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Kriyansh FF..Dance 'n 'Love..updated part 11..Pg21 (Page 7)

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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
hii dear ur ff is awesome
really loved all updts
im curious abt next
pls continue soon
see yaa

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Part 6...

The Dazzlers go to the lounge which is their favourite hangout place...but  rey is in a different world altogether after seeing kria...they sit down to order but rey is lost in the thoughts of kria...sharon tells vicky to go and place the order...vicky asks everyone who will have what...everyone tells but when he asks rey...

Vicky: hey rey...tu kya lega?

But rey dsnt seem to answer his questions...he is just lost in kria...vicky is constantly asking him but he dsnt seem to be interested in anything...vicky shakes him and asks...

Vicky:rey...tu humare saath hain na?...tu kya lega?


Vicky:kya?...icecream?..hey hum lounge me he...icecream parlour me nahin...tu kabse nursery kid bangaya!

Rey dsnt answer and behaves weirdly...sharon finds it weird too...she tries to bring back rey and rey comes back to reality..he finally realises that he was so lost in kria...

Sharon: rey...are u okay?... ice cream kyun order karrahe ho?...tum toh hamesha kuch aur order karte ho...wat hapnd?...yahan pe icecream?

Rey:what?...icecream?...main aur icecream?...never!

Vicky:haan rey...achanak tu do saal ka bachcha bangaya tha...isiliye icecream...

Vicky whispers in rey's ears...

Vicky:dekh rey...agar tu kisi aur track pe jaraha he na toh...

Rey:track...what track...koi track nahin he vicky

Vicky:wahi...tera sorry wala track...yah phir woh Jhansi queen ke bare me sochraha hoga na?

Rey:who what?

Vicky:rehne de!...par tu plz sahi track pe hi reh varna sharontera track badaldegi samjha?

Rey:very funny...

Kria reaches home after a tiring day...changes into her night clothes and starts reading a book before going to sleep...her mom wishes her a good night...while reading the book,kria gets flashes of the entire day she had...she gets furious...

Kria:colg nahin...apne aap ko ek pagal khane me bharti karliya maine...wahan insaan nahin..kisi dusre planet se aaye hue aliens padhte he jinhe insaano se kaise baat ki jaati he samajh me nahin aata...pata nahin yahan ke logo ke dimag me hota kya hai!

On the other hand,rey drops sharon and his friends home...he returns home...comes out of his car but constantly thinks of kria and ways of saving her the next day from sharon's plans...but what can he do...he climbs on the bonnet of his car and lies on it...thinking about his first meeting with kria...and all the moments spent with her...then suddenly it strikes him that he has to save kria...

Rey:uss ms.attitude ko toh sharon ke plan se bachana hi parega...pata nahin subha ko usspar mere baaton ka koi asar hua hoga yah nahin...woh toh mujhe dekhte hi volcanoe ki tarah burst hojati he!...kya karoon...anushka ko call karoon?...nahin nahin...phir toh colg me 3rd world war shuru hojaega sharon,anushka aur kria ke beech me..kya karoon?...aur koi option nahin he colg jaldi jane ke alawa...jaldi colg jaunga aur kria ko sab kuch batadunga...warn kehdunga ki woh apne aap ko safe rakkhe!...pata nahin kya hoga!

Rey goes home and kria goes to sleep...on the other hand sharon at her house makes plans to irritate kria...simi and rimi r wid her at her place...

Sharon:kal uss behenji ko uska asli std pata chalega...bohot attitude dikhane ka shauq hai na usse...kal usse pata chalega ki ek dazzler ke saath panga lena kya hota girls all set for it?

Simi and Rimi: oh yes sharon...totally!

Sharon:so ms.weakling...kal tumhara st.loius college me akhri din prepared...

They all go to sleep awaiting the next day as planned...finally the morning arrives and kria gets up...from the morning she gets bad signs...signs signalling of a bad day ahead...kria combing her hair thinks that how can there be so many bad signs together...

Kria: yeh mujhe subha se itne bure signs kyun milrahe he?..kya aaj colg me mera bohot bura din hoga?...isme kya naya he...jabse colg join kiya hai tabse toh har din kuch na kuch bura toh ho hi raha hai mere saath...anushka aur neha ke alawa wahan mujhe aur koi baat karne layak mile toh na!...pata nahin...par mujhe lagraha he ki aaj zarooor kuch hoga..varna yeh ishare...

Kria leaves for college...

