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ff:iss pyar ko kya naam doon.sidchi,mishka ch9pg11 (Page 3)

Deepi20 Goldie

Joined: 21 May 2011
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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 7:59pm | IP Logged
Nice update! Panchi was so mean to Kabir and so was Sid to Misha! Anyway, looking forward to a nice Abhiya moment! Continue soon Smile

Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 December 2010
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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
Awesome yaar.. I loved d Cs.. Wats wrong wit Sid..Y is he so rude n d same goes wit Panchi.. Poor Misha n Kabir.. Only Abhiya relation is perfect till now..I just hope nothing cums btw them.. Waiting for Sid-Misha's story.. Carry on..thanxxx for d
-Sonia- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 December 2010
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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 12:30am | IP Logged

Awesome update! Misha n kabir r so sweet. . They deserve each other. . thanks for the pm. . Dear! continue soon!
minahil1997 Goldie

Joined: 17 February 2011
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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 2:23am | IP Logged
awesum dear!!!!Clap

fiza the update was wonderfull... kabir was so nice and panchi was so bad... i wonder wats the reason behind sid acting so badOuch... it would be really interesting to see how miska and sidchi uniteEmbarrassed... love ur ff and continue soonHug
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 February 2011
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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Sid and Panchi really deserve each other...the way they behave with Kabir and Misha...i agree that they don't love their respective spouses...but they can be a lil softer na...anyways I enjoyed it thouroughly...jaldi update karnaSmile
fri42911 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 April 2011
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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 10:55am | IP Logged
great update.
continue soon.
thanks for the update.
Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 1:00am | IP Logged
double update for u guys  i might update soon

chapter 3


Early morning at the  at the Mehra's house

Misha is  walking down the stairs wearing a white sari with multi colored polka dots  and  wearing  hoop earrings  that have multi colored   stones in them . (looking stunning)

Preteeksha: Raju, shanti 

Raju and Shanti: ji didi

Misha:  mein  aur Piya are going  shopping  aaj  toh  agar tumhare  Sid Bhaiya  poocha toh batana ki aaj late ho saktha. Aur haan jab  Sid  jagjhai  breakfast   daydoh

Raju and Shanti: didi breakfast  main bhaiya ko kya  baanana?

Preteeksha:   kuch nahi raat ka joh bhi khaanaa hai woh  doh.

Raju and Shanti: didi aur  raat ka khaana mein kya  baanaai?

Preteeksha:   kuch nahi aaj mein pizza order kar thi  hoon aur bhaiya office jaane kay bade tum dono relax karo.

Raju and Shanti: (smiling )thank u didi  aur aaj tum yeh sari mein bhot pyaari lagri haan.

Misha :   thank u   kaka gaari baahir nikalo

Raichand is house

Misha walks in the house and see's  Piya  chasing Abhay with the bailan

Misha   runs to her:   omg Piya tum yeh kya Karen  give me the bailan, abhay bro  ab kya hua

Abhay:  kuch nahi chotu mein tu sirf poocha  kay aaj phir  aloo kay paraathai aur phir  she started chasing me with the bailan.

Piya  :haan your right  tum   ko yeh nazar  hai  kay aaj phir wohi same khaana   but tum yeh nahi dehka ki kal raat I didn't sleep a wink kyunki nihaal kept me up, aur I got up early to feed him, phir I quickly iron ur clothes , make ur Tiffin for lunch then rush to make ur breakfast  .

Misha :   abhay bro  this is not right Piya tum aur niahaal kay vasste  yeh sab kart hi haan aur instead of  appreciating    it u complain  that's very wrong .

Abhay : ur right chotu  (holding both ears and bending down on both knees)  I'm sooo sorry my rasgula u do soo much for us  and I don't even realize it  thanku for being such a wonderful wife and mother I'm truly sorry.

 Piya : theek  hai I fogive u  *smiles *

Misha   looking at them and wondering abhay bro  is such a good pati  he knows when he's in the wrong and apologies  to her kaash sid  bhi.

 Abhay: ok  u both have fun shopping I'm running late

piya : what abt breakfast?

