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ff:iss pyar ko kya naam doon.sidchi,mishka ch9pg11 (Page 7)

Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 2:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Deepi20

Nice update! It was so funny with so many confusions and misunderstandings! Looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile
thank u deepi glad u liked itEmbarrassed

Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nidhsara

Awesome chapter Fiza...
I was laughing thinking of Kabir's face when the whole thing clears outLOL
Misha and Kabir are totally entangled in misunderstandings...
Poor kisi aur ko milna tha woh usse mil gaya...
Kabir is  such a caring brother by the way
Great workSmile
 nidhi babes glad u liked it yes  kabir is a loving bro and well sid  he was at the wrong place at the wrong timeLOL
Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 2:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by missglam much confusion... u r getting inspired from ekta..ROFL...
lovely update..especially..THE SARDAR JI  was too cute..
i also want to know how  sid  misha .. abhiya .. kabir panchi  lovestory do add it to ur story...
thanks for the update and pm..
continue soon...
hey sweets  thanks glad u liked it ...hahaLOL yup i think i am a litte inspired by ekta but i know when to not go over boardBig smile ...i like that sardar ji part to and for how sid  misha .. abhiya .. kabir panchi  lovestory started read the charecter sketch  i will explain more in flashbacks will update soon

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 2:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by charmingkiller

woowww awesum part
thanks dearWink
Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by renuka1997

Lovely Update
Continue Soon
Thanx For The pm
Love U
 thanks renu Big smilewill  try update soon Wink
Cuty16 Goldie

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 7:29pm | IP Logged
Hye dear,
Nice part,
enjoyed misha's kabir
and sardarji.
Thankx for pm fiza.
SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 July 2011 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
hey fiza plz update soonSmile
Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 July 2011 at 3:33pm | IP Logged


kabir: I wont  spare u  mein tumko nahin choruga

Sid puts his hand near his mouth and the looks at  his  hand which  has a little blood  becuz of  getinng socked at  :  oye tere tho! what the hell  is your problem  n who the hell are you?

T has here hand on her mouth shocked  at what her bro just did :  bhaiya  leave him  (she pulls his hand away from sids  collar ) bro  stop it just leave him

Kabir  raise his hand and is about to  slap her when Sidcomes in between and stops him(he is holding his hand  in mid air )

Sid: dehko  I don't know who u are n what ur problem Is and what exactly u want  but I'm not the type of guy who will just stand around looking when a girl is going to get hit by a guy. I believe  a man should never hit a woman no matter what  the issue is .

Kabir : why don't u just clearly  say ki tum apne pyar ko thappar  se bachana    charre the.

Sid : pyar mein iss se pyar nahin kartha , yeh mere saath flirt kar re thi  aur  I told her to her face ki I was not intrested

Kabir : oh really  if ur not interested then y is  she expecting ur baby?      

Sid : kya baby what nonsense

T: bro that's enough  what rubbish are u blabbing.  I;m not expecting his baby and neither do I luv him(putting both hands on her head) oh no don't tell  me  u heared me talking on the phone na? bhaiya I was practing 4  my play  I was trying out for the  main lead(turning to Sid) I'm really sorry big misunderstanding  bro lets go .

Kabir :  aye yo! (fixing Sid's collar put one hand in  the air ) hota hai hota hai  um I mean  I'm sure u will undersatnd me' I was just being  a  over protective bro  that s all

Sid : sure no problem I gusses I would do the same if I was in ur place . chill dude   c ya (and gets on his bikes a speeds away.

At the Mehra's

Sid comes home Misha  c's him hurt

Misha : kya hua did u get into a fight with someone?

Sid : tells her what happened   but I would have done the same  with it happened with Piya  

Misha: I knowSid but aaj kal delhi mein bhot pagal agay haan?

Sid: what

Misha: never mind( has the first aid kit and is  fixing Sid's  chot, he is looking at her she looks up at him)

Sid :  Misha  abhi bhi  we can  finish all the doori's between us and kareeb aa sak tha haan , I can still see the love u have for me in your eyes, I think it's time we start thinking about(before he can finish what he is saying  Mish changes the subject)

Misha:  oh um  I forgot to tell u day after tommrow is nhaals  b-day party hain tho  all meetings canceled, only family time  ok   lets eat .

Misha calls iT, Tracker  and Pia : hey guys I called 3 way  to let u know lunch at my house tommrow at 1:30p.m so be here  ok take care c u soon

Girls: cool we will b there

Next day at the Mehra's

Piaand nihaal are first ones to arrive  then comes T then last Tracket they all greet each other  and hug

At lunch Misha  tells the girls abt the bakery inncedent

Misha: Pia, Tracker u know that idiot that kidnap me  at the mall that day   drop chocolate cake all over my white sari and then I was so upset I put cake on his face n on top oof that sum sadar n his wife thought I was his moti!

Girls burst out laughing

T:omg what  ghuda   u did  the right put cake on his face like that!