Rey on the other hand sets an alarm in order to get up early to protect  kria against his own friends though he dsnt know how to do that..rey's alarm rings but since he does not have the habit to get up early cannot get up...he gets back to sleep switching off his alarm but it suddenly strikes him that he needs to go to college'.he checks the time and sees that he had to get up much more early to go and save kria from a dangerous plan...he realises that he needs to go to college at once and save his girl...

Rey: oh God...main late hogaya..agar thodi der aur late kiya na toh pata nahin kya hojaega...kria ko save karna hi parega...bhaag rey...!!!

Rey sits in his car and leaves...

on the other hand the dazzler gang reaches college...Sharon has her plan totally set in mind and explains everyone what to do...they set their plan and now they only wait for kria to come..simi and rimi are told to see whether kria has come or not.. they set a plan that the moment kria will enter the main gate of the college ,their plan will start...the moment she enters, she plans to throw a bog bucket of muddy water on her making her clothes dirty so that she is unable to survive the entire day and attend college properly and unfortunately she cannot will make kria humiliated in front of everyone...though that was not all..they had other plans too set in their mind for making kria unable to spend the rest of the day in colg peacefully which was not possible in their presence...Sharon set a tough day for kria...kria finally comes...and Sharon begins her plan...kria finally enters the colg...the moment she enters through the gate, Simi and rimi signal Sharon that she has come...nilesh and Vicky get ready with the bucket of muddy water...the moment she climbs the stairs to enter the building, nil and Vicky throw a bucket full of muddy water on kria...kria gets the biggest shock of her life when she sees he immersed in muddy water...kria ,who was wearing white sees that she has become totally dirty..she is still in shock...while others including the dazzler gang start laughing loudly..kria looks around to see who did it but cant figure...she gets highly enraged and starts shouting...

Kria: yeh?yeh kisne kiya?...main sahi thi...iss colg me insaan nahin zoo ke creatures padhte hai..yahan ke logo me na dimag he aur nahin dil...Bhagwan ne bas sab sample pieces hi bheje he...varna aisi jungleeo wali harkat nahin karte..kyunki insaan aise nahin karte..ab jisne bhi yeh kiya he woh sabke saamne aake kyun nahin aata...ab kya himmat kum hogaya kya?...mere saare kapde kharap kardiye...

Sharon and the dazzler gang who are seeing from behind feel a little offended at what she is saying...rimi who is a lil dumb starts asking dumb questions after kria says those things...

Rimi: Sharon?...humein pata nahin tha ki hum insaan nahin he...humein khud nahin pata tha ki hum zoo me padhte he aur colg me nahin?

Sharon:shut up rimi...woh bas aise hi bak-bak karrahi he...her all time favourite habit...!!!

After all the hiding, Sharon finally with her'd' gang comes in front of kria... sad! did this happen?...I mean yeh kaise hogaya?...tumhare saare kapde...yah phir tumhe aadat he aise gande,dirty kapde pehenkar colg aane ki kyunki isme koi nayi baat toh he nahin...tum toh roz hi aise kapde pehenkar aati ho..aaj mud ka quota kuch zyada hogaya...

Everyone starts laughing including Sharon and gang...while everyone is laughing and making fun of kria, rey finally arrives and sees whats happened...kria drenched in mud water and everyone making fun of her...rey understands that he is late...late in saving kria on the nick of time ...he sees tears rolling down kria's cheeks...he cant see her like that..he understands that Sharon has played her plan and now kria in in trouble.he sees that kria feels sad and humiliated in front of everyone and now since he could not save her from th e plan, he can atleast save her from further humiliation...he runs to kria's rescue...

Rey: guys...yeh sab kya horaha hai yahan?...whats happening early in d mrng?..guys tum sab yahan?aur yeh?yeh ladki aise halat me?guys kya kiya tumlogo ne?

Sharon:rey..rey..rey...bilkul sahi time pe entry ki he iss cartoon ko on television...hahaha!

Rey: o c'mon Sharon...yeh sab karne ki kya zaroorat thi...i mean ki all dis is not dazzler style...hum ek weakling ke peeche itni mehnat way..toh tumne apna keemti waqt kyun waste kiya Sharon?

Kria gives a cold look to rey...she is very angry and feels extremely insulted...neha and anushka have not yet come to colg..

Rey:Sharon...I can see that...par yeh sab karke why time waste...c'mon lets go and rehearse...c'mon guys...

