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My Fortune A Misery UPDCh19/Pg35 (Page 2)

-Ripal- Goldie

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 7:45am | IP Logged
vryy nice concept :):)
though i m reading it 2nd time LOL

DIYA- Goldie

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 7:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by taanufan

excellent riya di. atlast you posted here. keep it up and upd soon.Wink

DIYA- Goldie

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 7:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by silky_harshad


SunShine_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 4:31am | IP Logged
nice one :)
DIYA- Goldie

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 5:57am | IP Logged

here is the nxt chptr...

The rain continued whole night. I was thinking the whole night that what made sky so sad that it is shedding that much tears the whole night. I didn't even get a chance to cry out loudly for my losses. It might be the retribution for my deed of choosing my destiny.


 I reached the asylum early so that I could   go as I need to meet my mom. Today I need to spend my time on studying the case history of each patient. I was going through almost 8 to 10 file in 4 to 5 hours. I came know I need spent more time each case. Suddenly I saw a case file put me into a dilemma. I did not know what to do. So I decided to go and ask Dr.Gautam. Grabbing that particular file in my hand I rushed to his room


                      ………. …………..*********…………………..


I heard he was busy in talking to someone in the phone. So I stood at the doorstep

 "Don't worry but I should know what the reason for his present condition is..?":-He said in his convo.

 He saw me

 "Get in Taani":-He said and showed gesture to get in.

 He was still in his convo. I put the file on the table.

 "Take your seat":-He said to me.

 He looked at me. Drawing a chair I sat on it. I was waiting him while he was talking.

 "What is your full name":-He asked.

 I was hesitant to say.

 "I asked your full name Taani":-He asked again.


"Taani…Taani Ganguly":-I answered because I have no other option. Tears roll down from my eyes but thinking that do Ganguly exist as my surname. I don't know and this is greatest misery a woman could have. I wiped it quickly with a thought that he was looking at me.

 "Yes Taani Ganguly":-He told my name to the person at other end. That made bit scared. Why should he tell my name to that person?

 He hung his phone. So he turned towards me.

 "I want to talk to you":-He said

 "Me too Doctor":-I said.

 "So you speak first":-He said.

 "Nahi aap boliye":-I requested.

 "Taani ….":- In a tone of order as told me to continue.

 "Doctor there is noting in this file; iss mein na toh koi naam aur nahi koi address sirf yahi likha hain diagnosis is memory loss due to depression":-I said pointing on to the file which I kept on his table when I came to his room.

 "I want to talk you about the same thing":-He said.

 I felt some importance in that.

 "Yes Doctor":-I told I want him to continue further.

 "Yeh mere dosth ke brother in law hain bauhath paisewale hain and this person was once a great business man and his condition is very pathetic now":-He told me in detail.

 "Mein samaj gayi Doctor":-I said.

 "Lag bug 11 maheena hogaya hoga voh yahan aaye hue":-He said further.

 "Hmmm…."-I said.

 "Mein tumhe yeh case de raha hoon Taani you should see him and do whatever required":-He gave me responsibility.

 "Sure":-I agreed.

"Okk":-He said.

"But what is that person's name?":- I asked.

 Before he tells the name I remembered of asking him permission to go out during noon time.

 "Doctor mein noon mein bahar ja rahi hoon; Shall I?:- I asked him.

 "Of course you can":-He permitted.

"So may I …":- I said as I want to leave.

"Ok":-He said.

 I left the room thinking why he asked my surname. Who was at the other end..?The question haunted me.




It became noon, time for me to go and meet my mom. I know she would waiting for since 1 years. No I should say that I kept her waiting. The cruelty that a daughter can do to mother. For taking such a decision I needed lots of courage.I went ont of my room to report to Dr.Gautam. I find him at my door step.

 "Taani":-He called me.

 I  looked at him.

 "Aap bahar jake jaldi aajana..?": He told me.

 "Kya hua…?":- I enquired the reason.

 "Koi aapko milna chahtha":-He said.

 I was surprised to hear. Except my mom nobody knows that I'm here. Now I'm going to meet my mom. So who that person who wants to meet me..?

 "Kaun..?!!!":-I asked him in a surprise tone.

 "He'll meet you":-He replied.

"Ok mein jaldi aajavoongi":-I agreed.

 I started walking to the entrance. I couldn't guess who would that who wants to meet me.



I got into the bus and took a ticket to Durga Nagar. She would be waiting there in the park.