Abhay: I know u made it with so much luv but I'll  get something at the office

Piya :oye    pati ji tum kuch bhole toh nahi

 Smiling Abhay turns around and comes bak to piya and kisses her on the forehead : have fun  bye

piya : mishu  give me  5 min then we'll leave

Misha:   sure no problem take ur  time.


Out  shopping

Piya : misha I have a surprise for u  look over there

Misha:   omg Tracker !

Tracker comes running to them wearing a white anarkali  with  dark and light blue  polka dots  wearing sliver hoop earrings.

Misha: Tracker kaise ho ? itne dino kay baad  aur uncle  kaise haan

Tracker:  I  know  bhot time kay baad aaj hun theeno ek saat   aaj toh masti kay din  aur papa toh busy haan election time u know how it is . aur ek aur chees hai I'm in love

Misha  and piya  shocked with last thing she said 

Piya :what  kab  kon aur kaise

Tracker : ek larka haan  Angad he is  too cute but papa is very protective if I even  smile at a guy u how he is na and with these body guards  toh life is difficult  but today no guards  I told papa I was meeting u guys so he was fine with it. Any way yeh sab later lets shop


Kabir's office

Kabir  is  at his desk working away on the laptop  just when  Angad walks in the room

    Angad : yaar kabir   I need ur help big problem hai

 kabir:  ab kya hua

Angad :pyar  yes I'm in luv

kabir:  kya  toh pyaar kar kay problem hai ?

Angad :no yaar it's her papa he is a politician he never lets her out of his sight  she always has body guards with her!

kabir:  wah kya  baat hai  sirf ek  politician   ki bati  mili kya tum  ko?

Angad :come  on Shanks help me

kabir:  ab woh larki khaan hai?

Angad :out with her friends shopping at the mall kyun

kabir:  cool chalo I have a plan

Angad : what plan kabir ur plans always scare me 

kabir:  shut up and let's go


Meanwhile at the Mehra's

Sid comes home early 

 Sid:  Raju Shanti !

Raju and Shanti: ji bhaiya apa

 Sid:   haan chalo  muhje help karo apa ki Misha di kay liye ek surprise karna haan

Raju  tum  market jao aur bring me   100 roses  50 red  25 white and 25 pink  aur haan  shanti tum  raju kay saath candles  lake aao big small any size and haan colors should be red,  white and  yellow

 Raju and Shanti: wow bhaiya  so sweet of u  aur  kuch  karna hai toh bolo hum  ko

Sid:   no   abhi kuch nahin  baad mein decorate  karna hai   muhje bhot kam hai   Chinese order karna  phir    jeweler kay pass  who set pick up karne  aur  sab kuch Misha    kay anna say phele  hoona

Raju and Shanti: bhaiya yeh sab  kuch khass hai kya ?

Sid:   haan because of Misha  I  signed a huge contract  jao blue file   Mr.  Shaw  ko submit  karna tha who galti sa Mr. Rao  ko  submit hua and he  loved it .


At the mall

Kabir and Angad are looking   for Tracker      at the mall

 Smiling kabir:  so my  rajesh khanna where is your spano ki rani

Angad: yaar she's over there  point s Tracker  she's wearing Polka dots 

  Just when kabir is looking up to see who Angad  is pointing to Misha comes in front   he mistakes  her as Tracker

kabir:  yup  I see her  in the polka dots, shiny black hair hoop earrings   

Angad  looks at tracker and see  her  wearing hoop earrings

Angad: yup  just then his phone rings   hey I have to go to the office and sign important papers  so we better do this later.

 kabirno its fine u go sign them and meet  me at your house in  half hour I will bring her there .

Angad: ok u sure you know what you're doing?

kabiryes trust me go

Angad leaves  kabir   follows the girls  they go in to the  season's store

After a couple of mins they come out just then he grabs Misha's hand and pulls her in his car and drives away.

Taken back  by what just happened   Piya and trackerget in their car and follow them.


Ch 4

In the car Kabir is holding Misha's hand tight  so she doesn't try to run away  even though  the doors are locked while driving

Misha  ( yelling at the top of her lungs and trying to   pull her hands away ): let go of my hand haath choro you idiot .

 Kabir  driving stops at the light Suddenly   Misha's jerks  her head up her hair hits  Shashank face .

He looks up at her  she is starting to yell at him  but he is  so lost in her beauty   he doesn't  hear one word she is saying .