Kria:wait a minute...main itni der se yahan chup-chap khadi hoke aaplogo ki bakwaas baatein sunrahi hoon iska matlab yeh nahin ki mere muh me zubaan nahin he...haan yeh sab toh aaplogo ke liye free ki entertainment he na...par ek baat sunlo agr aaplogo yeh lagraha he ki main poora din aise kapdo me survive nahin karpaungi toh aaplogo ki soch galat he...

Saying this, she walks off and rey keeps on looking at her walking thinking and feeling that she must have felt extremely humiliated and sad...

Rey:guys...tumlog bhi subha subha kya lekar bethgaye...koi aur kaam nahin tha kya?

Sharon: rey it was very important for me ki main apne insult ka badla loon...

Rey:toh leliya na?...ab chalo..

Sharon:uh-huh rey...not now...not yet...yeh toh sirf plan ka pehla step tha...poora plan toh abhi bhi baki ne kahan na ki who aise halat me survive karpaegi toh I will also make sure that she dsnt...meri insult ki usne...sharon kapoor ki..toh uska cost toh usse pay karma hi parega...

Rey: (in is mind) oh no yeh Sharon bhi na...pata nahin kyun uske piche pargayi he...bechari she was so sad...usse bohot bura laga hoga...toh kya hua agar me pehli baar usse save nahin karpaya,dusre baar zaroor karunga...usse Sharon se door rakhna hi parega...par aisa kya karoon?

Vicky: tu kya sochraha hai?...chal tub hi humare saath plan me madat kar..

Rey:no way..main kisiko pareshan karne me believe nahin karta aur tu yeh baat janta hai...toh plz leave it..main rehearsal hall jaraha hoon...

Rey leaves saying he has to rehearse...but in the mind he cooks up a plan to keep kria away from sharon's plans...on the other hand kria is walking through the corridor but everyone is making fun of her appearance...she sits on the bench and wonders where is neha and anushka as she needs to talk to them...

Kria (with a groaned face).: yeh anushka aur neha kahan rehgaye aaj...roz toh jaldi aate he par aaj...lagta  aajka din hi kharap he.;..isiliye woh bure signs.!...pata nahin kahan he dono..par kria tu fiqar mat kar...sab theek hojaega..tujhe iss sharona ur uske timtimate dazzler gang se darne ki koi zaroorat nahin...chal class chalti hoon...

Finally rey thinks of a plan ...he decides ti follow kria and see where she is that keeping an eye on her can save her from trouble...

Rey:kahan dhundoon ms.attitude ko?...iss corridor me toh he nahin par kahan hogi?..kahin Sharon ne toh no...I need to find her out...

Suddenly rey hears someone shouting was none other than kria'.she was shouting on someone who pushed her because she was neway angry...seeing kria made rey smile...but he could see strains on her face signifying that she is highly upset with what Sharon has done to her...but she is unaware of the fact that Sharon also has something else in store for her...he needs to save her...

Rey: Sharon zaroor class me kria ke saath kuch karne wali he...pata nahin kyun par I cant see her in trouble...i need to do sumthng...usse class jane se rokna hoga...ek kaam karta hoon kria ko jake rokta hoon...class nahin jaegi toh problem nahin hogi...main jakar uska time waste karta hoon...gud idea rey!

Hey kria...stop...!!!

Kria turns back and sees it is no one else than rey...she gets angry lukin at him and walks to go to class but rey runs and stops her in between by standing in front of her...face to face...the moment rey stands in front of kria, he gets lost in her face and her simple beauty which appeals to him...he keeps on staring on when suddenly kria shouts enraged...

Kria: kya hai?..kyun khare ho statue ki tarah mere saamne?..hato...mujhe jana hai...

But rey dsnt let kria go..he again stops her which makes kria furious...

Kria:yeh...yeh kya battameezi hai?...i'm sure yeh zaroor uss Sharon ne karne ko kaha hoga tumhe...koi naya plan mujhe pareshan karne ke liye but sab fail...kyunki uska aur koi bhi plan mujhpar work nahin move...

Rey: u cant go...

Kria:arey...ajeeb zabardasti hai...mera sochna bilkul sahi tha...tumlog sab ke sab...yani ki dazzlers insaan ho hi nahin...zoo me bhi rakhne ke layak nahin ho tumlog...insaano wali harkat kahan karte ho...kisiko iss tarah se zabardasti class jane se rokna.. I know yeh Sharon ka hi plan taki main class na jaa paun aur phir prof mujhe daate...but unfortunately her plan wont work...! now move and lemme go!