 My eyes searched for her wile I was walking. It was big park so I need to walk more as I didn't get any information that where she would be waiting for me. The paths were slippery and the sluggish. Mt sari's bottom was got drenched in that. Droplet of water from the trees made my body and soul very cold and chill which was not so.. I looked around in each and every benches but I find none whom I want to see.

 "Taani":-Someone female voice came I could recognize the person. Mom… I turned to my right side.

 Laboni Banerjee:-My mom. I'll say to her almost all things in my life. If I became something my after loosing everything it's only because of her. She cared and loved me as all mother in world does but my mom fulfilled all my dreams even after loosing her husband in an accident when I was only of 14 years of age.

 All images in front of me were blurred as the unfallen tears dwell in my eyes. I wished for rain to happen so that my tears will be hidden by the shower. But that wish became unfulfilled. I couldn't speak anything. I could feel the heaviness in my throat. The hug that I went and gave spoke many things to her.

 I made myself comfortable.

 "Ma":-I called out

 "Kaisi hain tu":-She asked.

 "Sab teek hain":-I gave and answer just to predent as if I'm happy.

 "Poore ek saal Taani;tu ne ithni badi faisla akele kiya" :- She asked me but myself don't know the answer. I just looked her let her spit out all her anger.

 "Pyaar mein hum apne aapko kho de they hain lekin tu ne aapni pyaar keliye aapne aapko kho diya":- That voice was familiar to me. Its my brother

 Taposh Banerjee:. My brother; who is a well known critique on social issue. He raises his voice against all illegal and anti social activities. A very caring and supportive husband. A child need a mother and father too but I never felt like because he was always there for me when I lost my father in childhood. I had no other option rather than make him sad.

 "Dada":-I called out.

 He hugged me. I knew he would yell at all my deeds. One way or the other my life was to take hatred of others. I was not ready to confiscate love which not for me from someone's heart. My birth might be on someone's curse otherwise I would be not suffering in my life.

 "Aap kaise hain?":-I asked him.

"Teek hain":-He replied.

 "Tu kithni pathli hogayi hain Taani.Khana teek se nahi khathi hogi":-Mom said.

 I smile.

 "Math haso maa hoon mein teri":-She said.

 "Aisa kuch nahi hain maa":-I said it smilingly.

 "Chaliye vahan baithe hain":-Dada pointed to while which was at few distance. We went and sat there. As soon as we got seated I put my head on maa's lap. The tears fall on my cheek from her eyes.

 "Maa Onu kaisa hain":-Finally I got guts to think and talk about him.

  "Tu abhi usi ke bare mein soch rahi hain Taani":-Dada asked.

"Voh toh uski bare maang se patha chaltha hain":-Maa said.

 I understood that she notice my maang was filled sindoor.I got up from her lap and said nothing.

 "Onu kaisa hain":- I repeated the question.

 "Patha nahi jab sab kuch hogaya hum Siliguri chaley gaye":-She answered.

 "Kya?":- I was shocked because I was unaware that.

 "Haan Taani maa teek keh rahi hain":- Dada said.

 "Lekin aap logon mujhse yeh chupaya kyun.?:-A questioned.

 "Agar mein tumhe batha thi toh kya tum laut aajathe..?":- Maa asked.

 Definitely my answer for this question would NO but I said nothing. I just looked at her and then DADA who stood with an angry face which still showered love.

 "Maa mujhe jana hoga":-I said.

 "Fikr math karo yahan koi uss mash hoor singer Taani ko nahi pehchanega":-Maa said.

 I kept mum.

 "Mein poochna bhool gayi Mouli kaisi hain":-I Asked about sister in law my friend.

"Teek hain":-Dada said.

 "Mein javoon":-I asked permission to leave the place.

 Mein chot detha hoon":-Dada said.

 "Nahi aap log jayiye":-I said.

 I started to walk without looking back because I might stop and run towards them when I turn back. On the way I was thinking I didn't say anything which I want to say them. It happens sometimes to every human now it happened to me.




I reached at the asylum. I don't want anybody here to know my past. So I restricted DADA to drop me. Now I have of think of the person whom I'm going to meet. I prayed to god that it should be Anurag because I can't even think of meeting him so what would be my condition when it really happen. But my heart says that at least I should meet him once. I'm totally in dilemma. Thinking this I opened the door. A man was sitting facing my chair. His head was on the table so I could not guess who he was.

