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Kriyansh FF..Dance 'n 'Love..updated part 11..Pg21 (Page 9)

SugarCubes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 5:22am | IP Logged
I just read all ur parts!!!! Dey r amazing!!!!!! Awesum!!!! Gr8 wrk!!! Enjoyed a Lot readin it!!!! Waitin fr nxt epi, post it ASAP!!!!! nd plzzz pm me!!!!!


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luv_arsha IF-Sizzlerz

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hey your ff is very good and very interesting. loved reading your ff. 
plz pm me for the next update pleasse
swthrtdevisha Senior Member

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Part 8...

In the classroom...all r waiting for the prof to arrive...kria gives a cold look to rey and turns to the other side the moment he looks at her...rey on the other side looks at her with a sweet look...

Kria:(in her mind)...pata nahin kyun...jab bhi main iss rey ko dekhti hoon na toh mera dimag shoot up hojata hai...apne aapko bohot zyada hi smart samjhta hai yeh...

Rey:(in her mind)...iss ms.attitude ko sorry kehna toh world ka sabse difficult kaam hai...kaise kahoon...kya karoon kuch samajh main nahin aaraha hai!...haan kria ko colg ke baad akele main milke sorry kehdunga...par kaise?

Rey suddenly gets an idea to write a note to kria asking her to meet him after college at the basketball court...though he is a lil apprehensive that whether kria will accept it or not, he decides to give the note to her as he has to tell her a sorry by hook or by crook...he passes on the note secretly on kria's copy while kria is talking to someone else in the class...!

Kria turns and is about to open her copy to write...when she sees the note kept on the copy...rey is looking at her through the corner of his eye...he looks up,folding his hands in prayer...

Rey:God please..i hope woh note padhke explode na karey...pata nahin kaise react karegi...par kya karoon...aur koi tareeka bhi toh nahin hai!...God please help me!...please iss baar kuch galat mat karna!

Kria reads the note with a confused expression on her face...which reads as...


Please kya tum college khatam hone ke baad mujhse milsakti ho?...tumse zaroori baat karni hai. After college in the basketball court...i hope ki tum aaogi...its really important...!


Kria:(murmurs)...what.yeh note iss rey ne likha hai. yeh rey mujhe basketball court main milne ke liye kyun bularaha hai?..kahin yeh inka koi naya plan toh nahin hai mujhe tang karne ka!...main milne jaungi hi nahin!

Kria looks towards rey with angry expressions...rey on the other hand hides his face trying not to look at her...

Rey:reyansh tu toh gaya...pata nahin ab kya hoga!...

Kria taps on rey's shoulders to call him...rey turns...behaving unknowingly...

Rey:huh...tumne mujhe bulaya??

Kria:ji haan...maine tumhe bulaya...yeh kya hai! (taking the note in her hand)

Rey:paper hai...itna bhi nahin pata kya!

Kria:very funny..hahaha...main poochrahi hoon ki yeh jo note hai yeh tumne likha hai?

Rey:oh yeh...haan shayad maine hi likha hai...handwriting bhi meri hi hai aur niche naam bhi mera hi likha hai...isiliye maine hi likha hai obviously...padhna nahin aata hai kya!

Kria:bohot achche se aata hai'. Aur wahi toh main poochne ki koshish karrahi hoon ki yeh note tumne kyun likha hai?...tum mujhse kyun milna chahte ho?woh bhi basketball court main...?

Rey:woh toh milne par bataunga mujhe tumse kya baat karni hai!

Kria:par main tumse kyun milne aaun?...aur tum itne sure kaise ho ki main tumse milne aaungi..woh bhi tumse...??

Rey:phir wahi sawaal...maine kaha na ki jab tum milne aaogi tab baat karunga...aur main janta hoon tum zaroor aaogi...

Kria:kyun tum future dekhsakte ho kya...dekho main nahin aaungi aur woh bhi tumse milne...never...forget it...aur agar tumhe mujhse waqai main koi baat karni hai toh yahan..abhi kehdo jo baat karni hai...lekin main tumse milne bilkul nahin aaungi...

Rey:no jo baat mujhe karni hai woh yahan nahin hosakti...toh isiliye basketball court!

Kria:listen agar tumhe koi baat karni hai mujhse toh yehi pe karo kyunki main tumse milne-vilne nahin aane it...?

Rey:woh toh waqt hi batayega...!

Kria:dekhlena...main tumse milne...

Just then the prof enters the class...

Rey:yeh sab baatein baad me karein???...filhaal class attend karte hai...kyunki idhar udhar ki baatein sochogi toh class main kaise concentrate karogi...

Kria:tum na...!!!

Just when kria is about to speak, all the students stand up to wish the professor'

Students: good morning sir'.