Rey:no way! God..kitna bolti ho tum ..woh bhi ek hi breath me...really?..u don't get tired..?

Kria: mera interview lene ke liye aaye ho?.achcha try tha mujhe rokne ke liye par no way...hato

Rey:arey ajeeb ziddi ladki ho tum..maine kaha na aaj class mat jao..

Kria:par kyun?...wats d problem?

Rey: kyunki aise hi...

Kria:wat?...aise hi...pagal aur sar phire toh tum the hi woh toh mujhe pata tha lekin itne bevaqufo wali harkat bhi karsakte ho woh aaj pata chala...pareshan karne ka achcha plan he par kria par work nahin karega...aise hi! funny!

Rey: look...dekho..

Kria: look...dekho ..yeh dono words ek hi mean karte he

Rey: I know that but see class mat jao kyunki...kyunki mujhe tumse baat karni he...

Kria:baat mujhse?...u?..tum kya bhool gaye ho ki tum ek dazzler ho aur mujhe dazzlers se nafrat he...I hate them...aur tum toh captain ho na team ke...toh yeh sara plan bhi tumne plan kiya hoga kyunki captain ke permission ke bina kaise koi kuch karsakta hai right?...aur aaj jo kiya hai na tumne aur tumhari team ne woh main kabhi nahin bhulungi...

Rey:why don't u believe me?...i need to talk to u!

Kria:but I don't want to talk to u!...

Rey:tum aise nahin manogi...

Saying this rey pulls her and takes her to the old store room of d colg...shuts d door..while kria is stunned to see this move of rey...kria tries to go but but rey pulls her back and holds her by her shoulders...both keep looking at each other for some time...but then kria shouts...

Kria:yeh...yeh kya battameezi hai?...leave me jane do...

Rey dashes her to the wall...blocking her ways...not letting her go and very sweetly and softly talks to her...

Rey: hey quiet.chup raho...dnt shout...dekho main koi scene create nahin karma chahta college me..bas class khatam hojane ke baad tum kahin bhi jasakti ho...

Kria:kyun?...class na bhejkar teachers ke nazar me girana chahte ho tum?

Rey:uff plz...apni filmy baatein apne paas rakho...filhaal meri baat suno...stay here...and don't go newhere...

Saying this he keeps on looking at her...while kria feels strange as he is still holding onto her...

Kria:tumhe kya lagta hai ki main haar maan jaungi...class toh jake dikhaungi...(mind)...soch kria soch...kuch toh kar...haan...ab aayega mazaa mr.rey...

Saying this, kria stamps rey's legs hard thus hurting him and pushes him behind and opens the door and runs to class...rey shouts in pain but still manages to run behind kria...

Rey:kria stop...kria...class mat jao..dont...oh leg...

Rey runs behind kria to stop her while Sharon and gang prepare their last step of their plan'..simi and Vicky look outside the door and see kria cumin'.kria keeps on talking to herself''while going into class'.

Kria:pagal he'sab ke sab pagal he'koi bhi kuch bhi karta hai..junglee aur iss colg ke logo me koi farq nahin'.class mat jao'apni marzi'how ridiculous'kuch bhi'uss rey singhania ko toh main'.

The moment kria is entering the class and rey cuming behind her..sharon and gang throw bottles of water on her making her wet'.the class too joins in throwing water and when rey cums from behind he sees whats happening'throwing water and having fun'

Kria:yeh kya karrahe ho'stop it'stop it'plz'..just stop it'.

Finally when they stop,kria has tears rolling down her cheeks seeing everyone laughing at her''.rey feels extremely bad seeing her like this'.

Sharon:arey arey arey'stop kyun karne ke liye bola'hum toh tumhari madat karrahe the'tumhare upar kichar tha na'usse humne pani se dhodiya bas'!...kuch galat kiya humne?'hai na guys'!!!!

All of them shout "yes"''kria keeps on looking at everyone with tears in her eyes'..she is about to go out of the room when due to the water on the floor she is about to slip and fall when rey sees that and saves her and holds her by her waist'she again closes her eyes...she opens her eyes slowly and sees that she is safe'..rey keeps on looking at her and again gets lost in her innocence'he speaks in his mind'

Rey:koi itni cute aur sweet ladki ke saath Sharon aise kaise karsakta hai''mujhe kria se mafi maangni hi paregi'I need to apologise'!!!