Mish:u don't what happened b 4 thatPia u tell the story

Pia goes on and tell t what happened


@kabir's office

Abhay  walks in

 Abhay: Mr.Rathod how do u do? I'm Abhay  Raichand

Kabir : yes mr.Raichand  u have a textiles  company I looked at the details of the contract I feel it great so we shall sign the contract soon

 Kabir  gets a call fromAngad

Kabir: just min pls excuse me , haan yaar me ek meeting main hoon   will talk later

Angad : Kabir   I just droped Ruhi  at her friends house the one u kidnapped  if u want quickly come   this is ur chance to say sorry 

Kabir acting like it's really urgent :  kya kab kaise ok I will b there in 10min (close the cell) um mr. Raichand  I am sorry but some important thing came up we will  sign n disscusse  this later

Abhay um why don't u come tommrow night to my house  we are having a b-day party  for my son nihaal so we can talk n sign there

Kabir : sure that great ( he leaves his office he  stops by a sari shop and picks up 2 sari which are  very sexy these are perfect I bet she will like the since I ruined her sari at the bakery


 Mean while At the Mehras

T drops some tea all over her dress

T:shit ya

Misha: T why don't u clean it up

T: sure where the washroom ?

Misha:Pia  can u show her where it is

Pia: sure  come T

Girls are talking on the way

Pia:T tommrow's my son's nihaal's b-day we r having a party do come it's @ 8, there it is point to the door

T mistakes it for another  door  is about   open whenPia stops her

Pia: T no dont open that ' um ah  um a wrong, wrong  door its the  right one

T: oh sorry y Is that door  not suppose to be opened? Or something?

Just then they hear Misha shouting at   someone they   are  looking from top standing near the  railing

Misha  holding the sari's  choli in her hand:   do u  really think  I will wear these?

Kabir ;   yeah  it's your size

Misha:  size '.do u really think I can wear this  I mean look at me

Kabir : just because u   don't know how to look hot  and look like a bhenji  doesn't mean u cant wear these,aren't they sexy smiling

Misha: mujhe koi farak nahi parta hai  what u think about me

T: yeh toh bhaiya ka voice hai(runs down sumo runs after her) bhaiya! What do u think your doing

misha: bhaiya? He's  your bro, T  this  is the gadha I was telling u about

T:  bro that's it first u  hit that poor guy  yesterday now all this, wait till I tell Panchi

Misha: what you're the one who punched my pati in the face,y am I not surprised just get out.

T and Kabir :pati bro did u hear something

Kabir: what

T: oh nothing just  my heart breaking  haha

Kabir figure in his mouth confused look then points to Misha : what that was your pati  I'm sorry  plz for give me

Misha: how many times will u say I'm sorry just get out( throws the sari's on his face)

Kabir:  I will leave only if u keep the saris, I bet ur pati will thank me(winking at her)

T: Misha just keep it na other wise bro wont go

Misha: fine just leave ish u can stay(shuts the door on his face)

Kabir outside the door : yeh tho lady hitler hai and walks away.

Next night at the Raichand

Sid  Misha, Abhay , Pia (holding nihaal)are greeting the guests  at the door

Kabir  ,Panchi and T  walk in

Misha pokes Pia: yeh idiot ko kaun invite kare?

Abhay:  Hello Mr. kabir  how r u (shakes his hand)  I'd like u to meet my family this is my lovely wife Pia and my son Nihaal and this is my lil sister Misha and brother in law ,jiju and sala Sidharth

Misha Pia andSid : we have met before

Abhay : really where

They are about to answer when kabir : happy birthday Nihaal (gives gift)Abhay  this is my beautiful wife panchi and my sisterTanushree akaT

Sid totally checkingPanchi  she is wearing a    very sexy sari


Panchi  thinking to her self : oh stupid Kuta not bad he is kinda hot (flirtatiously  smiling at him)

Misha :see's Sid checking Panchi out and gets disgusted but doesn't say a word she thinks to her self I will teach u a lesson in my know way at a  next party

Later on Tracker  and angad  walk in

Sid pullsMisha  aside in a corner

Sid: Misha  tum mere meeting kyun cancel kare? It was such a important  meeting 4 cores ka profit tha?

Misha: Really Sid more important then your family ? tum har baar sirf apne kam kay bare mein soche the then u ask why are there so many dooriyaan between us , I thought after the fight we had ki atleast  u would change a little but no for someone who didn't change in 3 yrs after what happened that night  why would he change for  such a small  fight,oh I thought maybe for ur known selfish  needs maybe you would but who was I kidding?(begans to walk away when Sid  grabs her hand tightly)

Sid : What did u say how dare you

Misha: Sidyour hurting  me let go  trying to pull her hand away but he tightens it even more (meanwhile kabir is seeing this from far ) lets go   she yanks her hand away

Sid is fully drunk   him and misha leave the party early  

In the car on the way back

Sid :  how could u talk to me like that at the party I'm your pati  you know because of me u have such a nice life style without me your cant do anything

Misha: kar saak thi hoon I can I don't need you im capzble of doing anything I want to  understood

Sid really irrated and drunk: really fine (stops the car ) you can get out

Misha: Sid it's 1:30a.m and it's raining you know I hate the rain

Sid: I don't care u said ki tum kar saak tha ho tho karo  (he drives off)

Misha is walking in the rain and crying  when goons start chaseing her she is running  and  all of sudden a black car stops in front of her  a guy gets out.

That's it for now don't forget to comment and   press like button precap ch8  who is the guy  who get out of the car ?








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