Professor:sit down students'.aaj humlog ek nayi theory padhenge!..

Kria is looking for neha who is sitting on the other side'.she wants to talk to her but rey asks in between'.

Rey:tum mujhe dhundrahi ho??...itni jaldi hai mujhse milne ki??.arey main toh tumhare side pe hi betha hoon!

Kria:apni bakwas apne paas hi rakkho tum'koi zaroorat nahin hai mujhe tumhare bakwaas ki'.aur main tumhe nahin dhundrahi kyunki itne bure din nahin aaye mere'aur ek baat main tumse milne nahin aaungi!...main neha ko dhundrahi hoon'.

Rey:oh'.gossip karne ke liye?

Kria: main gossip nahin karti!..aur tum..!!

Rey:reyansh singhania hoon 'pata hai'dekho kria jo baatein karni hai na woh hum milke karlenge filhaal class me dhyan do varna economics sir bohot strict hai'.baat karogi toh khamakha daat parjayegi'

Kria:dekho zyada smart hone ki koi zaroorat nahin he'aur please'mujhe class pe concentrate karne do'!!!

Kria is paying attention to class while rey is looking at her lovingly'.the prof notices this and says'.

Prof: rey'dhyan kahan hai tumhara'pay attention to the class'concentrate'!

Hearing this,kria gives a mocking smile'.looks at rey and mocks him'

Kria:kya hua'mr.reyansh singhania??..tum toh class pe concentrate karrahe the na'.bohot zyada hi concentrate karrahe the kya!

Rey:very funny!

The class gets finally dismissed'.the class is given an assignment to work upon and kria and neha are about to leave for the library to work on their assignment'.they are leaving the class when neha goes to ask some questions regarding the assignment to the prof while kria waits for her outside class'.

Kria:pata nahin apne aap ko kya samajhta hai yeh reyansh singhania'kuch zyada hi over-smart samajhta hai apne aap ko!!!

Suddenly there is a tap on kria's shoulder from behind'.while kria is murmuring to herself'

Rey:tum mujhe yaad karrahi thi??

Kria:phir se aagaya'nahin'yeh galat faimi apne dimag se nikaldo'woh kya hai na galat faimiyan health ke liye achchi nahin hoti'..main aur tumhe yaad karungi..please'forget it!

Rey:arey nahin'woh kya hai na maine abhi abhi apni tareef suni'apna naam suna 'yehi kahin se aawaaz aarahi thi'

Kria:tumhe aur koi nahin mila subha subha'apni bakwaas sunane ke liye??

Rey:nahin''dekho main zyada time waste karne me believe nahin karta hoon'aur zyada kisika wait bhi nahin karta hoon''.isiliye zyada late mat hona'mujhe na latecomers pasand nahin hai! come on time..ok??..bye'

Saying this rey leaves from there and walks away'kria shouts from behind'.

Kria:main nahin aane wali'..din me sapne dekhna band kardo!...

Neha cums at that moment and makes a strange face and asks kria'

Neha:why u shouting??...who u shouting at? Talking to self kya?

Kria:upp'kuch nahin'.chal library chalte he'assignment par kaam karna hai na!

They leave for the library whereas rey goes and meets Vicky with a big smile on his face''in the rehearsal room'

Rey:hey Vicky'!wats up'??

Vicky:hey rey'.mat bol'.yeh eco sir bhi na'bas ek aur assignment dediya'kaun itni mehnat karega?

Rey:Vicky tu bhi na!...ab assignment diya hai toh karna parega na.!...karlenge dnt wrry!

Vicky:haan...anushka se help lelenge!...woh hain na!

Rey:wat do u mean woh hain na!...tu anushka ke samne muh nahin khol paata'usse tu help mangega'aur dosto ko use karna achcha nahin hota ok'aur anushka meri best frnd hai!...samjha!

Vicky:samajhgaya reyansh baba!...subha subha pravachan mat jhar!!!

Rey:wats prava'whatever'neway where's Sharon?

Vicky:locker room'.aarahi hai!...btw tu itna kyun muskuraraha hai?...

Rey:kuch nahin'main kahan smile karraha hoon!...hey Vicky janta hai maine kria ko sorry kehne ka tareeka dhundliya!

Vicky:phir se mission sorry to kria!...yaar tu yeh kria naam ki file ko apne dimag se kab delete karega yaar!...aur btw kaunsa mindblowing idea socha hai tune usse sorry kehne ke liye?

Rey:maine usse colg ke baad basketball court main milne ke liye bulaya hi usse sorry kehdunga!