Kria:tum kya dekhrahe ho'leave me'I wanna go'!

Rey leaves kria and kria runs from dere'rey is also about to go behind her when Sharon comes and stops him'.

Sharon: what rey?..kahan jarahe ho?...aur uss behenji ko kyun bachaya tumne?..girne deti usse..thoda aur entertainment hojata apna'

Rey:oh plz Sharon'agar main usse nahin bachata toh main khud girjata'main uske bilkul peeche khara tha!...par yeh sab tha kya?..what was all dis?

Sharon: ek lesson'ek sabak'uss behenji ke liye'apne aapko bohot hi smart samajhti hai na'aaj usse pata chalgaya hai ki Sharon se panga lena kya hota hai'aaj ke baad oh weakling kisi bhi dazzler se panga nahin legi'.

Rey:oho..tum bhi na Sharon'.yeh sab baaton ko lekar tum ina kyun pareshan hoti ho'.ab tumlog class jao, I'll just come back in 5!

Sharon: par tum kahan jarahe ho?

Rey:have some work..coming'.

Just after the incident, anushka and neha arrive to college and see that everyone is laughing and smirking'..neha and anushka arrive in class to meet kria but see a different scenario there'they see the dazzlers celebrating and everyone in the class laughing out loudly'

Neha: what happening this is in class today? Sab laughing?...laughing gas spreading in colg or what?

Anushka: no yaar neha'something is wrong'..yeh dazzlers'.sab logo ka hasna'celebration n all'kuch toh garbar hai'n btw where is kria?..kria nahin dikhayi derahi he!

Neha:right ur telling'kria never late'where she is?

Anushka:mujhe daal me kuch kaala lagraha hai'

Neha:daal me kuch kaal anahin'full black the daal is'!

Anushka: pata karna parega ki akhir hua kya hai!

Suddenly sharon's eyes fall on anushka and neha'she decides to tease them regarding kria'

Sharon: hey guys'look whose here guys'.anushka-our student president and neha-ms.wannabe'.ms.kria's new frnds'!

Anushka:oh wow'finally Sharon ki yaadaasht vapas aagayi..usse yaad he hum kaun hai'wow sharon!

Neha:true telling anushka is'.sharon aur uske dazzlers ki memory is a lil kamzor !

Anushka: Sharon..humari introduction dena band karo'.aur yeh batao ki kis baat ka celebration horaha hai ?...aaj Vicky finally pass hogaya kya?

Vicky makes a furious expression on his and nil consoles him...

Sharon:what?...what do u mean?

Anushka:haan'obviously!...vicky aur dimag..infact dazzlers aur dimag ka koi combination fit nahin bethta..isiliye seedhe sawaal sawaal ka jawab do..yeh sab yahan kya horaha hai aur yeh colg ko swimming pool kyun banake rakkha hai'!

Sharon:kyun?..yeh colg tumhari property hai?

Anushka:nahin'yeh colg meri yah tumhari property nahin he ..yeh colg har student ki property hai'.isiliye colg ko koi misuse karein yeh main kabhi bardasht nahin karsakti'aur haan jo poocha hai uska hi jawab do'samjhi?

Sharon: hum celebration karahe he..u wanna join us?

Anushka:tumhe aam insaano wali language samajh mein nahin aati?...oh haan main toh bhool hi gayi tumlog toh normal insaan ho hi nahin isiliye toh meri baatein samajhne mein mushkil horahi he''dekho I know very well ki tumlogo ne zaroor kuch kiya hoga aur who bhi kria ke saath kyunki woh yahan nahin he'.yeh pani'hassi'mocking..celebration'sharon main tum aur tumhari team ki tarah bevaquf nahin hoon'!..

Sharon:fine'.i'll tell aaj kya hua!

Sharon narrates everything to anushka in her humiliating style and hearing all dis anushka gets enraged'..she bursts it all on Sharon'.

Anushka:what?...tumne kria ke saath?...ok'.samajhgayi main'bohot achchi tarike se'.u knw what Sharon'aaj tumne ek baat saabit kardi'.yehi kit um  jitney chote kapde pehenti ho utni hi choti tumhari soch he 'isiliye utni hi choti harkat ki he tumne''..

Sharon:what? Kya kaha tumne?

Anushka: wahi jo tumne suna''..main aaj tak utna kuch nahin kehti thi lekin aaj main kahungi'

Sharon:listen u!