Misha: tum kaun ho, aur tum mere saath  yeh sab kya hai  just leave my hand  let go of me you will regret this you fool tere tho .

 light turns to green   but Kabir  is  just stairing into her beautiful eye's  suddenly  from the back lots of  people are honking for him to go.* beep beep beep*

kabir  gets back   to reality  and starts driving again  thinking to himself : kabir  tum ko kya hogaya hai woh  tumhare dost ki gf hai aur tum iss ko aise dehkre  ho  come on kabir focus .

 Misha with tears in her eyes : for the last  time tum kaun ho, aur tum mere saath  yeh sab kya hai  just leave my hand  let go of me  or else mein tumne  nahin chorogi I will not leave u, forget about me mere pati  wont spare you he will put behind bars . tumahre band bajagi I swear .

 Kabir thinking to himself and smiling : wah kya pyar hai yeh Angad ko itna pyar karte ki abhi sai apna  pati maanti hai, aww  how cute is that… angad is really very lucky.

Misha: your smiling omg! Tum pagal ho ,mein ek pagal kay saath hoon,  bachao bachao  koi hai  bachao!

kabir:  What me Pagal  nooo no dehko  tum plz don't cry ,I  hate to see tear in any one's eyes ( he gives her his hankie)    I will explain everything   to you  sirf chup hojao .

 kabir:   the  love of your life has sent me here to get  you and mein kaun ho  I'm  Bonds James  bond  haha just kidding  we have never met before but I'm your pyar's best friends since childhood  kabir.

Misha thinking to herself : kya   yeh sab is because of Sid  has sent him to do this par kyun.

I know all of Sid's Friends  he never once has talked about  this  kabir  to me .

In  piya's and tracker's car

tracker is driving piya is in the  front  with nihaal

piya; tracker yeh kya hua  hai  I hope misu is ok  warnaa mian bhaiya ko kaise face kar sakti  hoon

tracker: don't worry piya  she will be fine have faith sab theek hoga

Oh no

piya: kya

tracker: Yeh toh  Angad ka neighborhood hai   yeh sab Angad ka kiya kara hai sure of it.

Suhaani: what laken kyun


At  Angads 's house

Kabir   and mishu  walk inside the house

Kabir: Arey  my  rajesh khanna where are you  I have bought your  spano ki rani

Angad comes running  to Shashank  thanks yaar  you're the best  so where is she?

kabir  points to misha   there she is

Angad  whispers to Kabir yeh  kaun hai 

Kabir: your lady love

Angad: u idiot   u brought the wrong girl

Kabir:  Kya  Sh*#@! 

misha looking at  Kabir you said ki  tum Sid  kay Dost ho  phir  yeh  kaun hai  Sid  kahan hai?

Kabir :sid  Who's sid

Misha:Sid meri pati tuhare dost  you idiot

Kabir: Pati oh no dehko  I'm really very  sorry bohot baari misunderstanding hogaya hai  mein gaalti se  I thought tum   Angad ki gf haan aur phir mein aap ko

misha: kya   what  u  kidnapped me  and brought me and on top of that  u lied to me   bachao bachao  koi hai  bachao! (she starts wacking him with her bag  )

Angadcomes in between to stop her from hitting him but instead she  starting hitting as well 

Tracker and piya hear bachao bachao  koi hai  bachao! And come running in the house they see her hitting them with her bag.

Tracker:AngadAlekh   What !@#$%&* is going on here ! I am 100% sure ki sab  tumne ka kiya kara hai .

All of a sudden Misha stops hitting  them ( but her bag accidentally hits kabir really hard  below the belt  right where it hurts  for guys)then  runs to tracker and piya

kabir: bends over in pain *uff tum ne yeh kya kardiya   abhi tak  mein baap nahin bana hoon *.