Vicky:what?...tu??...yani reyansh singhania ne kisi weakling ko khud milne ke liye bulaya hai'.wow'kya mindblowing plan socha hai tune''aur tune mujhse bina pooche usse milne ke liye bulaliya'.how very nice'.agar kisiko pata chalgaya ki rey ne kisi weakling ko sirf dhakka marne ke liye sorry kahega'toh kya hoga?...aur Sharon'Sharon ko pata chalgaya na toh she will slaughter us!

Rey:uff ho Vicky'dnt wrry aisa kuch nahin hoga''..samjha'.!

Just then Sharon and her angels enter so they stop their convo'..they get on with their rehearsals'..!

On the other hand kria and neha are in the library searching for books to research on their assignment'.neha goes to the other racks to search and kria searches for othr books''.

Kria:yeh book kyun nahin milrahi'.kahan milegi eco theories ki book!...uff ho'mujhe toh kuch bhi nahin pata kahan kya rakkha hai!

Just then someone from behind with the book in his hand,offers it to kria'its none other than swayam'.who offers help to kria'

Swayam:kahin tum iss book ko toh nahin dhundrahi thi na?

Kria:arey haan'thanks'.tumhe kaise pata tha ki yehi book mujhe chahiye thi'.

Swayam:eco student hoon'.pata toh hoga na..aur mujhe pata hota hai ki kaunsi book kahan hai..aur eco theories ki yeh best book hai'.assignment ke liye'

Kria:thanks'ur a saviour'..btw ur name?

Swayam: swayam'swayam sinha' 1st year!

Kria:oh really''tum bhi 1st year main ho'even me''hii'mera naam kria hai'kria malhotra'.!!!...par tumhe kabhi class main dekha nahin?

Swayam:colg ke kaam se ek event ke liye Mumbai se bahar gaya tha'!...bas aaj subha aaya hoon!...waise tumko bhi colg me kabhi nahin dekha?

Kria:woh main mid-term admission hoon '..Btw thanks a lot for the help'.

Swayam:neway I need to go'.see u arnd in class'..bye!


Just then neha cums'..

Neha:who talking to u?

Kria:swayam''humare class ka hi hai!..

Neha:oh swayam'neha knowing him'.gud frnd he is! event ke liye bahar gaya tha'Delhi gng he'!

Kria:oh'.achcha'neway chal'book milgayi'swayam ne help ki!

Neha:how nice he is'.

Kria:chal book issue karlete hai'.!

After kria and neha cum out of the library they meet anushka who takes them to the canteen as it is break time''on the other hand, the dazzlers also go to the canteen to relax'the dazzlers are in the canteen when kria,anushka and neha enter'..rey looks arnd and sees kria'kria too looks at him but with a cold and a hard look'.while rey looks at her with a smiling look'kria moves on with her friends'.and sits with her friends'.she is engrossed in talking to her friends when anushka sees rey and goes to talk to him'amidst the dazzlers'

Anushka: hey guys'wats up?...hey rey!

Rey: hey anushka'wats up?

Anushka:kya hua?...vicky ne aisi shakal kyun banake rakkhi hai?

Rey:oh woh'.woh kya hai na ki aaj eco ka naya assignment mila hai'ussi ke bare me yeh sochraha hai!

Anushka:Vicky aur assignment?..waah'vicky toh sudhargaya!

Vicky:main kafi serious hoon ok'.arey exam me yeh marks add honge'kya karoon?

Anushka:assignment par kaam aur usse submit?..problem kya hai!

Rey:problem yehi hai ki usse assignment par kaam karna hai!

They share a laugh'.and Vicky gets tensed'

Vicky:guys help na!

Anushka:arey dnt worry'main books ki list dedeti hoon aur phir tum library se jake issue karlena'simple'

Vicky:simple'???...its difficult!...library!!!

Anushka:dnt wrry'main issue karvalungi!...!

Vicky:thanks anushka'.ur d best'.

Anushka:I know that!...aur agar assignment main koi help chahiye I can help u guys'!..par preparation tumhe karna hai!


Anushka:neway'.need to go'.kria and neha are waiting there'see u guys!

Anushka sits with kria and neha..the three enjoying coffee..while rey looks across the table towards kria'.with a smile on his face'..after seeing kria's smile'.thoroughly enjoying with her friends'.the moment kria is about to look at rey'. rey turns on the other side'kria looks with a cold look towards rey'.and rey looks at kria with the corner of his eye'suddenly anushka sees swayam and his friends and calls them over and kria looks over to the other side'.swayam comes along with bharat and amar'he looks lovingly at Sharon who is not even looking at him'he smiles but he suddenly hears anushka calling them over'..

Anushka:hey guys'come over 'join us'..!

Swayam:hey anushka'.how r u'..???...