Anushka:u listen to me Sharon''.aaj sirf main bolungi tum nahin'.sharon kitni childish ho tum'..kria ko humiliate karne ke waje se tum celebration karrahi ho? dumb'.toh phir mujhe toh roz celebrate karma chahiye'kyunki main toh roz tumhari aur tumhari team ki insult karti hoon'

Simi:hey you'.listen tum Sharon se aise baat nahin karsakti ...

Anushka:of course karsakti hoon'freedom of speech dear..main jo chahoon woh bolsakti hoon''.jaise Sharon kuch bhi bolti he'.kyun galat hai?...sharon jo aaj tumne kiya he na usse ek baat toh saabit hogaya ki tumlog insaano ke beech me padhne ke layak ho hi nahin isiliye tum aur tumhari team apne liye ek alag sa colg banwalo'.naam hoga the dazzling colg'wow'aur tumhe koi problem nahin honi chahiye'.tumhare dad tumhare liye itna bhi kardenge''hai na sharon?

Sharon:what do u mean?

Anushka:aam bhasha samajh me nahin aati''neway'.kya karsakte he'u knw why'.tumhe alag sa colg isiliye banvana chahiye kyunki yeh sirf st.loius colg he'Sharon kapoor colg nahin'.aur main st.loius colg ki student president hoon'aur yahan kisi bhi student ke saath aisa behaviour main tolerate nahin karungi'.main chahoon toh ek complain aur tum sab finished lekin main aisa karungi nahin kyunki main tumlogo ke jaise childish nahin hoon'..

Sharon:oh really toh tum humein tolerate hi kyun karti ho'?

Anushka:rey ke waje se'kyunki ek wahi he jo tumlogo me insaan kehlane ke layak he'jisme dimag toh he'neway tumko kuch bhi kehna matlab time waste'.neway mujhe aur neha ko apne dost ke paas hona chahiye''..chal neha'..

Neha:right u r telling anushka'.dese dazzlers not good at all'.

Anushka:lets go neha''

Neha and anushka leave fron there leaving Sharon fuming'.on the other hand rey follows kria who gets inside the fire escape ,bang opens the door and sits on the stairs to cry remembering Sharon's words to her'.rey sees dis from behind the doors and feels extremely bad for her'

Kria:jabse iss colg main aayi hoon tabse mere saath bura horaha hai'pehle woh library ke corridor me dhakka deke who ladka bhaggaya'.phir who battameez rey..aur ab yeh baddimag sharon..sab ke sab insaan he hi nahin iss colg me'.sorry toh door ki b aat sab yahan pe'

Kria goes on crying when rey overhears what she said'he realises that kria is the girl who he pushed in the library corridor and who he need to say sorry'who he was finding for such a long time'.rey is stunned'

Rey:what?...iska matlab kria is the girl'kria hi who ladki hai jisse maine corridor me dhakka'?...oh no why?...ab mujhe kria ko sorry?...par rey kria ko toh sorry kehna hi parega'par kaise?...God save u rey!...

Rey keeps on looking at kria feeling extremely bad for her and kria keeps on crying'.!!!







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Yay me first. Loved the part.

Anushka was tottally right abt the dazzler the don't have mind. And Rey is cute, but i wanted him to be angry at Sharon. But no. Sharon is cheap. I really hate they way she behaves. infact pori dazzler team ke paas dimaag nahi hain. Then i don't count Rey, bcs uske paas dimaag hain. And i don't count him as a dazzler.

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awesome update I m glad that U started writing again
.hea. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 July 2011
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Posted: 23 August 2011 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Hey devisha
I was thinking of your ff today only and wished that you update first
See it came true
Nice and a long part
But tomorrow I have got a test
So will you mind if I edit this reply after the exams get over
Please don't

Keep rockingThumbs Up

sweetapple2995 Goldie

Joined: 11 February 2011
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Posted: 23 August 2011 at 4:03pm | IP Logged
awww that was really sweet of rey i feel bad for kria right now loved the style of writing though :) 
dmg_roks_antara Goldie

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Posted: 27 August 2011 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
great start cont soon n plzz pm me on d next part
_Monu_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 August 2011 at 9:29am | IP Logged
great updt
uff i hate those dazzlers (n of course not counting
im feeling really bad 4 kriya...but im sure rey being soo sweeet
will consol her...n finally he found out the sorry wali
im wondering vicky's
n yaa anushka rocks...all she said was sooo trueee
continue soon when u can
see yaaa

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