Angad whisper to kabir   :  yaar r u ok it look like that was painful, oh no Tracker called me by my full name  thanks to u I'm dead.

piya:mishu tum theek ho  (wiping  her tears ) don't worry we are here  now everything

 Will fine.

misha:tracker  u know these kidnapers

tracker:mishu they not kidnapers  at least  not angad  he is my boyfriend  the I was telling guys about .

misha: boyfriend  tracker u sure u want to marry him , I mean  you know what they say na  u can always tell  man by his friends that where the saying a man best friend is a dog  comes from and that's y they act like them . 

tracker   mishu he is not like that

piya:  some one plz explain how this happened.

kabir: I will explain angad   wanted  some alone time  with tracker but he was scared of her papa so I asked him where is was he said u guys were shopping so we went to go get her but I mistook  her as tracker.

piya: how did u get confused

kabir: all he  told me was she is  wearing polka dots and hoop earrings and has shiny black hair

So  I looked up saw her  and she fit the description .

misha: You saw  that   I was wearing polka dots and hoop earrings and have shiny black hair, but didn't see my sindoor or my magalsutra ,I even told u that my pati wont spare u  even then u didn't find out I was the wrong girl and how on earth did u come up with such a stupid idea!

kabir: well when u said  that your  pati wont spare I thought u love him so much that u already take as your pati  and as for the idea   have u ever seen the movie Ajab Prem Ki Gazhab Kahaani I got it from there.

 Misha:  Ajab Prem Ki Gazhab Kahaani  are you serious . Bas  I have had it  enough is enough  I can't take this nonsense any longer pia,tracker  lets go.( misha   angerly runs out the door)

Piya runs after her: misha Babes  wait 

Tracker giving him the eye's: Milind angad  I'm   so fuming we will talk about  this  later I'm so not done with you and walks out .

angad: thanks a lot kabir because of u Tracker is so heated  and on top of that   I made such a horrible impression with her friends hope your happy.

kabir:  yaar  don't worry  if she is upset wait till she cools down then go and say sorry


In the car on the way back

Tracker: mish I really very sorry   because of me  u had to go through all of this .

misha: no it fine it's not your fault it's  all because of that fool, anyways piya don't say word to Abhay bro  about this  because I'm not going  mention anything  to your bro because he will go crazy  and if Uncle finds abouts  this then Tracker 's love story  will end.

At the mehra's  House

misha walks in the house it is decorated with Rose all over the house  the lights are out there's only  candel light thru the house and sid is at the table  lighting  the last few candles  the table is set and   dinner  is ready .

sidwalks over to misha  kissing her hand : thank u because of you I signed a big contracted  jo file Mr.Shaw ko submit karna tha woh galati se Mr. rao  kay pass  tah and he loved it. Aur kaal raat mein kya kya bola tum ko  I'm really sorry  aao you must be hungry let's eat  I order your favorite food.

misha: yeah sure  sirf ek minute mein fresh hokay  aati thinking to herself in the bathroom sid  never has done anything like this for me  in the 5 yrs of are shaadi   all of a sudden yeh sab kyun , there has to be more to this I know  sid to well  just because he signed a deal he wouldn't do this.

At the  table

sid : I order all your favorite things let's see veg  chow mein, kung pao chicken, sweet and sour prawns and eggplant and tofu.

misha : thank you  but you hate tofu

sid: no it's  fine I don't mind so how was today  shopping and all  what did u buy

misha : oh aaj  it was crazy  I mean the stores where so crowded that I got lost but then I found piya  & Tracker ,I bought lots of sari's and some shirts for you .

After dinner misha  is cleaning up the table when sidcomes behind and pulls her sari and the put his arms around her waist bends his head and kisses her neck  

misha : sid tum yeh kya  kare

sid: today  your looking very sexy in this sari  leave all this raju  and shanti will clean up  he picks misha up in his arms and takes her up to the room .

In the room

Sid puts  misha on the bed his cell phone falls out his pocket on the bed   

 sid :misha I will be right back   tab tak tum change karo  he  goes down stairs

Just then his cell rings  misha picks up the cell before could say hello

Prashant: hey yaar sid  so did my idea work I'm sure you'll get some action tonight if you know what I mean  and starts laughing

misha  is shocked  she couldn't believe her ears just then sid walks in  she close the  phone.

sid:  putting his arms around her  you haven't change yet

misha  jerks his arms    away  turns around and gives him a tight slap across the face.

That's it for now hope you like the chapter  don't forget to comment and press the like button

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Shoonu Senior Member

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liked the misha sid scene...but poor sid...nice update..!!!

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