Anushka:dng great as always'.hey swayam'.college event kaisa tha??

Swayam:great'hey kria'hey neha'

Kria and neha:hiii swayam'

Swayam:btw kria meet bharat and amar'.my friends'.

Kria:hii'.bharat'hii amar'

They sit down to relish a cup of coffee'.and kria makes new friends'.

Kria:hey guys'tumlog aur kuch nahin loge?

Neha:for neha a sandwich'.!

Anushka:me too '.

Kria:theek hai'main sab ke liye samdwich leke aati hoon'.

Kria gets up to get the sandwiches which rey notices..he too gets up in order to pretend that he needs something! order to talk to kria'..he stands near kria while she is ordering'.

Kria: 7 sandwiches to go please'.!..

Rey:one cappuccino please'

Kria turns and sees that rey is standing beside her'.she fels strange'

Kria:oh God'yeh phir se'!!

Rey: haan main'.

Kria:tum kya mera peecha karrahe ho?

Rey:oh hello'yeh college canteen hai'yahan koi bhi aasakta hai!.aur main bhi iss college ka student hoon I suppose..isme peecha karna kahan se aagaya'tum bhi na ms.attitude.!

Kria:huh'whatever'mujhe apna time waste nahin karna!

Rey:haan yahan baatein karke hum time kyun waste karein'jo baat karni hai woh hum college ke baad basketball court main milkar karlenge'fine!

Kria:yeh news aapko kisne diya ki main aarahi hoon'mujhe aur bhi kaam hai'

Rey:dekho kria'mazak ek taraf'on a serious note'please'mujhe tumse bohot zaroori baat karni hai'bohot zyada zaroori'.koi pranks nahin..koi plans nahin'sirf seedhi simple serious baat'.aur main bohot serious hoon..main tumhe aane ke liye force nahin karunga'woh tumhari  marzi hai''if u trust me a little..toh do come'otherwise ur wish'I promise ki main tumhe dobara pareshan nahin karunga!

Saying this rey goes after taking his cup of coffee'while kria remains standing there with the sandwiches absolutely still'whatever rey told her was echoing in her ears'.she cudnt believe dat actually she saw some seriousness in his eyes'for the first time she realised dat she can trust him'.dat he was actually very serious''kria soon realised dat she can trust him a little'.

Kria:itna bhi bura nahin hai mr.chaukidaar'haan yeh sach hai ki inn dazzlers par main kabhi trust nahin karpaungi par abhi jo rey ne kaha usme thodi sachchai toh thi'.ek baar jake milkar baat karne main koi problem nahin hai''jake milleti hoon'.ok'baat karhi leti hoon..lekin agar koi inlogo ka plan hua'toh iss rey ka main bohot bura haal karungi'chalo dekhte hai..kya serious baat karni hai mr.rey ko!

The class bell rings'and all go for class''they attend classes back to back and then its time for them to leave for home'''.rey makes an excuse of not going home with his friends as he has to meet kria if she comes'.on the other hand kria thinks of meeting rey finally..anushka asks whether she will come with them to drop her home  in her car as she was dropping neha home'.kria makes an excuse dat her mom is going to pick her up'.

Kria:hey guys'..u carry on'..tumlog jao'mom aayegi na lene..main chali jaungi'

Anushka:u sure na kria?...

Kria:haan sure'(in her mind)'.iss rey ko milne ke liye apne doston se jhooth bolna parta hai!...yeh rey bhi na!

Anushka:ok then bye'see you!

They leave'and kria slowly moves on to meet rey''.she is having mixed feelings dat whether she should meet him or not but decides to meet him'..on the other hand rey keeps waiting for her to come'he is also having doubts that whether she will come'he is facing the other side and the wind is blowing away'.his mind is signalling dat kria is coming'.kria comes to the basketball court walking slowly'he turns back and sees that kria has come to meet him'the background music plays'.and a smile appears on rey instantly and he actually cannot believe kria has come''.they move forward towards each other..their eyes meet and the world stops for rey seeing kria in front of him'..will rey be able to finally apologise to kria is what rey was thinking about''.!!!






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hey its superbThumbs Up
this part is mind blowing,Clap
Heartloved it very muchHeart

please continue soon eagerly waiting for the next partDay Dreaming
thanks for the pmSmile
The007Shivani IF-Sizzlerz

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mindblowing just finished reading your ff and want to read more so plz pm me when u update
KriYaansh960 IF-Sizzlerz

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yay !! awsum yaar !!! what will happen !! ?? LOVED IT !! great update !! 
spicyheart IF-Dazzler

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wow just read all the parts in one go
loved it a lot
continue soon
do pm me if u can
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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 10:49pm | IP Logged pm me plz..

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