 "Excuse me":-I said

 He took his head from the table and looked at me. I was shocked to see him again. His thick hair, wide forehead, Thick eyebrows and small but little big eyes took me where I do not want to go; my past.


 I lost myself. For sometime I was not in my sense. I neither spoke nor showed any emotions. Someone was screaming out my name but I couldn't respond. He shook me my holding shoulders. I came into sense leaning on the wall I burst into cry in a loud noise. Those who were standing around me were shocked to hear that.


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-EndlessSmile- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 6:03am | IP Logged
u know written vry nice..luv it.update soon.
-Ripal- Goldie

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 4:21am | IP Logged
awsumm luv it
cont soon
i hav already read dis u were writing dis in FF  SECTION also naa
reallyy vryy nice
keep it up
update soon
DIYA- Goldie

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 6:23am | IP Logged

Hi all...

Hw u all...?

here the nxt update...

Yes he had portrayed a great part in my past. It would take me more than a day tell For me whom he was? He had role as same as my DADA.Yet I call him Jeeju.Yes Jeeju in every aspect.  

 "Jeeju":-I told..

 "Rithesh Basu that's my name":- He told in anger.

Rithesh Basu: Born with silver spoon. A lovable husband and very caring father. He is the sole owner of Basu Publications-the 2nd largest publication house in Kolkata. He is more than a son in law in the house , he is the first son there. All admired his capability and truthfulness. A sincere business man. Every parent would pray to get a son like him. Unfortunately his parents died when he was doing his PG.I know him since 14 years of age.

 "Aise kyun keh rahe ho aap ?":-I asked him.

 "Tum mujhe bathavo mein aise kyun nahi bol saktha..?":- He asked in return.

 I eyes fall on the ground. I could not look at him. He came near to me. Patted on my shoulder .I looked him.

 "Mujhe patha hain aap mujhse naraaz honge lekin ab sab log bauhath kush honge na.?":- I asked

 He gave me vague smile. I couldn't read anything from that.

 "Neelu maa,baba,Ananya di,Kuhu sab kaise hain...?":- I asked about each one by giving out their name.

 He walked a distance.

"Baba ko attack hogaya tha now he some what ok aur baki sab teek hain":- He said.

 He turned and looked at me.

 "Tum kisi ko bhool rahe ho Taani":-I told.For which I had answer in the form of tears.

 I looked at him.

 "Uss shaqz ko tu bhool nahi sakthi hain na..?":- He questioned.

 "Poori ek saal yehi koshish kar rahi thi":-I answered. That is a truth ting. It has been 1 year I left this place but I couldn't forget him.

 "Acha hain ki tum  koshish kar rahi hain Taani":-He said. I didn't get the meaning of what he said.

 "Mathlab..?":- I asked.

 "Taani tu ne poore ek saal yahan se door'tu ne ek baar bhi nahi socha ek baar usse dekhoon..?":-He asked.

 "Nahi'mujhe patha hain voh ab bauhath  kush hain":-I answered.

 "Sach kaha tu ne":-He said in humble tone.

 I looked at him.

 "Aap baitiye na ":- I said in pleasant tone to overcome the bad situation.

 "Nahi mein yahan kisi ko dekhne aaya tha":- He said.

"Yahan..? Lekin kisko..?":- I asked in confusion.

"Tum bhi jaanthi ho usse":-He replied.

"Kaun Jeeju..?":-Now I came to more confusion.

"Mein ne Dr.Gautam se kehdiya hain tunhe uske paas le chalegne":- He said.

"Teek hain lekin please kisiko math bathana plss":- I yelled.

 He went out by nodding his head. I stood there thinking that who would that person. Dr.Gautam came in.

 "Chaliye mere saath":-He said.

 He started to walk I followed him to know who was that person. My heart beat a bit faster in curiosity. He led me through the corridor which is between the cells of different patients. I don't know where he was leading me. I kept following him. He opened the door of a cell its lock was already opened. I saw 2 nurses were standing inside the cell. I entered inside the cell. Someone apart from those 2 was standing facing to the wall. I can only see his hair. As Dr.Gautam walked near to him I again repeated the same task of following him. My eyes happened to fall on the scribbling on the wall "MISHTI" .This is word is not new to me. I have very deep relation with this word. The thought haunted me why he scribbling only this word on the whole wall? What made him to write this? I do not get answer

 We reached near to him.

 "Kya aap isse jaathi hain?":-He said.

