Inside The Camp

Digvijay and Shreemati were presented in front of Alexander..he observed them carefully..Digvijay looked at Chandragupta..but Chandragupta was eagerly waiting for Alexander to say something..Nearks and Seleucus were also waiting when Alexander will announce punishment for the Indians..

Alexander (to Digvijay) : do you love this girl?

Digvijay : yes emperor , more than my life

Alexander : can you go to any extent for her?

Digvijay nods

Alexander (to Chandragupta) : your simple explanation of love pleased i can let prince of Abhisara go with this girl..but in one condition

Chandragupta (eagerly) : what condition emperor?

Alexander : Abhisara has to acknowledge Greek supremacy and a Greek kshatrap will be appointed in your kingdom

Digvijay and Chandragupta became stunned...
Nearks and Seleucus gives satisfactory smile...

Chandragupta : but emperor..

Seleucus : but what?? our Emperor is not only granting you life but also letting go with this girl from our prison..and you can't acknowledge his superiority??

Digvijay helplessly looked at Chandragupta...Chandragupta closed his eyes and tried to remember Chanakya's teaching..he remembered Chanakya used to say changing yourself with situation is wise decision.he opened his eyes..

Chandragupta : Emperor we are ready to accept your supremacy over Abhisara and entire Kamboja (Digvijay got shocked)..but..

Alexander : but?

Chandragupta : unlike Gandhar Abhisar won't help Greeks to conquer any Indian kingdom..if emperor agrees with this condition then Abhisar is also agreed to surrender (Digvijay got relaxed) otherwise

Seleucus : otherwise??

Chandragupta : you can take our lives but we won't bow down

Alexander burst into laughter with Chandragupta's brave words..

Alexander : Sandras you proved you are at a time intelligent and respectful to your motherland..if you would accept my condition unquestioningly then i would consider you opportunist same as Gandhar king Ambhik and would be disappointed..for the first time Alexander will behave as a ruler not as a world-conqueror and  i agree with your condition..after Avisar bows down to us i promise they won't be compelled to help us in our further expedition..Greeks are themselves capable to continue my mission..
(turning to Digvijay) : prince i am appointing you ruler of Kamboja now..
Digvijay bowed down to Alexander as he was aware of this Greek custom.Alexander touched both of his shoulders with his sword.and then placed a special armlet with his mark on Digvijay's arm as a sign of his approval to Ruler of Kamboj.Seleucus and Nearks gave a disappointed and jealous look to them

Alexander steeped to Shreemati and held her hand..she trembled out of fear .Digvijay and Chandragupta got confused...but Alexander called Digvijay near and took his hand and put Shreemati's hand into Digvijay's hand

Alexander : acknowledging your love i announce you husband and wife..

Digvijay and Chandragupta felt relaxed and gave a respectful smile to Emperor..Seleucus and Nearks couldn't believe on their eyes..

Alexander (to Chanragupta) : Sandras this time you have come for sake of friendship and i am letting you go..but i am hoping you along with your teacher will soon be confronted with me..and then i will get to know whether you are capable of stopping me or not..

Chandragupta (smiles) : ofcourse Emperor i am also waiting for that day..

Chandragupta , Digvijay and Shreemati bent their head and were about to leave suddenly Chandragupta recalled something and turned to Emperor

Chandragupta : emperor , i need to thank someone for whom i was able to meet you..

Alexander : who Sandras..

Chandragupta : Helen..can i meet her??

Seleucus (faming in anger) : my daughter is in prison by emperor's order that too caused by you..

Alexander's face saddened ..Chandragupta got stunned ..his heart ached for Cornelia



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Originally posted by Kadamvari


increasing pressure
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Originally posted by surprising

Originally posted by Kadamvari


increasing pressure

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bujhtei parchhoSmile
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tui tor moto kore por na bolini to aj i pore aji comment tor ff update korbina bole ki amio korbona?Tongue

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Originally posted by Kadamvari

tui tor moto kore por na bolini to aj i pore aji comment tor ff update korbina bole ki amio korbona?Tongue

korbona bolechhi??
long part hobe
hv 2 start 2 clear all factsConfused

ektu rest o debe na nakiWinkLOLEmbarrassed

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