 I went near to him. He was busy scribbling the word. I moved to side to see the side view of him. I was startled seeing him. I just can't tell what I felt when I saw him. I felt something broke within me. I lost myself. For sometime I was not in my sense. I neither spoke nor showed any emotions. Someone was screaming out my name but I couldn't respond. He shook me my holding shoulders. I came into sense leaning on the wall I burst into cry in a loud noise. Those who were standing around me were shocked to hear that.

  "Onu'!!":-I shouted.


ANURAG GANGULY:-The genius, the poet, the guitarist, a business tycoon. A little reserved by nature and very close to his family He is bit possessive when come people whom he loves. He makes sure that all are living happily. He is very caring in that case. But my shattered by means behind him.  He loves his parents and respects them. 


 For me he is my best friend, my teacher, my guardian, my'''..n in his words. Because it is unable to tell who was he in my life. Must say he played the role of husband in my very well but I failed play the role of his wife."MERA HAPPY MOTTU"

 " Taani":- Dr.Gautam called out seeing my reaction after seeing Onu.

 I gathered all strength with me and went near to him. Still he saw busy scribbling on the wall .I was thinking that why he is scribbling this word if he had move on in his life What made him so bewildered that he needs my help? I raised my left hand to touch on his right cheek. But my thoughts stopped me. The thought that now he belongs to some other person and not me. I took my step back. This is my fortune which is a misery. Whom I was dying to see in my whole year is in front of me that's greatest fortune but the misery is that to see him in this condition.

  Dr.Gautam gestured to the nurse so they went out.

 I turned and looked at Dr.Gautam. I couldn't believe my eyes Anurag in this situation'!!!

 "Taani' aap isse janthi hain aur Mishti ko bhi..?":-Dr.Gautham asked.

"Mein hoon Mishti":-I said lowering my head.

 "Yeh aapki..?":- He asked.

 "Pathi the yeh mere":-I said grief.

"Kya..Pathi the..Mathlab'toh ab yeh '?":- He needed answers for many question and answers of those question were only tears. So I replied nothing

 I went near to Onu. I put my hand on his hand which he used for writing. He is a left hand writer. He stopped writing. The charcoal which he used for writing fell from his hand. He turned toward and stared at me. I became happy after all he looked at me. I touched his face but he pushed my hand away.

 "Onu'":- I called out.

 While looking at me he took a step backwards. He hauled his hair. I was shocked seeing the number on his chest "101"

 "Taani..!!":- He yelled which tumbled tears from my eyes. His yelling resounds me of that time when he used to scream when is in need of me.

 "Usse uske agey kuch nahi aatha":- Dr.Gautam told.

 I looked at Doctor.

 "Taani I'm sorry mujhe nahi patha tha ki Anurag aapka pathi'.warna mein aapko kal hi yahan lekar aatha":- He said to me. I just looked at him.

 "Mein kuch waqt yah baitoon?":- I asked

"Okk":- He agreed and he went out.

 Now myself and Onu were left alone. This should be the happiest moment of my life but his condition draws me to great sorrow. He is sitting on wooden cot which is given for patients in asylum to sleep. He was lost in his thoughts. I went near to him and sat beside him. I ran hands through shoulder and moved towards cheek. He just looked at me as child. He neither did anything nor did he react. I don't know what happen to me at point of time. I hugged forgetting the world around me and burst into cry. I wished that his hand on my back and tell that everything will be all right as he used to do before but instead he pushed me away and drag himself away from me. I was not able to bear so I walked out of his cell.


I rushed to Dr.Gautam's room. He was busy with his work. He saw me at his doorstep; holding the door's handle.

 "Please come in" :- He told. He could read the frustration on my face.

"Doctor mein aapse'":-He didn't let me to complete.

"Abhi abhi Rithseh ne mujhe phone kiya tha usse mujhe compulsorly kaha ki yeh case aapko dene keliye":- He told.

 "Mein..?!!":- I was astonished.

 "Usne kaha aapke alawa Anurag koi nahi jantha.Dekhiye aapko joh help chahiye aap keh sakthi hain ":- He told which is true.

 All these years what I suffered was nothing when it is compared to this. Physically and mentally I'm still his wife so how can I treat him and How could I treat him as my first patient here?

 "Aap karogey na..?":-He asked to which I nodded my head.


Flashback of TaAnu's life. Introduce Little Onu and Liittle Taani.

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